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  • Angular Egyptian Cut Wig

    Angular Egyptian Cut Wig

    Mummy MadnessIs your mind always drifting to Egypt? We can’t blame you. A millennium of history is layered in this land like a delicious chip dip with layers of spicy beans, nacho cheese, and guacamole. You never know what people are going to find next. The sands of this beautiful land are hiding all sorts of secrets from giant statues of gods to clandestine temples dedicated to long-forgotten cults. Who knows how many mummies might still be lurking under the surface of the sand, waiting for the right person to come along and enact the mummy’s curse. Encourage your Egyptian connection with a classic Egyptian style wig. What better way to get someone to invite you on their next archeological dig?Product DetailsThis gorgeous black wig is a little past shoulder length. The glossy black color really stands out in a crowd. It has straight black bangs to make your Egyptian look unmistakable. Pair this with a dramatic Egyptian eye to give yourself a Cleopatra vibe.Pretty in PetroglyphsWant the perfect Egyptian costume? Browse through our many Egyptian options to find the perfect look for you. And the best part is, you don’t even need to wait for someone to carve your look into a pyramid wall. Just take a selfie and upload it in the reviews to flaunt your Egyptian style to the world!

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  • Women's Cut Out Nurse Costume

    Women’s Cut Out Nurse Costume

    Somebody better call a doctor because you’re going to be stopping hearts left and right when you strut your stuff in this Women’s Cut Out Nurse Costume. You’ll look like the sassiest nurse to ever step foot into a hospital. With this cute outfit, you will always be exactly what the doctor ordered!Once you slip into this mini dress you, should probably keep a fair amount of distance from the cardiac department. You’ll want to head right into the party scene and dance the night away! You may save lives by day but at night you straight kill it on the dance floor. Oh, and the best part about having a nurse on the dance floor is that someone is there for any medical emergencies. You never know when someone is going to bust a move a little too hard. Sometimes you’re just really feeling the music.Now then, if you happen to find yourself a patient this Halloween, you can put the included stethoscope to use. Don’t be surprised if your patient is suffering from heavy breathing and the occasional skipped heartbeat here and there. After all, what else would you expect once you add the perfect accessories to this costume? Grab a feisty pair of knee-high fishnet stockings and put those included garters to good use. Then you just need a flashy pair of high heels to bring this whole outfit together!The ER better watch out because they’ll be dealing with plenty of broken hearts after your night on the town in this Cut Out Nurse Costume.

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  • Large Open Eye Cut Off Head

    Large Open Eye Cut Off Head

    Alright, so we can tell by the way you’re staring at us that you’re probably wondering how this happened. Well, it’s actually a long story, and we’d rather not get into it. Do you just walk up to someone in a wheelchair and ask them what happened to their legs? Okay, fine, so some people do, but those people are rude and uncouth and are usually not welcome in polite society. So how about a little privacy, pal? We barely know each other!Also, if you really wanna know, we have a pretty bad headache that seems to be quickly turning into a migraine, and it’s not only making us pretty cranky, but talking seems to get harder and harder with every passing minute. And as you can probably tell from the worry lines on our face, we’ve got a lot on our mind, and would appreciate a moment of peace to collect our thoughts. So if you don’t mind, we’d really like to just sit here on this spike in silence, alright? Also, the sun’s about to set, and with the day we’ve had, we’d like to just enjoy it while we still can, cool? Thanks for understanding. You seem like a solid guy. Also, you have a great body, if you don’t mind us saying. Hope you enjoy it while you can.

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  • Cut Throat FX Transfer

    Cut Throat FX Transfer

    Okay, so here’s the scene. It’s Halloween night (of course) and you’re at your favorite bar, moseying around to see who’s who and what’s what (like usual), when a few people rush up to you. They’re in your face, all of them frantic, eyes wide with urgency. One leaves to “get help,” while the others struggle to find words. Finally, the source of all the commotion dawns on you.”It’s not a real wound,” you say. The commotion suddenly falters.Scenes like this will prove likely when you use these high-quality wound transfers‚Äîessentially turning you into a walking, talking survivor of a vicious murder attempt. They’re latex-free, applicable with water, and come in packs of two, so all you have to worry about to prep is finding the perfect spot to stick these gruesome, illusory flesh wounds. After, you’ll worry only about some schlub ruining your art!

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  • Halloween Monsters Adult Crew Cut Socks

    Halloween Monsters Adult Crew Cut Socks

    On October 1stWhen October 1st finally shows up on the calendar, you’re probably a lot like us. You holler out “Yippee!” and you begin to plot out your Halloween preparations. Our top suggestion to kick things off is to start sneaking some Halloween themed apparel into your daily wardrobe. A fine first choice would be these Halloween Monsters Adult Crew Socks. With a vibrant party themed print, you’ll be ready to mark off all the days on the calendar until the 31st!product detailsGet a Halloween treat for your feet when you choose these Halloween Monsters Adult Crew Socks. Crew cut, they’re 98% polyester and 2% spandex for the perfect fit, and the all-over design of Monsters and Halloween iconography is perfectly evocative of the costume fun.Halloween EnthusiastsOkay, we’ll admit, we are pretty hardcore Halloween enthusiasts. It is, after all, a part of our job descriptions. But starting out your October right by showing off a little Halloween fandom is definitely the norm, and if it’s not amongst your crew, it totally should be! Grab these Halloween Crew Socks and we’re sure your October outfits will be plenty of fun.

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  • Halloween Jack O' Lantern Faces Adult Crew Cut Socks

    Halloween Jack O’ Lantern Faces Adult Crew Cut Socks

    Halloween on your FeetA little Halloween on your feet? Ah, yes. Now that is an idea we can support! We are Halloween experts, after all. It’s one of the requisites on our own job applications!So, our costume team knows full well all the ins and outs of the Halloween season. And one of the things that’s always in? Jack O’ Lanterns. The time-honored tradition of carving your own Jack O’ Lanterns is probably a tradition in your home, too, so if you’re looking for a way to celebrate the fun on a daily basis, we think you should think about getting your feet involved. By slipping on these Jack O’ Lantern Faces Adult Crew Socks!Product DetailsThese fun Halloween Crew Socks are ready to dress up your October outfits. It’s never a bad time for Jack O’ Lanterns, and these socks feature an all-over design of Jack O’ Lantern faces. They’re black at the ankle and fade to orange on the feet and are 98% polyester and 2% spandex for just the right fit.If you’re feeling a little spookyIf you’re as much of a Halloween enthusiast as we are, you could even wear these socks year round.  Whenever you’re feeling a little spooky or want to show off that you’re ready for the Halloween season, just slip these pumpkin-themed socks on your feet!

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  • Halloween Haunted House Adult Crew Cut Socks

    Halloween Haunted House Adult Crew Cut Socks

    Woooo-oooo-oooooh. When was the last time you toured a haunted house? Has it been a minute? We’re sure you’ve done it at least once, so you know the rigamarole. Walking through an old house, warehouse, or factory that’s been thoroughly decorated and fully staffed with frighteners who are dressed up in all kinds of crazy and very scary outfits. What a blast!Maybe you haven’t been to one in a while, or maybe it’s an annual tradition, but either way, haunted houses are a revered part of the Halloween season. So, when October 1st pops up on the calendar, maybe you ought to start showing off that you’re ready for the big lead-up to Halloween. Our favorite way to show off our fandom is with fun fashion selections, and sometimes it just takes a most excellent accessory to do the trick. Like these Halloween Haunted House Adult Crew Socks!These fun socks are ready to accent any of your October outfits. They’d even be great to wear with a witch costume! Crew cut, the’re 98% polyester and 2% spandex. Get these socks ordered and ready for your October fun, and you’ll have a fun and spooky way to treat your feet!

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