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  • Bleeding Skull Mask

    Bleeding Skull Mask

    Bleeding Skull Mask

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  • Batman 3/4 Vinyl Adult Mask

    Batman 3/4 Vinyl Adult Mask

    Batman 3/4 Vinyl Adult Mask

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  • Anime Mask

    Anime Mask

    Anime Masks includes a mask

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  • Slash Halloween Mask

    Slash Halloween Mask

    Slash Halloween Mask;Full Over the Head Latex Zombie Mask. This Detailed and Disturbing Latex Mask is a pure Masterpiece. Not for the faint of heart Slash is sure to Frighten even the bravest Trick or Treater.

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  • Adult Simple Skull Mask

    Adult Simple Skull Mask

    If you’re sick of people calling you a bonehead, then show them what one really looks like this Halloween. Add this Adult Skull Mask to your Skeleton or Grim Reaper costume and you’re sure to rattle some bones. Look as if a crazed witch doctor summoned you from the depths of your grave to walk the earth yet again and send chills down all of your friends’ and neighbors’ spines. Grab a black robe and with the grimace smile on this mask, everyone will just be praying that you’re not hanging around to later escort them to the afterlife.This simple mask is about as spooky and affordable as it gets. With the perfect amount of detail to keep people screaming, this mask is one of the best decisions you can make for Halloween! If you’re ready to look like a bone-afied killer then get your hands on this Simple Skull Mask and complete your ghoulish costume.

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  • Edgar Allan Poe Mask

    Edgar Allan Poe Mask

    The Tell-Tale HitThere are so many reasons to love the classic “master of horror” Edgar Allan Poe. Where would we be without this author? Without the hit, “The Raven” that is read in grade schools throughout the world? That would be such a boring, cheerful world where Halloween readings are centered on orange pumpkins and silly skeletons. This poet has been influencing authors that have provided us with spine tingles for a healthy century now. From The Pit and the Pendulum to The Mask of the Red Death, Poe captured the dread that lies dormant in all of us that is waiting to escape. Better to vent that anxiety while reading a story than while you’re driving in morning traffic, right? So, this Halloween, it’s time to pay tribute to the godfather of gothic, the father of fear: our man, Edgar Allan Poe. Product DetailsWith thick, black locks molded from a flexible, movable material, this mask fits over your head, letting you instantly transform into the distinguished author. You won’t even need to write a classic to be recognized as the haunted genius of the macabre that everyone knows and loves. With a contemplative expression and a black and gray color theme, this mask has the look of the ghost of Mr. Poe, visiting our world for one last reading of The Raven. Something Worth “Raven” AboutThis costume is perfect for library events, Halloween parties, and even ghost tours. Want to make this a look no one will ever forget? Make your costume complete with a suit or dress vest, a raven on your shoulder, and maybe a book under your arm just in case you meet a fan that insists on an impromptu reading. A boring Halloween costume that fades into the ordinary? Nevermore. 

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  • Grey Alien Mask

    Grey Alien Mask

    Intergalactic TourismIf you met a little grey man on a sunny afternoon and that little guy wanted to see the highlights of earthling life, what would you show him? We know, it’s a hard question. There are so many factors! Has this alien been to earth before? Will people recognize him as extraterrestrial or is he going to wear a straw hat and large sunglasses? Does he have a sense of humor or is he concerned with taking valuable human data as part of his job? And most importantly, do you and your new cosmic pal have access to his lightning-fast UFO? If so you two could lunch on Poboys while listening to brass bands on the sunny cobblestone streets of New Orleans at one o’clock and be dancing in an underground club in Istanbul before midnight. While it’s unlikely that a little grey man will ask you to play tour guide to earth anytime soon, your chances are sure to go up when you’re dressed like his people!Product DetailsYou’ll look like you just landed on this green planet when you throw on this grey alien mask. Driving any vehicle, including unidentified flying objects, while wearing this mask is discouraged due to peering at the world through eye slits. However, the eyes under your human ones look like they could see in total darkness as they are glassy and oversized, just as we’d expect!Fresh Off the UFOThe ensemble you could put together with this mask is as varied as the activities you could do with a little grey man on a sunny afternoon! You could look like a businessman from outer space when wearing a suit or an intergalactic tourist learning to party like a human when wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Hey, you could even wear a silver bodysuit if you want to embrace a space-age kind of style! So, welcome to earth and buckle up, anything can happen here! 

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  • Green Alien Mask

    Green Alien Mask

    Area 51There are a lot of secrets when it comes to alien encounters on planet earth. It’s getting harder to keep those secrets contained. The thing is, since aliens landed in the nineteen fifties, the government has been trying to keep the galaxy’s biggest nightclub under wraps after representatives from deep space landed and turned out to be quite entertaining. All the clips of UFO sightings and odd little creatures are, indeed real. They aren’t here to speak to our leader. They aren’t here to study our biology and slowly integrate into our culture to eventually take over. Nope, they’re just here to party. It isn’t simply a coincidence that they arrived after the dawn of rock and roll. The thing is, they heard early 50’s pop on our radio waves and they decided that it was about time they made a little pitstop on planet earth! Then they tried our food, learned a few dance moves, and never left again. Product DetailsYou’ll look like you just stepped off a UFO when you’re wearing this flexible green mask with its tiny chin and giant eyes. You’ll be able to see through the eyeholes that are disguised as eyebrows when you’re rocking this mask. It has an undersized nose and realistic markings around the mouth to give your alien expression a serious look. Out of the World EnsembleThis mask is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the extraterrestrial. It’s easy to make your mask perfect for a party at Area 51, pair it with anything from silver jumpsuits to a nice black suit. Want to head out with a group? We’ve got plenty of outer space-oriented costumes from astronaut suits to rocket ship costumes. You’re about to have a cosmically cool Halloween this year! 

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  • Old Man Mask

    Old Man Mask

    Over The HillSo, you’re on that long hike that we call life. You’re climbing that hill. You’re on your way up. Here’s the thing, sometimes you just need a shortcut to become the old soul you just know is inside somewhere. Old folks simply get away with things that us spring chickens can’t. For instance, Argyle might not be part of your day-to-day wardrobe right now but maybe in a couple decades, you’ll find that it simply looks natural. You’ll find yourself sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper, wearing a newsie cap with highwater slacks and argyle socks and somewhere a young kid will be looking you up and down wondering why he can’t get away with dressing like that. Just wait and see young fella! Or, he could take the aforementioned shortcut over the hill with this old man mask. So could you, now that we think of it!Product DetailsYou’ll feel right at home yelling, “Get off my lawn!” when you show up in this old man mask at your next costume party. It’s realistic, flexible, and might even allow you to get away with wearing Argyle like never before. You might not get the wisdom that comes from hiking over the hill all those years but you just might fool a few people! Act Your AgeYou might be young only once but with this mask, you can be old as many times as you want! Sure, it works great on Halloween but don’t stop there! Bring it out when you’re FaceTiming your friends to explain why you don’t want to go clubbing. Bond with your Grandpa by griping about the new-fangled jukebox at the Eagles Club. The sky is the limit. . . as long as dinner is served by four-thirty.

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  • Blue Full Face Mask

    Blue Full Face Mask

    Have you ever felt so blue and down that you’ve just wanted to cover yourself entirely in paint, so everyone can see how sad you are? We don’t get unhappy too often, but when we do that’s exactly what we try doing first. After a few times doing this though, we’ve run into a few flaws. Usually we feel better after a little while, but the blue paint doesn’t really wash off that easily. As a result we get sad again and repaint all we washed off. This also brings us two reason number two and three. We create a terrible cycle, and we spend a little too much money on paint. Next time you consider this course of action, be sure to check out these sweet full face blue masks. They look so cool they might even cheer you up when you look at yourself in the mirror wearing one. If that doesn’t work then just wear it around town, and people will know they should help cheer you up. Once that works then you just remove the mask and go about your life. No messy, expensive paint, and no downward cycle of sadness.

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  • Green Full Face Mask

    Green Full Face Mask

    Have you been invited to one of those crazy masquerade parties where everyone dresses up and wears a mask? Did you think those masks were just a little too much for you with all the intricacies made of lace and jewels and all kinds of different things? Maybe you really love the festivities but aren’t quite ready for something that gaudy or maybe you just have to take part because you were dragged there. You find yourself always thinking “isn’t there a better alternative to these masks? Something just a little more simplistic?” Most of us here love a good masquerade but we understand that lace can tickle your nose a little bit so we still watch out for the minimalist. Why don’t you give this Green Full Face Mask a try? It’s a face cover with a very nice minimalist look. It will keep your friends happy at the masquerade and you don’t have to worry about all that lace that can tickle a little bit. This costume also goes great with alien costumes or on a green zentai suit! We guess going simple can really pay off in the long run!

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  • Terminator Endoskull Latex Appliance

    Terminator Endoskull Latex Appliance

    Isn’t it always the way? You get sent back through time by computer overlords trying to prevent a human uprising, you get yourself a perfectly good human suit to wear over your robo-skeleton (plus a heavy Austrian accent, for reasons only the computers know for sure), you’re sort of blending in with the people of the past, and then bang! You get a tear in your false face and all of a sudden the jig is up. It’s hard to fool anybody when you have a red, digital eye and a visibly metallic skull on full display. So much for the subtle approach!You can declare your allegiance with the machines in this officially licensed Terminator endoskull appliance. The lifelike latex facewear measures about 4 inches in diameter and attaches to your face with spirit gum (sold separately). It’s a striking replica of the battle damaged look sported by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first Terminator movie, and it’s sure to put some fear into the hearts of any aspiring human revolutionaries at your next costume party.

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  • Pizza Fiend Face Mask

    Pizza Fiend Face Mask

    This is a Pizza Fiend Face Mask.

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  • Adult Grub Mask

    Adult Grub Mask

    Bugging OutDo you know that creeping feeling that you get when you start thinking about maggots? Someone just mentions the squirming creatures and all the sudden you’re feeling imaginary bugs squiggling around your head and down your back. Are you thinking about it? Can you feel it? We have to change the subject cause we can feel that crawling feeling all over just by writing this! There are plenty of monsters that could be lurking around during the Halloween season. Some of these creatures are humans that have been wrapped in a mummy fabric some of them are the undead. All of these creatures have been done before. This bug monster is a truly fresh type of nightmare. Product DetailsThis mask can cover your whole face. The sculpted mask has a slit down the back so you can take it off and put it on easily. With eyeholes and noseholes you’ll be able to keep your costume on with comfort for an extended period of time!What’s that Behind You!We’d rather wade through a mob of zombies than have one of these bug monsters wander into our house! If you want to tap into a seriously disturbing monster personality, this grub mask is the way to go! Pair it with a black and white suit or a torn up shroud to make our nightmares come true. Just please stay far, far away from us!

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  • Upside Down Mask

    Upside Down Mask

    On Second Thought, Don’t turn that frown upside DownYou seem like a person with complicated thoughts. We get it. It’s a complicated world out there! You get a coffee at work to stop yourself from feeling groggy and stupid. Then, when you walk back to your desk you slosh coffee all over, making yourself feel stupid in front of everybody! That’ll wake you up. Even the time sequence of life is confusing. You start out stupid with plenty of energy. Then people get smarter and more aware of the world’s ways. But as you’re aging you get less energy. How is that fair? So instead of trying to force that frown into a fake smile, vent your energy into the grossest frown you can fathom. Better out than in, as we say!Product DetailsThis vinyl mask has a slit in the back, letting you transform into this strange figure in full force. The skin is rife with disturbing details like blue veins, neck wrinkles, and intense wrinkles around the eyes. The eyes have a slit that you can see the world. Don’t Look NowAre you ready to send out some seriously psychologically disturbing vibes at your next Halloween party? This mask is the perfect way to go. Shake things up, turn the tables. No one will want to take a second look!

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  • Cleave Mask for Adults

    Cleave Mask for Adults

    This is a Cleave Mask.

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  • Gargoyle Ani-Motion Mask

    Gargoyle Ani-Motion Mask

    Do you love gothic architecture, but just wish there was a way you could be a part of it? Do you find yourself staring up on cold, rainy, stormy nights, wishing that you were instead staring down? Have you tried to limitless all-purpose kitchen cleaning and medical-grade disinfecting products on your skin in the hopes that it would transform it from soft and supple to the rough, scaly exterior of marble or stone? When you imagine the self that you most want to be, does that self sport a pair of horns, pointed ears, and a terrifying set of chompers?Then good news, friend…while we can’t transform you into a horrifying Gargoyle (only a powerful wizard or witch can do that!), we can give you the tools to know what it’s like to be one, even just for a day! Slip on this Gargoyle Ani-Motion Mask and feel the feelings that come with being a snarling, flying, straight-from-hell messenger of the night! Molded plastic with soft foam for a realistic look, this mask actually moves, making it perfect for gothic-loving, monster-aspiring, evil-planning adorable weirdos like yourself!

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  • Voldemort Mask

    Voldemort Mask

    There is a name that one should never say aloud because it belongs to a man so evil, so vile, that saying his name can make even the best of all people shiver with fear. Of course, you know that name belongs to none other than Lord Voldemort, the most evil of all wizards to have ever lived. The simplest and best way to become ‚ÄúHe-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named‚Äù is to first become You-Who-Must-Not-Be-Seen. Meaning you should hide your real identity beneath this authentic latex mask that molded to look just like the Dark Lord from the Harry Potter series. Of course, you could also use polyjuice potion–but that would require you getting close enough to Voldemort, himself, to snag a hair off his head, so…yeah…we imagine this is a whole lot easier!

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  • Siamese Mask

    Siamese Mask

    Well, Halloween is right around the corner and if you want to do it right this year then you’ve got to be the most disturbing thing anyone sees all night. We mean like, TRULY distuuurrrbing! You need to be a horrifying sight that one would only see in their darkest nightmares. Luckily for you, we have a lot of nightmares, like, a bunch, and that is where we found this terrifying Siamese Mask.When you toss on this grotesque mask, it’s going to take a lot for anyone else at the party to top your level of horrific. Two faces with expressions of excruciating pain are pulling from one another. If that’s not bad enough there are even gruesome horns sticking out of the painfully detailed scar tissue. Add this disturbing accessory to a number of different costumes to kick them up to the next level of “terrifying”. You could also just add this mask to an average, everyday outfit and you’ll still be the scariest one this Halloween!

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  • Animated Swimming Fish Scuba Adult Mask

    Animated Swimming Fish Scuba Adult Mask

    Most of the people we know can’t breathe in the water. (Bob from customer service claims he can, but that’s a whole other story). But what if you wanted to look like you could? This scuba-style mask uses your smartphone to create the illusion of water filling your mask and fish swimming around in it.And what’s cooler than being able to show off your skills at a party? Nothing. If you look like you can swim with the fish (in a good way) you’ll be noticed by everyone you meet.This molded latex mask covers the entire head and neck so you get a classic diver look that provides full coverage. There’s a vision slot just below where the phone pocket is so you can see clearly while your smartphone does all of the work just above your eyes. Once you get the mask, you can download a free app that shows the swimming fish. Once you pull up the screen, place the smartphone in the appropriate pocket for a funny look that is sure to get everyone’s attention this Halloween. This mask is the perfect mix between classic and contemporary.

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  • Adult Eyeball Mask

    Adult Eyeball Mask

    Don’t miss a thing this Halloween once you toss on this Eye Mask for adults. What’s better than two eyes? Well, isn’t it obvious? One gigantic eye! Pop this huge peeper on your head and you’ll transform into an evolved alien from the depths of space. You could also be a disturbing demon from the fires of hell. There are plenty of options for one with this amazing mask. Add it to any of the costumes we have available and you’ll make one that’s completely original!Imagine showing up to the party as an eyeball-headed cowboy or pirate. You can even get a little punny with your costume. For example, toss this mask on and run around the party scene yelling everything you need to say, that way you’ll be eye-scream! There are plenty of awesome costume ideas you can add The Eye Adult Mask too. Grab yours today and become quite the sight to see this Halloween.

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  • Evil Corn Mask

    Evil Corn Mask

    There was always something a little off with that field, at least that’s what the townspeople used to say. They should have done something about those bad seeds when they had a chance because now this crop is ready for vengeance. Herbicide cant stop old corn head now as he spreads terror this Halloween season. There’s a free range rage in this old corn head’s eyes. Any crows will pay for the nibbling done to fellow corn stalks, not to mention the gash in his own cob. There’s always a kernel of need for a unique and effective costume and now you’ll truly go against the grain. No need to stalk outside of parties lying in wait for an invite, just butter up the host and pop right in there. Anyone who’s seen Children of the Corn will still agree that you are the scariest thing to ever emerge from Iowa. With this mask you could become the farmer, the farmer of fear that is! Prepare to harvest some gluten-free screams because this corns’ nuts.

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  • Night Fiend Mask

    Night Fiend Mask

    Why go as something sweet and innocent this Halloween, when you can be terrifying and hideous? Halloween is all about dressing up as something you are not, so it‚Äôs never too late to be a little different, after all, it‚Äôs only one night out of the year! Vampires may be scary, we don‚Äôt deny that, but have you ever heard of a Night Fiend? They are twice as ugly and twice as vicious, putting them in the running for the best villain at any costume party! They lurk around in the darkest shadows of the night, ancient graveyards, and even make their way into your nightmares. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, too scared to leave your bed, but you don‚Äôt know why? That‚Äôs probably because a Night Fiend invaded your dream‚Ķ Eek! Your face might be kind of scary when you first wake up in the morning, but chances are, it doesn’t hold a candle to this grotesque mask. This mask has a foam exterior, a jaw that moves when you talk, and a black hood that covers the rest. It is painted with gruesome detail, and only gets scarier the closer one gets to it, not that people are going to be getting too close to you while you are wearing the mask. While, dressing up as a Night Fiend is the best way to instill the fear of the night, take our advice, and don’t look in the mirror‚Ķ You may end up scaring yourself!

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