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  • Skeleton Pall Bearers

    Skeleton Pall Bearers

    This Skeleton Pall Bearers set brings you the hottest skeleton boy band to hit the pop charts. They go by the name, The Funeral Boyz, and they are ready to come to your home for a special show! Joey is the cute but shy one. Jeffy is the rebel. Jamie is the heartthrob and Kevin is the older, more mature one. Tragedy struck them when, Tommy, the fifth member of the band suffered serious head trauma and died a horrible, horrible second death. (He’s the one inside the coffin). Despite being down their fifth member, they don’t mind coming to your home to act as some scary eye candy alongside the rest of your spooky decor.

    $109.99 Skeletons
  • Gazelle Skull

    Gazelle Skull

    Making your house a haunted mansion? What better way to add a rustic creepy touch than turning your home into a taxidermy shop. But, you don’t need to worry about the animal spirits roaming around because this is a plastic skull. Add to a party theme or maybe just decorate the house with this skull. Whether you are propping up the gazelle skull a living room, dining area, or just letting it hang out in the kitchen as you cook, it is a fantastic spooky decoration. The molded and painted details will make your friends think this is the real deal. Maybe, they will even believe the house to be haunted by a gazelle! Rest assured your house is safe from this gazelle spirit!

    $9.99 Skeletons
  • Mini Skeleton Rat

    Mini Skeleton Rat

    The Halloween season practically dictates some creepy decor. You know: webs, bats, witches, and broomsticks. Our personal favorite? Skeletons.We’re not exactly sure what it is about skeletons that tickles our fancy, but it does. Maybe it’s the way all the little pieces fit together like a puzzle. Maybe it’s their sharp, angular shapes. Maybe it’s the fact that bones are the hardest things in your body and help your mushy organs and skin retain some kind of shape. Any way you dice it, bones are pretty cool.Which is why we love skeletal decor. Peel away the fur and muscles and leave the animal’s bones behind and that is the creepiest of decor you can get! For instance, our Mini Skeleton Rat. It’s about 9″ long and 2″ high. It’s a solid little skeletal system fused together to adorn your home with its morbid charm. Which is perfect for the season.

    $4.99 Skeletons
  • Light Skeleton with Timer

    Light Skeleton with Timer

    Here is a question for you: Who loves Halloween almost as much as all the witches, black cats, monsters, and ghosts? Why…orthopedists, of course!Finally, a time of the year when their love of all things skeletal is widely accepted by the masses. If you have a doctor in the family (or if you just really really love scaring trick-or-treaters), it‚Äôs time to turn your lawn into a skeleton-riddled outdoor graveyard! Adding this Light Skeleton with Timer to your October decor gives it some electrifying personality; this item boasts a timer so that it will light up sporadically, thus scaring anyone who approaches your door. The other eleven months of the year, you can use this item to teach your family the names of all the body‚Äôs bones and the importance of joint health!

    $69.99 Skeletons
  • Spike the Skeleton Dog

    Spike the Skeleton Dog

    When you’re the life of the party, you can’t have anyone showing you up. Occasionally you need a reliable guard that can keep the unwanted from tarrying too long at the party or at least to make sure that they do not stand too long in the doorway. There shouldn’t be any doubt that you are the grand Pulbah of your party, given your amazing garb and carefully chosen costuming showing elegance, class, and just enough of an intimidating aura subtly placed so that people have an instinctive sense that you are a welcoming and gracious host… but there is a limit to your benevolence! At the same time, you can’t spend the whole party policing the area. You need a little help.Worry not! We have the perfect and spooky Friend of Man ready to watch your back. Spike, the Skeleton Dog is the perfect companion for your party… or even for general watch dog antics! With a creepy look that perfectly replicates the canine skeletal system, you can be sure that your guardian does not need to be fed, watered, or even let outside. You’re welcome to take him for walks, but he’s usually more content to watch with its eerie empty eyes.

    $69.99 Skeletons
  • Bruiser Bonez the Skeleton Dog

    Bruiser Bonez the Skeleton Dog

    The most amazing thing about a dog is how loyal one can be. They’ll stick by your side through thick and thin. Through one life and on to the next they will always be there for you. Just like ole Bruiser Bonez the Skeleton Dog here. This pup may have had a “ruff” day or two but that won’t stop him from standing at your side. Bruiser is as loyal as they come! Instead of running around in the endless fields of doggy heaven all he wants to do is help you have the greatest haunted house ever for this upcoming Halloween.You can place this bonehead at your front door to greet all your guests as well as to make sure that no mailmen get too close to your home. You could also just have him casually hanging out in your living room with a collection of more skeletal creatures. Go on and take a look through the rest of the skeleton props we have in stock! Just make sure that Bruiser doesn’t start chewing on any of the other animals’ bones.

    $69.99 Skeletons
  • Mini Skeleton Rat

    Mini Skeleton Rat

    Let’s be honest for a second…rats are rather disgusting, right? They have long nasty tails, the creepy beady eyes, and those huge buckteeth. Plus, they are pretty quick little vermin and like to hang out in haunted places, like cemeteries, abandoned buildings, spooky addicts, and dark filthy basements. If you’re looking to amp up the fear factor in your home this Halloween, adding this mini skeleton rat is highly recommended. It’s even scarier than a furry rat scurrying around‚Ķ yeah, we didn’t think that was possible either.The nice thing about this prop is that it doesn‚Äôt really matter what your Halloween theme is. You could be going for a devilish dungeon kind of vibe or a mad scientist‚Äôs lab sort of feng shui, or even a classic haunted house look. Whatever you want, this Mini Skeleton Rat prop will get the job done and turn all of your guests into squealing schoolgirls!

    $4.99 Skeletons
  • 14" Skeleton Vulture

    14″ Skeleton Vulture

    Ready for a fun vulture fact? Vultures from America aren’t closely related to the old world vultures at all. The reason that they appear and behave so similarly is because they each separately evolved to do the same thing: flying around, looking creepy, and eating dead things. Here’s another fun vulture fact: if they fly around for long enough without eating dead things, then they become dead things themselves! That’s the circle of life.If you want all the fun of owning a vulture without worrying about feeding it, then look no further than our Skeleton Vulture. This spooky realistic skeleton makes a great decoration. It’s a stellar conversation starter at parties too! Just whip out this bad boy and say “Here: this should give you a good idea of what a vulture skeleton looks like!” You’ll be the belle of the ball!

    $29.99 Skeletons
  • 8" Skeleton Raven Prop

    8″ Skeleton Raven Prop

    Quoth the Raven “Nevermore…will your Halloween party décor be bleak and dreary!”This ungainly fowl has seen better days. But he’s still got the perfect amount of creepiness your Halloween decorating scheme needs this year. Formerly ebony, now just bony, the skeletal raven will perch creakily over your chamber door and anywhere else you want it in your Halloween décor – at the entrance, atop the shutters, amid the pumpkins, among the snacks. And if you think just one lonely raven is creepy, just think about what decorating with an entire unkindness of them (yes, that’s what ravens in a bunch are called, an “unkindness”) will add.The stately raven is made of sturdy, molded plastic to make sure it will stay sitting, never flitting, wherever you perch it. And this is no little bird – the raven is a full 8” tall to fill your party with fantastic terrors. Its beaky skull and featherless wings rotate ever so slightly for ever more spookiness.

    $12.99 Skeletons
  • Metal Stand for Lifesize Skeletons

    Metal Stand for Lifesize Skeletons

    We’ve all had this problem. We have something truly amazing that we want to show off to the world. Only there isn’t anything to hold it up with. Nothing to make the cursed thing stand straight. And sure for most of us the “truly amazing” thing that we have is a complete Stormtrooper suit, or a plastic dinosaur skeleton that we “dug” out of a clay kit we bought from the Atomic Games shop. But we understand that you like skeletons.None the less, we know how it feels to need to stand something up. To keep it up. That is why we have searched the globe to find this Metal Stand for Lifesize Skeletons. Now you can erect your skeletal buddy. This stand will let you show off your new friends to your old living friends. Or you can just keep your spooky skeletons standing tall for Halloween.

    $19.99 Skeletons
  • 60" Lazy Bones

    60″ Lazy Bones

    Sometimes when the grim reaper has been off on a long day of killing, he needs a little bit of time to kick back, and do some chilling. He usually will try to crack a cold one to toss back until he realizes that stuff will just go right through him. He was a little depressed he didn’t have a place to soak up some rays too. That’s why he came to us for a little bit of help. We worked long into the night. So hard in fact that ol’ grim almost had to stop by to do his own job around us. Finally, the night turned to day; we looked out our window through tired eyes, and found a perfect yet simple solution with our tired eyes. Tied between two trees was the most wonderful and slightly demonic hammock they could ever find. In spite of all that it looked rather comfortable and relaxing. We brought it into the warehouse and immediately began producing it for the soul harvester and all of his friends (Apparently it’s a popular occupation.) Now you can host a skeleton who just wants to hang out for a while.

    $44.99 Skeletons
  • 10" Mercury Glass Skeleton Print Bottle

    10″ Mercury Glass Skeleton Print Bottle

    We love mad science. It‚Äôs so much more fun than sane science. Whereas your sane scientist has to apply for government grants and submit their work for peer review, a mad scientist gets to spend pleasant nights outside in a cemetery with a shovel and his deformed sidekick and creating abominations that are an affront to man and nature. Tell us, which would you prefer to spend your time doing? Compiling metadata in an effort to prove that there‚Äôs a genetic component to neurofibromatosis, or making a violent, nine foot tall golem out of copper wire and reclaimed body parts? We‚Äôve never posed an easier question, really.When you‚Äôre building your mad science lab, make sure you deck it out with the best mad science accessories: giant machines with indeterminate purposes that shoot purple lightning around, a couple of death rays for recreational global domination, and lots of bottles with sinister stuff inside them. Our 10″ Mercury Glass Skeleton Print Bottle is a great start, it‚Äôll have all your visitors or intruders pretty unsettled…until the real horror begins! Cue evil laugh!

    $14.99 Skeletons
  • 14" Black Skeleton Vulture

    14″ Black Skeleton Vulture

    This one time we were at the free flight show at the aviary, and we kid you not, a vulture flew right into our head. We took it as a bad omen. But that experience feels just peachy when compared to an encounter with this 14‚Äù Black Skeleton Vulture. This monster is done looking for carrion; he‚Äôs moved on to searching for souls to gobble. Set him up at your next Halloween party and let your friends jump at the creepy sight of his rotating head, his posable neck, and his skinless gruesomeness. They just might think that he’s sizing them up for a meal! And you know, we may think the same. Good luck with this one, y‚Äôall. We have a low vulture tolerance after our last run-in!

    $14.99 Skeletons
  • Lifesize Decayed Poseable Skeleton

    Lifesize Decayed Poseable Skeleton

    When you’re the life of the party, you can’t have anyone showing you up. It is important to remind your guests that there is a pecking order to party life. You’re on the top, your amazing garb and carefully chosen costuming showing elegance, class, and just enough of an intimidating aura subtly placed so that people have an instinctive sense that you are a welcoming and gracious host… but might flay their skin from their bones and leave them as a waking warning to the rest. Of course, once there are only bones left, the message is hardly even worth conveying anymore!Worry not! We have your back… and rib cage, sternum, femur… just about all of them! With this Life-size Decayed Poseable Skeleton, you have all the message-sending you need without all the complicated chemical processes of keeping the flesh from fouling up your party atmosphere. A 60” tall male—though only your top forensic friends will know—this skeletal prop can be posed as necessary and comes complete with its original rotting flesh in the form of a tan gauze. Hang him up on the ceiling with the included skull loop or set him up on the couch or entry room to indicate where your guests can hang their hats. We’re pretty sure we’ve fixed all the voodoo rites, too, so they shouldn’t get up and dance to xylophone music anymore.

    $69.99 Skeletons
  • Bones the Hungry Hound Skeleton Dog

    Bones the Hungry Hound Skeleton Dog

    Everyone knows that the dog is man’s best friend. A few try to argue that the cat is better, but we’re not talking about which animal is best at scratching up your furniture or meowing incessantly about going outside until it changes its mind. We’re talking about life-long companions and dearly trusted animal friends! Of course, the trouble with any animal companion is that there is a sad limitation on their life span. Then again, that can be said about all of us.Which is why it is a great fact that a skeleton dog is an undead man’s best friend! Such is the case of Bones, the Hungry Hound Skeleton Dog who has traveled all across the pet graveyard just to come back to you. With a jaw that can open and close, this hungry little bone pupper will be an adorable addition to any of your holiday décor. And, we can promise that he’s quite house broken and won’t even gnaw on your guests!

    $24.99 Skeletons
  • Buster Bonez 28" Skeleton Dog

    Buster Bonez 28″ Skeleton Dog

    Are you a dog lover? Than you’re going to love Buster Bonez! He’s just like all of your other canine friends, except well, he’s already moved on to greener pastures. But don’t worry, he’s still more than happy to guard your front door while guests gather for the big Halloween get-together. Set him up for your Halloween party or set him up with other skeleton decorations to create a spooky vibe! Buster Bonez is the perfect companion for those who constantly dream of dogs but don’t have time for the commitment. Buster is a realistic life-size dog that sits 21″ high and is 28″ long. Although he may be realistic you won’t have to worry about feeding Buster or taking him outside. See, we weren’t kidding when we said he was the perfect pet! All your friends will be jealous of your new found freedom and your purrfect pet!

    $59.99 Skeletons
  • Beagle Bonez 20" Skeleton Dog

    Beagle Bonez 20″ Skeleton Dog

    For one day each year, it’s considered all in good fun to dress up like ghosts, skeletons, angels, or zombies. So most people would probably agree that if there’s an appropriate time to bring a little levity to the constant struggle between life and death, it’s Halloween. If you don’t believe us, try wearing the same costume at Easter! Another fine way to show that you’ve been doing some thinking about this thing called life is through clever seasonal d√©cor. That makes this detailed 20″ Beagle Bonez prop just the thing for your front yard! Because even after his demise, the plastic pup’s pose retains some of his former enthusiasm, while his bony visage will make you feel like waxing poetic. Alas! Poor Beagle Bonez. I knew him, Horatio: a player of infinite fetch.It just goes to show what a wild, unpredictable journey we living creatures all undertake together. These bonez really put things in perspective!

    $34.99 Skeletons
  • Black Skeleton Cat Prop

    Black Skeleton Cat Prop

    The idea of having a feline friend frolicking around your apartment might seem nice, but taking care of one is a lot more work than you might expect. You have to feed it every day, you have to clean up after it, and you probably have to take it to the vet at some point. You also have to deal with it sitting on your keyboard exactly when you need to type something very import‚Äîtfucuspcatkiidng‚Äîerm, important.This Black Skeleton Cat Prop doesn’t need any of those things! He’s already dead (did you let him near your cauldron again?), so he doesn’t need any food, and even with his movable joints, he doesn’t make any messes. We admit that taking him to the vet for a check-up is a fun prank, like wearing a tux to a job interview, but we don’t recommend it.

    $19.99 Skeletons
  • Skeleton Bird in Cage

    Skeleton Bird in Cage

    Everyone is in need of a delightful pet to keep them company. Even the most social of folks have a need to return home, put their feet up to relax after a long day with friends and co-workers, and then feel the love and companionship of a simple-minded creature. Now, we understand that the care and maintenance of another living creature can sometimes be a pretty daunting task. You have to remember to feed them, to give them water, to take them out for some exercise, and cleaning up after their natural biological systems can also be a rather grotesque endeavor. Still, the rewards for fostering such a companion are well worth it!But, for those of you who still aren’t entirely sure, we have an option that will give you the happy ally without having to worry about all of the responsibility of handling a living critter. We, of course, solve that by giving you an undead one! This Skeleton Bird is the perfect such buddy. It comes with its own 18” cage and happily stands inside, looking at you through its cold, eyeless skull, pondering silently its love for you. Now, we haven’t gotten it to teaching it to quote “Nevermore” yet like another creepy unliving raven… but maybe that is for the best. Let’s begin with the standard haunted ally and see how that fits!

    $24.99 Skeletons
  • Skeleton Cat

    Skeleton Cat

    Meet Fluffy. At one point this little guy had nine lives and was actually quite fluffy. However, he sadly let his curiosity get the best of him. Not just once, but all nine times. Sure, there were a few times he wasn‚Äôt to blame as much as the amateur witches that he got assigned to assist. But even he would admit that it probably didn‚Äôt help how he always had to climb the tallest tree in town for a good place to nap.There are other lives that he lost that he‚Äôd rather not talk about‚Ķ we‚Äôre guessing that it has something to do with getting outsmarted by a field mouse or canary here and there but he won‚Äôt say. Nowadays he doesn’t get into much trouble since all that’s left of him is this skeleton, but he will still faithfully ward off any would-be intruders without hesitation.

    $29.99 Skeletons
  • Light Up Skull And Candle

    Light Up Skull And Candle

    You can always choose to light up your home using the same boring method you use day in and day out, with a light bulb and a flick of a switch, but why continue with this worn practice? Try out something new, like this Light Up Skull And Candle! It is sure to brighten up your home while adding a deathly aura to your home as well. That right there folks is what we like to call a twofer, oh and did we mention that the candle is actually a LED light? Because it is, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the melted wax off your table, so we could technically call this item a ‘threefer’! People might think that you’re a powerful lich, or an almighty necromancer, or maybe even something worse! So if your plain ole light bulbs have the same effect then, by all means, continue to use them. However if they fail to strike fear into anybody’s soul then you may want to think about redecorating for this upcoming Halloween, starting with a few of these Light Up Skull and Candle decorations.

    $19.99 Skeletons
  • Lab Specimen Skeleton Hand

    Lab Specimen Skeleton Hand

    Do you need more accessories for your haunted house? Well, nothing says spooky like having human bones framed and hanging on your wall, right? Turn a section of your home into a creepy trophy room or an evil laboratory when you start by decorating it with this Lab Specimen Skeleton Hand. Are you following in the footsteps of the late and great Dr. Victor Frankenstein or are you just a fan of hunting down the most dangerous game. Whether you’re reanimating the dead or hunting down the living, your guests will all be terrified when they see your collection of skeletal remains lying around your lair.Start with this bony hand hanging on your wall and take a look at the rest of our skeleton/body part props. Add replica limbs hanging from your ceiling on chains, a bundle of bones in one corner and a bag of more in another, and don’t forget to set up plenty of animal skeletons all around. Dogs, cats, birds, we got them all and they are all ready to send shivers down the spines of your friends and neighbors!

    $9.99 Skeletons
  • Ghoulish Garland

    Ghoulish Garland

    After a long day of setting up Halloween decorations, it’s perfectly okay to need a helping hand, here and there. Even little hands can be a huge help, especially if they are chipping in to make the atmosphere extra creepy. And after they’re done stringing up spider-filled webs and hanging eerie ghosts from the rafters, these helpful little hands can hang up themselves!Okay, maybe the spooky skeletal hands on this Ghoulish Garland don’t mystically spring to life to help you decorate your home (at least, as far as we know…). But, these plastic paws can still pitch in by adding some creepy, quirky decor to your party scene. And, at 8 ft long, this macabre garland can easily cover a lot of area on your banister, or drape across a window or mantle. Don’t give yourself a hand for your scary decorating skills; give yourself six hands!

    $2.99 Skeletons
  • 5.5" Skull

    5.5″ Skull

    Perfect for practicing your Hamlet soliloquy, this ancient-looking mummified skull decoration will be a welcome addition to your decor if you’re going for a feng shui somewhere between unsettling and terror-inducing. Your Halloween horror scene will be especially macabre and memorable with details like this spooky skull!Okay, so this centerpiece might not get you into Architectural Digest or Home Beautiful. More like Addams Family Quarterly or Haunted Mansion Monthly. It’s not just a base skull––it’s an extra-spooky gauze-covered skull, fit for a pharaoh. Its mouth is agape as if he or she perished mid-scream, mid-laugh, or mid-gasp of ecstasy. We can only hope we’re experiencing a peak of emotion like this lucky person was when we shuffle off our mortal coils. Find a special place in your household for this 5.5” Skull, and little Tommy and Tammy are guaranteed to sleep with the lights on well into adulthood.

    $6.99 Skeletons