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  • Adult Sexy Glinda the Good Witch Costume

    Adult Sexy Glinda the Good Witch Costume

    Protecting the good people of Oz is a big responsibility, so you deserve to look your best while doing such a selfless deed, right? Well, we think you do! You need an outfit that is as cute and pink as the witch from the west is wicked and green. Check it out, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. This Glinda the Good Witch Costume will be perfect!Once you toss on this light pink, satin dress and adjust the matching molded plastic crown, you’ll feel ready to help rule the magical land of Oz. Guiding strange girls from Kansas along paths of self-discovery disguised as yellow brick roads will be penciled into your weekly schedule. Helping the flying monkeys fight for higher wages from the Wicked Witch of the West will be a constant battle but somebody’s got to do it. Negotiating with the talking apple trees about harvesting the fruits of their labor will stressful but also totally worth it after a single bite into the juiciest apple you’ve ever tasted.However, with Halloween coming up, don’t worry yourself with any of Glinda’s responsibilities as the good witch of the region. No, instead enjoy charming everyone with your best impression of this iconic storybook character. Grab a few more accessories such as a glittery silver wand and a shiny pair of high heels to complete this lovely impersonation. Then you’ll be ready to show off your graceful elegance on the dance floor. It will surely be a most magical night filled with Halloween fun!

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  • Dragon Ball Z Adult Bulma Costume

    Dragon Ball Z Adult Bulma Costume

    Searching for Dragon Balls on planet Namek is dangerous business; if you go unprepared, you might not survive the whole journey. That’s exactly why Bulma made sure to put together the kind of outfit that could withstand the strains of space travel in her Capsule Corporation Spaceship and the unpredictable conditions on an alien world. And since it’s Bulma, of course it looks cute on her, because how can a young scientist do her job properly if she’s not looking cute for any potential new boyfriends she might meet along the way? This costume recreates her look from her look during the intense battles on Namek, including her signature blue hair.

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  • Adult Darth Vader Dress Costume

    Adult Darth Vader Dress Costume

    When anyone wants to gear up for some villain activity, there are a number of go-to outfit choices. A ton of them vary fairly widely, especially based on the bad guy’s setting, any particular powers or equipment that they might utilize, or occasionally what protagonist that they might face. One pattern emerges, however, and it is the fool villain that ignores adhering. Of course, we’re talking about a costume of dark contrast!You might be the wicked cowboy that rides into the Old West town, bandits camped out and ready to lay claim to the wealth of the city while they watch for you in your wide-brimmed and dark, black hat and glimmering silver buckle. Perhaps you’re the 1920s gangster, the Don of the mob family who receives virtual dignitary meetings with local government officials, all while glad in your stark black suit with your glistening white wingtip features. They key is black contrast, would-be dark souled villain! Of course, the best example that anyone might call upon is the mighty Sith Lord, himself, Darth Vader, whose entire form is like obtenebration thanks to the stark helm and storming black cape.And we have just the thing for any one who might wish to walk in the same path as the second-hand to the Emperor. Such a daunting role belongs to anyone willing to walk the Dark Side, which is where this Adult Darth Vader Dress costume comes into play. The black dress and skirt is made of comfy polyester with silver printed buttons and detailing… not to mention threads of darkness itself! The matching black stockings have gray detailing representing the elder Skywalker’s armor and the knit stocking cap will give you the helmet look without the helmet hair! Join the look with a red lightsaber and optional telekinetic powers and you’ll be conquering all at your Halloween festivities.

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  • Adult Lederhosen Costume

    Adult Lederhosen Costume

    Did you know that lederhosen were once the dickies of 18th Century Bavaria and Austria? Seriously. For a long time, they were the official workwear of German peasants because of their sturdy and rugged construction. Somewhere along the way, they became a traditional fashion icon, but always represented the hardworking Germans and Austrians of yore. But don’t worry about all that manual labor stuff, because nowadays lederhosen symbolize something much, much different: partying down during Oktoberfest! That’s why when you wear these awesome and authentic-looking adult Lederhosen, everyone will know that the party is wherever you go!They’re perfect for the guy who wants to knock back steins of beer and celebrate Oktoberfest… or his German heritage (or both!)… in a culturally hip and historically accurate way. With shorts that come down to the knee area, dark brown poplin fabric, and lots of little rich details (like bronze edge trim on the pant legs and suspenders, and a traditional heraldic crest on the chest panel), these lederhosen will make you look right at home in any beer garden (or Biergarten, in case you needed help with the translation from the original German)!The great thing about lederhosen is that they can be combined with several different styles. You can go casual like the Kerl (that’s German for “guy”) seen here in the picture, or combine the lederhosen with Trachten, traditional Bavarian wear that includes jackets, coats, and vests. Just don’t forget to have a look around at our Oktoberfest hats and accessories before you do!

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  • Purple Grapes Adult Costume

    Purple Grapes Adult Costume

    Become one of the tastiest treats the world has ever known, when you transform into a ginormous cluster of grapes! Everyone loves grapes. What’s not to love? There are over 8,000 different varieties of this specific fruit, it comes in beautiful colors like blue, green, even gold, and it’s super healthy… like prevents heart attack healthy. Grapes are awesome, and you will be too as soon as you toss on this amazing tunic.When you wear this Purple Grape Adult Costume for Halloween everyone will know what your favorite fruit is, but they may not know why. Well, it will be your job to educate the masses on the wonders of this beautiful berry. Perhaps you’re a fan of its health factors, for instance, they are 80% water, they prevent blood clots, and even help cure asthma, migraines, and kidney disease. Forget an apple a day, a bunch of grapes sounds way better. Maybe it’s not the healthy elements about the fruit but rather the industry surrounding it that interests you. After all, the grape growing industry is the largest food-based one in the world, producing 72 million tons of the fruit per year. Wow, right? Well, considering that grapes are also used to make one of the world’s oldest beverages as well, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. We’re not talking about grape juice, though. People have been using grapes to make different wines since as early as 5000 BC. So maybe that’s why you like grapes so much.Whatever your reason for loving grapes is, you can be sure that you’re not alone. Be everyone’s favorite fruit this Halloween when you run around in this easy to slip-on Grape Costume!

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  • Deluxe Werewolf Adult Costume

    Deluxe Werewolf Adult Costume

    Every horror movie and story involving werewolves tell us that they are only a problem during a full moon. Whether the intense lunar rays do something to trigger the transformation, or they just have really consistent timing, it’s become common knowledge that you don’t go out on a full moon night when there are werewolves running amok. That is, unless you’re one of them!If you happen to be a fearsome lycanthrope (that’s the fancy word for “werewolf”) then a full moon is your time to shine! But if you want to get in on the ferocious fun without becoming a real shapeshifter, you can live out your wild wolf dreams with this Deluxe Werewolf Costume. It lets you feel like a monster on the prowl, but it’s much less of a commitment (and much less painful) than actually undergoing a lycanthropic metamorphosis, which usually involves lots of biting and torn, ruined clothes. Think of how shocked your friends will be if you show up to a party on a full moon night without telling them you’ll be dressed up like a towering monster. You might even get to chase them through some trees and feel like a real beast!Ahem… sorry, we get a little worked up when we think about werewolves. Actually, you may not want to surprise people with this highly detailed costume, partly because that’s kinda weird, but mostly because this furry full body outfit would look really creepy in the pale moonlight. But it’s the perfect look for Halloween, when everyone can let their inner monster out to scare up some excitement, no full moon required!

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  • Adult Red Furry Boot Covers

    Adult Red Furry Boot Covers

    Need that extra something to spice up your Burning Man getup? Look no further: get ready to rock some furry red boot covers! You’ll love having all eyes on your feet when you walk around in these Adult Furry Boot Covers––no one will be more recognizable! They perfectly complement a seductive devil or monster costume. Watch the fur fly this way and that when you bust a move in them.They’re 100 percent polyester––no Elmoes or other animals with bright red fur were sheared to make this garment. They’re approximately 16.5 inches, so they should cover the calves of all but the leggiest legs. They feature elastic bands at the top to keep them securely in place while you’re dancing the night away. Pair them with leggings, fishnets, bare legs, or a bunch of other red furry clothes for a unique look! Wear them to the office on casual Friday. What have you got to lose?

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  • Adult Jeweled Crown

    Adult Jeweled Crown

    King and Queen. Emperor and Empress. Czar and Czarina. Sultan and Sultana. Lord and Lady. Prince and Princess. Baron Von Whatever-you like and Baroness What’s-her-face. There’s lots of positions of power out there. Please interpret that as: “There’s lots of reasons to wear a crown out there.” Because there are. All of these positions require some kind of symbol of Authority. And what better way to show status than a ring of precious metal and jewels atop your head?Now, of course there are more reasons to wear the crown than being a ruler. You’ve got Masters of the Burgers, Dukes of the Drinking Games, Princess of the Birthday, and of course you could always just wear a crown if you want to. So here you are! A Royal Jeweled Crown for all of your sovereign needs (or for any other reasons you can think of)!

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  • Adult Wonder Woman Boots

    Adult Wonder Woman Boots

    Ready to rock the world as Wonder Woman? We think the residents of Earth have gone long enough without the Amazing Amazonian watching their back and these boots are sure to have you back in the saddle in no time!If you’ve put the time into crafting your Wonder Woman costume, you’re going to want to make sure your style is complete from head-to-toe when you add these Wonder Woman boots to your superhero costume! With these stylish boots as a part of your hero gear, you’re going to have just the right touch to accent your costume. When you start swinging that golden lasso we think that you’re going to look particularly stunning!These knee high red boots have a thick vertical stripe down the front and along the top cuff. 3″ heels add to your already heroic stature so you can stoically stand tall and survey the scene. Black bottom soles and inside zip up means these costume boots might actually be practical to wear, too! We’re sure that after you’ve wrapped up all of your costumed fun, you’re going to be very tempted to bust these boots out for a little fun comic book style every now and again!

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  • Adult Valley Girl Costume

    Adult Valley Girl Costume

    You didn’t necessarily want to be called a “valley girl” in the 1980s because that probably meant you came off a bit ditzy. But before that, it was common for the stereotyped term to be applied to any upper middle class girl in the Los Angeles and surrounding commuter areas that followed the fashions of the day. This was a branding that tried to capture the attitudes of that time, namely of materialism, consumption, and New Wave style.By 1983, the valley girl look was immortalized with a movie of the same name, and this fad really held strong in music and popular culture until its culmination in a movie called Clueless. Shopping at the mall, freaking out about boys, and tanning were all a part of this lifestyle, and slowly began to fade away with the end of the 90s. Slowly a life of boredom and indifference would replace the materialism of the valley girl. But we still remember them today in many ways, including with this Adult Valley Girl Costume.This costume is 100% polyester with a turquoise top with attached black and pink tulle skirt. There is black and pink pop art printed on the front. The black leggings have turquoise lettering on them. It also comes with a shiny pink scrunchy belt with a green plastic buckle, and light pink fishnet glovette. Add a pair of pink heels to complete the retro costume.

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  • Adult Purple Furry Boot Covers

    Adult Purple Furry Boot Covers

    Whoa, these are pretty intense furry boot covers! Firstly, what a great way to hide anything you’re self-conscious about from the calf down. That shameful tattoo you hate revealing to new people? Tada! It’s gone! Scuffed up those boots and now they’re covered in manure from all that work in the field? Well no one will see it now! (They might smell it though, just FYI).Secondly, and perhaps more important: what animal is this fur made from? Where are all the purple furry beasts we have not yet discovered? Obviously someone knows about them, and is turning them into boot covers! Maybe these creatures went extinct and so we honor them by using their fur for the only thing it’s good for: covering boots. Wherever those magical, beautiful beasts are, they’ve blessed us here today. So do yourself a favor and put on a pair.Please note: No purple creatures were harmed for their fur. We could never do that to those beautiful purple guys.

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  • Adult Spider Costume

    Adult Spider Costume

    Move over Amazing Spiderman because the Incredible Man-Spider is in the house. Grab this Adult Spider Costume and become the biggest creepy crawly anyone has ever seen. Sure, some people are afraid of vampires in their neighborhood and others say the zombie apocalypse is scarier, but everyone can agree that the scariest things out there are spiders!If you’re ready to be everybody’s favorite eight-legged freak then toss on this insect killing outfit. You’ll be spinning webs of friendship in no time. If anyone needs a helping hand this Halloween, you’ll be ready to offer an arm or two. After all, you’ll have plenty to spare! This costume comes with a top piece and a bottom. The top will have all your extra appendages and the bottom has lovely tufts of fur at the knees and ankles. Once you toss on this two-piece outfit this hairy-scary transformation is complete. You can use your spidey senses to stay a few step ahead of your fellow partygoers. Have some fun and get a couple good scares. No one likes turning around only to see a human-sized spider staring back. Before anyone faints due to fear you can lighten the mood by grabbing some silly-string and surprise your friends with a web-blast. Don’t worry about bugging anybody. That would be impossible! You’re an arachnid, not an insect. Be sure to remind everyone of that.If you’re ready to be the biggest and the furriest arachnid anyone has ever seen then get your hands on this Adult Spider Costume. You’ll be sure to have ensnared a good time or two in your web this Halloween.

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  • Adult Annie Costume

    Adult Annie Costume

    Leapin’ lizards! There’s a Little Orphan Annie costume for adults! That‚Äôs almost as good as being adopted by a multi-millionaire!Maybe far away, or maybe real nearby, your pal is prepping her Halloween party. She‚Äôs expecting the usual gathering of pirates, princesses, and witches, but we bet your bottom dollar that she‚Äôs not expecting you to arrive in this too-cute Adult Annie Costume. This outfit totally transforms you into that freckled face little orphan that you use to love as a kid! Sure, at times it can be a hard knock life, but it‚Äôs not a totally rotten smelly life, look at all the fun you get to dress up and have! And if the day of the party turns out grey and rainy, you know exactly what you can stick out your chin, and grin, and say…don‚Äôt you? Tomorrow, you can go back reality. For now, you‚Äôre busy daydreaming about singing to FDR. So slip on this iconic collared red dress (and bloomers, if you can find ‚Äòem), pick up a red curly wig (and maybe a sandy-colored mutt) and be happy you and this costume are finally together at last. Now if there were only a real life Daddy Warbucks to transform life into an endless stream of dreams come true!

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  • Adult Cutthroat Pirate Costume

    Adult Cutthroat Pirate Costume

    When you were five-years-old I bet ‚Äòpirate‚Äô was on the top of your list for what you wanted to be when you grew up. As you grew up chances are you realized that it probably wasn‚Äôt a great career choice given the high risk and whole ‚Äòillegal‚Äô aspect.But even if you can‚Äôt be a real pirate, the idea of it is still quite enchanting. Sailing on the high seas for weeks at a time, getting to see foreign lands, and meeting tons of new (albeit hostile) people. It‚Äôs the thing dreams are made of for some of us.This great Adult Cutthroat Pirate Costume will make you a welcome member of any pirate crew! This pirate costume comes with everything you need to make your friends walk the plank this Halloween! The top is styled to look like a black tunic over a white shirt ‚Äì but it‚Äôs all in one piece so less fuss! The shirt body is black with a faux leather placket and cord lacing. The cinch sleeves have black faux leather wrist cuffs with matching cord lacing. The matching bandana and red and black striped pants have an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit and they end just below the knees for a classic pirate look. The faux leather belt and boot covers complete the look. Practice your pirate swagger and add toy weapons such as a sword or replica flintlock pistol to complete your outfit. Check out our women’s and kids’ pirate costumes, for a family theme!

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  • Adult Alice in Wonderland Wig

    Adult Alice in Wonderland Wig

    Look, there‚Äôs a lot of weird, kind of uncomfortable stuff that happens in Alice In Wonderland, okay? There‚Äôs a caterpillar who obviously high on opium, a hatter with an undiagnosed mental illness, a sociopathic cat, a croquet game where they use living animals as props, and a queen who‚Äôs basically a serial killer. Also, has anyone ever thought about maybe telling Alice that you don‚Äôt just go around nilly-willy, drinking and eating every questionable substance you find? Although, let‚Äôs face it: Alice does not always display the best judgement‚Ķfor instance, this whole thing started because she literally chased a strange, talking rabbit into a hole!But, if there’s a bright side to this crazy psychotropic-adventures-thinly-veiled-as-a-children’s-story, at least her hair looked fabulous the whole time! And now yours can, too, with this Adult Alice in Wonderland Wig! Complete with blonde curls and a black headband, it even comes with an elastic size adjuster, ensuring that it stays on even while you’re engaging in nonsensical “tea” parties!

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  • Adult Tavern Man Costume

    Adult Tavern Man Costume

    Well, good morrow to you, young squire! Have another mug of mead to warm that belly. Aye, the tavern is where we call home. As they say, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your title. So come on in, pull up a stool to the bar and have a drink with Cliff, the scroll-delivery man and Norm, whatever he does for a living. And then there’s Frasier, Diane, basically, everybody knows your title at the tavern (Alright so it’s not exactly Cheers but can’t it at least feel that way?!). The best thing about Renaissance taverns is that no one hassles you for spending all your time there. Plenty of bar wenches to leer at too, once you’ve had one too many mugs of beer. And taverns are great places to find adventures!Yes, that’s right, adventures. You never know when you’ll bump into a knight on his way to slay a dragon. Or perhaps an eccentric old wizard, who turned his apprentice into a frog and must now journey to the forbidden forests to retrieve a pure witch’s eye for his cure potion. Or maybe some of the king’s men will come in, demanding free drinks and grabbing a wench for fun. Or maybe some rioting townspeople are planning to burn you at the stake because they think you’re responsible for the drought. Oh dear. Taverns seem pretty dangerous, now that we think of it. Why are dangerous people always ending up in taverns? Next think you know, that knight will be leading a dragon right to you. And those townspeople will start a bonfire for you. Either that or people will start calling you the town drunk, which, let’s face it, you are. How could you not be? You spend every waking moment (and many passed out moments) in that tavern drinking.

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  • Adult Renaissance Man Costume

    Adult Renaissance Man Costume

    You know, “Renaissance” means “Rebirth.” The time-period in history named after it was because it saw a “rebirth” or resurgence of arts, science, and literature. It started in Italy and swept across Europe over the decades. A “Renaissance Man” came to be known as a person who has was well-rounded in their studies, having studied in a variety of areas like the sciences, arts, geography and more.Of course, not all guys were studying anatomy and trying to build flying machines at the time. Plenty of them were getting their hands dirty, whether building stuff, black smithing, or farming. And then you had a scad of explorers, artists, and merchants… yeah. Let’s just say there were plenty of things to do. And the best part? They all wore some kind of Renaissance clothes while doing their jobs.That’s right. We’re talking those pouffy shirts, fancy boots, and clothing we don’t even have any more like doublets and corsets. Which were way cooler than t-shirts and jeans. At least, we think so. All those details, and rich colors and fabrics were flattering! Not to mention regal and romantic. Personally, we aspire to such neat outfits, and we think you should too. Like this Adult Renaissance Man Costume. It has a grey velour tunic with gauzy cream sleeves. The pants are a dark grey with elastic waistband. There’s black velour cuffs and shoulder pads, with a faux leather sash, and boot toppers. You’ll look like quite the Renaissance man in this outfit… in more ways than one!

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  • Adult Bunny Costume

    Adult Bunny Costume

    Your best friend invites you to a Halloween party. ‚ÄúFunny costumes only!‚Äù she instructs. But you‚Äôre on your bluetooth driving through a bad cell spot. ‚ÄúBunny costumes only‚Äù is what you hear. And you have just the outfit for the occasion.Oops. But have no fear! This Adult Bunny Costume can be cute or funny, depending on how you choose to wear it. Besides, some of those overtly ‚Äúfunny‚Äù costumes are overdone anyway; you can make this fresh, original, and memorable! Create a humorous story for your bunny–maybe you‚Äôre a disgruntled rabbit who‚Äôs sick of being pulled out of a magician‚Äôs hat, so you‚Äôre on a cross-country road trip to ‚Äúfind yourself‚Äù–or play up the clown-like vest and tie of this costume and opt for slapstick comedy all night long. The point is that a classic bunny costume is welcome anywhere–even Easter parties–and you can make it as sweet or sassy as you like! The furry white jumpsuit has an attached bunny tail, matching white mittens and white spats. Pull up the hood with its pink-lined bunny ears and prepare to laugh your way through the night. And if any of your friends give you flack about misunderstanding the costume theme, practice your funny bunny puns and ask him, ‚ÄúHow would you like it if a drop you like a bad rabbit?‚Äù You can sling jokes, puns, and zingers all night in this festive and fun outfit!

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  • Adult Hippie Love Child Costume

    Adult Hippie Love Child Costume

    The Summer of Love didn’t really end in 1967, like they want you to believe it did. It’s still alive and well, but it just needs one far-out lady to really resurrect it. What better flower child to do that than you… and what better night to bring back the era of free love than the biggest party night of all… Halloween? But to truly be a representative of the decade everyone wishes they could have been a part of, you’ll need more than a laid-back, freewheelin’ attitude and an open mind. You’ll need the right getup. And there’s none better and more iconic than this Adult Hippie Love Child Costume!It’s got everything you need to immediately make the groovy impression you’re going for. That includes a fringe vest with tassel-like strips and multicolored beads; a billowy, long-sleeved shirt; bellbottoms with a truly psychedelic print; and a waist sash to tie the whole getup together. And the costume is versatile, too… bring along a protest sign (like, “No Nukes,” maybe?), peace symbols, or heck, even a pair of Birkenstocks, and you’ll be the very definition of “flower child.”So whether you’re going out for Halloween, or you’re recreating Woodstock in your back yard, the Adult Hippie Love Child Costume is the first step in a journey back to a much more exciting period of history. And it’s great for “group” costumes, so don’t forget to have a look around at our wide selection of retro accessories and costumes!

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  • Adult Centurion Costume

    Adult Centurion Costume

    Ave, Caesar! Or at least that’s what the plebians will shout when they see you stroll into the forum wearing this authentic Roman Centurion’s gear. The steely breastplate, intimidating helmet, and manly leather skirt will prove to those peasants that you, a soldier of Rome, stand to protect and guide civilization. Wearing this costume, you will undoubtedly find yourself dispensing bread and circuses to the masses before you know it. From the Circus Maximus all the way down to the Coliseum, the citizens of mother Rome will line the streets for your triumphant walk down to the curia to accept your honorable reception and nomination as Imperator in perpetuo!(Just be very careful of anyone named Brutus if you happen to be walking around any temples… you are, after all, still mortal, Imperator.)And only the best armor would befit you, Caesar! We here at have harnessed all the best of modern technology to create an advanced suit of armor in the traditional style of a Roman Centurion. The fabric and faux leather, while admittedly less protective than the more commonly used steel, has great advantages in flexibility, and the weight reduction reduces fatigue by at least 90%. The standard tunic underneath is both useful and stylish, and is a great choice for any event, with or without the armor. Even better, you never have to worry about the cape detaching and unceremoniously fluttering to the ground since we have discovered a way to attach it to the breastplate itself. In any case, and at any event, you will find this Adult Centurion Costume both fashionable and fun to wear. Hail, Caesar!

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  • Adult Gorilla Costume

    Adult Gorilla Costume

    No monkey business. Quit monkeying around. You‚Äôre acting like a bunch of monkeys!How come everyone makes it sound like acting like a primate is a negative thing? We don’t get it. We think that getting away with monkey business would be awesome for many reasons. Now, gorillas aren’t monkeys, but we’re pretty sure they like to have a little fun of their own. They get to hang out in the jungle, eat bananas all day, and chill; which sounds like a blast to us. And they can probably get away with almost anything because they are huge and intimidating, but also really adorable and strikingly similar to ourselves at the same time! Honestly, how do they manage that?If you’re interested in achieving this one of a kind look and you want to look both intimidating and adorable at the same time, then this adult gorilla costume is perfect for you. This costume comes with a faux fur jumpsuit fastens which ties at the back of the neck to allow for air circulation and a comfortable fit. It also has a vinyl chest piece that is molded to replicate a muscular torso. The gloves and shoe covers have elastic cuffs so they’re nice and stretchy. Top it all off with the mask which has a molded vinyl face and ears and features a faux fur hood that covers the entire head. So, all you need to bring is a hardy supply of bananas for you and all your gorilla buddies. Just make sure that you grab some ape friends and enjoy your Halloween night like never before! Use it as a mascot costume and go bananas at your next school sporting event!

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  • Adult Ruby the Pirate Beauty Costume

    Adult Ruby the Pirate Beauty Costume

    Yaaaaarrrgg! Are yee ready matey? Ready to sail the seven seas, that is? Aye, well ye won‚Äôt be ready until you grab this lovely Adult Ruby the Pirate Beauty Costume! Once ye slip yer body into these elegant garbs you‚Äôll be sure to rule the ocean!This spunky outfit will have you looking fit to take control of any pirate ship that you should happen to come across. Although it will be Halloween, so why not take charge of the party scene this year! Grab yourself a captain‚Äôs Tricorn hat and one of our plastic pirate swords, then you‚Äôll look more than ready to lead everyone to the greatest Halloween they‚Äôve ever celebrated. People won‚Äôt question your command. It will look as if you‚Äôve been there and done it all; collected more booty than any pirate could ever dream of, fought off more ships than an imperial navy, and traveled to every shimmering shore there is. Grab a handful of friends to dress up as pirates as well and you can be the captain of the rowdiest crew of swashbucklers anyone has ever sailed across. When people ask for your name give them the alias Ruby the Pirate Beauty and you won‚Äôt have to worry about the law trying to take the fun out of pirating.If the pirate‚Äôs life is truly the life for you then get your hands on this lady’s pirate costume and you‚Äôll be ready for an amazing adventures this Halloween! Weigh anchor and sail off into the sun with this sassy outfit!

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  • Adult Zombie Costume

    Adult Zombie Costume

    If you look out your front window one morning and see herds of zombies staggering around, you have two options. 1: make a break for it and eventually get horrifically eaten, or 2: join them. It may not be the most heroic choice, but this super-creepy Zombie Costume makes it pretty easy, and it definitely beats being eaten!We know you’re thinking, “No! You need to grab a shotgun, tie a dirty bandanna around your head, and fight for humanity!” To which we respond, “Come on, man, they’re zombies.” Every zombie movie shows flocks of survivors fleeing frantically at the sight of an undead horde, while a few brave souls band together to make a final stand, and promptly get eaten for their trouble. But people rarely try just teaming up with the shambling ghouls and seeing where it goes! Maybe after all the humans are eaten or turned into dead-heads themselves, the zombies just go back to what they were doing before they were zombified. And if that’s the case, you would be totally free to return home and go back to bed! They never show that part in the movies, though, do they?Well, okay, maybe being a zombie would be better without all the decomposition and people-eating. But this freaky full body costume lets you look like a reanimated corpse without all the gross stuff. The shirt and pants look like tattered clothes with exposed bones and organs attached, which go perfectly with the gruesome gloves and zombie mask. You may not like the undead apocalypse as a human, but in this costume, you can at least enjoy it as a zombie!

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  • Adult Batman Movie Mask

    Adult Batman Movie Mask

    You might not have the tragic history Bruce Wayne does, a Batmobile sitting in your garage or billions of dollars just waiting around in a Gotham City bank vault, but that doesn’t have to crush your dreams of being Batman! Sure‚Ķit makes it a little hard to afford all of his crime-fighting toys and the mansion in which to store them all in, but baby steps!All you really need right away to be Batman is the will to fight crime, the desire to learn some kick-butt moves (or just, y‚Äôknow, look so dark and forbidding that people don‚Äôt even think about trying to mess with you), and a mask. The rest can come later! So start the journey out right with this officially licensed Adult Batman Movie Mask! It‚Äôs a 22.5‚Äù circumference vinyl mask with openings for the eyes and the mouth, and has a velcro strap to help you get a snug fit. To the Bat Cave (otherwise known as your studio apartment)!

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  • Adult Pink Poodle Skirt Costume

    Adult Pink Poodle Skirt Costume

    You know the moment when the craving is going to strike. It begins with a slight rumble in your belly and rises up quickly to form a hopeful smile across your face. Soon your breath becomes ragged and you might even find a shiver rush through your body, leaving your skin just tingling. You’ve got almost everything you need just waiting for you in the closet. It’s been a long, long time, and the parlours are all pretty much gone… but you can bring it back. You can bring it all back if only you had the right accessory to finish off the look. All you need to conjure back the 1950s, to resurrect that Pleasantville atmosphere, to find your way back to that most perfect if Ice Cream Parlours with the perfectly swell jukebox music… … is this perfect Pink Poodle Skirt. Let go of the strappings of the modern world and embrace that super swell time by joining this soft pink fleece skirt with the rest of your ‘50s gear. The comfortable elastic waist will keep the skirt fitting great while you twirl to your twisting beats and the adorably embroidered white poodle with its golden sequin leash will call back all the best memories. Accompany the skirt with a nice cardigan sweater and head scarf and wingtip sneakers or roller skates and that delightful Ice Cream will be only seconds away.

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  • Adult Super Sperm Costume

    Adult Super Sperm Costume

    Forget Spiderman! Batman who? Guess who is here to save the day… it’s Super Sperm! Transform into the newest superhero with this hysterical adult Super Sperm costume. We have to warn you though, becoming this hero comes with a few important prerequisites. First off, you have to be good at swimming. Like really good. And you also have to be tough and strong. (Because you are going to be fighting with thousands of competitors to achieve your goal.)Sure, it sounds like a lot of work. We can’t do much with your strength training routine but we can give you the look of super strength when you go in this costume. With the polyfoam padded muscle effects, this suit is sure to have you feeling like the strongest sperm there ever was.The options for where you can wear this costume are endless or extremely limited depending on how concerned you are with people getting mad at you. Showing up to the hospital while your first child is in the process of being born? Perfect, in our opinion but we’re writing from the point of view of a costume company so what can you expect?You’ll look strong and ready for the journey ahead with the muscles to back up your smooth talk and the streamlined design of this costume, we have to think that you are going to come out on top this Halloween. Just remember to safely store this costume again for next year. (It’s going to take you about 9 months to find out whether or not you’re going to need it again…)

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  • Princess Leia Adult White Costume Dress

    Princess Leia Adult White Costume Dress

    Some leading ladies just sit around and wait for their knight in shining armor to come, playing the perfect damsel in distress role. Princess Leia would rather grab a weapon and plant a blaster bolt right between the eyes of any Stormtrooper who looks at her funny. With looks like those and an attitude to match, it’s no wonder Han Solo can’t keep himself away from her.Whether she‚Äôs leading the Rebel Alliance as a member of the Imperial Senate or taking charge of the resistance as a general, Princess Leia has always been, and will always be, a strong, smart, and confident leader in the Star Wars galaxy. In a time and place far away, strong female leaders were hard to come by, so Princess Leia stood out as a shining star amongst the dark sky.Not only is this Princess Leia costume reminiscent of her classic Star Wars look, it‚Äôs got a little added flair for a modern twist. Show off a little skin while still portraying a strong female figure with this sexy Princess Leia costume this Halloween. This costume is also perfect for your next Comic-Con or fan expo ‚Äì it‚Äôs inexpensive and ready to wear! The poly/spandex blend turtleneck dress is officially licensed and has a zipper along the back for easy on and off. The long bell sleeves and silver molded belt add the essential details to the costume. And obviously one cannot be a proper Princess Leia without her infamous bun hairstyle, so this costume comes with a synthetic wig styled into her signature look.

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  • Princess Leia Adult White Costume Dress

    Princess Leia Adult White Costume Dress

    Some leading ladies just sit around and wait for their knight in shining armor to come, playing the perfect damsel in distress role. Princess Leia would rather grab a weapon and plant a blaster bolt right between the eyes of any Stormtrooper who looks at her funny. With looks like those and an attitude to match, it’s no wonder Han Solo can’t keep himself away from her.Whether she‚Äôs leading the Rebel Alliance as a member of the Imperial Senate or taking charge of the resistance as a general, Princess Leia has always been, and will always be, a strong, smart, and confident leader in the Star Wars galaxy. In a time and place far away, strong female leaders were hard to come by, so Princess Leia stood out as a shining star amongst the dark sky.Not only is this Princess Leia costume reminiscent of her classic Star Wars look, it‚Äôs got a little added flair for a modern twist. Show off a little skin while still portraying a strong female figure with this sexy Princess Leia costume this Halloween. This costume is also perfect for your next Comic-Con or fan expo ‚Äì it‚Äôs inexpensive and ready to wear! The poly/spandex blend turtleneck dress is officially licensed and has a zipper along the back for easy on and off. The long bell sleeves and silver molded belt add the essential details to the costume. And obviously one cannot be a proper Princess Leia without her infamous bun hairstyle, so this costume comes with a synthetic wig styled into her signature look.

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  • Adult Pirate Maiden Costume

    Adult Pirate Maiden Costume

    Serious Pirate SwaggerWho knows how to make scurvy sea scum walk the plank like no other? The nefarious pirate maiden, that’s who! She’s tough, she’s fierce, and hey, she’s also a skilled swordsman. She’s not what you’d typically expect from a pirate maiden. And, now, you can get become her with this costume. With off the shoulder styling and yo-ho-ho pirate stripes, it has the style that will let you sail the high seas with serious pirate swagger!Product DetailsThis costume is designed as a one-piece dress that gives the combination look of a blouse, corset, and skirt. The jagged hem on the skirt is a classic touch of pirate style and it features self-ties for a fitted look. The attached white blouse with off-the-shoulder sleeves features elastic fit in the off-the-shoulder neckline and sleeve cuffs. The velvet-like black vest is attached to the dress, with laces and gold accents. Made of a polyester/cotton blend, this costume is an iconic and fun choice for any costume party!Set Sail with your entire pirate crewSure, you could head out to the party as the rogue pirate maiden, but, we’re guessing you’ll be able to blunder even more booty with a complete pirate crew. And we’ve got costumes to outfit your entire gang! We’ve got costumes for captains, corsairs, buccaneers, something unique for each and every member of your swashbuckling squad. Be sure to shop all of our pirate costumes to see the top styles available! 

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  • Adult Gold Goddess Sandals

    Adult Gold Goddess Sandals

    Goddess, hear the pleas from your people! They wish to bear witness to your incredible grace, your unmatched wisdom, your blinding beauty. Please, come down from the heights of Mount Olympus so they may cast their eyes upon you. But wait! You can’t simply stroll into town barefoot like a common lowly hobo (no disrespect to hobos, of course)! No! You’re a goddess! You’ve got to strike just the right note. But how… what would be worthy of a goddess? What could a goddess possibly step on that would be worthy of the touch of her feet? If only there was some solution… somewhere on this page… hmmm…Oh! Of course! These golden sandals are the perfect solution! Slip these on, lace them up, and let the golden leaves flutter as your throngs of admirers kneel before you, ready to kiss those feet of yours… if they are worthy, and that’s a big if.

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