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  • Hanging Faceless Reaper w/ Lantern

    Hanging Faceless Reaper w/ Lantern

    This hanging, faceless reaper decoration is sure to make others uneasy. In place of a face there is a dark void, which is oddly more frightening than any scary face could be.

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  • The 12" Real Bone

    The 12″ Real Bone

    This is the 12″ Real Bone. 

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  • 5 Foot: Collapsible Wood Grain Look Coffin

    5 Foot: Collapsible Wood Grain Look Coffin

    There Goes the NeighborhoodWow! Your house has really been through a lot since October first. We thought you might have a spider problem a few weeks back when webs began to appear throughout your bushes and front porch. Then there were the bats that seemed to be beating at your windows at all hours of the day. Then we thought the pumpkins were a way to bring some color to your decor. Then we saw there were scary faces carved into each one! We thought the final straw would be the freshly dug graves complete with gravestones all over your lawn. Now, that record has been topped with this creepy wooden coffin. Is there someone in it? There’s only one way to find out. and honestly? We probably don’t have the guts to open the lid. This just better be as far as you go. . . wait! Why are all these scary little ghouls and goblins wandering the streets? We’d better put our house up for sale before this neighborhood gets any worse. Product DetailsUnlike a real coffin, this coffin is lightweight and collapses when you’re ready to store it. The pattern makes it look like its been in a terrible tomb for a hundred years with subtle shades of brown and gold. Just in case people think this is just an intricate box, they’ll be set right with the infamous RIP on the lid. At five feet long this coffin will take your yard from snoozy to spooky in no time!Dead on DecorSo, whether you decide to hide in this coffin and scare passers-by or you simply let it help your house look like one of Dracula’s cast offs. It pairs awesomely with our variety of skeletons and spider webs. Take it as far as you want just know that as long as this coffin is around, your decor is sure to be dead on!

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  • Bag of Black Bats

    Bag of Black Bats

    JUST LIKE MIGHTY MOUSEFolks tend to freak out just a bit when they hear about a flying rodent.  But, that’s hardly fair.  Why should anyone judge a critter just because they’ve got a knack for a style of movement that the rest of us lack?  Really, we figure folks are just jealous!After all, bats aren’t the only kind of rodent that knows how to fly.  We’ve got the sugar glider and the flying squirrel and fox.  Who could forget our tiniest little superhero?  Heck, bats are practically the best real-world heroes we’ve got!  (Plus, they love snacking on those skeeters!) PRODUCT DETAILSIt is time to excite your friends and keep your den looking like a ton of fun.  And, this Bag of Black Bats is just the way to go!  These funny flappers will make a great atmospheric addition to your place, whether you’re looking for some Halloween flair or just want to convince the local bugs to think twice about invading your space! A SPOOKY SPREAD FOR DARK DECOR These fifteen vinyl bats are the perfect way to augment your atmosphere and give that extra spooky spruce to your space.  And, better yet, they won’t actually get caught up in your hair (unless, of course, that’s the prank you want to play)!  

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  • Severed Value Leg

    Severed Value Leg

    Facing Foot ValueIt’s hard to place value on a limb. What are you supposed to ask for when you’re selling an arm? Should you ask more if it’s muscley? What if its nails are manicured? Do you get extra for that? Luckily, Gregory at Corpse Corp is here for your limb appraising needs! Call us to your morgue or graveside to take account what you’ve dug up and we’ll tell you what kind of hand you have on your hands. Why just last week we appraised a fine mummified knee for four hundred bucks. Now, we’re never sure who’s actually in the market for these items but that’s why we’re a limited liability organization!Product DetailsThis Value severed leg can serve multiple purposes from Halloween to Halloween. The molded plastic forms an eighteen-inch-long calf for a macabre and bloody Halloween theme. Add it to your zombie costume to add to your flesh-eating appeal. Delight Halloween revelers by serving it on a dinner plate next to the amuse-bouche. Or give it to Fido before your mother-in-law comes over and get the family talking for years to come. It’s your value leg, you decide what to do with it. One thing’s for certain, it’s sure to give you a leg up on your Halloween!

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  • Large Open Eye Cut Off Head

    Large Open Eye Cut Off Head

    Alright, so we can tell by the way you’re staring at us that you’re probably wondering how this happened. Well, it’s actually a long story, and we’d rather not get into it. Do you just walk up to someone in a wheelchair and ask them what happened to their legs? Okay, fine, so some people do, but those people are rude and uncouth and are usually not welcome in polite society. So how about a little privacy, pal? We barely know each other!Also, if you really wanna know, we have a pretty bad headache that seems to be quickly turning into a migraine, and it’s not only making us pretty cranky, but talking seems to get harder and harder with every passing minute. And as you can probably tell from the worry lines on our face, we’ve got a lot on our mind, and would appreciate a moment of peace to collect our thoughts. So if you don’t mind, we’d really like to just sit here on this spike in silence, alright? Also, the sun’s about to set, and with the day we’ve had, we’d like to just enjoy it while we still can, cool? Thanks for understanding. You seem like a solid guy. Also, you have a great body, if you don’t mind us saying. Hope you enjoy it while you can.

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  • Small Ghostly Group -19 Inches

    Small Ghostly Group -19 Inches

    On All Hallows’ Eve, when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest, ghosts come out, sometimes in small groups. While the bigger ghosts get up to more serious hauntings, these spooky spirits float around, getting up to mischievous acts and scaring trick-or-treaters. But once Halloween is over, these little specters fly off back to the land of the dead, ready to escape once more next year. Light up your for Halloween with this delightfully spooky trio.What’s the right word for a group of ghosts anyway? A pack? A congress? A coven? A gaggle? A murder? A fright? A haunt? We didn’t know, so we just called this Small Ghostly Group, but if you get the chance to ask any ghosts, let us know what you hear back. Three’s company! All the best things come in threes, and small ghosts are no different.

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  • Shaking Ghost Decor

    Shaking Ghost Decor

    The Boogie ManDo you feel like you’ve hit a dead end when it comes to seasonal decorations? Well, actually, that’s a pretty good place to be during the Halloween season. When it comes to having fun with holiday decorations, Halloween is where it’s at. You’re not limited to colorful lights and demur pine wreaths, in fact, the sky is the limit. People can set up skeletons, giant spiders, and gloomy little bats. You can use lights, texture, and even sound effects to send joyful shivers of fear through the spines of young and old alike. There’s nothing like seasonal fall decor to make those imaginative juices flowing and inspire everyone to head home for a cup of hot cider and a good ol’ ghost story. So, this year, embrace this season with this happy, groovy ghost to make your yard both spooky and light-hearted. It turns out, this little fella’s type of haunting is quite a lot of fun!Product DetailsThis little bogey has a great sense of beat. It shakes and makes spooky sounds with the help of two AA batteries and has an on and off switch so you can start the haunting at your will. The drapery is twenty inches tall so that it will stand out dramatically in your Halloween decor. So, whether you hang this ghost on a porch, a tree, or even under a smokey, spooky light, people will see your autumn spirit from far away!Ghost TownIt’s time to reimagine what a true ghost town really is. They don’t have to be sad, abandoned villages, they can be colorful and whimsical places. Your yard can dance and sing with these dancing ghosts this Halloween to spread the ghoulish love! It’s about time that your town moves on from lonely spider webs and pumpkins to give this season a more spirited feel. Who knew it was such a blast to make your little yard a ghost town!

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  • Severed Body Parts Set

    Severed Body Parts Set

    Remember when your grandpa told you that it’s always wise to keep some spare parts around when you grow up and have your own car? Well, guess what? That advice is still totally valid when you’re undead. In the wild and exciting life (or afterlife) of a zombie, you never know when you’re going to need those odds and ends. That’s why you shouldn’t leave the graveyard this Halloween without this Severed Body Parts Set in your pocket!With an ear, a severed thumb, a finger, and a plucked-out eyeball that’s sure to make anyone who sees it want to toss up their lunch, this grab-bag of gross is the ticket to a classic Halloween… you know, the kind where people get freaked out of their wits. You can add these parts to your own zombie getup, or scatter them throughout the appetizers. Trust us, it’s a great way to make friends and win hearts. And then eat them, of course!

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  • Ground Reaper

    Ground Reaper

    The Grim Reaper is a busy guy. But then again, so are you!He can‚Äôt make it to every party this year, and you can‚Äôt spend all your time trying to come up with a guest list that will terrify all who attend. Sounds like you both could benefit from this Ground Reaper decoration, so that whole ‚Äúbrush with death‚Äù effect can be a bit more predictable for your Halloween party. Add a dramatic touch of the macabre to your shindig with the haunting style of this decoration, sure to scare the pants off of any unsuspecting victim! The molded fiberglass figure has a ghastly realistic look–so you won‚Äôt even miss ole‚Äô Grim should he not show up–and it‚Äôs holding a lantern for added eerie effect. Use this yard statue to complete your haunted house this year, because a busy guy like you has better ways to spend his time than obsession over an RSVP from Death.

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  • Black 14" Cauldron

    Black 14″ Cauldron

    Recipe for DisasterWe scoured issues of Good housekeeping and Bon appetite and yet we weren’t able to find any good recipes for spooky potions for you to mix up this Halloween. So we had to take bits and pieces of potions for literature. This being said, we’re not sure exactly what kinds of magic this will whip up. It could end in disaster, it could end in fame and fortune, and it could just end in a big mess. Either way, we’re curious to see what happens when you put these ingredients together. So first, add a little holy water. Then a pinch of lavender and ginger. Thirdly you’ll want one bat wing and one vial of dragon’s tears. Umm, wait, you don’t have access to either of those ingredients. We don’t want to even ask about newt’s eyes, we like amphibians too much. Maybe you should just pop a fog machine in this black cauldron and watch the magic happen, no magic animal parts needed!Product DetailsThis black cauldron has a large handle and feet to keep your cauldron steady. Fill the fourteen-inch cauldron with candy or add some spook to the atmosphere with black ice or a smoke machine. In the MixAre you ready to add some atmosphere to your Halloween party? This cauldron will add a little more spookiness to even the cheeriest apartment. You might not have invested in bat wings or dragon tears but this cauldron is sure to make your place look just like a witch’s lair! 

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  • Groundbreaker Zombie Prop

    Groundbreaker Zombie Prop

    Looks like the dead are just not wanting to stay dead in the ground! This electronic zombie decoration has light up eyes and turns its head while it moans and plays creepy music. There is an on and off switch underneath neck area where there is also a metal stand to allow the zombie to appear to be coming out of the ground. The arms of the zombie are bendable so you can put them in any position you’d like. The zombie does have white hair that is hard to see to see in the picture. This is the perfect addition to your haunted house graveyard!

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  • Hanging: Rotating Ghost

    Hanging: Rotating Ghost

    Throwing a Halloween party for your friends is always a spooky fun time, especially when they see all the decorations you’ve set up to give them chills! Their skin will crawl once they run into the fake bats and spiderwebs you’ve set up, and the slimy rubber zombie parts you’ve scattered around will make their stomachs churn. And when they first lay eyes on the authentic ghost you’ve hired to haunt your party, they’ll jump right out of their costumes!Wait, you remembered to hire the ghost, right? Awww man, that was going to be so scary! Luckily you don’t have to worry too much, since you can still set up this Hanging Rotating Ghost decoration to add a bit of paranormal flair to your festivities. You can adjust the arms into ghastly poses, and its fluttering spectral body flashes and spins eerily, and makes haunting sound effects! This decoration isn’t quite as creepy as a real ghost, but it doesn’t charge you by the hour, and it won’t get ectoplasm all over your house!

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  • Light Up Black Owl

    Light Up Black Owl

    Here‚Äôs one guest who would be a total ‚Äúhoot‚Äù to have at your next party. Perch this Light Up Black Owl on a table in your entryway and watch your guests‚Äô recoil in terror as its eyes glow like red embers, sending a fright right to the center of their soul. Even better, it emits scary sounds that will set all of your visitors on edge. Often times, Halloween tales set the scene with a hooting in the distance. The haunting call of a lone owl echoes across an expanse of barren woods and chills those within earshot to the bone. That‚Äôs why every spooky party needs this raven-hued owl. It‚Äôs real black feathers make it look ‚Äúbad to the bone,‚Äù and not to be reckoned with. So what are you waiting for? This bad boy doesn‚Äôt need a formal invitation, or even a call. Claim this Light Up Black Owl as a guest or official greeter‚Äîhe‚Äôd love to perch in your foyer, ready to hoot, holler, and screech for all of your watchful visitors. He’ll be the wildlife of your party!

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  • 32in Hanging Ghost

    32in Hanging Ghost

    Props to the PoltergeistYou know those shows where there’s a team of people exploring a supposedly haunted area? We like the concept but we think it could be done better. For instance, when some ghost hunting professional shows up, they could be much kinder. Instead of demanding to know their name and asking them to speak they could play some music and dance around, bringing some life back into the ghost’s afterlife. Well, now that we think about it, ghostly performances could be a brand new show. America’s Next Top Phantom, which specter is going to wail the best? Which spirit will thrill us with its ghostly grooves? Find out in next weeks haunting finale! Basically, we think that ghosts deserve respect for what they do best!Product DetailsIf you’re ready to invite this friendly spirit into your decor this Halloween, you won’t regret it. This thirty-inch ghost won’t slam doors in the middle of the night or pile all the chairs in your dining room on the table. It will just hang out on your porch or in your house, getting your family and the neighborhood kids pumped for the upcoming Halloween season!Your Friendly Neighborhood GhostSo, we’ve called around. Turns out there’s not much of a market for an afterlife talent show. Something about the ghosts being invisible takes away from the TV entertainment factor. Still, it’s time that we invite more spooks into our lives. They shake things up, make life more interesting. After all, Halloween is for the haunted!

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  • Caution Zombies Tin Sign

    Caution Zombies Tin Sign

    WATCH OUT FOR LITERACYWhile traveling in zones where the undead have spread to critical numbers, survivors must have a system of communicating especially dangerous territories.  Writing directions on billboards was a perfect system… for a while. We’re not sure how they did it, but the darned zombies learned how to read!  They’ve figured out whole maps of where to navigate and find the supposed “safe” zones that we had been depending on.  So, we needed a new plan.PRODUCT DETAILSTurns out that while the undead know a few key words, they are surprisingly lacking in recognizing imagery.  So, our new Zombie Caution sign is the perfect solution.  The single word “CAUTION” appears on a bright yellow background — not much to warn the zombies about, there — and features shadows of folks fleeing the zombie menace underneath.  It’s classic.  It’s clear.  It’s atmospheric!  And, at least until zombies learn to draw, it’s useless to them!  Ha! ZOMBIE ONLY ZONESUntil we can get around to rewriting all of the billboards to give false information to our little undead problem, these signs are a key way to keep the menace off your front porch.  And, in the meantime, this Caution sign makes for a surprising match for just about any home decor! 

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  • Bag Of Rats

    Bag Of Rats

    We talk about how we’re a Halloween company a lot. Sure it’s our favorite holiday by far, but we love basically any reason to celebrate! Birthdays are an excellent example of that. We love to have a great time anytime someone’s birthday rolls around in the office or warehouse, because we know we love it when people celebrate our own. When it comes to presents we also know there’s nothing else we’d rather have than a giant bag of red-eyed, wriggling, pink-tailed rats! Alright, so that was a horrendous example of how well we diversify. We’re pretty sure most of your friends and family will not want to open a present to find nine rubber tails squirming around right in front of their faces! Maybe we should just leave this one to the Halloween festivities, and recommend you hanging one of these up right inside your door. This way, it will swing out at people who walk in and give them a good scare! Again this is definitely a prank for Halloween.

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  • Animated Brain Fry Decoration

    Animated Brain Fry Decoration

    BRAIN FRIEDLife is hectic and demanding and it’s easy to get overworked. Whether you’re bogged down with school work and extracurriculars or your children and career are constantly pulling you in different directions, the feeling of your brain being fried by a bug zapper typically sets in. If you can relate to feeling burn out and being overly stressed from time to time, then you can relate to this decoration, Brain Fried Fred, as we like to call him. Fred’s brain is being burnt to a sizzling crisp for a very different reason than yours. He’s a pretty bad guy but we won’t get into his past legal blunders right now. If you sympathize with our friend, Brain Fried Fred, then add the animated brain fry decoration to your Halloween decor scene today. You won’t feel as alone when your mind is as deep-fried as fast food french fries! PRODUCT DETAILSLiven up any Halloween decor scene by adding this light-up/talking decoration to it. It’s meticulously sculpted and painted and once the proper batteries are inserted, Fred speaks! His electrifying blue eyes light up red too. The button on his base can also be pressed to make these cool and slightly creepy features to work. SCARY PRISON SCENEUse this animated decoration to create a terrifying prison scene with decorations in the front yard! 

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  • Life Size Severed Hand

    Life Size Severed Hand

    There are so many possibilities with this life-sized severed hand decoration. Use it during a handshake and leave your guest holding the severed hand! Place it on a silver platter amidst your hors d’oeuvres. Casually leave it next to your soup pot to stir speculation about the origin of your main course’s mystery meat. Set it on your bathtub, just behind a semi-transparent shower curtain, to really ruin someone’s solitude on the ivory throne. When the party seems to be falling to a lull, from your front yard run into your home, holding it high and proud, and cryptically yell, “It’s over! I finished it!” Set it carefully in between your couch cushions, so it tickles the backside of the first unsuspecting guest to stop dancing. You see? The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. Just don’t ask us where we got so many of these.

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  • Head in a Jar: Prop

    Head in a Jar: Prop

    Look, how this head got in that jar is not important. You‚Äôre into your own stuff, and we respect that about you. Some people are into scrapbooking, others are into butterfly collecting, and you just happen to be into killing zombies and saving their heads in jars as trophies. You gotta be free to be who you are! We get it!But we‚Äôre gonna say this, and we‚Äôre only going to say it once – that Head in a Jar better be off the kitchen table in five seconds, or we‚Äôre gonna straight up lose it. We spent all day slaving over a hot stove to cook you a romantic meal, and then you just come in here and ruin our appetites with that decapitated head and its bulging eyes. You‚Äôve been staring at that exposed brain and tongue so much that you haven‚Äôt even noticed that we got all dressed up and made it nice! So unless you wanna go to bed with that thing – and we‚Äôre gonna be honest, if that‚Äôs true, then you‚Äôve got major problems and we need to sit down and have a real serious talk – then you better add it to the mantle with the other ones and then get back here and give us the attention we deserve, or it’s back outside to sleep with those zombies all night for ya!

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  • Help Me Arm and Sign

    Help Me Arm and Sign

    Have you heard about those coffins you can get that have a bell attached to them that sticks out of the ground? It’s supposedly so if you accidentally get buried alive, you can ring the bell and they will dig you back up. But, we think it’s actually so if a mouse or something eventually gets into your casket, it might pull on the cord, and you can get in one last practical joke from the afterlife. A much more direct approach to dealing with being buried alive by accident would be if you could poke an arm out of the dirt, and wave a sign to get help. That is exactly what trick-or-treaters are going to think is going on when they see this Help Me Arm and Sign decoration poking out of your lawn. The plastic sign and sign post slides into the gripping plastic hand, which stakes into the ground wherever you want to make it look like you’ve unwittingly buried your pre-deceased victim. This goes great as part of a decorative scene, or as a spooky standalone prop!

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  • Door Knob Cover-Zombie Hand

    Door Knob Cover-Zombie Hand

    What makes a home the most terrifying one on the block isn’t the huge extravagant decorations. Those are the types of scares people can see from a mile away. No, what you need are smaller more subtle decorations around the house that will catch your guests off guard. For example take a look at this Zombie Hand Door Knob Cover! You can make any room seem as if there is an outbreak of undead ghouls inside and the only thing keeping all hell from breaking loose is a single door.This foam rubber hand was carefully made with plenty of gruesome details for a realistic and frightening look. If there is a room in the house you want your guests to stay out of, this door cover will make for an excellent security system. No one wants to shake the cold dead hand of a zombie in order to enter a room. Of course, you could also place it on your front door and see who is brave enough to make it through your entry way into your wonderful house of terrors! Just don’t be surprised if your Halloween bash isn’t as packed as you were hoping, not everyone is willing to risk a zombie attack.

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  • Rabid 12" Squirrel

    Rabid 12″ Squirrel

    THE WORLD’S CUTEST LITTLE MURDERERFolks find a lot of bliss in looking at our favorite little wilderness rodent running around the yard.  Unless you’re a dog, squirrels are likely among the cutest thing you’ve ever seen (and, even dogs still want to look and chase after them). But, there are a few things about the creatures that some don’t know.  Were you aware that they’re not herbivores?  No, these guys like to kill and chomp down on meat just like so many other things!  Hopefully, that doesn’t disrupt your happy images too much, because we have more… PRODUCT DETAILSTurns out that squirrels can also make really terrifying zombie squirrels!  Show off your bravery and freak out your friends with this 12″ Rabid Squirrel.  This foot tall statue features a gray squirrel who has definitely gone off the rails and survived(?) through some serious scrapes.  Bloodshot eyes and horrible bone-revealing wounds are among the spooky details of this normally fuzzy friend, but it’s definitely hungry for more! WATCH YOUR NUTSIf you thought that squirrels would come raiding the pantry and steal all your stuff before, you’re in for an even darker twist when this Rabid Zombie Squirrel comes to town.  It’s ready to feast on everything and has the bloody bites to prove it! 

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  • Bag of Mice

    Bag of Mice

    Radiant RodentsMice are pretty cute if you think about it. There’s something intelligent in their beady little eyes. Something in their uplifted whiskers that hint that they might know something we don’t know. That cuteness might be there but it doesn’t apply when there is a horde of mice gathering around your feet. That’s not cute. That’s just horrible. Whether you find rodents of all sorts charming or you’re horrified by any uninvited visitor that might skitter across your floor, you’re sure to have fun with the “gross” factor of this sack of mice!Product DetailsThis bag features gray mice that are about three-inches-long. They’re far from the charming field mouse with far rubber fur and pale tails making them perfect for Halloween displays as well as practical jokes. There’s nothing like setting out a macabre candlelight feast with mice scattered about as unnerving centerpieces!Maintaining that Eek! FactorHorrifying visitors isn’t only about the supernatural, you’ve got to mix in some nature-oriented fear into your decor for the ghoul skeptics out there. That’s why your spider-webbed corners and mouse scattered tabletops are so important, it’s a spook factor that anyone can shriek at. So go ahead and embrace a grimy look, that time of year is coming up again!

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  • Heart Gelatin Mold

    Heart Gelatin Mold

    House of Tasty HorrorsHere, put your hand in this bowl of eyeballs. Now prepare yourself to immerse your fingers into a bucket of guts. Did you ever participate in that Halloween classic game where fun parents would peel grapes and boil noodles to make kids squeal with delighted disgust as they explore the slimy textures of a mad scientist’s lab? It’s an oldie but a goodie, sure to cause all sorts of giggles and screams. Want to recapture that atmosphere? Whether you’re hosting a group of your friends in their thirties or you have ten nine-years olds coming over, you have the opportunity to take that edible awful activity one step further with this heart-shaped gelatin mold.Product DetailsWith voluptuous veins and appetizing aortas, your gelatin mold will be the heart of any Halloween buffet this year! This mold has a fourteen-ounce capacity so you can fit plenty of flavor and color into your appalling appetizer. Vein of OpportunityUse of this mold doesn’t have to be sequestered to everyone’s favorite spooky holiday. Get creative. Throw it together to congratulate your kid on getting an A in anatomy. Send a gelatin heart over to your special someone for Valentine’s Day. Experiment with color and ingredients to your heart’s content. When it comes to themes, this heart never misses a beat!

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  • Remote Controlled Rat Prop

    Remote Controlled Rat Prop

    Rats Are Scary?Listen, we think rats are cute. They have that fluffy fur and those adorable little whiskers. Their nose twitches around when they’re sniffed for food. We’ve even seen pictures of rats holding tiny music instruments on the interwebs. It sort of baffles us how some could find the little creatures frightening and repulsive, but that appears to be the bleak truth about our tiny furry friends. Speaking of people who have an aversion to rats…Isn’t it about time for a good prank? Perhaps on a family member who has a strong aversion to rats? Well, that’s something we can help with, even if we don’t find this particular product all that scary.Product DetailsThis remote controlled rat prop helps you make the prank of a lifetime. It comes with a small toy rat that measures about 8 inches long. It has a set of small wheels on the bottom and a remote control that lets you drive the toy rat around on the floor.PranksJust place this little guy on the floor and use the remote to drive him past family and friends who are afraid of rats for the best results! (Note: this prank will not work on those who find rats adorable.)

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  • Zombie Asylum Window Cling

    Zombie Asylum Window Cling

    Date night is going pretty well so far. You know you’re looking sharp with your red leather jacket and matching red jeans. You scored bonus points by taking your date to a fancy restaurant for dinner, and you cuddled during a scary movie. Now you’re walking her home, and she’s letting you hold her hand. But you feel like something’s missing—something that could take your date night from “sweet” to “unforgettable.”That’s when inspiration hits you: The best way to make the night unforgettable is to scare her silly.So you start singing about ghouls and breaking out your best zombie dance moves, which definitely gets her attention. You wish you could find a group of shuffling backup dancers, or even a smooth-voiced narrator to throw in his two cents, but you’re going to have to go with the next best thing: your Zombie Asylum Window Cling. The two 3’ by 5’ posters are covered with leering zombies, drawn so realistically it looks like they’re about to smash through the glass any second. You might not be able to afford special effects like some 1980s music video, but your date will definitely freak out when she walks into your house and sees all those undead eyes staring at her from the windows. If that doesn’t make this date unforgettable, you don’t know what will.

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  • Light-Up Zombie Hand

    Light-Up Zombie Hand

    The zombies are coming! They’re digging their way out of their graves, and this Light-up Zombie Hand is leading the way! The white plastic hand is life-size and very detailed. It stands 12″ high from a 3″ base, and can be used either indoors or outdoors as long as it is kept away from open flames. When turned on, two LEDs flash back and forth from red to blue. The hand requires three 1.5V LR41 batteries, which are included. However, we recommend purchasing extras to have on hand. Instructions for changing the batteries are on the package. Have fun when you add this to your graveyard-theme decor.

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  • 10" Raven Prop

    10″ Raven Prop

    Have you ever seen Hitchcock’s classic horror movie, The Birds? Have you ever read any of Edger Allen Poe’s piece about Nevermore, the raven? Have you ever been attacked by a murder of crows? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we’re sure this 10″ Raven Prop may act as a trigger for any feelings of fear or sorrow that you’ve tried to bury within the depths of your soul.Well, we apologize for that but go talk to your shrink quick and get that all sorted out, then add this 10 Inch Raven decoration to your home this Halloween! If it scared the jeepers out of you, it will surely have a similar affect on the guests at your next costume party! You can place it in the study at your desk beside a copy of Poe’s famous poem or just have it sitting on your porch to freak out the trick or treaters! They won’t know whether this raven is a simple decoration or a sign of the coming apocalypse.

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  • Ghostly Group: Set of Three

    Ghostly Group: Set of Three

    Your yard can be the scene of the haunting with this ghostly group set. This lawn decoration set includes 3 lawn ghosts with easy-to-assemble stakes for quick set-up. The ghost is composed of a foam head, with a white cloth attached over the top of the head. A black ghost face is printed on the front. Just plant them in your yard and watch the terror unfold!

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