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  • March Hare Women's Costume

    March Hare Women’s Costume

    Is it your birthday? No. Well, in that case, we’d love to wish you a very merry unbirthday. An unbirthday can be just as happy as a birthday, you know? It’s simply any day that isn’t your birthday, a pretty simple concept but its level of simplicity depends on who’s describing it. If a Mad Hatter and March Hare are describing it the explanation would take much longer.If you’re talented at talking in riddles and have no concept of time you’ll find that you fit in quite well as the March Hare at the mad tea party. It doesn’t matter if you’re into Earl Grey or if you prefer a nice herbal blend because with all the ruckus you’re unlikely to get a sip in any way. Hey, don’t get mad, you’re the one chopping tea cups in half. Your party with the Mad Hatter and the dormouse is hardly about the tea, it’s really about confusing anyone who happens to pass by.A Wonderland Tea party may be a little topsy-turvy but that’s no reason for it to be a less than a formal event. Whether you’re staging an unbirthday party or you’re going as the March Hare for Halloween you’ll meet the Hare’s standards in no time. The mustard yellow waistcoat is figure flattering with belled sleeves and includes both a bunny tail and coat tails. You’ll be ready for tea with the oversized blue bow tie and adorable pantaloons. Unless it’s your birthday, you’re sure to have a happy unbirthday in this cheerful ensemble.

    $44.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Rubies Blue Base Makeup

    Rubies Blue Base Makeup

    We’re not sure why blue has always been the color associated with being sad. There are plenty of things out there that make us happy! Just look at the sky, the ocean, or sparkling sapphires! It’s a wonderful part of the rainbow that has left us wishing numerous times, “man, we wish our faces were blue,” but alas we’ve only been able to achieve that for brief periods of time by holding our breath for a while, and we think that’s beginning to wear on our bodies. Maybe it’s time we found a better a solution. And find a wondrous solution to our problem we did! We present to all you great fellow dreamers of joining the ranks of blue people (there are dozens of us!) This easy to apply makeup can turn you into a smurph, help you with your clown outfit, or even join a strange percussion band! It’s super easy to apply and with a good wash with soap and warm water, easy to remove as well!

    $4.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • White Tulle Petticoat

    White Tulle Petticoat

    What‚Äôs the best way to add volume to your skirt/dress/ballgown? You could build an elaborate system of fans and blowers to wear under your skirt, which will make your dress billow out as you strut your stuff. But, that sounds heavy and uncomfortable, and far too complicated of a solution for a relatively simple issue. You could also stuff towels and blankets under your skirt to give it some poofy-ness, but skirts don’t really work that way, unless you want to hold it all together the entire time. We know you love hearing our creative ideas, and we’d be happy to keep coming up with new ones all day long. But, this White Tulle Petticoat is, hands down, the best option for adding some volume to your costume skirt! It’s simple, elegant, and the white color goes with many different color schemes. It’s not as exciting as sewing pouches full of packing peanuts under your skirt to give it body, but we suppose it’ll do.

    $19.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Colorful Mad Hatter Men's Costume

    Colorful Mad Hatter Men’s Costume

    The Mad Hatter spends most of his twisted time tea partying with his friends the hare and dormouse. With all that time spent with his tea set, we’re wondering if he even gets a chance to taste any of that Earl Grey that’s constantly flowing. We’re thinking he doesn’t at all unless you count the time he dips his pocket watch in there which would give it a strange brassy taste.  Well, whether he actually drinks tea or not his tea parties are something we want to be a part of. The dormouse is super adorable, singing, “Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle” over and over again as he sleeps in a teapot. The March Hare is less trustworthy. He’s always trying to convince the Mad Hatter to butter his watch to fix the time which is ineffective. It was good butter though, apparently but it turns out that even delicious sandwich spread won’t fix technology. Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. Everyone is mad in Wonderland! This Mad Hatter costume is ready to make your costume experience extraordinary. Whether you’re showing up to the mad tea party in an Alice in Wonderland group costume or you’re going insane and solo this topsy-turvy costume is unique. It features a checkered waistcoat with one olive green sleeve and one maroon sleeve and fancy tails. It also includes a chained waistcoat, an attached shiny blue bowtie, and a leafy top hat with a checkered band around the brim. Add on a curly, crazy wig to make the ensemble complete. Finally, a reason to look forward to tea time! 

    $59.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Dark Mad Hatter Women's Costume

    Dark Mad Hatter Women’s Costume

    Maybe she’s just going through her dark and brooding phase…Wonderland’s infamous Mad Hatter has undergone a drastic change as of late. She’s no longer the peppy redhead sporting spunky threads and a spool bandolier; she’s gone… macabre. Eh, maybe it’s her age and her newfound urge to rebel against the whimsical land in which she lives, but now the Mad Hatter has a new aesthetic. She wants to dye her hair funky colors and only wear a color scheme consisting of black and white. Oh yea, she also wants to go by the name “Dark Mad Hatter” instead of “Mad Hatter.” She finds it edgier.To be completely honest, we’re digging the Mad Hatter’s (oh excuse us, the Dark Mad Hatter’s) new darker hued wardrobe. She looks great in black and white and we can’t get enough of the gray locks. If you’re into the surprisingly more somber look, then take a cue from the Dark Mad Hatter’s wardrobe and add a splash of black to the notoriously colorful world. Besides, you can never go wrong wearing the classic colors of black and white. Right ladies?Whether you’re on the hunt for a unique Mad Hatter costume or you’re also going through your “dark and brooding phase,” this costume has everything you need to create a goth look. The 1-piece dress is styled to look like a whole 3-piece suit. The top hat and bow tie neck accessory pulls the whole look together and completes the macabre-inspired costume. Don’t be surprised if Alice copies your new edgy style once she sees your new look! 

    $44.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Women's Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

    Women’s Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

    We never really understood why the Queen of Hearts was always yelling, “Off with their heads!” Whenever she was angry. We’re sure it wouldn’t have done too much damage considering most of her subjects had already lost their minds in that crazy world. Just look at the Mad Hatter! We’re not entirely sure what her reasoning is, but we do know a few things about her that we love. She knows she’s in charge, so she’s never going to take no for an answer. If she wants to go play crochet with a bunch of hedgehogs and flamingos then it’s going to happen! She says “paint the roses,” we all reply “Would that be ruby or candy red?” As strange of a punishment as decapitation is in this mad world, we very much like our brains still attached so we don’t really feel like arguing. She also really knows how to dress well. That whole card theme is really doing it for us. The bold color contrast of red, white, and black really brings out the sinister look in her eyes, which we shouldn’t like at all, but are still oddly entranced by… Oh and there’s always the awesome fact that she’s the queen of a world where you can shrink and grow basically as you please! She could have a regular sized castle and then have a miniature one inside that castle where she could hang out all the time without her subjects bothering her with silly things.We think the fact that she wants everyone dead on a whim is pretty rough though, so we think it’s time for a new queen. You don’t have to change anything, just threaten a beheading here or there without actually going through, and everyone will listen to you. You’ll even look fantastic doing it all with this Deluxe costume complete with a lovely crown.

    $59.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Women's Cozy Cheshire Cat Costume

    Women’s Cozy Cheshire Cat Costume

    A normal cat’s life seems rather mundane. They spend most of their time chasing bugs around the house, napping in the best sunbeam spots and playing with balls of yarn. Actually, that sounds like the best life ever, which makes sense why so many people want to dress up like cats all the time. Nap, play with yarn, eat bugs, what more is there? (Okay that bugs thing sounds terrible). As adorable as all that is, the Cheshire Cat yearns for more, which is why he spends his time disappearing from plain sight or playing tricks on Alice. Which type of kitty cat would you like to be? One that spends all day laying around, or one who gets into some whimsical adventures through the looking glass? Probably laying around, but eventually that gets boring… probably…This Women’s Cozy Cheshire Cat Costume is for the kind of girl who’s ready to jump into some extravagant escapades with Alice, the Mad Hatter and all of their friends! The costume has a bright pink and purple color scheme, along with a comfy zip-up hoodie style, so you can transform into the Lewis Carroll character in the matter of moments. The tail and ears give off a mischievous look that will have everyone guess where you might be disappearing to. And you can waggle your tail to remind everyone how mischievous you are. Of course, you’d better practice your Cheshire smile before zipping up in this adorable costume, since everyone will be expecting that signature grin!

    $44.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Plus Size Striped Optical Illusion Tights

    Plus Size Striped Optical Illusion Tights

    Do you want to send you friends’ eyes for a spin? Do you want to make a big ole‚Äô splash at the Halloween bash? Hoping to look as unique as your personality? Of course, you are! After all, Halloween is all about letting your true self shine in the dark of night, right?Right! So watch your pals do a double-take when you strut into the party scene wearing these zany Striped Optical Illusion Tights. This awesome accessory has a trippy look that will trick your onlookers’ eyes with its mismatched black and white stripe pattern. They go great with tons of different costumes and petticoats, and can even pair with a little black dress for a funky night on the town. So be a goofy trickster, beautiful work of art, or a crazy mime this Halloween. Crafting an eye-catching, bold look has never been so easy. Add these alluring tights to your costume and enjoy a night of fun!

    $9.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Plus Size Black / White Striped Tights

    Plus Size Black / White Striped Tights

    Your pals and you argue constantly about what the best classic pattern truly is; Missy sings polka dot praises while Perry claims houndstooth is where it’s at. Of course, we know they are both wrong! Meanwhile, your spirit pattern is a big, bold stripe, and we think you‚Äôre onto something! This Halloween you can prove your fashion prowess (and prove them wrong) in these Plus Size Black & White Striped Tights. That‚Äôs right, they‚Äôll all be seeing stripes when you walk on the scene in this scintillating pair of pantyhose! After all, you know as well as we do that a pattern like this makes your legs look long and lean, and you can perfectly pair them with any Harley Quinn, witch, or sexy prisoner costume! Now, what was that about polka dots? Yawn.

    $9.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Wavy Grey/Purple Women's Ombre Wig

    Wavy Grey/Purple Women’s Ombre Wig

    Two-toned hair? Too cool! Blonde hair. Brunette hair. Red Hair. Bright Fuchsia Hair. With so many awesome hair dyes available how is it possible to just pick one color? We don’t know about you, but we can’t decide! We started looking for other options that would allow us to have a funky ‘do without having to make a series commitment to a singular hue and we are pleased to say that we’ve found the perfect solution. Introducing…*drum roll please*…the grey and purple ombre wig!You can stop fretting about committing to just one color because this wavy wig allows you to rock a trendy silver hairstyle with rockin’ violet ends. The side-swept bangs will frame your face perfectly and the long layers will give you all the volume you could ever want. You can wear this wig whenever you feel like changing up your hairstyle. Pair it with a witch costume for a spellbinding look that won’t go unnoticed!

    $24.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Striped Cheshire Cat Wig

    Striped Cheshire Cat Wig

    Meddling mischief and ridiculous riddles, you like the Cheshire Cat? Oh, what a pickle! You were born a human girl of this world and not a cantankerous kitty that goes hand-in-hand with Wonderland. Worry not and don’t tie yourself in a knot. You need not change your mind, because we can help you turn into that infamous fancy feline. It starts with a bit of imagination and one of our Alice in Wonderland accessories!This Striped Cheshire Cat Wig brings you some vivid purples and vibrant pinks, which work in concert in a wig that captures the colorful personality and wild style of the classic Lewis Carroll character. It’s made of synthetic materials and fits on your head with relative ease, making your transformation into the Wonderland resident a relative breeze. Pair it with any of our Cheshire Cat costumes for a quick way to add a little bit of mischief into your day.

    $19.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Women's Heart Tights

    Women’s Heart Tights

    WE HEART ‘EM We love the feeling of love and we also love advertising it. (That’s a lot of love!) Needless to say, Valentine’s Day is our favorite holiday and we wear the colors, pink, red, and white all throughout the month. We have fun sporting little cartoon cupids (so cute) and of course traditional hearts of all colors on our clothing so when we saw these heart tights for women, we knew to add them to our collection. They can be paired with all sorts of ensembles for a lovely and fashionable look that will earn plenty of praise and compliments throughout the whole month of February and beyond. It’s the must-have accessory for all the women out there who aren’t afraid to admit that they’re in love with…love!PRODUCT DETAILSCreated by the premier brand for women’s fashion, Leg Avenue, these tights are made from a blend of nylon and spandex. They’re extremely stretchy and feature an elastic waistband so they only come in one standard size, able to fit most. The opaque tights have a reddish/ sheer woven heart detail on top recreating the look of a garter. AFTER OUR OWN HEARTYou can also pair these stockings with a Queen of Hearts costume to give it a royal edge.   

    $9.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Plus Size Authentic Mad Hatter Costume

    Plus Size Authentic Mad Hatter Costume

    Why is a raven like a writing desk? This is just one of the many riddles the Mad Hatter liked to present to anyone who would listen. The oddest part of his riddles is that most of them had no answer. He himself often wondered what the answers to his own riddles might be.We all go a little mad sometimes, but there is a hatter who constantly mad, so much so it is in his name. The Mad Hatter is one of the many odd and silly characters you’ll come across after you fall down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. When you see him be sure to have your appetite with you because you’ll no doubt be invited to a tea time or very special un-birthday! This is the perfect costume for someone looking to go to an Alice in Wonderland themed party this Halloween.This deluxe Mad Hatter Halloween costume is perfect for a theme party or holiday gathering. The costume comes with everything you need to get a complete look. The costume is made of 100% polyester, so it’s both stylish and comfortable. The costume starts with a light pink button up long sleeve shirt. A black bow tie adorns the shirt while a black button up vest goes over the top. The maroon tweed jacket has fuzzy black faux fur accents and white lace cuffs. This jacket completes the top portion of the costume. A pink striped sash attaches the right pocket as well as red, green, yellow, and white ribbons. The ribbons attach with a safety pin. Now for the bottom half of the costume. A pair of brown pants with tan stripes starts things off right. The elastic waist makes for a comfortable fit. Top it all off with plaid brown fingerless gloves and you’ll be set to go. Be sure to add a Mad Hatter hat and wig to really get an authentic look worthy of any party!

    $184.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Men's Authentic Mad Hatter Costume

    Men’s Authentic Mad Hatter Costume

    Have I gone mad? I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are. The Mad Hatter wasn‚Äôt far off when he said that all of the best people are a little mad ‚Äì even if they don‚Äôt show it off all of the time.The Mad Hatter was always obsessed with time ‚Äì that‚Äôs why he and the March Hare and the White Rabbit were always talking about being late and then shifting around their table as they drank tea. Some say it‚Äôs because the Queen of Hearts banished him from the kingdom, others attribute it to his madness (on account of the Mercury involved in his hat-making endeavors). No matter the reason he was mad and time-obsessed, the Mad Hatter made a special place for himself in the life of Alice and all those who knew him.Now you can be among the best people that are completely nuts when you wear this exclusive Men’s Authentic Mad Hatter Costume! Team up with Alice and help her defeat the red queen! She could use your wackiness on her side! This costume comes with everything you need for an authentic look, including a burgundy jacket with faux fur and lace trimmed sleeve cuffs. The pink button-down shirt and attached pink scarf add color to the costume, while the black vest and bowtie give it a touch of class. Don‚Äôt forget to get the Mad Hatter‚Äôs Hat and fiery red wig for a complete look this Halloween.

    $174.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Plus Size Deluxe King of Hearts Costume

    Plus Size Deluxe King of Hearts Costume

    What would be your first order of business after becoming King? Would you declare your ascension a national holiday, where there will be dancing in the street, and massive amounts of delicious food? Would you have a painting commissioned of you accepting the crown?Or would you show off your heart, and go see your people. Hold a feast honoring the blacksmith, and the baker, and the shoemaker? We think you would go with a happy feast honoring the people of the kingdom. Because that is just the kind of guy you are. A guy with a lot of heart. You seem like you would make a good King. Your people would love you.This Plus Size Deluxe King of Hearts Costume might not make you a real King, but it will show everyone how much heart you truly have. And who knows maybe once you put on this velvet crown, people around you might just find that you are quite kingly. They might even listen when you make announcements. Although, who wouldn’t if you threw a feast honoring all the people you know. You might even just meet your Queen of Hearts at the feast. (Let’s just hope she isn’t a little off her rocker like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland.) She will see you wearing this hearts sash, and know what a loving guy you are. You won’t have to proclaim a day of dancing in the street, ever girl will grab a guy, and start celebrating their new King. All hail the King!

    $99.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Deluxe King of Hearts Costume

    Deluxe King of Hearts Costume

    Look, you‚Äôre not the first person who started dating someone, fell in love with them, and then realized that they had a passion for beheading people, alright? We know that, sometimes, life with your Queen can feel a little lonely – literally, since she insists on beheading practically every person the two of you come into contact with – but at the very least, you can take comfort in the fact that you‚Äôre the only one who knows how to calm her down when all she‚Äôs seeing is red (as in, the blood of all of your subjects). That‚Äôs something, right?!And when the going gets tough and the heads get rolling, we‚Äôd like to encourage you to just take a moment to remember why you fell in love with her in the first place. We‚Äôre willing to bet that one of the reasons why you were so attracted to her was because of her passion. It‚Äôs a totally natural thing! Especially when you, yourself, are so moderate and even-tempered, it‚Äôs completely understandable that you‚Äôd be drawn to someone who shows such a fiery display of self-possession. And of course you couldn‚Äôt have foreseen that all of that was just a preview of her murderous tendencies! We all try to pretend we‚Äôre perfect at the beginning of a relationship, only to later find out that our significant other was covering up a love of Nickelback, or a poor credit score – or, in the case of your Queen – a delight in taking other people‚Äôs lives. Again‚Ķdon‚Äôt blame yourself! This is just the rabbit hole you tumbled down into!So make the best of it by donning this Deluxe King of Hearts Costume when you’re representing the moderate, non-murderous part of the Wonderland government! The exclusive ensemble includes a tunic edged with metallic gold piping, a crushed velvet coat with white faux fur and puffed sleeves, a white satin sash, and even a crown for a truly regal look. Wear your own favorite black pants and shoes to complete the majestic outfit. Like you to your queen, this costume is the perfect complement to our deluxe Queen of Hearts costume. After all, who needs couples counseling or psychiatric therapy when the two of you look this good?!

    $89.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Teen Wonderland Cat Costume

    Teen Wonderland Cat Costume

    Your teenage can enjoy a trip to Wonderland this coming Halloween. However, you know that she’s not really an ‘Alice-type’ of girl. No, she’s much more of a trickster than little ole Alice, isn’t she? Well, we think we might have made the purrfect costume for your kiddo so sport this year. Check out this awesome Teen Wonderland Cat Costume!Your youngster can be the sassiest, as well as one of our favorite fictional cats when she tosses on this pink and purple outfit. Sure, the Cheshire Cat wasn’t always the most helpful along Alice’s journey but he sure had quite the personality, sound like anyone you know? Hmmm? This costume will come with everything your teen needs to make this storybook transformation. The striped dress is playful with a hint of sass. The bodice has a pink ribbon lacing that ends in a cute bow, the skirt’s hemline is edged with a faux bright pink fur, and there is also an attached tail to the back of the dress. Besides the dress, this costume comes with plenty of included accessories. The shoulder shrug and elbow-length wristlets are lined with a matching faux fur, while the thigh highs are decorated with a pink ribbon bow at each knee. All three of the accessories match the dress’s pink and purple striped pattern. The final pieces to this outfit are the headband with the attached cat ears and the fake leather choker lined with faux gems.Once your teen is dressed up in the Wonderland Cat Costume, her adventure can begin! She’ll have so much fun that her smile will shine brighter than a crescent moon in the night sky.

    $39.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Toddler Storybook Cat Costume

    Toddler Storybook Cat Costume

    Riddle us this: Who is a mischievous, magical, and mysterious little creature who sometimes proves pretty helpful, other times turn things a lil’ chaotic, but is always, certainly, definitely super-duper cute?Who does that sound like? If you said your little girl, then you’re right! If you said your favorite kitty character…then you’re also right!Wow, toddlers and storybook cats sure do have a lot in common. Who knew? Well, friend, we did! Which is why we created a costume perfect for your own little fairy tale character! And when she’s a little more trick than treat Рand sometimes a little more treat than trick (wait, does that sound right?) Рyou need to find a costume persona for her that’s a little sugar and spice! And this Toddler Storybook Cat Costume will turn Halloween into a grand adventure for both you and your tot! You can’t go wrong with a pink and purple striped dress, and one with faux fur trim, a matching shrug, and an attached tail? Get outtta Wonderland! She’ll also go mad (see what we did there?) for the pink faux fur kitty ears and striped socks with sweet little bows attached. The best part? When you let her be the cleverest of all the cleverest cats that ever was by letting her dress up in this Toddler Storybook Cat Costume, she’ll be bound to wear a genuine grin that refuses to disappear!

    $24.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Child Sassy Wonderland Cat Costume

    Child Sassy Wonderland Cat Costume

    We know. We know. Some days you look around your house–the pancake batter splattered on the stove, the piles of dress up clothes, the collections of art projects, the mounds of laundry, the pillow forts–and think, Most everyone‚Äôs mad here. We heard a very cool cat say that, once, too! So you know what they say, don‚Äôt you? If you can‚Äôt beat ‚Äòem, join ‚Äòem. Or…at least get your kiddo a costume that lets her cut loose as her favorite mad Wonderland character, the Cheshire Cat. Rather than disappearing into the basement to ‚Äúplay‚Äù (read: take out every single barbie item and dump it on the floor), your gal will want to stay where everyone can see her in this sassy-meets-sweet storybook costume. Dressed as the cheeky cat who’s sometimes up to no good, your little lady will feel quite at home to be her mischievous self. And if not on Halloween, then when? Of course, the Cheshire Cat is also, at times, quite helpful, so whatever persona your kitten chooses, she‚Äôs sure to be adorable in this Child Sassy Wonderland Cat Costume, as it‚Äôs one that deftly melds classic storybook characterization and up-to-the-minute style.One thing is for sure, once she slips on this purple and pink striped jersey dress and the matching shrug, wristlets, and knee-high socks, she will be sporting a grin that does not fade. So let her slip on the kitty ears of this costume and work on her biggest grin, because for tonight your house is Wonderland and she‚Äôs the master of mystique! And there‚Äôs nothing the Cheshire Cat loves more than a good pillow fort!

    $39.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume

    Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume

    A magical journey awaits you! Want to know an easy way to grin from ear to ear just like a Cheshire cat? The answer to that is simple. It doesn’t involve enchantments, magic, or illusion, but it happens to involve your closet. Do you see what we’re getting at yet? You’ll have a wickedly wide smile on your face that rivals that of Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat when you wear a fashionable ensemble, and a costume doesn’t get more fashionable than this one right here.You’ll feel ready to walk the catwalk (pun intended) when you strut in wearing this sexy wonderland cat costume. You’ll be sporting funky Wonderland inspired flair while still looking and feeling beautiful. You’ll receive a purple and pink striped dress with comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps. The ribbon, which laces up the front of the dress, acts like a corset which is undeniably sexy. Polish the look by wearing the included bolero jacket, arm warmers, and the matching legwarmers. Of course, a pair of black Mary Jane high heels will be the cherry on top of the whole ensemble. Once you are decked out in this exclusive Cheshire Cat costume, you are ready to embark on your extraordinary Halloween journey. Prepare to play lighthearted practical jokes on fellow party goers and get in touch with you mischievous side by trying to misdirect trick or treaters. You should also try to meet up with the other Wonderland residents like Alice, Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and even the Red Queen for a marvelous adventure that you’ll never forget.

    $39.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Deluxe Teen Mad Hatter Costume

    Deluxe Teen Mad Hatter Costume

    Start your teen out on the right career path. No, not a doctor or lawyer… he’s going to be a hatter! This Deluxe Teen Mad Hatter Costume is a good way to show them what they’re in for if they decided to make hats for a living. Honestly, it looks pretty good! Hats, happiness, and all the tea you can drink!

    $74.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Child Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume

    Child Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume

    Your kid deals with a lot of rules at school; he‚Äôs not allowed to run in the hallways. He‚Äôs not allowed to chew gum. He‚Äôs not allowed to talk out of turn. He can‚Äôt even use the bathroom without asking! You get the picture; life is rough in second grade. Here are two major school rules that almost everyone must abide: 1) No hats permitted and 2) no going ‚Äúmad‚Äù in class! Bah. Schools have gotten so uptight these days, right? But on Halloween, most of those strict rules get thrown out the window, making it the perfect day to dress up like you‚Äôre headed to a whimsical tea party–in a big ole‚Äô hat, to boot! Give your child a chance to go a little wild this holiday in this Child Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume. It will tickle his fancy and help him feel fanciful, even while learning about the solar system or practicing spelling. It may even inspire him to write a creative new story for English class! He will feel exactly like he has just stepped into Wonderland in this three-piece suit. He‚Äôll even have his very own ascot to wear to class. And while there is no direct ‚Äúno ascot‚Äù rule, we‚Äôre guessing bygone formal wear is generally frowned upon. But again, not on Halloween! The gigantic hat will block the view of every seat behind him, but it won‚Äôt matter–the real lesson those kids need to learn is how to gently bend the rules in style!

    $49.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Deluxe Adult Mad Hatter Costume

    Deluxe Adult Mad Hatter Costume

    Though the Hatter got his start is the classic Lewis Carroll books, this crazy hat maker has stolen our hearts over and over again through movies and television.The Mad Hatter as most like to refer to him, is a talented designer who spent one too many late nights in his shop working around the mercury. Though the queen may have accused him of killing time for trying to sing for her, the Hatter still retains his unique brand of charm that makes him a character to root for no matter the occasion.Who wouldn’t want to have tea with this loony guy? This Deluxe Adult Mad Hatter Costume will turn you into the famous storybook character from Wonderland. This deluxe costume is made from 100% polyester velvet, twill, satin, and knit that gives it a comfortable feel for all night wear. The green velvet jacket has beautiful cuffs, collar, lapels, and false pockets that add extra detail to an already amazing costume. It also comes with a white shirt with front fasteners and Velcro at the back of the collar. The unique vest is made of brown and orange corduroy and is fully lined with orange satin. Also included are the green plaid pants that have an elastic waist for comfort. Top it off with the included ascot and, of course, the green top hat, for an amazing look that is sure to get you noticed. Pair this costume with other Alice in Wonderland costumes for an amazing group costume that will steal the show!

    $69.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Plus Size Supreme Alice Costume

    Plus Size Supreme Alice Costume

    Sometimes you just need to go on vacation, but you’ve been almost everywhere now and what’s left? We think you should go to Wonderland! It’s pretty wonderful. But you have to dress the part. Get our plus size supreme Alice Costume and you’ll fit right in. Now you can see the local sights, like the famous Tea Party Garden, the white rose hedges, and if you’re lucky you can see the Queen of Hearts playing croquet at the Royal Palace. Sounds like fun, no? Get into our plus size supreme Alice costume and you’ll be ready to go on your trip. Have fun!

    $54.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes