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  • Deluxe Animated Chainsaw with Sound

    Deluxe Animated Chainsaw with Sound

    Wait! Hold up! We could never ,ever ,forgive ourselves if we just let you go to the Halloween party sans essential chainsaw accessory!What kind of Leatherface look would that be? We‚ re costume people. The details matter ,my friend. If you opt for a super creepy ,classic gory look ,you have to go all-in and snatch up the downright bone chilling accessories ,like this Deluxe Animated Chainsaw with Sound. The chain rotates with the push of a button ,and it makes realistic chainsaw sounds as you parade around the party ,looking for vict–ahem…your buddies. Covered in blood and as about as authentic as they come ,this animated prop will prove all the buzz you‚ ll need tonight. And we can rest easy knowing we made you as terrifying as humanly possible.

    $64.99 Horror Movie Costumes