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  • 16" T-Rex Skeleton

    16″ T-Rex Skeleton

    THE MEANING OF TYRANNOSAURDid you know that a Tyrannosaurus and a Tyrannosaur aren’t exactly the same thing?  Nope!?  Well, the -us means we’re talking about a specific creature.  The other is just the family of several different dinosaurs named, generally, for being truly massive predator lizards of ancient times.But, if tyranno means “tyrant,” does it even have to be huge?  What about when the Tyrannosaurus Rex is just a little baby?  Is it not what it is because it is so small?  Or is it named after a tyrant more because of its cruel and oppressive behavior!?PRODUCT DETAILSWe think we’ve figured out the truth of the Tyrant Lizard, but you can still provide some crucial evidence when you bring home this 16″ T-Rex Skeleton.  This cute and terrifying little skeletal figure is designed after the full-blown Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Place this to guard your books, manage your mantel, or just be a brooding brute on the coffee table.  Perfect for any event or your everyday life! A TINY LITTLE TYRANTIt’s quite a bit smaller than the regular ones, but whether it was shrunk by science or it is just a baby, you’ll quickly learn what kind of impact even a diminutive Tyrannosaur can have on your abode.  Fortunately, he’s already housetrained! 

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  • Alien Skeleton

    Alien Skeleton

    Where were you July 3nd, 1947? You didn’t happen to be anywhere near Roswell, New Mexico, did you? We find it a little suspicious that you have this deformed looking skeleton sitting on your porch.You can build an alien crash zone in your front yard or a spooky laboratory when you get this alien skeleton prop for your Halloween scene. It will be like every conspiracy theorist’s dream come true! With a creepy oversized head, it’s sure to be just the right touch to add an easy and extraterrestrial ambiance to your decor. But, just a word to the wise, if men in black agents show up at your front door? Just let them take the skeleton prop away with them in their black cars. You can always just order another one from us!

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  • Hanging Rotten Skulls

    Hanging Rotten Skulls

    What haunted house is complete without some rotten skulls hanging from the ceiling? None that we’d want to visit! Take a look at this Hanging Rotten Skulls decoration. It will be perfect for your porch to let your guests know that they’ve come to the right place for some good ole fashion scares. Hang this trio of skulls anywhere in your home, as well. In the entryway for an instant scream from guests walking in the door, or right around a corner in the hallway to catch a handful of friends off guard.Where ever you decide to let these boneheads hangout we guarantee that they’ll do their job and do it well. Raising some heart rates is what these guys are dying to do. Goosebumps are the only things they like to hand out, and after years of rotting, they’ve gotten extremely good at it. Grab this haunting d√©cor and make your home the spookiest on the block this Halloween.

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  • 20 Inch Plastic Realistic Skeleton

    20 Inch Plastic Realistic Skeleton

    In search of roommate‚Ķ Meet Mr. Bones. He’s just your average, skeleton-man going about his day. He gets up in the morning, drinks his morning cup of joe, and walks out the front door to go to work. However, he works in the scaring industry, and he needs a housemate who understands his job. Many people don‚Äôt know this, but he does have a sweet side‚Ķ He loves hugs! But be careful, his hugs can get a little boney! Add this 20 Inch Plastic Realistic Skeleton as a decoration in your home so Mr. Bones can finally find a home and settle down. He would make the perfect addition in any home, but he is looking for a house preferably with a basement and close proximity to a cemetery. A haunted house would be preferred, but he is willing to bring his ghost-friend along so she can haunt your house! There is one thing we do need to mention though‚Ķ Whatever you do, do not mention his height, he is self-conscious about how he is only 20 inches tall. However, his compact height is perfect for displaying him every Halloween season! He has anatomically correct details and has a loop through his skull, for the easy and proper display, he is a gentleman after all. He adds a level of spooky to any room he enters, and hopes that you two will be able to live spookily ever after.

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  • Crawling Skeleton

    Crawling Skeleton

    Peppy PreppersDo you feel like your friends and families are ready for the arrival of the zombie apocalypse? Yeah, we don’t think that the people around us are ready for it either. They keep saying it’s not going to happen. Going so far as to send us articles about how it’s not scientifically possible. Want to know what we think? Most likely not but we’ll tell you anyway, we’re pretty sure they’re trying to get us to let down our guard and give them some of our apocalypse supplies. Yeah, that won’t happen until they start doing zombie drills with us! We’re not sharing our bottled water with freeloaders who don’t know how to use random household objects to protect our backs. Here’s the thing, want people to get on board? They need to be as fearful as us true believers. Product DetailsOkay, maybe you simply want to creep people out this Halloween season, that’s cool too! That’s a goal that is easily achieved when you’ve got this crawling skeleton in the house! It is motion activated so once it’s on, it will crawl towards anyone who is hopping around and shrieking. Operated with three AA batteries, it makes groaning noises so people know he means business. The skeleton looks like he’s escaped from the basement. If this doesn’t get people into the terrified Halloween spirit, we don’t know what will!Creepy Conversation StarterSo, next time you’re having a casual dinner party and the conversation starts to lull, don’t rely on boring weather talk. Set this horrendous ghoul on your guests. It’s sure to turn into an evening that no one will ever forget. Whether this guy is out for the night to chase down trick-or-treaters or you’re having a spooky Halloween party, you’re sure to have a great time with this crawling skeleton. 

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  • 12 pc. Bag of Skulls

    12 pc. Bag of Skulls

    If switching out your beautiful home d√©cor for that that is a bit frightening then you‚Äôve come to the right place! Just like you, Halloween decorations are our favorite and we love snagging new items to hide around the house to get a scare or two out of your friends and family. A skull is the perfect addition to your collection but wait, not just one skull, how about 12!That‚Äôs right, you can litter your home with the skulls of the dead this year! The bag of skulls set includes 12 small skulls made of molded plastic. Each skull is approximately 4″ x 3″ and is shaped to look like a human skull. Check out all of our frightening decorations to bring a deadly look to any party.

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  • Skeleton Lizard

    Skeleton Lizard

    Having trouble deciding what you want as the theme for your home this Halloween? The simple haunted house is overplayed and while a masquerade ball would be fun… it just doesn’t really hold that creepy tone you’re trying to set. Our advice? You could always turn your humble abode into a spooky laboratory this year! Think about the greatest mad scientists in horror history, there’s Dr. Frankenstein, Dr. Henry Jekyll, and Dr. Moreau, all pretty sick and twisted but they also each had amazing labs that many people would find themselves trapped in during their nightmares. So if you want to attempt to compete with these insane inventors’ labs, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you but with this Skeleton Lizard posed just right, you’ll be off to a good start. Check out our entire selection of skeleton props to make sure you have a variety of animals ready to help you haunt the dreams of all your visitors!

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  • Skull on Jaws

    Skull on Jaws

    Well, friend. We told you–over and over again–that the zombie apocalypse was about to begin. And did you listen? Nope! No you didn‚Äôt.So, no, we‚Äôre not really surprised to see this undead partygoer crawling out of your grass. Oh, wait. Hang on. That is just a really frightening looking zombie decoration popping out of your yard. Whew! You even had us fooled. Sorry, we really thought it was real for a second! Well, we are happy to know the apocalypse isn‚Äôt imminent (yet), but we are also really impressed by this Skull on Jaws! We mean, WOW. That truly looks like a gruesome zombie is clawing its way out of your lawn to eat our brains. Actually, we may need to get one of these…maybe when the real zombies come they will assume we‚Äôve already joined their ranks if they see this out in the garden. In fact, maybe we‚Äôll get two.

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  • Mini Skeleton Rat

    Mini Skeleton Rat

    The Halloween season practically dictates some creepy decor. You know: webs, bats, witches, and broomsticks. Our personal favorite? Skeletons.We’re not exactly sure what it is about skeletons that tickles our fancy, but it does. Maybe it’s the way all the little pieces fit together like a puzzle. Maybe it’s their sharp, angular shapes. Maybe it’s the fact that bones are the hardest things in your body and help your mushy organs and skin retain some kind of shape. Any way you dice it, bones are pretty cool.Which is why we love skeletal decor. Peel away the fur and muscles and leave the animal’s bones behind and that is the creepiest of decor you can get! For instance, our Mini Skeleton Rat. It’s about 9″ long and 2″ high. It’s a solid little skeletal system fused together to adorn your home with its morbid charm. Which is perfect for the season.

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  • Mini Skeleton Rat

    Mini Skeleton Rat

    Let’s be honest for a second…rats are rather disgusting, right? They have long nasty tails, the creepy beady eyes, and those huge buckteeth. Plus, they are pretty quick little vermin and like to hang out in haunted places, like cemeteries, abandoned buildings, spooky addicts, and dark filthy basements. If you’re looking to amp up the fear factor in your home this Halloween, adding this mini skeleton rat is highly recommended. It’s even scarier than a furry rat scurrying around‚Ķ yeah, we didn’t think that was possible either.The nice thing about this prop is that it doesn‚Äôt really matter what your Halloween theme is. You could be going for a devilish dungeon kind of vibe or a mad scientist‚Äôs lab sort of feng shui, or even a classic haunted house look. Whatever you want, this Mini Skeleton Rat prop will get the job done and turn all of your guests into squealing schoolgirls!

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  • 14" Skeleton Vulture

    14″ Skeleton Vulture

    Ready for a fun vulture fact? Vultures from America aren’t closely related to the old world vultures at all. The reason that they appear and behave so similarly is because they each separately evolved to do the same thing: flying around, looking creepy, and eating dead things. Here’s another fun vulture fact: if they fly around for long enough without eating dead things, then they become dead things themselves! That’s the circle of life.If you want all the fun of owning a vulture without worrying about feeding it, then look no further than our Skeleton Vulture. This spooky realistic skeleton makes a great decoration. It’s a stellar conversation starter at parties too! Just whip out this bad boy and say “Here: this should give you a good idea of what a vulture skeleton looks like!” You’ll be the belle of the ball!

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  • 60" Lazy Bones

    60″ Lazy Bones

    Sometimes when the grim reaper has been off on a long day of killing, he needs a little bit of time to kick back, and do some chilling. He usually will try to crack a cold one to toss back until he realizes that stuff will just go right through him. He was a little depressed he didn’t have a place to soak up some rays too. That’s why he came to us for a little bit of help. We worked long into the night. So hard in fact that ol’ grim almost had to stop by to do his own job around us. Finally, the night turned to day; we looked out our window through tired eyes, and found a perfect yet simple solution with our tired eyes. Tied between two trees was the most wonderful and slightly demonic hammock they could ever find. In spite of all that it looked rather comfortable and relaxing. We brought it into the warehouse and immediately began producing it for the soul harvester and all of his friends (Apparently it’s a popular occupation.) Now you can host a skeleton who just wants to hang out for a while.

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  • Skeleton Bird in Cage

    Skeleton Bird in Cage

    Everyone is in need of a delightful pet to keep them company. Even the most social of folks have a need to return home, put their feet up to relax after a long day with friends and co-workers, and then feel the love and companionship of a simple-minded creature. Now, we understand that the care and maintenance of another living creature can sometimes be a pretty daunting task. You have to remember to feed them, to give them water, to take them out for some exercise, and cleaning up after their natural biological systems can also be a rather grotesque endeavor. Still, the rewards for fostering such a companion are well worth it!But, for those of you who still aren’t entirely sure, we have an option that will give you the happy ally without having to worry about all of the responsibility of handling a living critter. We, of course, solve that by giving you an undead one! This Skeleton Bird is the perfect such buddy. It comes with its own 18” cage and happily stands inside, looking at you through its cold, eyeless skull, pondering silently its love for you. Now, we haven’t gotten it to teaching it to quote “Nevermore” yet like another creepy unliving raven… but maybe that is for the best. Let’s begin with the standard haunted ally and see how that fits!

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  • Skeleton Cat

    Skeleton Cat

    Meet Fluffy. At one point this little guy had nine lives and was actually quite fluffy. However, he sadly let his curiosity get the best of him. Not just once, but all nine times. Sure, there were a few times he wasn‚Äôt to blame as much as the amateur witches that he got assigned to assist. But even he would admit that it probably didn‚Äôt help how he always had to climb the tallest tree in town for a good place to nap.There are other lives that he lost that he‚Äôd rather not talk about‚Ķ we‚Äôre guessing that it has something to do with getting outsmarted by a field mouse or canary here and there but he won‚Äôt say. Nowadays he doesn’t get into much trouble since all that’s left of him is this skeleton, but he will still faithfully ward off any would-be intruders without hesitation.

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  • Lab Specimen Skeleton Hand

    Lab Specimen Skeleton Hand

    Do you need more accessories for your haunted house? Well, nothing says spooky like having human bones framed and hanging on your wall, right? Turn a section of your home into a creepy trophy room or an evil laboratory when you start by decorating it with this Lab Specimen Skeleton Hand. Are you following in the footsteps of the late and great Dr. Victor Frankenstein or are you just a fan of hunting down the most dangerous game. Whether you’re reanimating the dead or hunting down the living, your guests will all be terrified when they see your collection of skeletal remains lying around your lair.Start with this bony hand hanging on your wall and take a look at the rest of our skeleton/body part props. Add replica limbs hanging from your ceiling on chains, a bundle of bones in one corner and a bag of more in another, and don’t forget to set up plenty of animal skeletons all around. Dogs, cats, birds, we got them all and they are all ready to send shivers down the spines of your friends and neighbors!

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  • Lifesize Posable Skeleton

    Lifesize Posable Skeleton

    Some models never die. They continue to strike a pose even when they’ve long lost that beautiful skin that made them so famous in the first place. But their smile still endures… (well for the most part).Unfortunately, since their muscles and tendons have withered away, they need a little more help making the poses that made them famous. That’s where you come in! Nowadays you might want to choose a spookier pose than they were ever used to for your next party, but it doesn’t take much to get a scare out of a skeleton! No haunted house (or Halloween party) is complete without a skeleton in the closet (or on the porch, or anywhere a skeleton fits!). This lifesize, poseable skeleton stands approximately five feet high and features realistic molded bones, fastened together with metal hinges (being dead is never really good for the joints). Buy a few extras and then you can make some fantastic group scenes of both scary or silly skeletons, whichever you prefer! Maybe you want to set up a dinner that no one was ever excused from? Maybe you want to create a rock band scene of your favorite music group? There are endless possibilities, but these ideas are just the bones to your creativity… the rest is up to you!

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