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  • 11" Skeleton Rat

    11″ Skeleton Rat

    Mr. Cheesers lived a good life. He was a gentle rodent, had a booming family of 87 kids and enjoyed nibbling on garbage. It’s a tragedy, really, that he couldn’t be with the world of living any longer. The bell tolls for every rat someday! You can honor his life by scaring local children with this Skeleton Rat decoration, which is a recreation of his bones! Take it a step further by surrounding him with a fine, moldy gorgonzola, cardboard boxes that are perfect for chewing, and some couch stuffing. To some, it might look like a pile of trash to you and Mr. Cheesers it’s an altar. Mr. Cheesers would have loved seeing the look of horror on their faces. The replica of his body is eleven inches tall, eighteen inches if you count his tail and nose. The jaw even opens and closes for an animated look. He’s even got big old ears. He looks like he’s about to launch. . . who knows, if you give him enough attention he just might come back to life!

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  • Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes

    Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes

    Are you looking to add that last terrifying touch to your spooky Halloween yard? Are you trying to keep the neighborhood kids from messing around on your prized pansies, or are you trying to guard the yard of the abandoned house at the end of the street? Are you a graveyard manager with the world’s most tasteless sense of humor?If you answered yes to any of these questions, then oh boy, are you in luck! These Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes are the perfect way to frighten up your lawn (or anyone else’s, for that matter). They make it look just like the undead are making their way back to the world of the living to consume some brains, “red meat,” or maybe just some of the really great TV shows that have been airing over the last few years.In any case, enjoy the frights and fun these lawn stakes will provide for your trick-or-treaters or your year-round visitors. It’s totally up to you.

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  • White Shadow Ghost Hanging Prop

    White Shadow Ghost Hanging Prop

    If you really want a bunch of good screams this Halloween, you’ll need to have the scariest decorations available. Forget about vampires and werewolves, they just don’t do the trick anymore. Nowadays it’s all about the paranormal! So add this White Shadow Ghost Hanging Prop to your haunted house setup. Hang him on your porch in the light for everyone to see or toss this ghastly ghoul in a tree and have him await unsuspecting trick or treaters in the dark!This prop even has adjustable arms, so you get to decide what pose you’d like your creepy new friend in. Have them placed wide open as if he was inviting all your visitors to join him the spirit world. You could also set him up to appear like he’s reaching out after souls to devour in order to make his own ghostly powers even stronger! How ever and where ever you set this haunting prop up, you’ll be sure to get some good screams with a face like his hanging around your home this year.

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  • Groundbreaker Pair

    Groundbreaker Pair

    Zombies are bloodthirsty creatures with one thing on their minds‚Ķthe living! If you think this pair of hands is in the air, waving like they just don‚Äôt care, think again. So, when the zombie apocalypse starts, you can never be too careful. Don‚Äôt forget to stay on guard, because, well, frankly, you smell positively irresistible to a certain group of people, ahem. Once the undead find their way out, you‚Äôd better have a plan in mind, or face becoming a zombie feast. You can almost hear them moaning now.Here‚Äôs Plan A: When a chill is in the air, and trick-or-treaters are seeking out their next sugar fix‚Äîlike zombies to blood‚Äîput these creepy hands in your yard. You‚Äôll have the whole neighborhood wondering what will come crawling out of the grave‚Ķor, what else might be lurking in your yard. This Groundbreaker Pair will have the “candy munchers” scrambling to your front door to avert the zombie‚Äôs advances. Who knows what‚Äôs attached to the arms below? Only you, and yes, your secret is safe with us. And as for Plan B: We recommend sharpening up your survival skills, just in case.

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  • Deluxe Rat In Trap w/Motion

    Deluxe Rat In Trap w/Motion

    Nobody likes finding out they have rodents in their home, especially if you’re planning on having people over. They get into your food and dig through the trash (sometimes at the same time), and they love darting out at just the right moment to make your guests squeal and jump up on the table! If you’re hoping to have more parties in the future, then having rats is definitely not the way to accomplish that.Unless, of course, you’re throwing a creepy haunted house themed party, and you want to gross out your guests. In that case, this Deluxe Rat In Trap /w Motion prop will give everyone the creepy crawlies! This poor rat’s luck has run out, and has gotten its head caught in a wooden trap. Luckily, it’s just made of molded vinyl, but its battery powered motor makes it realistically wiggle around when someone makes noise. This creepy little critter will be quite a startling surprise for any guests who stumble upon it!

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  • 15 Inch Bat Prop

    15 Inch Bat Prop

    Bats‚Ķthey‚Äôre ubiquitous creatures at every spooky house. Who knows why they have a thing for old mansions. Maybe there are lots of dark nooks and crannies to hang upside down. Fast forward to your next Halloween party, and imagine hanging this 15 Inch Bat Prop in an inconspicuous location and waiting for your guests to scream in terror. Yes, this bat is the perfect prank item! May we suggest that you name him and adopt him as a pet? This black plastic bat has green eyes and floppy wings, which we think makes him truly adorable. It can be hung using the elastic band that is attached to the top of the wings of the bat or by five suction cups on the underside. Great for scaring even the bravest of your friends! We understand these bats are fiercely loyal to their families, and spend many years of service scaring the bejeebers out of unsuspecting friends. Treat it well and he won‚Äôt fly away to the nearest mansion…just keep him happy by placing him in a dark box when not in use.

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