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  • Avengers: Endgame Black Panther Vibranium Power FX

    Avengers: Endgame Black Panther Vibranium Power FX

    Shuri’s Newest TechWe always wanted our own Black Panther suit. Unfortunately, Shuri doesn’t just go around handing secret Wakandan tech out to just anyone. Currently, she only lets her brother, T’challa, herself, and a select few Wakandan elite fighters use her amazing tech. The good news is that even we can’t get our hands on real vibranium based tech, this Avengers: Endgame Black Panther Mask comes pretty close to recreating the mask from the movies!Product DetailsThis officially licensed Black Panther Vibrainium Power FX Mask comes with tons of great details that will make you feel like a real superhero. The mask is made out of molded plastic and fits with an elastic band around the back of the head. The lenses over the eyes can be flipped up or down, giving you multiple ways to wear the mask. With a simple press of a button, the mask lights up with brilliant blue lights, which simulates the look of Black Panther’s kinetic absorption powers that Shuri installed in his suit. It requires one AA battery to operate.Become Black PantherIf you plan on cosplaying as your favorite character from the Avengers, then you’re going to want this Black Panther mask!

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  • Gothic Black Bridal Veil Accessory

    Gothic Black Bridal Veil Accessory

    Perilous PlaylistDid you ever hear of the tale of the vengeful bride? It’s tragic. It’s horrible. And it’s totally true. A young blushing bride was looking forward to her reception right after the ceremony. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. Everything was going well until she walked into the party. The dessert table was in the wrong place. The bar wasn’t serving the couple’s signature cocktails. She held herself together until the DJ started playing their first song. It wasn’t, At Last like they had requested. As the young bride and groom waited on the dance floor the DJ blasted Another One Bites the Dust. That was it. The blushing bride turned red and swirled into a blur of anger. She blasted right out of one of the stained glass windows. They say you can still see her on moonlit nights, looking to drag young wedding DJs into eternal torment with her.Product DetailsWhether you’re looking to become a ghostly bride or you want the perfect accessory for your October bachelorette party, this veil blends bridal beauty with dark and broody in just the right way. The plastic headband is crowned with gray and black flowers while a black veil falls down the head and shoulders. You’ll even have a couple of spiders intertwined in the design. Now that’s what we call shabby chic!

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  • Black Feather Glitter Pumpkin Wreath 17"

    Black Feather Glitter Pumpkin Wreath 17″

    This is a 17″ Black Feather Glitter Pumpkin Wreath.

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  • Adult Deluxe Maleficent Christening Black Gown Costume

    Adult Deluxe Maleficent Christening Black Gown Costume

    Do you have what it takes to be a true storybook villain? You’ll need a wicked wardrobe with a wicked sounding name to match, and you can’t get any more wicked than Maleficent. Dressing up in this Deluxe Maleficent Christening Black Gown Costume will give you a darkly mystical makeover!This classic fairy tale bad girl has been around for quite a while, tormenting Sleeping Beauty and turning into dragons and such. Though, in the hit Disney live action film Maleficent, it’s revealed that she wasn’t always so sinister. At one time, she was just a good-natured fairy who spent her days flying around and protecting her magical homeland. But anyone who’s heard these types of tales before knows things don’t stay so peaceful forever, and thanks to the betrayal of a future king, Maleficent transformed from a friendly woodland fairy into a dark (and understandably ticked off) sorceress! Her style undergoes a stark transformation, too, when she shows up to a christening in a fierce black gown, to place a curse on the king’s new daughter, because when it comes to payback, fairies don’t play around.Luckily, this officially licensed Disney costume will transform you into the character from the movie, without all the tragedy and royal betrayal! The darkly graceful gown features draped sleeves and a sweeping collar, and a foam horned headpiece to give you a devilish vibe. Add Maleficent’s Staff to complete your wicked look, and if you still need a wicked sounding name to match, just have everyone call you Maleficent. They should know better than to cross a dark fairy…

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  • Lace Mask Black

    Lace Mask Black

    Mistress of MysteryCan you imagine what it would be like to attend a masquerade ball back in the hay day of masked balls? If you’re longing to get a gorgeous taste of the mystery and mystique of these affairs, you’re not alone. Just imagine what it would be like to pull up to a palace in a horse and carriage. You’d mount the stairs in layers of silken skirts and enter into a grand hall lit by candlelight. And while you might have known some of the people waltzing in the luxurious room, you can’t tell who they are because of the sumptuous masks hiding their faces. Are you dancing with the fancy Duke or a simple handsome rogue? It’s a masked ball! there’s no way of knowing until you unmask at midnight!Product DetailsThis gorgeous black mask is made of a scrolling black lace. It has an asymmetrical design that swirls above your forehead. securing around the back of your head, this mask will stay with you as you dance the night away. Fat Tuesday FashionMardi Gras is one of the last excuses to take to the streets in a fancy mask. This comfortable lace mask treads the line between modern and romantic perfectly. Pair this perfectly with one of our amazing costumes to stand out in any Mardi Gras parade!

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  • Kids Black Military Boots

    Kids Black Military Boots

    It is a lot of work to save the country and many of our gallant fighters ensure on a daily basis that the future is protected. They’ve been doing it for years and we’ve proven time and time again that they’ll continue to fight. Even when we hop into time machines and view through bizarre time-swapping technologies, we watch as it isn’t just the big time heroes putting their lives in the way of dangers. It is the folks in uniform, ready to take on combat and tactical missions that bring the day to victory.And, we never know when it might be important to stand up and defend against the next wave of threats, past, future, or even the odd occasion for a conflict in the present timeline! We’ve got your back… er… feet, actually, with these Kids’ Black Military Boots, because you also never know when your tyke is ready to start that defense! These child size combat kicks are non-slip and lace up to the lower shin and have an inside calf zipper for increased security and ease. Made of solid black materials, your tyke will be standing at full attention en route to becoming the mighty Sergeant!

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  • Infant Black Cat Costume

    Infant Black Cat Costume

    Pretty KittyDo you find it a little bit odd that your little one acts so much like a cat? While they haven’t yet learned to use a litter box and hopefully never will, your baby seems to have picked up some habits from your feline friends. For one, your little one has to explore everything that shows up on the floor with both their paws and mouth, just like a pet cat will. Also, you have to be worried about leaving anything breakable on your coffee table. It’s sure to be pulled down by a curious paw or hand. And finally, even when you’re posting your hundredth photo of your baby, you’re sure that the world will thank you. Because who’s a pretty kitty (er, baby)? Your baby, that’s who! Now, whether you want your child and your cat to become closer than ever or you’re simply wondering what it would be like to have a new pet around the house, this cozy kitty costume is a great option for your infant!Product DescriptionsThis black suit will be super cozy for those Halloween nights. People will forget about those rumors about bad luck when they see how cozy and soft your child looks. The onesie has a tail in the back and a hood with big green eyes and hot pink lined ears. It’s oversized so that you can layer clothing underneath to keep your kiddo nice and warm.The Cat’s MeowThis costume looks right at home at any of your Halloween get-togethers this year. Make it a family affair with a seasonal twist when mom wears a witch costume. Or dress up all your children as cats and show up with the whole family as a cat lady! Either way, with a costume as cute as this one, your little one will surely be the cat’s meow!

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  • Black Patent Over the Knee Boot

    Black Patent Over the Knee Boot

    Whether you are a super hero or a super villain, over-the-knee boots are a necessity in your line of work. It’s hard to participate in a good fight scene without proper footwear. While a sturdy pair of orthopedics may be the first thing that comes to mind, the overall sexiness of your footwear needs to be considered as well. No one looks good doing a foot sweep or a round house kick in plain old sneakers. The style needs to be ramped way up, if you want to run with the big dogs.From the 3.5 inch stiletto heel all the way to the pointy toe, these are a pair of black patent boots that truly mean business. These form-fitting beauties combine two parts sexy with a whole lot of badassery!

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  • Kids Black Military Boots

    Kids Black Military Boots

    It is a lot of work to save the country and many of our gallant fighters ensure on a daily basis that the future is protected. They’ve been doing it for years and we’ve proven time and time again that they’ll continue to fight. Even when we hop into time machines and view through bizarre time-swapping technologies, we watch as it isn’t just the big time heroes putting their lives in the way of dangers. It is the folks in uniform, ready to take on combat and tactical missions that bring the day to victory.And, we never know when it might be important to stand up and defend against the next wave of threats, past, future, or even the odd occasion for a conflict in the present timeline! We’ve got your back… er… feet, actually, with these Kids’ Black Military Boots, because you also never know when your tyke is ready to start that defense! These child size combat kicks are non-slip and lace up to the lower shin and have an inside calf zipper for increased security and ease. Made of solid black materials, your tyke will be standing at full attention en route to becoming the mighty Sergeant!

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  • Sexy Black and Gold Pirate Boots

    Sexy Black and Gold Pirate Boots

    Argh. Ye know what they say about finding ye very own sea legs, aye? Sure, ye can take the time and put in the practice, but one can sail a thousand seas and fail to ever find their own legs. We think the first step in findin’ one’s sea legs be wit a jolly pair ‘o boots, bucko. So feast yer eyes on these amazin’ Black and Gold Pirate Boots!Slip these beauties on over yer feet ‘n ye’ll feel ready to sail across the seven seas in the stormiest ‘o conditions. Wit’ this glorious pair ‘o boots, ye’ll be sure to take over as cap’n in no time at all. Didn’t anyone ever tell ye? Whoever holds the fanciest booties always be Cap’n ‘o the ship! So get yer scurvy hands on these lovely Black and Gold Pirate Boots to complete your spectacular costume ‘n prepare yourself to take charge this Halloween.

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  • Warrior Tunic Black Costume

    Warrior Tunic Black Costume

    War, What is it Good For?Around the office here, we’re all a bunch peace-loving folk. Most of us wouldn’t hurt a fly much less raise a sword against our fellow man. Unfortunately, history is rife with war. People just couldn’t settle their differences with words. They had to don some battle gear, pick up their longsword to clash weapons against one another, and shout battle cries at each other. The fate of an entire kingdom would be decided based on the actions of brave warriors on the battlefield! Why, we even hear that they used to fight each other with dragons!Okay, so maybe we’ve read one too many medieval fantasy novels! Despite our peaceful nature, there is a part of us that yearns to live the life of a warrior, even if it’s all just an act at the next costume party. The good news is that this Warrior Tunic gives anyone the opportunity to feel like a medieval warrior and you don’t even need to fight anyone.Product DetailsThis adult tunic comes with a black tunic that has a faux leather, textured front, making it almost appear like leather armor. The front has lace-up string to help you adjust the fit. Just pair it up with a pair of simple pants and a toy sword and you’ll be well on your way to conquering your enemies… or at least you might be able to conquer the costume contest at your next party.Customizable WarriorThis tunic is the ideal start for anyone trying to craft their own medieval swordsman costume. We carry plenty of toy swords and shields to help outfit you for your next costume party. We even have a large selection of wigs that you can pair this tunic with. It’s really up to you to decide how you customize with this tunic costume.

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  • Women's Black Shimmer Tutu

    Women’s Black Shimmer Tutu

    Power of the FloofMaybe you know this already, maybe you don’t. Floof can do a lot for your wardrobe. Oh, what is floof, you ask? Well, it’s not fluff, that’s for sure. Fluff is something you might find floating through the air. Fluff can be found attached to your shirt after too many trips through the dryer. Floof elevates your look with volume and sass. Floof changes your personality to a shrugging wallflower type to someone who cancans on the way to the grocery store. Do you know people like that? No? That’s probably because you don’t know anyone who truly integrates floof into their wardrobe. Well, it turns out, you can be that person. So, limber up. You never know what antics you’ll get up to when there is floof in your arsenal!Product DetailsThis black ballerina tutu is made of layers of black tulle along with a top layer of sparkle. The tulle is trimmed with a satin ribbon. It’s comfortable with an elastic waistband so you can easily get up to whatever this floofy skirt inspires in you. Raising the BarreEveryone knows that you simply can’t dress as a ballerina without a tutu. Something people don’t know? Tutus can level up any other costume as well! Cute raccoon costume but it would be cuter with a tutu. Woah, a prisoner in stripes with a tutu. That’s confusing but cool. The moral of the story? When you’ve got a tutu in your costume collection, every look can be leveled up!

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  • Velvet Black Cat Ears

    Velvet Black Cat Ears

    You might be asking yourself, ‚ÄúWhy would I need to wear a set of cat ears?‚Äù Good question! We’ve composed a list of reasons for you to wear these Velvet Black Cat Ears. You can wear them…1. To a job interview at a pet store.2. While purchasing cat food at said pet store.3. To a job interview as a mouse catcher.3. To fit in with all the other cats in your neighborhood.4. To drink milk from a saucer.5. To dress up as a cat burglar.6. To dress up as a cat burger.7. To dress up as Cat Stevens, if we half-cat, half-human hybrid.8. To audition for roles in cat food commercials.9. To audition for roles that are completely non-cat related.10. To look super cute in your cat costume.If one, or any of those reasons resonate with you, then you may just want to pick up a set of these cat ears. We’re sort of betting on you making a super-cute kitty costume, but we’re still hoping SOMEONE out there will do the whole Cat Stevens as a half-cat half-human idea…

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  • Black Straight Wig with Bangs

    Black Straight Wig with Bangs

    Straight black hair with bangs. It’s hands down one of our favorite hairstyles, a classy and elegant do that looks as good day-to-day as it is central uncountable costume ideas. Many vampires sport this coiffure because the stark blackness of their hair contrasts well against their pale skin, and the angles accentuate their supernatural good looks. A lot of superheroes, warriors, princesses, and cartoon characters share this appealing hairstyle in common, and straight black hair is a must for most gothic looks.If you want gorgeous jet black hair but don’t have the genes or time for it, you can magic the look onto your head courtesy of this 100% olefin hair wig. The synthetic hair is strong, holds its rich color, and is resistant against staining and sunlight.

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  • Black Striped Stockings

    Black Striped Stockings

    Look who’s gettin’ leggy with it!Nothing makes your gams look more gorgeous than a pair of thigh-high stockings (and on a practical note, vertical designs totally elongate the legs and even give them a leaner look!)! Made of opaque nylon and hitting at mid-thigh, these Black Striped Stockings with vertical stripes are one-sized fits most (90-160lbs). From female gangster to burlesque dancer, adding a pair of Black Striped Stockings are an essential Рand sensual! Рcomponent to completing your favorite costume look. Wear them underneath your favorite, most fabulous black flapper dress, or on their own for a daring, sultry, legendary Halloween look (after all, what other night can you get away with going out in public in almost nothing? Gotta grab freedom while you can!). So pull these babies on, kick those legs up, and unleash your inner sexy with the hottest legs in town!

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  • Black Plus Size Fishnet Stockings

    Black Plus Size Fishnet Stockings

    Stockings are called fishnet more than fish nets are! Pretty weird, huh? The fishnet stocking has been a staple of sexiness for as long as anyone can remember. Why fishnets? We have no idea. But whether they’re being worn by Marilyn Monroe or Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, fishnets have always been the sexiest way to dress up your legs. They’re also perfect for roller derby, or just looking hot in general.And now you can start flaunting those gams (that’s old fashioned talk for legs) with these stockings. They’re 100% nylon, so they won’t shrink in the wash like cotton, although we’re pretty sure you shouldn’t be putting your fishnet stockings in the washing machine. Probably best to hand wash, gang! But as soon as they’re dry you can pull them back on and strut around the house in your high heels. We’re pretty sure that’s like 99% of the fun of owning fishnet stockings, right? Whatever your reason for buying, you’re going to look great!

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  • Black Tights

    Black Tights

    When flying through the air on their broomsticks, witches have always complained that no matter what season it is, the air can get really chilly. At that kind of altitude where they fly (we’ll say about 5000 feet for those long flights) it averages around 40 degrees Fahrenheit! That’s not exactly the temperature they keep their hut’s thermostat at. It’s pretty hard to stay on that broomstick when you can’t feel your legs. They’re always coming to us for great solutions too, and we’ll always do what we can to solve our favorite black magic users’ problem.This one was a pretty simple solution. We’ll keep their legs a little warmer when they’re flying through the night sky with this fantastic pair of tights. Because we also know that our long-nosed friends are very fashion conscious, we’ve also made them a fantastic looking shade of black. Now there will be few witches dropping out of the sky because they couldn’t feel their legs.

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  • Black Thigh High Stockings

    Black Thigh High Stockings

    We’re not gonna take it! No, we’re not gonna take it, anymore!Say good bye to those old granny panty hose. We know they were the height of fashion in like, World War II. But guess what, it ain’t the 40s anymore. And you are not gonna take it, you want something to match the little black dress that you bought, and the witches costume you were going to wear this year for Halloween.Well, welcome to the future! These Black Thigh High Stockings will match any dress you have (well, maybe not that one that you hide in the way back of your closet…we’re not sure much will match that one). You won’t have to pull them up over your stomach, (well duh, they are thigh highs). Every woman should wear a pair of black thigh highs.

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  • Black Glitter Bunny Mask

    Black Glitter Bunny Mask

    Who says all bunnies need to be cute, fluffy, and white? How about a bunny that is sexy, sparkly, and dark? If this bunny sounds like your kind of spirit animal, channel its sultry vibes with our Black Glitter Bunny Mask! Be the little bunny gone wild when you put this bunny mask on. The black glitter design means you‚Äôre not a forest dweller anymore, but rather, you are ready to take on the big city. Get busy with the rest of your look, because with this glitter mask, you’re going to have a long night of partying ahead. Pair it with a black long sleeve shirt and leggings for a subtle look, but for a more bombshell appearance, dress up in fishnets and a black tutu. When you show up in this mask, we are sure the other city bunnies won’t be able to get enough of you!

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  • Girls Black Witch Shoes

    Girls Black Witch Shoes

    Finding the right pair of shoes for your kiddo can be a trying challenge in the best of scenarios. The style might be unappealing or the color just off. But, when you need to find the perfect pair of shoes for a special lass, the task is all the more daunting. How are you to find the perfect pair of witch shoes for your starting spellcaster? It is tough learning all about the right charms and potions and keeping those familiars under control is practically a full time job. No one has time to rub aching feet, so the shoes need to be perfect.And that is where these Girl’s Black Witch shoes come to save the day. With a delightfully dark shade of black and a shiny buckle for the perfect accent, the shoes would be a splendid complement to any witchy regalia. They are made all the better with the perfect curl of toe and heel to reveal to the world that your young witch might be just a little bit twisted herself!

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  • Marvel Black Panther Killmonger Tribal Mask

    Marvel Black Panther Killmonger Tribal Mask

    These Items Aren’t For SaleWhen Eric Killmonger tours an art museum, you know the scales are about to tip. Because while the curator of the African art section might not have been dwelling on how all the masterpieces she was responsible for ended up in their shiny glass cases, Killmonger knew all about it before he even climbed the marble steps of the museum. He was there for Vibranium, yes. But he wanted more. He wanted to recognize the artists that made those masks in the 1700s. The artists that had their pieces taken away, labeled primitive, and proudly displayed in the mahogany-lined libraries of the elite. And while he may have been out for blood, we have to recognize his sentiment. Watching him don the aged mask was pretty thrilling and got us on board for his journey. Now, if only he could have come to a peaceful compromise with The Black Panther!Details & DesignThis detail rich mask is officially licensed from the Black Panther franchise. Molded to look like it’s been etched out of an ancient material, this look is topped with twisting horns and trimmed with natural-looking faux fur. Pair it with a jean jacket and Killmonger style scars done in makeup and you’ll be ready to duel with the Panther!

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  • Black & White Striped Tights

    Black & White Striped Tights

    Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring. Can we take a message? Mhmm, okay, sounds good, we will let her know as soon as possible! Hey there, we just wanted to let you know that your legs called and they said they need something to keep them warm while you’re out living it up in your newest Halloween costume. These striped ones will do the trick, especially if you want to make a bold statement, without a huge investment. Whether you want to be maid, a witch, or an inmate, these tights are sure to add the finishing touches to your costume. These tights are super cute, especially if they are paired with a comfy pair of heels and a little black tutu. When you are wearing these, you will be free to dance the night away, with no reservations about crafty warlocks trying to look up your skirt!

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  • Kids Black Petticoat

    Kids Black Petticoat

    Keeping a look together is a rough thing to do, especially when you have an evening full of dancing, running, and playing in mind! Now, maybe when you are a prim and proper Victorian lass, you aren’t likely to be jumping around the room, but a young gal needs a place to stretch her legs! But, after all that activity, it is a tough thing trying to keep your dress at the preferred level of poof! A quick pick-me-up by way of a great conversation, mischievous prank, or the scandal of a lewd joke and you are ready to continue the festivities for another several hours! However… it is much harder to pick the poof back up in your skirts. The flare that was there has dwindled and you can’t be tugging that fabric up all night!That is where the perfect poof-protecting petticoat comes into play! With this Kid Sized Black Petticoat, you can be sure that the poof will never lose it’s presence. The elastic waistband keeps the petticoat in place while it is gorgeous, even if you elect to keep it hidden from the public. Remain the life of the party and ensure your clothes do, too! And, come to think of it, Victorian ladies wore these, too, so maybe there was a bit more playing tag in the dressing rooms than we thought!

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  • Black Glitter Web Poncho Costume

    Black Glitter Web Poncho Costume

    What a Wild Web We WeaveThe spider has a bad wrap. We think of them as creepy and crawly when they’re actually some of the smartest engineers in our little green world! One tiny spider can weave a geometric web that’s a foot across and fourteen inches tall between two trees in only an afternoon. The thing is, we have a hard time even putting together an Ikea chair. And they say that humans are so smart!Product DetailsVersatility is key with this costume accessory! The black fabric is accented with a sparkly silver color, making the web stand out. The hem of the poncho has a webbed pattern, making your spooky silhouette stick out even from afar! Whether you’re wearing heels or sneakers, this fashionable poncho will make a sleek entrance. A Tantalizing TrapTransferring a spooky ensemble from office wear to party mode was never so easy. From faux leather leggings to skinny jeans to a pencil skirt, you’ll love having options. And while we might have given the spider plenty of credit in our earlier paragraph, we know our fear comes from its sneaky hunter nature. It feels good to have power. Take that into your own hands with this lovely silvery web poncho!

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  • Black Angel Wings and Halo Set

    Black Angel Wings and Halo Set

    Most everyone goes into the Halloween season or begins preparation for their costume party with three simple but important focuses in mind.Number one: you need something fast. We live busy lives. This is just a fact. It’s okay that you didn’t consider crafting a true-to-life Stormtrooper uniform out of materials in your house back in May. Number two: you have to look good (because hey, you look good!). And number three: you cannot look like everyone else. We all know what it’s like to have the same shirt as some classmate in sixth grade. It’s much worse when you have the same costume as your boss at the one party you get with coworkers per year.The good news? You can hit all of those targets with this black angel wings and halo set! It’s the quickest costume we can imagine that doesn’t look like your everyday attire. Better yet, since it’s black and not heavenly white, you’ll be subverting expectations all night long!

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  • Lady in Black Women's Ghost Costume

    Lady in Black Women’s Ghost Costume

    Get Hexed and ChillIf we’re hearing about the lady in black, it’s not usually a super positive story. Either she’s lurking on the edge of the moors or appearing on the side of the road on misty nights. But the lady in black isn’t always the gloomy ghost she’s made out to be. She might be cursed to haunt the world but she knows how to have fun too. For instance, after her stint haunting foggy roads, she can also be found tossing energy orbs with her friend the poltergeist. Or she often keeps herself busy scratching at windows and keeping innocent children awake at night. When they wake up and tell their parents, she scoots to the side of the window and belly laughs as the parents blame the tree branches. That might seem scary to us but that’s just how the lady in black has fun.Details & DesignThis dramatic, ghostly ensemble is Made by Us, which means our in-house design team put extra effort into creating a look that’s flattering, unforgettable, and will stand the test of time. The level of thought in the detail really shows up in the bodice. The princess-cut bodice is gathered into the high neckline. The long sleeves are overlaid with sheer mesh. The skirt also has a sheer mesh overlay and a jagged hemline. The costume is topped off with a black bonnet with an attached long veil that can be pulled over your face for an extra spooky feel!Get EtherealWhen it comes to dressing up as a ghost, you’ve got options. You could go the lightweight way, less spooky. Or you could fully commit to the spooky side of things with a lady in black costume. Pair this costume with an eerie gray wig and ghastly pale makeup and you’re sure to cast a delightful feeling of gloom wherever you go!

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  • Black Zipper Catsuit Sexy Costumes

    Black Zipper Catsuit Sexy Costumes

    Sexy, strong female-leads and heroines have been taking control of the big (and small) screen by storm lately. With so many fierce females in pop culture, from comic books to movies to real life, it’s no surprise that women everywhere are clamoring to show off their own strong and sassy side! Whether you want to prowl undetected through the night to monitor your neighborhood or if you want to crash a party looking stunning, then this black catsuit costume is the perfect choice. Dress it up with a pair of heels or make if functional with a pair of durable boots – either way this costume will be ready for whatever adventures you have planned (or unplanned!).Adding a super hero mask will hide your identity while you play a modern-day Robin Hood or a sleek belt and shoes will make you the hottest cat in the room. Even better, change it up each day to keep everyone guessing! But make no mistake, when you wear this sexy catsuit costume you’ll steal the show.Nothing screams sexy like a form-fitting spandex jumpsuit and this women’s costume is no exception. Wear this Sexy Black Zipper Catsuit as the base for a comic book villainess outfit or a modern-day super spy! The poly/spandex jumpsuit has a shiny wet-look finish to add a little extra sassiness and the mandarin collar and center-front zipper give it stylish accents that are just begging to be personalized! Add sexy boots or shoes, a cape, and a hat or mask to put your own individual stamp on this slinky number. Meeeeow!

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  • Black Panther Child Deluxe Battle Suit Costume

    Black Panther Child Deluxe Battle Suit Costume

    Real Wakanda TechWhat’s better than absorbing all the kinetic energy directed at you, storing it up, and flipping it back at the bad guys? Nothing! It’s the best! Which is why Black Panther is probably the coolest hero ever. Of course, there’s lots of reasons to love the Black Panther, but his ability to store energy instead of taking damage is probably the coolest feat in the Marvel universe. We should thank his sister Shuri for the hookup on his super high tech suit!Your kiddo is probably way into Black Panther, too, which is why you should totally hook them up with this kid’s Black Panther costume. Officially licensed from the smash hit 2018 movie, getting this suit is practically like getting a package from Wakanda. Technically, it will ship out of our warehouse, but your kid does not have to tell their friends that!Product DetailsMarvel officially licensed, this costume is ready for action. The polyester jumpsuit is fully printed with a great digital effect. It also features padded muscle sections, for even more added effect. The half mask completes the costume look, and is sure to have any kid ready to suit up as their favorite hero!Into the ActionThis Black Panther Deluxe Battle Suit is a great way to get any boy or girl into the Avengers universe. Of course, we also have the Shuri costume, so that the Black Panther can team up with his sister to defeat bad guys like Killmonger! Suit up two kids in any of our Black Panther costumes, and you’ll have twice the firepower right in your own home!

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  • Kid's Captain Black Pirate Costume

    Kid’s Captain Black Pirate Costume

    Argh! Ahoy Matey! Everybody knows that a pirate’s life is one of adventure. It is filled with treasure hunting, evading imperial forces, and plenty of action-packed battles upon the sea that one can normally only hope to see in a summer blockbuster. The life of a pirate is not for everyone, only for the bravest buckaroos in all the land. Think your kiddo is ready to join the ranks of the most infamous seadogs to have ever sailed the ocean blue? Excellent! We’ve got the perfect costume for him to start his pirating career.Take a look at this Captain Black Pirate Costume for children. Once your little swashbuckler tosses on this captain’s outfit, he’ll transform into the fiercest pirate in the seven seas. Nothing says large and in charge like this black and red outfit. Your kiddo will truly look like a force to be reckoned. In no time, he’ll have lines of loyal men and women that want to join his crew and make it big as a nefarious gang of rapscallions. Once you arm him with a shiny blade, he’ll be ready to lead his crew onward into a grand adventure. Who knows, maybe they’ll come across a mysterious treasure map that leads to a hidden fortune! Wow, that would certainly be helpful when it comes time to pay for college.Help your kiddo find some adventure this Halloween with this Kid’s Captain Black Pirate Costume. If luck is the wind beneath his sails, then he’ll be sure to have a very profitable career in piracy!

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  • Deluxe Child Black Panther Costume

    Deluxe Child Black Panther Costume

    A Hero in TrainingYou’ve known for a while now. Your child has all the making of a great leader and a powerful superhero. When he grows up, he could totally be the King of Wakanda, with a little bit of guidance, of course! You’re going to need to teach your child the skills he needs to be the next Black Panther.First, you must teach your child some super-awesome special moves. T’Challa is always jumping around, doing flying sidekicks and crazy punches and if your child wants to fight off the forces of evil, then he’s going to need a few moves of his own. Second, you need to teach him how to be a great leader, since the Black Panther is not only Wakanda’s protector, but also its king. That means you need to teach him how to play nice with all the other superheroes. Finally, you may want to teach him how to dress like a superhero. After all, one of the best parts of being the Black Panther is getting to wear his iconic suit and it just so happens that costumes is our specialty!Product DetailsThis child Black Panther costume is a deluxe outfit licensed by Marvel! It comes with a black jumpsuit that has muscle padding in the chest and arms. That means your child can get a buff look without having to feed him any of the Heart-Shaped Herb! The exterior of the jumpsuit has printed detailing that makes it look like heavy-duty armor. The chest also has a printed necklace near the neckline to mimic the one seen in the Avengers movies. Finally, the mask is molded to the shape of Black Panther’s mask, complete with small pointed ears on topNo Vibranium RequiredYour child will finally be ready to face off against any villain who threatens Wakanda. You don’t even need to seek out vibranium supplies to give him the look of Marvel’s Black Panther.

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