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  • Adult Mime Costume

    Adult Mime Costume

    Do you ever get the sense that you have a lot going on in your mind but you don‚Äôt quite have the right words to describe it? Do you communicate better with elaborate hand signals and complex body language?If the answer is ‚Äúyes,‚Äù then we might just have the perfect costume for you this Halloween. The white gloves, the poplin skullcap, the classic black-and-white horizontal striped shirt–of course! You could be the perfect mime. With this timeless Mime Costume, you can delight your friends with an invisible tug of war or with an existential demonstration of angst within an invisible wall. Now you can finally find the ideal way to express all those thoughts racing through your head! Worried about the economy? You can easily mime the ideal Dow Jones average! The last season of your favorite show got you down? Simply re-enact all its problems (with your hilarious solutions). Disastrous date from last week still on your mind? Don‚Äôt hesitate to show your friends how you accidentally set the stove on fire while trying to cook an impressive meal! There‚Äôs no entertainment beyond the range of a Mime as skilled as you.To help complete the look, this outfit comes with black poplin pants with an elastic waistband (for increased mobility), red elastic suspenders, and the highly complementary red bandana. Now pull it all together and get out there and finally ‚Äútalk‚Äù about all the brilliant ideas you‚Äôve been keeping to yourself!

    $44.99 Clown Costumes
  • Adult Parrot Costume

    Adult Parrot Costume

    You tend to love a good adventure, but you don’t want to get your hands dirty. As the ship’s bird, you can tag along and enjoy the booty of the plunder without having to leave a shoulder. Get ready to squawk across the great seas in this Adult Parrot Costume. They say ‚Äúbirds of a feather flock together,‚Äù so team up with a pirate friend or enjoy flying solo at the big Halloween party‚Äîeither way you‚Äôre bound to be a crowd favorite. Partygoers are likely to feed you more than a few crackers while you‚Äôre dressed in this colorful getup, and that is a-ok by you‚Äîthose long sea voyages can leave a bird mighty hungry. Now that you have your sea legs, you‚Äôre ready to regale the crowd with tales from distant isles and hard-won treasure‚Ķin your best parrot squawk, of course. There was that time when you helped save the whole ship from that rogue Captain Beardo‚Äîdon‚Äôt forget that story. You won‚Äôt, parrots are highly intelligent creatures (some are even able to associate actual words with meanings and form simple sentences!).And you sure seem smart, having opted for this glee-inducing costume. The foam body and attached sleeves with faux feathers provide the vibrant base of this look, while black parrot feet shoe covers and a beaked headpiece create a truly remarkable ensemble worthy of repeating over and over and over. While we don‚Äôt recommend sitting on your pirate pal‚Äôs shoulder all night, we do suggest hovering near him to ensure your clever counsel is as easy to seek out as the north star.

    $64.99 Adult Animal Costumes
  • Adult Grease Pink Ladies Jacket

    Adult Grease Pink Ladies Jacket

    If you could be a Pink Lady, who would you be? Would you be the risk-taking Rizzo or would you opt to transform into Frenchy, the beauty school drop-out? Or is it possible that you would best identify with the newest member of the clique, Sandy? No matter which character you love the most, you’ll find that this jacket is music to your ears because it will make you look like your favorite Pink Lady.You’ll have the time of your life strutting your stuff in this fantastic movie replica jacket and the matching neck scarf. It’s perfect for a costume party, 50s-theme event, or just wearing while you’re out and about. Pair this officially licensed jacket with some faux leather black pants and a pair of heels.

    $24.99 Grease Costumes
  • Adult Deluxe Frog Costume

    Adult Deluxe Frog Costume

    We all know what ‚Äúthey‚Äù say about being green, don‚Äôt we? It is not easy…unless, that is, you decide to pull on this Adult Deluxe Frog Costume! That‚Äôs the saying, right? In all honesty, we guess that truly being green is probably harder than you‚Äôd think. After all, it is never that simple to look different from the crowd. And green, as a color palette, just doesn‚Äôt go with everything. Unless you‚Äôre a famed witch or, say, a totally independent, free-thinking lil‚Äô froggy, being green is gonna be tough. Good thing this ensemble allows you to find your inner ‚Äúribbit‚Äù and hop to the beat of your own…uh…frog. You‚Äôll be such a hit you‚Äôre bound to be followed around all night by starstruck fans, hoping to kiss you. We know. We SAID it wouldn‚Äôt be easy. We hope you‚Äôre ready.You‚Äôll be so cozy in this full bodysuit‚Äôs padded belly and attached gloves, how can innocent bystanders be expected to resist cuddling up to you? So, go on! Pull this frog-head hood up, secure the web-feet boot covers, and, well, you may want to brush up on a few of your favorite childhood rainbow-themed tunes, because this costume is a nostalgia-meets-cuddle fest waiting to happen. So maybe this whole being green thing isn‚Äôt so hard after all?

    $59.99 Frog Costumes
  • Adult Clown Costume

    Adult Clown Costume

    In this adult clown costume, you’ll turn everyone’s frown upside down! The costume includes a yellow vest that velcros in the back for closure and has an attached white, undershirt. A colorful bow tie is attached at the top and red buttons decorate the vest. A red and blue jacket with green and yellow sleeves is worn over the vest. Two faux pockets sit on the hips and it closes with an elastic band that is hidden by the two large, orange buttons. The collar is lined with a colorful plaid pattern that is also found on the pants. The pants have an elastic waistband and red and blue cuffs. The costume is complete with the included, foam hat. The top hat features a yellow daisy in the front to give this costume a classic touch. Add our jumbo sneakers or a squeaking nose for a great look!

    $39.99 Clown Costumes
  • Adult Deer Costume

    Adult Deer Costume

    Being a deer? It’s never easy… First, you have to watch out for hunters, because they are all too eager to add you to their trophy wall. Second, you have to deal with all those people who keep confusing you with a reindeer. Third, all young deer have to figure out who they’re going to be when they grow up. So what’s a good deer to do? Just prance. Study and refine your techniques. Prance like you’ve never pranced before! Interpretive prance! Break prancing! Modern prance! Swing prancing! You must do it all to make it and you can’t let any of those haters get you down. Doe you, young deer. Doe you.

    $59.99 Deer Costumes
  • Adult Green Renaissance Lady Costume

    Adult Green Renaissance Lady Costume

    In our experience, some of the best-looking costumes get overlooked just because they were inspired by a historical era that doesn’t lend itself to outfits with a lot of bells and whistles. But this Adult Green Renaissance Lady Costume is the rare exception, because it goes hand-in-hand with one of the best-known tunes in English folk music! So just for fun, we thought we’d toss in a few bars of our own interpretation:Alas, good lady, you’re headed wrongIf you think you can purchase theeA finer set of Renaissance dudsThan this gown in the color green.Green, green is on the sleeves,It’s on the bodice, o’er the knees,It’s in the grass, it’s in the trees,Now you can look green like these!Can’t you just hear the trill of recorders and the idle strumming of lutes? Well, we can—but we have a tendency to get a little too immersed in these kinds of things. If that’s even possible!Either way, we think this is the perfect outfit for a costume party or Ren Faire, especially if you want to get in the olde-fashioned spirit without fussing about authenticity. This elegant combo includes a flowing dress in rich green velour with gilded accents befitting a noblewoman, and a flowery headband to match. With a little music from the period and a quaint pair of dancing shoes, it’ll be a real challenge not to cut a caper or two!

    $49.99 Renaissance Costumes
  • Adult Black Graduation Robe

    Adult Black Graduation Robe

    Take the prideful walk to grab your diploma in style when you wear this Adult Black Graduation Robe. This robe is great for celebrating any kind of graduation. Look the part; you deserve it! Or maybe you just bought the robe and you didn’t really make the necessary grades to get it, but that’s ok, your ingenuity means you deserve it just as much as the guy who sat next to you in chemistry class and got all As.Why go through all of the work needed to get to walk at graduation when you can just get yourself the same robe in just a few minutes. No long days and nights studying or teachers hassling you – just a great robe at a great price.This 100% black polyester robe has long, wide sleeves for that classic oversize look. The robe is roomy and fits chest sizes up to 42″. Add a graduation cap and a pair of black shoes to complete the look. It will be ready to walk across a stage or to jazz up any Halloween costume this season. It will give any look a regal feel to it!

    $19.99 School Girl Costumes
  • DC Comics Wonder Woman Adult Costume

    DC Comics Wonder Woman Adult Costume

    With her cuffs of invincibility, her invisible plane, and her lasso of truth she’s the best crime-fighting woman in town. Wonder Woman, the great and glorious Amazon from Themiscyra, is the fearless and first female member of the Justice League.She’s taken on some of the toughest enemies on the planet and fought beside everyone from Batman to Superman. And not only does she have a long list of incredible superpowers, but she’s also a determined warrior and her years of training have made her a top-notch tactician and martial artist to boot. And have we even mentioned how fantastic her hair is no matter how many bad guys she’s beating up? Phew. This lady has really got it goin’ on. You can show off your own awesomeness and strength with this officially licensed Wonder Woman costume for women. When you’re rocking the iconic outfit, you’ll be the one in charge, and you’ll have the confidence and respect you deserve. We can’t help you with the superpowers‚Äîyet‚Äîbut we are currently exploring funding a search team to get to Themiscyra to get the lowdown. For now, we’ll just hook you up with the red, white, and blue dress that lets the villains and everyone else for that matter know that you’re the go-to superhero for any situation. We also have costumes for everyone else in the Justice League, too, so get a group of friends together for that for an epic group them. And may Hera guide you!

    $54.99 Wonder Woman Costumes
  • Adult Stormtrooper Top and Mask

    Adult Stormtrooper Top and Mask

    The Rebel Alliance contains a mean bunch of people. They blew up two Death Stars without any care what effect that it would have on others. What the Rebels didn’t seem to think about is how expensive Death Stars are. Finding intergalactic contractors to take on such a job takes a lot of space credits and really puts a burden on the Imperial budget. To make up for the losses the Empire has cut the costs in Stormtrooper armor. No longer are full suits given out but instead new recruits are given comfortable shirts with helmet masks. By doing this the Empire hopes to have a brand new Emperor Palpatine Memorial Death Star made in just a few years. You can look like the newest version of the troopers with this easy set. Don’t think of it as a downgrade, think of it as the newest style!

    $24.99 Stormtrooper Costumes
  • Plus Size Adult Guardian Angel Costume

    Plus Size Adult Guardian Angel Costume

    People have been making some pretty magical guesses about what Heaven is going to look like for the bulk of our lifetimes, even drawing up the image of the angel. Of course, Heaven is made up of more than one type! A few have jobs like watching over the world itself, ensuring that the laws of physics continue to operate as has been decreed. It seems like their job should be pretty easy, simply maintaining the status quo, but with Mankind always working to discover and ultimately tackle the natural laws, you’d be surprised how often those winged workers have to keep things in line. But, each time a few scientists get together to try to invent the time machine… whoo! You think paradoxes are problems!? Imagine the black holes that keep popping up everywhere!Our favorite of the angelic hosts are, of course, the guardian angels. These few are tasked to watch over particular groups of people or important social events just to make sure that the almost unavoidable accidents can at least partly circumvented. We’ve all had those moments where you’re sure that you were just about dead—like that déjà vu moment when you just know you’ve lived through a moment before? Turns out that a giant meteor was about to splat exactly where you were standing. Yep, that’s Guardian Angel territory for sure! (Sort of like time machines, but way less paradox problems.)Well, perhaps it is time to return the favor and join the most important choir yourself. You can do so with this Adult Guardian Angel costume. This sleeveless, crushed velvet and knit mesh fabric dress has the look of a wrap and shimmers with almost glittery appeal, edged with gold braid all along the neck and hemline. A cloak drape of white knit mesh glides down to give you an ephemeral glow, though it is your gold feather printed wings and a halo of gossamer feathers that clearly designates you as the angelic guardian of your family and friends. Now if you only you could get in touch with the fundamental folks to help you actually take flight! Available in multiple sizes in case you need to watch after a really accident-prone buddy!

    $49.99 Angel Costumes
  • Adult Robin Costume

    Adult Robin Costume

    The world has been a darker place than any of us would like it to be for a long while, now and threatens to get worse with each passing day! We always expected some dark tragedy coming out of the grim streets of Gotham, but when those crazy criminals start spreading out of cities frequently protected by caped crusaders, the heroes that would otherwise stop the arch villains need just a bit more help then usual. After all, with such an endless stream of villainy that could crop up at any moment, how is one superhero supposed to be sure to show up in gallant form to save the day? We don’t all have the supersonic speed of Supes or the Flash. Some of us have to rely on our standard, every day astonishing acrobatic maneuvers and fighting prowess!Fortunately, the Justice League of America is quick to recruit from the skilled folks throughout the world to help fill their ranks and they’ve offered some spare equipment from the existing heroes to help us do exactly that. We’ve got the gear if you’ve got the gusto and, from your keen eye, it is clear that you know exactly what you’re looking for! Thanks to some advanced technology, we can offer the needed armory without requiring the extensive and time consuming process of making sure each bulletproof plate is buckled in and every carbonfiber strap is properly laced.Now you can also leap to the streets and go toe-to-toe with the baddies in this Robin costume. The dynamic duo just got a whole lot better thanks to this red and green jumpsuit with attached boot covers, all in the iconic style of the boy wonder grown to full size! The bright yellow R shines prominently at the left breast and a yellow foam utility belt ensures that you’ll be prepared for anything. The black foam eye mask will help to keep your identity a secret—really important when you consider how quick the Joker is to trying to use the Bat’s best buddy against him—and the flowing black cape is sure to help with all your aerodynamic jumps and flips. The great city of Gotham and its dark protector depend on you, but we’re sure you’re up to the task!

    $44.99 Robin Costumes
  • Adult Ruby the Pirate Beauty Costume

    Adult Ruby the Pirate Beauty Costume

    Yaaaaarrrgg! Are yee ready matey? Ready to sail the seven seas, that is? Aye, well ye won‚Äôt be ready until you grab this lovely Adult Ruby the Pirate Beauty Costume! Once ye slip yer body into these elegant garbs you‚Äôll be sure to rule the ocean!This spunky outfit will have you looking fit to take control of any pirate ship that you should happen to come across. Although it will be Halloween, so why not take charge of the party scene this year! Grab yourself a captain‚Äôs Tricorn hat and one of our plastic pirate swords, then you‚Äôll look more than ready to lead everyone to the greatest Halloween they‚Äôve ever celebrated. People won‚Äôt question your command. It will look as if you‚Äôve been there and done it all; collected more booty than any pirate could ever dream of, fought off more ships than an imperial navy, and traveled to every shimmering shore there is. Grab a handful of friends to dress up as pirates as well and you can be the captain of the rowdiest crew of swashbucklers anyone has ever sailed across. When people ask for your name give them the alias Ruby the Pirate Beauty and you won‚Äôt have to worry about the law trying to take the fun out of pirating.If the pirate‚Äôs life is truly the life for you then get your hands on this lady’s pirate costume and you‚Äôll be ready for an amazing adventures this Halloween! Weigh anchor and sail off into the sun with this sassy outfit!

    $29.99 Adult Pirate Costumes
  • Adult Headless Horseman Costume

    Adult Headless Horseman Costume

    This Halloween season, bring the legend of Sleepy Hollow to life in this Adult Headless Horseman Costume, and persuade Ichabod Crane to leave Sleepy Hollow! Wear it with your own black pants, or buy ours, and add black boots and gloves; and for an even more realistic touch, carry one of our pumpkins as a prop. to complete the spooky look.Contrary to what some might mistakenly think, Crane himself was NOT the Headless Horseman. He was the local schoolmaster, a very superstitious man whose marriage proposal to the daughter of a wealthy local farmer had just been rejected. Late at night he was riding his horse back to the fictional village of Sleepy Hollow when he encountered a cloaked rider. Ichabod had heard local stories of a Revolutionary War soldier who haunted the area after having his head blown off by a cannonball; sightings of the Headless Horseman were said to be an omen of death. Ichabod Crane was never seen in Sleepy Hollow again. The next morning his unsaddled horse was found wandering, the saddle trampled, and a smashed pumpkin lying alongside Crane’s hat beside the road.

    $34.99 Headless Horseman Costumes
  • Adult Classic Nun Costume

    Adult Classic Nun Costume

    Holy moses! We gotta tell ya, we‚Äôre a little nervous about where to go with this costume. Mostly because there are so many places we could go, and some of them are maybe a little delicate, and we don‚Äôt really know your life or your experiences, so instead let‚Äôs just talk about one of the greatest shows of the 1980‚Äôs: The Facts of Life!This one time, on The Facts of Life, there was a 2-parter episode called ‚ÄúBest Sister‚Äù in which Blair‚Äôs sister, Meg, comes to visit Blair at school to tell Blair that she‚Äôs decided to join the sisterhood. Blair‚Äôs got lot of feelings about that, and none of ‚Äòem are good. She basically tells Meg that she‚Äôs throwing her life away – she‚Äôs rich, beautiful, has a great fianc√© (ex-fianc√© now, Meg tells her! Get it? Because she‚Äôs gonna get married to God instead!)‚ĶBlair just doesn‚Äôt get it! Then tough, tom-boy Jo – who‚Äôs already a Catholic – starts to feel inspired by Meg, so she goes for a walk and realizes how beautiful the world is and how she doesn‚Äôt just want her faith to just be a part of her life, she wants it to be all of it, and announces to everyone that she, too, wants to be a nun! Which Blair is NOT down with. In Part 2, she and Jo get into a big fight about it‚ĶBlair tells everyone that when her parents were getting a divorce, she prayed and prayed for God to keep them together, which didn‚Äôt work, so now she knows that God doesn‚Äôt really exist! Jo is so not cool with this declaration and tells Blair so, so Blair gets in Jo‚Äôs face and demands that Jo gives her a sign that God‚Äôs real, and it gets so heated that Jo ends up PUNCHING Blair in the FACE! Which is not behavior becoming of a nun, amirit?! Anyway, in the end Blair and Jo make up, Blair and Meg make up, Meg goes off to the convent and Jo ends up rethinking her decision to go to one. The End!We think that what Jo maybe should have done instead was just get this Adult Classic Nun Costume…that way, she could have tried the Nun Lyfe on for size, and it would’ve saved everyone a lot of time and energy (we would also say that it would have also saved Blair from getting punched in the face, but let’s face it: That was bound to happen sometime)!

    $24.99 Nun Costumes
  • Thing 1 & Thing 2 Adult Tutu Costume

    Thing 1 & Thing 2 Adult Tutu Costume

    When the Cat in the Hat comes to town, you can always be sure of two things. Those two things happen to be his handy-dandy helpers Thing 1 and Thing 2. They are always happy to lend the Cat a helping hand when it comes to playtime or cleaning up, although just about anyone could tell you that they prefer playtime much more! So if you’re feeling like letting your whacky side loose this Halloween then get your hands on this Thing 1 & Thing 2 Adult Tutu Costume.You’ll be ready to bring the party up to a whole new level of fun with this awesome Dr. Seuss-themed costume. There will be no need to fly kites around in the house or knock down everything in front of you while you run around. No, as much fun as that all sounds, it just means there will be a lot more cleanup work to be done at the end of the day. Instead, kick things up a notch with some wild dance moves and with your best impression of the Cat’s mischievous pals!With this costume you’ll even be able to choose whether you want to be an incredibly cute version of Thing 1 or 2. Once you Velcro the number you want onto your chest, let your adorable blue skirt twirl about as you run all around and become the life of the party. Grab a pair of Thing 1 and 2 glovettes and knee high socks to make this storybook look complete.

    $59.99 Dr. Seuss Costumes
  • Adult Mouse Costume

    Adult Mouse Costume

    EEEEEEK!! There’s a giant mouse in the house!!!Oh wait, it’s just you running around in our giant Mouse Costume. Phew, that’s a relief, we thought we were going to have to break out the huge mouse traps and get ourselves a gigantic cat. You can keep scurrying around in this exclusive costume, and see which of your friends is most afraid of mice!We don’t know what it is about mice that creep people out so much, but boy, those little fuzzballs sure are good at it. Maybe it’s because they get into our food, chew through wires, and leave little surprises around for us to find in our attics. Ish, did you just feel a little chill run up your back thinking about that, too? Sorry about that, but we promise that won’t happen to you when you’re wearing this fuzzy mouse costume. In fact, everyone will think you look pretty cute in it, and you might even convert a couple musophobes (that’s a fancy way of saying someone is afraid of mice) into bonafide fans of the furry little things!Actually, we wouldn’t count on that, too much, but you’ll still have fun at your costume party in this jumpsuit we’ve designed to give you the look of a cute little critter (except not so little). The microfleece suit features a poseable tail in the back, and the matching hood and shoe covers complete the look. All you need to do then is paint on some cute whiskers, and you’ll be ready to scurry around the snack table!

    $49.99 Mouse Costumes
  • Adult Lumberjack Costume

    Adult Lumberjack Costume

    Timber!Life is hard when you’re a lumberjack. You have to work long, hard days doing manual labor with basic tools. You camp out in the woods without running water or electricity, exposed to the elements. You have to put up with mosquitoes and ticks and the occasional grizzly bear. You don’t get paid much.And worst of all, you’re always compared to that show-off Paul Bunyan.That lumbering giant is obnoxiously perfect. The guy is seven feet tall and managed to cut down all the trees in the entire Dakota Territory. His pancake griddle is so big that cooks have to skate on bacon slabs to grease it. He uses a hallow tree as a megaphone. He created Oregon’s Mount Hood by piling a bunch of rocks on his campfire one night. He dug up Lake Michigan as a watering hole for his equally giant blue ox, Babe. He created the Missouri River when he cried over Babe’s death. He even dug out the Grand Canyon without noticing it. Honestly, how can you compete with that?Well, maybe you can’t chop down an entire forest of trees with one swipe of your ax, but you know one area where you can compete with America’s most popular logger? Fashion. Paul Bunyan will have nothing on you tomorrow when you show up at work in this Adult Lumberjack Costume. The red-and-black checkered long-sleeve shirt has working buttons down the front, and the length-adjustable black elastic suspenders have silver-tone metal clips for a little extra glint. It also comes with a black acrylic knit stocking cap to keep your ears warm on cold mornings. The Adult Lumberjack is both fashionable and functional, and it’s sure to give you a leg up compared to all your fellow lumberjacks.Take that, Paul Bunyan.

    $24.99 Paul Bunyan Costumes
  • Adult Sexy Glinda the Good Witch Costume

    Adult Sexy Glinda the Good Witch Costume

    Protecting the good people of Oz is a big responsibility, so you deserve to look your best while doing such a selfless deed, right? Well, we think you do! You need an outfit that is as cute and pink as the witch from the west is wicked and green. Check it out, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. This Glinda the Good Witch Costume will be perfect!Once you toss on this light pink, satin dress and adjust the matching molded plastic crown, you’ll feel ready to help rule the magical land of Oz. Guiding strange girls from Kansas along paths of self-discovery disguised as yellow brick roads will be penciled into your weekly schedule. Helping the flying monkeys fight for higher wages from the Wicked Witch of the West will be a constant battle but somebody’s got to do it. Negotiating with the talking apple trees about harvesting the fruits of their labor will stressful but also totally worth it after a single bite into the juiciest apple you’ve ever tasted.However, with Halloween coming up, don’t worry yourself with any of Glinda’s responsibilities as the good witch of the region. No, instead enjoy charming everyone with your best impression of this iconic storybook character. Grab a few more accessories such as a glittery silver wand and a shiny pair of high heels to complete this lovely impersonation. Then you’ll be ready to show off your graceful elegance on the dance floor. It will surely be a most magical night filled with Halloween fun!

    $49.99 Officially Licensed Wizard of Oz Costumes
  • Dragon Ball Z Adult Bulma Costume

    Dragon Ball Z Adult Bulma Costume

    Searching for Dragon Balls on planet Namek is dangerous business; if you go unprepared, you might not survive the whole journey. That’s exactly why Bulma made sure to put together the kind of outfit that could withstand the strains of space travel in her Capsule Corporation Spaceship and the unpredictable conditions on an alien world. And since it’s Bulma, of course it looks cute on her, because how can a young scientist do her job properly if she’s not looking cute for any potential new boyfriends she might meet along the way? This costume recreates her look from her look during the intense battles on Namek, including her signature blue hair.

    $59.99 Dragon Ball Z Costumes
  • Adult Darth Vader Dress Costume

    Adult Darth Vader Dress Costume

    When anyone wants to gear up for some villain activity, there are a number of go-to outfit choices. A ton of them vary fairly widely, especially based on the bad guy’s setting, any particular powers or equipment that they might utilize, or occasionally what protagonist that they might face. One pattern emerges, however, and it is the fool villain that ignores adhering. Of course, we’re talking about a costume of dark contrast!You might be the wicked cowboy that rides into the Old West town, bandits camped out and ready to lay claim to the wealth of the city while they watch for you in your wide-brimmed and dark, black hat and glimmering silver buckle. Perhaps you’re the 1920s gangster, the Don of the mob family who receives virtual dignitary meetings with local government officials, all while glad in your stark black suit with your glistening white wingtip features. They key is black contrast, would-be dark souled villain! Of course, the best example that anyone might call upon is the mighty Sith Lord, himself, Darth Vader, whose entire form is like obtenebration thanks to the stark helm and storming black cape.And we have just the thing for any one who might wish to walk in the same path as the second-hand to the Emperor. Such a daunting role belongs to anyone willing to walk the Dark Side, which is where this Adult Darth Vader Dress costume comes into play. The black dress and skirt is made of comfy polyester with silver printed buttons and detailing… not to mention threads of darkness itself! The matching black stockings have gray detailing representing the elder Skywalker’s armor and the knit stocking cap will give you the helmet look without the helmet hair! Join the look with a red lightsaber and optional telekinetic powers and you’ll be conquering all at your Halloween festivities.

    $49.99 Adult Star Wars Costumes
  • Adult Lederhosen

    Adult Lederhosen

    Did you know that lederhosen were once the dickies of 18th Century Bavaria and Austria? Seriously. For a long time, they were the official workwear of German peasants because of their sturdy and rugged construction. Somewhere along the way, they became a traditional fashion icon, but always represented the hardworking Germans and Austrians of yore. But don’t worry about all that manual labor stuff, because nowadays lederhosen symbolize something much, much different: partying down during Oktoberfest! That’s why when you wear these awesome and authentic-looking adult Lederhosen, everyone will know that the party is wherever you go!They’re perfect for the guy who wants to knock back steins of beer and celebrate Oktoberfest… or his German heritage (or both!)… in a culturally hip and historically accurate way. With shorts that come down to the knee area, dark brown poplin fabric, and lots of little rich details (like bronze edge trim on the pant legs and suspenders, and a traditional heraldic crest on the chest panel), these lederhosen will make you look right at home in any beer garden (or Biergarten, in case you needed help with the translation from the original German)!The great thing about lederhosen is that they can be combined with several different styles. You can go casual like the Kerl (that’s German for “guy”) seen here in the picture, or combine the lederhosen with Trachten, traditional Bavarian wear that includes jackets, coats, and vests. Just don’t forget to have a look around at our Oktoberfest hats and accessories before you do!

    $34.99 German Costumes
  • Purple Grapes Adult Costume

    Purple Grapes Adult Costume

    Become one of the tastiest treats the world has ever known, when you transform into a ginormous cluster of grapes! Everyone loves grapes. What’s not to love? There are over 8,000 different varieties of this specific fruit, it comes in beautiful colors like blue, green, even gold, and it’s super healthy… like prevents heart attack healthy. Grapes are awesome, and you will be too as soon as you toss on this amazing tunic.When you wear this Purple Grape Adult Costume for Halloween everyone will know what your favorite fruit is, but they may not know why. Well, it will be your job to educate the masses on the wonders of this beautiful berry. Perhaps you’re a fan of its health factors, for instance, they are 80% water, they prevent blood clots, and even help cure asthma, migraines, and kidney disease. Forget an apple a day, a bunch of grapes sounds way better. Maybe it’s not the healthy elements about the fruit but rather the industry surrounding it that interests you. After all, the grape growing industry is the largest food-based one in the world, producing 72 million tons of the fruit per year. Wow, right? Well, considering that grapes are also used to make one of the world’s oldest beverages as well, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. We’re not talking about grape juice, though. People have been using grapes to make different wines since as early as 5000 BC. So maybe that’s why you like grapes so much.Whatever your reason for loving grapes is, you can be sure that you’re not alone. Be everyone’s favorite fruit this Halloween when you run around in this easy to slip-on Grape Costume!

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  • Adult Milk Costume

    Adult Milk Costume

    There’s only one thing I hate more than lying: Skim milk. Which is water that’s lying about being milk. – Ron Swanson, “Parks & Recreation”Listen, we could do the obvious thing here, which is deliver a whole bunch of “Got Milk” puns, but trust us – there will be plenty of those delivered (get it? Kind of like how milk used to be delivered to houses?! That’s the only pun we’ll do this whole time, we swear!) to you once you’re wearing this costume. Instead, we’d like to use the thinly-veiled quote above as an opportunity to talk a little more about a great American Hero: Ron Swanson.Are you aware that Ron Swanson loathed skim milk so much that he included it on his Pyramid of Greatness twice? Listened in Category 5 was “Skim Milk. Avoid it”. Then, again, in Category 7, it comes up again: “Skim milk: That’s right. It’s on here twice. Avoid it.” And it’s been our experience that Ron Swanson, a frank, deliberate man, is rarely wrong about anything.But listen: You don’t have to worry about that! It’s obvious, from first glace at this Adult Milk Costume, that you’re whole, pasteurized, chock-full-of-Vitamin-D milk all the way, baby! Maaaaybe 2%, if you’re fancy. Lactose-free, if you’re feeling crazy and/if you’ve got a medical thing. The point is, in this thigh-length pullover tunic, people are gonna drink. you. IN! Wear it with a white shirt and pants for extra creamy goodness. You could even pair it with a cow costume or another food item for a fun and creative couples theme, or just wear it on your own when you’re ready to get “dairy” (yeah, so we totally lied about that pun thing) crazy up in this barn party!

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