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  • Women's Long Haunted Wig

    Women’s Long Haunted Wig

    Lady in WhiteDid you love ghost stories as a kid? Well, maybe you still like them. There are always familiar themes in certain stories that pop out throughout the world. For instance, there’s the lady in white. Versions of this ghost pop up all over the world from a spirit that’s been talked about since the seventeenth century in Ireland to a modern specter who shows up on a regular basis on the side of the road in Portugal. While different aspects change in the story over time, some elements remain the same. For instance, the woman always vanishes when people stop to take a look or ask her a question and she always has long, flowing hair. Product DetailsHere’s the thing, there’s plain old witch hair and then there’s ghost hair. Ghost hair is ethereal, looking as if it’s recently risen from the underworld. When you put it on, you’ll have wild hair speckled with a smoky gray and ragged black. You won’t look like any other ghost, this spirited look is trendy with grey and black straight cut bangs and layered hair that falls long past your shoulders and gives you a silhouette that’s sure to make people gasp when you appear in that abandoned insane asylum!Phantom FantasyHeading out as a ghost can be quite fun even if you can’t actually walk through walls. You’ll feel like you’re from another world when you show up in a flowy dress or a skeleton jumpsuit. Leave it to you to make the most of your afterlife!

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  • Women's Dip Dye Short Bob White Wig

    Women’s Dip Dye Short Bob White Wig

    Flappers Clap BackFlappers had it right when it came to a lot of things. Just think about what they did for a second. For hundreds of years, ladies were trapped in corsets that squeezed them in so tight that they couldn’t do much of anything other than sewing in dark drawing rooms and faint on fainting couches. Once they tossed aside those boned belly cages, the world was their oyster. They hopped on bicycles and headed to their actual paid jobs. They went out without chaperones at night and listened to music in the underground speakeasies. They spoke their mind loud enough to actually win the vote once and for all. And hey, the short haircuts they rocked didn’t hurt either!Product DetailsThis chin-length chic cut is sure to turn heads, just like the cut did when it first debuted in the 1920’s. This wig has a tinge of that classic bleached look but with a modern twist. This particular color celebrates the modern obsession with gray roots and brilliant white strands. The look has straight bangs and a sharp rounded cut so whether you’re pairing it with a shimmy-friendly flapper dress or you’re embracing a new-millennium oriented look, you’re sure to feel just as smart and sassy as the strong girls from the twenties!Charleston On-DownSo, are you ready to head on out in modern, flapper style? Throw on your wig and warm up those limbs because you’re going to have to conquer the Charleston! We don’t mean to tell you what to do but the Charleston is a whole lot of fun to do so embrace this opportunity. About time we brought back this thoroughly modern look!

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  • Long Straight 3-Piece Ombre Burg/Red/Orange Hair Extensions

    Long Straight 3-Piece Ombre Burg/Red/Orange Hair Extensions

    Eau De Fire and BrimstoneYou don’t need to go walking around swishing a pointed tail to be a devil anymore. We’ve known for a while that wickedness is all about the aura you put off. The scent of mischief is really more effective than goat hooves nowadays. Maybe you’re a boss when it comes to plotting schemes. Or perhaps you are a keeper of dark secrets. Or, hey, maybe you just want to seem a little fiery this Halloween season. Either way, if you want to own a devilish essence this Halloween season, it’s all about the details. Product DetailsIt’s easy to get a fiery look with your own hair when you’ve got this three-piece set. Each clip has a gorgeous red and orange tone that makes it look like you can handle playing with fire. These luxurious strands are twenty-three inches long and come with instructions so you know your look will be top notch even if you’re new to hair extensions. And since they’re reusable, they are the perfect way to amp up your look at various costume parties throughout the years!Wicked Little DetailsWhether you’re dressing up as an impish devil or you want a dramatic twist to a witch or vampire costume, you’re sure to love how elegant these locks make you feel. As we all know, it’s the details that bring a costume from cute to Instagram gold. So, don’t stop halfway, take your ensemble to a whole new level! As we all know, wicked women have more fun. And why? Because they’re not afraid to play with fiery looks!

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  • Long Straight 3-Piece Ombre Aqua/Grey Hair Extensions

    Long Straight 3-Piece Ombre Aqua/Grey Hair Extensions

    The Siren StyleMermaid Hair, it’s the ultimate look that many of us have been dreaming about since childhood. Why do these ladies have such lovely locks? we think we’ve figured it out. Mermaids spend all their time diving through the cold salty water of the ocean. The combination of the salt bleaching their hair and all the magical minerals attaching to their underwater locks would create a unique hue for each and every mermaid. No need for hair stylists when you live 20,000 leagues under the sea. Mother Nature makes sure her mermaids look like the salty sirens we picture while gazing into the ocean surf. Product DetailsIf you’re ready to take a dive into the mermaid style, you’ll love clipping this three-piece set at the base of your head. The blue and silver clips stand out with black locks for an almost sea-witchy look. It gives blond hair a subtly submarine air with silver and blue strands that would look right at home on the beach. It’s about time humans gained access to that famous mermaid look!Maritime ModIf you’re dressing in one of our many mermaid outfits then you’ll love to top it off with this three-piece set. It also works well with witch or ghost costumes. You could even break them out with a regular ensemble to give your Friday night look extra flair! It’s about time your everyday wardrobe got a nautical twist!

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  • Long Straight 3-Piece Ombre Grey/White Hair Extensions

    Long Straight 3-Piece Ombre Grey/White Hair Extensions

    Try This for a Spell!Need to get a wicked witchy look, and fast? We’ve got you covered. This black and white ombre look used to only happen after years of communicating with the underworld. You don’t want to see what all that bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble does to your skin tone! Not to mention the animal rights side of things. You can’t get away with regularily stocking eye of newt and wing of bat these days without getting plenty of grief from your vegan friends. So, if you’re uninterested in inviting the attention of underworld demons but you’re long for the perfect hair to go with your elegant yet spooky look this Halloween, you should seriously consider these hair extensions. Product DetailsYou’ll find that these three of these black, silver and white ombre hair extensions are super easy to integrate into your do. Simply pin them under your normal locks and you’ll be ready to head to your annual coven meeting, no eye of newt needed!Those Wicked Little DetailsIf you’ve perused through our site then you know we’ve got something for anyone who’s into the scary and sophisticated side of things. So if you want to be fabulous this Halloween you can pair these extensions with any costume from a skeleton dress to a mummy ensemble. No matter what costume you’re wearing, when you’ve got these extensions, you know the wicked little details that make your costume special are covered!

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  • Long Wavy 3-Piece Neon Rainbow Hair Extensions

    Long Wavy 3-Piece Neon Rainbow Hair Extensions

    Surprise! Since we’re a company called FUN, we tend to love surprises. Surprise parties? We love ’em! We have at least 3 surprise parties a year for varying reasons. We’re starting to think no one is even surprised by them anymore, but oh well, we’ll just keep having them. Also, feel free to give us presents at any time. The joy felt when presented with a mystery box wrapped in flashy paper is indescribable. If you also love surprise parties, presents, blind bags, and life’s other small blessings that leave you feeling startled then these neon rainbow extensions are for you. Rays of eye-catching colors poke through your natural hair to create a trendy peekaboo effect. It’s the perfect non-commitment hairstyle for ladies who love surprises.Product DetailsClip ’em in and go! You’ll receive 3 individual pieces of wavy hair extensions in a rainbow of prismatic colors. Hot pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple synthetic strands peek out from your natural locks. This hair accessory looks hip and stylish with all hair colors, textures, and lengths. Magical RenewalWe recommend wearing these extensions whenever you’re in need of a playful makeover when attending a concert or festival. Intensify any unicorn or sprite with this magical product!                    

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  • Adult Hidden Rainbow Wig

    Adult Hidden Rainbow Wig

    Woah, Double Rainbow!Popular hairstyles, much like viral videos, are fleeting. One day your Instagram feed might be full of pixie pink waves and the next it’s all about the aquatic hues. And sure, you can try to keep up. The world is your oh-so photogenic oyster, after all. But why keep your hairstylist busy and rolling in dough when you can keep most of that said dough and spend the rest on an awesome wig collection. There’s no reason your hair can’t be included in your color coordinated outfit. You stay on top of the viral videos and memes why shouldn’t your locks live up to your expectations? Product DetailsWhether you’re going for a witchy rave look or you want your head to scream, “Pride is gonna be classy this year!” this look combines smooth black locks with hidden flashes of rainbow color. The long wig hangs past your shoulders, begging the wearer to play with different hairstyles like braiding to show off the different colors.  Hue GrantThere’s no reason to settle on one color or scheme. You deserve every hue you could wish for. So throw on these black locks and watch as any event seems to get a little brighter. When you’re wearing a hidden rainbow on your head, things tend to get a little interesting. 

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  • Long Wavy Black/Lavender Ombre Wig

    Long Wavy Black/Lavender Ombre Wig

    Princess of PurpleYou know how it feels when you absolutely rule over a look. We all have our strengths. Sometimes it’s a dress that absolutely changes your demeanor once you put it on. You get more confident, sassier, and it seems like people are ready to bow down in your presence. Or that’s how it should be, at least. Sometimes that feeling comes from a certain place or your favorite song. Here’s the thing. There’s a way to instantly get that feeling of confidence no matter where you are and what you’re listening to. All you need is a gorgeous head of hair and it won’t sure hurt your ego if it’s infused with magical twists of royal purple!Product DetailsYou’ll feel like you’re stepping out of a fairy tale when you put on this wig. In tones of subtle silver, black, and purple, this wig twists into lovely ringlets that fall long past your shoulders. It’s adjustable with an elastic band so if you need a slightly smaller size you won’t need to bother with bobby pins. So, whether you’re topping off a costume or you’re just making a night out extra special, you’re sure to feel a little more intense once you put on this show-stopping number!Mistress of DisguiseNo matter what the costume is any look can always be fully transformed with a wig. Wigs allow you to go from wearing a costume to becoming a character. This black and purple look pairs wonderfully with a variety of costumes from a whimsical witch ensemble to an entertaining showgirl costume, and even a dark and intense queen. When you’ve got a head of hair this lovely, doors seem to open up for you! No matter what costume you’re pairing this wig with, you’re sure to transform into a mistress of disguise!

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  • Long Wavy 3-Piece Primary Rainbow Hair Extensions

    Long Wavy 3-Piece Primary Rainbow Hair Extensions

    That ROYGBIV LookWhen it comes to certain mystical creatures, hair is everything! Let’s take a look at the mysterious mermaid, for instance. We know all about the shell bra and fins but her hair is super important. We’ve never seen a picture of a mermaid with boring brown, limp, straight locks. Her hair is always shot through with color, volume, and other forms of magic that we can’t quite put our finger on. Then we look at the unicorn. Its majestic horn is almost always framed with a pretty, flowing rainbow mane. So, it makes sense that when we want to look a little more magical, you’ve got to embrace that ROYGBIV look!Product DetailsNo need to sweat in a full-headed wig all night when you can simply clip in these gorgeous rainbow hair extensions! In three pieces, these simply clip in at the base of your head to make you feel as magical as those creatures we mentioned before. You don’t even need to spray your locks to match, rainbows match any color of hair, after all!Chasing RainbowsIf you’re ready to embrace the rainbow look then you’re looking at a colorful future! You just might find that you’ve got all sorts of reasons to wear this set. From Pride parades to music festivals, this wig is not only designated to costumes. Then again, any mermaid or unicorn would love to have these rainbow colors to top off a mystical look! So, embrace your mystical, magical side and clip these colorful locks to your hair! 

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  • Long Black/Grey Ombre Wig

    Long Black/Grey Ombre Wig

    Dark and MysteriousYour black-lacquered and perfectly peaked stiletto-point nails match your bedspread, the macabre-style frames bedecking your bedroom wall, as well as your new (and favorite) lipstick shade, Obsidian Stone. If you’re naturally attracted to the raven-colored shade, then incorporating it into your home decor, beauty routine, and personal style is essential. If you’ve already slathered your walls with a paint shade called “Enchanting Ebony” but you’re hesitant to dye your hair black permanently (we don’t blame ya) then this wig is the perfect solution. Flawlessly recreating the hairstyle of a modern-day witch, this black/grey ombre wig gives wearers an Instagram-worthy look in an instant without making any drastic changes to your natural hair. Product DetailsAn adjustable wig, this hair accessory features interior elastic straps making it comfortable to wear for hours on end. The long synthetic locks are gathered into loose curls that fall around the shoulders. The pitch black roots transition into a beautiful gray color, recreating the popular ombre style that all the style influencers are rocking right now. Coordinate With a CostumeYou can wear this wig every day or pair it with a costume for a more authentic look this Halloween. We recommend using this wig to accent an evil queen costume, a spellbinding witch costume, or a gorgeous ghoul costume.               

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  • Women's Hidden Rainbow Mid-Length Wig

    Women’s Hidden Rainbow Mid-Length Wig

    Hair-Raising Fun Calling all blondes, brunettes, and redheads: Are you tired of looking in the mirror only to find dull, lifeless locks staring back at you. Girl, “dull” and “lifeless” are definitely not words that describe your personality so why should they describe your hair? Answer: They shouldn’t! If your stylist is booked out for 3 months but you want a new ‘do ASAP, then you may want to consider a wig. Don’t make a hasty decision you’ll regret in a week by using over the counter box dye either. A wig allows those who are bored by their look the freedom of playing with their hair without making any drastic changes. If you hate your funky color by this time tomorrow, then just take off your wig! Product DetailsThe hidden rainbow women’s mid-length wig is perfect for those wanting to try an offbeat hairstyle that’s also right on trend. Featuring a silvery white bob cut, this synthetic wig shows flashes of neon colors whenever you move or shake your head. Vibrant pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and lavender hues are discreetly hidden underneath the ultra-bleached strands. Perfect for stylish ladies who wouldn’t mind being fawned over for their fab coiffure! Hair InspoThis wig is inspired by the archetypal image of a mystical unicorn; a beautiful silvery coat accented by a multitude of bright and shimmering colors. We recommend pairing this wig with any of our unicorn, fairy, or mermaid costumes.                   

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  • Girl's Night Out Wig

    Girl’s Night Out Wig

    Women work just as hard as any man does nowadays, and they deserve nights out on the town with their girlfriends. They need to be able to let go of all their stress from a long work week and relax with some high-quality drinks and entertainment. That’s where you come in. Toss on this Girl’s Night Out Wig and start shaking that moneymaker! Be the goofy entertainment for women who need a break from the office. Hit the stage and put on your best Chippendale’s routine.If you’re as suave as Swayze and as energetic as the fun-loving Farley, you’ll be the ultimate entertainer. With an elegant bow tie collar, you’ll be the classiest act the ladies see all night. You can always be sure your hair is looking good with this wig, so get your moves down and work on your endurance now. When you hit the stage looking this good all the ladies are going to want you up there all night!

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  • Heat Stylable Clip In Plum Nite 22" Hair Extension

    Heat Stylable Clip In Plum Nite 22″ Hair Extension

    A Welcome AdditionWhat do you do when your look needs an edge, but there’s no time to make it to the salon and you have no desire for a permanent dye job? Add this Heat Stylable Clip-In Plum Nite Hair Extension, and let its luxe length add an ombre effect and dazzling glamour to your costume. Whether you’re dressing as a vampire vixen, a rock band frontwoman, a wicked witch, or any number of other awesome characters, this temporary clip can raise the bar for your bold locks. Product DetailsThis 22″ long hair extension is expertly mounted on lace foundation, with an attached metal comb to fasten it into your hair. You can apply heated styling tools to this piece, and the package has all the care instructions you will need to successfully pull off your hair revolution. So go on and picture your look with a kiss of purple atop your head, because this accessory aims to make your transformation a cinch!Daily Dose of StyleWe have a feeling you may love the look of this extension so much, it may become a part of your day-to-day look. Go for it! The best part of this piece is that you can add edginess to your outfits any day you need it—no muss, no fuss! 

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  • Sexy Burgundy Wig

    Sexy Burgundy Wig

    Did you know that some DNA tests can tell you what the likelihood is that you’ll have red-headed children? The gene for red hair is recessive, so a person needs two copies of that gene for it to show up (or “be expressed”, as they say in science DNA talk). That means that, even if both parents carry the gene, just one in four of their children are likely to turn out to be a redhead. And did you also know that, contrary to what many people assume, redheads did not originate in Scandinavia, Scotland or Ireland, but in central Asia? Their coloring is due to a mutation in the MC1R gene that fails to produce sun-protective, skin-darkening eumelanin and instead causes pale skin, freckles and red hair. Pretty neat, huh?But if you don’t naturally fall into the gene pool of the Gingers, you can still get all that fiery, attention-getting glory with this Sexy Burgundy Wig! This super stylish, sassy red hair wig with short bangs or long sides is perfect for a grown-up costume of your favorite bow-and-arrow wielding Disney character, or even just a fun night out on the town! Blaze it up, baby!

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  • Purple and Black Two-Tone Costume Wig

    Purple and Black Two-Tone Costume Wig

    They say you’ve got to dress for the job you want. Well, if you’re interested in becoming a sweet, spellbinding witch then you need to consider your hair carefully. That’s right, your locks will be an important part of your look. Sure, we usually focus on curved shoes, pointy hats, and black dresses but those are all just clothes. If you want to look like you’ve got a deep knowledge of potion making and charm casting then you need to look like the magic is simply seeping into your hair follicles. Now, witches have quite a range of looks. Some people go for the gray old woman look but that is simply a witching sup category. Those witches dry herbs and still use caldrons. This witchy look is part of the modern age. A witch with this kind of hair has an Instagram account, uses bitters in her potions, and runs a blog about the latest charm trends. This wig is gorgeous with highlights of a hot purple and deep black and purple low tones. Hmm, won’t be long till this lady is running her very own coven!

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  • Seduction Wig

    Seduction Wig

    Seduction. Some think it’s all about that wild look in your eyes as you gaze at your prey. Others think it’s about the tantalizing outfit you choose. And then, there are others who know it’s all about the sexy hair you bring to the evening. Those other things always help, but the hair is really where it all starts. When you put thus Seduction Wig on, people will know that you know what‚Äôs really going on. You store your secrets in your hair, and it is your choice method of persuasion ‚Äì or should we say, seduction? Whether you want to dress up as a pop princess or a disco star, this wig will make all of your dreams come true! These luscious blonde locks will be the highlight of any party, just make sure not to dance so hard you ‚Äòdo falls off!

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  • Styleable Fever Mia Black Wig

    Styleable Fever Mia Black Wig

    Whether you’ve ever wanted to be like Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, dancing with Vincent Vega, or perhaps someone a little more silly like Laliari from Galaxy Quest, but you’ve been missing one crucial thing to be either of those women. The stylish black bob haircut, but we understand you not wanting to lob off your beautiful locks.That’s why we’ve found this Styleable Fever Mia Black Wig. You can become whatever black bobed bombshell that you desire, all without the risk of cutting your hair off. It can be scary to change your hair, it takes so long to grow back out. (We know, our high school year book is full of some of our more interesting choices!) But now you can boogie the night away like Mia Wallace, or travel the galaxy with your friends like Laliari. Go have your adventure, without the risk to your hair!

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  • 2 Broke Girls Caroline Wig

    2 Broke Girls Caroline Wig

    She’s not exactly the most street smart individual, but she’s not doing too bad. Especially if you consider the fact that Caroline grew up in an incredibly wealthy family only to be completely shut down after her father was discovered to be the head of a Ponzi scheme. Now she’s stuck in a diner where she runs into all sorts of strange people. It’s not so bad though, right? She’s still got her favorite set of pearls to wear every single day and the uniform is pretty easy to modify so it can bring out your sexy side. The story has always seemed pretty realistic to us, but what we can’t seem to understand about Caroline though, is how the heck she can work in a diner with all that steam and grime with her hair always looking that fantastically straight. Sure she can fix things up in an instant, but how on earth can she maintain it constantly? Must be a rich person thing. Well since most of us didn’t grow up like her, we decided to create the next best thing and make a wig that looks just like one of our favorite characters. It fits over even the worst of bed head!

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  • Yo Momma Wig

    Yo Momma Wig

    You never know when you need to take on an “old lady” persona. Why, there might be a quilting convention in town, and you really want to go but they have a strict dress code. Or Maybe you’re a big bad wolf trying to fool Little Red Riding Hood into thinking you’re her grandmother. And heck, sometimes you just want to dress up as one of the Golden Girls, especially Sophia Petrillo. That’s something we can all relate to. Whatever your reason — and there are many — this Yo Momma Wig will help you transform into a vision of grandmotherly goodness!As you can see, this awesome wig goes perfectly with a wide variety of different styles, costumes, and characters. Whatever you might have in mind, this wig makes the perfect finishing touch. And if you’re starting your costume with the wig, be sure to have a look around at our selection of old lady costumes!

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  • Black Wig Cap

    Black Wig Cap

    Transforming your appearance almost always involves two stages, and many people mix them up. Everybody wants to dash off and buy a big, fancy wig in a bright neon color and hope that it will magically cling to their head. But that’s supposed to be step 2. Step 1 is supposed to be preparing for your new look by making you appear… well, a little less like yourself.Don’t get us wrong. We think you look great. But if you have a massive bouffant or some kind of wild Flock of Seagulls thing going on, it’s kind of a hassle to get your new ‘do working just the way you planned. And you may not think we have much at stake in how your hairpiece turns out, but we like to go around taking in all the awesome wigs and costumes at Halloween the same way that we like to walk around the neighborhood enjoying the light displays at Christmas. It just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy!

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  • Rapunzel Costume Wig with Flowers for Girls

    Rapunzel Costume Wig with Flowers for Girls

    So your kid wants to be a princess. But not just any princess; a princess whose hair glows when she sings.Alright, so we haven’t worked out how to make a wig glow yet, but we figured the rest of Rapunzel’s tresses out! Which, trust us, was plenty of work. Golden hair 70 feet long? Yeah, there’s a reason Flynn called over the little village girls to help with Rapunzel’s hair-do.So if your kid is determined on being the princess with the long lustrous locks, look no further than our Rapunzel Wig with Flowers. This long blonde wig has already been neatly braided and woven so it’s easy for your princess to enjoy the festivities without getting hair trampled on. And there’s even pretty violet flowers! Which is ten times better than following your princess around all evening bundling up her hair in your arms. Braids: who knew, right?

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  • Blonde Seductress Wig

    Blonde Seductress Wig

    Blondes sometimes get a bad reputation, but most people who make jokes about them are just jealous. What they probably don’t understand is how much of a responsibility it is to look that hot all the time! If non-blondes knew how difficult it was to walk around town without causing car crashes, or people to run into walls because they were distracted, they might realize why blondes like to have more fun. They say the best way to understand someone is to take a walk in their shoes. Or, in this case, their hair. When you’re wearing this Blonde Seductress Wig, you’ll get a taste of what golden haired beauties go through every day. Wear it to a costume party as part of glamorously sexy costume, or look like a saucy bombshell at any other kind of party. You never know, once you try it, you may just decide to go blonde, full time!

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  • Crimson Sangria 22" Heat Stylable Clip In Hair Extension

    Crimson Sangria 22″ Heat Stylable Clip In Hair Extension

    Taste with FlavorWhat do you think of when you hear “Sangria”? If you’re dreaming of a delicious red wine infused with slices of fruit then you’re not alone. That’s the only definition we know about. And that’s why this clip in red color fits its name so well! Sangria isn’t just a glass of red wine. It’s more fun than that! It’s a beverage to share with friends on a rooftop patio as the sun goes down. It’s a beverage that stands out in a world of standards. And that’s what these clip-in hair extensions do!Product DetailsThese extensions fall in dark red spirals, infusing vibrant color into whatever do you might be rocking. If you wouldn’t want to settle for a glass of boring Cab on your special night out, you shouldn’t settle for a boring all red wig either. Clip in these curls and watch your style get infused with interest. You can even style this with both curling irons and straighteners up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.Building CharacterWhether you want to use these extensions to add the perfect touches to your costume or you just want to make that night out outfit a little more interesting, you’re sure to love the way these curls fall!

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  • Avatar Neytiri Wig

    Avatar Neytiri Wig

    The Na’vi from James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar are quite the rugged aliens. (Well, technically we’re the aliens in Avatar, but let’s not get bogged down in technicalities.) They stand ten feet tall, weigh over 450 pounds, have four times the strength of an average human, and have carbon fiber reinforced bones. The Na’vi also have a special neural tendril that comes out of their heads which lets them effectively “plug in” to Pandora’s wildlife, letting them control wild animals like extensions of their own bodies. This tendril is appealingly concealed by the Na’vi’s long braided ponytailsNeytiri, the princess of the Omaticaya clan and our hero Jake’s main squeeze, absolutely rocks the Na’vi bouffant with her thick shock of beaded braids. She uses her hair to connect with her flying Banshee Seze (rest in peace) and just generally look glamorous while bounding through the jungles of Pandora. If you’d rather be a beautiful Na’vi than a lousy human (and who wouldn’t?), then our Avatar Neytiri Wig is the indispensable accessory for your next costume!

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  • Silver Superhero Wig

    Silver Superhero Wig

    Silver is a great hair color for superheroes. In addition to its striking appearance, we imagine it‚Äôs very easy for comic book artists to color in. Whether they can summon lightning storms, run at mach five, or see into the future, many great characters share this pewtery hair color, not to mention myriad anime characters as well. Come to think of it, George Washington had silver hair too. Does that mean America is the first country that was founded by a mutant? Undoubtedly yes!Our Silver Superhero Wig is made from durable synthetic fibers, so it‚Äôs safe from the sun or spilled drinks. Its mesh cap interior fits comfortably so you won‚Äôt be distracted from saving the day — or ruining it, depending on your alignment. We don‚Äôt judge!

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  • Women's Black and Grey Ombre Wig

    Women’s Black and Grey Ombre Wig

    A person’s hair is worth a thousand words or depending on the style, their do’ could write their memoirs. You can go all out dressing up as a character but if you stick with your regular ponytail, you’re in danger of not fully transforming. Who knows if that ninja could have reached a higher potential if your head gear would have been different. Maybe you would have successfully thrown that throwing star! This black and gray ombre do’ would be a fabulous topper for a variety of costumes. The wicked witch will look especially mystical, a vampire will seem as chic as ever, even that ninja costume would have a special flair with this fabulous wig. So, whether you have a specific ensemble in mind or you’re preparing for the future, this piece is a great investment. You never know when you’ll need to transform! 

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  • Brown Long Wavy Wig

    Brown Long Wavy Wig

    You know that really, really expensive shampoo that “guarantees” to make your hair luxuriously longer, richer in hue, stronger by the strand, and healthier all over? Well, take it back to the store and get a refund! There is only one surefire way to ensure a stunning head of shimmering hair: this Brown Long Wavy Wig. Every single strand will be in place and positively radiant when this wig tops your costume, so you can spend your time worrying about more important things, like the next song in your DJ set. Styled with long curls and side part, this luxe wig will give you the locks you’ve been pining for – FINALLY! You’ll look like you are being followed around by your own team of professional hairdressers. Aha, so that‚Äôs how those A-listers always look so put together!

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  • Styleable Fever Jessica Blonde Wig

    Styleable Fever Jessica Blonde Wig

    When you need long, beautiful, blonde hair fast, we wouldn’t recommend relying on your own keratin deposits. Seriously, growing out your hair is such a pain. There’s always that awkward in-between stage, and it takes forever. You could spend a fortune (and a few hours of your time) getting extensions, too, but you could instead take a shortcut. We got you, girl.Here’s this super stylable Fever Jessica Blonde Wig for your woes. It’s the solution to all the aforementioned problems. You’ll be every man’s fantasy in no time at all, be it on the street on some random Tuesday or dressed as your favorite seductive Hollywood starlet for Halloween. It’s professional quality, too, with fringe bangs and a fully adjustable interior wig cap, so you can trust that these luscious locks will do whatever you need them to do!

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  • Red Hot Siren Wig

    Red Hot Siren Wig

    Not all sirens are alerting you about danger. Some sirens are just looking to have a little fun, but that doesn’t mean you might not still get burnt… Okay, we’re (a little) sorry about the “siren” puns, but when you see how hot and sassy you look in this Red Hot Siren Wig, you’ll see why at first, we were at a loss for more eloquent words.Aside from adding smoldering style to your costume and allowing you to break the ice with siren puns, this hot looking hairstyle is also incredibly versatile. The fierce bangs and wavy highlighted curls are perfect for giving a devilishly vampish vibe to your fantasy or supernatural character ensemble, or a bold and seductive accent to a goth or burlesque outfit. Whatever tone and style of costume and makeup you’re wearing while you’re out and about, this fiery hairdo will capture everyone’s attention!

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  • Adult Dark Bald Wig

    Adult Dark Bald Wig

    As much as our society values a full head of hair, thick wavy locks aren‚Äôt all that they’re cracked out to be. Actually, a bald head can be at once charming and handy. Bald men can be seen as powerful and wise. In fact, during the reign of Alexander the Great, soldiers were ordered to shave their heads, preventing their adversaries from grabbing their hair. Talk about a headstrong strategy! There are plenty of costumes that call for a bare noggin to make your character recognizable. You might want to spread peace to the world as Gandhi or maybe fasting isn’t really your thing and you’re going as Michael Jordan, an equally influential character in history. Whatever you’re using your bald cap for, you’re sure to enjoy this easy full transformation more than the prospect of shaving all your hair off. After all, a shaved head may have worked well for those Greek soldiers but we live in an age with little chance of hand to hand combat.

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