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  • Pink Wacky Adult Wig

    Pink Wacky Adult Wig

    Bubblegum. Cotton candy. Flamingos. Geraniums. Ballet shoes. Carnations. Strawberry milkshakes. Can we agree that those things are all very magical and all very pink? After all, it is the best color out there. The world would be a much happier place if there were more natural pink things, like pink trees, pink clouds, and pink animals. But unfortunately there isn’t so we have to put a pop of pink into as many things as possible…like your hair!Adults who are looking to expand the pinkness in this world will be excited about this unique and vibrant hot pink wig. The pink wacky wig is a beautiful shade of pink that will stand out among a sea of drab colored hair. The unique style wig is fashioned so you’ll have a pretty serious widow’s peak. The rest of the synthetic hair is fashioned so it sticks straight up in the air. Basically, it’s the perfect wig to wear for a troll doll costume or a bright colored gnome costume. You’ll be in for a very fun pink-filled evening!

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  • Blue Wacky Adult Wig

    Blue Wacky Adult Wig

    We know how it goes. You spend too many nights at home watching one too many anime shows and start thinking, ‚ÄúGosh, wouldn’t it be cool if I had some bright, spiky blue hair instead of this boring, dead mouse natural hair color that I have?‚Äù We’ve been there a million times. Unfortunately, dyeing your hair bright blue is a lot harder than it looks (as we found out) and should really only be done by someone who knows what they’re doing (like a professional hairstylist). But that didn’t deter us! We found an alternate solution to getting the perfect blue spiky hair.This Blue Wacky Wig for adults combines maximum spikiness along with an electric blue color that will have your hair looking like something out of a Japanese cartoon. It also works great for creating your own troll costume or scaring your parents into thinking that you’re now a part of a band trying out a recognizable look.

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  • Kids Neon Dreadlock Wig

    Kids Neon Dreadlock Wig

    The undead usually don’t take the time to perfect their style before they rise to take over the earth. Because when they get reanimated, they’re usually all about finding some fresh brains, and taking the time to have a signature style isn’t necessarily at the top of their list.But fortunately, your child isn’t just set on becoming an undead ghoul, she also wants to have a funky look for her big costume party. Cause priorities, yo! She knows that she wants to party first, and that there will always be time later to terrorize the living and to try and find some brains to eat later. Fortunately, this Neon Dreadlock wig for kids will give any girl the fresh style to complement her costume!Designed to complete our Purple and Green Skelton Girl costume, this vibrant wig also works with a variety of other party looks or your own DIY costume creation. With purple and green dreadlocks in pigtails, it’s a fun way to add some bold style to her costume without any of the muss and fuss of temporary hair coloring. This wig is a exclusive, and it’s ready to turn any child’s costume into a unique creation!

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  • Long Wavy Red Wig

    Long Wavy Red Wig

    Get the long red hair that nature forgot to give you with this Long Wavy Red Wig! Whether you’re planning on dressing like your favorite mermaid princess in a seashell bra or you just want to enjoy being a sassy siren in a glamorous gown and glitzy jewelry, you can shine like a star with a stunning head of hair this Halloween. This piece has a mesh cap that features elastic bands in back that can be hooked at different lengths to adjust the size, so its a perfect fit for your knock out look. Everyone knows that neither blondes nor brunettes have half as much fun as redheads, so get the scarlet look you love without that super fair skin that’s prone to sunburns. We bet you’ll love life as a redhead so much, we may find you sporting this wig long after Halloween has passed.

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  • Styleable Fever Nicole Brown Wig

    Styleable Fever Nicole Brown Wig

    Oh to have a good hair day every day! For most of us it only happens once in a while, and even then it comes with the help of a hair dryer, various oily and sticky products, and whatever those gorgeous haired movie stars have up their sleeves. There’s an easy solution, of course. Whenever you’re wearing a costume you’ve come upon a great excuse to put on a gorgeous wig. No matter how good you are with your ceramic curler, nothing is as dependably polished as borrowing a perfect head of hair for the evening. Whether you’re leaning toward a superheroine, princess, or slinky cat for your next costumed event you’ll be looking extra gorgeous once you don your ‘do. You’d be surprised what those darling, dark curls can do. Whatever your costume might be, this professional quality wig will take it to the next level.

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  • Sexy Brunette Wig

    Sexy Brunette Wig

    We’ve all had bad hair days. Heck, some of us are still finishing up a bad hair year! We’re not asking for spectacular, cascading locks of perfect color that falls perfectly into place. We’re not expecting a luxurious mane that lacks split ends and denies the forces of physics like we’re movie stars riding in cars with the windows down. We’re not hoping to be mystical vixens whose hair is ready with a quick flourish instead of an agonizing morning of preparation…Wait… that’s exactly what we want! And, now, it is your turn to have it! With this beautiful brunette wig, you can tame your locks and show the world the person you really are—without having to spend all that time so quickly dismantled by one gust of wind gone awry. Sail the seas, stalk the nights, or even just enjoy a peaceful morning with your earned extra time, because no one is going to argue with you after one over-the-shoulder glance with your new tresses.

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  • Pop Art Wig

    Pop Art Wig

    Fashions in the 50’s were all about looking fancy and dapper. In other words, you were always dressed for a spontaneous business meeting, even if you were just de-crumbing the toaster or vegging in front of the TV. But when the pop art movement came around during the 60’s and 70’s, artists took that prim and proper style and turned it into something flashy and far out!These days, you don’t need to be a member of an edgy pop art collective to make your own stylishly vintage costume; you can just add this Pop Art Wig to your 50’s outfit! This unique looking synthetic wig is designed to resemble yellowish blonde hair with black streaks that look stark shadows, all done up in a curly ‘do. Throw on some pearls and high contrast makeup, and you’ll look like you just stepped out of a modern art masterpiece!

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  • California Blue Candy Girl Adult Wig

    California Blue Candy Girl Adult Wig

    These days, there are tons of ways to become the world’s next big superstar! You can film yourself doing something amazing and post it online, and maybe it’ll go viral and launch you to stardom. Or, you can audition on a network TV talent show, where you could showcase your singing/dancing/shadow puppetry abilities, and maybe make it that way. There’s also the classic tried-and-true approach of moving out to the sunny West Coast and waiting til you get discovered!It’s a big gamble, and you’ll need to take all the help you can to get noticed by the Hollywood bigwigs, so wearing this bright and cheery California Blue Candy Girl Wig could help you get your big break! This electric blue synthetic hairdo is the perfect look for your showbiz debut, and it makes whatever cute dress or costume you wear even cuter. It’s the kind of hairstyle all the kids will want once you’re a bigtime star!

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  • Auburn Seductress Wig

    Auburn Seductress Wig

    Get ready to give some lessons in the art of seduction. Let those poor students know that the first step is to put on this sexy wig with luscious auburn locks. The second step is to practice that smokey and sultry look in the mirror. The final step is to sit in a chair, rump first without looking behind you. That’s right, it’s a tricky maneuver, you’ve got to plan it all out before you get to the spot otherwise you’ll end up seductively falling on the ground. To be honest, if you end up on the ground, even a gorgeous auburn wig won’t work for you!It all sounds pretty easy, but it all starts with the hair. You’ll have that part down if you choose this shiny red wig with its lustrous curls. You’ll have layers and volume that you’ve only seen in shampoo commercials. So, we’ve got you covered. Now, all you need to do is practice that tricky sitting maneuver. 

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  • Blonde Supermodel Wig

    Blonde Supermodel Wig

    If you’re reading this, then you’re probably part of the 98% of the population that is not ‚Äúblonde.‚Äù Only about 2% of adults are naturally blonde. 2%! So how are we supposed to answer our research question and learn whether or not blondes really do have more fun with such a small sample size?We guess we‚Äôll need to recruit fun-seekers like you to go and live as a blonde and report back. But don‚Äôt worry, to offset such tough reconnaissance we‚Äôre offering this beautiful Blonde Supermodel Wig, so you can practice posing as a blonde in the chicest way possible. We have a feeling that once you know what it feels like to be one of the golden-haired people of the Earth, you‚Äôll have a hard time returning to real life. Good thing, then, that we need extensive data, and that you‚Äôre such a natural!

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  • Costume Wig Cap

    Costume Wig Cap

    People are always saying crazy things. But once in a while, they say something that makes a lot of sense, too. Like choose the right tool for the job.As kids, some of us were lucky enough to have a friend or family member who would take us aside to impart these little nuggets of wisdom, and some of us were forced to learn the hard way: using what we gleaned from sitcoms and lengthy trial-and-error. And some of us know that a Costume Wig Cap is way better for keeping your hair under control than a damp cabbage leaf, a homemade cheesecloth balaclava, or a supposedly well-trained sugar glider. We’re not saying that a basic accessory like this is going to be nearly as thrilling as whatever you might come up with on your own. But depending on how handy you are, it might save you a pretty big headache!

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  • Short Bob Hot Pink Wig

    Short Bob Hot Pink Wig

    At our office, we believe in dreams. Truly. We trust, deep down in our core, that all dreams, whether big or small, are important and have a place in the world. And that is precisely why we thought it necessary to offer you this bright, whimsical wig! This Short Bob Hot Pink Wig is for all of the people out there, like you, who dream of having that perfect, classic flapper hairdo in a modern neon hue–like hot pink. We know, we know…it is a very specific and strange dream to have. But hey, no judgment from us. We think strange is good. You should hear some of our dreams…one guy down in finance had a dream of first becoming a business tycoon, then a reality star, than the President! Wacky, right? So, don‚Äôt worry. We got you covered with this cool, chic wig!

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  • Short Bob Lime Green Wig

    Short Bob Lime Green Wig

    What can we say about this wig? Well, first, in case it wasn’t incredibly obvious, it’s green! And green is a very versatile color. Think about it…it works for Halloween, for Christmas, for St. Patrick’s Day…it could even work for Mardi Gras or April Fools (depending on how creative you are)! Even May Day! MAN – the possibilities are endless!And then we’d like to helpfully point out that it’s a short. In the hairstyle world, experts call this cut a “bob”. Don’t question it, just go with it! You know what’s really great about short hair? It’s not long! Which means that it doesn’t get in your way when you’re trying to move quickly through a revolving door, or when you’re walking through a scissors factory, or when you’re trying to escape a handsy toddler who’s a bit too hair-obsessed for everyone’s good. Instead, with this Short Bob Lime Green Wig, you’ve got the kind of short, bobbed freedom that allows you to swing that green hair around without any consequences! (And – just to reiterate – on almost any holiday of your choosing!)

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  • Wavy Brunette Wig

    Wavy Brunette Wig

    You know what takes so much time? Something that takes forever and is always a lot of work? Doing. Your. Hair. Come on already! It’s there, it’s on your head, why does it always get messed up? Why all the bedhead? Enough already.Well it has been enough. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century (well, most of us. We’re looking at you, time travelers!) and technology has finally found a solution: this wavy brunette wig! We know what you’re thinking “Why would I want a wig? I already have to deal with my crazy, unmanageable hair. Don’t make me get a second head to comb!” You’re right, you don’t need that stress in your life. Instead, this wig will stay just the way you want it, so you can plop it on and you’re ready to start the day! Just roll out of bed? No one will ever know when you show up looking like you have your own professional stylist. Get gum in your hair (no judgment from us, happens all the time!)? Don’t worry about getting it out, just put on your trusty wig and you’ll lose that “gum hair” nickname forever. It’s the perfect solution to any hair needs!

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  • Auburn Supermodel Wig

    Auburn Supermodel Wig

    The glamorous lights. The exotic locations. The celebrity filled parties. The crippling exhaustion. That’s what we think of when we imagine what it’s like to be a supermodel. Seriously, after the strict diet and exercises they have to follow, the constant travel across the world, and the endless press coverage, we wouldn’t be surprised if it were easier to become an astronaut.Then again, that’s probably why we’ll never be supermodels (or astronauts) but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like a sexy queen of the fashion world by wearing this Auburn Supermodel Wig with your chicest costumes! This trendy, fiery hairdo is always ready to add supermodel style when you need it, whether you’re dressing up for the red carpet, or as a red hot secret agent or superhero. You can even wear it with a spacesuit costume to dress up as the first ever supermodel astronaut!

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  • Long Wavy Purple Wig

    Long Wavy Purple Wig

    Some colors on the spectrum are pretty: pale pinks, soft yellows, and baby blues. Some other colors appear dark and mysterious: pewter grey, forest green, and crimson red. But purple? Well, purple is the color of royalty, of course! But you already know that, don’t you superstar? That’s why you are eyeing this Long Wavy Purple Wig and wondering why it is still on a screen in front of you rather that atop your highness’ head. Purple hair will always best any other color, in our humble opinion, so adding this accessory to whatever costume you’ve chosen seems an obvious (not to mention noble, luxurious, powerful, and ambitious) choice. Once you’re rocking this wig, we bet the whole world will suddenly seem like your realm to rule over.

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