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  • Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Canvas Treat Bag Tote

    Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Canvas Treat Bag Tote

    This is a Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Canvas Treat Bag Tote.

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  • Collectors Set Dragon Ball Z Crystal Ball

    Collectors Set Dragon Ball Z Crystal Ball

    Good Ol’ DaysRemember the old days? Dragon Ball used to be much simpler! Goku was just a rowdy kid hunting Dragon Balls while getting into brawls with thugs. He’d meet a few good friends along the way and have a grand time. Nowadays he spends his time fighting against Gods, intergalactic conquerors, and celestial beings with the power to blow up a planet by pointing at it.Well, this handy Dragon Ball Z collectible crystal ball set harkens back to the roots of the Akira Toriyama anime series!Product DetailsThese Dragon Ball Z crystal balls perfectly recreate the legendary artifacts from the series. Each one measures around 3 inches in diameter and has an orange-amber hue. Each one has the appropriate number of stars on them, from 1 to 7, and they even come in a display bed. They’re great for display as the centerpiece in your Dragon Ball Z collection, but they’re also perfect for crafting a highly realistic cosplay outfit.Happy HuntingWhether you want a collectible that reminds you of the good old days or you want to go on the hunt for Dragon Balls on your next cosplay event, this collector’s set is definitely the way to go!

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  • Adult The Dark Crystal Kira Costume

    Adult The Dark Crystal Kira Costume

    A GELFLING WITH WINGS!?It’s sure tough to survive in a world where you’re rather lost on your own.  Much harder when you don’t really know a whole lot about what your race even is, though!  When the Skeksis fear their own destruction, the poor Gelflings didn’t have many places to hide.  Not with those giant monster Garthims everywhere, anyway!  Fortunately for a certain Gelfling gal, there are a few secrets that most of the world seemed to have forgotten.When it is time to get from place to place, everyone knows that a quick song to the natural world and a flap of your secret wings is definitely the way to go!  Kira managed to save the day loads of times while looking fantastic.  Sure, it was technically Jen that would go about actually saving the world, but he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without the help from his best gal pal! DESIGN & DETAILSOur in-house designers have stayed hidden right under the Skeksis beaks so we could help all the Gelflings out.  Help complete the prophecy and save the world with this officially licensed Kira Costume from The Dark Crystal.  This exclusive look includes a lovely multi-shaded green gown, textured with layers of chiffon.  The dress drops to your ankles in deep V-shapes for that especially natural look.  The dark green cape ties at your neck and features an oversized hood and snaps on the back where your ivory chiffon wings attach.  All you’ll need next is a fuzzy Fizzgig to keep you company! A GELFLING GAL THRA’S FUTUREIt always seems that the lofty ambitions of the supposed enlightened folks are what end up spoiling the whole planet.  Fortunately for the world of The Dark Crystal, Kira is around to help save the day.  You can do the job splendidly with this exclusive Kira Costume!  

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  • Camp Crystal Lake Sign

    Camp Crystal Lake Sign

    Ah, the sweet serenity of the beautiful Camp Crystal Lake set in a beautiful forest planted right in the middle of a peaceful New Jersey countryside. It’s a fantastic destination for campers, friends, and family alike with clear blue waters, rich, wood cabins, and tons of locations for hiking and sitting by the fire. Can’t you just imagine sitting back and relaxing on the dock? Maybe you could even enjoy a bit of a swim on those hot, summer days. The camp was established all the way back in 1935 with only a single accident in its entire history. It’s now gone unsupervised for a while as a result, but the sign still remains there, warning… We mean welcoming vacationers to its wonderful location. Ready to have your own fantastic little lake party at home? This sign is perfect for hanging up out front to let everyone know exactly what they’re in for… A fantastic time of food, fun, and friends we’re sure everyone will find to be an absolute scream!

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  • The Dark Crystal Ugly Christmas Sweater

    The Dark Crystal Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Christmas Jim Henson’s way  If Jim Henson gets control over Christmas, he’ll probably make some very big changes to the holiday normally supervised by Santa Claus. Instead of employing pointy-eared elves in Santa’s legendary workshop, Henson would replace them with Gelflings. He’d also switch out all the reindeer with a more fantastical form of transformation. Instead of flying reindeer, he’d rig the sled with flying Landstriders! It’ll be impossible not to see them flying past the moon while you’re nestled in bed for the night.     If you’re a little wary to hand creative control of Christmas over to Jim Henson, we understand your apprehension. Gelflings and Landstriders instead of elves and reindeer could get a little…weird. However, there’s nothing weird about wearing them on your holiday sweater! Our exclusive The Dark Crystal sweater features images of Mystics, Gelflings, and Landstriders so you can still incorporate some of Jim Henson’s unique characters into your annual Christmas traditions.     

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  • 7" Black Crystal Eyes Crow Skeleton

    7″ Black Crystal Eyes Crow Skeleton

    ANCIENT NORDIC MAGICOld tales of the ancient Norse deities tell us that Odin, despite losing an eye, maintained a pretty incredible omniscience over the whole world.  That was thanks to his pair of feathered friends, Huginn and Muninn, mighty birds with the keenest of eyes.Some might think that just because the old gods have gone to slumber that their influence is over.  But, even if they’ve gone slightly the way of the undead, now, those birds continue to report in on the goings on of we mortal folks! PRODUCT DETAILSBe they a blessing or a curse, you can bring some of that lost magic into your own den with this Crystal Eyed Crow Skeleton.  This 7″ statue figure is of a skeletal avian with the blackest of bones.  That might be a creepy component all on its own if not for its glittering faux gemstone eyes.  They’ll watch with curiosity and leave you with a sense of awe and wonder… so imagine what they’ll do to your guests! BOW TO THE BIRDWe’re not saying that having an all-seeing skeletal bird is going to change your life, but it will definitely give your home the flair of magic and mystery that we too often go without.  And, who knows, perhaps giving a little respect to this foul fowl will earn you some ancient Norse blessings!  

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  • 10" Black Crystal Eyes Cat Skeleton

    10″ Black Crystal Eyes Cat Skeleton

    THE EYES HAVE ITYou may want to beware of this cat. Unlike most kitties, there’s no need to fear her teeth or claws— this fearsome feline has bewitching eyes capable of causing more damage than a little bite or a few scratches. If you stare too long, you could potentially fall under her mysterious spell and there’s no telling what could happen next— like we said, it’s mysterious. The black cat could possess you to do something silly like quack like a duck or feed her treats or she could manipulate you to do all her evil bidding. Chances are, she’ll coax you into making her a bed of catnip while petting her behind her ears and feeding her spoonfuls of tuna. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? PRODUCT DETAILSIf you’re up for being this kitty’s fur mom (even though she lacks fur of any kind) then we will gladly tell you more about her. She’s approximately 10-inches tall, made from plastic, and painted with opaque black paint. The crystal eyes are attached to her eye sockets and serve as the only color on this otherwise all-black decoration. A PURR-FECT SCENECreate a spooky scene with the help of this black cat skeleton. Add it to a spellbinding scene by positioning it next to a witch and her cauldron.  

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  • Crystal Ball

    Crystal Ball

    Be Careful What You Wish forSeeing into the future is a big responsibility! You never know when you might find something that’ll make your interactions rather awkward. For instance, you might accidentally peer into a good friend’s future. What are you going to say when she introduces you to her new boyfriend Chad and you know that she’s going to end up with an Albert in two years? That’s something you don’t really want to get mixed up in. You don’t want to be the one who’s always saying things like, “You really want to go on that road trip?” or “That seafood salad might not be the best idea”.  You might create more problems than you actually like! So, maybe we wouldn’t advise to try to tell actual fortunes, but this crystal ball is a great way to give some faux fortunes for fun.Product DetailsThis glass ball in its golden base is sure to stand out among your Halloween decor. It stands about 5 inches tall, with the glass ball measuring about 4 inches in diameter. Use it to complement a gypsy costume or place it in the middle of the table to prepare for impromptu future reading. What’s in the CardsWe think the crystal ball will always be the best way to tell the future. Sure, we might be a little biased but what’s not cool about the swirling distorted glass in which someone might find slivers of future wisdom. You could even drop your friend some hints about that guy, Chad, she’s been dating. The crystal ball allows you to tell all!

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