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  • Deluxe Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Adult Costume

    Deluxe Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Adult Costume

    Are you ready to blast off to infinity and beyond? Not with those simple, civilian clothing, you’re not. You wouldn’t last a second in infinity and don’t even get us started on the beyond. If you want any hope of surviving after blasting off you’ll need to be at least dressed like the heroes that protect the galaxy from the likes of Emperor Zurg and other alien threats. Here, check out this Adult Buzz Lightyear Costume.This heroic outfit comes with a jumpsuit that has the typical uniform of a Space Ranger printed on it. It will even appear as if you have Buzz’s control panel on your arm. With the purple interlock hood and the polyfoam boot covers this transformation is literally from head-to-toe. Although what truly brings this classic Disney character to life is the set of foam wings that fastens to the back of the suit. With Velcro to secure the wings in place, you’ll be able to spring into action as fast as possible and never worry about losing this awesome accessory. So, do you want this space-aged uniform for Halloween in order to have an awesome Toy Story-theme with your friends, or do you need it because you promised a certain youngster that his favorite hero would make an appearance at his next birthday party? Either way, with enough charisma you can easily breathe life into this beloved hero and put smiles on other’s faces.Just don’t expect to be able to go toe to toe with Zurg… you may look ready to dance with the galaxy’s evilest but you best just leave that to the real Buzz Lightyear. That guy is good at what he does, and that’s protecting the universe!

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  • The Lion King Toddler Simba Deluxe Costume

    The Lion King Toddler Simba Deluxe Costume

    Waiting to Be KingWe know your little one can’t wait to be king! Most little cubs have a tough time waiting. They want to be the main event, like no king was before. They want to show the world their roar and they definitely don’t want anyone telling them to “do this” or have anyone shout “stop that” at them. They want to run around free all day and they want to be free to do it all their way!Well, if your little one wants to lead the pride, then they’re just going to have to wait! After all, every good king needs a mane if they want to be the king of beasts! The good news is that your child can start their journey to becoming king by wearing this officially licensed Lion King costumes for toddlers!Product DetailsThis toddler Simba deluxe costume is based on the Disney movie, The Lion King. It comes with everything your little king-in-waiting needs! The costume comes with an ultra-soft jumpsuit that has a yellow faux fur exterior and an elastic waistband. It fits with a fastener in the back and even comes with a detachable tail in back. The hood really helps your child get into character, since it recreates the look of Simba’s face from the animated movie. It has a soft-sculpted face and ears, and it even has a pair of embroidered eyes on the top. It all combines for a look that will help your child happy as they wait to become the king!Just Can’t WaitIf your child has been trying their best to wait to be king, then it’s time to help them out with this adorable Lion King costume! With a soft style and cute look, it might even have them singing a tune from the movie!

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  • Bowser Deluxe Boys Costume

    Bowser Deluxe Boys Costume

    Why do kids always want to dress up as Mario or Peach? If you ask us, the most fun Super Mario Bros character to dress as is definitely Bowser, and he’s not so scary once you get to know him! Your little one can dress up as his favorite video game baddie in this official Bowser Deluxe Costume, and look mean and green (and yellow) this Halloween!Don’t get us wrong, we know Bowser is one bad koopa. Whether he’s capturing princesses, or stealing gold coins, or just bumping other racers off the track during a Mario Kart race, we’re always glad Mario and Luigi are out there to put a stop to his shenanigans. But, Bowser is just so good at being a bad guy, we can’t help but love him! What other video game villain out there has his own fleet of flying pirate ships? And how did a huge, spiky, turtle-dragon get his claws on so many castles? And you have to admit, he’s a monster on the Mario Kart track!With this koopa-cool costume, your little one can be a monster while trick or treating, too, but the fun and mischievous kind of monster! This jumpsuit, molded plastic face mask, and inflatable koopa shell accessory are officially licensed, so your kid knows he’ll look just like the real Bowser. Just make sure you keep an eye on where he hides his candy, or it might end up in another castle, and then you’ll never find it!

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  • Daniel Tiger Deluxe Toddler Costume

    Daniel Tiger Deluxe Toddler Costume

    How many times has your child breathlessly run up to you, eager to share something about the best Tiger they’ve ever known, or practically begging you to put on Daniel Tiger? Is it weekly? Daily? Hourly?! We’d believe all three. Because Daniel Tiger is one of the best TV shows out there for your little ones. Based on Mister Rogers’ (yes, that Mister Rogers!) Neighborhood of Make Believe, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood follows the adventures of Daniel (you probably already knew this one, right?) along with his friends, O the Owl (just O, which is pretty cool when you think about it. Like if Madonna just went by “M”), Katerina Kittycat, and more. And the show is specifically designed to help young children learn about their emotions and how to handle them properly, along with respecting others. The perfect thing for a parent to show their quickly growing kiddos.Of course, your kid doesn’t care about all that “learning” stuff, at least not consciously. Instead, they’re just thrilled to have a bunch of animal pals to spend time with, sharing in their adventures and seeing how their relationships develop and grow. How excited will your tike be to suit up as the very best tiger around, not just orange and striped, but with Daniel’s signature sneakers and cardigan hoodie. There’s a chance your kid might never take this costume off, and in fact might demand that you dress up as O the Owl (still our top choice) or Prince Wednesday, or maybe even the Red Trolley! But how can you possibly deny that cute tiger face? All you care about is that this costume will bring him hours and hours of joy!

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  • Women's Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

    Women’s Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

    We never really understood why the Queen of Hearts was always yelling, “Off with their heads!” Whenever she was angry. We’re sure it wouldn’t have done too much damage considering most of her subjects had already lost their minds in that crazy world. Just look at the Mad Hatter! We’re not entirely sure what her reasoning is, but we do know a few things about her that we love. She knows she’s in charge, so she’s never going to take no for an answer. If she wants to go play crochet with a bunch of hedgehogs and flamingos then it’s going to happen! She says “paint the roses,” we all reply “Would that be ruby or candy red?” As strange of a punishment as decapitation is in this mad world, we very much like our brains still attached so we don’t really feel like arguing. She also really knows how to dress well. That whole card theme is really doing it for us. The bold color contrast of red, white, and black really brings out the sinister look in her eyes, which we shouldn’t like at all, but are still oddly entranced by… Oh and there’s always the awesome fact that she’s the queen of a world where you can shrink and grow basically as you please! She could have a regular sized castle and then have a miniature one inside that castle where she could hang out all the time without her subjects bothering her with silly things.We think the fact that she wants everyone dead on a whim is pretty rough though, so we think it’s time for a new queen. You don’t have to change anything, just threaten a beheading here or there without actually going through, and everyone will listen to you. You’ll even look fantastic doing it all with this Deluxe costume complete with a lovely crown.

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  • Deluxe Santa Belt

    Deluxe Santa Belt

    You can’t complete your Kris Kringle costume without this Deluxe Santa Belt! Every other Santy-poser will be wearing a plain black belt/brass buckle combo while they jingle their bells and take pictures with smiling children but you’ll do better. This Deluxe Belt has the same design as the one Mrs. Claus hand-crafted for her jolly husband! A beautiful green and red pattern with a shiny gold trim will encircle you when you buckle this belt around your waist.Whether you’ve got donations to gather or a mall of children waiting to meet Father Christmas, or even a simple costume party coming up, this Deluxe Santa Belt is a must have for your Saint Nick disguise! You may want to also take a peek at the rest of our amazing accessories: boots, suspenders, beard/stache sets. Add the perfect ones to your costume and you’ll be the most convincing Santa Clause walking the snowy streets! Just don’t be surprised if everyone starts acting suspiciously kind around you… They may just be trying to move their names from your Naughty List to the Nice List before Christmas hits!

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  • Funny Adult Deluxe Plush Turkey Mascot Costume

    Funny Adult Deluxe Plush Turkey Mascot Costume

    This is the Adult Deluxe Plush Turkey Mascot Costume. 

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  • Toddler Deluxe Police Officer Costume

    Toddler Deluxe Police Officer Costume

    What does your child want to be when they grow up? Besides ‚Äúa big kid,‚Äù our guess is they may be thinking of a career in law enforcement. So, if they are raring and ready to become a police officer, that is totally great…but they are still a little young to enter into the academy. We know, a toddler always has so much waiting to do! Shorten that wait by letting pretend for now (and what toddler doesn‚Äôt want to pretend?). There is no better way for them to practice serving and protecting than in this Toddler Deluxe Police Officer costume because it looks like the real thing! They will absolutely shine with pride when they can come to the aid of the community while wearing it. And we bet you feel pretty great having a little cop in your quarters,too. Your little officer is being kept busy keeping the peace, following orders, and surveying the property, keeping it in check. Wow, that‚Äôs a lot for a toddler! You must be very proud. Repay all that hard work with the iconic navy of the police force in this costume, and watch those life goals blossom before your very eyes. This costume has authentic-looking patches, a badge, gold buttons, even white stars on the shoulder! The super-fun police hat and faux-gun holster invigorate all police-y hopes and dreams, but don’t be surprised if they still have to take a nap during the day shift; a toddler is a toddler, after all!

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  • Child Deluxe Police Officer Costume

    Child Deluxe Police Officer Costume

    If your little guy has always wanted to serve and protect, he has quite a long time to wait. He needs to be 21 in most states, but given how long it‚Äôs taken him to make it to seven, we‚Äôre guessing he is getting impatient. We have just the thing for you. This Child Deluxe Police Officer Costume is guaranteed to make him feel like a part of the force without, you know, needing to take a hard test, go to college, or age fourteen years overnight. You will absolutely make his day with this authentic ensemble and he can go about channeling his energy into other officer-like traits: being a standup brother, an honorable citizen of your household, and a classroom leader. Before you know it, he‚Äôll be standing up to bullies, protecting his little sister, and eating his fair share of donuts (well, he already does that one without the suit!) You‚Äôll love his commitment to integrity and honor, and he‚Äôll look adorable as he tries to become a little hero for you and your family!Of course, the right attitude only gets you so far–he‚Äôll need the right uniform, too. Our navy blue outfit has all the patches and badges you‚Äôd expect from a real life officer of the law. We told you we had the perfect solution for you! Rather than tipping his police hat to us in thanks, maybe your little guy could repay us in another way; we have a few speeding tickets he could take care of!

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  • Deluxe Latex Emperor Palpatine Hands

    Deluxe Latex Emperor Palpatine Hands

    Ah, Emperor Palpatine, that most charismatic of rulers whose priorities just never quite, erm, aligned with what any of us would consider moral or ethical or good or just or kind. A widely recognized popular culture symbol of evil, sinister deception, dictatorship, tyranny, and the subversion of democracy since the original trilogy but cemented as such since, we remember him specifically for being an awful force for twisting democracy by the wayside in the favor of his own power. What a jerk!Often, the unspoken competition among all of us on Halloween remains who can whip up the most unsettling, disturbing, and evil costume‚Äîand if you’ve chosen Emperor Palpatine as your source material, well, good start. These latex gloves will help you slip into his skin, flicker your dastardly yellow eyes at unsuspecting Jedi youth, and rub your wrinkled hands together as you contemplate your next power grab. You know you want to buy them. Go ahead, do it. Do it.

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  • Women's Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

    Women’s Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

    We never really understood why the Queen of Hearts was always yelling, “Off with their heads!” Whenever she was angry. We’re sure it wouldn’t have done too much damage considering most of her subjects had already lost their minds in that crazy world. Just look at the Mad Hatter! We’re not entirely sure what her reasoning is, but we do know a few things about her that we love. She knows she’s in charge, so she’s never going to take no for an answer. If she wants to go play crochet with a bunch of hedgehogs and flamingos then it’s going to happen! She says “paint the roses,” we all reply “Would that be ruby or candy red?” As strange of a punishment as decapitation is in this mad world, we very much like our brains still attached so we don’t really feel like arguing. She also really knows how to dress well. That whole card theme is really doing it for us. The bold color contrast of red, white, and black really brings out the sinister look in her eyes, which we shouldn’t like at all, but are still oddly entranced by… Oh and there’s always the awesome fact that she’s the queen of a world where you can shrink and grow basically as you please! She could have a regular sized castle and then have a miniature one inside that castle where she could hang out all the time without her subjects bothering her with silly things.We think the fact that she wants everyone dead on a whim is pretty rough though, so we think it’s time for a new queen. You don’t have to change anything, just threaten a beheading here or there without actually going through, and everyone will listen to you. You’ll even look fantastic doing it all with this Deluxe costume complete with a lovely crown.

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  • Deluxe Red Riding Hood Plus Size Costume

    Deluxe Red Riding Hood Plus Size Costume

    Stay Out of the ForestA forest is a complicated place. No, we’re not talking ecology though we bet that’s complicated too. We’re talking tales. From horror stories to fairy tales, there are always reasons to stay out of the forest! In Hansel and Gretel, two kiddos are chased down by a sugar-crazed witch whom they find while walking through the trees. In other fantasy tales, the forest hides giant spiders, human-hating centaurs, and other perils and pitfalls. When you’re rocking this look you can finally warn people once and for all about the many dangerous things that await in the woods (particularly big bad wolves). Folks are sure to stay out of the forest when they hear your story!Details & DesignThis exclusive Red Riding Hood look is designed by our costume designers and is sure to make you feel like you’re stepping out of a storybook. The dress has a beautiful off-shoulder eyelet lace sleeves and a velvet, dirndl-style bodice. Matching white lace trims the white apron and hemline. The dress is topped with a flowing red cape that ties at the neck in a velvet-textured bow. The matching red hood has ruffles around the face to give you an extra timeless feel when you’re facing down the big bad wolf. Happily Ever AfterLittle Red Ridinghood doesn’t always have a happy ending, that doesn’t mean your night won’t! Pair this ensemble with a picnic basket and partner up with the wolf and there’s no more reason to fear the woods. That’s the idea behind, “Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer,” after all! And if anything goes awry, we’ll give you the go ahead and ring grandma cause she sure isn’t going to let that big bad wolf get the worst of her granddaughter again!

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  • Women's Deluxe Red Riding Hood Costume

    Women’s Deluxe Red Riding Hood Costume

    Take a HikeThat incident with the wolf in the woods was bad. It was so hard to forget that the story has been passed down through the generations ever since. But we never get to hear about what happens after the woodsman defeated the wolf! It’s time we found out! Ever since the wolf was defeated, Little Red Riding Hood has been venturing farther and farther into the woods. She knows where all the good berries are so that her grandma can make even better pies than before. She’s learned to harvest wood and bark to create a top-notch crafting dynasty. And most importantly, she no longer falls for any of the wolf’s mischief. Details & DesignLittle Red Riding Hood is a classic for good reason. But that doesn’t mean your costume shouldn’t stand out. This Made by Us look keeps this storybook character classic while upgrading her entire look! The dress has an off-shoulder cut and a beautiful velvet bodice. The shoulders of the dress are ruffled and made of eyelet, the same eyelet trims the bodice, a long apron, and a ruffle along the hem. A lush red cape finishes off the look, tying in a bow at the neck. Grandma ApprovedWant to make sure Grandma gives you extra treats when you walk to her house? Do you still want to love your look? There’s no need to compromise, you’ll love this storybook-style costume for its design as well as the quality that allows you to wear it again and again. Pair it with a picnic basket and you’ll be ready to venture in the woods again with confidence. Have your best friend dress up as a wolf or your significant other dress up as the woodsman and you’ll have photos that you can treasure forever. 

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  • Men's Deluxe Crusader Knight Costume

    Men’s Deluxe Crusader Knight Costume

    Welcome to your Templar training. First things first, and you’ve got to get suited up in your armor and we have to say, by the way, it looks quite good on you. You’ve got a real holy warrior vibe going on which we dig. Comes with the territory of being a knight of the Crusades, but some guys just don’t have that internal essence to really pull it off. You do!Anyway, now that you’re in your armor, we’ve got to train you on how to ride a horse. How to clean a blade. How to cut through a man as if he were a block of cheese. Soft cheese too. Like a nice brie. That’s how good you’ll be with a sword once we’re done with you. Yup, Crusades can be pretty fun that way. Always something new to see.Oh, the treasure, right. Everyone always wants to know about the Templar treasure. Do we have one? Yes, of course. Is it a vast sum of money that could make all of us rich for the rest of our lives? Yup, we got that covered. But no, you can’t have any of it. We don’t ever touch the treasure. Just keep collecting it. That’s kinda what being a Templar is all about…You might be asking yourself, why don’t we just buy something nice for everyone? We could all go in on a hot tub or a pool table. Something! But, yeah, the treasure just sits there in that secret vault we built. Where? Oh, it’s just down- hang on! Nice try there, bud. But you’re a first time knight. You don’t get to see the treasure till after your first Crusade. Now let’s get going. It’s Templar time!

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  • Deluxe Red Riding Hood Child's Costume

    Deluxe Red Riding Hood Child’s Costume

    Fearless in the forestLittle Red Riding Hood has been through a lot for someone that’s all about family. It’s not like she was going out looking for trouble. She was just heading out on the trail to bring her grandma a gift basket. That’s some top-notch behavior! Now, her journey might have had some hurdles along the way. That wolf was a real trouble maker. But Little Red Riding Hood shouldn’t have to stay out of the forest just because of one bad actor. Maybe now she’ll know to call out wolves on their mischief. No way you’re going to pull the wool over Red’s eyes. She’s been through it all before, after all!Details & DesignThis Made by Us Red Riding Hood costume is lovely and high-quality all at once. The dress has wide straps and off-the-shoulder sleeves that are made of eyelet fabric. The bodice has a matching center panel with ribbons across the panel for a classic dirndl look. A red skirt flares from the waist and is trimmed with a white eyelet ruffle. The waist is tied with a ruffled apron for a timeless look. The Red Riding Hood costume is topped off with a beautiful hooded cape to make her look like she stepped out of the classic fairytale.Storybook ScarletAre you ready to see a fairytale come to life in your own home? This costume is high-quality, ready for all the playdates and skits that your kiddo can dream up. Pair it with a gingham basket to make it look like your child is on her way to Grandma’s house. You can even have a sibling dress up as the bad guy when you order a Made by Us wolf costume. Just have them pose in front of the forest and you’ll have photos to treasure for years to come!

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  • Child Deluxe Rapunzel Costume

    Child Deluxe Rapunzel Costume

    What kind of girl is okay with being locked up in a tower all of her life? Not Rapunzel, that’s for sure! She’s the kind of girl who yearns for adventure. She’s the kind of girl who needs to be with her friends in the Snuggly Duckling! She’s the kind of girl who won’t let a mean old witch like Gothel push her around! And we think that she’s a pretty good role model for your little girl.This Deluxe Rapunzel Costume is a licensed Disney outfit for girls. Based on the movie, Tangled, this outfit comes with the rich purple colors worn by the spunky young princess. The pink accents also add a cute touch that will have your little one feeling just like a real fairy tale hero. Of course, you’ll have to take her on plenty of adventures in the kingdom when you dress her up in this costume, since she’ll be hungry for a good adventure when she’s wearing it.

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  • Women's Plus Size Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

    Women’s Plus Size Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

    Full-Length, Full-HeartedSometimes people think the Queen of Hearts is so rude but we think she’s misunderstood. She’s a tough and powerful matriarch but everyone she rules over can’t seem to get it together. The flimsy cards are always fooling around, painting the roses or asking nonsensical questions. Imagine trying to rule over that crowd. She has fun where she can, putting together a strange game of croquette with flamingoes and hedgehogs. With all the pressure to rule over a place where whimsy and balderdash runs rampant, it’s no wonder why the queen of hearts is always losing her temper. Why wouldn’t she? She cares about her Wonderland! Sure, people talk about her executive decision making but they never talk about her flair for style! Time to set the record straight with an ensemble that will spread wonder to all the revelers around you. Product DetailsThis floor-length dress is stunning in black and red. Zipping up the back, the dress is easy to slip into. The satin skirt is accented with a panel of silky card-patterned material. Sparkly hearts make the top look like it’s straight out of a fairy tale while the lace collar is sure to make your look pop. The costume is topped with a charming golden crown so everyone will know you’re queen as soon as you enter the room!It’s No WonderNo need to worry about fading into the background when you’re wearing this look! The full-length ensemble will pop whether you’re attending a Wonderland themed event or you’re simply headed to a costume party. You could even choose to rock this regal look while ruling over a parade! No matter what you’re using this costume for, you can know you’ve made the right choice so there’s no need to lose your head over the decision making process!

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  • Women's Powerpuff Girls Bubbles Deluxe Costume

    Women’s Powerpuff Girls Bubbles Deluxe Costume

    I’m just as tough and strong and mean as Buttercup and Blossom, but they just don’t believe me. They all treat me like a baby. I’ll show them. I’ll prove that I can be… HARDCORE! Whoa, whoa, whoa calm down Bubbles! There’s no reason to get all huffy. We don’t want you to get your pigtails in a twist; Buttercup, Blossom, and literally everyone in Townsville can’t help but coddle you. It’s not because you aren’t one tough cookie, it’s because you are just. So. Cute! Being cute is not up there on your list of priorities when you have an entire town to save from Mojo Jojo, but that’s what makes you even cuter; you couldn’t give a hoot about being adorable. Just rest assured knowing that you definitely have the best of both worlds. Not only are you a butt-kicking superhero who repeatedly saves the people of Townsville, you’re also the definition of “squee-worthy” and we applaud that! If you want to look like the Mary Jane-wearing preschooler with a passion for saving the world, outfit yourself in this women’s deluxe Bubbles costume. The powder blue dress features a full tulle skirt and a stretchy black waistband. Add a pair of Powerpuff Girls glasses to the costume for a cartoonish look and don’t forget to situate your hair into a piggy-tail style. And if someone confuses your cuteness for weakness, don’t be afraid to set them straight. Show them your bubblevicious side and they’ll never overlook your toughness again!

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  • Child TMNT Michelangelo Deluxe Jumpsuit Costume

    Child TMNT Michelangelo Deluxe Jumpsuit Costume

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a pretty fascinating group, especially given what most of us are doing during our teenage years. Take a small clutch of turtles, add some unexpected radioactive material, a skilled rodent ninjitsu master, and all the pizza they can get their hands on, and the team seems to put itself together on its own! Of course, those are quite a few requirements, now that we think of it… and any of those things are going to be problematic to acquire.And, even after you get all of those things lined up, there is still years of training with Master Splinter who is hardly the most patient of instructors. If only there were a way to skip some of that training… a way to just enjoy some pizza and a really peppy tune and shift your way right into the proper mindset of the ninja in a fraction of the time! If anyone could do it, we know just the right turtle for the job, too!Fortunately, we have exactly that option available for you with this Child TMNT Michelangelo Deluxe Jumpsuit. The seemingly simple jumpsuit fastens with Velcro and has a keen 3D padded shell in back. Faux turtle feet cover your tyke’s boots and the orange colored belt, arm pads, and knee pads mark your kiddo as the up-and-coming pizza-eating machine! Acquire some of those key accessories, like a set of nunchuks (and plenty of pizza) and you are going to feel just like Splinter… though a little less furry.

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  • Deluxe Attack on Titan Mikasa Costume

    Deluxe Attack on Titan Mikasa Costume

    Once I’m dead, I won’t even be able to remember you. So I’ll win, no matter what. I’ll live, no matter what! Mikasa Ackerman may have a dark view of the world, but that doesn‚Äôt make her any less of a warrior!Are you worth one thousand ordinary soldiers? Now you can start dressing like it with this Deluxe Attack on Titan Mikasa Costume, based on the anime series. The officially licensed costume recreates the Hajime Isayama in perfect form. Even if you haven’t mastered the use of ODM gear or how to perfectly attack a Titan’s weak point, this costume makes you look ready for service in the Scout Regiment.This costume comes with everything you need to get started with your cosplay costume. The basic white shirt has a wing collar with buttons at the front and sleeve cuffs. Layer the white shirt with the included cropped twill jacket that has gold-tone buttons, as well as embroidered patches on the back, sleeves, and left breast pocket. Add yet another detailed layer to this costume with the hooded cape. The cape also has an embroidered patch on the back and a button fastener at the neck. Get an authentic look from head-to-toe with the included slim-fit stretch pants that have a smooth waistband. The harness is PVC faux leather and has metal buckles and the sash has an elastic waistband and ruching at each side seam. Top it all off with the fleece scarf.

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  • Deluxe Gold Satin Elvis Costume

    Deluxe Gold Satin Elvis Costume

    In the recent HBO limited series, “Big Little Lies” (based on the book by Liane Moriarty), we spend 6 episodes hearing about a murder that happened at “Trivia Night”, the annual big school fundraiser, whose theme that year was Audrey & Elvis. You guessed it Рeach parent who attended the fundraiser had to dress up as either Audrey Hepburn or Elvis Presley. Which you would think would be super boring, to have every parent dressed up as the same celebrity. But it wasn’t! Instead, it made you realize just how many different iconic, recognizable looks both Audrey and Elvis had over the years.Take Elvis, for example…looks ranged from the Jailhouse Rock era, his Hawaiian phase, his stint in the army, the whole mutton-chops sideburns and leather thing, the now-iconic Vegas shiny white bell-bottomed suit, and of course, this Deluxe Gold Satin Elvis Costume.In our opinion, this is when Elvis was at his best Рhe was still hip-shaking and camera-ready, but on a whole new level than he had ever been at his career. He was big enough to headline Vegas, and confident enough to pull off a gold satin suit. It takes certain kind of man who can strut around in lame and still be taken seriously, and nobody did that better than Elvis. Slip on this officially licensed Deluxe Gold Satin Elvis Costume, and you’ll be ready to impersonate the King of Rock & Roll back when being King mean all gold, all the time!

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  • Star Trek Classic Deluxe Spock Shirt

    Star Trek Classic Deluxe Spock Shirt

    …Of my friend, I can only say this… of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most… Human.‚Äù‚Ä쬆James T. Kirk, 2285 (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)So your name is Spock ‚Äì your full name is generally considered unpronounceable to Humans ‚Äì and you‚Äôre a Human/Vulcan hybrid who became one of the most distinguished and respected figures in the United Federation of Planets! Sure, some of your shipmates will find your demeanor a little off-putting, but we’re sure you’ll save their butts so many times that they’ll be glad you were on the mission. And Kirk? He probably would have gotten lost in the space dock if he didn’t have his favorite Science Officer to give him a little no-nonsense guidance!It‚Äôs a severe understatement to say that you‚Äôve been on a lot of space adventures, but when you‚Äôve been around the galaxy as many times as you have, what‚Äôs one more trip, eh? But if you feel like you wanna lend the Federation a little bit of Vulcan logic, you‚Äôre gonna need an outfit upgrade! Sure, that shirt you‚Äôre wearing is totally classic, but you‚Äôve worn it for 20 years in a row now, and what‚Äôs the harm in rotating it out for one that looks exactly like it?So suit up for duty with this fresh Star Trek shirt and you’ll look and feel as good as new! CBS officially licensed, this Star Trek Classic Deluxe Spock Shirt is in the original series style, finally available in our century! Made of 100% polyester, this pullover shirt with a v-neck and raglan cut sleeves will keep your cool while you‚Äôre making the crucial decisions you never get credit for! It‚Äôs also got an embroidered Starfleet emblem and metallic ribbon sleeve stripes, because what‚Äôs the point of being out in space if you can‚Äôt have some seriously far-out, from the next galaxy type-a style? Live long and prosper, indeed!|XL|Polyester||||2019-09-06 15:13:44.153|instock||RU888983|Theme Halloween Costumes|TV / Movie Costumes|This Star Trek Classic Deluxe Spock Shirt makes you feel kind of like being logical. We think it was made by Romulans.||883028898381|RU888983-XL||Star Trek Costumes|||||0|||||||||||||||||

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  • Kids Deluxe Ghostbusters Costume

    Kids Deluxe Ghostbusters Costume

    When there‚Äôs something weird in the neighborhood, who ya gonna call!? Invisible men sleeping in your bed? Seeing what you thought were mere imaginations run straight through your body? When they literally burst down‚Ķ or even ectoplasmically through your doors? Who ya gonna call!? Boy, that could make a good song if we put it to a nice beat!Of course, you know the answer. Ghosts are problems. Big problems. They entirely defy all manner of physical engagement. You cannot fist fight a ghost and you can‚Äôt fight with conventional weapons, either… and we‚Äôve certainly tried. But, instead of doing any damage, the darned things just get possessed and, suddenly, we‚Äôre running from ghosts and our own weapons. We need professionals! Fortunately, a haphazard team of scientists have put together the perfect weaponry in miniature nuclear devices and can be at your doorstep post haste.However, on this most festive of times, when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead are weaker, a single team of ‚ÄòBusters isn‚Äôt going to be nearly enough to tackle all of the specters. So, doors are open for recruitment and that means we need you‚Ķ and that eager kiddo of yours. Hook your tyke up with this officially licensed Child Deluxe Ghostbusters costume today! This easy fit jumpsuit has two zippered pockets and the Ghostbuster‚Äôs logo printed on the chest and legs to warn the ghosties who they need to worry about! The inflatable proton pack inflates so those ghosts had better be running scared!

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  • Deluxe Adult Princess Leia Costume

    Deluxe Adult Princess Leia Costume

    Leia Organa isn’t the type of princess to sit in a castle while twiddling her thumbs. She’s proven her mettle more times than we can count during the original Star Wars trilogy. When she sees a tyrannical regime doing cruel and despicable things, she just has to stand up to them! When the Galactic Empire starts building a flying death machine to enforce the galaxy through fear and violence, then she finds a way to blow it up. When a Stormtrooper gets in her way, she’ll grab a blaster and get shooting! When Han Solo says something preposterous, she’ll let him know how she feels about it. And if a generator shield needs blowing up, she’ll roll up her sleeves and get to work.Yes, Leia shows more heroism each time we see her in the Star Wars films, so she makes a great choice for roleplay if you plan on dressing up like a character from a galaxy far, far away. It can be hard to get that classic look, but this Princess Leia costume comes with everything you need to cultivate the perfect look.Based on her original appearance in A New Hope, this Princess Leia costume is a deluxe outfit that comes with a white dress that has a sparkling accents and an attached hood. It also comes with a belt that looks like the one worn by Carrie Fisher in the film. It even comes with the bun wig, so you can get that hairstyle that’s popular on Alderaan without a stop to the salon!

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  • Deluxe Avengers Endgame Men's Incredible Hulk Costume

    Deluxe Avengers Endgame Men’s Incredible Hulk Costume

    Hulk Smash?You know, in the old days it was different. There would have been an exclamation point hanging out at the end of that iconic phrase. These days, Hulk has a little bit of a different approach to life. He’s not quite the uncontrollable monster he was back in the first Avengers movie. He’s still big, green, and strong enough to throw a city bus into orbit… but he’s started to get a bit more introspective. Instead of just smashing with complete abandon, he now stops to ponder about smashing.Of course, he still smashes. That’s what the Hulk does. He just thinks about it a little more in Avengers: Endgame! Now, you can be a slightly more thoughtful Hulk when you wear this officially licensed costume from the latest Marvel movie!Product DetailsThis Avengers: Endgame Incredible Hulk Costume helps you transform into the mean and green superhero from the movies. The costume comes with a green jumpsuit that has plenty of muscle padding in the chest and arms to help give you that hulked-out look. The legs have printed jeans on the bottom, complete with faux rips. The feet feature shoe covers, so you can wear your favorite pair of shoes while hulking it. Finally, the included mask completes your transformation by giving you the angry face of the big green lug. Once you have it on, you’ll be ready to join the team for the big fight against Thanos!Team HulkBeing the Hulk doesn’t require you to spend hours in the lab studying gamma rays! You just need this officially licensed costume from Avengers: Endgame. Make sure to assemble your team if you plan on facing Thanos though! It’s going to take a lot more than just the Hulk to take that big baddie down.

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  • Deluxe Avengers Endgame Boys Incredible Hulk Costume

    Deluxe Avengers Endgame Boys Incredible Hulk Costume

    THE EVER-CHANGING HULKThey say that the gamma radiation that poured into Bruce Banner could viably let him grow to a practically indefinite size. He grows larger and larger to deal with the growing adrenaline from his mighty anger. (Though, guilt has been reported to get him even bigger!) Lucky for all the baddies that have attacked Earth that they never got to experience the 120-foot tall frame of the Hulk when he completely lost it! Fortunately, Bruce has been working on his self-control. Between that smoldering cool-anger and comics telling us that he could even find a way to blend the proverbial Hyde with his Jeckle and the self-care that Hulk has been doing for himself, we could see a Hulk who manages to do his job with a much smaller frame! (Won’t that be a nice change for the lab and all that expensive equipment that keeps getting blown across the room whenever he sneezes!?) PRODUCT DETAILSLet’s see just how much control the Hulk might have when you give your kiddo this Incredible Hulk costume from Avengers: Endgame. This officially licensed jumpsuit features all the detail of the Green Guy’s musculature as well as the proof that his tailor will never go out of work! Perhaps the grumpy looking mask doesn’t show the Hulk in that super calm mindset… but maybe your kiddo will enjoy calling out the old Hulk smash! even if our Gentle Hulk isn’t quite feeling in the mood these days. THE LITTLEST GREEN GUYWhen your kiddo climbs into this Incredible Hulk costume, we’ll finally know just how adorable and ferocious the Hulk could be when his size goes the other way. We like to imagine this is what happens when Banner starts really experimenting with Ant-Man’s gear! For all we know, this is what happens when Hulk gets really mad in the Quantum Realm. (Hmm…)

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  • Deluxe Toddler Star Wars Chewbacca Plush Costume

    Deluxe Toddler Star Wars Chewbacca Plush Costume

    The Wookiee WingmanIn the Star Wars galaxy, even smugglers need friends. Just look at Han Solo. Even the guy who’s last name suggests that he’s a one-man-operation needs his pal, Chewbacca, to have his back. And when it comes to co-pilots, you couldn’t ask for a better one than Chewie.That Wookiee can fix a hyperdrive. He can repair a dismantled C-3PO droid. He can provide you with some cover fire when the Empire attacks. But, most of all, that big furry lug gives out some of the best hugs in the entire galaxy! Hey… wait a second! Doesn’t your young one give you some pretty amazing hugs? Maybe your child is ready to take on the role of greatest wingman in the whole galaxy! All they need is this Star Wars Chewbacca Plush Costume.Product DetailsThis officially licensed Star Wars costume is a toddler-sized outfit, perfect for transforming your tot into the best co-pilot in the entire galaxy. It comes with a full jumpsuit that has a layer of soft and cozy faux fur on the exterior. It fits with fasteners in the back, making it easy to wriggle your little one into the outfit. It even has a foam sash attached to the front, along with a faux messenger bag hangs down at the waist. The headpiece is made out of the same brown faux fur material and fits over your child’s head with a fastener under the chin. Finally, the pair of booties complete the look! They’re also made out of faux fur material and fit with elastic bands around the ankles.Number One BudIf you’re ready to set out on some intergalactic adventures, then you’d better bring a good partner in crime! With this ultra-soft Chewbacca costume, your child can become your number one bud on any Star Wars adventure!

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  • Marvel Infinity War Deluxe Iron Spider Kids Costume

    Marvel Infinity War Deluxe Iron Spider Kids Costume

    The Best Spider-Man Costume VariantA lot of people say that the black Symbiote suit is the best one. We disagree. While the Venom-inspired Spider-Man suit has a dark and mysterious style, it can’t compete with the Iron Spider. Here’s why.First of all, the Iron Spider from Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War combines the advanced technology of Tony Stark with the fashion sensibilities of Peter Parker. Not only does it help Spider-Man maintain his web-slinging ways, but it also lets him use high tech features, like brand new Waldoes and tech that lets him breathe while at high altitudes. Plus, just look at that sleek new style! Streamlined Spider Symbol with some sharp new golden accents… more of that, please! Now that you know which Spider-Man costume is the best, you know which costume you need to get for your child.Product DetailsThis Marvel Infinity War Child Iron Spider Costume faithfully recreates Spider-Man’s look from the latest Avengers movie. Although it might not have the high tech features of the suit in the movie, it does something even more amazing. It gives your child the ability to role-play as his superhero. It comes with muscle padding in the chest and arms to help your child look like one strong little superhero. It also has blue, red and gold designs printed on the exterior. It comes with a hood and mask combination to help your child fully transform into Spider-Man, ensuring that your little one will be the coolest superhero on the block when playtime comes around.Fun Sense is TinglingThis costume is what you’re looking for. Whether you need an Avengers costume for your little one to trick or treat in, or you just want your child to have epic adventures as Peter Parker, this costume is THE costume to have. 

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  • Black Panther Child Deluxe Battle Suit Costume

    Black Panther Child Deluxe Battle Suit Costume

    Real Wakanda TechWhat’s better than absorbing all the kinetic energy directed at you, storing it up, and flipping it back at the bad guys? Nothing! It’s the best! Which is why Black Panther is probably the coolest hero ever. Of course, there’s lots of reasons to love the Black Panther, but his ability to store energy instead of taking damage is probably the coolest feat in the Marvel universe. We should thank his sister Shuri for the hookup on his super high tech suit!Your kiddo is probably way into Black Panther, too, which is why you should totally hook them up with this kid’s Black Panther costume. Officially licensed from the smash hit 2018 movie, getting this suit is practically like getting a package from Wakanda. Technically, it will ship out of our warehouse, but your kid does not have to tell their friends that!Product DetailsMarvel officially licensed, this costume is ready for action. The polyester jumpsuit is fully printed with a great digital effect. It also features padded muscle sections, for even more added effect. The half mask completes the costume look, and is sure to have any kid ready to suit up as their favorite hero!Into the ActionThis Black Panther Deluxe Battle Suit is a great way to get any boy or girl into the Avengers universe. Of course, we also have the Shuri costume, so that the Black Panther can team up with his sister to defeat bad guys like Killmonger! Suit up two kids in any of our Black Panther costumes, and you’ll have twice the firepower right in your own home!

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  • Girls Deluxe Shine Costume

    Girls Deluxe Shine Costume

    Two genies in a bottle, up in the starry sky! If you’ve heard this song, than you probably know about the twin genies, Shimmer and Shine. When your little girl is in this Deluxe Shine Costume, she’ll have a magical time playing as her favorite genie-in-training, or as part of a wish granting duet! This magical pair of genies love helping out, and even though the wishes they grant sometimes cause more problems than they solve, they still do whatever they can to set things right. Shine likes to have fun just like her sister, Shimmer, but as the more courageous of the two, she is more interested in seeking out excitement rather than finding the fun in whatever she’s doing. If she happens to find some snacks along the way, that’s even better because she is always in the mood for some treats! And, in case you hadn’t heard, Shine loooves animals, and her pet tiger, Nahal, always joins them on their adventures.So, how can your little genie really shine like Shine? Well, for starters, this costume is made of shiny material, and the poofy pants are covered in sequins, for even more glimmer. The jumpsuit, headpiece, vest, and sash are all bright blue in color, as blue happens to be Shine’s favorite color. Your little one will find plenty of excitement playing genie in this outfit, and if she finds a friend to dress up as Shimmer, they’ll be having a blast before you can say “Boom, Zahramay!”

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