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  • Adult Ghastly Ghoul Mask

    Adult Ghastly Ghoul Mask

    Ever feel like you have a head splitting headache? Well, this guy did, and while it didn’t mark the end of him, he is still suffering the repercussions of not taking his Advil… cause now he’s destined to wander the earth in search of more and more of it! At least that’s the back story that we came up with for this Ghastly Ghoul mask, but when you add this detailed latex mask to your Halloween ensemble, you can come up with any back story you like!Maybe you’ll be a zombie who likes to feast on the flesh of his victims, or maybe you’re just a plain old pilot who happened to venture a little too close to his plane’s propeller. Whatever kind of story you’d like to create, this signature mask has the chilling effect to bring it to reality! Detailed molded latex covers your entire head, which leaves the rest of your attire to be created however your desire. Realistic paint details feature a realistic blood color and a wide gaped mouth that’s ready to raise a little hell. You can be a zombie or ghoul of your own creation with this exclusive mask. Just customize your look with body makeup, and we’re sure you’re going to be making quite the impression at your costume party!

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  • Comic Book Brawler Mask

    Comic Book Brawler Mask

    Say you’re a criminal mastermind, and you’re putting together a team for a big heist, who all would you need? Obviously, you’d need a sneaky cat burglar type, for getting into tight spots, and you’d need a quick thinkin’, smooth talker for getting back out. You might want to bring along an explosives expert, too, just in case you find an especially tricky door you can’t open. Does that cover the basics? Oh, you almost forgot a couple of hard-hittin’ goons to back your team up with some muscle! You could always bring a couple of guys who are wearing this Comic Book Brawler Mask along, just in case you need to intimidate some bold-feeling security guards. This beefy mask is definitely intimidating, and it makes the wearer look like a real tough cookie. You might not want to call them “cookie” to their face though, you should see how the last guy who did that looks…

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  • Light Bulb Mask

    Light Bulb Mask

    Do you feel like you have a ton of bright ideas? Do you wake up with a brilliant idea almost everyday? Man, you could possibly be the next Albert Einstein or even better…you could be the very first Light Bulb Head. As the first Light Bulb Head, everyone will see you as an illuminating guiding light who comes up with all the best ideas without really having to think. Who needs a brain when you have a light bulb for a head? If you want to be seen as intelligent and indubitably bright, just put on this light bulb mask. You’ll most likely start a new trend and a new following before you even know it! This latex mask is shaped like a light bulb. Eyebrows are carved into the light bulb, but that’s the only facial feature on this unique mask. You can even wear it with a scientist lab coat for a one-of-a-kind costume that will be a shining light among a sea of dark and spooky costumes.

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  • Fury in the Future Half Mask

    Fury in the Future Half Mask

    It’s important when starting a cult to have an awe-inspiring if not somewhat frightening look. That way, once you start building an army of devotees, they’ll be ready to obey your every command! Your boys of war will be loyal and true and all they’ll ask of you is to help them ride eternal to the gates of Valhalla. The road’s a little bumpy, so outfit your costume with this mask. You’re sure to be witnessed on any road trip!Pair this mask with a weathered-looking blond wig for that windblown villain look. Be sure to enjoy the journey, they say getting there is half the fun! Just be sure to embrace your rotund shape, you can always shape yourself with an odd clear muscle mold, then people are sure to respect every ounce of your mass. This mask is intimidating with skeletal teeth, breathing tubes for avoiding all the sand from your journey, and a metal border to make it more comfortable. It straps to the back of your head for a comfortable yet evil look!

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  • Deluxe Emperor Palpatine Mask

    Deluxe Emperor Palpatine Mask

    Getting mutilated by your own Force lightning stinks. Not only does it hurt like the dickens, but it turns your face into something from a horror show. Sure, with a face like that, it might be just the trick to turn Anakin Skywalker into your newest apprentice, Darth Vader, and the people of the Republic might be more sympathetic to your whole “kill all Jedi” policy, but if you ask us, you’re much better off putting on this Emperor Palpatine mask. Not only will you get to keep your handsome good looks while practicing the dark side, but you don’t have to challenge Mace Windu to a lightsaber duel just to set your evil plans in motion. With how smart Darth Sidious is, we just can’t see how he didn’t figure this way out himself.

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  • Adult Smeary Doll Face Mask

    Adult Smeary Doll Face Mask

    Everyone has a terrifying story from their past that involves a doll and a dark room. Those dead glassy eyes of theirs just seem to follow you around, watching your every move. So, yeah… sleeping wasn’t always the easiest task in the room that held all of those creepy old-timey dolls at grandma’s or that one friend’s house or maybe it was your own room. They seem to always hold a look upon their faces afflicted by neglect, a mixture of terrible sadness and growing hatred. It is just downright scary! Now, you can match this look of horror from your childhood with this Adult Smeary Doll Face Mask! You’ll look like something come to life out of an antique store in a horror flick. If you know anyone that happened to miss out on a scary doll story in their own past then, with this mask, you can have the honor of haunting their dreams for years to come!

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  • Deluxe Dinosaur Latex Mask

    Deluxe Dinosaur Latex Mask

    So how much do you really know about dinosaurs? There are a lot of pretty cool facts that you might have never learned. For example, dinosaurs lived on every single continent. That includes Antarctica! Brrrr. The dinosaurs used their long tails to help keep their balance when they ran. (A tail to keep your balance when you’re running sounds pretty handy to us) You can tell what dinosaur ate meat because they usually walked on two legs, and the plant eaters usually walked on all fours. Easier to snag a meaty dinner when you’re up on your hind legs, right?Yeah, we love dinosaurs here. Including the fact that dinosaurs eggs were the size of basketballs, and that the dinosaurs that lived by water usually left the best fossils. Now, if you asked us what dinosaurs make for the best Halloween costumes, we’d have to say this one right here. Imagine the Jurassic statement you’ll make wearing this T-Rex mask with your favorite outfit?Like so many of our masks, this one is high quality latex and very detailed. The mouth has a hole in it so you can see where you’re going. Because, you don’t want to end up in a tar pit this Halloween like the real dinosaurs, do you? You can have all sorts of fun accessorizing with this mask. Just don’t take your dinosaur role-playing too far and start chowing down on rocks. Did you know dinosaurs ate rocks to help them digest their food? So cool!

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  • Trash Can Adult Mask

    Trash Can Adult Mask

    Maybe you love trash. Can’t get enough of that sweet, smelly stuff. Maybe you’ve sometimes used a trash can as a hiding place, inspired by your childhood hero Oscar the Grouch, and want to treasure those memories. Maybe you just want a funny, offbeat mask. For any of those cases and many more, this Trash Can Adult Mask is ideal. Get in touch with your inner grouch!Do you ever feel too hideous to go out in public? You’d love to run down the store and get something fresh to cook, but after an especially stressful week your complexion is just garbage. Well, you probably look better than you think, but what better to distract a judgmental public from your perceived imperfections than this Trash Can Adult Mask? Some establishments might ask you to take it off before they serve you––“no trash can mask” is sort of an implied part of the whole “no shoes, no shirt” thing––but even the least camera-ready of visages will look great compared to literal garbage (or a molded latex facsimile of it, at least).Maybe your self-esteem is where you want it to be. You see yourself as garbage. Human refuse. You can’t change who you are––you’re just a trashy person! Does it get much lower than this? Represent your inner Eeyore or Debbie Downer with this statement-making Trash Can Adult Mask without assaulting your face with potentially-jagged metal and other people’s waste. It may look filthy, but it comes squeaky clean.

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  • Adult Emoticon Smile Mask

    Adult Emoticon Smile Mask

    Are people usually telling you to ‘turn that frown upside down?’ Do some people ask, ‘what’s your deal, why do you always look so grumpy?’ Do you get compared to Grumpy Cat all too often? Now you can simply put on a mask to shut them up! Specifically this Adult Emoticon Smile Mask. Whatever frowny face you were wearing is now replaced with the happiest face ever. No longer will you be forced to smile for family photos or group pictures with your friends. You can be completely dead on the inside and no one will ever know! On the other hand, maybe you’re not dead on the inside but you just don’t see the point in wasting all that energy on a smile, you probably have better things to spend it on anyways. So you can get away without flexing all those facial muscles (10 to be exact, compared to 6 when you frown) once you throw on this smiley face mask. Conserve energy and be the life of the party with this Emoticon mask!

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  • Adult Emoticon Wink Mask

    Adult Emoticon Wink Mask

    ‚ÄúWe go together like a wink and a smile.‚Äù Harry Connick Jr. had it right, when he sang his song ‚ÄúA Wink and a Smile,‚Äù and now, instead of serenading your crush on the bleachers, you can show them your affection with an actual wink, lol, and smiley face emoji. In this day and age, everyone and their grandmother uses emojis ‚Äì except for that one uncle who just can‚Äôt seem to figure out how to send an email, let alone one chalked full of emoticons. And even better, now you can actually transform into a life size emoji, with this Adult Emoticon Wink Mask! Messaging has never been so easy; with just a turn of your head, you can shoot that special someone a wink that they cannot miss! This is especially useful if you can‚Äôt wink, because nothing is more frustrating than blinking at a person, and not a getting an adequate response. Just what kind of message are you trying to send? Don’t be ambiguous, show off that you’re just playing, or that you feel the pains of cupid‚Äôs arrow, with this ambitious Emoticon Mask. Pair it with the Adult Emoticon Smile Mask, and you are sure to be a part of an unstoppable, emotion filled duo! We hope the intended recipient will enjoy your messaging style! Now, if you are trying to capture someone‚Äôs heart, you may also want to have a boom box or other romantic gesture on reserve, just in case this mask doesn‚Äôt completely seal the deal‚Ķ

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  • The Cyclops Mask

    The Cyclops Mask

    You’ve heard the old tales when Cyclops roamed the earth causing havoc for the old heroes. Why do they only have one eye? We may never know. But they’re one of the most fearsome foes to ever grace mythology, and finally, the brutish Cyclops is back from the dead, walking among us again! Okay, okay… that might be a bit hyperbolic, but this Cyclops mask REALLY is cool, and it’s one of the best masks we’ve seen that’s sure to get some attention anywhere you go. Just put your phone at the top and let it play the animation and you’re officially a living, breathing cyclops. The illusion is uncanny!

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  • Blank Female Mask

    Blank Female Mask

    We are naturally attracted to the mysteries of things. That’s why we are always asking so many questions. Like, what is beyond the stars? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop? (We’ve never been able to figure that out.) And, somethings we don’t really want an answer to, preferring the mystery to the truth. What flavor is superman ice cream, and what makes it look like that?This is the reason that people are so alluring at masquerades. We want to know who is really under that disguise. What handsome prince is hiding behind that Guy Fawkes mask? They’ll be asking the same when you show up wearing this Blank Female Mask. Because, behind a mask, you could be any one. This will be the kind of mystery where they will be wanting to lift up the blank mask to see your beautiful face. So, dance with the dashing Guy Fawkes, and have a night of mysterious attraction.

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  • Night Stalker Mask

    Night Stalker Mask

    If making small children wet their pants has been getting too easy for a ghoulish fella like yourself then maybe it’s time to go after some bigger game! Move on to scaring the jeepers out of your co-workers and your close friends. If you’re sitting there wondering how you’ll ever accomplish such a task, we’re about to blow your mind! Check out this haunting Night Stalker Mask!With enough terrifying facial features to make a real zombie crawl right back into its shallow grave, this mask delivers the kind of movie-star looks thought to only be found on the set of grade-A horror flicks! The teeth on this mask alone are frightening enough to make a werewolf run back into the dog-house with his tail between his legs. A vampire would see your abundance of razor sharp fangs and respectfully step aside to let you spread terror throughout the night. So enjoy being the latest and greatest nightmare your neighborhood has ever seen with this Night Stalker Mask!

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  • Sheldon Mask

    Sheldon Mask

    Are you too smart for your own good? Do you require a specific schedule for every single aspect of your life, including a bathroom schedule? Do you have an abnormal love for contracts? If you answered yes to any of these then we’ve got the perfect costume for you! Our Sheldon Mask will have you looking like the perfect clone of everybody’s favorite quirky character from the hit show The Big Bang Theory! No Bazinga’s here, just throw on your favorite superhero tee and pair of khakis and you will be a spitting image of Sheldon Cooper! You better brush up on your quantum physics, comic book knowledge and other random facts because we all know the real Sheldon Cooper always know the answer to everything, literally everything.

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  • PVC Stormtrooper Mask

    PVC Stormtrooper Mask

    The life of a Stormtrooper is rough. Back in the early days of the Republic, enlistment itself was quite a bother. You first had to be a direct clone of Jango. That pretty much eliminated any chance for most of us from joining up. Those lucky enough to be completely identical right down to DNA then had to endure years of tough training on Kamino. And, even after all that, let’s just say that the aiming of blasters was… problematic. We thought it was the genetics, so we opened it up to anyone capable of finishing the training and donning the iconic gear… but same problem.Oh, we laughed for several hours when we realized that it was the mask that was the problem! Optics were completely misaligned. So many clones all dead because of that silly mistake. Whoops! So, now we have almost no Stormtroopers available and a completely repaired optical system. Good news for you, Stormtrooper, because you’re enlisted! Grab your officially licensed half mask molded PVC Stormtrooper Mask and get ready to go head to head with an unknown number rebels. It’s that easy! Don’t worry. We’re sure that your aim is going to be better than before. It basically can’t not be!

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