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  • Bag of Mice

    Bag of Mice

    Radiant RodentsMice are pretty cute if you think about it. There’s something intelligent in their beady little eyes. Something in their uplifted whiskers that hint that they might know something we don’t know. That cuteness might be there but it doesn’t apply when there is a horde of mice gathering around your feet. That’s not cute. That’s just horrible. Whether you find rodents of all sorts charming or you’re horrified by any uninvited visitor that might skitter across your floor, you’re sure to have fun with the “gross” factor of this sack of mice!Product DetailsThis bag features gray mice that are about three-inches-long. They’re far from the charming field mouse with far rubber fur and pale tails making them perfect for Halloween displays as well as practical jokes. There’s nothing like setting out a macabre candlelight feast with mice scattered about as unnerving centerpieces!Maintaining that Eek! FactorHorrifying visitors isn’t only about the supernatural, you’ve got to mix in some nature-oriented fear into your decor for the ghoul skeptics out there. That’s why your spider-webbed corners and mouse scattered tabletops are so important, it’s a spook factor that anyone can shriek at. So go ahead and embrace a grimy look, that time of year is coming up again!

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  • 5 Foot Collapsible Wood Grain Look Coffin

    5 Foot Collapsible Wood Grain Look Coffin

    There Goes the NeighborhoodWow! Your house has really been through a lot since October first. We thought you might have a spider problem a few weeks back when webs began to appear throughout your bushes and front porch. Then there were the bats that seemed to be beating at your windows at all hours of the day. Then we thought the pumpkins were a way to bring some color to your decor. Then we saw there were scary faces carved into each one! We thought the final straw would be the freshly dug graves complete with gravestones all over your lawn. Now, that record has been topped with this creepy wooden coffin. Is there someone in it? There’s only one way to find out. and honestly? We probably don’t have the guts to open the lid. This just better be as far as you go. . . wait! Why are all these scary little ghouls and goblins wandering the streets? We’d better put our house up for sale before this neighborhood gets any worse. Product DetailsUnlike a real coffin, this coffin is lightweight and collapses when you’re ready to store it. The pattern makes it look like its been in a terrible tomb for a hundred years with subtle shades of brown and gold. Just in case people think this is just an intricate box, they’ll be set right with the infamous RIP on the lid. At five feet long this coffin will take your yard from snoozy to spooky in no time!Dead on DecorSo, whether you decide to hide in this coffin and scare passers-by or you simply let it help your house look like one of Dracula’s cast offs. It pairs awesomely with our variety of skeletons and spider webs. Take it as far as you want just know that as long as this coffin is around, your decor is sure to be dead on!

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  • Heart Gelatin Mold

    Heart Gelatin Mold

    House of Tasty HorrorsHere, put your hand in this bowl of eyeballs. Now prepare yourself to immerse your fingers into a bucket of guts. Did you ever participate in that Halloween classic game where fun parents would peel grapes and boil noodles to make kids squeal with delighted disgust as they explore the slimy textures of a mad scientist’s lab? It’s an oldie but a goodie, sure to cause all sorts of giggles and screams. Want to recapture that atmosphere? Whether you’re hosting a group of your friends in their thirties or you have ten nine-years olds coming over, you have the opportunity to take that edible awful activity one step further with this heart-shaped gelatin mold.Product DetailsWith voluptuous veins and appetizing aortas, your gelatin mold will be the heart of any Halloween buffet this year! This mold has a fourteen-ounce capacity so you can fit plenty of flavor and color into your appalling appetizer. Vein of OpportunityUse of this mold doesn’t have to be sequestered to everyone’s favorite spooky holiday. Get creative. Throw it together to congratulate your kid on getting an A in anatomy. Send a gelatin heart over to your special someone for Valentine’s Day. Experiment with color and ingredients to your heart’s content. When it comes to themes, this heart never misses a beat!

    $6.99 Props
  • Ground Reaper

    Ground Reaper

    The Grim Reaper is a busy guy. But then again, so are you!He can‚Äôt make it to every party this year, and you can‚Äôt spend all your time trying to come up with a guest list that will terrify all who attend. Sounds like you both could benefit from this Ground Reaper decoration, so that whole ‚Äúbrush with death‚Äù effect can be a bit more predictable for your Halloween party. Add a dramatic touch of the macabre to your shindig with the haunting style of this decoration, sure to scare the pants off of any unsuspecting victim! The molded fiberglass figure has a ghastly realistic look–so you won‚Äôt even miss ole‚Äô Grim should he not show up–and it‚Äôs holding a lantern for added eerie effect. Use this yard statue to complete your haunted house this year, because a busy guy like you has better ways to spend his time than obsession over an RSVP from Death.

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  • Crawling Zombie

    Crawling Zombie

    Product DetailsYou might think that the best part about this crawling zombie decoration is his ghoulish looking skin. Or the bloody spatters on his cheesecloth clothing. You might even think that the gory looking gashes on his face are pretty great. You may even think his severed legs are a nice touch. But do you know what the actual best part of this crawling zombie prop is? It’s the backstory you’re going to give him when he shows up on your doorstep. We made up a backstory for ours…Jim the ZombieMeet Jim. He was once a successful paper salesman at a mid-level paper wholesaler. He spent his days pining after the love of his life while crafting crude pranks to play on his fellow office workers. Why, this one time he put office supplies inside of a gelatin dessert and it was quite the knee-slapper. Then, during a sales trip, a fiendish zombie jumped out at him, biting him in the arm. Soon after, he could feel himself turning into one of the undead. Now, he crawls the Earth looking to feed on his former co-workers!Prepare for HalloweenOkay, so maybe our backstory isn’t completely original, but maybe you can come up with a better one when you set this crawling zombie up in your home this Halloween!

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  • Remote Controlled Rat Prop

    Remote Controlled Rat Prop

    Rats Are Scary?Listen, we think rats are cute. They have that fluffy fur and those adorable little whiskers. Their nose twitches around when they’re sniffed for food. We’ve even seen pictures of rats holding tiny music instruments on the interwebs. It sort of baffles us how some could find the little creatures frightening and repulsive, but that appears to be the bleak truth about our tiny furry friends. Speaking of people who have an aversion to rats…Isn’t it about time for a good prank? Perhaps on a family member who has a strong aversion to rats? Well, that’s something we can help with, even if we don’t find this particular product all that scary.Product DetailsThis remote controlled rat prop helps you make the prank of a lifetime. It comes with a small toy rat that measures about 8 inches long. It has a set of small wheels on the bottom and a remote control that lets you drive the toy rat around on the floor.PranksJust place this little guy on the floor and use the remote to drive him past family and friends who are afraid of rats for the best results! (Note: this prank will not work on those who find rats adorable.)

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  • Animated Flying Bat Decoration

    Animated Flying Bat Decoration

    Going Batty!The night falls fast in idyllic small town. The leaves rustle as you hurry home, eager to get out of the chilly wind. You hug the leash tighter, you’re only two blocks from home. You trot past white picket fences, looking longingly at the warm light coming through their sheer curtains. You can smell the scent of someone’s rich roast drifting out of a cozy home somewhere close. Suddenly, you see something in the night sky. Wait, no, that’s many things in the night sky. They swoop with glowing eyes, coming closer and closer. You start to run as they swoop over your head, you know what they want and there’s no way they’re going to get it. You’re only a couple doors down from your home as you sprint to the door, keys in hand. You wrench open the door, bats temporarily scared off by your porch light. As you slam it closed you can hear their leathery wings beating outside. That’s the last time you take your pet flies out for a walk at night! Product DetailsThis bat is the perfect detail for your Halloween decor this year. With light-up eyes and flapping wings, a couple of these creepy beasts will add an element of spooky excitement to a porch or tree, getting the neighborhood in the spirit of the season and enticing thrill seeking trick-or-treaters to your threshold. The bat includes a string that attaches to a mount so all you’ll need are two AA batteries to start up the spooky magic!Winging ItThis Halloween, this simple animatronic is sure to get you into the Halloween spirit. Kids will hoot and holler on their way home from school when they see this little bat flapping. What an upgrade from the run of the mill pumpkins and tired trick-or-treat signs. It makes sense to go a little batty, after all, Tis the season!

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  • Shaking Ghost Decor

    Shaking Ghost Decor

    The Boogie ManDo you feel like you’ve hit a dead end when it comes to seasonal decorations? Well, actually, that’s a pretty good place to be during the Halloween season. When it comes to having fun with holiday decorations, Halloween is where it’s at. You’re not limited to colorful lights and demur pine wreaths, in fact, the sky is the limit. People can set up skeletons, giant spiders, and gloomy little bats. You can use lights, texture, and even sound effects to send joyful shivers of fear through the spines of young and old alike. There’s nothing like seasonal fall decor to make those imaginative juices flowing and inspire everyone to head home for a cup of hot cider and a good ol’ ghost story. So, this year, embrace this season with this happy, groovy ghost to make your yard both spooky and light-hearted. It turns out, this little fella’s type of haunting is quite a lot of fun!Product DetailsThis little bogey has a great sense of beat. It shakes and makes spooky sounds with the help of two AA batteries and has an on and off switch so you can start the haunting at your will. The drapery is twenty inches tall so that it will stand out dramatically in your Halloween decor. So, whether you hang this ghost on a porch, a tree, or even under a smokey, spooky light, people will see your autumn spirit from far away!Ghost TownIt’s time to reimagine what a true ghost town really is. They don’t have to be sad, abandoned villages, they can be colorful and whimsical places. Your yard can dance and sing with these dancing ghosts this Halloween to spread the ghoulish love! It’s about time that your town moves on from lonely spider webs and pumpkins to give this season a more spirited feel. Who knew it was such a blast to make your little yard a ghost town!

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  • Wing Flapping Bat

    Wing Flapping Bat

    While there is no official animal of Halloween, we would like to cast our vote for the vampire bat, although, the black cat did run a formidable campaign! Bats are a staple of any Halloween decoration box, but they are normally all black and nonthreatening silhouettes of the real thing. This Wing Flying Bat decoration, however, is the real deal. It tosses what we thought we knew about Halloween bats out the window! After we saw this decoration we jumped on – insert preferred search engine here – to find out a little bit more about bats, only to discover that bat colonies can reach numbers in the millions, yikes! This Wing Flying Bat decoration has eyes that glow blood red, piercing anything its gaze falls upon. With light grey fur, white fangs, and whopping wingspan of 50 inches, this bat is sure to impress. His most compelling feature, however, is how his giant wings really move and it makes bat noises! Keep this decoration in a corner for a subtle spook, but for the ultimate of spooks, we have an idea… First, you need to hang this bat right above the light switch in a dark room – we recommend coatroom or bathroom for guaranteed results. Second, you host a Halloween party, of course. Third, have an unsuspecting guest go looking for the light switch. Fourth, make a bag of popcorn and wait for the show. Fifth, laugh your pants off as your guest goes batty!

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  • Vulture with Head Down Prop

    Vulture with Head Down Prop

    Vultures are nature’s clean up crew. They love to snag a quick snack at any corpse. It must be something about the dead and rotting organs that gives it an extra zest. Maybe it’s just easier on the digestive system when the carcass has already been broken down a bit. (Man, this is getting gross. sorry). Either way we have an aviary full of some great vultures who have a very unique taste in flesh. They love to eat zombies! Sure they’re a little harder to catch but they still move pretty slow and don’t seem to mind. Whatever rotting flesh they eat the zombie will just grow back by eating some extra brains. Smart birds, right? Grab one of your own Vulture with Head Down Prop and give your friends the heebie jeebies by putting it high above them to look down like they’re its next meal! Grab a few of them and set up a nice little flock at your next Halloween party! Just be sure to keep them well fed. We once forgot to feed them and a couple of our night shift employees disappeared!

    $12.99 Props
  • Zombie Asylum

    Zombie Asylum

    Date night is going pretty well so far. You know you’re looking sharp with your red leather jacket and matching red jeans. You scored bonus points by taking your date to a fancy restaurant for dinner, and you cuddled during a scary movie. Now you’re walking her home, and she’s letting you hold her hand. But you feel like something’s missing—something that could take your date night from “sweet” to “unforgettable.”That’s when inspiration hits you: The best way to make the night unforgettable is to scare her silly.So you start singing about ghouls and breaking out your best zombie dance moves, which definitely gets her attention. You wish you could find a group of shuffling backup dancers, or even a smooth-voiced narrator to throw in his two cents, but you’re going to have to go with the next best thing: your Zombie Asylum Window Cling. The two 3’ by 5’ posters are covered with leering zombies, drawn so realistically it looks like they’re about to smash through the glass any second. You might not be able to afford special effects like some 1980s music video, but your date will definitely freak out when she walks into your house and sees all those undead eyes staring at her from the windows. If that doesn’t make this date unforgettable, you don’t know what will.

    $12.99 Props
  • Light-Up Zombie Hand

    Light-Up Zombie Hand

    The zombies are coming! They’re digging their way out of their graves, and this Light-up Zombie Hand is leading the way! The white plastic hand is life-size and very detailed. It stands 12″ high from a 3″ base, and can be used either indoors or outdoors as long as it is kept away from open flames. When turned on, two LEDs flash back and forth from red to blue. The hand requires three 1.5V LR41 batteries, which are included. However, we recommend purchasing extras to have on hand. Instructions for changing the batteries are on the package. Have fun when you add this to your graveyard-theme decor.

    $8.99 Props
  • Fun World Pint of Blood

    Fun World Pint of Blood

    We went above and beyond to provide this vampire blood for you! We broke into a well-known vampire lair (ahem, Dracula, ahem) and robbed him of his blood that he hoards. You can thank us later! This blood looks and flows like real blood! So whether you are in a theatrical production in need of some of the gooey red stuff or you want to amp up your Halloween costume, this is just what you need!This fake blood is a 16 fluid ounce bottle that makes for easy dispensing and application. You can use this blood with a sponge for a realistic zombie or wound look or you can simply pour from the bottle onto a costume or appendage for a look that’s just oozing.We know that costumes are all about the details. It’s what sets a good costume apart from a great one and it’s what makes it authentic and realistic. Maybe you want to add a little gore to your look, or maybe you just need to give your vampire costume it’s final touch, this liquid fake blood is the perfect Halloween accessory.

    $7.99 Props
  • Hooked Head Prop

    Hooked Head Prop

    When did it get to this point? It used to be all jack-o’-lanterns and bedsheet ghosties. What would Granny think? Granny who used to make your Halloween costumes?Well, GET GRANNY OUTTA HERE! This is EXTREME HALLOWEEN! You’ll have them so scared they’re running all the way to Thanksgiving! They’ll scream so hard they’ll puke up candy corn! You’ll have people fainting left and right and children running in terror! From Leatherface’s table to yours comes your next Halloween centerpiece. Perfect for hanging over your doorway to welcome strangers into your home, dragging behind you as you mutter to yourself and wipe the blood off your free hand onto your apron, or plopping down on the snack table to really announce your presence at the fall mixer, our Hooked Head Prop just screams, “I love Halloween!” Well, he was screaming something. Hard to understand with the hook in his mouth.Note: Please remember to take it down before Thanksgiving. Granny might have a heart attack.

    $29.99 Props
  • 10" Raven Prop

    10″ Raven Prop

    Have you ever seen Hitchcock’s classic horror movie, The Birds? Have you ever ready any of Edger Allen Poe’s piece about Nevermore, the raven? Have you ever been attacked by a murder of crows? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we’re sure this 10″ Raven Prop may act as a trigger for any feelings of fear or sorrow that you’ve tried to bury within the depths of your soul. Well, we apologize for that but go talk to your shrink quick and get that all sorted out, then add this 10 Inch Raven decoration to your home this Halloween! If it scared the jeepers out of you, it will surely have a similar affect on the guests at your next costume party! You can place it in the study at your desk beside a copy of Poe’s famous poem or just have it sitting on your porch to freak out the trick or treaters! They won’t know whether this raven is a simple decoration or a sign of the coming apocalypse.

    $7.99 Props
  • Rat Peek a Boo Window Treatment

    Rat Peek a Boo Window Treatment

    Who said rats had to be super scary? Sometimes they just hide away out of politeness so they won’t scare you too much. If you give them a chance though they’d love to be your friend. Just be sure to feed them plenty of cheese and they will be loyal to you for the rest of their lives. Just be careful because they can grow pretty big! This fun Rat Peek a Boo Window Treatment is a cute way to greet passersby! Show off how friendly rats really can be (and not at all scary!) Just hang the face and paws from the suction cup hook hangers on any window, and guests will see him peeking over the sill. For best results, make sure the window is very clean. Dirty windows can prevent the suction cup from sticking to the glass so it might be best to put it up right after cleaning it!

    $9.99 Props
  • Ghostly Group Set of Three

    Ghostly Group Set of Three

    Your yard can be the scene of the haunting with this ghostly group set. This lawn decoration set includes 3 lawn ghosts with easy-to-assemble stakes for quick set-up. The ghost is composed of a foam head, with a white cloth attached over the top of the head. A black ghost face is printed on the front. Just plant them in your yard and watch the terror unfold!

    $29.99 Props
  • Hanging Ghost Prop

    Hanging Ghost Prop

    In the long search for the ultimate scary Halloween decoration, we found out that good old fashioned ghosts hanging around are pretty tough to beat! But if you have too many spooky specters fluttering about in your yard, it starts looking less like a poltergeist party, and more like your laundry has been blown off the clothes line and scattered everywhere…When you’re setting up one of these Hanging Ghost Props, though, there won’t be any mistaking this creepy spirit for a tattered bed sheet! That’s how it may look at first, but then you’ll notice the outstretched arms, which you can adjust into fearsome poses, and its sculpted foam face, locked in a terrifying expression! Is it letting out a tortured bellow, or wanting to devour your soul?? Maybe it saw another ghost. They are so scary, they even spook each other out!

    $39.99 Props
  • Small Ghostly Group -19 Inches

    Small Ghostly Group -19 Inches

    On All Hallows’ Eve, when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest, ghosts come out, sometimes in small groups. While the bigger ghosts get up to more serious hauntings, these spooky spirits float around, getting up to mischievous acts and scaring trick-or-treaters. But once Halloween is over, these little specters fly off back to the land of the dead, ready to escape once more next year. Light up your for Halloween with this delightfully spooky trio.What’s the right word for a group of ghosts anyway? A pack? A congress? A coven? A gaggle? A murder? A fright? A haunt? We didn’t know, so we just called this Small Ghostly Group, but if you get the chance to ask any ghosts, let us know what you hear back. Three’s company! All the best things come in threes, and small ghosts are no different.

    $14.99 Props
  • 6 pc. Bag of Body Parts

    6 pc. Bag of Body Parts

    Always fantasized about playing doctor but didn’t have the chops to tough out medical school? With this bag you’re halfway there already! Medical know-how: the leg bone’s connected to the… wait, they’re all separate? I think they’re dead!Do you have that person who’s hard to buy for at Christmas? Or that person who you just don’t know how to tell that they’re not a very good gift giver? Well, our six-piece bag of body parts is the perfect solution! Make your Walking Dead extra audition that much more realistic! Plaster them into the floorboards and walls to see if they fit for when you really need that emergency storage space! A bottle of ketchup and you’ve got yourself a party. Use to enhance any existing collection of loose body parts! Just for fun, hide one in Timmy’s backpack to delight his kindergarten classmates! Do you use public transportation? How funny will it be when one of these tumbles out of your bag on the subway? “Oh, sorry, just let me get that…”

    $24.99 Props
  • Hanging Rotating Ghost

    Hanging Rotating Ghost

    Throwing a Halloween party for your friends is always a spooky fun time, especially when they see all the decorations you’ve set up to give them chills! Their skin will crawl once they run into the fake bats and spiderwebs you’ve set up, and the slimy rubber zombie parts you’ve scattered around will make their stomachs churn. And when they first lay eyes on the authentic ghost you’ve hired to haunt your party, they’ll jump right out of their costumes!Wait, you remembered to hire the ghost, right? Awww man, that was going to be so scary! Luckily you don’t have to worry too much, since you can still set up this Hanging Rotating Ghost decoration to add a bit of paranormal flair to your festivities. You can adjust the arms into ghastly poses, and its fluttering spectral body flashes and spins eerily, and makes haunting sound effects! This decoration isn’t quite as creepy as a real ghost, but it doesn’t charge you by the hour, and it won’t get ectoplasm all over your house!

    $63.99 Props
  • 11" Skeleton Rat

    11″ Skeleton Rat

    Mr. Cheesers lived a good life. He was a gentle rodent, had a booming family of 87 kids and enjoyed nibbling on garbage. It’s a tragedy, really, that he couldn’t be with the world of living any longer. The bell tolls for every rat someday! You can honor his life by scaring local children with this Skeleton Rat decoration, which is a recreation of his bones! Take it a step further by surrounding him with a fine, moldy gorgonzola, cardboard boxes that are perfect for chewing, and some couch stuffing. To some, it might look like a pile of trash to you and Mr. Cheesers it’s an altar. Mr. Cheesers would have loved seeing the look of horror on their faces. The replica of his body is eleven inches tall, eighteen inches if you count his tail and nose. The jaw even opens and closes for an animated look. He’s even got big old ears. He looks like he’s about to launch. . . who knows, if you give him enough attention he just might come back to life!

    $16.99 Props
  • Skeleton Bat Prop

    Skeleton Bat Prop

    There are over 950 different known species of bats in the world and scientists estimate that the total number including ones undiscovered is closer to 1200! One little known fact is that we actually have a very rare species of bat that likes to hang out around all of our Halloween stuff. We call him Frederick but our mad scientists have named him the Skeleton Bat. Don’t let his lack of skin fool you; this bat means business. He’s skilled when it comes to swooping and his screeches are deafening, so we guess you could say he’s battier than any other species out there. He usually only comes out with all his friends during Halloween. They love to crash parties though, and they’re positive they could make yours this season so much fun! They’re only half a foot tall and just under a foot wide at the wingspan, so they’ll fit just about anywhere, whether that means hanging them from a ceiling or propping them up on a shelf.

    $6.99 Props
  • Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes

    Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes

    Are you looking to add that last terrifying touch to your spooky Halloween yard? Are you trying to keep the neighborhood kids from messing around on your prized pansies, or are you trying to guard the yard of the abandoned house at the end of the street? Are you a graveyard manager with the world’s most tasteless sense of humor?If you answered yes to any of these questions, then oh boy, are you in luck! These Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes are the perfect way to frighten up your lawn (or anyone else’s, for that matter). They make it look just like the undead are making their way back to the world of the living to consume some brains, “red meat,” or maybe just some of the really great TV shows that have been airing over the last few years.In any case, enjoy the frights and fun these lawn stakes will provide for your trick-or-treaters or your year-round visitors. It’s totally up to you.

    $9.99 Props