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  • Gothic Black Bridal Veil Accessory

    Gothic Black Bridal Veil Accessory

    Perilous PlaylistDid you ever hear of the tale of the vengeful bride? It’s tragic. It’s horrible. And it’s totally true. A young blushing bride was looking forward to her reception right after the ceremony. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. Everything was going well until she walked into the party. The dessert table was in the wrong place. The bar wasn’t serving the couple’s signature cocktails. She held herself together until the DJ started playing their first song. It wasn’t, At Last like they had requested. As the young bride and groom waited on the dance floor the DJ blasted Another One Bites the Dust. That was it. The blushing bride turned red and swirled into a blur of anger. She blasted right out of one of the stained glass windows. They say you can still see her on moonlit nights, looking to drag young wedding DJs into eternal torment with her.Product DetailsWhether you’re looking to become a ghostly bride or you want the perfect accessory for your October bachelorette party, this veil blends bridal beauty with dark and broody in just the right way. The plastic headband is crowned with gray and black flowers while a black veil falls down the head and shoulders. You’ll even have a couple of spiders intertwined in the design. Now that’s what we call shabby chic!

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  • Sofia The First Accessory Kit

    Sofia The First Accessory Kit

    When you suddenly become the princess of Enchancia, it might seem like there’s a lot to learn. You’re becoming a member of the royal family, after all! But most parts of being a princess aren’t that different from being a good person of any other kind. Aside from all the magic that goes on in the castle, the biggest change seems to be that there’s a whole lot more singing and dancing!But one thing that has changed for Sofia is that she gets to wear this ornate jewel-encrusted tiara and royal purple gloves (with mini-Sofia cameos). Of course a good princess knows that it’s not the fancy clothes and jewelry that make her great, but they’re still a lot of fun to wear. This accessory kit will make any gown or active outfit feel extra-regal, whether you’re putting in an official appearance at a royal ball or just exploring the kingdom with your friends.

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  • Foam Butt Accessory

    Foam Butt Accessory

    No butts about it, you’ll feel well-endowed when you don your brand spanking new rear end. Now you can feel free to shake what your mama didn’t give you unless your mama has a super strange sense of humor. This butt might be a little less pliable than your very own, however, you’ll find you have to power to put your soft-bootied days behind you. You’re going to have a great time as you’re dancing cheek to cheek in this plastic tuchus. Just don’t hold your breath ’till they play “Baby Got Back”, that’s a little on the nose, don’t you think? Enjoy yourself and the hilarious butt antics will come naturally. Now you can moon people without needing to expose your very own derriere. Sure, this might not be the most dignified costume accessory, but when you wear it your night out is sure to have a happy end(ing).

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  • Overwatch Soldier: 76 Pulse Rifle Accessory

    Overwatch Soldier: 76 Pulse Rifle Accessory

    This is the Overwatch Soldier: 76 Pulse Rifle Accessory

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  • Cupid Accessory Kit

    Cupid Accessory Kit

    Cupid seems like he might have a hard time getting started in today’s rightfully consent-focused dating landscape. Is he tricking unwilling parters into getting together, or is Cupid just an instrument of fate, matching up soulmates? Does Cupid save his favorites for himself? I’m sure Twitter would have something to say about it, but rest easy: everybody’s just trying to have a good time at the office Valentine’s day party.Let’s face it: this getup isn’t subtle. It’s for the bold and beautiful. Who can resist a chubby-cheeked angel? This costume includes red feather wings, a soft red bow with a pink ribbon bowstring, and a Velcro arrow. And that’s all you need, really––for a genuine, historically-accurate Cupid, clothing is optional. Maybe an artfully draped white linen? The Valentine’s Cupid Accessory Kit is not intended for self-defense––the soft, heart-shaped tip should only impart love, not harm (any modifications you make notwithstanding).

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  • Minecraft Sword Accessory

    Minecraft Sword Accessory

    DIAMOND SWORDS FROM THE SKIES!One of the most important things to keep at the ready while anyone is diving deep into the depths of the Minecraft world is a solid weapon that will help your special spelunker fight off the foes that are dwelling in the deep dark.Now, they’re probably down there to begin with in order to find some shining diamonds.  But, the choice is always so difficult.  Should they make a diamond pick or a diamond sword?  What about the armor!?  They need them all, but which should come first!? PRODUCT DETAILSYou can help the entire process out and it won’t even run you the cost of a single node of diamond ore.  This Minecraft Sword Costume Accessory features the shining look of the epic diamond sword.  Whether your tyke plans on gearing up for a complete Minecraft Steve or just wants to enjoy fighting off a few zombies, this is the perfect accessory for the job! HOURS OF MINING SPAREDWith this Minecraft Sword, your tyke will be able to take a huge sigh of relief.  That’s a lot of diamond ore that suddenly doesn’t need to be mined up!  Of course, now that it is safer to go into the depths to look for more diamonds, the cycle is likely to just start over.  But, that’s half the fun!  

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  • Toy Story Woody Adult Accessory Kit

    Toy Story Woody Adult Accessory Kit

    INSTANT COWBOY FUNWe hear that you’re thinking of heading into the western frontier and making a name for yourself with the Roundup Gang. Well, we understand why you might want to become a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy. They’re capable, a ton of fun, and if Bo Peep has anything to say about it even a bit on the sexy side! But, it usually takes a lot of time and practice to take on the cowboy mantle… and, even then, you still have to worry about snakes in your boots and going head to head with the latest in Space Ranger crazies! Fortunately, there is another way… PRODUCT DETAILSGet ready to gear up with this Woody Kit from Toy Story. With this easy set of accessories, you can transform into your favorite Sheriff in a snap without all that hassle. The printed cowhide on the vest is not only stylish but also makes excellent camouflage when you’re rustling your herds. The printed handkerchief sets off the colors of the costume and keeps the dust out of your face when you ride Bullseye across the frontier. Last, the lightweight foam hat is perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes while providing you with the perfect way to connect with your favorite toy!TO THE FRONTIER AND BEYOND!Time to take that tired old expression from your buddy Buzz and turn it into something really exciting. (After all, he’s not the only one who had a TV show, right?!) Bring Woody to life in a snap by slipping into this Woody Kit! 

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  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers Sword Accessory

    Power Rangers Beast Morphers Sword Accessory

    A Sword Fit for a Power RangerThere are a lot of tools in the arsenal of a Beast Morphers Power Ranger. You know, their link to beast DNA, an awesome Beast Bot, and of course, a super slick Zord vehicle. There is, of course, one tool that’s perhaps the most important to each individual Power Ranger. Their Beast-X Saber! Sword combat is an important part of saving the day for Power Rangers, at least until things really escalate and they have to assemble their Megazord. But, for hand-to-hand battles, you bet they’re going to have their Beast-X Saber Sword handy!We are, of course, your source for the latest Power Rangers costumes. And we’ve got all the styles from the 2019 series ready to go for your kids! Just add on this Power Rangers Beast Morphers Sword for an extra touch to their costume theme. It’s Power Rangers and Hasbro officially licensed so you know it’s the real deal. It measures about 18″ long so it’s sized just right for any kid. The molded plastic toy features painted details that make it a realistic replica straight from the show. Shop our entire selection of Beast Morphers costumes this Halloween, and we’re sure your kid will be ready to Morph!

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  • Spy Detective Accessory Kit

    Spy Detective Accessory Kit

    An Elementary EncounterLight from the streetlamps peer out in the foggy early morning on the cobblestone streets. There’s a criminal walking these streets and you’re the one on the case. The first incident happened last week in the early morning hours when no one but bakers and lamplighters are up and about. It wasn’t the lamplighters that were the victims of this crime, it was the bakers… or rather, the baker’s bakes! After last week, freshly baked cakes have been stolen all around town. There was a chocolate cake on Lambstail Lane, missing with nothing but a few crumbs left on the tray. Then there was the browned butter pound cake on Wheller Drive and the torte on Tourtellotte. The madness has to stop and now that you’re on the case, this thief is sure to face sweet justice!Details & DesignThis Made by US detective kit has a lovely herringbone pattern. Wile the flaps are tied up for a classic, turn of the century, detective look, they can be turned loose as well. The kit also includes a picturesque pipe and a magnifying glass to pick up on all those subtle clues. If you’re putting together a DIY detective look, this kit is an easy, high-quality must have!Keep a Private Eye On ItAre you wondering what sneaky mischief might be going on right under your nose? This kit will help you get to the bottom of it. Maybe you won’t have the habits of a skilled detective yet but you’ll still make those mischief-makers think twice about stealing sweets or swiping a knick-knack. We’re watching you, junior! Pair this set with a classic sleuthing cape and get ready to get to the bottom of the issue. Looking for the perfect detective look? Choosing this costume is elementary!

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  • Cleopatras Headpiece Accessory

    Cleopatras Headpiece Accessory

    Don’t Take that Throne with ME!Cleopatra might have born royal but she had to struggle to rule. First, it was her little brother that tried to take the throne. Then it was her other little brother. Because of her ambition, she was tossed out of the capital city. Tough stuff. This might have stopped someone less intense. But Cleopatra is an icon for a reason! The down and out queen had her servants roll her up in a carpet and sneak her into the capital’s palace when Rome’s king was visiting. When she was unfurled, her fearless nature, witty way of speaking, and relentless charm were enough. She was an obvious leader. She convinced Rome’s king to back her up in her bid for the throne. With moves like this, there was no doubt that Cleopatra earned her crown!Design & DetailsWe love making our historical costumes extra fun, fashionable, and comfortable. That’s why our Made by Us Cleopatra crown is made with comfortable foam while featuring plenty of sparkle in the gemstones and sequin trimmed centerpiece. The crown is trimmed with beads the echo Cleopatra’s signature hairstyle so you can be sure people will recognize your iconic character as soon as you enter the room!

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  • Princess Peach Adult Accessory Kit

    Princess Peach Adult Accessory Kit

    The people of the Mushroom Kingdom could use a new ruler. Princess Peach spends most of her time go-karting, playing tennis and getting kidnapped by giant reptile monsters. Who’s going to solve the crippling P-Wing shortage or the skyrocketing unemployment rates? It’s up to you to be the leader that Toad and all of his friends deserve!Slip these gloves on, don the crown and put on your pinkest dress, because you’re about to take on Mushroom Kingdom politics by storm. And if you don’t want to solve the problems in the kingdom, you can always just head out and take on a little go-karting with Mario instead! Whatever kind of adventure you envision, when you complete your Peach costume with this accessory set, you’ll be ready for Nintendo action.

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  • Princess Peach Child Accessory Kit

    Princess Peach Child Accessory Kit

    Being a princess isn’t all fun and games. You have to have skills with an umbrella, throwing shells from a moving Go-Kart, and you have to have epic letter-writing skills. Princess Peach has all of these things down, and she really can’t be beat. That’s why we’re not surprised your kid wants to be just like her this Halloween. She wants to be able to save herself, not wait around for some plumber to do it for her. We can respect that kind of strength.This Princess Peach Child’s Accessory Kit will let your daughter wear her crown, green jewel, and those iconic long white gloves! Your girl will be able to get out there on the track, and show the Mushroom Kingdom that girls can kick some Koopa butt just as well as any plumber ever did! Just don’t forget to also get her our pink Princess Peach Dress to really give her the princess life.

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  • Women's Mary Poppins Accessory Kit

    Women’s Mary Poppins Accessory Kit

    A Cheery DispositionDo you think you have what it takes to become the nanny of the Banks children? Well, as you may well know, the position has a long list of musts. You’ve got to have everything from rosy cheeks to musical, singing songs was a must for both the Banks children and for us. Also, you’ve got to be careful not to give those kids castor oil. Because if you do then you might end up with toads in your bed and pepper in your tea. Honestly, we think you’ve got this position in the bag. . . along with everything else you somehow fit in there! Product DetailsOther than singing about sugar and flying around by umbrella, there are a couple things that make Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins. For one, her white gloves are always impeccably clean. Then there’s the jaunty flowered hat that she always wears. And finally? Her little red bow tie. She might seem buttoned up but her little red bow tie hints at all the fun that’s in store for the children under her care. Up, up, and Away!While we’re leaving Poppin’s main outfit to you, we’ve got her accessories covered. You can keep it classic, pairing the daisy detailed hat with a white blouse and a long black skirt. Or you could give Mary a modern twist, after all the flying around she does in the London air, we bet she’d be thrilled to wear a pair of chic slacks. Speaking of, don’t forget to bring along your umbrella as you’re headed out, who wants to struggle to find a taxi on Halloween night? Want to make it a group affair? Pair up with good ol’ Bert and maybe a few penguins and you are sure to have a wildly whimsical evening out. What else would you expect from Mary Poppins?

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  • Luigi Adult Accessory Kit

    Luigi Adult Accessory Kit

    Are you a fan of saving princesses from the clutches of fire-breathing turtles? Does go-karting around different perilous tracks sound like a good way to spend your days off? Do you enjoy playing all sorts of different sports with your friends? Are you also sick of your brother outshining you? Well, then we think the time has come for you to step into the heroic shoes of Luigi.This video game icon is no longer second fiddle to his famous brother. The tall guy with the big green ‘L’ on the hat is in the driver’s seat now, and he’s ready to save the kingdom. Fulfill your Super Mario aspirations as the famous mustachioed character with this Luigi Accessory Kit. It’s the perfect thing to make a quick change for this coming Halloween or at the next cosplay event you attend. Just make sure you keep an eye out for any random red shells flying around!

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  • Bloody Realistic Pitchfork Accessory

    Bloody Realistic Pitchfork Accessory

    Making Hay While the Moon ShinesThe season of the spook is terrifyingly short. There’s just so much to do! It starts with drinking hot apple cider and contemplating the harvested fields of corn and all the haunted scarecrows that could rise up any evening now. That leads to watching the classic Children of the Corn movie which might lead to getting your friends together for a soul-crushing Jeepers Creepers marathon. And hey, you might want to add a little Texas-style shabby chic in there so you’ll have to watch the Chainsaw Massacres sooner or later. There’s a lot to do, so before you get swept up in all your seasonal rituals, get your costume covered now!Product DetailsThis prop pitchfork is just as straightforward as the real deal except it’s much more lightweight. Bloody handprints mar the handle. A handle which conveniently breaks comes in two parts to make both shipping and storage a breeze. This rustic look will be a hit whether you’re dressing as an evil scarecrow, rural horror villain, or even a zombie farmer!Pastoral PanicWhile revisiting all your favorite rural horror movies you might not even have time to decorate your home for this creepy time of year. Don’t worry though. Why don’t you start out with this sinister pitchfork accessory and plan from there? Any undead farmer would approve. 

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  • Voodoo Doll Accessory

    Voodoo Doll Accessory

    MAGIC FROM THE OTHER SIDEEveryone knows that it is completely against the rules for genies and witches to grant wishes or cast spells that cause another person to fall in love with them.  True love, after all, is the most powerful magic.  It can’t be manipulated by powers like that! Of course, there are magicks that will do it.  You just have to know where to look.  And, you know that we’ve done our due diligence to bring together all of the most magnificent things that the universe has to offer.  Even if they technically come from the shadow world…PRODUCT DETAILSDealing with dark magic is always a bit risky.  Fortunately, with this 9″ burlap Voodoo Doll, all of the dirty work has already been done… and in such an adorable fashion!  This cute little monster has thick black stitching along its eyes, legs, and mouth and includes a large felt heart and bone charm.  A loop at the top makes it easy to hang from door, wall, or even belt loop! A DOSE OF HOODOOWith this perfect blend of creepy and cute at your side, you’ll have all the magic tricks you’ll need to pull off all your ambitions… especially if that includes looking like a mystical voodoo priest! 

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  • Star Trek: Discovery Black Badge Accessory

    Star Trek: Discovery Black Badge Accessory

    UPSIDE DOWN STARSThe fact that the Federation is solid throughout the galaxy with countless star systems and peoples devoted to the furthering of the most optimistic view of human and galactic peace out there does not mean that everyone is on board!When Star Trek mixes with a few stranger things, who knows how things will turn inside-out and upside-down.  Start looking around to see if Q is up to his antics because the presence of Section 31 is going to make you feel like you’re in an alternate reality! PRODUCT DETAILSSee what happens when Starfleet goes a little dark with this Star Trek: Discovery Black Badge.  The magnets on the back of this officially licensed badge keep it secure without harming your threads and shows off the curious black and silver-white badge of the shadow government operating under the Federation.  Feel mysterious and feel free not to answer a single question when you show off this exotic accessory. A MYSTERY WAITING TO BE SOLVEDWhenever we spot something that we’re not 100% sure on, the first thing we aim to do is figure it all out!  Well, that can get a little dangerous when you’re dealing with a mysterious organization like Section 31 in a time with phasers and teleporters.  But, this Black Badge will certainly give you a better chance to get close to the truth! 

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  • Adult Zorro Accessory Kit

    Adult Zorro Accessory Kit

    So you‚Äôve decided to be a dashing black-clad masked outlaw who defends the commoners and indigenous people of the land against tyrannical officials and other villains!First, you‚Äôre going to need a lil‚Äô background info on just what kind of role you‚Äôre stepping into. Zorro – which is Spanish for ‚Äúfox‚Äù, btw, and will come up later – has been around this game for a few years now. 1919, to be exact. Although some movie adaptations have placed him during early Spanish rule of California, when we first met Zorro, he was a Californio nobleman living in Los Angeles during the era of Mexico rule (between 1821 and 1846). His real name is Don Diego Vega (later de la Vega), but becomes Se√±or Zorro in the pueblo of Los Angeles in California “to avenge the helpless, to punish cruel politicians”, and “to aid the oppressed.‚Äù When he is Diego by day, he acts like a ‚Äúpassionless fop‚Äù, but when he turns into Zorro, he not only becomes too cunning and foxlike for the bumbling authorities to catch, but also delights in publicly humiliating them, which leads his hero persona a certain sense of humor (which is nice, because what‚Äôs worse than a masked hero with no sense of humor?)So basically, if you‚Äôre looking to take up the mantle of a mysterious, dashing, dark-clad nobleman, you couldn‚Äôt do better than this guy. And with this Adult Zorro Accessory Kit, you’ll be off to a great start! It comes with a black cape, a black half-mask (very crucial to the Zorro look), and a belt that features a signature “Z” in front. Add black leather pants, black boots,a loose black shirt, and a toy sword, and you’ll be ready to slicing “Z”‘s into the air (and into the hearts of adoring fans) wherever you go!

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  • Miraculous Ladybug Yo-Yo Accessory

    Miraculous Ladybug Yo-Yo Accessory

    The Miraculous Ladybug is just as she sounds, pretty miraculous. She spends most of her time studying fashion in Paris unless she becomes inhabited by her little friend, Tikki. When that happens her earrings become red with black polka dots and she wears a lady bug patterned bodysuit with a red mask with black spots.Ladybug takes on her adversaries with nothing but a yo-yo. That’s right, you’d think that there’s not much you could do with a simple toy but that’s where some of the miracle comes into play. The instrument can be used in many ways, as a weapon it can be used to tie adversaries up or knock them out cold, and you thought your “walking the dog” trick was cool! She can also use it as a shield by spinning it around fast and a grappling hook by swinging from its string. If your little girl is transforming into this superhero she’s going to need this red and black yo-yo, who knows what kind of miracles she’ll create with a seemingly simple toy.

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  • Tin Woodsman Chin Accessory

    Tin Woodsman Chin Accessory

    Everyone knows the best way to look like the humble Tin Woodsman from The Wizard of Oz is to get your hands on a good costume, and practice moving like you’ve got broomsticks attached to your arms and legs (or, tie actual sticks to them if you don’t have time to practice). But what about those special little details that make you look extra convincing?Well, if you’re talking about metal joints that squeak when they get wet, you’re on your own, but if it’s the Woodsman’s trademark strong jawline you’re looking for, our exclusive Tin Woodman Chin Accessory has got you covered! This plastic prosthetic gives you the look of a steely jawed adventurer, and blends together with your silver face paint. Don’t forget our matching Tin Woodsman Nose and Hat to complete your metallic costume, and practice your charming tin grin!

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  • Tin Woodsman Nose Accessory

    Tin Woodsman Nose Accessory

    When a witch turns you from a simple woodsman minding his own business into some poor guy completely made of tin she means to turn you all the way. It’s a rough life. You can’t get wet at all without rusting up and not being able to move. She won’t leave out a single body part. If you’re going to dress up as someone like that then you can’t just fall short of it either. When the day comes to put on your costume, smear on the silver makeup and top it off with a funnel hat, don’t look in the mirror with regret. Don’t lament the fact that your nose looks too human. Add this Tin Woodsman nose accessory and get the full effect. Just be careful not to smell the poppies and sneeze it off! It might blow your cover! We make this ourselves so you won’t be able to find it anywhere else!

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  • Fantastic Beasts Pickett Bowtruckle Pin Accessory

    Fantastic Beasts Pickett Bowtruckle Pin Accessory

    Scamander StyleNewt Scamander’s vintage style mixes 1920’s fashion with suave wizard sophistication. The famed Magizoologist executes all his outfits with effortless ease making us slightly jealous of his taste in clothing, plus he pulls off a wool turquoise-colored peacoat like no one’s business! (We wished we looked half as dapper as Newt whenever we’re feeling bold enough to wear turquoise!) Not to mention, Scamander transports all the fantastic beasts in his magical briefcase, bolstering his cool factor even more. Meanwhile, our briefcase totes lousy papers around…We may not look as stately as Newt Scamander in a turquoise peacoat and you’ll never find a Niffler peeking out of our suitcase, but this officially licensed Bowtruckle pin allows us to mimic the stylish Magizoologist’s fashion sense in the most subtle way. Product DetailsThe green Bowtruckle figure has poseable appendages so wearers can position his twig-like limbs to give the creature a different appearance whenever it’s worn. An attached pin on the back fastens the figure to all types of fabrics. It measures approximately 4.5 inches tall and looks particularly cute hanging from a jacket pocket.A Spellbinding Embellishment Add this pin to any winter coat or to a Newt Scamander costume for a personalized touch.     

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  • Seuss Kids Cat in the Hat Accessory Kit

    Seuss Kids Cat in the Hat Accessory Kit

    Dr. Seuss is one of the most beloved children’s writers of all time. His silly and ridiculous rhyme schemes make learning to read easy and fun. Supposedly, Theodor Geisel (pen name Dr. Seuss) originally wrote The Cat in the Hat in response to poor reading skills in school systems. He wanted to try a different approach than the widely popular Dick and Jane stories.You know the rest. The Cat in the Hat became one of the most successful children’s stories. Children started to enjoy learning to read, and now your little munchkin wants to dress as the Cat in the Hat for Dr. Seuss week. With this Seuss Kids Cat in the Hat Accessory Kit, it will be easy to transform them into the slightly silly Cat. And, thanks to you and Theodor Geisel, they will want to read all the books they can get their hands on.

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  • Saturday Night Live Adult Conehead Accessory

    Saturday Night Live Adult Conehead Accessory

    For the longest while, elementary and middle school bullies would throw out the insult ‚Äúegghead‚Äù in the odd effort to degrade someone. Of all taunts, ‚ÄúHey, you‚Äôve got a big brain‚Äù never seemed to land as the most crippling of words, so it was always a huge mystery why that specific tag was so frequently used or why it continued throughout the decades. Of course, eventually, it became clear that they just didn‚Äôt understand what it was like to be a child born on Remulak—we mean France!, of course.Still, a bit more support is always helpful and you can lend you aid to assisting Belder, Prymaat, or any of the other‚Ķ French folk with this Egg Cap. You‚Äôll fit right into completely normal Earthling society with this tall, pointed latex headpiece and will soon be invited to consume mass quantities at all the local human gatherings. Just be sure to maintain low tones in case you need to speak about the homeland. No one ever tends to understand cone-culture, after all! But, perhaps you can be the one to bring about a new understanding. And, if not, just pick up a few more Egg Caps and host your own invasion!

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  • Jojo Siwa 4 Bow Accessory Set

    Jojo Siwa 4 Bow Accessory Set

    This is a Jojo Siwa Bow Accessory Set

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  • Women's 1960s Accessory Kit

    Women’s 1960s Accessory Kit

    We happen to say, “What a time to be alive” rather often nowadays. But what about the 1960s?There was Vietnam and all the craziness that went along with that. There was a whole lot of rock n’ roll, and all the partying that goes along with that. There was also a little pop culture explosion that had to do with… yep, you guessed it: hippies! This sociopolitical and pop culture climate would truly have warranted the comment, “what a time to be alive.”And we can help you recreate some of that experience with this Women’s 1960s Accessory Kit. We can’t put together a Grateful Dead concert, or organize a civil rights march, but we sure can dress you for the part of a far-out hippie! Who knows, maybe in your new garb, you can do some of that organizing yourself. But we wouldn’t blame you if you just wanted to get out on the dance floor and bust a groovy move or two.

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  • Men's 1960s Accessory Kit

    Men’s 1960s Accessory Kit

    Hey, it’s cool with us if you feel like letting your inner-hippie out for a little fresh air. It’s a far out way to get in touch with the universe and hug your neighbor, man. We don’t wanna harsh your buzz or anything, but it takes a little more than putting on a tie dyed shirt and listening to some killer tunes in the back of a van to get into the spirit of the 60’s.Adding a 1960s Accessory Kit to your groovy costume will make you look totally, like… far out, man! This collection of flower power paraphernalia will have you looking like you just got back from Woodstock; including a cool pair of blue-tinted shades, a trippy looking headband, and a peace sign pendent, to show everyone that you’re all about love, not war. All you’ll need to do then is remember not to bogart the chips, and everything will be totally chill, man!

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  • Child's Play Good Guys Hammer Accessory

    Child’s Play Good Guys Hammer Accessory

    Tools of the TradeIt looks normal, doesn’t it? It looks like the sort of hammer you’d use to fix up a few things around the house. In the hands of Chucky, though? Well, let’s just say that he doesn’t intend on using to fix anything. Chucky is more likely to use a hammer to terrorize his unsuspecting victims. He’d use a hammer to cause some major destruction around the house… so we don’t recommend giving it to him, but if you want to use it recreate the look from the Child’s Play movie, then this replica hammer is perfect!Product DetailsThis toy hammer is officially licensed from the Child’s Play movie. It’s made out of wood and features the “Good Guys” logo on the side. It measures 9 inches long, making it look like a real hammer from the film. It is just a toy, so it’s not intended to be used as a tool. We wouldn’t recommend trying to do any home repairs with this toy hammer!Good Guy CosplayIf you’re looking to terrorize your neighborhood like Chucky, then make sure you have this Child’s Play Good Guys Hammer on hand. Pair it up with any of our Chucky costumes for the complete look!

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  • Elephant Nose Accessory

    Elephant Nose Accessory

    This is an Elephant Nose.

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  • Cheech Accessory Kit

    Cheech Accessory Kit

    How do you become a legend? Well, it depends on what kind of legend you want to be. If you’re looking to become a baseball legend? Start early and practice. Want to become a rock legend? Get used to wear spandex, pleather pants, start early, and practice. If you want to become a. . . well, how do we say this? If you want to become a stoner legend you don’t actually even need to practice just invest in this simple Cheech accessory kit! You’ll have everything you need to start your comedy career, you don’t even need to travel cross country in a car made of marijuana. It’s probably a good idea to stave off that road trip until more states legalize the leaf. You’ll look just like this comedy legend when you’re wearing his instantly recognizable head gear, just find yourself a yellow tank top and you’re ready to rock.  

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