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  • Posable Lazy Bones Pumpkin Prop with Hammock

    Posable Lazy Bones Pumpkin Prop with Hammock

    Posable Lazy Bones Pumpkin Prop with Hammock

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  • Styrofoam Rat

    Styrofoam Rat

    Styrofoam Rat

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  • Animated Zombie Cat Prop

    Animated Zombie Cat Prop

    Animated Zombie Cat Prop

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  • Scary Foam Skull

    Scary Foam Skull

    Scary Foam Skull

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  • Large Hanging Bat

    Large Hanging Bat

    Large Hanging Bat

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  • Scary Creatures Halloween Party Favors (More Styles)

    Scary Creatures Halloween Party Favors (More Styles)

    Scary Creatures Halloween Party Favors (More Styles)

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  • Grey Zombie Hanging Prop

    Grey Zombie Hanging Prop

    Grey Zombie Hanging Prop

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  • Spider Mobile

    Spider Mobile

    Spider Mobile

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  • American Horror-1/2  Burn Face

    American Horror-1/2 Burn Face

    American Horror-1/2 Burn Face Includes mask. This is an officially licensed American Horror Story costume.

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  • Stretchy Mice

    Stretchy Mice

    Stretchy Mice

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  • Magical Crystal Ball

    Magical Crystal Ball

    Magical Crystal Ball (Assortment)Includes: One Magical Crystal Ball. *Living Crystal Ball Illusions, PlexiGlass, Big Scream Volume III: Living Crystal Ball DVD, TV and Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately. This Magical Crystal Ball is designed for us

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  • Break Apart Shovel

    Break Apart Shovel

    Looking to turn a new leaf? Why not just digging up the whole tree! Or there’s always the graveyard right next door. We’re sure they’ve gotten some interesting stuff buried there. If you don’t feel like seeing how well bodies decay then you can always bury a nice and fresh one to dig up a little bit later! Just remember to clean off the blood. OR you could leave it there to let everyone know that you’re not to be messed with! We decided to go with some exceptionally gruesome suggestions to go along with this gorey shovel. It’s fantastic to pair with a zombie costume who decided to be smart and bury himself with a shovel. (Makes it a little easier to come back from the dead.) Just to let you know we don’t condone burying anything without a proper license. Corpses in your backyard can really mess with your neighbors’ lawns.

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  • Head in a Jar

    Head in a Jar

    Look, how this head got in that jar is not important. You‚Äôre into your own stuff, and we respect that about you. Some people are into scrapbooking, others are into butterfly collecting, and you just happen to be into killing zombies and saving their heads in jars as trophies. You gotta be free to be who you are! We get it!But we‚Äôre gonna say this, and we‚Äôre only going to say it once – that Head in a Jar better be off the kitchen table in five seconds, or we‚Äôre gonna straight up lose it. We spent all day slaving over a hot stove to cook you a romantic meal, and then you just come in here and ruin our appetites with that decapitated head and its bulging eyes. You‚Äôve been staring at that exposed brain and tongue so much that you haven‚Äôt even noticed that we got all dressed up and made it nice! So unless you wanna go to bed with that thing – and we‚Äôre gonna be honest, if that‚Äôs true, then you‚Äôve got major problems and we need to sit down and have a real serious talk – then you better add it to the mantle with the other ones and then get back here and give us the attention we deserve, or it’s back outside to sleep with those zombies all night for ya!

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  • Crawling Monster Hand

    Crawling Monster Hand

    Honey. It happened again. Frankie left his hand behind.Even monsters made by the top mad scientists fall apart every once and awhile. And if your favorite reanimated monster happened to leave his hand behind at your house, well, the question we have is do you think he would mind if you borrowed it for the rest of the Halloween party?Save yourself the awkwardness of THAT situation, and just get this crawling Monster hand. It’s creepy and it’s kooky and it most definitely is spooky! All your guests will be clamoring to find out… is it REALLY alive? (You don’t have to tell them!) Set this prop up to complete your Halloween scene or use it to make all your friends screech when they find a creepy hand crawling out from under the bed. Whether you’re putting together Dr. Frankenstein’s evil laboratory or even if you’re turning your home into Addams Family house, this detailed moving hand will be the perfect addition to your scene!

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  • Groundbreaker Zombie Prop

    Groundbreaker Zombie Prop

    Looks like the dead are just not wanting to stay dead in the ground! This electronic zombie decoration has light up eyes and turns its head while it moans and plays creepy music. There is an on and off switch underneath neck area where there is also a metal stand to allow the zombie to appear to be coming out of the ground. The arms of the zombie are bendable so you can put them in any position you’d like. The zombie does have white hair that is hard to see to see in the picture. This is the perfect addition to your haunted house graveyard!

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  • Animated Slashing Bat

    Animated Slashing Bat

    Can you think of anything you would enjoy more this Halloween season than watching the people of the neighborhood being spooked by a creepy animated slashing bat? Yeah, we didn’t think so, luckily we’ve got exactly that! Hang one or ten of our Animated Slashing Bats from your porch, ceiling or even the trees in your yard to give your visitors a scare they will never see coming! When someone walks close to this creepy creature his eyes will light up and he makes the most horrible noises. With huge fangs and moving arms it is sure to stop a few in their tracks. Just be sure to warn your friends who are afraid of bats about your newest decoration, or don’t because what would be the fun in that! Not sold yet? Watch our short video on our spooky accessory… if you dare!

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  • Help Me Arm and Sign

    Help Me Arm and Sign

    Have you heard about those coffins you can get that have a bell attached to them that sticks out of the ground? It’s supposedly so if you accidentally get buried alive, you can ring the bell and they will dig you back up. But, we think it’s actually so if a mouse or something eventually gets into your casket, it might pull on the cord, and you can get in one last practical joke from the afterlife. A much more direct approach to dealing with being buried alive by accident would be if you could poke an arm out of the dirt, and wave a sign to get help. That is exactly what trick-or-treaters are going to think is going on when they see this Help Me Arm and Sign decoration poking out of your lawn. The plastic sign and sign post slides into the gripping plastic hand, which stakes into the ground wherever you want to make it look like you’ve unwittingly buried your pre-deceased victim. This goes great as part of a decorative scene, or as a spooky standalone prop!

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  • Door Knob Cover-Zombie Hand

    Door Knob Cover-Zombie Hand

    What makes a home the most terrifying one on the block isn’t the huge extravagant decorations. Those are the types of scares people can see from a mile away. No, what you need are smaller more subtle decorations around the house that will catch your guests off guard. For example take a look at this Zombie Hand Door Knob Cover! You can make any room seem as if there is an outbreak of undead ghouls inside and the only thing keeping all hell from breaking loose is a single door.This foam rubber hand was carefully made with plenty of gruesome details for a realistic and frightening look. If there is a room in the house you want your guests to stay out of, this door cover will make for an excellent security system. No one wants to shake the cold dead hand of a zombie in order to enter a room. Of course, you could also place it on your front door and see who is brave enough to make it through your entry way into your wonderful house of terrors! Just don’t be surprised if your Halloween bash isn’t as packed as you were hoping, not everyone is willing to risk a zombie attack.

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  • Animated Mannequin

    Animated Mannequin

    You ever go into an antique shop and find something that really gives you the heebie jeebies? Like, maybe a disheveled clothing mannequin that seems perfectly innocent when you’re looking right at it, but later you could swear you saw reaching out for you from the corner of your eye? Yeah, us neither… well actually, we have something to show you. But we gotta warn you, if that last question gave you the chills, then you’re in for a real treat…We swear we didn’t get this Animated Mannequin from an old department store built over a cursed graveyard, but it definitely gives off such an eerie vibe, you might just think it’s haunted! Modeled after a vintage mannequin that’s seen better days, this spooky decoration can easily be set up to add to the chilling ambiance of your haunted house. If you want, you could probably dress it up in an old outfit to make it look like a forlorn phantom from a forgotten time, but its motion activated movements and special effects should be all it needs to spread the scares!

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  • Standing Candle Ghoul with Noose Prop

    Standing Candle Ghoul with Noose Prop

    So you’re trying to make your house a spook-tacular. Good start. We appreciate all the webs, candles, and skeleton pieces. But, don’t you want to take things a bit further?Don’t you think it would make more of an impression if you add something a little more scary than just pumpkins and spiders? Something little more ghoulish perhaps? That will petrify both children and adults?We’ve got just the thing. Our Standing Candle Ghoul with Noose Prop is a self-standing ghoul about six feet tall. His arms are pose-able, his noose is prominent, and his robe is that gauzy weird cheesecloth that’s so great for spooky decorations. Best yet? His candle flickers and his eyes blink. Which will cause people to jump for sure. Definitely more exciting than a rubber rat, no?

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  • Bag of Black Bats

    Bag of Black Bats

    JUST LIKE MIGHTY MOUSEFolks tend to freak out just a bit when they hear about a flying rodent.  But, that’s hardly fair.  Why should anyone judge a critter just because they’ve got a knack for a style of movement that the rest of us lack?  Really, we figure folks are just jealous!After all, bats aren’t the only kind of rodent that knows how to fly.  We’ve got the sugar glider and the flying squirrel and fox.  Who could forget our tiniest little superhero?  Heck, bats are practically the best real-world heroes we’ve got!  (Plus, they love snacking on those skeeters!) PRODUCT DETAILSIt is time to excite your friends and keep your den looking like a ton of fun.  And, this Bag of Black Bats is just the way to go!  These funny flappers will make a great atmospheric addition to your place, whether you’re looking for some Halloween flair or just want to convince the local bugs to think twice about invading your space! A SPOOKY SPREAD FOR DARK DECOR These fifteen vinyl bats are the perfect way to augment your atmosphere and give that extra spooky spruce to your space.  And, better yet, they won’t actually get caught up in your hair (unless, of course, that’s the prank you want to play)!  

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  • Rabid 12" Squirrel

    Rabid 12″ Squirrel

    THE WORLD’S CUTEST LITTLE MURDERERFolks find a lot of bliss in looking at our favorite little wilderness rodent running around the yard.  Unless you’re a dog, squirrels are likely among the cutest thing you’ve ever seen (and, even dogs still want to look and chase after them). But, there are a few things about the creatures that some don’t know.  Were you aware that they’re not herbivores?  No, these guys like to kill and chomp down on meat just like so many other things!  Hopefully, that doesn’t disrupt your happy images too much, because we have more… PRODUCT DETAILSTurns out that squirrels can also make really terrifying zombie squirrels!  Show off your bravery and freak out your friends with this 12″ Rabid Squirrel.  This foot tall statue features a gray squirrel who has definitely gone off the rails and survived(?) through some serious scrapes.  Bloodshot eyes and horrible bone-revealing wounds are among the spooky details of this normally fuzzy friend, but it’s definitely hungry for more! WATCH YOUR NUTSIf you thought that squirrels would come raiding the pantry and steal all your stuff before, you’re in for an even darker twist when this Rabid Zombie Squirrel comes to town.  It’s ready to feast on everything and has the bloody bites to prove it! 

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  • Black 14" Cauldron

    Black 14″ Cauldron

    Recipe for DisasterWe scoured issues of Good housekeeping and Bon appetite and yet we weren’t able to find any good recipes for spooky potions for you to mix up this Halloween. So we had to take bits and pieces of potions for literature. This being said, we’re not sure exactly what kinds of magic this will whip up. It could end in disaster, it could end in fame and fortune, and it could just end in a big mess. Either way, we’re curious to see what happens when you put these ingredients together. So first, add a little holy water. Then a pinch of lavender and ginger. Thirdly you’ll want one bat wing and one vial of dragon’s tears. Umm, wait, you don’t have access to either of those ingredients. We don’t want to even ask about newt’s eyes, we like amphibians too much. Maybe you should just pop a fog machine in this black cauldron and watch the magic happen, no magic animal parts needed!Product DetailsThis black cauldron has a large handle and feet to keep your cauldron steady. Fill the fourteen-inch cauldron with candy or add some spook to the atmosphere with black ice or a smoke machine. In the MixAre you ready to add some atmosphere to your Halloween party? This cauldron will add a little more spookiness to even the cheeriest apartment. You might not have invested in bat wings or dragon tears but this cauldron is sure to make your place look just like a witch’s lair! 

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