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  • Jack-O-Lantern Dolomite Bowl Circus

    Jack-O-Lantern Dolomite Bowl Circus

    This is a Circus Jack-O-Lantern Dolomite Bowl.

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  • Animated Monster Hand in Bowl

    Animated Monster Hand in Bowl

    Ever since the Addams Family rose into exceptional fame, a number of likewise unusual folks have began to creep out of the wood work in an effort to make themselves known and see what sort of life they could pave for themselves. It has been generally good for everyone. The spread of diverse folks, even the admittedly creepy ones, has bolstered great stories and helped to foster some mutually beneficial relationships that might have never happened before. Now, of course, there are some that aren’t quite so convinced. There is that sense of intimidation or questionable fairness when an 8-foot tall distant cousin of Lurch decides to join the volleyball team… but a number of the others have branched out in some pretty inventive ways.In fact, we have some of Thing’s siblings who have been looking for a good source of employment and entertainment for a while. One, this Animated Monster Hand in Bowl, has developed the amazing ability to speak, in fact, and is looking to become your candy greeter for this epic season. We’re not sure how it talks (beyond the use of three AA batteries), but it is pretty delightful when it jumps up to grab any candy seekers while shouting out its seasonal greetings. Have a good little scream this year with Thing’s slightly greener brother and, perhaps, you’ll have some of the actual Addamses come to visit!

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  • Disney Halloween 10-inch Serving Bowl

    Disney Halloween 10-inch Serving Bowl

    Halloween HoldersHalloween is near! And you know what that means… it’s the season of bowls! You read that right, bowls. Just think about how many things require a good bowl when Halloween season comes around! There’s plenty of popcorn that needs a home. Piles and piles of candy need a receptacle. Trail mix, party snacks, party favors, and everything else that goes along with hosting a Halloween party! You’re going to need bowls!The good news is that this Disney serving bowl is just in time for the spooky season!Product DetailsThis festive bowl comes loaded with features that any party prepper will love! It’s made out of plastic and it has a bright orange exterior. Pumpkins, a silhouette of Mickey Mouse, spider webs, and the word “Boo” are also littered throughout the exterior. It’s dishwasher safe, but don’t put this little bowl in the microwave! The bowl measures 10 inches in diameter and can hold plenty of treats.Halloween VibesThis bowl is great for any party! With Halloween vibes and plenty of space inside, you’ll be ready to put anything inside. Be sure to check out all of our Halloween party gear to craft a positively spooky look this year!

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