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  • Light Up Hanging Garland Spider

    Light Up Hanging Garland Spider

    This is a Light Up Spiders Garland. 

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  • Light Up Creepy Spider

    Light Up Creepy Spider

    Get a Leg Up on the SeasonHow do you embrace all things creepy and crawly in this, the season of spook? Some people choose to decorate with ghosts and ghouls while others choose the witchy route. That’s all well and good but we think there’s only one true-blue way to give people the creeps. How’s that? Well, the good old-fashioned, eight-legged, many-eyed arachnid, of course! You probably knew this deep down inside. No haunted house is complete without clumps of ancient spider webs, after all. Get ahead of the grisly game when you get your paws on this giant, light-up spider this Halloween!Product DetailsSpur your family into fits of fright when you arrange this giant creature in your Halloween display this year. With raggedy wraps around its eight legs, it looks right at home in shabby shriek decor. Activate the light-up factor and it’ll stand out even after you turn down the lights for your very own monster mash. World Wide WebWant to work this spider into a display? We have the materials you need to create a giant spider web inside or outside. You could even invest in extra arachnids to make it look like your house is being overrun. Just use your imagination and the Halloween decor of your nightmares is only a couple clicks away!

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  • Light Up Spider Halloween Decor

    Light Up Spider Halloween Decor

    What’s Buggin’ You?Have you been wondering about your Halloween decor all year? We get it. You can get as creative as you want. There are no limits. Want to make your house look like the lair of a mad scientist. Easy. Beakers and a fog machine will make the residents of your home seem genius and unhinged. Make your place a haunted house, a dark vampire hideaway, or an olf dusty crypt. The thing is, every year might be different. That’s where this spider comes into play. With a generally creepy, hairy body, this spider can have a place in your Halloween decor from year to year. Keep things kid-friendly and cheery this year and in a few years, when the kids in your life want to ramp up the creep factor, this spider will still have a spot. That’s sure to give you a leg up in this season of spook. Product DetailsThis creepy spider stands out with furry, adjustable legs. Ready for day or night, this arachnid lights up to the delight of trick-or-treaters. You can use this decor accessory as a centerpiece or pair it with spreadable spider webs, you’re sure to use this spider year after year. 

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  • Spider Web Light Up Halloween Decoration

    Spider Web Light Up Halloween Decoration

    This is a Spider Web Light Up Halloween Decoration.

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  • Posable Furry Spider 18 Inch

    Posable Furry Spider 18 Inch

    Not So Itsy BitsyHarry the Spider started out rather tiny. He was born in a humble corner of a haunted house. And when he got big enough to venture out of the web, he began to explore. For a while, he spun his web between the mirrors of the carousel room. He liked the organ music that played throughout the night but didn’t catch a lot of flies. He moved on to the laboratory. He had a little more luck but one day a mutant rat suggested he check out the crypts in the basement. If he let the rat out of the cage, he could show Harry the way. It was a deal! Harry set up his home among the bones and soon was feasting on all sorts of creepy crawlies and soon enough he was the healthy, hearty size that you see today. You might say he’s making the most of a macabre situation!Product DetailsWant to make sure your seasonal display stands out with plenty of creep factor? This 18-inch spider prop is just realistic enough to get a few shrieks out of the unsuspecting friend or family member. The hairy body is seven inches long and has a soft, velvety texture. The legs are adjustable and can be extended for maximum freak factor. Pair this creature with the web of your choice to capture the imaginations of Halloween revelers this year!

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  • Animated Spider

    Animated Spider

    It’s Alive!Some people are great at pranks. Others, really aren’t. Not everyone can pull off a believable prank call. In fact, sometimes a prank call can end up sounding like a super awkward, unprofessional sales call. It’s a tough, uncomfortable world out there for people who want to giggle mischievously but can’t bluff to save their life. All the other pranks are prone to injure your pranked loved one either mentally or physically. Enough is enough! Wouldn’t it be nice to even the playing field? That’s what this not-so-itsy-bitsy spider is here to do!Product DetailsThis hairy, multi-legged buddy is over a foot across and is ready to frighten and delight the Halloween revelers in your house. It has eight spidey legs that will move menacingly when you turn it on. It even has red glowing eyes to make it pop in dim lighting. Web ReadyAre you pumped for Halloween? Create a home for this ferocious fierce spider with faux spiderwebs and watch as your home becomes a seasonal haven! Whether you’re looking to delight trick-or-treaters or unaware family members, this spider is ready to drop to it! Let’s just hoped that the prankee doesn’t become the prankster!

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  • Dropping Black Spider

    Dropping Black Spider

    This little guy is looking for a “forever home,” but there’s something you should know about him first. He loves to meet new people, but let’s just say his approach could… um… use a little work. He usually just drops down from his spun a web and scares the bejeezus out of whoever happens to be walking in. We know that you wouldn’t want such a shock to befall your friends and houseguests… and that you’d never, ever dream of taking any enjoyment out of their fright. At all. But we just thought you should know about the massive scare-potential before you decide to bring home the Dropping Black Spider!For a great Halloween gag, you can’t go wrong with this little eight-legged charmer. It combines two things guaranteed to startle the heck out of people every time: the element of surprise, and spiders. So for a truly scary (and fun) Halloween, invite the Dropping Black Spider into your home!

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  • Poseable 16" Small Furry Spider

    Poseable 16″ Small Furry Spider

    Say what you want about spiders, but this little spider is not your typical arachnid! He is actually quite cute and darling. He’s covered in feathers and his legs are actually more inviting than creepy. Look how fuzzy! as long he stays out of the shower, we wouldn’t mind if he’s in our house. You can pose him however you’d like. Make him crouch around that extra chocolate that you’re trying to save for trick-or-treaters. Forget guard dogs, guard spiders are what’s up these days!The possibilities for posing this spider are endless. He can creep at the door as the trick-or-treaters sweep past all the spooky Halloween decorations. Sure, they might be a little scared of this guy at first as well but if they look past those legs they might see how cute this arachnid truly is. It’s about time we softened up the Halloween vibe. 

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  • Giant Lightup Long Hairy Spider

    Giant Lightup Long Hairy Spider

    Say goodbye to the friendly neighborhood spider, and say hello to this spooky scary Giant Light Up Long Hairy Spider decoration! Want to make your house extra spooky this Halloween? Why not get the help of your friendly neighborhood giant spider! This fuzzy guy just loves to surprise guests and give them a good fright with his glowing eyes. Now you can invite him into your home when you pick up this Giant Light Up Long Hairy Spider decoration. Soft black fur covers his large foam body, and he has eight bendable legs! Batteries are included, but we recommend purchasing extras so your great big hairy spider can stay spooky for the entire season. Come on, what even is a giant spider if he doesn’t have piercing red eyes? Definitely not scary, that’s for sure!

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  • Mini Spider Window Walkers

    Mini Spider Window Walkers

    A Tradition Is BornHelp us out here. We’re trying to start a new tradition. You know how at Christmas, people hang mistletoe and if you find yourself standing under it, you have to kiss? Well, we think Halloween could use a romantic tradition like this, too! It may not seem like the most obvious of romantic holidays, but lots of people get a thrill from All Hallows Eve, and who doesn’t love the possibility of romance just around the cobweb…er…corner?These Mini Spider Window Walkers are integral to our plan. We want you to hang them at your haunted house, and spread the word as to their new significance. Then, when you catch anyone taking an opportunity to smooch underneath them, snap a photo and (with their consent, of course) post it with the hashtag #spidersmooches. Let’s start a movement! We think it will catch on. Of course, if not, these spiders still make great Halloween decorations.Product DetailsEach of these two, lifelike plastic spiders is approximately 3.5″ long, and features a suction cup on its underside to make it able to stick to glass! Grab a bunch and try them all over your house, so you can relay accurate data to us about the effectiveness of Operation Spider Smooches.A Final NoteWe know that some people are, in fact, afraid of spiders and would find the notion of kissing underneath one terrifying. We can only hope that starting to associate spiders with romance can help the long, unfair reputation of arachnids. But of course, scaring people is half the fun of Halloween, so whether our big plan works or not, we’ll call it a success!

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  • Webcaster Gun

    Webcaster Gun

    Ever since you were a child you’ve dreamed about shooting webs from your wrists. Well, the good news is that you don’t need to be Spiderman to realize this dream! We’ve created something even better! With a Webcaster Gun, the webs won’t come from your wrist, but the gun itself! Let’s be honest, shooting webs out of your wrist would be kind of icky – right?This webcaster gun gives you the same effect without giving you the heebie jeebies just thinking about where those webs came from. To use this webcaster, just load, point, and shoot to create the perfect spider web. Plus, the refills come in multiple colors so you can create a spooky and fun look like no other!This webcaster gun comes with everything you need to get great looking spider webs in your home our outside this Halloween. The kit comes with the webcaster gun as well as several web caster sticks to get you started. All you’ll need to get the fun started is an air compressor. Once attached, you’ll be on your way to a truly spooky Halloween!

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  • 34" Skeleton Spider

    34″ Skeleton Spider

    What has eight legs, four eyes, and an attitude? Your new conversation starter, of course! Visitors will shriek with a mix of fear and glee when they see the new member of your household. They thought arachnids were bad before? This bad boy is bigger than a breadbox and is made of nothing but exoskeleton. Hopefully, there aren’t more of him back in the nest that he came from. Bring home one of the scariest spiders on the web this Halloween season. You can reposition the legs so the creature’s diameter reaches up to 34″ and rotate it’s head so all four of its eyes can make contact with your nosey neighbor. If you know anyone with arachnophobia you may want to warn them away from your seasonal display, this guy sends shivers up the spine of even the seasoned spider smackers of the house. Set this fellow up this Halloween season, he’s sure to make heads spin.

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  • Bag of Halloween Creatures (48 in bag)

    Bag of Halloween Creatures (48 in bag)

    CONJURE FORTH THE CRITTERSAll Hallows Eve is a time where the veil parts and the spooky nature of the second world comes to visit.  But, it isn’t the only time.  Day of the Dead, Qingming, Fête Guédé, Dia de los Natitas, and plenty others celebrate the coming of the spirits (whether they’re welcome or not)! Since there are so many chances throughout the year to feel the other kind of holiday spirit, we figure it is important to help you channel that energy all year round, too!  If only there were a way to summon up the creepy creatures common for the cause!PRODUCT DETAILSWell, you won’t need dwell in the dungeons or explore the ethereal to find your host of critters for your celebrations with this Bag of 48 Halloween Creatures.  A plastic assortment of flying bats, crawly spiders, and moaning ghosts, this bag contains all the decor you could want to delight your friends and family, dead or alive.  THE PERFECT DETAIL FOR YOUR DENWhether the season is coming up or you’re the type to leave it up all year long, these creepy creatures are the perfect thing to decorate your Halloween Tree!  What?  You don’t have a Halloween Tree!?  Well, now you can fix that!  

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  • Huge Spider: With Light Up Eyes

    Huge Spider: With Light Up Eyes

    Look, spiders have feelings, too, you know, and when you’re always screaming at the sight of them, sometimes it can get them down, just like anybody else. Think about it! They’re just hanging around, minding their own business, trying to catch some flies and eat all of those super creepy centipedes you hate (you’re WELCOME), and then you come along, start screaming your head off, and reach for the nearest broom to do this dude some fatal harm! Not chill, bro. Didn’t Charlotte’s Web teach you anything?!So do yourself and your karma a favor by getting real comfortable with these six-legged buds with this Huge Spider With Light Up Eyes. Sure, it’s terrifying, and the plush finish and light up eyes make it even creepier, but the plus side is that having this little guy hanging around will get you used to the sight of spider, helping you stay laid back when a real one starts crawling up your bed toward your face while you sleep!

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  • Spider Web with Spiders

    Spider Web with Spiders

    Have you ever been walking through an attic or a basement in the dark when a sticky spider web brushes across your face? It’s a feeling like none other—surprise, disgust, terror and panic, mixed into a horrible cocktail. Remember how you swiped at your face in a blind panic as you tried to pull the gauzy net off you before the real horror—the spiders!—arrived? Because if there’s one thing worse than a spider web on your face, it’s a spider on your face. Even as you read this, you’re probably shuddering at the recollection.Now, you can share that delightfully terrifying sensation with all your friends at your next “haunted house” party, thanks to our Spooky Spiderweb with Spiders decoration. The stretchy web netting can wrap around anything from bushes to lampshades, and it comes with four black plastic spiders to really sell the illusion. We know your friends will just love walking into one of these by accident!

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  • 9" Mini Skeleton Spider Prop

    9″ Mini Skeleton Spider Prop

    Sometimes we have to ignore a little biological fact in order to have an extra creepy Halloween. We know that spiders have their own little exoskeletons that keep all their parts on the inside, but that only takes the scary so far. Add a little bit of black magic and you’ve got a spider made entirely out of bones from the local graveyard. These little ankle biters are really going to give you a scare this season. They’re a little harder to squish when you step on them too. This mini Skeleton Spider decoration won’t actually crawl around and scare your party guests, but you could always tie them to a string and pull them across a doorway. That should be more than enough to get a few screams out of your friends and family. Once you’ve had your fun you can put them on a shelf or table for a spooky decoration.

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  • Bag of Plastic Spiders (36 spiders in bag)

    Bag of Plastic Spiders (36 spiders in bag)

    THE BEST PHRASE EVERHow many times in your life have you been able to walk up to someone — let’s call them a friend, because they certainly won’t call you one shortly after — and say, “Hey, I have a big bag of spiders!”  Uttering such a statement may as well be a witch’s curse or a banshee’s wail because the entire room will immediately disperse.  We know this from testing.  Several times.  While we don’t recommend trying it for real, we suspect saying, “I have a big bag of spiders” would more effectively clear a room on fire than yelling out the accurate information.PRODUCT DETAILSExperience power like no one except arachnologists with this bag of plastic spiders.  As promised, this is a bag of 36 plastic spiders, all of which have delightful black legs, adorable bodies, and gleaming orange fangs.  You are not required to use all 36 of them at once or in one location, but you may find the effect is lessened if there are fewer than a dozen spiders involved in your decorations, pranks, or “gentle assistance in overcoming arachnophobia.”  IF YOU SEE ONE SPIDER…They say that if you can see one spider, you can be certain that there are more.  So, what happens if you see three dozen spiders!?  Well, fortunately for the spider-phobic, spiders are actually pretty solitary critters, so that’s not really true.  But, that doesn’t mean that this bag of spiders won’t create more fun than 288 legs!  

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  • Corner Spider Web w/Spider

    Corner Spider Web w/Spider

    Most people have arachnophobia to one degree or another. And we‚Äôd wager to say that more than a few of your guests will shriek in terror when they see this larger-than-life spider thriving in the corner of your home. We figure you‚Äôre working on finding some pretty scary props that will send terror through your guests, and have them screaming in sheer fright. Well…look no further.Hang this Corner Spider Web w/Spider any place where you want to surprise your guests. Chances are, you‚Äôll quickly find out which of your friends is a true arachnophobe. Even better, hang it in proximity to your buffet table, and watch the hilarity ensue when your guests get peckish. Will they ever get hungry or brave enough to step up? Or, maybe an unsuspecting guest will be taken by surprise. Either way, just be ready for the blood-curdling screams to ring out through your castle.One caveat: don’t hang it in a spot where it can get wet.

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  • Spider Rings (pack of 30 rings)

    Spider Rings (pack of 30 rings)

    Ancient LoreThere is a legend…the ancient tale of the 30 spiders. As lore has it, a very good witch once cast a life-changing spell. This spell—complicated and made of the most powerful magic—protected mortals from the forces of evil. That meant no vampires, goblins, ghouls, ghosts, zombies, or wicked witches could cause harm to the human race for as long as the witch lived. The witch, Esmerelda, still lives to this day. So why, you may ask, are humans still haunted by the creatures of the night, especially on Halloween? Aha! Because there was a catch. Esmerelda’s spell had a glitch, and only offered protection from a human wearing “30 rings shaped like spiders,” just like the ones Esmerelda wore the night the spell was cast.Product DetailsWith their arachnid shapes and black and orange hues, these spider rings will add Halloween flair that just may save your life from an actual goblin! That makes them a total bargain if you ask us. Though 30 rings can get cumbersome if you do a lot of typing in life. Trust us.Test Your FateSo, there you have it. This Pack of 30 Spider Rings can protect you from the darkest forces of the world if you wear them all at the same time. Of course, if that seems excessive (or you don’t believe the legend) you could opt to simply give these rings out as party favors or add them to your trick-or-treat bucket for kiddos to enjoy. It’s up to you, risk-taker!

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  • Super Stretch Spider Web - 400 Square Ft

    Super Stretch Spider Web – 400 Square Ft

    THE PROBLEM WITH A GIANT PETLike anyone else, we love to have our pet free to roam around the place.  Our pet happens to be a gigantic spider.  We call him fluffy.  He’s great at getting things off the tallest shelves and we don’t ever have to worry about bugs in the office! But, the problem is that he’s just a little overzealous with the web-spinning.  And, when you’ve got a huge spider, well, that’s a lot of webbing.  Fortunately, it makes for an amazing decoration and is pretty easily wound up for packaging! PRODUCT DETAILSHave all the fun of a giant spider without all the screaming from your friends when you bring home all 400 square feet of this Super Stretch Spider Web!  This cotton sheet unfolds and expands out to cover a truly tremendous area, great for intensifying the spooky qualities of your living or office space.  THE BEGINNINGS OF A SPIDER LAIRThey always say that if you build it, they will come.  Well, in this case, creating a massive spider web with this Super Stretch Webbing won’t likely conjure a bunch of spiders.  You can, however, bring in a bunch of your own or even one gigantic one to make your spooky holiday decorations complete!  Our spider gives it eight thumbs up! 

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  • 200 Square Feet Spider Web

    200 Square Feet Spider Web

    Getting caught up in Halloween DecorWe at believe that, compared to all the other holidays, decorating for Halloween is the most fun. We get that Christmas decor can be important for a lot of families but that’s all about tradition. Beyond the Santas and glowing lights, you can’t get super whacky. In comparison, Halloween gives you plenty of macabre wiggle room to get creative. Some people like a cartoonish touch, making little trick-or-treaters feel at home with happy pumpkins and happy skeletons. Others like to keep in scary with sound effects and ghostly graves in the yard. Whatever your decor style might be, Halloween decor is never complete without classic white faux spider webs. Product DetailsIt’s super easy to set up this spider web. Set it all up with one sheet for a dramatic display or take your time, break it up, and place them wherever you want both outside and in. Using and sharp edges from nails, tacks, and even the sharp corner of a stair, you can spin a weird web in no time. Not just Itsy BitsyWhile the Itsy Bitsy spider might be in the water spout outside, it’ll look like something a little bit bigger is at work in your house. Accent this web with one of our oversized spiders to make your look complete. Now all you have to do is wait for those little trick-or-treaters!

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  • Spider Web Decoration

    Spider Web Decoration

    Let‚Äôs break down why spiders are so creepy to so many people, shall we? For some people, it‚Äôs the six legs moving in quick succession‚Ķothers, the thought of those little beady eyes and fangs getting all up in your grill is super freaking. And some people just plain don‚Äôt like the look of ‚Äòem.But you know what we think is the most creepy about those lil‚Äô arachnids? Their webs. Or, more specifically, the thought of walking right into or getting stuck in one of those sticky suckers. Literally the stuff of nightmares!Which is why this Spider Web Decoration is a perfect addition to your Halloween decoration collection! Hang it indoors or outdoors to add a spooky element of eerie delight to your home or haunted house! Better yet, enshroud both with these webs for an ultra creepy look that will have your party-goers or trick-and-treaters covering their heads and screaming “Arachnophobia” as they sprint away from your homestead (which just means more candy for you, right?!)

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  • 72in Cocoon Corpse

    72in Cocoon Corpse

    Stay away from deadly creatures lurking in the shadows. You may end up like this 72 inch Cocoon Corpse for example. We’re pretty sure this poor guy thought he’d be safe but clearly he was wrong! Now, he’s nothing more than a lifeless corpse hanging on your porch now. Poor guy!You’ll be able to create the perfect Halloween scene when you add this detailed prop to your holiday decor. A life-sized corpse is crafted from green foam, and is wrapped in silky spiderweb material. It comes complete with a wire attached to the feet, so you can hang it upside down and make it appear as though this poor soul ran into a giant spider and had a very, very bad day. You could also use this frightening prop in a variety of other positions, or pick up a few of them to create a wicked beast’s lair. Whatever kind of scene you assemble, we’re sure that all of your guests will be leaving with a fright! (And maybe a newfound fear of spiders too!)

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  • Poseable 22" Medium Furry Spider

    Poseable 22″ Medium Furry Spider

    There is possibly no creature that elicits such a primal reaction of fear than the lowly spider. There’s something about those protruding fangs, those eight gangly legs, those bazillion staring eyes… From the red-backed black widow to the gigantic tarantula, spiders are the stuff of nightmares.There are a lot of myths about spiders, like that one rumor that you eat so many spiders every night when they crawl into your mouth. That’s not true, but it is true that some species of spiders create communal webs that can house up to 50,000 individual arachnids. Imagine walking into that by accident! And it’s also true that some spiders, like the Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula, can grow up to one foot in body length and sport fangs one inch long. And did we mention that there are 45,700 species of spider in the world?Now that we’ve thoroughly creeped you out, let us help you creep your friends out with this 22-inch Medium Furry Spider accessory. The black spider prop is covered in feathers and comes with an attached string for hanging, so you can hide this little guy pretty much anywhere! His legs are also super pose-able for extra character. Whether you want him lurking over your roommate’s laptop or hiding in your mom’s fridge, he’ll definitely cause some scares when he’s discovered!

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  • Spider Web Decoration: 800 Sq Feet

    Spider Web Decoration: 800 Sq Feet

    The perfect haunted house is only a web away with this Spider Web Decoration! Use our instant webbing to set a trap for unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. They’ll rue the day they entered your lair or… you know… have a good time.

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  • Mega: Spider Web

    Mega: Spider Web

    Spiders. They are more afraid of us than we are of them, right? At least that‚Äôs what our moms used to tell us so we would suck it up and deal with the spiders in our rooms and basements.But let‚Äôs be honest. No one actually believes that. We are definitely more terrified of spiders than they are of us. How could we not be? With their spindly little legs and furry little bodies, they are most people‚Äôs worst nightmare!And with a web like that, there’s got to be a huge spider hiding around somewhere close. Lend your yard (and house) to a large, eight-legged friend with this Mega Spider Web. Plus, you’re sure to scare a few arachnophobes (though if you are one of them, you may want to hide out inside for the next month). This mega spider web measures 23‚Äô x 18‚Äô and glows under a blacklight. Gutter hooks allow you to attach it to your gutters and the anchor hooks go into the ground to keep it in place all season!

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  • Glow in the Dark Spider Webs

    Glow in the Dark Spider Webs

    Have you ever been out walking on a dark night and suddenly found your face enveloped in a spider web? It’s one of the less pleasant sensations there is. Even if you’re the type who can sit through the scariest horror movie or walk through the spookiest haunted house without batting an eye, when you take an unexpected web to the face you’re bound to let out at least a little gasp, if not an outright shriek. It’s just one of the facts of life.Of course, a big part of the reason spider webs are so effective is that they’re hard to see even in broad daylight, let alone on a pitch black night. Spinning practically invisible webbing is a spider’s bread and butter. If the webs were, say, neon pink or covered in blinking lights, our summer evenings would probably be a lot buggier than they already are. So while this gigantic (16 feet long and covering 200 square feet!), glow-in-the dark web is ideal for decorating the front stoop for trick-or-treaters or the living room for a costume party, we’re glad it’s not the standard for genuine spiders. On the other hand, a web you can see in the dark would be a lot tougher to plant your face in in the middle of the night.

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  • Black Posable Spider: 50 inch

    Black Posable Spider: 50 inch

    C’mon everyone, now. All together: the itsy bitsy spi–HOLY MOLY! That’s a huge spider! That massive spider is neither itsy, nor bitsy. Yeesh. When you sweetly asked us to, “Come check out your pet spider” we were expecting, you know, something normal-sized.But this baby is 50 inches with eight long and furry shapeable legs. Objectively, we understand why you love it: this enormous arachnid can be used as either an indoor or outdoor decoration and looks horrifyingly great hanging from doorways, windows or walls. We like this Black 50 inch Posable Spider, then we may just check out his little brother–the 20 inch version; that’s a little guy we could sing to. But this behemoth just strikes us with awe…and a twinge of arachnophobia.

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