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  • Sexy Black and Gold Pirate Boots

    Sexy Black and Gold Pirate Boots

    Argh. Ye know what they say about finding ye very own sea legs, aye? Sure, ye can take the time and put in the practice, but one can sail a thousand seas and fail to ever find their own legs. We think the first step in findin’ one’s sea legs be wit a jolly pair ‘o boots, bucko. So feast yer eyes on these amazin’ Black and Gold Pirate Boots!Slip these beauties on over yer feet ‘n ye’ll feel ready to sail across the seven seas in the stormiest ‘o conditions. Wit’ this glorious pair ‘o boots, ye’ll be sure to take over as cap’n in no time at all. Didn’t anyone ever tell ye? Whoever holds the fanciest booties always be Cap’n ‘o the ship! So get yer scurvy hands on these lovely Black and Gold Pirate Boots to complete your spectacular costume ‘n prepare yourself to take charge this Halloween.

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  • Eyepatch and Earring Pirate Set

    Eyepatch and Earring Pirate Set

    This is a Pirate Eyepatch and Earring.

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  • Pirate Skull and Crossbones Eyepatch

    Pirate Skull and Crossbones Eyepatch

    Eye on the HorizonOversea voyages can be a tough journey. You’ve got to figure out how to keep your water fresh, how many hard tack biscuits you’re going to need, and how to keep all the pirates busy enough so that they’re not going to pick on each other. Of course, it’s all worth it due to the views. What’s better than an endless horizon with dolphins jumping in front of the bow while the sun sets? Or watching a storm roll in while your fellow sailors batten down the hatches? But here’s the thing, while you’re checking out all these views, your vision might get into a little trouble with all that sun bouncing off the water. You’re going to want a high-quality eye patch to protect your good eye while you’re not looking through your personal telescope. Product DetailsIf you’ve ever worn a cheap plastic pirate eye patch then you’ll understand why it’s so nice to have a soft, cloth patch instead. Not only does it look a hundred times better but it’s a lot more comfortable to wear if you plan on moving, sweating, or smiling. The printed jolly roger and gold trim will match with all sorts of pirate costumes while a flexible elastic band will keep it in place while you swing from the rigging with ease!

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  • Kids Sparrow Pirate Boots

    Kids Sparrow Pirate Boots

    Ahoy, little matey!You have lots of big dreams of being the pirate captain of your own version of the Black Pearl someday. And those will be some mighty big boots to fill. But until you’re ready to take command of the helm, we’ve got some boots that are just your size!When you put on these comfy Kids Sparrow Pirate Boots, you’ll feel like a real pirate of the Caribbean. And you’ll be able to go door to door raiding for booty (you know that means Halloween candy) better than any other little buccaneer out there. The boots are black patent faux leather so they look like Captain Jack’s but hold up in the rain so much better. They zip up so it’s easy to get them off and on, and the big, piratey cuffs fold over had tie up really cool. Before you know it, you’ll be on the ships with the big rogues!

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  • Ladies Pirate Hat

    Ladies Pirate Hat

    We’d be remiss not to mention this classic Ladies Pirate Hat before you hit the waters once again. We hear your next target is old Brown Beard’s treasure, a trove hidden deep in the depths of some cave off the coast of some island full of cannibals.Well… We mean no disrespect, miss, but you probably need all the help you can get. You’re capable, but Brown Beard is known for his cunning use of traps, and they’ll be extra difficult to navigate with a horde of cannibals on your tail! The thing about this hat is that only the courageous can wear it correctly (the inscription inside reads: only the brave need apply). Coincidentally, every swashbuckling pirate respects a nice, big hat‚Äîso set this atop those gorgeous locks and we have it on good authority that you’ll demand authority and command respect from anyone and everyone who dares venture into danger with you.

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  • Savvy Pirate Beard and Mustache

    Savvy Pirate Beard and Mustache

    PRIVATEER PROMOTIONYou’d think that it wouldn’t be too often that there would be new positions available in a crew of 50 or fewer folks. But, when you are talking about life on the high seas, complete with buried treasure, supernatural storms, and the periodic mutiny, there are suprising jumps up the Jacob’s ladder!Still, to even be considered, you have to look the part. “Dress for the job you want,” they say! That means having the right look from head to toe; emphasis on the look. That means a mean stache and period-appropriate beard braids! DESIGN & DETAILSTo ensure that you’ve always got the right facial accessorization going on for all your pirate imperatives, we have shaved all our in-house pirates and produced these wondrous whiskers. The Savvy Pirate Beard and Mustache feature a simple adhesive for your face. The mustache is styled with slightly upturned tips and the beard has two small braids at the chin that end in golden beads.INSTANT GROWTHNo need to worry about the perfect facial locks for your impending pirate mutiny (and subsequent ranking position on the ship). With this Beaded Beard and Mustache kit, you’re ready for all the action with none of the early morning styling required! 

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  • Garter with Dagger

    Garter with Dagger

    Are your true intentions rather cruel? Well, you should probably aim to keep that information to yourself. If you plan to successfully be extra secretive this Halloween, then make sure you add this Garter with Dagger to any costume you plan on wearing. We know you may think that you can only do so much with a hidden dagger but you would be quite surprised at the practicality of this accessory. You can easily be a swashbuckling pirate with a secret weapon. Yes, we admit that one is kind of a gimme, but what about this possibility, you’re an espionage specialist that always has a backup plan up your sleeve (or in this case wrapped around your thigh). You could even be a princess concealing her first line of defense! With this simple and secretive accessory, there are close to endless possibilities. So, before you think any costume you’ve planned out is complete, really ask yourself whether or not your costume be made even better when this Garter and Dagger is included.

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  • Deluxe Gold Pirate Hook

    Deluxe Gold Pirate Hook

    By the HookWe all know that there are no rules to pirating. Guidelines, sure. But rules? There are none. When you’re starting out on your brand new pirating career, it’s nice to have a few tips to start out. For one, you gotta show how tough you are from the get-go. There are a few ways to do this. Blackbeard lit his beard on fire. Anne Bonny took on any man who was brazen enough to comment on her gender. But in this day and age, you don’t have to deal with black eyes or fire hazards to prove that you’re tough. Throw on this hook to make it look like you’ve taken on a crocodile already and you’re sure to get props as soon as you’re on deck!Product DetailsThis hook will blend into your outfit with a faux leather base that matches plenty of pirate ensembles. It’s topped with an ornate hook with a scrolling pattern in lush golden color. A handle inside makes it easy for you to keep a hold of it so you can keep your secret safe until it’s time to climb to the crow’s nest. Rated ArrrYou don’t have to put yourself in harm’s way when you’re going into pirate mode. This hook can be paired with a number of our pirate costumes or it could be an awesome start to your DIY look. Cause we all know it’s all about the hook. 

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  • Governor Tricorn Pirate Hat

    Governor Tricorn Pirate Hat

    Avast me ‘earties, Yo ho!So you’ve bought your ship. Sure it looks like a Kia, but it’s really the Queen Anne’s Revenge. You even figured out how to hoist your pirate flag, a pole stuck through the sun roof that also doubles as the crows nest. Heck, you even have a flint lock (plastic of course), and a sword (also plastic) to do battle against anyone you might come across.But you are still missing the thing that lets common folk know you are a pirate to be feared. You are missing this Governor Tricorn Pirate Hat. Now you could go claim it from some poor unsuspecting oaf, or you can just click “Add to Cart” here, and not have to face charges of (plastic) armed robbery. Besides then you would never get to sail (drive) the seven seas (highways in town) collecting your booty (the shopping)!

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  • Buccaneer Black Boots

    Buccaneer Black Boots

    ARRGH! WHAT YE BE MISSIN, MATEY?Every pirate has their own distinct flair and every member of a pirate crew might look completely unique… (either out of fashion sense or mistakes made in combat). But as they gain swashbuckling experience (we’d guess by buckling a ton of swashes), all sea dogs start figuring out a few tricks that help make the pirate life a little less tough.So, what does a seasoned pirate never leave port without? You’ve gotta make sure that you’re walking in the boots of a pirate, of course! (Well, maybe just one boot for you peg-legged buccaneers.) PRODUCT DETAILSIt’s time to make sure your pirate look is complete with a pair of Buccaneer Black Boots. The style of the folded down cuffs and boot laces will give you the authentic look of the sea… and will even complement any other dashing disguises, too, like a musketeer or Renaissance costume. (The zipper in back and anti-slip tread are a modern bonus that you don’t have to tell your mateys about.) CHECK YOUR INVENTORYYou’re ready for the pirate voyage. You’ve got a well-sharpened sword, a couple of changes of underwear, and a barrel of grog for those long, boring nights at sea, of course… but, do you have a pirate boot for each of your working pirate feet!? Unless you’re going for the double-peg-leg, it’s time to boot up with these Buccaneer beauties! 

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  • Adult Rum Pirate Hat

    Adult Rum Pirate Hat

    So what if you’ve never spent a day swashbuckling on the high seas? You’re ready to be a pirate now, dangit! And not the kind that takes over giant modern shipping vessels piloted by Tom Hanks, but the rum-running kind from the 17th Century. And you’re ridiculously ambitious. Most of us have to start out as cabin boys. But you’re ready for a first-day promotion all the way to captain. And we totally respect that… even though it’s a little crazy. But If you really want to establish yourself as the seafaring king of rum on Day One, you’d better not leave port without looking the part. And that’s why you need our glorious Adult Rum Pirate Hat!A plush red with gold trim, this tricorne (the term for the hat pirates wear… but you already knew that) creates an unmistakable picture of that dashing, larger-than-life scalawag we all see in our heads whenever someone utters the words “pirate” or “captain” (or whenever we’ve had a few too many drinks). When you sail under the Adult Rum Pirate Hat, every member of your crew, and every port you pillage, will know right away that you brought the party… and the rum!

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  • Parrot: Shoulder Buddy

    Parrot: Shoulder Buddy

    This is a Parrot Shoulder Buddy.

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  • Melissa & Doug Pirate Treasure Chest

    Melissa & Doug Pirate Treasure Chest

    This is a Melissa & Doug Pirate Chest 

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  • Pastease Black X Pasties

    Pastease Black X Pasties

    Black LabelIt’s always hard to put a label on yourself. You might be tempted to call yourself “tough” and “edgy” but no matter how many piercings and tattoos you have you can’t deny that you still tear up when you watch animal rescue videos so how can that label be fully accurate? Or perhaps you’d like people to think that you’re entirely mainstream but there’s still that back part of your brain that loves to listen to horror podcasts while wearing your pearl earrings and writing outreach emails at work. The thing is, no labels are fully accurate. That’s why a label that says nothing is so appealing. It’s a label that’s as mysterious as you are! If you’re looking for a way to make your costume street legal, cover up with these pasties that say nothing and let you write the story you want to write instead!Product DetailsWhen it comes to pasties, buying quality is important. They’ve got to be reliable and comfortable. These medical-grade pasties are flexible and hypoallergenic. Water-resistant, they won’t peel off at the first signs of sweat or sprinkling rain. The best part? They’re even reusable which is a pretty great attribute for pasties that go with pretty much any costume out there!

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  • Pirate Sunglasses

    Pirate Sunglasses

    Arrrg, the Sun Be in Me EyesBeing a pirate must have been tough. They spent long hours standing on the deck of a ship with nothing but crisp blue oceans sprawling out before them… and the sun. That bright, unrelenting sun! And the worst part about that? Well, they didn’t have access to sunglasses back in those days!Yes, being a pirate would have been much easier had they been able to take a pair of sunglasses with them. Luckily, it’s easier than every for pirates, and would-be pirates, to select the perfect eyewear for their next trip out to sea.Product DetailsIf you want to be a pirate in a hurry, or if you want a pair of glasses that help keep that shining sun out of your eyes, then these Pirate Sunglasses are for you! The frames are molded to look like a scruffy pirate, like Black Beard. The top has a captain hat and a parrot and the bottom even has a plastic beard attached to it. One lens is tinted and the other is clear. You can pair them with your pirate costume or put them on solo to turn into a notorious pirate of the seas!

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  • Caribbean Brown Pirate Boots

    Caribbean Brown Pirate Boots

    FADE IN:EXT. GALLEON – DAYBREAKA dashing PIRATE CAPTAIN stands at the helm of a great ship, barking commands at his crew as they scurry across the deck and bustle in the rigging. His weatherbeaten TRICORN HAT bears a notch for every Royal Frigate he’s sent to the depths of the sea. His formidable CUTLASS is all ready to go. But it’s his magnificent pair of BARE FEET that earns the respect of his men and the fear of his foes. Just look at those puppies! They slap wetly against the deck as he breaks into dance, all the while spouting seafaring jargon and profanity. Wow! This guy can really cut a rug!Hey, who’s writing this stuff? Don’t they know that audiences won’t accept a privateer wearing anything less than realistic Caribbean Brown Pirate Boots? The faux-leather cuffs make any scurvy outfit look shipshape and seaworthy. And nobody wants to get a closeup of a buccaneer’s bunions!

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  • Brown Buccaneer Boots

    Brown Buccaneer Boots

    We recently heard about this guy who dressed as a pretty great pirate for Halloween last year. He wore the eye patch. The striped shirt. The wave-ravaged clothes. He even smelled of the sea. He had the perfect hat, and even brought a live parrot to the party, whom he‚Äôd taught to say ‚ÄúLand, ho!‚Äù and ‚ÄúAhoy, mateys.‚Äù But he wore loafers. LOAFERS for crying out loud. Do NOT be this kind of pirate. Pirates do not wear loafers. Or sneakers. Or desert booties. Or moccasins. They wear boots, folks. Beautiful Brown Buccaneer Boots, such as these. In our opinion, if you can take the time to invest in a trained parrot (do you know how long parrots live?), you can take the time to find the right footwear to accompany your Halloween costume. After all, everyone knows that wearing anachronistic or inappropriate shoes is a clear amateur move. So don‚Äôt let us catch you in your Chucks or slip-ons or…shudder…socks and sandals. It‚Äôs boots for you, swashbuckler. Or you‚Äôll walk the plank.

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  • Pirate Parrot Accessory

    Pirate Parrot Accessory

    What’s up with pirates and parrots anyway? Maybe it would be more practical for them to carry around a little dog? Or maybe they have command a hoard of rats? Actually that sounds terrible and a great way to spread disease. Apparently pirates with parrots were first started by Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel Treasure Island. Actual historical evidence of pirates carrying around parrots is pretty much non-existent other than the pirates who bought and sold stolen birds.That doesn’t stop us from using them with our pirate costumes today though. Having a great bird by your side is the mark of a real swashbuckler. It shows that you’ve taken to the high seas and the only man or beast you care about is the parrot on your shoulder. And if anyone questions your manliness, or let’s say your pirateliness, that bird will take him down a peg by repeating back what he says. Oh…well, hopefully he’ll repeat something really tough. So here’s our Pirate Parrot Accessory to make your pirate complete.This parrot is stuffed and attaches to your shoulder with white elastic. Your pirate costume is complete once you add a sword and this stuffed red bird!

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  • Classic Pirate Hook

    Classic Pirate Hook

    Before you run off on your grand adventure across the seven seas you need to make sure you have the right look. You may have the perfect costume, a glorious wig, a captain’s tricorn, and even a mighty sword, but there’s one thing you’re missing. No one is going to respect a pirate that isn’t missing at least one body part. When you think of a pirate normally that person is missing an eye, a leg, or a hand. That’s why they have awesome inventions such as eye patches, peg legs, and this here Classic Pirate Hook!This amazing accessory will give you the look you desire and make you the most feared pirate sailing upon any ship or at any port. Add it to you Captain Hook costume or be a whole new pirate in the party scene. We’re sure you’ll ‘hook’ plenty of new friends out on the dance floor when you show off your sea legs!

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  • Pirate Dog Costume

    Pirate Dog Costume

    This is a Pirate Costume for dogs.

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  • Caribbean Brown Pirate Boots

    Caribbean Brown Pirate Boots

    FADE IN:EXT. GALLEON – DAYBREAKA dashing PIRATE CAPTAIN stands at the helm of a great ship, barking commands at his crew as they scurry across the deck and bustle in the rigging. His weatherbeaten TRICORN HAT bears a notch for every Royal Frigate he’s sent to the depths of the sea. His formidable CUTLASS is all ready to go. But it’s his magnificent pair of BARE FEET that earns the respect of his men and the fear of his foes. Just look at those puppies! They slap wetly against the deck as he breaks into dance, all the while spouting seafaring jargon and profanity. Wow! This guy can really cut a rug!Hey, who’s writing this stuff? Don’t they know that audiences won’t accept a privateer wearing anything less than realistic Caribbean Brown Pirate Boots? The faux-leather cuffs make any scurvy outfit look shipshape and seaworthy. And nobody wants to get a closeup of a buccaneer’s bunions!

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  • Mens Black Pirate Beard

    Mens Black Pirate Beard

    Saving FaceWhen you’re facing the high seas, it’s important to be ready for anything. You’ve got your harpoon by your side in case of a giant squid attack. You know you have to bring down the sails when a storm rolls in. The ship is getting overrun by scurvy? You brought along some Vitamin C tablets just for this occasion. You’ve taken almost everything into account so when you’re standing on deck, facing the elements, you’ve got to take care of your face. The sea is full of sun, wind, and salt water. This big, thick, black beard will keep your face from burning in the hot sun and keep you warm while the hurricane gales are howling. A good sailor knows how to save his face!Product DetailsWant your bear to stand out with luxurious length and plenty of salty-dog scruff? This black beard is a great way to go. It straps with an elastic band to the back of your head. It has a hefty mustache that droops over a shaggy long beard for a tough and rugged look. Pirate PersonaBlackbeard, the most famous pirate of all time, was named for his facial hair. What better way to make sure that your pirate costume gets the respect it deserves? Looks like it’s time to set sail, savvy?

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  • Mens Grey Pirate Beard

    Mens Grey Pirate Beard

    Ship Shape yet ShaggyPirates get a bad rap. They were tough and shaggy, sure but who wouldn’t be shaggy when they’re living on the wide ocean. There’s no fresh water, no tubes of toothpaste, no bars of ivory soap. And if you think there were mirrors to make it easy for the pirates to shave, you’d be wrong. But this lack of personal hygiene doesn’t mean that pirates are messy. They kept their ships as clean as can be! They swap the decks more often than most people sweep their floors. They might have been dressed in raggedy clothing on the ship but once they weighed anchor at civilization they dressed to the nines because what else are you going to do with all that loot?Product DetailsThis long, grey beard will make it look like you’ve been sailing the seas for months on end. With layers of shaggy, grey hair you might even look like you’ve been marooned on an island. This beard straps to your face with an elastic band to make sure it stays in place even while you’re climbing the crow’s nest. Now that you’ve got your beard, you just have to decide on your pirate persona. Jolly and jigging or deadly and dapper? It’s up to you!

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  • Treasure Map Accessory

    Treasure Map Accessory

    Going out for Halloween (or just any ordinary day) dressed as a pirate? Make sure you have everything you need. You should already have your pirate costume, black or brown boots, and pirate hat on. You’ve got accessories like a pirate sword, an eye patch, compass and telescope for navigating the high seas. But what is it that you’re looking for in your adventures on the water? Treasure! How are you going to find the treasure without a treasure map? No worries, you can just get this treasure map accessory and you’ll know exactly where that gold can be found. This treasure map will take you from Sea Dog City through the Broken Skull Mountains, around the Shipwreck Islands to the Isle of Plenty. Sure, you could try going straight through the Shipwreck Islands, but there is a reason they’re called that. Dress up in your pirate costume and complete your hunt for treasure with this treasure map accessory!

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  • Satin Pirate Eye Patch w/Earring

    Satin Pirate Eye Patch w/Earring

    <p>If you plan on conquering the seven seas and finding all the best loot in the world, there are a number of things that you have to do to get ready for the competition.  Remember, there might be a few rules that everyone follows on Pirate Island, but on the open sea, it is all fair game.  Now, if you’ve already got the pirate regalia down, you’re already almost all the way there.  We’re talking the full vest, scraggly hair, every shining ring, and, of course, your cutlass.  But, even with that, there is still a level of authenticity that you still need to finish to make sure the rest of those scurvy scum know not to tossle with you.</p> <p>You need to show them that you’ve survived everything.  And, the most crucial bit for that is this Pirate Eye Patch and Earring set.  Now, we’re not saying that you need to go out and lose an eye in a rapier fight.  But, if you <i>look</i> like you survived such an ordeal, that’s going to have everyone thinking twice about a mutiny.  Just remember which eye you put it on.  Things will get really confusing if you swap things up in the middle of the evening.  Of course, then again, that might be just the tactic to use!  Convince them you’ve got a twin!  Bwahaha!</p>

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  • Mens Brown Buckle Pirate Boots

    Mens Brown Buckle Pirate Boots

    Urgent notice! The Pirate King has sent out pigeons throughout all the seas to bring notice to all sailing pirates everywhere. What’s the problem!? Mermaids! They’ve got ballistic with jealousy. After years of watching we surface folk dancing and jumping, running and kicking? They have had it and began stealing away the best and most rugged of boots from pirates everywhere. Raiding, pillaging, smuggling, looting, and even drinking all require the proper equipment! How can anyone stomp on the deck with the proper profound thump if you’re barefoot!? Now, diving into the ocean to retrieve the stolen leathers from a bunch of merfolk is not the best idea. (The leather would be ruined, anyway!) So, we have secondary plans, but we must work quickly! We’re shipping out replacement Men’s Brown Buckle Pirate Boots for those who can act quickly. These brown knee high boots are astoundingly comfortable and available in many sizes, all with a 1 inch heel and a side zipper. Two faux buckles decorate the ankle and arch and the folded flap provide the iconic style of pirates everywhere. Beware, though. The mermaids are watching!

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  • Mens Red Pirate Beard

    Mens Red Pirate Beard

    Beard Your Way to SuccessBeards are glorious! Every famous pirate captain worth his salt has one. After all, beards are a symbol of machismo and a great way to intimidate enemies on the high seas. Where would Edward “Blackbeard” Teach be without his smoldering beard? Where would Hayreddin Barbarossa, “Red Beard”, be without his beard? We certainly wouldn’t be talking about either of them if their beards hadn’t earned them fame and fortune.And if you’re planning on entering the world of skulduggery, then you’d better be sporting some smashing facial hair! What’s that? You don’t have the time to grow a full length to become a renowned pirate captain? No worries, buccaneer! You can just wear this red pirate beard accessory!Product DetailsThis glorious pirate beard is made from synthetic fibers, which are a brilliant red hue. The beard is designed to make you look like a rugged pirate captain, so you should have no problem finding a crew while wearing it! It fits with elastic in the back, so one size fits most, making it an easy addition to any costume.Assemble the CrewWhen you’re supporting a snazzy beard like this, it’s easy to gather up a crew for a high seas adventure! Make sure to check out the rest of our pirate accessories to get an intimidating look for your round of skulduggery.

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  • Treasure Chest Inflatable Cooler

    Treasure Chest Inflatable Cooler

    When you’re sailing the seven seas or in the midst of an amazing Halloween party the last thing you want to do is run out of refreshments! Well luckily, with this Pirate Treasure Chest Inflatable Cooler, that is one less thing to worry about! Once you blow up this inflatable cooler you’ll be able to fit in plenty of refreshing beverages for everyone to refuel with before hitting the dance floor again! Bottled water, cans of soda, perhaps a little bit of rum, anything that will quench the thirst of a pirate can fit in this Treasure Chest!This cooler is designed to look like something you’d have to dig up on a deserted island. With the skull and cross-bones symbol on top of the lid of it, this Treasure Chest is the perfect accessory for your pirate costume! While other scurvy sea-dogs may have parrots or peg-legs, you’ll be given the title of ‘best pirate in all the ocean’ when you enter the party wielding this chest! Everyone will want to hear the tale of your adventure to obtain such a treasure. Although we would just suggest that you don’t keep any actual treasure in this cooler… without a lock, it may not be there for long!

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  • Pirate Hook Accessory

    Pirate Hook Accessory

    A Cutlass ClassicNow, we don’t want anyone thinking that we’re caught up in the past. But we’re bothered that certain pirate traditions are getting left behind when it comes to modern pirate costumes. We get that a striped shirt and colorful scarves make for great costumes but can we ask for a little commitment, please? Pirates had to battle crocodiles… they took on mermaids in wrestling competitions… they rode cannonballs? Anyway, we obviously don’t know much about what pirates actually did but we do know they went through some serious injuries giving them a great excuse to use lovely fashion accessories like eye patches, peg legs, and hooks for hands! Fun Details & DesignThis silver and gold molded hook will serve to make you the best pirate you can be. Just throw the hook over your real hand and watch as your character transforms into an authentic tough sea-faring cur. The molded cuff is five inches tall to cover your fist and has a rod inside so you can hold on and hide the fact that you still have all your digits. Off the HookWe love it when people go all out for their costumes. And if you’re looking at this accessory then you probably respect that view as well. So congratulations, if you’re wearing this look, we’re not gonna make you walk the pirate costume plank! 

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  • Pirate Necklace

    Pirate Necklace

    Are you a rapping pirate? Or maybe you’re a rap artist who idolizes the original gangsters, that being pirates, of course. Well then, we have the perfect accessory for you! Whereas hip-hop artists like to think they were the ones to invent bling, pirates have actually been wearing their own since before the 1600’s.Don’t believe us? Well open up a history book or just check out this golden pirate necklace. It’s all decked out with skulls and black gemstones and has a gold chain to keep it safely wrapped around your neck. Add this bling to your attire before you embark on you next villainous voyage or before you run out on stage. In both cases, you will instantly gain mad street cred (or sea cred as pirates like to call it). So grab this Pirate Necklace and become the best dressed on your ship or in the music business!

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