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  • Collectors Set Dragon Ball Z Crystal Ball

    Collectors Set Dragon Ball Z Crystal Ball

    Good Ol’ DaysRemember the old days? Dragon Ball used to be much simpler! Goku was just a rowdy kid hunting Dragon Balls while getting into brawls with thugs. He’d meet a few good friends along the way and have a grand time. Nowadays he spends his time fighting against Gods, intergalactic conquerors, and celestial beings with the power to blow up a planet by pointing at it.Well, this handy Dragon Ball Z collectible crystal ball set harkens back to the roots of the Akira Toriyama anime series!Product DetailsThese Dragon Ball Z crystal balls perfectly recreate the legendary artifacts from the series. Each one measures around 3 inches in diameter and has an orange-amber hue. Each one has the appropriate number of stars on them, from 1 to 7, and they even come in a display bed. They’re great for display as the centerpiece in your Dragon Ball Z collection, but they’re also perfect for crafting a highly realistic cosplay outfit.Happy HuntingWhether you want a collectible that reminds you of the good old days or you want to go on the hunt for Dragon Balls on your next cosplay event, this collector’s set is definitely the way to go!

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  • Adult Collectors Superman Costume

    Adult Collectors Superman Costume

    There are Superman fans… and then there are Superman fans—those fanatical fans who eat, drink and sleep constantly thinking of the Last Son of Krypton. Ever since you saw Christopher Reeve turn back time by flying really fast around the world and reversing its orbit, you’ve been hopelessly devoted to the Man of Tomorrow. Whether in his campy 1940s cartoon phase or his angsty 2013 Man of Steel phase, he has always been your favorite superhero—really, the only super hero you even acknowledge.For years, you’ve tirelessly and zealously collected every bit of Superman memorabilia you could find, no matter how strange or unusual: Superman Crazy Foam, the Superman Super Hopper Pogo Stick, Superman underwear, Superman cheese (yes, these are all real products you can really buy)…But of course, the bread and butter of your collection has always been your action figures. You have Supermans (Supermen?) from every show, every movie, every comic appearance… Verily, you’ve managed to amass such a giant collection that there might be no more versions of Superman to add to your collection. And that’s a troubling, heartbreaking thought.But wait! There is one more Superman action figure that you can buy—and it’s sure to be the biggest draw of your entire collection… literally. It’s the Ultimate Collector’s Edition Superman Costume, and it’s sure to stand out in any collection. This officially licensed life-sized Superman action figure comes with a standard blue Superman form-fitting stretch shirt and tights with elastic footies, as well as a heavy red cape with an embroidered Superman symbol. There is also a molded latex chest piece with foam lining, foam biceps, red molded foam trunks with blue foam thighs and red molded foam boot covers. A yellow latex belt finishes off the look.Just imagine all the fun you can have playing with this life-sized toy!

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  • Collectors Batman Costume

    Collectors Batman Costume

    It’s your 10-year-old’s birthday, and there’s only one thing he wants: the latest ultimate Batman action figure. It’s the most popular toy in the country, and all of your son’s friends already have it. He’s talked of nothing else in the three months that it’s been out, and your wife has made it very clear that you had better pick it up or bad things will happen.You waved off her concerns for the past few days, assuring her you’d swing by the toy store on the way home from work the day before the boy’s birthday party. But now… here you stand, in the toy store, in the action figure aisle, and panic is starting to rise up inside you. There’s no Batman action figure. The whole aisle has been wiped out. You have no present. No present means one distraught kid. One distraught kid means one angry wife. And one angry wife means one very, very sad you.You have to think quick. Your son wants a Batman figurine, so you’ve got to find a Batman figurine. But it can’t be just any cheap plastic action figure—it’s got to be at least as cool as the one that he’s seen on TV for weeks without end.Don’t worry, bud—we’ve got you covered! Just buy this DC Collectors Batman Costume. It’s not only an action figure—it’s the ultimate action figure, towering a good five and a half feet taller than any other action figure available at the toy store. The action figures your son’s friends are playing with will look pitifully puny when he shows up with this life-sized, totally authentic DC Collectors Batman Costume.The DC Collectors Batman Costume comes with the classic Batman outfit, which includes a long black sleeved shirt with the Bat symbol on the chest, black pants, a yellow utility belt, black gauntlets with spikes on the sides, black boot covers, a black satin cape and a mask with an attached cowl. Not only that, it also comes with easy-to-attach foam muscles to make sure your Batman looks nearly as impressive as the real thing. Your kid will be the envy of the playground!

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  • Game of Thrones Foam Sword Needle With Collectors Box

    Game of Thrones Foam Sword Needle With Collectors Box

    We were looking up quotes from Arya to show how cool and cutting she is. The thing is, there are too many to be counted. Unlike many of the Game of Thrones characters, she’s been ready for anything and on her feet since the very beginning. She didn’t need to be told twice that winter was coming, she simply kept her sword by her side, watched her enemy’s every move, and struck as soon as she had a chance. She did that over and over again. To tell the truth, we still think she’s cool and everything but now we’re scared of her.  Whether you’re dressing as Arya Stark this Halloween or collecting all of these Game of Throne swords you’ll need the ever-handy needle. It’ll be there when you need it most, defending you from your ever-building list of enemies. With the metallic finish and sturdy handle, you’ll look ready to get revenge for the Stark family. The world better watch out. A girl is Arya Winterfell, and she is going home. The long and violent way. 

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  • Authentic Pennywise IT Collector's Mask

    Authentic Pennywise IT Collector’s Mask

    If being near a circus or a children’s birthday increases your heart rate and turns your stomach inside out, chances are Stephen King is to blame. Coulrophobia, otherwise known as the fear of clowns, skyrocketed after the 90’s and we’ll give you just one guess why. The image of Pennywise severing a little boys arm with his razor-sharp teeth was horrifying enough to traumatize even the most seasoned horror fans. Now, a whopping 12% of the population can’t walk past a grate covered sewage drain or crack into a fortune cookie without experiencing flashbacks to some of IT’s most terrifying moments.If you’re looking for the best way to scare the most people this Halloween, look no further than the officially licensed Pennywise IT collector’s mask. This exclusive mask is crafted from 100% movie-grade silicone, the whole-head mask recreates Pennywise’s sinister visage. Incorporating the demonic entity’s key features like bright red hair, matching nose, and contemptuous frown, the frightening mask has the power to transform wearers into a horror movie legend. Our research indicates it’s basically the only mask on the market with the potential to increase coulrophobia. 

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  • Collector's Stormtrooper Helmet

    Collector’s Stormtrooper Helmet

    Imperial Stormtroopers get teased a lot for being such notoriously bad shots, but can you really blame them? They are the backbone of the Emperor‚Äôs military might, but are wearing big clunky buckets on their heads. And who can be expected to aim an E-11 blaster rifle if they can’t even see where it’s pointed?It sounds like the Empire should invest in some higher quality headgear for its troopers, like this Collector’s Stormtrooper Helmet! Okay, we might be exaggerating a bit, since an actual elite space soldier will want something more hi-tech than a vinyl reproduction helmet protecting their noodle. But if you’re cosplaying as a stormtrooper, and aren‚Äôt about to go patrol the Outer Rim for some missing droids, this fantastically detailed helmet will do the trick! It recreates the look of those fearsome villains from the Star Wars saga, so it’ll perfectly match the rest of your trooper outfit. And be sure to grab a toy blaster rifle, too, since it’ll look awesome and you won’t have to worry about trying to aim it anyway!

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