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  • Bloody Zombie Intestines

    Bloody Zombie Intestines

    Once there was a zombie who was extremely hungry. He didn’t really understand that he was a zombie though, his friends just told him he was. That was a problem. So, he went around eating hamburgers and was confused why they always filled him up. He decided maybe trying raw meat would be better for his hunger for flesh. But, after contracting salmonella he decided to become a vegetarian. His friends then realized that he was not a zombie at all! So, he had to fake it. He bought the Bloody Zombie Intestines to drape around his neck so everyone though he was a real zombie. The 10 inch long intestines squishes like real guts, and has blood spatters and texturing to look real. Scare out your friends with a bloody accessory.

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  • Bleeding Zombie Bowl

    Bleeding Zombie Bowl

    They warned you that all those treats would rot your brain! If only you had listened. Well, at least you’ve got an awesome conversation starter for your coffee table. It’s great for all kinds of candy but we wouldn’t really recommend Smarties, they just don’t fit the images. This gruesome bowl has a bloody look with saggy skin and bone peeking out to the service.Zombify your treats with this Bleeding Zombie Bowl decoration! Use it to serve treats, or as a trick-or-treat pail. Hey, bring it out when your mother-in-law is coming over, she’s sure to be so impressed that she’ll never criticize your cooking again. Yes, it’s because she’s no longer sure what’s in those meatballs and refuses to come over but your taste is your own.  This gross guy will have all your guests thinking twice about partaking of your treats this Halloween. But hey, this nasty look is for the good of the people! 

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  • String of Bats

    String of Bats

    Have you ever felt or been told that you’re acting a bit batty? Well, before you go completely mental and lose your grip on reality, you need to grab a hold of some decorations that will help to make your home a reflection of yourself. After all, they say one’s home is supposed to be a reflection of one’s personality. So if you want to give someone an accurate peek this String of Bats is a great start! You’ll have over sixty inches of bat covered string to hang where ever you want. Got a bare belfry somewhere on your property? Perhaps a staircase leading down into a mysterious dungeon? Even just an ordinary everyday kind of entryway? All of these are prime examples of places to hang this ‘batastic’ d√©cor, really there are no limits. If you wanted to you could even add this to your costume. Planning on being a symbol of fear and justice or a blood-thirsty vampire? This String of Bats would complement your outfit nicely. So, decorate your home or yourself with this awesome string of bats and let all your friends know just how batty you can get!

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  • White Shadow Ghost Hanging Prop

    White Shadow Ghost Hanging Prop

    If you really want a bunch of good screams this Halloween, you’ll need to have the scariest decorations available. Forget about vampires and werewolves, they just don’t do the trick anymore. Nowadays it’s all about the paranormal! So add this White Shadow Ghost Hanging Prop to your haunted house setup. Hang him on your porch in the light for everyone to see or toss this ghastly ghoul in a tree and have him await unsuspecting trick or treaters in the dark!This prop even has adjustable arms, so you get to decide what pose you’d like your creepy new friend in. Have them placed wide open as if he was inviting all your visitors to join him the spirit world. You could also set him up to appear like he’s reaching out after souls to devour in order to make his own ghostly powers even stronger! How ever and where ever you set this haunting prop up, you’ll be sure to get some good screams with a face like his hanging around your home this year.

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  • Sonic Skull in Cage

    Sonic Skull in Cage

    Oh no! This poor guy has finally lost his head! Not in the figurative sense either… quite literally, unfortunately. Or it could be that his head was stolen off of his freshly reanimated body and placed inside of this medieval looking cage. Either way, it is just terrible. Heads up! There may be a headless skeleton body out there running around, so be careful! For the time being, while no one seems to be claiming this bonehead, why not hang this Sonic Skull in a Cage decoration on a porch? This guy may have lost his entire body but one thing that has not been lost yet is his talkative nature. So he’ll draw a crowd in with his baby blue eyes (yes, eyes are actually blue rather than red, as pictured) and once he has their attention he can offer a few good scares, once he surprisingly opens his mouth and recites one of his favorite phrases.

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  • Groundbreaker Pair

    Groundbreaker Pair

    Zombies are bloodthirsty creatures with one thing on their minds‚Ķthe living! If you think this pair of hands is in the air, waving like they just don‚Äôt care, think again. So, when the zombie apocalypse starts, you can never be too careful. Don‚Äôt forget to stay on guard, because, well, frankly, you smell positively irresistible to a certain group of people, ahem. Once the undead find their way out, you‚Äôd better have a plan in mind, or face becoming a zombie feast. You can almost hear them moaning now.Here‚Äôs Plan A: When a chill is in the air, and trick-or-treaters are seeking out their next sugar fix‚Äîlike zombies to blood‚Äîput these creepy hands in your yard. You‚Äôll have the whole neighborhood wondering what will come crawling out of the grave‚Ķor, what else might be lurking in your yard. This Groundbreaker Pair will have the “candy munchers” scrambling to your front door to avert the zombie‚Äôs advances. Who knows what‚Äôs attached to the arms below? Only you, and yes, your secret is safe with us. And as for Plan B: We recommend sharpening up your survival skills, just in case.

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  • Hanging Bloody Arm

    Hanging Bloody Arm

    When you see a bloody arm hanging in a haunted house, do you ever wonder, “Who did that arm once belong to? Do they miss it?” Then you remember that you’re supposed to be scared and start to play along with the whole screaming thing. Still, who did that arm belong to? Maybe it was a farm accident victim. But with the intense-looking manacle and chain we all think the owner might have had a darker past. That’s a sad story we don’t want to know the details of but at least the arm got a second life in a haunted house. There’s always a positive in there somewhere!Bring back the fear to your Halloween look this year with this gnarly decoration. It’s fourteen inches long and is attached to a spooky chain with a dark finish. It’s easy to hang on your porch to give your trick-or-treaters an extra scare. See, we’re always here to give you a hand with your Halloween decor!

    $9.99 Props
  • Deluxe Rat In Trap w/Motion

    Deluxe Rat In Trap w/Motion

    Nobody likes finding out they have rodents in their home, especially if you’re planning on having people over. They get into your food and dig through the trash (sometimes at the same time), and they love darting out at just the right moment to make your guests squeal and jump up on the table! If you’re hoping to have more parties in the future, then having rats is definitely not the way to accomplish that.Unless, of course, you’re throwing a creepy haunted house themed party, and you want to gross out your guests. In that case, this Deluxe Rat In Trap /w Motion prop will give everyone the creepy crawlies! This poor rat’s luck has run out, and has gotten its head caught in a wooden trap. Luckily, it’s just made of molded vinyl, but its battery powered motor makes it realistically wiggle around when someone makes noise. This creepy little critter will be quite a startling surprise for any guests who stumble upon it!

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  • 5 Ft Rotten Zombie Hanging Prop

    5 Ft Rotten Zombie Hanging Prop

    It’s not easy, being a zombie. They can’t move very quickly, it’s hard for them to strike up conversations, and there’s never anything on the menu that they can eat when they go out for dinner. Not to mention the constant decomposition, which not only makes them smell terrible, it also makes wardrobe planning a nightmare! Do they want to risk wearing shorts today if their calf muscles might fall off? Is wearing a hat more important for keeping the sun out of their eyes, or the crows away from their exposed brain? It’s a fashion apocalypse!This 5 Ft Rotten Zombie Hanging Prop is on to something, though. He’s got all the scary signs of a decaying ghoul, like a blank, hungry stare, and thin, pasty looking flesh. But, this particular zombie is wearing a breezy hooded cloak, which not only covers up any unpredictable side effects of post-death activity, it also flutters creepily in the wind! You can hang this spooky Halloween prop anywhere around your home that needs a frightening (but strangely innovative) zombie touch!

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  • Headless Zombie

    Headless Zombie

    For the busy, modern family that just doesn’t have time to decapitate zombies every night, is proud to offer the Self-Decapitating Zombie: the latest in undead amputation automation technology.Don’t lose your head decorating for Halloween this year –– just add this Self-Decapitating Zombie to your decor, and let it do the rest! If you’re in charge of decorating for little Johnny’s classroom Halloween party, you might want to think twice before putting this in your shopping cart: it just might scare the bejeebers (our Scare-ologists assure us that’s the technical term) out of the K-6 crowd. If your job is to entertain and/or horrify tweens, teens or adults, however, this life-sized prop is sure to a be a delightfully gruesome hit. It will have the mild-mannered screaming and knocking their knees in fear.This electronic zombie decoration is life-sized and made out of heavy plastic. Why is this zombie offering his head to passersby? Well, when you’ve been buried from the chest down, you try getting your mouth closer to those delicious brains. The shoulders and chest of the zombie rest on the ground on a soft platform with the moving arms attached to the decapitated head––we’re not clear on whether this decoration depicts the victim of an execution or terrible superglue accident, but if you happen to glue your hands to the sides of your head, we recommend you pull outwards rather than straight up. On second thought, just go to urgent care. Don’t follow our advice. The shirt is torn and splattered in fake red blood.

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  • Brown Bat Prop

    Brown Bat Prop

    Drive your party guests batty when their eyes stumble upon this little guy hanging just out of reach, or propped in a dark corner. Bats have gotten a pretty bad rep over the years, what with the rabies and association with their fellow blood suckers, vampires, it is not hard to see why we are trained to be scared. However, when bats are curled up sleeping, they are actually very cute. If you squint your left eye, stand on 9 toes, and spin around three times, they look like little fuzzy Hershey kisses! Now, when they are flying from cave to cave, that’s a whole different story. They look downright scary! Freak out your guests by hanging this Brown Bat Prop on your porch or from your chandelier. This bat would love to watch over you while you eat, or perhaps eat itself‚Ķ

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  • Bag Of Rats

    Bag Of Rats

    We talk about how we’re a Halloween company a lot. Sure it’s our favorite holiday by far, but we love basically any reason to celebrate! Birthdays are an excellent example of that. We love to have a great time anytime someone’s birthday rolls around in the office or warehouse, because we know we love it when people celebrate our own. When it comes to presents we also know there’s nothing else we’d rather have than a giant bag of red-eyed, wriggling, pink-tailed rats! Alright, so that was a horrendous example of how well we diversify. We’re pretty sure most of your friends and family will not want to open a present to find nine rubber tails squirming around right in front of their faces! Maybe we should just leave this one to the Halloween festivities, and recommend you hanging one of these up right inside your door. This way, it will swing out at people who walk in and give them a good scare! Again this is definitely a prank for Halloween.

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  • String of Nerve Garland

    String of Nerve Garland

    If you want an extra creepy haunted house this Halloween then the best way to accomplish that is by having plenty of gory decorations! Grab fake body parts and severed limbs to place on your coffee table and kitchen counter tops. Get your hands on a skeleton or a handful of bones and skulls to set up around your spooky fireplace. Fill a couple of jars with fake guts and organs to place on some super dusty shelves in your living room or kitchen.Then to make your home truly blood-curling hang this String of Nerve Garland in your entry way or foyer. This gruesome decoration will make your guests’ spins tingle! Now just throw on a blood-spattered surgeon costume and ask your friends if anyone is down for a fun game of operation. You’ll have the best house of horrors in the neighborhood this year when you complete it with this nervous system garland!

    $16.99 Props
  • 15 Inch Bat Prop

    15 Inch Bat Prop

    Bats‚Ķthey‚Äôre ubiquitous creatures at every spooky house. Who knows why they have a thing for old mansions. Maybe there are lots of dark nooks and crannies to hang upside down. Fast forward to your next Halloween party, and imagine hanging this 15 Inch Bat Prop in an inconspicuous location and waiting for your guests to scream in terror. Yes, this bat is the perfect prank item! May we suggest that you name him and adopt him as a pet? This black plastic bat has green eyes and floppy wings, which we think makes him truly adorable. It can be hung using the elastic band that is attached to the top of the wings of the bat or by five suction cups on the underside. Great for scaring even the bravest of your friends! We understand these bats are fiercely loyal to their families, and spend many years of service scaring the bejeebers out of unsuspecting friends. Treat it well and he won‚Äôt fly away to the nearest mansion…just keep him happy by placing him in a dark box when not in use.

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  • Gargoyle with Eyes

    Gargoyle with Eyes

    Whenever you see a gargoyle, you may feel a little uneasy, like this grotesque, stone creature is watching you. You may take a bit of comfort in hearing that they are there to scare away evil spirits, but it must also freak out the good spirits that are just passing by and run into a menacing gargoyle looming over them! Actually, that might come in handy if you just wanted to keep everybody away from a certain place. When you are needing to scare off some evil spirits, or just keep the neighbor kids out of your tool shed, perch a Gargoyle with Eyes nearby, and watch everyone immediately start keeping their distance! We know what you’re thinking. “How can a half foot tall stone-looking monster possibly be so effective!?!” The secret is in its eyes, which eerily look like real eyeballs. And they see everything. They may even be keeping an eye on you, right now as you’re reading this…

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