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  • Broken Baby Doll Adult Mask

    Broken Baby Doll Adult Mask

    A Humpty Dumpty DispositionWe all know what happened to the famous egg that was so fond of heights. His ultimate downfall was a real mess. Here’s the thing, wouldn’t it be so much creepier if Mr. Dumpty was a baby doll? There’s nothing more bone-chilling than broken and abandoned children’s toys. It’s a sure fire way to make people shriek in a pan shot during a horror movie. You know those little China dolls lined up on the supposedly innocent nursery bookshelf are sure to come back into the plot sooner or later. What’s worse than hearing the pitter patter of porcelain feet while the shot only shows the main character sleeping with one hand dangling off the bed? Here’s a tip, if you’re sleeping in a house of horror keep all your limbs securely tucked to the safety of your Sleep Number mattress!Product DetailsIf you’re looking to become the nightmare-inducing star of your local haunted houses. This mask has a horrifying cracked appearance, has red, watery eyes and has holes for sight over the dolls eyes. It slips over the head and is made of latex for a comfortable fit. For full effect, pair it with one of our baby costumes or an unhinged clown costume and bring everyone’s horror movie fears to life. Everything Halloween is Cracked Out to BeIt’s about time that you brought back the scary into Halloween! Spooking has never been so easy. All you need to do is let out a “Gaga” from a dimly look corner and watch the terror unfold. Your place is not a crib we’ll be visiting anytime soon!

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  • Gas Mask

    Gas Mask

    Your cousin Mick who built the bunker in his back 40 might be a little odd. He says some weird things like “the end of the world is nigh!” Heck, the only nigh you know is Bill Nye, who is trying to save the world from global warming, and greenhouse gasses. Maybe that’s what Mick means when he says “nigh”, he means “Nye”. Maybe he isn’t so crazy after all.Grab one of these Military Style Gas Masks, and get ready to button down in Mick’s bunker during the end of the world. Hopefully it will be strong enough to withstand the stupidity of humans who (us including even though we try) don’t properly recycle, and rely on their gas vehicles too much. Mick predicts the air will become unbreathable here, and it’s already started in China, very soon. *Warning* This is not a functioning gas mask, and will probably NOT save you in the event of the end of the world. Sorry. Mick probably has functioning extra one though.

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  • Soft and Sexy Mask

    Soft and Sexy Mask

    Have you ever really wanted to give someone the ol’Shyamalan surprise, you know, the classic M. Night twist, when you straight up blow someone’s mind right off the face of the earth? Well, speaking of faces, we’ve got an idea…and it’s so crazy, it might just work. Step one, throw this Soft and Sexy Woman Mask on with your next costume. Step two, either subtly or suddenly rip it off at some point during the night. And that’s the whole plan, just two easy steps. You’ll be sure to give everyone whiplash when they have to do a double take. With the high quality of the mask, you may even see the victims of this prank continuing to search through the party for Judy or Heather (or whatever the fake name was that you used). So whether you feel like pulling a fast one on your friends this Halloween or if you’d like to dress in drag this Soft and Sexy Woman Mask is sure to help perfect your illusion.

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  • Adult Saw Billy Puppet Vacuform Mask

    Adult Saw Billy Puppet Vacuform Mask

    You know the saying don’t shoot the messenger. It’s a wonder all of Jigsaw’s victims didn’t keep that saying in mind and focus on the task at hand when they were trying to get out of their traps. Billy is simply a way of talking to the victims of these horrible puzzles. So while Adam may have destroyed the puppet but if he had simply gotten out of his apartment maybe he wouldn’t have ended up chained to a bathtub. If you’re puzzling over your Halloween costume this year you can be sure that this is one character that’s sure to creep out holiday revelers. All your need is a black suit, red Mary Janes, and a green bowler hat and you’ve got a costume for the books. Or you could simply wear the mask, Billy the puppet is undeniably creepy no matter what he’s wearing. Enjoy your costume, after all, the games have just begun.

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  • Deluxe Barack Obama Mask

    Deluxe Barack Obama Mask

    Sure, he was the president of the free world, as they say, but we think he’s reached a real cultural milestone here with this deluxe Barack Obama mask!How many political figures become iconic enough for their own mask? Not many, so he should be proud. But the best part about wearing this mask? You don’t actually have to run a country like the real Barack Obama has to (as well as you think you might do, just no). Just think: you don’t want to worry about the budget of 300 million diverse people, or about the health and compensation of the elderly, or the educational outlook for many future generations, or the defense of the entire nation from threats domestic and abroad. Yeah, see? Don’t you want to sleep well at night?! You can just party and leave all the tough work to the real one.

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  • Adult Clown Doll Mask

    Adult Clown Doll Mask

    There are really only two kinds of clowns out there. The ones that are trying to be funny and friendly around everyone but still look kind of creepy with all that makeup on their face and then the clowns that are entirely terrifying to anybody from a small child to a fully grown Navy Seal. There is absolutely no in between with these things and as people with PhDs in various fields of all things costume, we can confirm this. Can you guess which category this mask fits in? I’ll give you a hint, don’t wear this to a child’s birthday party, or any of our full-grown adult birthday parties. Once a beautiful porcelain doll face that some cursed little child got to and decided to give a bit of a makeover, this will be sure to strike a little bit of fear into anyone this Halloween. Just don’t look in any mirrors when you have it on, it’s not cursed or anything so the mask won’t be permanently stuck to you or anything, you’ll just probably really scare yourself.

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  • Preacher Arse Face Appliance

    Preacher Arse Face Appliance

    If you’ve seen the hit TV show Preacher on AMC, then you probably already recognize this here face appliance. Because man, on its own it looks pretty weird! But when you put it under your nose and place it over your mouth you’ll transform into Eugene Root, also known as Arse Face. He had a terrible accident when he was younger and this disfigured his face to look just like this face appliance.Luckily, it’s easy for you to just wear this half appliance and become the character for Halloween. No terrible, tragic backstory required. When you get it on you’ll see that you’ve been transformed into Eugene. Easy! We think it’s a great start to an awesome Preacher group costume idea, so be sure to check all of them out before heading out on the spookiest day of the year.

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  • Preacher Arse Face

    Preacher Arse Face

    Preacher is a weird but compelling show filled with unique and interesting characters that you would never find on any other show. Arse Face here, also known as Eugene Root, is one of those characters. He’s a sweet kid, but he has a face that’s hard to look at…That’s why Arse Face here makes the perfect Halloween mask. Preacher fans look no further for your new look. This detailed mask recreates the disfigured face of the Preacher character, so you can slip it on and be Eugene for the night. We just hope you’re also sweet and kind and caring like the character while wearing the mask. We think it would be perfect to pair with a group costume of characters from the hit TV show. 

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  • Deadly Silence Child Mask

    Deadly Silence Child Mask

    We’re not sure where Ghoulish Productions got the idea for this mask. It looks like it came from the 9th circle of the underworld! We are, however, sure about how terrifying this thing is (and we’ve seen a lot of scary things in our day). Fiendish costumes come through our office every single day and we barely even flinch (we’ve gotten a little desensitized), but this number? Some of us are still freaked out by it.Then we found out that it was for kids and we decided it was ten times worse. This thing is going to be the bane of every parent on the block on Halloween night. This Deadly Silence mask is gruesome and will make parents shriek in fear at the mere sight of it. This molded latex mask depicts some kind of ghoulish fiend with piercing evil eyes and a mouth that’s melded shut. Even real ghouls and goblins won’t be able to stand the sight of your kid running around in this grotesque mask. And your kid? Well, we imagine they’ll love inspiring that kind of terror.

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  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Electronic Mask

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Electronic Mask

    When you become a Sith warrior, or at the very least fall to the Dark Side of the Force, it seems like the next step in the transition is to get a cool, but frightening helmet. Darth Vader had one (and it became iconic for a villain) and then with The Force Awakens we got the sequel: Kylo Ren.Kylo’s helmet, of course, is sleek and updated from Darth Vader’s, but it still has that Dark Side vibe with dark facemask, obscured eyes, and some kind of voice changing tech. We really like that Kylo Ren decided to add some silver trim to make it a little different and interesting. We also can’t help but wonder how that battle damage happened… what’s the story there!? We’re not sure yet. No matter, if your kid has his sights set on the dark side, well, then it will be time for him to write his own history in the galaxy far, far away when you get this electronic Kylo Ren mask. It looks just like the one seen in the iconic Star Wars films, and it has an integrated voice changer to sound just like the mysterious Kylo. Officially licensed, it’s his chance to fall to the Dark Side in Sith style!

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  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi Stormtrooper Electronic Mask

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Stormtrooper Electronic Mask

    It seems like no matter where you go in the Star Wars galaxy–anywhere–there’s just a bunch of pesky party poopers who seem to get in the way. Yes, we’re talking about Stormtroopers. And it doesn’t matter if you’re holed up in a cantina at Mos Eisley or if you’re working as a scrapper on Jakku. Somehow, someway, Stormtroopers are gonna get up in your business and try to ruin your day!So, if you can’t beat ’em, you might as well just join ’em! And whether your kid has his sights set on working under the tutelage of Lord Darth Vader, or they prefer to mount an insurrection from the outer rim with the First Order, the most important part of becoming a Stormtrooper is getting the look just right. Starting, of course, with the helmet!This Star Wars: The Last Jedi Stormtrooper Electronic Mask will let your kid complete your Stormtrooper costume with signature style. It captures the updated style of Stormtroopers from The Last Jedi, and it’s enhanced with some sweet features. Voice amplification? Yes, please! And don’t worry, if you’d rather your kiddo wasn’t battling alongside Kylo Ren, they’ll always be able to defect and join the Resistance. It worked out great for Finn!

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  • Yao Ming Meme Face Adult Mask

    Yao Ming Meme Face Adult Mask

    Sometimes words just don’t cut it. In fact, you might notice that in this age of the internet we have come to depend on words a lot less than we used to. Are you happy about someone bring home pizza for dinner? Send over a heart eyed, open mouthed smiley face. Work plans forcing you to miss the new episode of your favorite show? Send the world a triangle mouth with angry eye brows.  But wait, wordless communication isn’t limited to simple emoticons! Oh no! You can also tap into the wonderful of memes. Becoming fluent in memeing is a special talent, appreciated by friends and family. A grumpy cat can buoy a bad day and a Yao Ming, well a Yao Ming can do to many things to list. Talk about an image that highlights the limited capacity of words! If you’re looking for a costume that will celebrate the wonders of the modern age this mask might be just what the meme doctor ordered! In this black and white molded mask everyone will see you for the sarcastic character you are. Who knew it was so easy to become a legend? It’s time to hop off Reddit and into the real world, they’re ready for you!

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  • Mr. Robot Fsociety Adult Mask

    Mr. Robot Fsociety Adult Mask

    We can’t really utter the actual F Society message because we try to keep things family-friendly around here, but if you’ve seen the AMAZING show Mr. Robot you already know what this is. It comes from a weird and obscure horror movie that Elliot and his sister Darlene watched in their childhood. When they decided to become hackers, there was only one good choice for their mascot, and that’s how F Society’s official mascot was born.This mask is officially licensed and high-quality, so you too can become Mr. Robot in seconds. After that, all you need is to add a hoodie, or maybe a tuxedo, and an old VHS camera so you too can make some mysterious messages for the public. Just try and keep it nice and friendly, okay? We like to keep everything nice and friendly around here, even when talking about our maniacal masks!

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  • Eyeball MASKOT Head

    Eyeball MASKOT Head

    They say the third eye is a gate that leads to inner consciousness. Honestly, we’ve never met anyone with a third eye. Maybe it’s supposed to be metaphorical. You might think we’re being ridiculous but when you work at you see some pretty strange things stroll through the office. Here’s the question, if there’s one eye covering your entire head does it count as more than one eye?There are a couple ways of looking at this. If you pop a straw into a bottle of Rose and sip on that till it’s dry that doesn’t count as one drink. But if you’ve got a sweater so large that three people can fit in it, it’s just one sweater except it’s extra cozy because three people are tucked into the cable knit. Long story short, in our humble opinion we think wearing this giant eye on your head might give you an insight to your inner consciousness or it’ll just give you a freakishly cool look for your next costume party.

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  • Black Glitter Bunny Mask

    Black Glitter Bunny Mask

    Who says all bunnies need to be cute, fluffy, and white? How about a bunny that is sexy, sparkly, and dark? If this bunny sounds like your kind of spirit animal, channel its sultry vibes with our Black Glitter Bunny Mask! Be the little bunny gone wild when you put this bunny mask on. The black glitter design means you‚Äôre not a forest dweller anymore, but rather, you are ready to take on the big city. Get busy with the rest of your look, because with this glitter mask, you’re going to have a long night of partying ahead. Pair it with a black long sleeve shirt and leggings for a subtle look, but for a more bombshell appearance, dress up in fishnets and a black tutu. When you show up in this mask, we are sure the other city bunnies won’t be able to get enough of you!

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  • Adult Judge Dredd Mask

    Adult Judge Dredd Mask

    No one is better at mean muggin’ than Judge Dredd. He has the kind of face that says, “Someone ate the last donut at headquarters before I even had the chance to have one.” Then again, if you had to spend your entire day chasing after dangerous criminals dispensing justice with extreme prejudice, you probably wouldn’t be a cheery chap either. The good news is that you don’t need to start practicing your frown face to get an authentic look based on the comic book character. All you need is this licensed mask.Based on the iconic character from the gritty comic book, this Judge Dredd mask is molded to look just like his mean mug. All you have to do is slip it on over your head and you have the instant grumpy face of the law enforcement enthusiast. And yes, you totally get to shout, “I AM THE LAW!” while you wear it.

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  • Adult Black And Silver Venetian Mask On A Stick

    Adult Black And Silver Venetian Mask On A Stick

    Ah the masquerade balls of old. They were such a great time keeping your identity a secret and having a wonderful time no matter where in life you come from. There was always one problem with this world of mystery. What if you met someone and fell absolutely in love with the person behind the mask and wished to see each other again? Sure the romance of one night of courting before you both disappear from each other’s lives forever sounds great in a story, but this is the modern age where none of us want to continue online dating until our souls give up on ever finding a mate. Pulling off a mask will have to be an elegant reveal too, but messing with an elastic band that’s tangled in your hair can really kill the mood. Why not instead simply drop the mask you were holding on a stick, revealing your identity without so much as a single line around your eyes from the lenses pressing against them all night. We’ll expect a wedding invitation in the mail for our service.

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  • Boogeyman Mask

    Boogeyman Mask

    Checking under the bed for a scary monster is a big part of every little kid’s childhood. All little one know that first you must check under the bed, then the closet, then behind the curtain, then one last time under the bed just to make sure. There’s no such thing as being too careful, when you’re looking for the Boogey Man. After all, he is the entity that is responsible for haunting the nightmares of children. Be honest, were you afraid of the big, bad, Boogey Man when you were a kid? If you were, then what better way to pay homage to your most feared childhood monster than by wearing this Boogey Man Mask. Plus, you get the added bonus of scaring every little annoying kid on your block. They’ll run in terror when they see you! This Boogey Man mask is a quality mask that is made from latex. It appears to have a ghostly-like gray head that forms a small tip in the back. The bloodshot eyes pop out from the mask. There are tiny slits underneath so you can see out easily while you terrorize the neighborhood kids. The mouth is one of the scariest features of this mask because of the sharp jagged teeth. Put on the mask and transform into every kid’s worst nightmare!

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  • Adult Caddyshack Rodney Dangerfield Mask

    Adult Caddyshack Rodney Dangerfield Mask

    You can’t just show up to a country club like Bushwood and act like you own the joint. That is, not unless you show up wearing this Caddyshack Rodney Dangerfield Mask! You’ll look just like his character, Al Czervik from the cult classic! He may not have been an owner or a co-founder of the Bushwood County Club but he certainly acted like he owned the place. Al even states the only reason he came to visit the club was to possibly buy the whole shebang.So if you want to dress up as a hysterical, fun-loving billionaire get your hands on a colorful golf getup and top it off with this zany Rodney Dangerfield Mask! To bring the whole costume to life, carry around an awesome golf bag that can also act as a stereo system and a cooler! Then you can really get the party started! Just make sure you’re quick with the zingers and you’ll be ready to portray this iconic comedy figure.

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  • Do It Yourself Black Mask

    Do It Yourself Black Mask

    Ahh, a fresh slate. This smooth black plastic mask is just waiting for you to take control of its destiny. How good does that feel? It almost reminds you that life is full of possibilities, just begging for your brilliant and creative ideas. What can you do with this mask? It’s really up to you. Paint it. Glue some craft supplies on it. You could even leave it blank for the minimalist effect. The whole world of Pinterest is at your fingertips. With all those ideas out there, you should probably get more than one of these. Masked events are good ways to hide your face but show what you’ve got in that noggin of yours, especially when you’ve decorated your own mask. Maybe you’ve gone the sparkly route, maybe you’ve done something truly avant-garde. We’ve got ideas but we’re not going to interrupt your stream of creativity, we know you’re brilliant. Just remember to have fun with it. Oh, and send us a picture of your creation, just for fun. We’re totally not going to steal your brilliant ideas, we would never dream of it. . .

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  • Blank Male Mask

    Blank Male Mask

    Life is full of mysteries. Like who finished the milk, and ate all the chocolate out of the trail mix. Also, who is behind that mask? We can only assume it is one handsome man.The man behind the mask at the masquerade party is far more important than questioning who ate all the chips and dip. If you are going to Halloween party and want a fool proof jabbawockeez mask for your un-dead costume the Blank Male Mask is for you. The accessory is molded to fit male facial features on the front. It has holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth. The mask is put on with an elastic strap, and will stay in place as you dance at the masquerade ball.

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  • Blurp Charlie Child Mask

    Blurp Charlie Child Mask

    Has anyone ever told you to stop hiding behind a façade and let the real you out? The idea is that you’re like a Matryoshka doll, the kind that fits smaller and smaller dolls inside of itself. Eventually, if you dig deep enough, you’ll get to your core—your “real” you, the you sometimes hidden behind fear and the desire to fit in and the worry about living up to your parents’ expectations. People will insist that you’ve got to let that real you out, or you’ll be miserable.Well, kids, this is not what they had in mind.The Blurp Charlie Child Mask does indeed show someone “coming out” of someone else—but the mask takes things a little more literally. This latex mask shows a skeleton emerging from another guy’s open mouth, complete with realistic guts and gore. Honestly, we’re not sure if the wagging tongue belongs to the skeleton (wouldn’t that have atrophied by now?) or the guy. And why is the skeleton making a break for it, anyway? There are a lot of unanswered questions here, but one thing’s for sure: your kid will have all eyes on him when he walks through the door wearing the Blurp Charlie Child Mask.

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  • Red Full Face Mask

    Red Full Face Mask

    There are a lot of ways to make your face turn red in this crazy world. You could “accidentally” reveal an embarrassing childhood story to a long time crush. Or, maybe you could stub your toe in a library, and hold your breath to keep from shouting chains of obscenities at all the other patrons. Or, you could just, you know, paint it red. Anything that gets your blood pumping will probably be pretty effective at making you red in the face. Luckily, wearing this Red Full Face Mask is a less messy, and less painful, method of face-reddening. Just put it on with the elastic band, and your face can stay red from sunrise to sunset, and all the other times in between. It’s a perfect accessory for a devil costume, masquerade outfit, or any other occasion where you would want a red (and sorta creepy) face.

    $5.99 Masks
  • Child Ghastly Ghoul Mask

    Child Ghastly Ghoul Mask

    When you’re a parent, you’ll experience plenty of proud moments watching your little one grow up, but there’s no prouder moment than when your child looks up at you, with hopeful eyes and says, ‚ÄúI want to be a zombie.‚Äù That one gets us right in the feels. That’s the very moment that you know that you’ve raised your child right. Don’t fret, as we have the perfect mask to transform your little terror into the hideous and repulsive creature of the night he’s been yearning to become this Halloween.Straight from the minds of our costume experts, this Ghastly Ghoul mask for child is both ghastly AND ghoulish. It’s molded to look like a bloodied zombie face, complete with a crater of flesh where the skull would normally be. The bottom portion has the mouth of a ravenous zombie molded into it, which ought to be enough to make friends and family scream in terror with one glimpse.

    $19.99 Masks