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  • Adult's Archaeologist Costume

    Adult’s Archaeologist Costume

    Perilous Pieces of the PastYou never thought your interest in history would be dangerous. You thought you’d just take your brush and chisel and play detective, one layer of desert at a time. How could fossils inspire any sort of fear? But when some billionaire with too much time on his hands started fiddling around with the ancient DNA you found while digging up a T-Rex in the middle of a barren landscape, you started to get worried. You had held a single T-Rex vertebra in your hands, you knew how big this dinosaur would be as a living, breathing being. But, what are you going to do? Are you going to refuse funding? Pass up this chance to actually interact with the ancient history you’ve longed to get to know your whole life? Nope. You’re going to jump at this opportunity, let’s just hope scientists were wrong and those giant fossilized teeth were actually for cracking open giant coconuts!Details & DesignWhat sets this Made by Us archeologist costume apart from other archeologist looks? Our designers made sure to insert little details to set your scientific explorer look apart. The top and shorts are both trimmed in a reptilian print faux leather to hint at your dinosaur interests. The shirt has dinosaur patches that say, “Dinosaur City Marshal” and a T-rex skull. The look is finished off with a hat with a reptile print sash so you’ll be ready for those hot days in the sun.Rugged and ReadyThese khakis tell the world you’re ready for anything. Want to take on the desert and any oversized lizards that might come your way? Finish off this look with hiking boots and tall socks. There might be all sorts of adventures coming your way, but with a look like this, you’re prepared!

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  • Adult's Zookeeper Costume

    Adult’s Zookeeper Costume

    Wild WorkplaceWhat’s your Monday like? Do you have beastly coworkers at the beginning of the week like we do? It’s like we start the week with ornery big cats and irritable camels and end it with playful spider monkeys and a couple of chill sloths (no offense, Gail). But if you were a zookeeper, the day of the week wouldn’t matter, your coworkers would always be unpredictable. If you’re worried about someone stealing your lunch from the refrigerator now, just imagine what would happen if you tried to eat your PB&J around the monkeys. It would be gone in an instant! Dave from accounting never stole your sandwich right from your hands, now, did he? Still, it would be pretty awesome if your Tuesday meeting was with a bunch of wallaby babies instead of the marketing team. And hippo happy hour? Well, that’s an invite everyone wants!Details & DesignYou’ll look like you’re ready for some fun and fashionable zoo action when you’re wearing this Made by Us khaki and animal print jumpsuit. The khaki color makes you look like you’re ready to do some heavy lifting while the sparkly animal print keeps you looking wild. The top is belted in the middle, buttons up the front, and has two badges giving you an air of authority. Polished off with an animal print trimmed hat, you’ll be ready to take on whatever the zoo’s monkey’s throw at you!Prudent PrimatesAre you sick of your coworkers acting like animals? Next time they show up late, make too much noise in the office, and steal your lunch, retaliate by showing up in this outfit. Nothing tells people to get civilized like hinting at their animal nature! What’s that? That’s not professional? Hmm, good point. Still! This is going to make a great Halloween costume even if everyone around you keeps wilding. 

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  • Adult Red and White Socks for Adults

    Adult Red and White Socks for Adults

    SOME STRIKING SOCKSTrying to find the right accessory to bolster your already super look can sometimes be such stress that all the splendor is ready to slip right through the seams! It’s just silly the struggle we sigh through to secure a sleek style! But, when you finally see those superior socks that seem to sing, “Yassss!” you can step back, stand up, and slide them up to the hem of your skirt or slip them under your slacks. A superb fit, these striped socks! Sweet as… er… something…DESIGN & DETAILSWhen you’ve got that perfect look that is just missing one, simple thing, it is often something that you’ve taken for granted. Your feet need some style, too, and these Red and White Striped Socks are sure to make a great complement to your Santa Suit a Candy Costume or a more colorful twist to a Wicked Witch! SUGAR!Who knows how we couldn’t think of sugar when looking at these candy cane themed socks, especially when we were stuck on a string of strong sayings!? But, that’s what happens when you’ve got a sophisticated sock already certain! Now you just get the fun of pairing them up with another look. Or, heck, dare you mix and match them with another pair!? Scandalous! 

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  • Adults FBI Costume Set

    Adults FBI Costume Set

    Playing Catch UpStaying one step ahead of the baddies isn’t always easy. Especially, as it always seems, in the movies, that the FBI is always dealing with criminal masterminds. These baddies really know their stuff. They always seem to float from identity to identity with ease, just using a baseball hat or a wig to change identities. Or they’ll weave intricate conspiracies that go all the way to the top. These bad guys are great at getting away. Lucky for you, you’re even better at catching up. In this FBI jacket, you can make it seem like you spend your time in front of a map that’s decked out in important clues with markers at key spots that are just waiting to be connected so you can solve the case. Design & DetailsHead out to the scene of the crime when you suit up in this classic FBI jacket. As it’s Made by Us, you’ll notice a difference in quality so you can wear this jacket more than once. With FBI printed on the front as well as the back, it’s hard to notice your investigator status. The look is topped off with a billed cap, perfect for looking serious and moody at a rainy crime scene. Simply snap this jacket over a collared shirt and black pants and you’ll have a costume with a backstory in an instant. Take OverYou never know about the local cops, they could be part of the plot. That’s why it’s important to never back down when you sweep on the scene in your FBI gear. Pair this costume with a pair of aviator sunglasses so you can seem suaver than ever when you tell a cop at the Halloween party that the scene is an FBI matter now. Gotta say, if we were the bad guy, we’d be shivering in our boots!

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  • Real Coconut Bra For Adults

    Real Coconut Bra For Adults

    This is a Real Coconut Bra

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  • Plus Size Cozy Sloth Adults Costume

    Plus Size Cozy Sloth Adults Costume

    Got Sloth?What do you dream of doing on your days off? Are you the type that wants to travel to faraway locations, doing exciting and adventurous things? Or maybe you like to try something wild and new that you’ve never done before? Us? Well, we’re more the type who wants to have a stay-cation at home, lazing around on the couch while binging our favorite show. That’s why we can really relate to the lazy sloth.Sloths are easy livin’ animals who spend their time relaxing in their favorite tree. They munch on leaves, take naps, and cultivate their unique aura of chill. If they had access to a couch and a streaming service, we bet they’d spend their days off having a stay-cation just like we would!Design & DetailsHow about you? Are you a sloth at heart? Then you might like dressing up in this Cozy Sloth Costume for adults! It’s a plus size outfit that helps you get in touch with your inner chill critter. This exclusive costume was crafted by our expert costume designers. It comes with a full-body jumpsuit that’s made of brown faux fur. The mitts and foot covers are made of the same faux fur and feature soft-sculpted white claws. It also comes with a mascot-style sloth headpiece, which has a soft-sculpted nose in front. The eyes have a large, cartoonish style and feature mesh covering for limited vision.Let the Lazy Bout BeginIf you need a costume that’s more your laid-back speed, then give this exclusive Sloth Costume a try. With a cozy style, you can indulge in your laziness while still looking your best at the next costume party. When you decide to hole up on the couch all night, everyone will know that you’re just getting into character!

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  • Adult's Reindeer Union Suit

    Adult’s Reindeer Union Suit

    SUPERDUDE SHIPPING ERRORWe’ve got to apologize. We know that you were looking forward to taking off into the skies and flying from place to place in virtually the snap of a finger. You probably started dreaming of the fame that you’d soon have from all your heroic rescues of those in need, the hopeful inspiration that you’d instill upon those who even saw you come near, and the mythological strength that you would have possessed. Unfortunately, the Superdude costume that you were anticipating has gone a little haywire. We shipped the thing out but the suit took on a life of its own and began flying higher and higher until it breached through the upper atmosphere and its built-in tracking signal went dead. We’d like to say that’s never happened before, but… you know comic books. That kind of thing happens all the time with superhero garb. But, don’t give up. There is an even better option for you! PRODUCT DETAILSFeel all the wonder, strength, and flying potential that you need with the added benefit of an incredibly cozy costume with this Reindeer Union suit. This is a soft and warm jumpsuit that features a bright white belly patch and golden brown tone throughout. The hood pulls up for a reindeer face with an iconic gleaming red nose that we suspect you’ll recognize! The soft sculpted antlers finish off this wondrous look. And, just think, when you’re finally tired from all your worldly galavanting, you can retire back home in this already-soft outfit and snuggle in for a good nap!A TRUE SUPERHEROWhen you think about all the property destruction Superdude has caused, really, a magical reindeer that helps deliver a ton of toys is way better. And all without destroying any homes! Talk about inspiring good cheer while saving the whole world’s hope? This is even better than being Superdude!

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  • Plus Size Adult's Panda Bear Costume

    Plus Size Adult’s Panda Bear Costume

    The Panda LifePanda life is like one big vacation. Think about it for a second. What do panda bears do all day? Do they head to a job and work for 8 hours? No! They find a nice place in the shade, grab some of their favorite snacks, and then just sit back and relax. Then, they rinse, repeat, and head to bed when they get a little sleepy. Hey, that sounds like a dream vacation to us!Unfortunately, most of us were born human beings, so we’ll never fully get to enjoy the experience of being a panda… or will we? What if we told you that this Plus Size Panda Bear Costume will give you the chance to live life like a panda, even if just for a day?Design & DetailsOur costume designers are big fans of pandas and their way of life. It totally shows in this Plus Size Panda Bear Costume. The black and white jumpsuit captures the lackadaisical look of the ursine critter with a layer of soft faux fur on the exterior. It also features a zipper in front, making it easy to slip into. The sleeves end in black mitts and the legs have shoe covers. Of course, the best part about this costume has to be the mascot-style headpiece, which is shaped like a panda’s face. It even has a pair of soft, round ears on top. Combine that with the cute smile on the front and you’ll be feeling like one happy panda when you wear this whole outfit.Panda-Style RelaxationWant to live like a panda? Then it’s time to give this Panda Bear Costume a try. With a cozy look and the classic panda style, you’ll be ready for a day of relaxing and eating bamboo shoots in no time! 

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  • Adults Magic School Bus Liz Costume

    Adults Magic School Bus Liz Costume

    A Real Wiz LizLiz isn’t just some average chameleon. She’s been to every planet in the solar system. She’s traveled back in time to the late Cretaceous Period to meet her dinosaur ancestors. She also once made a trip to the bottom of the ocean to check out all of the critters living hundreds of miles underwater. She’s also made a venture into the Arctic, journeyed into the heart of the rain forest, and found herself right in the middle of an ant hill. That’s just what happens when you’re Ms. Frizzle’s trusted companion!Are you just as adventurous as Liz? Then maybe you have what it takes to take the kids on a Magic School Bus trip just like the bold reptile! All you need is this officially licensed costume.Design & DetailsThis Magic School Bus Liz Costume is an adult-sized outfit based on the reptile from the cartoon and book series. It comes with a bright green jumpsuit that has a darker green belly. The suit fiastens with a zipper in front, making easy to change into this outfit. Of course, that back of the suit has an attached tail, since Liz just wouldn’t be Liz without that cute lizard tail! The sleeves have attached mitts. The shoe covers that fit over any pair of shoes. Finally, the whole look is topped off with an attached hood! The hood has classic Liz features, like a pair of stuffed horns on top and a horn near the nose. It also has a pair of eyes in front. Just flip the hood on and you’ll instantly be transformed into the most well-traveled lizard in the world!The Next LessonIf you’re a fan of The Magic School Bus or have some eager-to-learn kids that are, then this Liz costume is the perfect way to get them into a mood for the next lesson!

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  • Adult's Plus Size Caterpillar Costume

    Adult’s Plus Size Caterpillar Costume

    Who Are You? Who are you? Wow, what a loaded question posed by this seemingly dopey caterpillar. This blue caterpillar doesn’t want to know your first and last name, no, it goes much deeper than that. The caterpillar wants to know who you are as a person. Some identify with their profession, declaring themselves to be diligent accountants or hardworking businessmen. Others identify with their culture and heritage, labeling themselves as proud Latinos, Italians or Norwegians, and others, like us, and perhaps you, are still looking for answers to the proverbial question, ‘Who am I?’ Not knowing who you are is okay but we think this caterpillar costume can really help.  In order to find yourself, put on the costume and see the world through a clear set of eyes. Roam the forest or suburban streets in search of answers. Even better, look inside yourself—that is where the real answer lies. We have a feeling that after wearing this head-to-toe costume for a few hours, you’ll have a better idea of who you really are. It’s a little backward, but it surprisingly works. This all-knowing caterpillar will guide you to who you are!      Product DetailsThe Plus Size Adult Caterpillar Costume is a Made by Us design, created with high-quality fabric so it’s made to last. This is a hooded bodysuit-type costume making it convenient to wear. Just put it on, zip up the full zipper located in the back, and stick your head through the head hole. The arm and leg appendages are stuffed to maintain their shape so they stick straight out for a funny look. The bright yellow clogs on the end of each leg are a cute and unique touch! A Deeper LookGo one inch further (ha, get it?) and get caterpillar costumes for all your friends so you guys can do some introspective soul-searching all together.   

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  • Adult's Blue Caterpillar Costume

    Adult’s Blue Caterpillar Costume

    INCHES AWAY FROM INSECT REALNESSBug haters, be gone. This costume is not for you if you’re creeped out by crawling spiders. If you aggressively swat at flies and purposely step on ants, then avert your eyes because this could be triggering. The blue caterpillar costume is for people not bugged by bugs. It’s for rare insect fans, arthropod admirers, and bug enthusiasts everywhere. Have a minor (or major) fascination with organisms with more than 4 legs? The majority of the world may not share this fascination, but we understand. Bugs are cool and weird but also pretty awesome. Some of them are downright savage! (Have you ever watched the wasp vs spider video? Whoa!) If you find bugs freakishly interesting, then step inside the adult caterpillar costume. (Don’t worry, it won’t be anything like that terrifying centipede movie!) It’s a great way to experience life with 6 arms and 8 legs! (Wait, isn’t that the same thing?) Is it more efficient or just plain awkward? Wear the adult blue caterpillar costume and let us know! PRODUCT DETAILSThe adult blue caterpillar costume is a Made by Us design, created with high-quality fabric so it’s made to last. This is a hooded bodysuit-type costume so it’s easy to wear. Just put it on, zip up the full zipper located in the back, and stick your head through the head hole. The arm and leg appendages are stuffed to maintain their shape so they stick straight out for a quirky, comical look (notice the bright yellow clogs on the feet, how cute!)IT’S A BUG LIFE, DUDEA giant blue caterpillar might freak some people out, but oh well, we encourage it! Team up with a whole bunch of bugs and give people the heebie-jeebies. We have ladybug, bumble bee, and spider costumes for all your buds.  

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  • Bobs Burgers Kuchi Kopi Beanie For Adults

    Bobs Burgers Kuchi Kopi Beanie For Adults

    Ambiguous BuddyHave you ever wanted to feel simultaneously safe and creeped out? Yeah, most people haven’t. But here, to change all that, is Kuchi Kopi from the world of Bobs Burgers. He’s small, green, and has an unknown origin that quite honestly just makes us more intrigued by this little guy.His look suggests Kuchi Kopi comes from a Japanese manga. The fact that Bob’s daughter, Louise Belcher, has several everyday items designed to look like the lime-green creature only supports that idea, but the ruling is still out. It doesn’t help that Bob also is noted to reference Kuchi Kopi as a spirit that can be different things to different people, suggesting he may in fact be some otherworldly being.Product DescriptionWherever your beliefs about Kuchi Kopi land, one thing is for sure, he’s got us caught up in his bizarre, yet adorable, look. With a Bobs Burgers Kuchi Kopi Adult Beanie, you’ll have a simple way to bring Kuchi Kopi into your life and share his likeness with the world. This bright green, knit beanie is one size fits most and sure to bring a smile to your face every time you catch a glimpse of his wide-eyed stare in the mirror (assuming it doesn’t actually startle you).Case Closed?Okay, we’ve been doing just a little more thinking on this whole Kuchi Kopi mystery and we’re starting to side with Bob. Just think of his importance to Louise or how he comes to Bob in Bob’s time of need. Very spooky. Very exciting. Are you convinced?

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  • Bearded Lady Costume for Adults

    Bearded Lady Costume for Adults

    This is an Adult Bearded Lady Costume.

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  • Bearded Lady Costume for Adults

    Bearded Lady Costume for Adults

    This is an Adult Bearded Lady Costume.

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  • Adult's Privateer Pirate Costume

    Adult’s Privateer Pirate Costume

    Rowing RogueThis Privateer started from the bottom… and yes, now he’s here. When the sea called this pirate’s name he was just a grimy little boy. He was hired to herd the ship’s rats and swab the deck. It didn’t take long before he rose above his station after he organized the ships rats into a choir that sang classic sailor songs and did jigs to accordion music. The captain saw this little boy for the natural leader that he was so he took the kid under his wing. Years went by and the street boy learned how to be a great sailor but he had a wild heart. He couldn’t be told what to do. He needed his own ship. So one moonlit night while in port, he and his team of rats snuck over to a shiny new Brigantine and commandeered it. He and his rats were going places and this was just the beginning. Details & DesignThis Privateer costume features a long red jacket with an all-over sculpted scroll pattern. It has wide cuffs that are trimmed with gold brocade ribbon. The same trim falls down the front and frames the false pocket flaps. The outfit has a ruffled cravat to make you extra fancy. The outfit is complete with cropped pants and a hoity-toity brimmed hat with the same scroll pattern as the jacket. Treasure TalesAre you ready to set sail? No need to follow that old treasure map you found in some gross tavern, you’ve already got a treasure of a costume. You can tweak this costume to suit your personality just right. Pair the hat with a long, curly black wig, an eye patch, and a pirate hook. Choose boots or old fashioned loafers and you’ll look right at home aboard a ship. If you’re going to go rogue, might as well go rogue in style!

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  • Adult's Lobster Kigurumi Costume

    Adult’s Lobster Kigurumi Costume

    Happy as a ClamDo you think lobsters are ever jealous of clams? Clams get a real nice rap for their happiness level. It’s something about their ability to hide out in their shell as the dangerous ocean roils around them. Well, lucky for you… and lobsters there’s a way to be just as cosey as a clam without moving into a hard and slimy living space! Level the lobster up to the happiest animal in the sea with a fleece kigurumi that’ll make you want to cuddle up as soon as you get home. And if you get invited to a Halloween party last minute, this will make a great costume in a pinch!Product DetailsWhether you’re a chef, a seafood lover, or just a little crabby, this cozy lobster suit is sure to stir up plenty of giggles and flavor to both your costume and lounging wardrobe. The fleece suit buttons up the front and has little crustacean legs on the sides. While the sleeves branch into hilarious lobster claws, you can also have access to your human hands with a slot in your sleeves. This look is pretty slick as there’s a soft shell texture on the back for a 360 disguise. The whole look is completed with a yellow lined hood with an adorable lobster head on top. Oversized enough to wear layers underneath for cold weather parties and soft enough to lounge in after a day of feasting, there’s always a reason to wear this lobster kigurumi.Go Ahead, Get ShellfishDecision making can be tricky when you’re deciding on what cozy kigurumi to buy. Shake things up with a hilarious lobster costume that’s party ready as soon as it arrives at your door. You don’t even have to add butter anyone up to make this a real show stopper!

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  • Roaring 20s White Costume for Adults

    Roaring 20s White Costume for Adults

    The Bee’s KneesWe’ve heard that phrase before. Apparently, being the “bee’s knees” is something that’s good by 20s logic, but what exactly are bee’s knees? Do bees actually have knees? We talked to our onsite bee expert. He claims that while bees have a bendy part in their legs that we might consider quite “knee-like,” it would be inaccurate to actually call them knees. Some think that the phrase comes from an exaggerated pronunciation of the word “business.”So, why are we talking about bee’s knees right now? Well, when you wear this Adult Roaring 20s White Costume, you’re going to be using that phrase a ton… and we just thought that you’d like to know that bees don’t actually have knees. Well, at least not in the way we think about them!Product DetailsNow, to the main event! This Adult Roaring 20s White Costume is a great way to make you feel like a dapper dan from the 20s. It comes with a cream white jacket that mimics the look of a classic suit jacket. It fits with buttons in front and has faux pockets in the front. The shirt front fits with a fastener at the back of the neck and works great with any white undershirt. The final piece to this outfit is the matching white pants! The pants fit with buttons in the waist and have 3 faux pockets. The whole ensemble combines for a look that comes straight from the 1920s!Playing the Ritzy RoleWhether you choose to use the phrase “bee’s knees” or not (we think that you should), you’ll look that part of a ritzy young businessman from the earlier part of the century. You might even feel up to a trip to a speakeasy to socialize with a few flapper gals! 

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  • Adult's Slither Snake Costume

    Adult’s Slither Snake Costume

    This is an Adult Slither Snake Costume

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  • Reindeer Ear Muffs Adults

    Reindeer Ear Muffs Adults

    Round the World ReadyIt must be cold traveling with Santa’s sleigh. Not only are they traveling around in the middle of winter in an open sleigh but they’re also high in the sky. Those are some seriously low temps up there! That’s why Santa and his reindeer have always been masters of staying warm. Most people don’t know that all the reindeer have their very own knitted sweater. They also all sip hot cocoa when Santa is inside dropping off the goods. How do the reindeer keep the hot cocoa hot? Why, magic, of course! How else? Our favorite reindeer winter accessory? These earmuffs! Fixed over the head of the high-flying deer, these earmuffs are the one North Pole accessory that we can easily add to our winter wardrobe!Product DetailsThese cheerful earmuffs might make you look forward to a chilly day. The ears muffs are covered in a soft faux fur with a warm tawny color. Stuffed antlers brand out from the structured headband to show that you’re in the holiday spirit. Pair these antlers with the rest of your Christmas wear and watch as the cheer continues from the indoors to the outdoors. That’s one great way to spread cheer to all you hold deer!

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  • Adult's Great White Shark Costume

    Adult’s Great White Shark Costume

    Unexpected VisitorAs a lifelong shark lover, you want to use the upcoming Halloween bash as a platform on which to dispel the myths of your favorite fish: Great White Sharks are not killing machines. They are curious, intelligent, tough beasts, who make a mean guacamole and always stay after the party to help clean up…wait a minute…what?Oh, we’re getting a real shark confused with you in this Great White Shark Costume! That figures, given how lifelike you look in it. But nothing will more quickly erase the idea of a ferocious man-eater from partygoers’ minds than you showing up in this costume and acting as sweet as can be. Folks will be downright shocked. And you’ll have an opportunity to bend their ears about the true nature of sharks. Of course, it’ll help that they are eating your famous cookies and cakes while you chat. Everyone loves the guy that brings dessert, even if he is a shark. Design & DetailsYou’re looking shark, handsome! Give us fin. Seriously, though, we love how lifelike this exclusive costume looks as it swims into the party. It’s positively terrifying to turn around to see a Great White staring us in the face, but slightly less so when it’s handing us a beverage and a plate of food, which you can totally do, because this one-piece jumpsuit has convenient openings in the fins for your hands! There are gray boot covers to make sure you’re unrecognizable in your human form, and of course, a hood with a toothy grin and a stuffed dorsal fin! Change of HeartWe admit it—we weren’t too into the idea of floating about the Halloween bash in the company of a Great White Shark. But now that you’ve shown us just how cool and generous a shark can be (not to mention an excellent cook), we’re totally keen to circle the party with you, looking for our next feeding session (at the buffet, that is!). Thanks for showing us the error of our ways!

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  • Spitting Llama Sprazy Hat for Adults

    Spitting Llama Sprazy Hat for Adults

    Laying Down the Law, Ma!There are a lot of adorable animals out there and llamas are part of that category. Llamas, however, are special. They might be super cuddly with all that wooly fur and naturally smiling face, but you’d better show your respect. Head out with a llama and there are a few things to expect. You’ve got to mind your Ps and Qs. Heading to a nice restaurant? Open the door for them and pull out their chairs. Offer the split the bill even if the llama is rolling in that wool sweater money. If you play all your cards right you’ll have a friend for life. If not, you just might find yourself wiping llama spit out of your eyes. We think it’s all worth it!Product DetailsThis llama headpiece will instantly transform you into a wooly yet scrappy South American creature. The head is sculpted to show off this llama’s sweet face. A wooly faux fur falls down around the neck, hiding a bulb full of water for your prankish ways. When you squeeze the bulb of water, it spurts twenty-five feet out of the llama’s mouth. Perfect for Halloween, parades, and parties, you’ll be feeling the llama love for years to come. 

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  • Adults Plus Size Wild Turkey Costume

    Adults Plus Size Wild Turkey Costume

    EAT HAM INSTEADIs your family a ham or turkey family? You can’t be both. For big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter do you carve into a nice, juicy ham or turkey when you’re sitting around the dining room table? It seems most people have strong opinions on the matter, including this turkey right here. He implores you to choose ham. Please, choose the ham! Be a ham family! This turkey doesn’t want to seem rude; he’s thankful you like him but he’s not cool with being the main course. No, sir. This turkey wants freedom. This turkey wants to spread his wings and fly. (Figuratively speaking, of course. We know turkeys don’t fly. They just waddle aggressively whenever they’re in a hurry or mad. We’ve been charged by an angry turkey before and it was no joke!)Whether you belong to a ham family or turkey family, the plus size wild turkey costume is the perfect disguise to drag out for every holiday. Become a wild turkey on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and a random Tuesday in September, it’s completely up to you! But eating turkey while wearing a costume? Well, that’s just wrong. (Just kidding, in this wild turkey costume, do whatever the heck you want!)          PRODUCT DETAILSThe plus size wild turkey costume is a Made by Us design so it’s high-quality and comfortable to wear. The jumpsuit ha a full zipper in the front. Then there are the boot covers. They’re not just any boot covers either, they turn your legs into turkey legs. (Yum!) The wings have elastic straps so they easily stay attached to arms, while the red hood with beak, wattle, and head-hole completes the disguise.GREAT GOBBLING GOODNESS!Make this costume even more awesome (yes, it’s possible) with terrific turkey accessories, sold right here!    

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  • Adults Astronaut Helmet

    Adults Astronaut Helmet

    YOUR HEAD IS IN THE CLOUDSSo, the proverbial “they” always say “you’ve got your heads stuck in the clouds” but that’s just a figure of speech for being a dreamer and what’s wrong with dreaming? We say nothing’s wrong with it! Dreaming is encouraged, especially if you’re dreaming about the night sky, swinging from star to star, sliding down the Milky Way, and exploring the moon all on your own. In fact, we have an accessory to make all your astronaut dreams blast off and become a solid reality: the adult-sized astronaut helmet. Put it on and pretend you’re walking on the moon or instead, just do the moonwalk, either way, you’ll feel like you’re floating in space, dancing amongst the stars.          PRODUCT DETAILSThe adult’s astronaut helmet is a Made by Us accessory, meaning it’s high-quality, well-made and able to use over and over again. The plastic helmet features colorful fake buttons, a fake breathing tube, and an overall dome-shape. The yellow-tinted visor can move up and down so you can put it up and get an up-close-and-personal view of the earth’s atmosphere.     BLAST OFF!Blast off to your Halloween plans wearing a complete astronaut jumpsuit. We have fashionable styles for men and women to put you on cloud 9!      

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  • Adult's Inflatable Red Jumpsuit Costume

    Adult’s Inflatable Red Jumpsuit Costume

    Shades of RedLet’s cut to the chase. We’re not going to even pretend to know what sort of plans you have for this Inflatable Red Jumpsuit Costume. Perhaps you plan on dressing up as Super Tomato Man, the newest comic book character who was bitten by a radioactive tomato and now does everything that a tomato can. Maybe you’re starring in a one-person show about the life and times of a young red bell pepper and you need a costume that perfectly captures the visual appearance of the misunderstood produce item. Maybe you’re an aspiring DJ looking for your visual gimmick and you just want to be big and red at your next concert!We just don’t know. What we do know, however, is that whatever you do while wearing this inflatable costume… it’s going to be awesome!Product DetailsThis costume is pretty simple. It’s actually just a big red jumpsuit that has elastic in the ankles and wrists. Just zip it up in front and you’re ready to inflate this bad boy! A small fan with an attached battery pack is located in the back of the jumpsuit. Just switch it on and the costume will begin to self inflate. Leave it on to keep your costume fully inflated as you do amazing things in it. The included hood does cover your entire face and is made from a semi-sheer material that you can see through, but it may obstruct your vision, so make sure to remain safe while wearing it! Finally, the included pair of gloves and socks completely encase you in the color red.100% Awesome!Wear this costume to be red from head to toe all day! We’re not sure what you plan on doing with it, but just make sure that it’s 100% awesome!

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  • Inflatable Poop Adult's Costume

    Inflatable Poop Adult’s Costume

    Poop HappensLife doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes, you’re on top of the world and everything seems to line up perfectly for you. Other days? Well, you get a heaping helping of humble pie! Most of adult life is all about dealing with the bad, along with the good. At some point, you just have to learn to roll with it. After all, poop happens, as the phrase goes.Well, it’s time to show the world that you’re a well-adjusted adult capable of adapting to life’s struggles. It’s time to show them that when poop happens, you can have a sense of humor about it and laugh it off. How are you going to go about that? Well, with this Inflatable Poop Costume, of course!Product DetailsYou’ll be completely pooped when you wear this Inflatable Poop Costume. The costume comes with a tunic-style top made out of an air-tight windbreaker style fabric. The tunic is inspired by the iconic poop emoji and comes complete with a pair of cartoon eyes printed on the front. The costume inflates with a small fan, which is located in the back of the costume. Just flip the switch on, and the costume will self inflate in just a few minutes. The fan requires 4 AA batteries to operate, so no charging or cables required! The battery can be clipped to your clothing inside the costume, making it easy to access to turn the fan off and on. You can wear it with your normal clothes underneath, making it a simple costume to change out of when you’re all done wearing.When It Hits the FanIt seems rather funny that this inflatable costume comes with a fan, isn’t it? After all… we all know that you’re never supposed to let certain things hit the fan! Right?

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  • Adult's Inflatable Cow Costume

    Adult’s Inflatable Cow Costume

    This is an Adult Inflatable Cow Costume.

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  • Adult's Black Cat Mask

    Adult’s Black Cat Mask

    How FortunateSome cultures don’t like black cats. In fact, some cultures seem to think that black cats are unlucky, or even evil. Well, we’ve known quite a few black cats in our day, and we have to say… it’s only a little bit true. Black cats are equally as lucky as any other kind of cat and ALL cats are mildly evil, so you don’t have to worry specifically about the black ones. So, you don’t have to worry about being unlucky while wearing this Black Cast mask… but you may have to worry about getting acquiring a strange urge to do mildly evil things. You might find yourself inexplicable compelled to knock things off shelves and unravel rolls of toilet paper all over the bathroom!Product DetailsThis simple mask helps you look like a feisty feline! The mask is made out of molded latex and features make cat-like details, including whiskers, a pair of yellow eyes, and some cat ears on the top. Just slip it on your head and you’ll be purring with pure pleasure!Resist the Evil Feline ImpulsesProve to the world that black cats are a lucky bunch! And remember, if you see some nice curtains, resist the urge to shred them with your claws!

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  • Praying Mantis Adults Mask

    Praying Mantis Adults Mask

    Making Franz Kafka ProudWe have some weird life goals. Seriously, don’t judge us.We’ve always wanted to make a full-length, rock opera based on Franz Kafka, famed author of The Metamorphosis. It’s about a guy who turns into a bug, much to the dismay of his family and friends. We got the crazy idea while watching a cartoon and we just can’t stop thinking about it now. We thought that we’d never be able to find a costume that displays the true bug-like nature of the character from the book, but then, we found this Praying Mantis Mask!Product DetailsThis Praying Mantis mask is one realistic mask! The mask is made of molded latex and features some pretty stunning details. The giant bug eyes and almost life-like and the little antennae on top are a nice touch! Small slits in the middle of the mask allow for vision. Just put it on your head and you’re own metamorphosis will be complete!Casual BugWhatever you decide to do while wearing this mask, one thing sure—you’ll look like one giant bug when you wear it! Pair it with a zentai suit, or just wear it with your normal clothes to be a casual bug. If you’re feeling really ambitious… you could use it to help perform a rock opera based on Franz Kafka’s writings…

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  • Adult's Panda Mascot Head

    Adult’s Panda Mascot Head

    Hand it to the PandaPanda bears know how to live a stress-free life. We have a done a ton of research on those critters (okay, so mostly we just watched a ton of internet videos of them). Most of them just lounge in the woods, eating bamboo, and taking naps in the shade. The rest of their day is generally spent playing or rolling down hills just for the fun of it. Well, we want in on that lifestyle, so we’ve come up with a foolproof plan. It all begins with this Panda Mascot Head!Product DetailsThis mascot-style mask is crafted to look like a giant panda bear’s head. It has a layer of soft, fluffy fur on the exterior. It has a generous opening on the inside and mesh covering the eyes for vision. It’s a one-size fits most style, so any adult can make the transformation into a panda.Stock Up on Bamboo ShootsSo, once you have this panda you wear this mask, stock up on some bamboo shoots and chill in your backyard. It’ll make you feel just like a wild panda! Or you could always just wear it to the next costume party to have one adorable look.

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  • Adult's Cow Costume

    Adult’s Cow Costume

    Spotty Decision MakingDo you want to live the perfect bucolic lifestyle? It might be hard to retrain yourself from your hard knock city ways. You might still want to live a fast lifestyle even after you move to wide open spaces. Our advice? Fully commit to your new role in the country. Go past denim overalls and jump into this spotted cow jumpsuit! Then you’ll be forced to take it slow. Try sending emails and calling your assistant to settle the deal with Indonesia while wearing this costume… it can’t be done (at least, not with a straight face). Instead, you’ll find yourself strolling through green pastures, a strand of long sweet grass between your teeth. That’s what we call sweet country living!Details & DesignWith this jumpsuit, you might be surprised at how easy it is to transform yourself into the classic dairy cow! Our in-house designers made that possible with this exclusive cow costume. The soft, simple jumpsuit zips up the back, right above the adorably tasseled tail. The classic black and white spotted pattern is only interrupted by pink udders on the tummy, making your animal’s identity obvious from afar. The look is topped with ears and a fuzzy cowlick headpiece that secures under the chin with a hood and loop fastener. Udderly HilariousThere are a few ways to really tip the funny scales when it comes to dressing up as a cow. First off, have gum on hand so you can “chew your cud” at all times. Secondly, if you’re eating beef or dairy, pause mid-bite and ask, “Hey, what’s in this?”. And thirdly, use moo puns as often as possible. But hey, those are just our ideas. We’re sure you have your own ways of getting into a bovine state of mind. Let us know how much fun you had in the comments below!

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