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  • Women's Queen of Hearts Tights

    Women’s Queen of Hearts Tights

    The Royal WalkHave you ever wondered what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a queen? We can’t tell you what it’s like. So don’t ask. But we do believe you’ve got a chance to know what it’s like to walk in the tights of a queen. Queens these days mostly wear power suits with fancy-schmancy hats. But when it comes to Wonderland, people still wear what they want. The Hatter still wears a top hat years after the style has retired. Waistcoats of every color and fabric are wildly popular. And hey, the Queen is in charge of it all so she gets to express her self any way she wants. For goodness sake, she’s even got soldiers painting her roses if they bloom the wrong color! So you know a woman like this is going to rock some quality hosiery! Product DetailsAll the cards are represented in this pair of white sheer tights. Perfect for both Wonderland inspired outfits and Queen of Hearts costumes, you’ll find plenty of reasons to wear this look after your costume party is over!Shuffle the DeckMaking any outfit a little more interesting is easy when you’ve got these pretty Queen of Hearts tights on hand. The sheer white fabric will lighten up any look while the black and red spades, diamonds, and hearts will add charm to any ensemble!

    $9.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Sassy Alice Costume

    Sassy Alice Costume

    The last several years have reported more and more attendance at the Mad Tea Parties in Wonderland and an even greater frequency of trouble taking place at the Royal croquet matches. The thing that is important to know about Wonderland is that the more isn’t necessarily the merrier. They’re all nuts! Two crazy people in a room make for an amusing series of mischief that is entertaining to watch. Three assures that you’ll get pulled into it once or twice and have an even better story when you get home. But… four? That is when things start breaking and precious heirlooms go missing. Five? That’s a mob. A mob of crazy people. And, nothing good ever came of a mob!Now, we’ve tried to tell the Wonderland crew to tone it down. “Think of the impression you’re making on your kids!” we cry, but that only gave them the idea to start having kids. Nutty kids. They can literally climb the walls. You cannot take anything with a grain of salt, here. (The salt can make you shrink! Did you know that!?)The point of this warning is that when you are heading into Wonderland, you need some attitude to deal with those folks! Of course, you’ll do fine with this Sassy Alice costume. The pale blue dress has short puffed sleeves and a bright blue bow on each side and the apron has attractive ruffled shoulder straps anchored with contrasting black buttons. The black headband with blue bow adds to the deceivingly cute and innocent look, but this getup is not for the faint-hearted. This Alice means business! And, boy does Wonderland need her!

    $54.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Women's Queen of Roses Costume

    Women’s Queen of Roses Costume

    Ready for a turn as the Queen of Roses? This costume will transport you to a fantasy land ,where only two things matter: roses and ruling! You’ll have the looking good part covered with this costume ,the only thing you’ll have to worry about is refining your new persona. You might want to start your reign as Queen with a little bit of compassion ,or with an iron fist ,but whatever you choose just don’t forget to carry the roses with you!One thing is for sure ,this costume is sure to be eye catching with its unique style for a unique new Queen. Rocking the black and red pullover dress with an attached foam collar that is designed to stand up around your neck for a prestige look that’s fit for a queen! The sequins and black glitter accents will let you sparkle and shine as you rule your kingdom the way you see fit. With roses attached to your sensational dress there will be no question that you are deemed the ultimate Queen of the Roses.Out with the old and in with the new! All hail because the Queen of Roses is the new ruler in town! You will be the epitome of royalty while you’re decked out in this costume. While you’re turning heads and taking charge you are sure to be a force to be reckoned with this Halloween night!

    $69.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Luxurious Sequin Queen of Hearts Costume

    Luxurious Sequin Queen of Hearts Costume

    It is time to take your place as the true ruler of Wonderland when you wear this Luxurious Sequin Queen of Hearts costume. This costume will give you the confidence to give orders to all the playing card guards and maybe even a good shout of “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” If you pick up this dress be sure to also check out our great Queen of Hearts accessories to complete your royal look.

    $69.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Girls Wonderland Queen Costume

    Girls Wonderland Queen Costume

    Did you know that the Queen of Wonderland was once a very mild mannered child? Some psychologists have reasoned that her extremely fiery personality may be the direct result of never getting to dress up for Halloween. She was especially drawn to masks, which she was never allowed to wear. And thus‚Ķoff with his head she went.We don‚Äôt want to tell you how to parent or anything, but you don‚Äôt really want your kiddo running around executing a bunch of playing cards, do you? This Girls Wonderland Queen Costume is a win-win: she gets the ultimate fantasy dress-up experience she‚Äôs been longing for, and you get to let her blow off a bit of steam in a controlled (not to mention cute) way. She thinks she has what it takes to rule Wonderland; once she‚Äôs decked out in this outfit, you can try to teach her that the best rulers are fair and kind but…honestly…she‚Äôs going to draw inspiration from this dress‚Äô dramatic visuals and and stiff, stand up collar. Don‚Äôt worry, she‚Äôs just pretending to be so tough! You still wear the crown around your palace. She‚Äôll be so happy to slip on her own crown headband,though, that she‚Äôll likely forget all about the whole evil queen bit and befriend Alice and trick-or-treat with her all night!

    $24.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Charming Alice Costume

    Charming Alice Costume

    Take a trip through the looking glassWe know that Wonderland is real. We just don’t know how to get there. We have looked down every rabbit hole ,and found nothing but cute little baby rabbits. We touch every mirror to see if we can fall through to the land where everyone is a little mad.Alice is one lucky girl. As a child she follows the White Rabbit into Wonderland. There she meets all manner of wacky ,fun ,and ridiculous people. Then a few years later she falls through a mirror ,and gets to see that fantastical world again. She meets all new people ,and goes on an all new adventure. She has the best adventures.She also has the cutest light blue dress. Slip on this Charming Alice Costume ,and get ready to fall through the looking glass. You’ll have fun adventures ,and meet the most interesting people. You will get to play croquet with the Queen of Hearts. And have a mad tea party with the Hare ,and the Mad Hatter. You will meet the confusing ,disappearing Cheshire cat. When you figure out how to get there ,you should let us know. We’ve been dying to visit. Just send us a letter ,or maybe just one of the Queen’s royal hearts guards. She probably wont notice a missing Two of Hearts.

    $39.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Peasant Top Queen of Hearts Costume

    Peasant Top Queen of Hearts Costume

    Are you new here? Is this your first time down the rabbit hole? Because your eyes are kind of scrunched up like you can’t figure out why the Queen of Hearts would be wearing a peasant’s top. We used to have a lot of questions ,too. But the answer to most of them is the same: that’s just the way things are in Wonderland. The sooner you embrace the topsy-turviness of it all ,the sooner you can start enjoying your visit!When we first arrived ,we were also thrown by all the people who seemed to be losing their heads. But it turns out that the King of Hearts likes to pardon criminals just as much as the queen likes to condemn them! We’ve discovered that whatever seems confusing and dangerous here is usually just the tip of a big ,weird ,colorful iceberg. And that iceberg is probably floating in a sea of iced tea ,or on a cloud of smoke from the Caterpillar’s hookah. You just never know! For some people ,that’s a little daunting. But it seems like you’re catching on.Hey ,why not immerse yourself even further in this wacky place by putting on a playful Peasant Top Queen of Hearts Costume of your own? Adorned with mesmerizing details drawn from a deck of cards (and possibly the warped mind of the mad hatter) ,it’s perfect for a coquettish game of croquet or a stroll through the rose garden. And around here ,the only thing that makes more sense than one Queen of Hearts around here is two of them!

    $59.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Kids White Tights

    Kids White Tights

    These Kids White Tights are an easy and comfortable way to accessorize a multitude of costumes. Little Alice in Wonderland’s outfit is always cute but without perfectly white tights the blue dress just wouldn’t be the same. We both know she’s going to need a sturdy pair of nylons as she falls down the rabbit hole. That’s not where it stops ,though. These will work wonderfully for a white little bunny costume she’s wearing for Easter or a sweet angel costume for this year’s Christmas recital. The tights have a comfortable elastic waistband and can easily be integrated into your little girl’s everyday wardrobe for extra coverage for shorter skirts and warmth in colder weather. Your little girl will look perfectly timeless in Mary Janes or costume shoes. So ,whether your child is dressing up as the rabbit ,Alice ,or even the White Queen she’ll look perfect in these white stockings.

    $5.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Alice in Wonderland Child Alice Prestige Shoes

    Alice in Wonderland Child Alice Prestige Shoes

    Alice went on a ton of adventures throughout Wonderland on all sorts of different terrain. She traveled on everything from flowery forests, to rocky surfaces, or even castles! Not only did she do all of this, but she did it all while in different sizes ranging from tiny enough to fit in a teapot, to big enough to tower over a tree! When she was rather large, she probably didn’t have to take too many steps to get around, but remember, she was small much longer, so just imagine how long of a walk it would be just getting across the Mad Hatter’s table! It would surely feel like miles!Hopefully she brought enough shoes in every size for when she changed to and from. Maybe they were just magical along with the rest of the world. This place is basically whatever she wants it to be after all. We’ll go with that, because the officially licensed child’s prestige shoes we have are sturdy enough to take your child anywhere she can create in her imagination, even if she doesn’t have to leave the backyard.

    $9.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Adult Prestige Mad Hatter Costume

    Adult Prestige Mad Hatter Costume

    The Mad Hatter has had many depictions throughout time, and there never seems to be a shortage of different takes on the character. After all, he is an unpredictable mad man. We’re certain that, in spite of all the other versions, no one quite comes close to the amazing performance of the one and only Johnny Depp. With the fantastic minds that Tim Burton pulled together, the famous character came to life like no other time before. The stark white makeup combined with all the different colorful accents was astounding to add to the changes in emotion that comes with the character, and Johnny Depp has been in so many roles similar in strangeness to him. We’re actually beginning to convince ourselves that the man has simply been performing as himself in all these movies, and he just happens to be wearing clothes that fit the rest of the movie. Of course if this were true then this man was born the mad hatter and simply goes by a different name. We could also then talk about how right the costume had to be for such a wonderful role. Just look at all that color exploding out of the outfit! The hat is crazy silly, the hair is ridiculous, and don’t even get us started on the bow tie. Not to mention there seems to be places all over the clothes to put different hatter tools in for later use. It’s a perfect Halloween costume for when you want to be a hero with a kind heart, but also a potential to get a little scary at the same time. It’s also fantastic for a group theme!

    $109.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Adult Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume

    Adult Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume

    Alice in Wonderland movies are full of strange characters. There’s a White Rabbit who carries a pocket watch, always mumbling about time. There’s a fiery tempered queen with hair as bright as her anger and there’s a caterpillar that likes to talk in riddles. Our favorite character? Well, that’s got to be the Johnny Depp version of Mad Hatter. What’s not to love? Wacky orange hair, wackier outfits and Futterwacken dancing! Yeah! If we could dress up like any of the characters from the movie, that’s who we’d be. How about you?This Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume recreates the look from the 2016 film, Through the Looking Glass. From the lace cuffs to the argyle style patterning on the top, this outfit will have you ready to do a Futterwacken dance of your own! Just make sure to have plenty of tea on hand, since you will be expected to throw a few unbirthday parties for your friends once you’re all geared up in this costume.

    $49.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass Adult Deluxe Costume

    Alice Through the Looking Glass Adult Deluxe Costume

    It looks like Alice traded in her classic blue dress and big black bow for this unique ensemble. To be frank, her blue dress just didn’t match her gutsy personality and this unique outfit most certainly does. She needs something easy to move around in since she’s going to take on Time, the half-clock half-human demigod, and she’ll definitely get his attention if she shows up in this! Who knows what kind of tricks Time will have up his sleeve? But we’re willing to bet that Alice and her gang of kooky characters will show him who really runs Wonderland, and she’ll save her BFF the Mad Hatter while she’s at it. When you’re draped in this unique attire, you’ll feel like you could do anything!This officially licensed Alice costume is modeled after her new look in the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass. The costume is made from shiny fabric in different prints. The purple long sleeve tunic has a floral pattern while the pants are made up of gold and green stripes. Geometric prints and designs decorate the large collar which is the key piece in this movie inspired costume. If you’re in a race against time, this is the costume to go with!

    $49.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Child Deluxe Red Queen Costume

    Child Deluxe Red Queen Costume

    Off with your head! Does it seem like you hear this around your house a little too often? You either might want to have a discussion about non-violent conflict resolution, or you have a Red Queen under your roof. In both cases, this Deluxe Red Queen Costume, from Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, should help you stay on her good side! Now, we’re not going to go tell the Red Queen how to do her job (which sounds like a great way to lose one’s head), but we can think of at least three punishments that allow everyone to keep their noggins. The first would be to make the subject clean the Jabberwock’s cage. If that doesn’t solve the matter, she could be made to watch everyone else in the room eat ice cream sundaes, while she only gets to eat rice cakes (plain rice cakes). If the problem persists even still, just give her a picture of a sad looking piglet and tell her she is responsible for it looking that way. That should crush her spirit! While your little queen is deciding how best to deal with her subjects, this costume is just the look she’ll be needing to get into the queenly mood. The elegant gown features frilly lace sleeves and printed details on the bodice, and the flowing red skirt has its own attached petticoat for added volume. This royal look works well either as a standalone or group costume with other Wonderland characters. After all, deciding how to dress isn’t something to lose one’s head over!

    $54.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Tween Queen of Hearts Costume

    Tween Queen of Hearts Costume

    Dressing up as the Queen of Hearts is every tween’s dream! Not only are you the ruler of an entire kingdom but you also get to be one of the quirky fictional characters from the amazing fantasy world of Wonderland. Now with this great Alice in Wonderland themed costume, any teen can get a taste of kookiness and royalty this Halloween!This cute costume includes a black, velour dress made from polyester. The dress has an attached stand-up collar that is lined in red and made from foam to ensure it maintains its shape. A white satin-like inset lines the torso with red sequined hearts and also has a lovely blood-red trim. The short sleeves are made from sheer red material and decorated with black ribbon that features even more red hearts. The sleeves are also lined with elastic to give them a cute puffy look. The red shimmering skirt has a sheer black overlay with red hearts. The white leggings also feature red hearts down the side which are made from a spandex and nylon blend. Matching white glovelettes with a handful of hearts are also included. Then, of course, you have a crown that completes this royal costume. The plastic gold crown is stuffed with red netting and has two small elastic loops making it easy to bobby pin the crown in place (please note the bobby pins are not included).Make heads roll at your next Halloween party and have everyone following your every command in this Tween Queen of Hearts costume!

    $34.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Women's Plus Size Royal Queen Costume

    Women’s Plus Size Royal Queen Costume

    Is red your favorite color? Do you, more often than not, find yourself on the short end of your temper? Is croquet your favorite pastime? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you may be ready to ascend the throne as the royal queen!If people are always telling you that you act like a queen or that you ride on your high horse, then being a true ruler should be no big task! You‚Äôll enjoy commanding attention and respect everywhere you turn, even if it‚Äôs just respect driven out of fear of being called out by your royal highness. If you prefer the company of ‚Äòyes‚Äô men and women, then being queen is a job you‚Äôre surely up to the task for. Sure, we all enjoy being told the truth, but sometimes just having people around you who will do as you ask is nice too!Rule Wonderland with a firm hand and a killer sense of style in this regal costume! This regal costume comes with all of the items you need to make a grand entrance this Halloween! The high-low dress has cupcake sleeves and is made of 100% polyester. The faux corset front has a high collar for added dramatic effect and the dress has ample decorative lace and sequins. The gold and red heart crown give you an unmistakable look that will strike fear into those who would challenge you. The crown opens with Velcro and attaches with bobby pins for a look that will last throughout your entire evening. Add a pair of red or black heels as well as a queen‚Äôs staff to give you a look that will demand respect and loyalty this Halloween. Otherwise, it‚Äôs off with their heads!

    $49.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Women's Plus Size Delightful Mad Hatter Costume

    Women’s Plus Size Delightful Mad Hatter Costume

    Are you the kind of person that’s always fifteen minutes early? Or maybe you seem to be constantly running ten minutes late. In the military they say that when you’re early you’re on time, when you’re on time you’re late, and being late is unacceptable. But in the party crowd, they say you ought to arrive fashionably late. So, whether you’re late or early it doesn’t matter, in the end, time is a construct made from our civilized ideas.We love the matter for many reasons but mostly because of the way he freed his friends from the curse of the clock. At one point the Mad Hatter, while singing to the Queen of Hearts, murdered time. Murdered time? Well, we say it casually all the time “killing time”. Even though it doesn’t sound very nice it’s quite a pleasant thing to do. We kill time by watching movies, reading books, and whistling while twiddling our thumbs. The pleasant parts of our lives are filled with moments when we’re killing time. Maybe that’s why we love the Mad Hatter, he stands against the playing card monarchy by getting rid of that imaginary construct that tells us what to do. Revolutionary, if you ask us.If you want to dress as this unforgettable character this Halloween, you’ll love this topsy-turvy ensemble. In rich tones of teal and purple, you can be as mad as you want to be. The striped skirt is layered under the sophisticated jacket and matches the fabric on the top hat. The cap is detailed with a clock icon, maybe to warn off those people who might dare say that the Hatter is late.

    $54.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Women's Delightful Hatter Costume

    Women’s Delightful Hatter Costume

    So, you’ve gotten a very cordial invitation to dinner in Wonderland. Wow. This is a very big deal, as I’m sure you know. But it looks like that Mad Hatter is already attending, so you can’t just wear your best, slightly crazy, hatter outfit–it would be awful for two guests to be wearing the same thing!Don’t worry! As always, we have you covered. When you put on this Women’s Delightful Hatter Costume, you will immediately know that you’ve nailed a classic look, without repeating what the Mad Hatter always dons. And as you know, the most famous Wonderland residents will be there. We’re sure Alice is bound to show up in her classic blue cocktail dress, the White Rabbit will have his gold watch–though he will probably only pop in and out, as he is very busy. Even the Queen of Hearts might make an appearance. But if you ask us, you’ll be the best dressed of them all. With this outfit’s belted overcoat and dashing large lapels, you pull all the eyes of the room, and your stylish top hat, complete with a large clock embellishment will have everyone asking what designer you’re wearing. And don’t you worry that you’ve outdone the Mad Hatter himself, we think it’s high time for a new Queen of High Fashion in Wonderland. Hey, who knows? Maybe the Hatter will even tip his cap to your chic underground fashion sense. Afterall, do you think the original hatter would dare to mix checkers and stripes like you do?

    $49.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Deluxe Mad Hatter Women's Costume

    Deluxe Mad Hatter Women’s Costume

    Feeling the urge to throw an unforgettable party? Show up wearing this chic Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume, and everyone will be talking about your awesome party for ages!Who hasn’t heard of the Mad Hatter from Lewis Carroll’s tale Alice in Wonderland? This classic storybook character and the epic tea parties he hosts are almost as famous as Alice, herself! But, what many may not realize is that there’s way more to being as mad as a hatter than simply acting silly and wearing eccentric outfits and a big top hat. It’s all about keeping your guests on their toes, and not quite sure what you’re going to do next! Will you make everyone get out of their chairs and sit underneath them, instead? Or, will you ask them all “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” again, and see if anyone has finally figured that riddle out? The best part about acting a little bit mad like this is that when combined with the right outfit, everyone will go along with your quirky behavior and make it an even more memorable shindig!Luckily, this classy costume is the perfect look for a slightly mad hostess like yourself! The elegantly sexy Victorian-inspired dress and bodice are made up of many different patterns and materials, since even a mad hatter shouldn’t have to settle for just one style! It also includes a ruffled lace neck piece and a cute top hat headband, so adding a pair of tights and boots to complete this peculiar ensemble will make everyone want to come to your tea party!

    $64.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Plus Psychedelic Alice Costume

    Plus Psychedelic Alice Costume

    Are you ready for another trip down the ole rabbit hole this Halloween? Well, instead of looking like your lost in Wonderland why not you dress like this isn’t your first time. You know as well as we do about the zany creatures that inhabit Wonderland, so why not fit in with their odd and wild attire this time around? Grab this Psychedelic Alice Costume and let your adventure begin!The blue dress mixed with the different black and white patterns has both a familiar feel as well as a new exciting essence surrounding it. When you strut around costume parties in this outfit everyone will know that you’ve spent a fair amount of time vacationing in Wonderland. You’re no longer innocent little Alice. No, you’ve grown up into ready to rave all night long Alice, and you need to show all of your friends exactly that, this Halloween with this playful costume. Grab a few accessories to complete your new psychedelic look. Take a look at the stockings we have available and grab something that is as visually stimulating as the rest of this outfit. Then make the choice between a pair of alluring elbow length gloves or sassy short gloves, or if you’re bold enough to wonder through Wonderland without gloves then do your thang!If you grab a few friends to go as a mad hatter, a well-dressed white rabbit, and a smiling Cheshire cat then you’ll certainly be in store for quite a wacky Halloween. Enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole!

    $59.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Royal Hearts Queen Costume

    Royal Hearts Queen Costume

    Oh, it’s good to be queen!It’s written in the cards – when you step out in this Royal Hearts Queen Costume, heads will roll. Okay, not really, but it’s good to feel the power sometimes, isn’t it? So it’s time to put down that croquet mallet and stop playing around this Halloween. You have a kingdom to rule and some major obstacles to put in the path of a certain blonde-haired girl named Alice. Plus, we’re sure it’s getting old living in a big palace and seeing the same boring subjects every day. It can make a girl just a little bit, uh, cranky.Anyway, you’ve got all the fire and passion it takes to pull off going out as the queen of hearts, and you know it. So get this costume on and leave them all speechless and maybe holding their heads at the Halloween party or costume party. They know all that “off with their heads” business is just your fancy, but it never hurts to make everybody a little intimidated anyway.The Royal Hearts Queen Costume will have you looking like the villainous queen in no time at all. It’s all red ruffles and red bows and sparkly, glittery hearts, of course. There’s a stand-up collar and puffed sleeves, a little bit of mesh and a whole lot of satiny glamour. The costume zips up the side and a black tutu that shimmers in glitter. There’s even a white coattail in back with glitter hearts in just the right place. And your crown, your majesty. It’s golden and accented with seven sparkly hearts. Now, look in the mirror and say it: “Off with their heads!” Come on, you know you want to.

    $59.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • White Rabbit Plus Size Mens Costume

    White Rabbit Plus Size Mens Costume

    Can we ask you a strange question? If you stumbled across a rabbit wearing an overcoat and top hat, checking a pocket watch and complaining about promptness, would you freak out and walk the other way? Or, would you jump in, ears first, by throwing on this exclusive Plus Size White Rabbit Costume, and see how much stranger your day can get?When Alice followed the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and tumbled into Wonderland, she must have had some idea of what to expect. Maybe she didn’t know exactly what Wonderland would be like. But, we’re pretty sure if we saw a nicely dressed (or even poorly dressed) talking bunny, we’d know that finding other chatty, dressed-up critters were a good possibility. Even if we didn’t see any other talking animals, and instead found a magical pizza tree or a singing waterfall full of Dr. Pepper, we would totally be prepared for those too. The most fun part about wearing this bunny costume is that you get to take a stroll in the giant feet of the White Rabbit himself, and make some of your own Wonderland weirdness. The faux fur pants and feet give your lower half a bunny-like look, and thanks to the brown vest and purple jacket, your top half is a little more formal. Your hands and head are also nice and furry with the included mitts and top hat, complete with big white rabbit ears. Just add any other whimsical accessories you may need, like some eyeglasses or a giant pocket watch to flash around, and you’ll be ready to hop into your own wondrous adventure!

    $94.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Adult Caterpillar Costume

    Adult Caterpillar Costume

    With all of the wondrous and odd things that go on around Wonderland, it’s perfectly understandable to need a helping hand once in a while. Maybe even two hands. How about six? You’ll have all the hands (and feet) you could need when you’re in our exclusive Caterpillar Costume! You may be asking yourself, “How can I ever make a convincing caterpillar? They’re tiny, and I only have two arms and legs.” We’ll let you in on a little secret about this costume: you don’t actually have to have six arms and legs to pull off this look; we’ve supplied all of the appendages you’ll need, which will come in handy (caterpillars also love puns). In response to the issue of a caterpillar’s size, size is all a matter of perspective. Sure, an insect may only be a couple of inches tall, but with all of the size-altering mushrooms, potions, and cakes floating around Wonderland, someone can easily shrink to half that size, and then a lowly caterpillar could seem like a monster! Hey, no one ever said Wonderland made sense. Everything will start making more sense, though, once you step into this exclusive costume. The bodysuit is all one piece, so you don‚Äôt have to worry about losing an arm or leg, and you can add extra stuffing to the appendages to make them look more lively. It’s the perfect look for a Wonderland themed party, or any shindig that you feel could be helped by a giant caterpillar.

    $124.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Mad Hatter Kit

    Mad Hatter Kit

    It’s time for tea!Feeling a little batty? Are you in a mood that can be described best as absolutely mad? Well that’s a-okay! Especially if you are going to take a plunge down the rabbit hole. We assure you that there will be plenty of kooky characters waiting for you when you get there.This crazy accessory comes with a over sized hat, 10″ high to be exact so you are sure to make a statement. You will also receive a collar with an attached bow tie! Whether you’ve got a regular sized head or your noggin is a little on the larger size (we know, you’re just full of wisdom) this Mad Hatter Kit has a size adjuster in the interior of the hat for a perfect fit. It’s time to personify the craziest character of them all by picking up this Mad Hatter Kit. Wear it and you’re sure to have a wonderful night!

    $24.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Women's Tea Cup Purse

    Women’s Tea Cup Purse

    A PURSE WITH CURIOUS CONTENTSWhat do you keep in that purse of yours?  We suppose you stick to the standards: cell phone, wallet, maybe a tube of your favorite red matte lipstick.  When you’re traveling down to Wonderland, though, you might need some unique supplies for dreamlike adventures.For instance, you might need a cup for your tea.  The Mad Hatter goes nuts when his own go missing.  Maybe you’d want to bring your own Earl Grey tea bag, since who knows what the March Hare is serving up!  Actually, if only you could put everything all in one… DESIGN & DETAILSThe tea-obsessed residents of Wonderland are sure to love this adorable purse crafted by our own team of wondrous designers.  This Tea Cup Purse has playing card images printed on the front.  A tan strip on the top has the look of a creamy, dreamy beverage.  With the “Drink Me” label hanging from the handle, this purse will pair perfectly with any Wonderland costume!FIT IN WITH EVERYONE!Feeling like you belong is tough enough in the real world.  Much harder in Wonderland.  But, with the right accessory, you can be sure you’ll fit in any room!  Sip the tea or store the rest of that size-changing mushroom in this Tea Cup Purse.  (Just remember which one does which!)

    $12.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes