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  • Child Deluxe Santa Costume

    Child Deluxe Santa Costume

    Your kiddo loves to feel like a grown up. All he wants is to be old enough to play Santa at your family’s Christmas party!Too bad his Dad has that role for the foreseeable future. But with this child deluxe Santa costume, he can feel like a big guy–well, THE big guy, really–and play the part for his little brother’s preschool class. They will be so shocked to see Santa–the Santa!–strolling in after lunch that they may not even recognize that he hasn’t quite lived enough years to perfect that potbelly. With your kiddo feeling fulfilled and all grown, it’s bound to be a Merry Christmas to all. At least all in Mrs. Winkles’ preschool class. When he comes home from his hard day’s work, you can reward him with a glass of milk and a plate of cookies. Just don’t let his little brother see Santa is lounging on the couch; a big part of playing Santa is maintaining the mystique.So now that your kiddo knows the “truth” about Santa, he can get in on the Christmas fun and entertain the younger crowd. And when this outfit arrives, he’s going to love getting initiated into the club of very grown up feeling Santas. Everything about this velvet getup is classic–from the faux fur trim to the soft cap to the big black belt. Just add a white beard (he’s probably a few years short of growing one this thick and curly…and white) and a bag full of toys. Then feel free to remind him that if he’s old enough to be Santa, he’s probably old enough to start cleaning his room. Ta-dah!

    $49.99 Christmas Costumes
  • Plus Size Deluxe Mens Native American Costume

    Plus Size Deluxe Mens Native American Costume

    Every Thanksgiving is the same. Watch the parade in the morning, clean the house for the family, peel potatoes, baste a turkey, eat too much food, watch football, take a nap, then wake up at midnight and eat some left over. (Waaaait, a minute is that just us?) Have you ever wondered how you can start a new family tradition and give Thanksgiving a jolt of creative energy?Thanksgiving is a special holiday because it’s the perfect time to start a new family tradition. It’s the perfect time for a jolt of creative energy! If you and your family want to give thanks in a new fun way then you may want to check out our wide selection of Native American inspired costumes. We especially recommend this plus size Native American costume because it features tons of festive embellishments like fringe, feathers, beads, and brocade ribbon trim. Wear this costume and pick out Native American inspired costumes for everyone that plans to attend your Thanksgiving feast. We think a historical reenactment of the very first Thanksgiving is in order! Now all you need is a dish of some yummy sweet potatoes and you can enjoy your new family tradition.

    $54.99 Adult Native American Costumes
  • Deluxe Men's Native American Costume

    Deluxe Men’s Native American Costume

    This deluxe costume is inspired by the historical clothing of several Indigenous North American tribes. We don’t recommend it for historical accuracy, but as a deluxe costume, it has a very detailed appearance that is sure to appease costume consumers far and wide. When you choose this style and the quality craftsmanship and intrinsic details are sure to have you standing out.Styled as a shirt and pants combination, this costume ensemble also includes a headband accessory. 100 percent polyester, the long sleeved pullover shirt features design accents such as geometric brocade stripes over the shoulder and fringe tassel details that run down the sleeves. The theme is continued on the pants where fringe and brocade adorn the knee. The attached loincloth adds signature style, and you can continue to complete the theme with the accessories we have it pictured with (sold separately).

    $34.99 Adult Native American Costumes
  • Mens Deluxe Uncle Sam Costume

    Mens Deluxe Uncle Sam Costume

    Uncle Sam wants you…to take over his duties so he can go on vacation.You know, Uncle Sam wasn‚Äôt the first to personify the United States. No the very first was a female iteration named Columbia, who first appeared in 1738. She was often associated with Lady Liberty. Then came Brother Johnathan, sometime during the American Revolution.Then, during the War of 1812, we finally met Uncle Sam. And since then he has meant a lot of things to a lot of different people. For some, he embodies the government. Others feel he is like the spiritual brother of the United States. Sometimes he is a recruiter for the armed forces. And once a year he is a guy walking on stilts through the Fourth of July parade.This year he could be you! With this Men’s Deluxe Uncle Sam Costume, you can be the next one to personify the United States. You can call your brothers, and sisters to war (but only if you need to). Or, you can ask the girl dressed as Columbia (or even Lady Liberty) to dance at the Fourth of July picnic. Then watch the fireworks together. Either way, don’t do anything that would bring shame on the United States (like blowing something up with firecrackers) as you are dressed up as our favorite Uncle. Nobody needs the PR nightmare of cleaning up after Uncle Sam. Maybe just hang out with Brother Johnathan during the Independence day festivities.

    $49.99 4th of July Costumes
  • Adult Deluxe Robin Cape

    Adult Deluxe Robin Cape

    ‚ÄúHoly Priceless Collection of Etruscan Snoods!‚Äù Robin may have had some questionable sayings, but his fashion sense was right on the money! Batman was all about subtlety. You won’t see the a bright, gold bat symbol on the back of his cape. We think Dick Grayson had the right idea though. Once you beat up some bad guys and have them tied up, you want them to remember who took them down as you dash off into the night. That’s why this Adult Deluxe Robin Cape is bright with the Boy Wonder’s symbol printed on the back. The bad guys know exactly who owned them as they see this cape fluttering away into the night. Pair this awesome cape with the rest of Robin‚Äôs sick threads, and you will be ready to take down the baddies of Gotham City. If you have someone to go as Batman with you, you two are sure to be an unstoppable duo!

    $34.99 Robin Costumes
  • Adult Deluxe Batgirl Cape

    Adult Deluxe Batgirl Cape

    Pow! Bang! Zing! Batgirl is kicking butt and taking names! She has nothing to fear because she is a force to be reckoned with. Never fear, Batgirl will save us from injustice! The officially licensed Adult Deluxe Batgirl Cape can bring your inner Batgirl to the surface. The black shell and purple lining will give the costume an extra pop of color while dancing, fighting, or showing off your moves. The cape fastens with Velcro on the neck band for a sleek closure. Team up with Batman and Robin for a great group costume. Or, go crime fighting solo to show off your bat-like skills. As Batgirl you can do anything you put your mind too! Get ready to hop on your motorcycle and fight off those villains.

    $34.99 Batgirl Costumes
  • Adult Deluxe Batman Cape

    Adult Deluxe Batman Cape

    Who will protect the citizens of Gotham? The Joker is on the loose again, and causing all sorts of trouble. Where is the caped crusader? You must step up and fill in Batman’s cape! Are you up to the huge task ahead? If so you came to the right place.Good thing you have an officially licensed Adult Deluxe Batman Cape to run off and fight crime in. Or, should we say party the night away in. No matter what you are doing grab your Batarang and get ready to be the Bat himself. Deck out your sweet ride to be more like the Batmobile and go enjoy the evening. Maybe you’re going to the party as Bruce then shock everyone by popping on your Batman cape exposing who you really are!

    $34.99 Batman Costumes
  • Incredibles 2 Deluxe Infant Violet Jumpsuit w/ Skirt

    Incredibles 2 Deluxe Infant Violet Jumpsuit w/ Skirt

    This Kid’s Got Skills!It’s crazy how much trouble a kid that’s supposed to be a superhero can get into. Just imagine if your child could go invisible any time she wanted. Bathtime would simply have to be optional. There’s no way you could get a child with invisibility talents into a bathtub against her will. Then there’s the issue of snacking. You wouldn’t be able to unpack groceries safely without a packet of cookies going missing. You never see those cookies again because invisible children are awesome at hiding loot. Well, maybe you’re grateful you aren’t raising kids with superpowers. Keeping your kid from eating mostly cookies and decently bathed is hard enough as it is. Still, maybe you can try out a new family venture. The Parr family seems to make it work, we’re sure you can too!Product Details This adorable little jumpsuit is super simple with attached black boots and gauntlets. Your child might not have invisibility skills but she’ll feel sneaky when she’s wearing the mask. And there’s no need for her to go fight crime along. Looking through our catalog you’ll find that the whole family can be incredible with a variety of licensed Incredible costume sizes!On GaurdViolet doesn’t have much violence in her, except when she’s “having adolescence” but mostly, she’s all about a peaceful solution. Her force fields are strong enough to stop the strongest weapons and a falling superjet. That’s a pretty awesome way to keep the family safe if you ask us. These powers are a lot more manageable than wrangling an explosive infant, nothing against Jack-Jack or anything. And while Violet sometimes yearns to be normal, we adults know that there’s simply no such thing. So this Halloween, team together and get in touch with your family superpowers as you unleash your incredible side!

    $34.99 Incredibles Costumes
  • Plus Size Deluxe Lion Costume

    Plus Size Deluxe Lion Costume

    Some of us, but definitely not all of us, deal with confidence at some time in our lives. They say you should try and stretch yourself out and take up as much space as possible and you’ll feel more powerful. While that’s a great tip, a life hack if you will, we have a much better solution. Go in this plus deluxe lion costume! Because really, is there anything more confident and cool than a lion? We can’t think of one. We saw one in a zoo once and man, was that thing confident. We don’t recommend the whole “take down a zebra and feast for days” thing, because you know, you LOOK just like a lion but shouldn’t let it all go to your head. Not until the whole DNA splicing revolution begins and puts us out of business.

    $64.99 Lion Costumes
  • Deluxe Priest Boys Costume

    Deluxe Priest Boys Costume

    Does your child act as a beacon of light in your life? Well, that’s no surprise, since children often find ways of looking at the world from a new perspective. Sometimes, the childish wisdom is exactly the kind of knowledge needed to lead a flock of sheep! And while it might take many years of study and practice for him to actually become a priest who’s ready to lead a congregation of his own, he can still practice playing the part with this child priest costume.This deluxe priest costume is an outfit for kids that looks just like the grown-up outfit. It comes with a black robe with buttons along the front. It has an attached white collar and a black belt to give it an authentic look. Just pair it up with a cross, a rosary or a bible to create the look of a real, grown-up style religious outfit. It’s perfect for plays, pageants and any other event where your child needs to look like a man of the cloth.

    $29.99 Priest Costumes
  • Child Deluxe Ariel Costume

    Child Deluxe Ariel Costume

    Ariel really is one of a kind! While all of the other mermaids were content lazing around the castle ,she was out having adventures and collecting coveted treasures ,like the Dinglehopper! Of course ,your little girl probably shares a lot in common with the Disney Princess. She’s always ready to explore new worlds and she’s always ready to strike out on a new adventure. That’s reason enough for her to dress up as the classic animated character!This Deluxe Ariel Costume gives your little one the appearance of the character from the film! Complete with a shimmering skirt that resembles a mermaid tail and a light purple top ,the dress transforms your little adventurer into royalty from under the sea! It’s the easiest way for her to become her favorite Disney Princess. Just make sure Sebastian doesn’t catch wind of her plans to visit new worlds ,since he’s bound to be a stick in the mud!

    $34.99 Little Mermaid Costumes
  • Deluxe Mad Hatter Women's Costume

    Deluxe Mad Hatter Women’s Costume

    Feeling the urge to throw an unforgettable party? Show up wearing this chic Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume, and everyone will be talking about your awesome party for ages!Who hasn’t heard of the Mad Hatter from Lewis Carroll’s tale Alice in Wonderland? This classic storybook character and the epic tea parties he hosts are almost as famous as Alice, herself! But, what many may not realize is that there’s way more to being as mad as a hatter than simply acting silly and wearing eccentric outfits and a big top hat. It’s all about keeping your guests on their toes, and not quite sure what you’re going to do next! Will you make everyone get out of their chairs and sit underneath them, instead? Or, will you ask them all “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” again, and see if anyone has finally figured that riddle out? The best part about acting a little bit mad like this is that when combined with the right outfit, everyone will go along with your quirky behavior and make it an even more memorable shindig!Luckily, this classy costume is the perfect look for a slightly mad hostess like yourself! The elegantly sexy Victorian-inspired dress and bodice are made up of many different patterns and materials, since even a mad hatter shouldn’t have to settle for just one style! It also includes a ruffled lace neck piece and a cute top hat headband, so adding a pair of tights and boots to complete this peculiar ensemble will make everyone want to come to your tea party!

    $64.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Women's Deluxe SWAT Commander Costume

    Women’s Deluxe SWAT Commander Costume

    Well, it’s time to face the bad news. The boys couldn’t pull off the operation, and the bad guy is on the brink of getting his way. We should have known this was a job for a woman! Show that you’re the toughest member of the squad when you break into that building and disarm his henchmen. Once they’ve been knocked out, your main foe is going to have quite the encounter when he meets you face to face. (And he’s gonna be mad that he’s not getting that duffel bag full of cash!) Show that you’re the elite SWAT Commander every unit needs when you wear this sexy costume!

    $64.99 SWAT Costumes
  • Deluxe Bronze Steampunk Corset

    Deluxe Bronze Steampunk Corset

    This is a Deluxe Bronze Steampunk Corset. 

    $59.99 Steampunk Costumes
  • Women's Deluxe Civil War Black Widow Costume

    Women’s Deluxe Civil War Black Widow Costume

    Nastasha Romanoff, better known to most of us as Black Widow, is one of the most compelling characters in the Avengers movie series. Not only is she somewhat mysterious, but her hand-to-hand (or perhaps, foot-to-face) combat skills are unmatched. Whether she‚Äôs fighting alongside Iron Man or doing her best to flirt with an enemy to catch him off-guard, Black Widow has skills that most of us would be jealous of.Even if we can‚Äôt necessarily brush up on our spy or combat skills like Black Widow, we can certainly take a cue from her confidence and straightforwardness. Black Widow always gets what she wants (unless that thing is Bruce Banner) and she‚Äôll stop at nothing to make sure that good wins and the people of this world are protected from evil corporations and military masterminds.Now you can become S.H.I.E.L.D.’s top spy! Start practicing your roundhouse kicks and jabs to the throat because Black Widow is all about one thing: fierceness. Let this deluxe Black Widow costume, inspired by the agent’s main ensemble in the upcoming Marvel movie, Civil War, help you channel your inner Natasha Romanoff. Once you don this skintight catsuit, you’ll instantly feel propelled to kick some major butt. Make this costume even better by combining forces with the rest of the Avengers (the ones you like, at least) for a spectacular group costume this Halloween. No one will dare mess with your group as you make your way to a Halloween party or take your kids trick-or-treating.

    $54.99 Black Widow Costumes
  • Deluxe Steampunk Black Corset

    Deluxe Steampunk Black Corset

    This is a Deluxe Steampunk Black Corset. 

    $59.99 Steampunk Costumes
  • Deluxe Propeller Beanie

    Deluxe Propeller Beanie

    This is a Deluxe Propeller Beanie.

    $11.99 Hats
  • Deluxe Child Glinda the Good Witch Costume

    Deluxe Child Glinda the Good Witch Costume

    You have long been teaching your gal the gains that come from the gallantry of the good. You have been working hard to teach her to help those less fortunate, to love thy neighbor, and to even share with her little brother (she‚Äôs getting better these days). Sounds like she is a real do-gooder! And maybe she deserves a granted wish.Well, then, we don‚Äôt know of a more perfect costume for your magical munchkin than this Deluxe Child Glinda the Good Witch Costume. In it, your daughter can embody her favorite kind of witch–the beautiful and sweet kind. She‚Äôll feel exquisite when she‚Äôs done up as the Witch of the North, and they say that feeling good about yourself is the first step to being able to do right by others. That‚Äôs what they say. And they are very smart, whoever they are.And how could she not feel elated in this pink sparkly gown adorned in silver butterfly appliques? It would be nearly impossible. She‚Äôll feel as though she‚Äôs floated into the room in a big bubble as shiny as the tall crown atop her head. She‚Äôs only a star wand and silver slippers away from Good Witch perfection, and then she‚Äôll be ready to join with her friends or siblings in Wizard of Oz costumes for a fun group theme! Let the good times roll!

    $34.99 Officially Licensed Wizard of Oz Costumes
  • Kid's Deluxe Pikachu Costume

    Kid’s Deluxe Pikachu Costume

    Hello there! Glad to meet you. Welcome to the wonderful world of Pok√©mon!They call us the Super Fun Pok√©costume Professors and we‚Äôre here to guide you through the exciting transformation. What? You are ready to pick your starter Pok√©mon? Well, you are certainly welcome to do that. We have plenty of resources available to help you acquire all sorts of the many creatures throughout the world. But, we have the limited availability today to offer you something even better! We can transform a human into one of those delightful critters! How exciting!?Surely you‚Äôll find this even more interesting. After all, rather than chatting with a Professor, picking your starter, and then learning how to battle in the tall grasses, you can learn the wondrous details of your favorite Pok√©mon through a series of tests of practical application with your Pok√©mon pal. All we need is to get a few details down and we can ship you out the transformation kit and you will be on your way to fetching all the best candies and jealous stares from others who only have little, miniature stuffed versions of Pok√©mon!This Deluxe Pikachu Costume transforms your child into the one and only Pikachu! The costume jumpsuit fits great thanks to the mystery of Velcro closures and gives your kiddo the brilliant yellow of everyone‚Äôs favorite electric mouse type Pok√©mon. The matching cap comes with the little red cheeks and adorable ears on the hood, so your little one will be ready to electrify the competition with this cute new look. The next time you run into a Pokemon trainer, you can proudly shout, ‚ÄúPikachu, I choose you!‚Äù and your child will be ready to jump into action! Of course, you’ll want to keep your kid away from any ground-type critters lurking around, since electric attacks do nothing to those guys!

    $39.99 Pokemon Costumes
  • Adult Marvel Infinity War Deluxe Iron Spider Costume

    Adult Marvel Infinity War Deluxe Iron Spider Costume

    Can You Feel It?The desire. It never really leaves you. When you’re a kid, you read Spider-Man comics, or you watch the cartoon series. Maybe you play one of his video games. Then, you jump around the house doing those iconic Spidey poses, much to your parents’ chagrin. Maybe you even pretend that your pajamas are the Spider-Man suit and you try to shoot webbing from your wrists. You spend every waking moment wishing that you could actually become the Marvel superhero.Of course, then you grow up. You’re forced to give up on that dream. It’s just not realistic. Radioactive spiders aren’t just hanging out around the corner, just waiting to give you some superpowers. You become a productive member of society with no superpowers… but that desire is still inside. Deep down, you still wish you could swing from the rooftops. You wish that you could web up some bad guys and save the day. You wish that you were Peter Parker. It’s time to stop denying those inner desires!Product DetailsWith this adult Iron Spider costume, it’s your turn to become Spider-Man. This licensed costume comes from Marvel’s Infinity War and recreates the look worn by Tom Holland in the movie. Now, it’s not laced with the high tech gadgetry like the one from the movie, but it comes with some great details that should please any Spidey fan. The exterior has a blue, red, and gold print, and it even has muscle padding in the chest and arms to help give you a heroic (and muscly) look. The mask puts the final touch on the outfit and it also helps your child protect his secret identity from the bad guys.Spidey for a DayWhile it might not give you the superpowers of Peter Parker, this Spider-Man costume does help you fulfill that life-long dream of getting to Spidey… even if it’s just for a day. Be sure to check out our other Avengers costumes so you can create a look inspired by Infinity War.

    $54.99 Spiderman Costumes
  • Mens Deluxe Oompa Loompa Costume

    Mens Deluxe Oompa Loompa Costume

    Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-doWe’ve got the perfect costume for youOompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-deeIf you love sweets and All Hallows’ EveWell you heard it here first, we have got the perfect costume for anyone that loves candy and has a fascination with the best holiday on the calendar, that being Halloween, of course! Take a good look at this Men’s Deluxe Oompa Loompa Costume! This amazing brown and white jumpsuit matches what everyone’s favorite pint-sized candy-makers wore in Willy’s famous factory. It’s also just one piece, so no need to worry about your suspenders getting loose while you run around, finally free from constant factory work. With a nice long tan or a little bit of makeup and a dark green wig, you’ll look like the first Oompa Loompa to attempt living life outside of the Wonka Chocolate Factory! People will know that Oompas aren’t only talented when it comes to making candy once you enter the party scene! Show the masses that the Loompas can lay down some pretty sweet lyrics on a mic and that their dance moves are smoother than milk chocolate.So if you’re ready to help introduce the world to these talented mini miracle workers that Wonka has kept locked away in his factory for ages then throw on licensed Oompa Loompa Costume. Be the human to help pave the way for these tiny creators of everything sweet, it’s the least you can do for them after their years of helping to feed our ever-hungry sweet tooth.

    $49.99 Willy Wonka Costumes
  • Mens Deluxe Willy Wonka Costume

    Mens Deluxe Willy Wonka Costume

    When it comes to enviable occupations, there is really only two that come to mind… writing about costumes (obviously), and owning and operating our very own chocolate factory (duh!).Since we already do that first great job, we like to imagine all of the possibilities of the second; the new candy discoveries just waiting to be dreamt up! Everlasting treats that never fade, jelly beans that don’t make your mouth turn bright awful colors, and taffy that can be stretched around the equator if need be. Only a true genius could come up with such things and make them a reality for millions of happy children around the globe. We could be heroes to all of humanity! Not to mention all of the taste testing that inevitably comes with the gig.Since we’re already tied up here, we think you look mighty ready to get your candy career started. But, you could look a whole lot more ready by emulating the sugar king himself, Willy Wonka. That’s why you need this Men’s Deluxe Willy Wonka costume. It looks just like the one worn by Gene Wilder in the film classic, with its long purple coat, frilly shirt front, gold bow tie, and even his signature brown top hat. Now all you need to do is somehow gain access to a world class factory, contract a premium sugar supplier, and find some workers who have some mad rhyming skills and then you’ll be all set. Send us some samples, OK?

    $44.99 Willy Wonka Costumes
  • Men's Deluxe Civil War Winter Soldier Costume

    Men’s Deluxe Civil War Winter Soldier Costume

    Bucky Barnes has a pretty spotty history. He assassinated his fair share of high profile targets, including Tony Stark’s dad. Of course, he’s trying to put all that behind him now with the help of his bud Captain America. Now, it’s your turn to play the part of the conflicted assassin! Based on his appearance in the Civil War movie, this Winter Soldier Costume has you assuming the role of the character. Will you battle it out against Iron Man? Will Black Panther capture you? Will you use the outfit to go to win at your next costume contest? Only time will tell when you wear this licensed Marvel costume.

    $54.99 Captain America Costumes
  • DC Superhero Girls Deluxe Starfire Girls Costume

    DC Superhero Girls Deluxe Starfire Girls Costume

    This is a DC Superhero Girls Deluxe Starfire Girls Costume.

    $39.99 DC Superhero Girls Costumes