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  • 12" Polyresin Stacking Skull

    12″ Polyresin Stacking Skull

    Yay! Skulls!What? Are you not as into cranial remains as we are? That’s a pity. Skulls are fabulous. They’re the sign for poison, pirates, death and hexes… so versatile! Not to mention famous! Between Poe and Shakespeare we expect many writers and readers to have them. Well, have more of them. More than just the ones on their shoulders that is.If you’re like us you’ll rejoice at the sight of this 12″ Polyresin Stacking Skull. Because not only do you get a skull, you get three! In a stack! Organized according to size! How amazingly macabre is that? These skulls look dark and weathered, perfect for interior decor, be it holidays, parties or for simply if you’re feeling a little dramatic. Did we mention the top skull lights up? That’s right, its little eye sockets glow blue. We know what you’re thinking (cause we’re thinking it too) … how charming!

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  • 9.5" Polyresin Skull

    9.5″ Polyresin Skull

    Do your friends think that you’re a little weird because you enjoy macabre home decor? The touch of black here and there, and the occasional raven and skull? We don’t want to be the ones to break it to you, but it sounds like you might need some new friends.Seriously, who wouldn’t appreciate a few Gothic touches here and there? Only boring people, that’s who. Do you really want to hang out with boring people? Or would your rather proudly decorate your home with macabre touches, like this 9.5″ Polyresin Skull? Personally? We’d go with the skull. This thing is about 10″ long, 6″ wide and is made of molded resin in a dark brown to look fossilized and antiqued. Romantic. Dastardly. Creepy. It’s just an all-around delightful little accent really. So display it proudly where you like, and maybe it’ll go ahead and scare those boring friends away.

    $28.99 Skeletons
  • Lifesize Posable Skeleton

    Lifesize Posable Skeleton

    Some models never die. They continue to strike a pose even when they’ve long lost that beautiful skin that made them so famous in the first place. But their smile still endures… (well for the most part).Unfortunately, since their muscles and tendons have withered away, they need a little more help making the poses that made them famous. That’s where you come in! Nowadays you might want to choose a spookier pose than they were ever used to for your next party, but it doesn’t take much to get a scare out of a skeleton! No haunted house (or Halloween party) is complete without a skeleton in the closet (or on the porch, or anywhere a skeleton fits!). This lifesize, poseable skeleton stands approximately five feet high and features realistic molded bones, fastened together with metal hinges (being dead is never really good for the joints). Buy a few extras and then you can make some fantastic group scenes of both scary or silly skeletons, whichever you prefer! Maybe you want to set up a dinner that no one was ever excused from? Maybe you want to create a rock band scene of your favorite music group? There are endless possibilities, but these ideas are just the bones to your creativity… the rest is up to you!

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  • 14 inch Laced Spider Web Skull

    14 inch Laced Spider Web Skull

    Skulls are pretty scary, right? Those vacant, unwelcoming eyes. That eerie, toothy grin that seems to sneer at mortality. Heck, skulls would be bad enough if we only had to see them during Halloween or when we’re landscaping in our backyard, but did you know that scientists recently discovered that many people have skulls…inside of their own heads?! That’s right, even you might be one of hundreds of unfortunate Americans who suffer from what doctors have termed “having a skull inside of your head.”This skull has all of the inherent spookiness of a skull but goes two steps even farther. First, it’s 14 inches tall, making it thoroughly bigger than even the smartest people’s skulls. Second, it’s covered in creepy spiderweb lace. That means spiders are involved with this decoration, and as we all know the UN recently listed spiders just below nuclear weapons as, like, the worst thing ever. If you need a decoration that’s going to make everyone thoroughly terrified, look no further than this supremely unnerving piece!

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