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  • Inflatable Snowman - Decoration

    Inflatable Snowman – Decoration

    This is an Inflatable Snowman Decoration

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  • Inflatable Pumpkin Decoration 5'

    Inflatable Pumpkin Decoration 5′

    This is a 5′ Inflatable Pumpkin Decoration.

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  • Spider Web Light Up Halloween Decoration

    Spider Web Light Up Halloween Decoration

    This is a Spider Web Light Up Halloween Decoration.

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  • Go Back Yard Sign Decoration

    Go Back Yard Sign Decoration

    Let’s Split UpThere are quite a few annoying horror movie tropes out there. You simply have to groan when that group of teenagers decides to split up in the house of horrors. Then there’s the girl who runs upstairs when an intruder is in the house. Why? You can’t escape up there! Also, why can’t any woman get chase while wearing tennies? They’re always wearing high heels or no shoes at all. Maybe that’s so they can fall down at inopportune moments. Want to represent a classic troupe in your Halloween decor this year? Folks are always ignoring obvious signs warning them to stay away from a dangerous spot in every horror film. Drawn in with the promise of candy, trick-or-treaters are sure to do just that when you post this sign in your yard. Lucky for them there really will be treats instead of shrieks when they arrive at your door!Product DetailsThe message couldn’t be any more clear! Posting the sign couldn’t be any easier. Simply stick this eerie signage wherever you want it and the ghouls and goblins of your neighborhood have been warned!Happy HauntingHalloween is the one time of year when you can really let those skeletons out of your closet. This sign will look awesome with plenty of spiderwebs and a ghostly figure at the window. Just remember to go light on those children who knock on your door. They made have made a horror movie no-no but they’ll learn they’re mistakes once they’re allowed to watch those PG-13 horror movies!

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  • Animated Death Row: Decoration

    Animated Death Row: Decoration

    MIND-BLOWINGFrom spooky graveyard scenes to creepy pumpkin patches, you’ve mastered the art of Halloween decorating. Every year the neighbors can expect something scary, exciting and innovative from you. Having the most festive house on the block is always the mission and that mission has been successful, although outdoing yourself is difficult. This Halloween, it’s time to step up your game. Reuse all your favorite decorations, but add a new one into the mix: the animated death row decoration. Now you can create a horrifying prison scene with the help of this lifelike animatronic. Perfect for an outdoor yard scene, this decoration really screams and thrashes around once motion is sensed. You’ll hear plenty of shrieks and screams when this prop is installed anywhere you see fit! PRODUCT DETAILSShock your guests and trick-or-treaters with the animated death row decoration. The intricately painted and assembled animatronic wears a bloody prisoner jumpsuit and an excruciating expression on his face since he’s being electrocuted. When the decoration senses motion, it begins to violently flail around, scream, and eyes light up red.SMOKE & MIRRORSIt will be an illusion but a believable one, just add more prison-themed animatronics and a smoke machine into the mix.       

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  • 13'' Realistic Scary Cat Decoration

    13” Realistic Scary Cat Decoration

    You know what they say about a black cat crossing your path, but what do they say about a black cat staring ominously at you? It certainly can’t mean good luck. When you’re decorating your house for the oncoming spooky season this cat will be that unsettling detail that puts people in the Halloween state of mind. Whether you’re a witch looking for a familiar or you’re looking for a dark companion for you feline housemates, you’ll find this statue fits the bill. It’s refreshing to see a cat that’s less scaredy and more scary. This kitty isn’t going to flinch any time soon, in comparison to every other cat ever who jumps two feet high for literally no good reason. Who knows what this cat is staring at? It could be checking out an unseen spirit in the corner or it could just be plotting your demise. Hey! That’s one thing this stone cold kitten probably has in common with your seemingly innocent Fluffy. So watch your back, you never know what this cat’s going to drag in.

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  • Bloody Body in a Bag Decoration

    Bloody Body in a Bag Decoration

    This is a bloody body in a bag decoration.

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  • Round Orange 6" Tall Pumpkin Decoration

    Round Orange 6″ Tall Pumpkin Decoration

    The Perfect PumpkinIt’s tough picking out the perfect pumpkin. Once you get to the patch, you have to scour through hundred of orange squash to select the best one. Some are too tall. Others are way too wide. Some have weird splotches on the sides and few even smell a little… overripe. It can be a fun process, but sometimes we just wish that we could get the perfect pumpkin, year after year, without the constant struggle…Well, that’s where this Round Orange Pumpkin Decoration comes into play.Product DetailsThis perky little pumpkin is made out of molded plastic, which means this little decoration never goes bad. You can store it in your closet year after year! It’s about 6 inches tall and has a 7.5-inch diameter. It features a bright orange paint job to recreate the look of a perfect pumpkin. It adds a great splash of color to your autumn decor theme and is a must-have for Halloween parties!Skip the PatchIf you don’t have the time to head to the pumpkin patch, or if you just don’t want to deal with the mess of cleaning up pumpkins after Halloween, then just give this perfect pumpkin decoration a try this Halloween season.

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  • Orange 7.5" Tall Pumpkin Decoration

    Orange 7.5″ Tall Pumpkin Decoration

    Reality vs. ExpectationGetting a real pumpkin always seems like a great idea. Of course, the reality of the whole situation doesn’t always match up to the expectation. First, you have to make sure you head out the pumpkin patch early! If you don’t all of the good pumpkins will be taken and you might end up with a soggy, misshapen pumpkin. Then, there’s cleanup. Once you’re all done with the pumpkin, you need to dispose of it properly before it starts to become a stinky mess!No thanks! Why not just skip all of that hassle by picking up this Orange Pumpkin Decoration?Product DetailsThis Orange Pumpkin is made out of molded plastic and is shaped into the perfect pumpkin! It’s around 7.5 inches tall and it features a realistic paint job, so it looks just like the real thing. And the best part about this pumpkin is that it never goes bad! You can just store it in the closet until Halloween next year to add a touch of autumn style to your home.Skip the Messy Real PumpkinJust skip the real pumpkin this year! Use this festive decoration to give your home a Halloween-ready look without any of the mess of a real pumpkin!

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  • Animated Winged Reaper: Decoration

    Animated Winged Reaper: Decoration

    Someone’s At the Door!Who do you assume to see when someone knocks on your front door? Maybe it’s a neighbor who accidentally got your mail. Maybe it’s your mother in law with an extra squash from the community garden. The worst case scenario it could be someone trying to sell something you don’t want. Like magazine subscriptions. Wait. Did we say worst case? We meant mediocre case. The worst case scenario would be this reaper ringing your doorbell. There’s no way this guy simply wants you to sign up for a dying media format just so he can go to a waterpark this summer. Most likely you won’t even be able to scare him off by answering his knock in your curlers, terry cloth robe, and fuzzy bunny slippers. Nope, he wants your soul ASAP. The best you can hope for is getting him to sit down for tea and scones while you arrange for a pet sitter and grab your purse. You’ll be gone for quite a while. Product DetailsThis skull is sure to tower over trick or treaters as it poses at your front door. Once plugged in and activated by visiter motion it moves and the eyes light up with a red glow. He lets loose an evil cackle as he moves his claw-like hands.  Once assembled it stands at six feet tall, sending chills and thrills to anyone who visits your house during the Halloween season. Greeting with a GrinWhile this reaper doesn’t have conventionally good looks he wears a wide grin at least! No one will dare say that you went halfway with your Halloween decorations when this creature is standing on your doorstep. Simply assemble this winged creature and watch as the seasonal spirit spreads. It’s going to be a hideous Halloween!

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  • Lightshow Projection Ghost Decoration

    Lightshow Projection Ghost Decoration

    A Ghoulish GlowYou’ve tried to make others believe in the presence of the paranormal for a while but some remain stubborn. Showing countless videos, pictures, and even some EMF readings didn’t succeed in swaying them so a more drastic approach is needed. Time to get out the ghost projection light show! Don’t worry, it’s not as extreme as it sounds. This is a simple decoration that can easily be placed into the ground. All the naysayers and nonbelievers may start singing a different tune once a group of flying ghosts is visibly seen dancing on your home exterior. Be prepared to hear some shrieks from those passing by too! Product DetailsThis outdoor decoration features a swivel yardstick which holds up the LED lights. Just plug it into any standard U.S. outlet and situate the light into the desired position, then wait for nightfall to see the classic ghosts cavorting across your siding. This piece of decor can project up to 15 feet away so it’s perfect for front or backyard use. The Allure Of A Lightshow On Halloween, turn the entire house into an illuminating light show. We have pumpkin, skeleton, and fire and ice projectors so spooky specters can be spotted everywhere! 

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  • Tree Monster Decoration

    Tree Monster Decoration

    Root of all EvilWe always think that trees are so perfect. We get it! They produce fruit, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and offer up lumber. And we agree that most trees are good. Most trees. But when it comes to spooky trees, they really know how to throw shade. They scratch on our windows on windy nights and make turn our dreams to nightmares. They bend over old houses with rickety porches to ensure us that, yes, a witch does live in this house. And if you’re not being careful in that haunted orchard, you know a wicked tree is going to wrap a root around your ankle and catch you in a cast for months to come. So watch out, money isn’t the root of all evil. It’s much simpler than that. Evil trees are the root of all evil!Product DescriptionsThis humanistic tree ornament is ready to make anyone’s yard look horrific! The face has a ghastly smile, white eerie eyes, and subtle horns. The face nails to a tree by one hole at the top. The arms connect to the side of the tree and have vines twisted around both arms and hands. The arms are a foot and a half long and the head is just over a foot tall so it’ll stand out with a scary snarl!

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  • Lightshow Projection Jack O' Lantern Decoration

    Lightshow Projection Jack O’ Lantern Decoration

    Light Up the NightAs much as we Halloween enthusiasts hate to admit it, this season can be a bit of a scary one for kiddos. They haven’t been through many Octobers so we can see why it’s a little overwhelming. From their perspective, the world gets darker and adults start putting skeletons in their windows and cobwebs on their porches. That’s a pretty crazy thing to take in when you’ve only been around for five years. But here’s the thing, they’ve got to get into it sooner or later. It’s just too much fun to pass up! Make it easier on kiddos this year with some seasonal light that stays nice and safe on the cute side of spooky. Product DetailsThere’s no need to risk your neck on a ladder with string lights this year. Instead, cast this jack-o-lantern light on the wall this spooky season. Simply stake the light into the ground, adjust the head to where you’d like the light to point, and watch the cheery Halloween spirit spread in your neighborhood!Ultimate pumpkin patchMaybe you’ve known exactly how you’re going to carve your pumpkins for months now. Maybe this is the first time you’re decorating your house for Halloween. Either way, everyone will know your stance on this holiday of spooks when this batch of friendly jack-o-lanterns is dancing on your wall!

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  • Inflatable Black Widow Spider Decoration

    Inflatable Black Widow Spider Decoration

    In a SpinWhat is it about spiders that make human minds spin? They have been inspiring fear, inspiration, and a little bit of awe for all of our history. They are in nursery rhymes, scaring little girls and crawling up spouts. They take up major roles in ancient mythology throughout the world. In the Native American Hopi culture, all the living creatures of the world were created by the goddess Spider Woman when she paired up with the sun god. With their ability to create webs, spiders have been woven into tales with mostly positive connotations. But even with all these positive ideas, let’s not kid ourselves. We all know that if we ran into a giant spider, we’d run as fast as our little legs would carry us. We wouldn’t be thinking of the wonder of the web or the graceful nature of these eight-legged animals. We would be wondering how long it’ll take to seal up the doors and windows of our houses until we know that someone has taken that monstrous arachnid out for good!Product DetailsAt fifty-one inches tall and one hundred-thirty-two inches tall, this is no itsy bitsy spider All you need to do to make your yard into an arachnophobe’s nightmare is plug it into an AC outlet and turn it on. The spider lights up so that your trick-or-treaters can get a good look even when it’s dark outside. It has tethers and stakes so you don’t have to worry about you creature escaping in the autumn wind. Just make sure little Miss Muppet knows about your new companion before she comes over for her curds and whey. A Wicked Web to WeaveIf you’re looking to become the spookiest house on the block, look no further. Ghosts and ghouls are nothing to this red-eyed spider. Drape classic spider web material over bushes and trees to make your arachnid feel right at home and finish the look. This Halloween, get ready, you just might catch a few thrill seekers in your wicked web!

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  • Killer Clown: Window Hanging Decoration

    Killer Clown: Window Hanging Decoration

    Whoa, it looks like you have a peeping tom on your hands. He’s pressed tightly to your window, trying his darnedest to get a peek at whoever is roaming inside your house. Oh never mind, that’s no peeping tom! It’s just Ogler the Clown! No need to worry, he’s harmless. He just likes to pop his head in the window every now and then to say hello. Ogler makes his rounds through the neighborhood cause he wants to make sure that he gets a chance to see everyone. Aw, what a thoughtful, yet creepy little guy!Whether you think this clown is friendly or downright spooky, this Halloween decoration is bound to get a lot of attention. The clown window decoration attaches to glass or house siding, so it appears as if you have a red-haired spy peering into your home. The hanging clown will illicit chills from passerby who suffer from coulrophobia and anyone who has an intense fear of peeping toms!

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  • Animated Talking Skeleton Decoration

    Animated Talking Skeleton Decoration

    HAUNTED AS HECKFolks tend to shout out in a variety of different ways when they are shocked, startled, spooked, or outright scared.  Naturally, those of us who see folks in such a scenario can also have varying reactions, but it is always better if we know that the freak out is going to be happening.Collecting the data is an arduous process, but provoking the spook is just as tough!  Whether you want to engage in a scientific experiment or simply have a host of haunted fun for your Halloween decor, we are happy to help dread your den.PRODUCT DETAILSWe’re not sure how this fearsome phantasm came to bring its gruesome glow to us, but it is time to make your door as dreadful as you desire.  This Animated Talking Skeleton Decoration is the perfect way to help haunt your house!  Jirating and cackling when disturbed, this hardly innocuous decoration will set the stage for all your festive fun! FUN FOR ANY SEASONFolks enjoy keeping their holiday tree up no matter the time of year, so we figure that you should have no qualms about freaking your friends out no matter the time, too!  This wicked little skeleton decoration might be perfect for Halloween, but who will be expecting this as a Valentine’s greeting!? 

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  • 5'' Green Pumpkin Decoration

    5” Green Pumpkin Decoration

    Garden GoodnessIt’s October. Harvest time. A time when you can wipe the sweat off your brow and enjoy the fruits of your labor. But here’s the thing, it’s the modern era. Not all of us are spending our summer tending vegetables and bonding with mother earth. We’re lucky to have enough time to grow herbs on our window sills in the summer, much less have enough harvest to sweat over come fall. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a homey touch of the harvest to your Halloween setting this year.Product DetailsWith a rich, earthy color and realistic stem, this pumpkin would look right at home in a witch’s kitchen along with her home-harvested herbs. The five-inch light-weight gourd will look great when paired with your living pumpkins or can be used as a centerpiece during fall get-togethers. Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo!What is it about pumpkins that are so magical? Would Cinderella’s escape be as believable if her carriage had been transformed from a watermelon? We just don’t think so. If you want to keep your decor seasonal and classy while adding a mystical twist, this little pumpkin is a great way to go. The perfect size for adding a flash of color, you’ll find a different way of displaying this pumpkin year after year. 

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  • Animated Brain Fry Decoration

    Animated Brain Fry Decoration

    BRAIN FRIEDLife is hectic and demanding and it’s easy to get overworked. Whether you’re bogged down with school work and extracurriculars or your children and career are constantly pulling you in different directions, the feeling of your brain being fried by a bug zapper typically sets in. If you can relate to feeling burn out and being overly stressed from time to time, then you can relate to this decoration, Brain Fried Fred, as we like to call him. Fred’s brain is being burnt to a sizzling crisp for a very different reason than yours. He’s a pretty bad guy but we won’t get into his past legal blunders right now. If you sympathize with our friend, Brain Fried Fred, then add the animated brain fry decoration to your Halloween decor scene today. You won’t feel as alone when your mind is as deep-fried as fast food french fries! PRODUCT DETAILSLiven up any Halloween decor scene by adding this light-up/talking decoration to it. It’s meticulously sculpted and painted and once the proper batteries are inserted, Fred speaks! His electrifying blue eyes light up red too. The button on his base can also be pressed to make these cool and slightly creepy features to work. SCARY PRISON SCENEUse this animated decoration to create a terrifying prison scene with decorations in the front yard! 

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  • 7" Wolf Skull Halloween Decoration

    7″ Wolf Skull Halloween Decoration

    SURPRISING LYCANTHROPY SECRETSNot much is truly known about the werewolf.  Most have a pretty solid understanding that the lunar cycles rule over the transformative aspects of the creature.  Some understand that it is passed on either genetically or by the infectious bite.But, the actual physiology of the creature?  Well, that still leaves a lot to be investigated.  How do they really transform?  How do they resist all the damage they do?  Well, for one, they’ve got a really solid skeleton.  Even their ears are reinforced with bone! PRODUCT DETAILSThe only way to really understand the werewolf is to study it.  Whether you want it for academic or decorative purposes, this 7-inch Wolf Skull is just the thing to complete any lycanthropic collection.  This great ornament looks like the time-worn skull of a wolven creature, complete with mighty canine teeth and a fearsome snarl.  Those dark eyes will draw you in, but we’re pretty sure it won’t actually bite. THE CURSE OF THE WOLFOne legend suggests that keeping the skull of a wolf around is a surefire way to keep the curse of the werewolf from coming into your home.  The other legend says that having one is a guaranteed way to become one.  We’re not sure which is true, but this Wolf Skull is going to bring you a great time, either way! 

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  • Zombie Yard Sign Decoration

    Zombie Yard Sign Decoration

    Zombie ApocalypseThey’re coming. They might not be here just yet, but we all know it’s inevitable. The zombies are going to rise from the dead. They’re going to invade all of civilization and they’re going to force us normal, honest, hard-working human beings into survival mode. We’ll be forced to scrounge for supplies in abandoned convenience stores. We’ll have no choice but to create makeshift safe houses out of old banks and schoolhouses. We might even need to band together to fight against the bloodthirsty warlords who will try to turn the zombie apocalypse to their advantage.Just because the zombies haven’t come yet, doesn’t mean that we should rest easy. We should definitely beware of the rise of the undead. So, in a way, this zombie yard sign will be speaking the truth when you plant it outside your home.Product DetailsWarn the good people of your town about the incoming zombie invasion with this Danger: Beware of Zombies sign. The sign is bright yellow and it’s made out of plastic. It comes with a stake that you can plant in your lawn and it’s weatherproof, so it should stand up to the rain.It’s a Matter of When, Not If…When people ask you where the zombies are at, just tell them to be prepared. The zombies could be coming at any moment.

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  • Swinging Evil Scarecrow Decoration

    Swinging Evil Scarecrow Decoration

    Give Him A Push! Some skeletons like to scare people, some like to chill in graveyards, and others like to hang out inside playgrounds. This skeleton in particular loves playgrounds, the swings in particularly. He saves all the spooking, scaring, and creeping for the ghosts, ghouls, and goblins of the world because this little bony bro prefers pumping his legs (or should we say patellas) atop a wooden seat. What an endearing quality, we can’t believe this skeleton is so loveable! If you want this dude to enjoy partaking in his favorite pastime in your front yard (or backyard) then this Halloween decoration is exactly what you need in your life! Product DetailsThis animated prop is activated by sounds so as soon as this skeleton hears a single peep, he’s going to start swinging his skeletal little legs. Not only does this decoration really swing, but the eyes light up red and he also laughs. (What a good-natured little dude!) This decoration also comes with 3 AA batteries for your decorating convenience.Playful SkeletonsTransform your entire yard into a whole playground for playful skeletons! You can find all the necessary decorations and props right here on our site. We have a swinging reaper, a hammock-dwelling skeleton, and a skeleton smoking a cigar. (That one is a real card!)        

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  • Inflatable Jabba the Hutt Decoration

    Inflatable Jabba the Hutt Decoration

    KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSEJabba Desiligic Tiure is evil.  It’s probably nothing that needs to actually be said, given the fact that the guy looks like a giant evil slug monster, but we do encourage folks not to judge others by what they look like.  It is a vast galaxy and there are many types of folks out there, after all!However, in the case of Jabba the Hutt, the looks do not deceive and this guy is as slimy as they come.  Huge member of the Grand Hutt Council and friend to the Crymorah Syndicate and eventually a big deal of the Shadow Collective, there isn’t much darkness in the world that Jabba doesn’t have his pudgy fingers into.PRODUCT DETAILSMake sure you can watch this guy’s every move with this Inflatable Jabba the Hutt Decoration.  This 6′ by 10′ inflatable creampuff will be one of the biggest sites for your local war of the stars.  Fortunately, it comes with a fan that will get the guy full of hot hair without taking out your lungs.  Remember, if you need to kill him to focus on strangling.  Knives will be a little too permanent! A GIANT SLUG YOU WANT IN YOUR GARDENNormally, it is kinda important to keep pests out of your house and yard.  But, when they are giant masters of a galactic crime syndicate, sometimes, there might be a few advantages to keeping them around.  Try your luck with this Inflatable Jabba the Hutt Decoration.  Warning:  May attract slave girls.  

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  • Animated Upside Down Clown Decoration

    Animated Upside Down Clown Decoration

    JUST CLOWNING AROUND The majority of clowns you’ve come into contact with thus far enjoy making people laugh— but not this clown right here. He likes to get his jollies a different way. Instead of making people laugh, he likes to make them scream, run in terror, or jump a foot off the ground. To be fair, his horrifying appearance lends itself to this. He’s not going to make anyone giggle with those heart-stopping red eyes and long bony fingers so scaring people is his passion and around here, we support passions. If you also support this scary clown’s love for spooking the unsuspecting, allow him to hang around your home. Hey, you may even find that being scared is fun. (We think it is!) Maybe it will give you the morning boost you need before work or school. Take our word for it, it’s a better jumpstart than downing a cup of coffee! PRODUCT DETAILSThe animated upside down clown decoration is approximately 3 feet tall and hangs up at the feet. Once the batteries are in place, this clown waves his arms while various audio tracks start playing and his eyes light up too. This prop is motion or sound activated so it’s the ultimate creepy clown decoration.LAUGH TIL YOU CRY Use this clown decoration to inspire a whole scary clown scene because nothing says “Ahhh!” like a big red nose!  

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  • Spider Web Decoration

    Spider Web Decoration

    Let‚Äôs break down why spiders are so creepy to so many people, shall we? For some people, it‚Äôs the six legs moving in quick succession‚Ķothers, the thought of those little beady eyes and fangs getting all up in your grill is super freaking. And some people just plain don‚Äôt like the look of ‚Äòem.But you know what we think is the most creepy about those lil‚Äô arachnids? Their webs. Or, more specifically, the thought of walking right into or getting stuck in one of those sticky suckers. Literally the stuff of nightmares!Which is why this Spider Web Decoration is a perfect addition to your Halloween decoration collection! Hang it indoors or outdoors to add a spooky element of eerie delight to your home or haunted house! Better yet, enshroud both with these webs for an ultra creepy look that will have your party-goers or trick-and-treaters covering their heads and screaming “Arachnophobia” as they sprint away from your homestead (which just means more candy for you, right?!)

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  • RIP Tombstone Graveyard Decoration

    RIP Tombstone Graveyard Decoration

    Have you ever walked by a graveyard and looked at all of the gloomy tombstones, and wondered if this will be the time that zombies will start popping out of the ground in front of them? It may sound silly, but if (when?) the dead ever rise back up, that’s exactly where it’ll start!Whether you think zombies are the spookiest part about tombstones, or you just find gothic designs carved into grimy dark rock slabs to be extra-creepy, this RIP Tombstone is the perfect decoration to add some haunting atmosphere to your ghastly Halloween scene! This rigid foam headstone is painted and carved to look like an actual spooky grave marker. And, in case that’s not eerie enough for you, the eyes shine with battery powered lights. Anyone passing by your display will be looking over their shoulder for zombies once they see this!IMPORTANT NOTE: You will only receive one tombstone with one of three designs:-A hooded skull figure with glowing red eyes-A ‘Here lies Victor Vonstein’-RIP sign with a skull and crossbones

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  • Lightshow Projection Skeleton Decoration

    Lightshow Projection Skeleton Decoration

    Spooky, Scary!Are you ready to make your house one of the most fun and frightening places to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood? It’s great to have a line of ghouls and goblins out your door on Halloween but clean up from a lot of traditional spooky decor can be a little annoying. Seriously, we’ve sometimes found wayward cotton spiderwebs in the bushes months and months afterward. While that might be a convenience for the birds who are looking for premium nesting materials in the spring, it makes your house look like it’s suffering from a giant spider infestation! This year, compliment your jack-o-lanterns with even more drama and very little cleanup with this skeleton projection light!Product DetailsSet this light up in your lawn, plug it in, and you’ll have skeletons dancing on your wall in no time! The closer you place it on the desired wall you’d like to project on, the clearer and smaller the image will be. It’s the perfect way to make your house seem pleasantly haunted just for one night!Ghostly GoodiesOnce you’ve got this light set up, get ready for plenty of trick-or-treaters to head your way. You’re sure to see all the cutest and scariest (in a good way) when you’ve got this bony beacon dancing on your facade. And the best part, no pumpkin guts or runaway spider webs involved. That means you’ll have more time to practice your spooky handing out candy face!

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  • Spider Web Decoration: 800 Sq Feet

    Spider Web Decoration: 800 Sq Feet

    The perfect haunted house is only a web away with this Spider Web Decoration! Use our instant webbing to set a trap for unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. They’ll rue the day they entered your lair or… you know… have a good time.

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  • Tapping Peeper Window Decoration

    Tapping Peeper Window Decoration

    Pssssst! Can he have a word with you?Oh, it looks like the neighborhood peeper is tapping at your window…again. We wonder what he could want this time? The last he did that, he was inquiring about borrowing a cup of sugar and the time before that he wanted to know if he could use your lawnmower. We bet he’s just bored and interested in what you’re making in the kitchen. That darn peeper is sure nosey but we have to admit- we kind of like the guy!If you want a peeper of your own to display in your window, then you’re in luck because we have the perfect decoration for you. This tapping peeper window decoration consists of a molded mask cloaked in black fabric and it also easily fits in most windows. We have a feeling that this decoration will become very popular in your neighborhood in no time!               

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  • Spirits Jumbo Wall Decoration

    Spirits Jumbo Wall Decoration

    Have you ever had a feeling that you were being watched or listened to even when you were alone in your own house? Maybe you’ve been lying awake at night and you could have sworn you heard scratching inside the walls, or a shadow move out of the corner of your eye? We’re not trying to alarm you, but your home just might be haunted by a few trapped spirits trying to escape from their eternal tomb. Was it a curse? Did they do something to deserve it? Once out will they be grateful, or seek you out as their first meal in over a hundred years? There’s only one way to find out. This 20 square foot wall decoration is actually a massive portal into the other world. The spirits can’t quite get through though, so you can observe them from a safe distance. They’ll also make a fantastic decoration at your next Halloween party. Here’s a spooky tip; if you flash a strobe light in front of it, your guests will swear the still images on the wall are actually moving!

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  • Witch Window Hanging Decoration

    Witch Window Hanging Decoration

    Autumn is a great time to start bringing out your accessories. So many people look forward to the day when they can wear their boots and cable knit sweater to the apple orchard. What could be more picturesque? So, go ahead and tug that cute fall cap on your head but whatever you do, don’t forget to accesorize your house! In the gloomy oncoming months it’s only fair to make sure your good old house looks as cheerful and accessorized as you do.Here’s the thing, over the years you may have run dry on cute seasonal decorating ideas. Of course you wouldn’t stray from the classic Jack-O-Lantern but it’s tricky to move beyond pumpkins without straying into Spooks Ville. This witch is sure to get plenty of giggles from trick-or-treaters, we don’t know if she’s peeping in the window to see what’s brewing in there or maybe she simply lost control of her broomstick. Either way, your house will thank you for the new autumn accessory.

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