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  • Bag of 12 Skulls

    Bag of 12 Skulls

    We think we can all agree on how great skulls are, right? They keep our brains nice and cozy, they give us something to put our hats on, and help us recognize pirates when we see one on a flag. But sometimes, full size skulls are a little too big to be used for decorative purposes, and unless you know something about skulls that we don’t, you really can’t take one out of your body and expect to put it back later.Luckily, you can always use the contents of this Bag of 12 Skulls to make your decor look extra scary! These plastic noggins come by the dozen, and are actually much smaller than the average cranium, so you can scatter them around with the rest of your decorations, or sneak them into peoples’ bags as creepy little gifts. Now that’s using your skull!

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  • Bag of Mini Plastic Bones (18 per bag)

    Bag of Mini Plastic Bones (18 per bag)

    The Skeleton in Your ClosetEveryone has a skeleton in their closet. For some, that means a nefarious secret that could cause a lot of trouble if came out. For others, it could be quite literal. Yes, an ACTUAL skeleton in their closet. Not because they did anything nefarious, mind you, but for the simple reason that they want to create a creepy atmosphere during their next Halloween party! Well, perhaps you could get his bag of plastic bones to have a skeleton of your own in the closet!Product DetailsOf course, these Mini Plastic Bones aren’t made from real bones! They’re made out of a sturdy plastic material and measure between 3 and 4 inches. Each bone has a hole drilled into the top, so you can use them in a variety of ways. You can string them into a necklace or use them in a garland to hang up in your room during the next Halloween party. When you’re all done, they store nicely… in your closet, if you like!No SecretIt’s no secret that these mini bones are a great way to decorate your home for Halloween. They also make a great addition to any caveman costume too!

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  • Jack O Lantern Treat Bag

    Jack O Lantern Treat Bag

    Choose Your BagIt can be a tough decision. Your child is going to get a mega-haul this year. You picked out the perfect costume, so there’s no doubt that your child is going to be looking amazing! That just means that residents manning the candy bowl at their door are going to unload tons of candy in your child’s bag. We’re talking chocolate bars, gummy bears, candy corn, fruit chews, circus peanuts, and maybe even… full bars. The really tough decision is figuring out what bag you’re going to give your child to carry all of the candy!You could give them a pillowcase. It’s classic, but it doesn’t fully capture Halloween spirit. How about this Jack O Lantern candy bag?Product DetailsThis bright orange bag is a must-have addition to any costume, especially if your child is primed to bring in the motherlode this year! The bag is made out of plastic and features a printed image of a Jack O Lantern face on the sides. It has a pair of handles on the top for easy carrying.All the CandyJust set your child up with this Halloween bag and they’ll be ready to get ALL the candy (even full bars).

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  • Treat Candy Meter Bag

    Treat Candy Meter Bag

    A Common ProblemHere’s something you might not know about us: people write in and ask for a lot of Halloween advice. And one of our most frequently asked questions is, “how much candy is enough on Halloween? How much is too much?” Well, our Customer Service department answers this question so frequently, that we thought we’d help them out and take the guesswork out of binge-candy consumption for you and your family. Ta-dah! This Treat Candy Meter Bag can show you just how much candy you’ve acquired and how much more you should try to get. Your kids will love watching the meter tick up with each house in the neighborhood, and you’ll love being able to give them a measured way to consume it all, over time, when they get home (no more than one notch a week, perhaps?). So, you’re welcome!Product DetailsThis black plastic tote is durable and vibrant, with it’s green, orange, and purple designs printed atop. The transparent meter starts at “fill ‘er up” and moves to “keep it comin'” before finally landing at “spook-tacular!” The orange handles are strong and easy to carry, even for smaller hands. This bag can be used year after year to compare candy hauls over time!Total Treat FestOf course, if you’re anything like us, there is no “right” amount of Halloween candy to consume. So just enjoy watching the sugar pile high in the candy meter. After all, the kids need to learn to share, right?

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  • Where's Waldo: Messenger Bag

    Where’s Waldo: Messenger Bag

    This is a Where’s Waldo Messenger Bag.

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  • T-Rex Dinosaur Trick Or Treat Bag

    T-Rex Dinosaur Trick Or Treat Bag

    Who would have thought that the next step forward in “Halloween candy bag” technology would actually look way back to the Jurassic period for inspiration? (Well, if we’re talking T-Rexes, technically it’s the Cretaceous period, but who’s keeping score?) A quantum leap forward away from the old pillowcase days, this awesome little dinosaur will keep your candy safe all night long until you’re ready to get home and eat it all. That’s why there’s no better Halloween companion than the T-Rex Dinosaur Trick Or Treat Bag!Luckily, he’s specially trained not to actually eat your goodies before you can get to them. And this is no one-trick dinosaur, either. He can be used for trick-or-treating, and storing all kinds of things in the off-season! Use him as a tote bag, or just a really cool plush toy! The T-Rex Dinosaur Trick Or Treat Bag is easily the most versatile of the great reptiles!

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  • Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Canvas Treat Bag Tote

    Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Canvas Treat Bag Tote

    This is a Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Canvas Treat Bag Tote.

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  • Minnie Mouse Bucket Treat Bag

    Minnie Mouse Bucket Treat Bag

    This is a Minnie Trick or Treat Bucket 

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  • Treat Bag Mickey Mouse Plush

    Treat Bag Mickey Mouse Plush

    This is a Mickey Mouse Plush Treat Bag

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  • Trolls Poppy Plush Treat Bag

    Trolls Poppy Plush Treat Bag

    This is a Trolls Poppy Plush Treat Bag

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  • Treat Bag PJ Masks Owlette Plush

    Treat Bag PJ Masks Owlette Plush

    This is a PJ Masks Owlette Plush Treat Bag

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  • Bloody Body in a Bag Decoration

    Bloody Body in a Bag Decoration

    This is a bloody body in a bag decoration.

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  • Bag of Black Bats

    Bag of Black Bats

    JUST LIKE MIGHTY MOUSEFolks tend to freak out just a bit when they hear about a flying rodent.  But, that’s hardly fair.  Why should anyone judge a critter just because they’ve got a knack for a style of movement that the rest of us lack?  Really, we figure folks are just jealous!After all, bats aren’t the only kind of rodent that knows how to fly.  We’ve got the sugar glider and the flying squirrel and fox.  Who could forget our tiniest little superhero?  Heck, bats are practically the best real-world heroes we’ve got!  (Plus, they love snacking on those skeeters!) PRODUCT DETAILSIt is time to excite your friends and keep your den looking like a ton of fun.  And, this Bag of Black Bats is just the way to go!  These funny flappers will make a great atmospheric addition to your place, whether you’re looking for some Halloween flair or just want to convince the local bugs to think twice about invading your space! A SPOOKY SPREAD FOR DARK DECOR These fifteen vinyl bats are the perfect way to augment your atmosphere and give that extra spooky spruce to your space.  And, better yet, they won’t actually get caught up in your hair (unless, of course, that’s the prank you want to play)!  

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  • Bank Money Bag

    Bank Money Bag

    So, you’ve decided to rob a bank, eh? Well, hopefully, it’s your little brother’s piggy bank cause robbing actual Federally insured banks is illegal, likely to go awry, and there’s not all that much money in bank robbing these days. Notice how the photo is sporting one dollar bills instead of the Benjamins that you would hope to find when sorting out your loot? Well, at least you’ll have the look of a classic robber when you take this Bag of Bank Money and run for the hills. You’ll have a better life as a rich person, though your little brother might be a little broken hearted. Pair this bag with a cool catsuit or a black and white striped shirt. Hey, you could go for an awesome Western outlaw look if you want. Just be sure to learn some basic business and investment techniques and you’re good to go. Hey, don’t spend it all in one place!

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  • Hospital Honey Nurse Bag

    Hospital Honey Nurse Bag

    Convenience, STAT!It’s tough to head out to a party as a high-fashion, party-ready nurse. Costume party healthcare providers are supposed to be ready for anything. From taking those Instagram ready group shots to calling an uber, it just wouldn’t be professional to be caught without your essentials. That’s why having a themed purse is so essential. You won’t want to check your purse at the door because it’s ruining your look. Your bag is part of your ensemble! From your cards to your mints, you’ll be ready for whatever the party scene throws at you. Product Details This structured bag is the perfect size to carry all your must-haves while remaining small enough to carry with you all night. The hinged box is super cute with all of our nurse ensembles! And if someone does sit on your bag while you’re all piling into an Uber the stiff plastic will keep your smartphone safe from getting squashed. Props to the propBring your costume to the next level with this adorable first aid bag! When Halloween is over keep your inner-nurse near and dear by using this bag as an actual first aid kit. Make it easy for guests to find bandages, aloe, and bug-bite cream by storing it in this purse in plain sight. Who knew an adorable prop could be so good for your health!

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  • Jack O' Lantern Crossbody Bag Glitter

    Jack O’ Lantern Crossbody Bag Glitter

    This is the Glitter Jack O’ Lantern Crossbody Bag.

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  • Dino Egg Treat Bag

    Dino Egg Treat Bag

    WHAT A TREAT Kids will love their dinosaur costume because it allows them to connect with their inner fierceness. A dinosaur costume means children can use their outdoor voice inside; they can be as loud as they want!  (Right mom and dad?) They can stomp around the house, practicing an intimidating roar because that’s what real dinosaurs did billions of years ago. A dino disguise also means plenty of scares are ahead. Get ready to be surprised, snuck up on, and startled because little dinosaurs will love testing out their new, powerful roar to see how high you jump. Eeek! You’ll love watching your child’s imagination take over! The dino egg treat bag accents all dinosaur costumes. Not only is it a convenient way to carry goodies around, but it also encourages more imaginative play. Now your child is a scary, roaring dinosaur carrying around a speckled, treat-filled egg!    PRODUCT DETAILSThe dino egg treat bag is a Made by Us accessory. Forget about buying a new treat bag every year, this is the only one you’ll ever need since it’s made from high-quality fabric and created to last. It features a sturdy handle with green circles throughout.EGG-TASTICIt’s made to go with every single dinosaur costume!

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  • Iron Man 3 Essential Treat Bag

    Iron Man 3 Essential Treat Bag

    Everyone knows that Iron Man would collect the most candy on the block! This Iron Man 3 Essential Treat Bag will help you on your mission of collecting as much treats as you can! This goes great with any Iron Man costume.

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  • Steven Universe Belly Fanny Pack Bag

    Steven Universe Belly Fanny Pack Bag

    This is a Steven Universe Belly Fanny Pack.

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  • Minion Plastic Trick or Treat Bag

    Minion Plastic Trick or Treat Bag

    Minions are well known to be top notch trick or treaters. But their only problem is that they have to give all their treats to Gru when they’re done! You can get any little Minion in training this licensed trick or treat bag, and as long as you’re in charge, they can keep all the candy they collect!

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  • Where's Waldo Messenger Bag

    Where’s Waldo Messenger Bag

    Waldo, or Wally as he’s known in his home country of England (not a knockoff Waldo like we thought at first), is a world traveler who both stands out from a crowd and doesn’t. I mean, you’d think you’d be able to spot him right away in that getup, right? But sometimes it can take a while.Our Where’s Waldo Messenger bag will help you… find people? Or blend in? Oh, stand out! Whatever your desired relationship with a crowd is, this messenger bag will help you accomplish it. You can fill it with all the Waldo books, or all your red and white sweaters like Waldo himself presumably does –– the bag resembles the world traveler’s own bag, one of the items he repeatedly loses that readers have to find. Make your own Where’s Waldo scavenger hunt! All you’ll need is a cup, a snorkel, a camera, binoculars, a tea kettle, a sleeping bag, a shovel, a mallet, a walking stick, this bag, and several hundred compliant strangers who’ll stand still for a few hours.It’s 10 inches tall and eight inches wide and has adjustable shoulder straps to fit Waldo/Wally fans of any size.

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  • Halloween Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag

    Halloween Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag

    This is it. You’ve been planning this night for months, plotting out the most efficient trick-or-treat route to get the most candy without wasting any time (and avoiding the houses that hand out toothbrushes). You’ve meticulously gone and re-gone over every part of your costume, making sure your makeup is the scariest, and your furry/scaly/spiny components look extra creepy. It’s go time! Hey, wait a second… what are you going to stash your loot in?!?Grab yourself one of our exclusive Halloween Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bags, and never worry about how to haul around your candy again! This simple and sturdy orange plastic bag has a festive jack-o-lantern face printed on it, so it goes with any costume you’re wearing. While you’re at it, grab a few extras to give to your friends, in case you run into any who have forgotten a treat bag of their own, and you’ll be a trick-or-treat lifesaver! (or, if you’re feeling entrepreneurial, rent one to them in exchange for a cut of their candy)

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  • Targaryen Hand of the Queen Game of Thrones Belt Bag

    Targaryen Hand of the Queen Game of Thrones Belt Bag

    TO RULERuling is no simple task. If Daenerys Targaryen thinks that she can do without the help of others, then she has another thing coming! Rival nations might plot against her. The nobles might try to revolt against her new laws and there’s always the threat of her advisors secretly being spies! The first thing a true queen must do is find herself a trusted Hand of the Queen. She must find an advisor with the knowledge and skills to assist her in the important matters of managing the realm. That could be you… if you have the right Game of Thrones accessory, that is!PRODUCT DETAILSIt’s easy to show your qualification to be the advisory to the Queen when you have this Targaryen Hand of the Queen Belt Bag. It’s an officially licensed Game of Thrones accessory that’s both functional, stylish, and collectible. The bag is a black, faux leather material and has a metal, Hand of the Queen, decoration on the side. It shuts with a magnetic snap and comes with a 38-inch belt. Just sling it around your shoulder and you’ll be ready to help Queen Daenerys make all of the important decisions.GOOD ADVICEIf you want the Queen to take you seriously, then you’ll definitely want to have this Game of Thrones bag around your shoulder!

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  • Harry Potter Tote Hogwarts Is My Home Canvas Treat Bag

    Harry Potter Tote Hogwarts Is My Home Canvas Treat Bag

    SHOPPING IN DIAGON ALLEYReady for a spot of shopping? Are you tired of boring, common trips to the local shopping mall? Then it sounds like you need something a little different. It sounds like Diagon Alley might be the place for you! You can start by heading to Ollivanders’ shop to pick up a brand new wand. After that, it’s time for a stop at Eeylops Owl Emporium to find yourself a new magical friend. Of course, you won’t want to miss out on a trip Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and a trip to Leaky Cauldron is a must! But what are you going to carry all of your new wizarding swag in? Well, what about this Harry Potter Hogwarts Tote Bag?PRODUCT DETAILSThis Harry Potter Hogwarts is My Home Canvas Tote bag is officially licensed from the movie series. It’s made of sturdy material and features a printed image of Hogwarts on the side. It’s great for a spot of shopping in Diagon Alley, or for using during some common muggle errands.WIZARD TREATINGThis bag is great for shopping, but it’s also a must-have to finish off any Harry Potter themed costume! It’s the best trick or treating bag for anyone dressed as a full-fledged wizard.

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  • Goonies Never Say Die! Canvas Treat Bag

    Goonies Never Say Die! Canvas Treat Bag

    High AdventureAdventure can strike at any moment. One moment, you’re hanging with your pals, just trying to figure out a way to save your little neighborhood in Astoria, Oregon. Then next, you’re solving clues to find some pirate treasure. When that happens, you’re going to need supplies! Maybe you’ll need a few of those gadgets that Data made. You’ll probably need a few candy bars, just in case you meet a new friend who has an affinity for chocolate. Actually, the first thing you’ll need is one rad bag to carry all of that gear in, like this Goonies Never Say Die! bag.Product DetailsThis Goonies Never Say Die! Canvas Tote bag is perfect for fans of the classic 80s movie! It’s made out of a sturdy canvas material and it has the whole Goonies crew printed onto the side of it. It has plenty of space inside, so you can use it to carry gadgets, your groceries, or you can even use it as a trick or treating bag.Prepared for Pirate’s Treasure!Don’t head out to find pirate’s treasure unprepared! You’re going to need this bag to help you out on your adventure. Just remember to pack a few candy bars!

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  • Nightmare on Elm Street Canvas Tote Treat Bag

    Nightmare on Elm Street Canvas Tote Treat Bag

    SWEET DREAMSWhoa, that must be some kind of joke! Sweet dreams? Freddy Krueger is running around with a pair of claws, causing mayhem in people’s dreams and you expect us to try going to sleep? No way. Nuh-uh. Not a chance! We don’t want anything to do with Mr. Krueger. We’re going to stay up all night long! Maybe we should load up on some snacks and energy drinks to help us stay awake… Good thing we have this Nightmare on Elm Street Canvas Bag can hold a ton of snacks and drinks to help keep you from succumbing to slumber.PRODUCT DETAILSThis officially licensed bag is made out of a sturdy, cotton canvas material. The side of the bag features a printed image of a heart with Freddy Krueger claws slashing through the side of it. It has carrying handles on top and it works great as a treat bag during Halloween season.FOR FREDDY FANSThis bag is great for any Freddy fan! Whether you just need it for your next trip to the grocery store or you need a creepy bag for trick or treating, this Nightmare on Elm Street bag is exactly the right bag for the job.

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  • Sailor Moon Compact Crisis Moon Bag

    Sailor Moon Compact Crisis Moon Bag

    STAR-GAZING KINDA GIRLYou’re the kind of girl who lives her life by the moon. The monthly full moon calls for a traditional ritual, with a smudge stick, burning candle and a long list of everything you’d like to get rid of. Writing down all the negative thoughts swirling in your head then setting it aflame is a great way to eliminate them from your life. Of course, you participate in new moon rituals too, involving grounding your soul, setting new intentions for the future and transcending your life. If you participate in moon rituals and find yourself looking for the shining sphere of light in the night’s dark sky, then you’re most likely a Sailor Moon fan and a fan of the crisis moon compact bag. Featuring the traditional Sailor Moon symbol, this trendy bag is soon to become your BFF.    PRODUCT DETAILSMeasuring approximately 9-inches wide, the officially licensed Sailor Moon bag features soft-sculpted, embroidered and appliqued graphics. With an adjustable shoulder strap, this zip-up purse is capable of holding small and valuable personal items while you’re on the go.STRENGTHENED MOON SKILLSIf you love this handbag, then check out our Made by Us line of officially licensed Sailor Moon costumes.       

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  • Sailor Moon Brooch Bag

    Sailor Moon Brooch Bag

    Anime AdmissionsWe can admit it. Watching Sailor Moon was a huge part of our middle school years. We often wished that we could’ve joined Usagi (or Serena depending on which adaptation you watched) on her quest to rid the world of villains and monsters. Of course, we never bumped into Luna during our teenage years and we never got one of those handy Transformation Brooches to help us out with that. The good news is that now, we have this Sailor Moon Brooch Bag to help us feel more like one of the Sailor Senshi!Product DetailsThis Sailor Moon Brooch Costume Bag is officially licensed and recreates the look of Usagi’s brooch from the anime series. The bag is made out of yellow, velour fabric and features the crescent moon design in the center. The outer edge of the bag has the red, yellow, green, and blue symbols on it and the adjustable strap lets you carry it around your shoulder when you’re not battling against Queen Beryl. The top zipper reveals an inner pocket that’s big enough to carry your essentials!Sailor Senshi BagIf you plan on cosplaying as one of the characters from Sailor Moon, then there’s no better bag than this one based on her signature Transformation Brooch!

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  • Fydelity Big Words Caption Case Bag

    Fydelity Big Words Caption Case Bag

    This is a Fydelity Big Words Caption Case Bag.

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  • Jack O'Lantern Treat Bag

    Jack O’Lantern Treat Bag

    Modern AdditionYoungsters today. They have it so good! When you were a kid, in addition to walking uphill, both ways, for 10 miles in the blowing snow to get to school, you also had to research things in actual books, show up for your social events (no texting and canceling at the last minute), and gather your Halloween treats in a pillowcase. A pillowcase! Well, we can’t say whether all this technological advancement is good or bad, but we can say that a pillowcase is no place for one’s most beloved stash of sweets. Not to mention, this Jack O’Lantern Treat Bag is totally useful if your child’s costume requires them to carry something, like a sword, staff, or wand. Having your kiddo’s hands free will make it easier for them to cross the street holding their little sibling’s hand, as well as ring doorbells and reach for treats!Product DetailsThis perfect pouch features a classic backpack design with an even more classic jack o’lantern print atop its orange base. It can expand in the middle as it fills up, and doing so reveals a fun candle surprise! There is a mesh side pouch for a water bottle or flashlight, and a drawstring top for easy access. Trick or Treat!So go ahead and remind your child how much harder things were for you growing up, a little perspective never hurts. They’ll appreciate the convenience and coolness of this Halloween bag even more—and maybe they’ll even get curious about the “good ole’ days” and go check out an actual library.

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