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  • Cruel Diva Womens Wig

    Cruel Diva Womens Wig

    Sure, let them call you cruel. How many of them have played a piano with keys made of real ivory? How many of them know the joy of wrapping the fur of a nearly extinct mink around their shoulders? How many of them have the genius ability to see and purchase the next fashion trends before it appears in any of the magazines? None of them, that joy and ability belongs solely to you. Sure, when you see a gorgeous bird you imagine those feathers on an avant-garde hat but if you don’t have these imaginings then how is the world of fashion to move forward? Your hair says it all. The world is black and white. It’s made of losers and winners. There’s the humans who learned to use tools and clothe themselves and then there are those animals who haven’t progressed beyond growling and howling. So let them call you cruel, a fashionable woman like yourself knows which way the world turns.

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  • Big Red Wig

    Big Red Wig

    So, we are here to answer an age-old question and we‚Äôd really like to hear what you think: do blondes or do brunettes really have more fun?Obviously, it‚Äôs a trick question; the answer is redheads! And the bigger the hair the better! But here is the truly great news: whether or not you are married, whether or not you‚Äôre with children, or whether or not you have a shoe salesman for a husband, you can own the kind of hairstyle that… offsets life’s‚Ķdisappointments. Wonderful, no? You will need to pick up a rather eye-catching ensemble to accompany this look. You can wear this voluminous wig while eating bonbons, or while watching daytime TV in stilettos. No judgement, here. Big red hair like this makes even the most mundane activities better.

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  • Yo Momma Wig

    Yo Momma Wig

    You never know when you need to take on an “old lady” persona. Why, there might be a quilting convention in town, and you really want to go but they have a strict dress code. Or Maybe you’re a big bad wolf trying to fool Little Red Riding Hood into thinking you’re her grandmother. And heck, sometimes you just want to dress up as one of the Golden Girls, especially Sophia Petrillo. That’s something we can all relate to. Whatever your reason — and there are many — this Yo Momma Wig will help you transform into a vision of grandmotherly goodness!As you can see, this awesome wig goes perfectly with a wide variety of different styles, costumes, and characters. Whatever you might have in mind, this wig makes the perfect finishing touch. And if you’re starting your costume with the wig, be sure to have a look around at our selection of old lady costumes!

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  • Pink Afro Clown Wig

    Pink Afro Clown Wig

    Clowns can come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. It can go all the way from the scariest killer clown you’ve ever seen this side of a birthday party to a super sad clown with makeup that makes him look like he’s constantly crying all the way to the happiest clown on the planet ready for a great time. We think that getting the right personality can come down to even the finest detail of the entire outfit. Add a little more of a friendly nature to your silly clown costume with this Pink Afro Clown Wig. No murder vibes seem to come from this hair color (and we have some pretty serious technology to test that) and very little sadness from it as well. In fact, this wig resembling some delicious cotton candy has proven to improve the moods of people around it just by being in their presence. Add it to perfect your Halloween outfit or for entertaining some children at a birthday party.

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  • Black Wig Cap

    Black Wig Cap

    Transforming your appearance almost always involves two stages, and many people mix them up. Everybody wants to dash off and buy a big, fancy wig in a bright neon color and hope that it will magically cling to their head. But that’s supposed to be step 2. Step 1 is supposed to be preparing for your new look by making you appear… well, a little less like yourself.Don’t get us wrong. We think you look great. But if you have a massive bouffant or some kind of wild Flock of Seagulls thing going on, it’s kind of a hassle to get your new ‘do working just the way you planned. And you may not think we have much at stake in how your hairpiece turns out, but we like to go around taking in all the awesome wigs and costumes at Halloween the same way that we like to walk around the neighborhood enjoying the light displays at Christmas. It just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy!

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  • Women's Floral Fantasy Wig

    Women’s Floral Fantasy Wig

    Do you have a knack for playing friendly pranks on your friends and family? Do you enjoy tangling up other’s hair while they take a quick catnap, or maybe hiding your roommates’ car keys, or is leading others on a wild goose chase from time to time more your specialty? Well if you get joy out of pulling all these harmless pranks on others then, guess what? You may actually not be as human as you thought you were. In fact, you may be a fairy!… or at least part fairy. According to the folklore, fairies enjoy toying with us humans, although some of them take it a bit far and enjoy, more so, our suffering and the hardships they can cause… not quite the helpful of creatures that you thought them to be in the first place, right? Either way, fairies are still pretty awesome in our book and if you want to truly feel like the mythical woodland creature, that you very well may be, then start looking more like your legendary ancestors. This Women’s Floral Fantasy Wig will be a great start to any fairy costume! Add a set of butterfly-like wings as well as a pair of floral slippers to match your new hairdo and you’re set to go out and be the best fairy you can be.

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  • Rapunzel Wig with Flowers

    Rapunzel Wig with Flowers

    So your kid wants to be a princess. But not just any princess; a princess whose hair glows when she sings.Alright, so we haven’t worked out how to make a wig glow yet, but we figured the rest of Rapunzel’s tresses out! Which, trust us, was plenty of work. Golden hair 70 feet long? Yeah, there’s a reason Flynn called over the little village girls to help with Rapunzel’s hair-do.So if your kid is determined on being the princess with the long lustrous locks, look no further than our Rapunzel Wig with Flowers. This long blonde wig has already been neatly braided and woven so it’s easy for your princess to enjoy the festivities without getting hair trampled on. And there’s even pretty violet flowers! Which is ten times better than following your princess around all evening bundling up her hair in your arms. Braids: who knew, right?

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  • Blonde Seductress Wig

    Blonde Seductress Wig

    Blondes sometimes get a bad reputation, but most people who make jokes about them are just jealous. What they probably don’t understand is how much of a responsibility it is to look that hot all the time! If non-blondes knew how difficult it was to walk around town without causing car crashes, or people to run into walls because they were distracted, they might realize why blondes like to have more fun. They say the best way to understand someone is to take a walk in their shoes. Or, in this case, their hair. When you’re wearing this Blonde Seductress Wig, you’ll get a taste of what golden haired beauties go through every day. Wear it to a costume party as part of glamorously sexy costume, or look like a saucy bombshell at any other kind of party. You never know, once you try it, you may just decide to go blonde, full time!

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  • Regal Blue 22" Heat Stylable Clip In Hair Extension

    Regal Blue 22″ Heat Stylable Clip In Hair Extension

    A STYLISH BLUE ADDITIONYour hair is one of the big markers of your personality.  You can wear and style it in all sorts of different ways in order to express everything from the damsel in distress to the femme fatale and everything in between.  It’s kind of magic, that way! But, there are those looks that sometimes feel just a little outside reach.  Sometimes you want a little more length and color, but you are a bit restricted to normal human growth.  Shoulder length to waist length in a day is tough to come by without a snap of magic.  PRODUCT DETAILSFortunately, we have just the snap that you need with this Regal Blue Hair Extension.  Extend the length of your locks by 22 inches with comb connectors that blend in with your own natural hair.  The bright blue is a perfect accent to any look and can even be styled with hair irons or hair dryers up to 325 degrees.  Will you be a frozen princess or a stylish smurf or maybe just get that flair of color you’ve been seeking?  RAPUNZEL HAS NOTHING ON THISFairy tales like to tell of the lass with the long golden hair and how great she was with her style, but she never had the opportunities you do like with this Regal Blue Stylable Clip In Hair Extension.  Give a rich flash of blue and get the extra length you need.  (We don’t recommend scaling towers with it, however.)  

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  • Avatar Neytiri Wig

    Avatar Neytiri Wig

    The Na’vi from James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar are quite the rugged aliens. (Well, technically we’re the aliens in Avatar, but let’s not get bogged down in technicalities.) They stand ten feet tall, weigh over 450 pounds, have four times the strength of an average human, and have carbon fiber reinforced bones. The Na’vi also have a special neural tendril that comes out of their heads which lets them effectively “plug in” to Pandora’s wildlife, letting them control wild animals like extensions of their own bodies. This tendril is appealingly concealed by the Na’vi’s long braided ponytailsNeytiri, the princess of the Omaticaya clan and our hero Jake’s main squeeze, absolutely rocks the Na’vi bouffant with her thick shock of beaded braids. She uses her hair to connect with her flying Banshee Seze (rest in peace) and just generally look glamorous while bounding through the jungles of Pandora. If you’d rather be a beautiful Na’vi than a lousy human (and who wouldn’t?), then our Avatar Neytiri Wig is the indispensable accessory for your next costume!

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  • Silver Superhero Wig

    Silver Superhero Wig

    Silver is a great hair color for superheroes. In addition to its striking appearance, we imagine it‚Äôs very easy for comic book artists to color in. Whether they can summon lightning storms, run at mach five, or see into the future, many great characters share this pewtery hair color, not to mention myriad anime characters as well. Come to think of it, George Washington had silver hair too. Does that mean America is the first country that was founded by a mutant? Undoubtedly yes!Our Silver Superhero Wig is made from durable synthetic fibers, so it‚Äôs safe from the sun or spilled drinks. Its mesh cap interior fits comfortably so you won‚Äôt be distracted from saving the day — or ruining it, depending on your alignment. We don‚Äôt judge!

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  • White Bob Wig

    White Bob Wig

    Want to become that sleek and cutting-edge fashion executive that you always see running magazine companies in the movies. You know the kind of lady we’re talking about. She wears a short skirt and a long jacket ala the song from the band “Cake”. Her fingernails might not shine like justice, her glamorous shade is more of a blend of “guts and glory”. Yes, this woman doesn’t do anything half way. And no, she doesn’t wear Prada, that’s below her. Her greyhound is often seen rocking a Prada turtleneck as her assistant walks it around the block though!Whether you’re rocking these the silvery white locks to become a high power fashion editor or your thoughts are more along the lines of flapper and silver screen star, this wig is perfect for your needs. The bangs and subtle flip on this cropped cut are enough to gain anyone’s respect. And hey, if you have to settle for stepping out in Prada, we’re not going to judge. After all, that high powered lady’s greyhound looks really awesome in that turtleneck!

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  • Short Bob Turquoise Wig

    Short Bob Turquoise Wig

    We never met someone with a real turquoise bob before. We did know a guy named Bob who wore a lot of turquoise jewelry back when we lived in New Mexico. That sort of counts, doesn’t it? To get back to the point, turquoise is a very hard hair color to attain naturally, unless you live next to Chernobyl. You may not wish to permanently dye your hair this color, nor trim it to such a short length, as becoming as a bob may be. That’s why this wig is the best of both worlds. You’ll get that alien, 20s flapper look without any commitment!The Short Bob Turquoise Wig is comfortable and durable. It’s resistant to damage from heat or the sun, so you’re guaranteed to look fresh wherever you go. This one is a real attention grabber!

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  • 36in Long Blonde Witch Wig

    36in Long Blonde Witch Wig

    Why are witches always shown with dark, stringy hair? And they’re always hiding it under big silly hats and shawls. You’d think if they have all those mystical powers and potions, they could brew something up that would give their hair some pizzazz. Maybe bleh-looking hair is just the price witches pay for all those special abilities. Luckily, as non-magical humans, we can have whatever kind of hair we want! And you don’t have to be a master hairdresser to break the trend of boring-haired witches. All you need is to slip on this Long Blonde Witch Wig, and your job is done. This golden hair is very long, hanging 3 feet down, so you’ll be a brightly haired witch who can also headbang like a pro. This wig goes with all kinds of costumes and styles, so you’re covered if you want to dress up as a pop star or a long haired princess. Or, just wear it whenever you go out on the town, to help you cast your own brand of magic!

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  • White Colonel Wig and Moustache

    White Colonel Wig and Moustache

    In the Deep South, where sushi is just called bait, we spend lots of time grooming both our temperaments as well as our fine and gentlemanly appearances. Some of us retire to kindly cottages and others to grand manors, especially those wealthy enough that we need to buy a new boat when the first gets wet! But, no matter our occupations, we all love to make, eat, and share our delicious southern cuisine!You know exactly what we’re talking about. You can not only enjoy the food so much you’ll need to lick it straight off your fingers but can look the part, too, with this White Colonel Wig and Moustache. The iconic look of the southern gentleman can be yours with this white haired wig of synthetic fibers and matching (and flawlessly groomed) goatee. Both are trimmed in a debonair flair and will raise the quality of any costume at a price less than a bucket of chicken.

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  • Women's Black and Grey Ombre Wig

    Women’s Black and Grey Ombre Wig

    A person’s hair is worth a thousand words or depending on the style, their do’ could write their memoirs. You can go all out dressing up as a character but if you stick with your regular ponytail, you’re in danger of not fully transforming. Who knows if that ninja could have reached a higher potential if your head gear would have been different. Maybe you would have successfully thrown that throwing star! This black and gray ombre do’ would be a fabulous topper for a variety of costumes. The wicked witch will look especially mystical, a vampire will seem as chic as ever, even that ninja costume would have a special flair with this fabulous wig. So, whether you have a specific ensemble in mind or you’re preparing for the future, this piece is a great investment. You never know when you’ll need to transform! 

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  • Blonde Mullet Wig

    Blonde Mullet Wig

    All business in the front, all party in the back… it’s everyone’s favorite hairstyle, the mullet!A lot of amazing trends came out of the 1980s: oversized shoulder pads, parachute pants, legwarmers… But probably the most beloved and enduring is the mullet, that multi-purpose hairstyle that combined business professionalism with party-loving free spiritedness. Some of the greatest entertainers of the day sported this slick style—George Clooney, John Stamos, Billy Ray Cyrus… even MacGyver!If you want to capture this chic look and bring it back into the 21st century, we’ve got the perfect solution: the White Trash Mullet Wig. This blonde wig is made of 100 perfect synthetic hair and comes with an elastic mesh interior for easy fit. It is sure to spruce up any look, whether you’re dressing up like a rock star, a southern hillbilly, or even just a janitor trying to find his long-lost family. After all, everything’s better with a mullet!

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  • Brown Long Wavy Wig

    Brown Long Wavy Wig

    You know that really, really expensive shampoo that “guarantees” to make your hair luxuriously longer, richer in hue, stronger by the strand, and healthier all over? Well, take it back to the store and get a refund! There is only one surefire way to ensure a stunning head of shimmering hair: this Brown Long Wavy Wig. Every single strand will be in place and positively radiant when this wig tops your costume, so you can spend your time worrying about more important things, like the next song in your DJ set. Styled with long curls and side part, this luxe wig will give you the locks you’ve been pining for – FINALLY! You’ll look like you are being followed around by your own team of professional hairdressers. Aha, so that‚Äôs how those A-listers always look so put together!

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  • Blonde Straight Wig with Bangs

    Blonde Straight Wig with Bangs

    The saying is “Blonds have more fun.” So why not be a blond bombshell for Halloween? Let’s face it being a blond one night will really help polish your costume. Whether you are a Barbie Doll, a faerie, or a cute flower child hippy a little blond ambition can go a long way. No one will be able to make a dumb blond joke at your expense because you are one smart cookie, and you’re beautiful to boot! Any costume will look extra awesome with the Blonde Straight Wig with Bangs. Don’t worry, no blondes were hurt in making this wig! The hair is synthetic and styled with eyebrow-length bangs. The interior has a mesh cap with and elastic edge to keep the wig in place. This beautiful sleek and smooth wig is perfect for your Halloween costume.

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  • Women's Rapunzel Wig

    Women’s Rapunzel Wig

    There is beauty in every hairstyle, but we absolutely love the look of long hair. We’re not talking about hair that goes past your shoulders; we’re talking about luscious locks that cascade past your waist! You know, typical princess hair. We can picture it now: we’re stationed up in a tower brushing our strands, awaiting the arrival of a handsome prince. He’s going to use our hair as a rope so he can climb up and rescue us. Wait, a minute… using hair as a rope? Ouch! That sounds like it would hurt, plus, how long does it take to brush all the knots out? Are we talking 15 minutes? Half an hour? A full hour?!On second thought, we don’t think we have the patience or the time to maintain an ultra long mane. If you’re anything like us and you love the look of long hair but don’t want to commit to it, then this Rapunzel wig is perfect for you. You’ll have a blast rockin’ your new ‘do and whipping your hair back and forth. Just don’t whip it too hard, it is a wig, after all…

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  • Let's Get Physical Wig

    Let’s Get Physical Wig

    The best thing about the 80s? The big hair of course. We’re talking violent curls, pouffy locks, feathered bangs, and the classics: 80s Hair Bands. Those glorious locks were teased within an inch of their life to achieve the most voluminous hair ever seen. It makes head-banging even more exciting.Of course all that excellent hair isn’t low maintenance. It’s a lot of work preparing those tresses for optimal head-banging. And sometimes, you just don’t have the time to grow out and style such an excellent do. Which is where our Let’s Get Physical Wig comes in. If you’re feeling nostalgic enough for an 80s jazzercise party, want to party like it’s Friday night, or you intend to rock out like Olivia Newton John, you’ll definitely need this wig. This 100 percent synthetic wig comes with a pink headband and wristbands, and has a teased 80s look which will be just right for your tubular party.

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  • Styleable Fever Jessica Blonde Wig

    Styleable Fever Jessica Blonde Wig

    When you need long, beautiful, blonde hair fast, we wouldn’t recommend relying on your own keratin deposits. Seriously, growing out your hair is such a pain. There’s always that awkward in-between stage, and it takes forever. You could spend a fortune (and a few hours of your time) getting extensions, too, but you could instead take a shortcut. We got you, girl.Here’s this super stylable Fever Jessica Blonde Wig for your woes. It’s the solution to all the aforementioned problems. You’ll be every man’s fantasy in no time at all, be it on the street on some random Tuesday or dressed as your favorite seductive Hollywood starlet for Halloween. It’s professional quality, too, with fringe bangs and a fully adjustable interior wig cap, so you can trust that these luscious locks will do whatever you need them to do!

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  • Styleable Fever Nicole Auburn Wig

    Styleable Fever Nicole Auburn Wig

    Some of us just aren’t born with the gift of unique physical qualities.Some of us are born with brown eyes and brown hair. Average height and weight. The same propensity for procrastination that seems to affect even the best of us. Do you feel the discontent and longing in our words?We get it. We sympathize and we’re here to make it better. Just check out this Fever Nicole Auburn Wig. It’ll give you the long, luscious locks that everyone will want to run their fingers through. It’s 26 inches of professional quality auburn hair straight from the follicles of a goddess. One of Zeus’s wives, in fact. It can be washed and styled, too, under certain conditions, giving you the flexibility and freedom to do what genetics didn’t care to help you out with.

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  • Adult Dark Bald Wig

    Adult Dark Bald Wig

    As much as our society values a full head of hair, thick wavy locks aren‚Äôt all that they’re cracked out to be. Actually, a bald head can be at once charming and handy. Bald men can be seen as powerful and wise. In fact, during the reign of Alexander the Great, soldiers were ordered to shave their heads, preventing their adversaries from grabbing their hair. Talk about a headstrong strategy! There are plenty of costumes that call for a bare noggin to make your character recognizable. You might want to spread peace to the world as Gandhi or maybe fasting isn’t really your thing and you’re going as Michael Jordan, an equally influential character in history. Whatever you’re using your bald cap for, you’re sure to enjoy this easy full transformation more than the prospect of shaving all your hair off. After all, a shaved head may have worked well for those Greek soldiers but we live in an age with little chance of hand to hand combat.

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