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  • Crawling Monster Hand

    Crawling Monster Hand

    Honey. It happened again. Frankie left his hand behind.Even monsters made by the top mad scientists fall apart every once and awhile. And if your favorite reanimated monster happened to leave his hand behind at your house, well, the question we have is do you think he would mind if you borrowed it for the rest of the Halloween party?Save yourself the awkwardness of THAT situation, and just get this crawling Monster hand. It’s creepy and it’s kooky and it most definitely is spooky! All your guests will be clamoring to find out… is it REALLY alive? (You don’t have to tell them!) Set this prop up to complete your Halloween scene or use it to make all your friends screech when they find a creepy hand crawling out from under the bed. Whether you’re putting together Dr. Frankenstein’s evil laboratory or even if you’re turning your home into Addams Family house, this detailed moving hand will be the perfect addition to your scene!

    $24.99 Props
  • Crawling Skeleton

    Crawling Skeleton

    Peppy PreppersDo you feel like your friends and families are ready for the arrival of the zombie apocalypse? Yeah, we don’t think that the people around us are ready for it either. They keep saying it’s not going to happen. Going so far as to send us articles about how it’s not scientifically possible. Want to know what we think? Most likely not but we’ll tell you anyway, we’re pretty sure they’re trying to get us to let down our guard and give them some of our apocalypse supplies. Yeah, that won’t happen until they start doing zombie drills with us! We’re not sharing our bottled water with freeloaders who don’t know how to use random household objects to protect our backs. Here’s the thing, want people to get on board? They need to be as fearful as us true believers. Product DetailsOkay, maybe you simply want to creep people out this Halloween season, that’s cool too! That’s a goal that is easily achieved when you’ve got this crawling skeleton in the house! It is motion activated so once it’s on, it will crawl towards anyone who is hopping around and shrieking. Operated with three AA batteries, it makes groaning noises so people know he means business. The skeleton looks like he’s escaped from the basement. If this doesn’t get people into the terrified Halloween spirit, we don’t know what will!Creepy Conversation StarterSo, next time you’re having a casual dinner party and the conversation starts to lull, don’t rely on boring weather talk. Set this horrendous ghoul on your guests. It’s sure to turn into an evening that no one will ever forget. Whether this guy is out for the night to chase down trick-or-treaters or you’re having a spooky Halloween party, you’re sure to have a great time with this crawling skeleton. 

    $39.99 Skeletons
  • Crawling Zombie

    Crawling Zombie

    Product DetailsYou might think that the best part about this crawling zombie decoration is his ghoulish looking skin. Or the bloody spatters on his cheesecloth clothing. You might even think that the gory looking gashes on his face are pretty great. You may even think his severed legs are a nice touch. But do you know what the actual best part of this crawling zombie prop is? It’s the backstory you’re going to give him when he shows up on your doorstep. We made up a backstory for ours…Jim the ZombieMeet Jim. He was once a successful paper salesman at a mid-level paper wholesaler. He spent his days pining after the love of his life while crafting crude pranks to play on his fellow office workers. Why, this one time he put office supplies inside of a gelatin dessert and it was quite the knee-slapper. Then, during a sales trip, a fiendish zombie jumped out at him, biting him in the arm. Soon after, he could feel himself turning into one of the undead. Now, he crawls the Earth looking to feed on his former co-workers!Prepare for HalloweenOkay, so maybe our backstory isn’t completely original, but maybe you can come up with a better one when you set this crawling zombie up in your home this Halloween!

    $39.99 Props