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  • Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Child Wig

    Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Child Wig

    Catwoman Dark Knight Rises Child Wig; Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman DC Comics super hero character wig. Children’s size Catwoman costume wig.

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  • Semi-Pro the Movie Curly Adult Wig (More Colors)

    Semi-Pro the Movie Curly Adult Wig (More Colors)

    Semi-Pro the Movie Curly Adult Wig (More Colors)

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  • Felicity Frappuccino Wig (More Colors)

    Felicity Frappuccino Wig (More Colors)

    Felicity Frappuccino Wig (More Colors)

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  • Victorian Black and White Wig

    Victorian Black and White Wig

    Black & White Victorian Wig

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  • Fantasy Maiden Long Hot Red Wig

    Fantasy Maiden Long Hot Red Wig

    Fntsy Maiden Long Hot Red Wing long rich red locks.

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  • Feathered Flirt Wig (More Colors)

    Feathered Flirt Wig (More Colors)

    Feathered Flirt Wig (More Colors)

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  • 70s Seduction Blonde Wig

    70s Seduction Blonde Wig

    70s Seduction Blonde Wig

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  • Day of the Dead Adult Womens Wig

    Day of the Dead Adult Womens Wig

    Day of the Dead Adult Womens Wig

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  • Womens Prison Jailhouse Blonde Wig

    Womens Prison Jailhouse Blonde Wig

    Womens Prison Blonde Jailhouse Wig

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  • Womens Prison Crazy Eyes Wig

    Womens Prison Crazy Eyes Wig

    Womens Prison Crazy Eyes Wig

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  • Witch Long Black Adult Wig

    Witch Long Black Adult Wig

    Long Black Witch Adult Wig

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  • The Love Guru Brown Wig and Beard Set

    The Love Guru Brown Wig and Beard Set

    Love Guru Wig & Beard;

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  • Glow Streaks Witch Child Wig

    Glow Streaks Witch Child Wig

    Glow Streaks Witch Child Wig

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  • Rocker Black Unisex Wig

    Rocker Black Unisex Wig

    Black Unisex Rocker Adult Wig.Includes: One Black Unisex Rocker Adult Wig.Available Size: One Size Fits Most Adults and Teens.Available Color: Black.*Costume and Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately.WARNING!!: Do not use styling tools with heating el

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  • Girl's Night Out Wig

    Girl’s Night Out Wig

    Women work just as hard as any man does nowadays, and they deserve nights out on the town with their girlfriends. They need to be able to let go of all their stress from a long work week and relax with some high-quality drinks and entertainment. That’s where you come in. Toss on this Girl’s Night Out Wig and start shaking that moneymaker! Be the goofy entertainment for women who need a break from the office. Hit the stage and put on your best Chippendale’s routine.If you’re as suave as Swayze and as energetic as the fun-loving Farley, you’ll be the ultimate entertainer. With an elegant bow tie collar, you’ll be the classiest act the ladies see all night. You can always be sure your hair is looking good with this wig, so get your moves down and work on your endurance now. When you hit the stage looking this good all the ladies are going to want you up there all night!

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  • Sexy Burgundy Wig

    Sexy Burgundy Wig

    Did you know that some DNA tests can tell you what the likelihood is that you’ll have red-headed children? The gene for red hair is recessive, so a person needs two copies of that gene for it to show up (or “be expressed”, as they say in science DNA talk). That means that, even if both parents carry the gene, just one in four of their children are likely to turn out to be a redhead. And did you also know that, contrary to what many people assume, redheads did not originate in Scandinavia, Scotland or Ireland, but in central Asia? Their coloring is due to a mutation in the MC1R gene that fails to produce sun-protective, skin-darkening eumelanin and instead causes pale skin, freckles and red hair. Pretty neat, huh?But if you don’t naturally fall into the gene pool of the Gingers, you can still get all that fiery, attention-getting glory with this Sexy Burgundy Wig! This super stylish, sassy red hair wig with short bangs or long sides is perfect for a grown-up costume of your favorite bow-and-arrow wielding Disney character, or even just a fun night out on the town! Blaze it up, baby!

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  • Kids Gandalf Beard and Wig Set

    Kids Gandalf Beard and Wig Set

    All great wizards have one thing in common; the have a commanding beard. We’ve come to realize that a good portion of casting magical spells is about having a facial hair that you can rely on. So, what if you want to start casting spells now? It can take weeks for a good beard to set in and you might need to bust out some Lord of the Rings-style sorcery right now! Don’t fret! This Gandalf Beard and Wig Set for kids gives you the look of the wizened Middle-earth wizard, so you can draw on it for your magical power. We have yet learned how to harvest its magical energies, but maybe you’ll have a better time learning the ins and outs of sorcery.

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  • Seduction Wig

    Seduction Wig

    Seduction. Some think it’s all about that wild look in your eyes as you gaze at your prey. Others think it’s about the tantalizing outfit you choose. And then, there are others who know it’s all about the sexy hair you bring to the evening. Those other things always help, but the hair is really where it all starts. When you put thus Seduction Wig on, people will know that you know what‚Äôs really going on. You store your secrets in your hair, and it is your choice method of persuasion ‚Äì or should we say, seduction? Whether you want to dress up as a pop princess or a disco star, this wig will make all of your dreams come true! These luscious blonde locks will be the highlight of any party, just make sure not to dance so hard you ‚Äòdo falls off!

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  • Bald Cap

    Bald Cap

    Isn’t having a choice great? It makes a difference, even with something we think we would always like. Take chocolate, if every time you ordered ice cream, wouldn’t it take a lot of joy from your cone if it was filled with soft serve chocolate each time, no question? Or what if they put you in first class every time you boarded an airplane? Actually, that wouldn’t be too bad at all. What we’re getting at is that it’s great to have hair, but it’s nice to have the option to go bald for a day! When you go bald you’re joining the ranks of Vin Diesel, the national bird of the United States, and Patrick Stewart, whether you can pull off making it look as good as those fellows it’s up to you. There are plenty of reasons to go bald, just remember to thank your lucky stars that it’s a choice.

    $6.99 Wigs
  • Styleable Fever Mia Black Wig

    Styleable Fever Mia Black Wig

    Whether you’ve ever wanted to be like Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, dancing with Vincent Vega, or perhaps someone a little more silly like Laliari from Galaxy Quest, but you’ve been missing one crucial thing to be either of those women. The stylish black bob haircut, but we understand you not wanting to lob off your beautiful locks.That’s why we’ve found this Styleable Fever Mia Black Wig. You can become whatever black bobed bombshell that you desire, all without the risk of cutting your hair off. It can be scary to change your hair, it takes so long to grow back out. (We know, our high school year book is full of some of our more interesting choices!) But now you can boogie the night away like Mia Wallace, or travel the galaxy with your friends like Laliari. Go have your adventure, without the risk to your hair!

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  • 2 Broke Girls Max Wig

    2 Broke Girls Max Wig

    You’re a Max. Face it, you know you are! Snarky wit, and a promiscuous mind are your signature traits, and at least as far as we’re concerned, there ain’t anything wrong with that! And 2 Broke Girls fans seem to agree, because this hit CBS sitcom has been making households across America laugh with the hilarious antics of Maxine and her friend Caroline stealing the scene.So, if you have your sights set on being this hit character this Halloween, all you’ll have to do is use this signature wig to complete your authentic costume. It’s officially licensed, and looks perfect with our exclusive 2 Broke Girls costume. Get yourself a pair of knee high boots to complete your costume, and you’ll have this signature look of this sitcom vixen. Team up with your best friend as the hit duo, or just plan on strutting your prime-time stuff solo to find yourself a potential love interest!

    $12.99 Wigs
  • Scarecrow Wig

    Scarecrow Wig

    Don’t just while away the hours, conferring with the flowers about how to finish off your Halloween look. Use your brain, guys!This Scarecrow Wig can’t make you smarter, but it can give you a really good head of hair…er…straw. When you’re dressed in your burlap sack costume, there will be no better way to give it that authentic touch you’re looking for than by wearing this tufted topper. Whether you’re heading down the yellow brick road or you’re meeting up with pals for Halloween trivia, this raffia wig will make you look just like you belong standing in a field of growing crops. Don’t be surprised if a crow suddenly lands on your shoulder!

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  • 2 Broke Girls Caroline Wig

    2 Broke Girls Caroline Wig

    She’s not exactly the most street smart individual, but she’s not doing too bad. Especially if you consider the fact that Caroline grew up in an incredibly wealthy family only to be completely shut down after her father was discovered to be the head of a Ponzi scheme. Now she’s stuck in a diner where she runs into all sorts of strange people. It’s not so bad though, right? She’s still got her favorite set of pearls to wear every single day and the uniform is pretty easy to modify so it can bring out your sexy side. The story has always seemed pretty realistic to us, but what we can’t seem to understand about Caroline though, is how the heck she can work in a diner with all that steam and grime with her hair always looking that fantastically straight. Sure she can fix things up in an instant, but how on earth can she maintain it constantly? Must be a rich person thing. Well since most of us didn’t grow up like her, we decided to create the next best thing and make a wig that looks just like one of our favorite characters. It fits over even the worst of bed head!

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  • Womens Purple And Grey Ombre Wig

    Womens Purple And Grey Ombre Wig

    How is your relationship with your hair stylist? Maybe this is too personal but is it healthy? If you’re like us then you’ve pushed the boundaries of hair dyeing. Have you ever called your hair stylist at midnight after seeing the perfect purple and pink ombre Pinterest post? No. . . hmm. Okay, maybe we did take things to far. Okay, moving on. Instead of shooting for the perfect silver hair (it’s actually a very hard shade to achieve) try this gorgeous wig on. Sure, most people wear this for a costume but we think you rock this on a daily basis. This wig is perfectly layered with a deep shade of purple on the tips. Become a rocking sorceress, a stlyin’ witch, or a mystical fairy. Or hey, you could become a rocking rock star! Just learn from us and leave those stylist calls to business hours. Also, Bertha, if you’re reading this, we’re sorry!

    $19.99 Wigs