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  • I Am Charlie Brown Mens Shirt

    I Am Charlie Brown Mens Shirt

    Do you have a crush on the little red-haired girl in class, but you just can’t figure out how to get her to notice you? Your baseball skills are okay, but they probably aren’t wowing anyone and drawing the kind of attention you’re looking for. You’re not a bad dancer, but you only know a couple moves and they can get a little repetitive. Trying to impress her by kicking a football is completely out of the question. You do have a pretty cool dog that could do the trick, but he’s such a showboat that he’ll probably just end up stealing your thunder. Oh, good grief! If you are identifying too much with Charlie Brown when it comes to girl problems, we suggest giving this I Am Charlie Brown Mens Shirt a try. The bright yellow color and the big zig-zag stripe across the middle are bound to make her notice you! Looking like Charlie Brown is a good idea too since he is a faithful friend and just an all around good guy, even though he can be a bit of a blockhead sometimes. So don this shirt with pride and declare “I Am Charlie Brown!” If this still doesn’t work and get the little red-haired girl to notice you, we hear that Joe Cool has a few suggestions for you!

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  • Charlie Brown Boys Costume

    Charlie Brown Boys Costume

    Never Give Up!No matter how much bad luck gets thrown his way, Charlie Brown never gives up. His baseball team can’t seem to get a win. Lucy constantly teases the poor guy. His dog, Snoopy, is far from normal and cause him plenty of grief and that red-headed girl that he’s got a crush on doesn’t seem to know that he even exists. And, we didn’t want to mention it, but the kid is already going bald at the tender age of 8. Despite all of that, he’s out there every day, doing his best, trying to be a stand-up kind of fellow. That’s why we think that the underdog Charlie Brown is a pretty good role model!When the good-natured kid becomes your child’s role model, he’ll learn to get up when he falls down (even when Lucy doesn’t play fair). He’ll learn how to keep his head up, even when things don’t go his way! And now, your child can actually become like the tenacious young Peanuts character. All he needs is a can do attitude and this officially licensed costume.Product DetailsThis Charlie Brown costume for boys is a quick and easy way for your child to assume the role of the Peanuts character. The costume comes with his signature yellow shirt that has a zig-zag stripe across the front and a small collar around the neck. It also comes with a pair of yellow and brown foot covers to match the top. The finishing touch to the outfit is the red ball cap, which looks just like the one worn by Charlie during his baseball games.You’re a Good Man, Charlie BrownOnce your child is all dressed up in this outfit, he’ll be ready to head out to the baseball field to lead his team to… well, probably not victory, but he’ll at least be able to give his team the support and encouragement that they need!

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  • Men's Good Time Charlie Costume

    Men’s Good Time Charlie Costume

    The speakeasies of the 1920s always promised a good time‚ at least so long as the cops didn‚ t come bashing down doors to rattle up some trouble or the mob guys weren‚ t especially and dangerously rowdy. But ,until those moments ,you could relax in a den of smooth jazz music ,watch the flappers do their thing ,and enjoy some freshly brewed illicit moonshine. But ,wait‚ if you weren‚ t the cops ,the mob ,or the flappers ,exactly who were you going to be during that time!?The big identities of the Roaring ‚ 20s seem pretty limited when you look at it through that kind of lens. You want to have a popular role ,but who wants to be the same person as everyone else? There‚ s gotta be another ‚ 20s type that is fitting ,fun ,and isn‚ t destined to be in the middle of a gun fight. (Yeah ,we know you flapper gals are toting some pretty hard core fire arms hidden behind those sequins! You‚ re not fooling anyone!)Well ,fortunately ,there was another role available and you can not only be safe from gunfire but also be the hero of the speakeasy with this Men‚ s Good Time Charlie costume. This red ,white ,and gray striped polyester jacket has three center buttons and faux pocket flaps to not only offer you the vintage look of the times but make sure that you are noticed for all your good cheer. The satin bow tie fastens via a back metal hook and gives you just the right contrast against the grosgan red ribbon on your straw boater hat. Wear your own clacking shoes and make sure they are well shined because you are going to make sure there is life at every party.

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  • Blurp Charlie Child Mask

    Blurp Charlie Child Mask

    Has anyone ever told you to stop hiding behind a façade and let the real you out? The idea is that you’re like a Matryoshka doll, the kind that fits smaller and smaller dolls inside of itself. Eventually, if you dig deep enough, you’ll get to your core—your “real” you, the you sometimes hidden behind fear and the desire to fit in and the worry about living up to your parents’ expectations. People will insist that you’ve got to let that real you out, or you’ll be miserable.Well, kids, this is not what they had in mind.The Blurp Charlie Child Mask does indeed show someone “coming out” of someone else—but the mask takes things a little more literally. This latex mask shows a skeleton emerging from another guy’s open mouth, complete with realistic guts and gore. Honestly, we’re not sure if the wagging tongue belongs to the skeleton (wouldn’t that have atrophied by now?) or the guy. And why is the skeleton making a break for it, anyway? There are a lot of unanswered questions here, but one thing’s for sure: your kid will have all eyes on him when he walks through the door wearing the Blurp Charlie Child Mask.

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  • Blurp Charlie Mask

    Blurp Charlie Mask

    Isn’t there an old urban legend that says if you sneeze with your eyes open, your eyeballs will fly out of their sockets? It can’t possibly be true, because heads don’t work like Nerf guns… but we’ve still been too chicken to try it out for ourselves. What if it turned out to be true, though? What other horrors have we been blissfully ignorant of as we skip haphazardly though life??That’s probably what people will wonder when they see you wearing this extra-creepy Blurp Charlie Mask. We’re not quite sure if Charlie is the name of the skeleton demon, or of the poor sap who’s face it’s busting out of, but we definitely don’t know what a “blurp” is. Is it a really intense burp that only happens when you drink pop rocks and soda during a full moon after saying an evil incantation, and results in you “blurping” up a skull-demon? Or, is it the sound you make when you sneeze really hard with your mouth open, and you yak up your own bones? You decide, and we’ll just take your word for it.

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  • Charlie Chaplin Mustache and Eyebrows

    Charlie Chaplin Mustache and Eyebrows

    Good old Charlie’s face could say a thousand words with one expression. He didn’t need the subtitles some silent movies used, he could say everything with clear gesticulations. His comedic genius still holds up today. Not everything stays good with time. Try leaving a banana in your gym locker for a week. So let’s not take the comic’s longevity for granted.When you’re dressing as this silent film star you have to make sure to have the right facial hair. The things that man could do with his eyebrows! It’ll take a little practice, but we’re sure you can capture some of Chaplin’s charm in this mustache and eyebrow set. Don’t feel bad that you can’t grow a real Charlie Chaplin mustache, Charlie’s was fake as well! Remember to practice his silly walks. Who knows, if you keep your Charlie Chaplin antics up and you just might make it to the talkies.

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