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  • Foam Halloween Berry Wreath 16.5"

    Foam Halloween Berry Wreath 16.5″

    Decor Made with NightshadeWe know what you’re thinking. How are berries spooky, right? Oh, you weren’t thinking that? Well, we were. And perhaps it’s because we read to many macabre internet articles while working for a Halloween company. Or maybe we were born with an interest in all things dark. It’s kind of a chicken or the egg question. But… we think berries are pretty spooky, as long as they’re the right berries. Take Belladonna berries for instance. They look as appetizing as blueberries but snack on a couple of them and that might be your last snack. And while this wreath is made with simple “Halloween berries” that are actually just sparkly foam balls, we welcome you to make up a story about the horror of unbridled berry picking for all the Halloween revelers that come through your door. We really think it might be a new trend!Product DetailsThis black and orange wreath will keep your entryway cheery while also adding a touch of seasonal spook. The spiraling sparkles will catch the eye of trick-or-treaters as well as friends and family and can easily be paired with all sorts of our gorgeous decor. At just under one and a half feet, this wreath will make your porch a sure stop for the ghouls and goblins on Halloween night!

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  • Halloween: Light Up Eyeball Wreath

    Halloween: Light Up Eyeball Wreath

    An Eye for DetailMartha has a great flair for decorating. She keeps it classy with just a sparkle of a unique twist to make her home stand up and say hello. In the summer she knows how to trim her bushes and create gorgeous flower arrangements from the trimmings.  In the winter her Christmas tree shines with homemade ornaments and her whole house smells of pine and cinnamon from the lush bows of pine strung along the staircases’ banister. So when it came to the Halloween season, she wasn’t planning on letting anybody down. She combined lush red and black silk roses in a gorgeous wreath. Then she added what everyone in the neighborhood was so jealous off, her eye for detail!Product DetailsThis reusable seasonal wreath is sure to set the right tone for your Halloween visitors. Black and red flowers make up the base. Multi-colored eyes are inserted into the middle of many of the flowers to really drive home an eerie image! The wreath comes with a loop to make sure hanging this for the Halloween season is quick and easy.Dark Decorating MattersWant more decor that treads that dark and dignified line? Check out our glittering black LED candles, poseable skeletons, and our wide variety of pumpkins to tailor your Halloween display to your elevated tastes!

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  • Black Feather Glitter Pumpkin Wreath 17"

    Black Feather Glitter Pumpkin Wreath 17″

    This is a 17″ Black Feather Glitter Pumpkin Wreath.

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