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  • Girls Creepy Twin Sister Costume

    Girls Creepy Twin Sister Costume

    Don’t get us wrong, we love kids. They’re so full of life and they look at the world with such curiosity and wonder. However, it’s also very important to mention that we’re big horror movie fans too. This is definitely an (unfortunate) conflict of interest because everyone knows that an “evil kid character” is a horror movie staple. Think about it: Children of the Corn. The Omen. The Exorcist. The Ring. Village of the Damned. Sinister. Sinister 2. What’s the one thing they all have in common? Creepy kids.Now, whenever we hear the soft giggling of a little girl, we don’t automatically assume there’s an innocent child having fun in the distance. Instead, we want to hightail it out of there because a demonic little kid is probably close-by, plotting to steal our soul. We’re also traumatized by the pitter-patter of small feet, the cries of baby dolls, and literally anyone or anything that says the phrase, “come play with us.”We’re positive that we’re not the only ones who are plagued by this irrational fear, in fact, we’re sure of it. So, if you’re looking for the perfect way to scare the daylights out of your friends, just have your daughter wear this creepy twin sister costume. Give her a tricycle to ride on once she’s wearing the blue dress, featuring a ribbon waist sash and a lacy hemline, then invite your friends over. You and your little girl will love chuckling at your friends screaming in terror and running out of the house!

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  • Hellraiser III Pinhead Deluxe Mask

    Hellraiser III Pinhead Deluxe Mask

    Don’t Touch that Puzzle BoxDo you like puzzles? From the Rubik’s Cube to metal cast puzzles, it can be fun to get that ol’ brain of yours working, we get it. But here’s the thing, you’ve got to be careful if you suddenly find a weird box in a strange corner of the world. It might be hell trying to trick you into letting this pinhead priest loose on humanity. If you’re not prepared to cast an intense demon back to hell then you should probably just leave all box puzzles behind because if the Cenobites want you to open the box, you’re going to open the box and then you’re really going to come undone! Product Details This Pinhead mask will make a bone-chilling entrance to any costume party whether the unsuspecting revelers know of the Hell priest or they’re blissfully unaware. His skin is deathly pale with a bloody grid that’s dotted with large nails all over the head. With full coverage, you’ll feel confident in your freaky look, no matter the angle!Hooked on HalloweenIf you’re ready to get hooked this Halloween then go ahead and open that box. Or wear this mask! With a black base, you can be confident that you’ll be able to scare the sin out of everyone you see! It’s about time you stopped puzzling over your Halloween costume and scared up some action already!

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  • The Strangers Vaccuform Pinup Mask

    The Strangers Vaccuform Pinup Mask

    BETTY BOOP MEETS LIZZY BORDENThe world is full of different types of people with all sorts of different interests.  Some have a hankering for old-timey cartoons featuring exaggerated characters and crazy dance routines.  Others on, let’s say the total opposite side of the fence, enjoy the more sinister thriller of psychopathic stabbings.It’s pretty uncommon that you can find one character who can test the waters with both of those audiences.  But, given enough time, all things are possible.  Such is the case with Pin-Up Girl from The Strangers.  You never know what you’ve got with this gal! PRODUCT DETAILSSee if your friends are more killer or comedy with this Pin-Up Girl Vaccuform Mask from the slasher film, The Strangers.  This plastic mask is styled with a ’50s look complete with the dolled-up hair, blush, and bright eyeshadow.  There are holes for breathing and vision, so you’ll have a full view of your friends’ reactions when they see you knock on the door. FREAK OUT THE FRIENDSEveryone recognizes the horror masks of Freddy and Jason, but who is expecting the creepy killer that is Pin-Up Girl?  Well, when they answer their door to see your cheerfully masked face, you might see a wide grin or freaked out fear.  Just make sure you ask if the right person is home! 

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  • Adult Jigsaw Billy Mask With Hair

    Adult Jigsaw Billy Mask With Hair

    HOW…PUZZLINGTypically, if you told us a teeny-tiny puppet doll was peddling a tricycle, we’d probably say, “Really, where?!” Consider our curiosities piqued. We wouldn’t run away from it, we’d desperately try to find it. ‘Hunt him down’ would be a better way to put it… until the unfortunate details about the puppet came to light; until we found out the puppet doll is actually Jigsaw’s Billy. No balloon animals here folks, just death traps and psychological tricks. Yikes! On second thought, we’d like to take a 10-second head start and run far, far away.  Become the peddling hellion from the Saw franchise without using makeup, thanks to the men’s Jigsaw Billy mask. It’s the most convenient way to look like John Kramer’s creation. Now for the biggest test yet, finding an adult-sized tricycle to ride…PRODUCT DETAILSThe molded mask is painted to look like the horror movie icon with spiral shapes on the apples of each cheek, a crooked nose, and disconnected chin. The curly shoulder-length black hair is attached to the mask’s top so wearing a wig isn’t necessary.HA HA HA!Joke’s on you if you decide to wear makeup instead of this realistic mask. Complete the look with a red bow tie.       

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  • Hostel: Butcher Helmet

    Hostel: Butcher Helmet

    This is a Hostel: Butcher Helmet.

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  • Kids Bleeding Ghost Face Costume

    Kids Bleeding Ghost Face Costume

    Whether your little one is really, really brave and has actually seen lots of horror movies or they just want to look very, very scary, we applaud your kid‚Äôs dark take on our favorite holiday, Halloween! And if you can‚Äôt get behind their look, then they may just be looking for their next victim.Now, normally, the only serial killing that goes on in your house is when your kiddo pounds through a second bowl of honey nut O‚Äôs. Cereal killing, get it? But in all seriousness, you will be too terrified to even pour the frosted wheats when a mysterious figure arrives at the breakfast table in this Child Bleeding Ghost Face Costume. They look like the deranged killer from the movies, but…they are calling you ‚ÄúMom,‚Äù as in, ‚ÄúMom, pass the syrup?‚Äù Now, granted, they‚Äôve used a voice distorter, so you can‚Äôt be sure who is really hiding beneath this ghastly getup. But our recommendation is that your should probably do what they ask and pass the syrup and we‚Äôll hope for the best for you. Because whomever‚Äôs under there has a wicked outlook on Halloween and looks theatrically terrifying in this iconic black hooded cloak and a mask that really drips fake blood. Pick up a fake knife accessory to complete this killer look and…wait a minute…we thought your kid didn‚Äôt even like syrup. Oh man, (shudder) who is the cereal killer at the table then?

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  • Kids Bleeding Ghost Face Costume

    Kids Bleeding Ghost Face Costume

    Whether your little one is really, really brave and has actually seen lots of horror movies or they just want to look very, very scary, we applaud your kid‚Äôs dark take on our favorite holiday, Halloween! And if you can‚Äôt get behind their look, then they may just be looking for their next victim.Now, normally, the only serial killing that goes on in your house is when your kiddo pounds through a second bowl of honey nut O‚Äôs. Cereal killing, get it? But in all seriousness, you will be too terrified to even pour the frosted wheats when a mysterious figure arrives at the breakfast table in this Child Bleeding Ghost Face Costume. They look like the deranged killer from the movies, but…they are calling you ‚ÄúMom,‚Äù as in, ‚ÄúMom, pass the syrup?‚Äù Now, granted, they‚Äôve used a voice distorter, so you can‚Äôt be sure who is really hiding beneath this ghastly getup. But our recommendation is that your should probably do what they ask and pass the syrup and we‚Äôll hope for the best for you. Because whomever‚Äôs under there has a wicked outlook on Halloween and looks theatrically terrifying in this iconic black hooded cloak and a mask that really drips fake blood. Pick up a fake knife accessory to complete this killer look and…wait a minute…we thought your kid didn‚Äôt even like syrup. Oh man, (shudder) who is the cereal killer at the table then?

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  • Bram Stoker's Dracula Bat Mask

    Bram Stoker’s Dracula Bat Mask

    Transylvania TransformationWe think that the life of an ancient noble vampire seems pretty awesome, for the most part. Now, yes, we know that Dracula isn’t allowed to step into the sunlight and he has to sleep in a velvet-lined coffin all day but that sounds pretty good to plenty of people that we know. The best part, other than literally being an immortal, is the ability to transform from an old count to a dapper young man to a weirdly fit bat guy, and then all the way into a pile of rats. With all those skills, you could go almost anywhere, as long as it was at night. Even New York’s most fancy restaurants have a hint of rats somewhere. All you’d have to do to get a table without waiting a long time would be to transform from bat to man in the bathroom. Yes, some might say that’s squandering hardcore vampire skills but have you ever tried to get a spot at one of those places? We think it’s worth it!Product DetailsThis fully-licensed mask represents one of the most disturbing forms that Dracula took in the 1992 classic horror film by Francis Ford Coppola. It has a hairy look on the shoulders and head with crinkly oversized ears, a flat bat nose, and an open mouth that no one will ever forget. While you might not be able to transform into a pile of rats when cornered, you’re still sure to spark fear into the heart of even the toughest vampire hunterGoing BattyThis mask is sure to excite any horror movie fans that saw Bram Stoker’s Dracula back in the day! You don’t even have to hunt down your lost love after hundreds of years of bitter loneliness, just put on this mask and head out into the night. This is sure to drive vampire lovers a little batty!

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  • Saw Movie Billy Mask

    Saw Movie Billy Mask

    Live or die. Make your choice.— Billy, speaking to the subjectsWhen Billy, the mechanical ventriloquist puppet used by John Kramer (aka, Jigsaw), comes riding in on his old-fashioned red tricycle, you know something bad is about to happen! If there’s anything creepier or more sinister than using a puppet to inform the victims of your deadly games about the rules and instructions they have to follow in order to survive, we don’t know what it would be (and frankly, we would prefer not to find out!).So if you’re the mood to play a game this Halloween, become The Jigsaw Killer’s personal little puppet of death by wearing this Saw Movie Billy Mask! This officially licensed mask covers your face and gives you that sinister evil clown puppet look that will scare the heebie-jeebies out of anything this Halloween! Pair it with Billy’s trademark red bowtie and black and white suit for the full gruesome horror movie effect!

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  • Adult Captain Spaulding Costume

    Adult Captain Spaulding Costume

    Dear Captain Spaulding, Thank you for applying at Clowns Incorporated! We appreciate the time you took to consider us, we know there are many clown companies looking for talent out there in today’s day and age. We are currently closing our application process for scary, unhinged clowns at the moment. Unfortunately, parents don’t find dark humor as funny when it is unfurling at their children’s birthday parties. And while we’re sure there is a place for your threatening demeanor elsewhere, we feel it would be a challenge to place you with any of our clients at this time. We’re impressed by your experience, running the Museum of Monsters and Madmen seems like quite the responsibility and creative outlet, though we’re not sure what that dark tourist attraction has to do with our family-friendly cooperation. Please take this rejection letter knowing that we admire your dedication to clowning. Please don’t hurt us, Jumbo the Clown, Sr Vice President of Clowns IncProduct DetailsWe can’t imagine that this famous clown from the Devils Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses would feel at home making animal balloons at a kid’s birthday party. Though his dark demeanor is subtle enough when it comes to his costume. It’s all about attitude with this character. A matching satin texture suit flaunts both red and white stripes as well as patriotic stars. A skull detailed bowtie is the only thing that hints to onlookers that they’d better be on their guard. That is until Captain Spaulding opens his mouth.Tourist TrapWhile Captain Spaulding might have been rejected by almost everyone, even the devil, he sure is a hit around Halloween! Whether you’re dressing up for a party or you’re hosting a Halloween fight night, you’ll love acting out as this classic character created by Rob Zombie. Now, will you be able to freak tourists out as efficiently as our unhinged anti-hero? Well, that’s all about attitude… and plenty of greasepaint.

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  • Jaws Adult Bruce The Shark Mask

    Jaws Adult Bruce The Shark Mask

    In the classic blockbuster film Jaws, a poor, hungry, but ambitious great white shark named Bruce leaves his childhood home in search of new opportunities in a scary new world. For a time, things seem to be looking up for Bruce, and he finds a fun new beach to live and play in. But, he is soon hunted down and blown up by a gang of vicious humans while trying to give them a traditional shark greeting. It’s really tragic… If you want to pay your respects to this fallen hero of shark-kind, wear this Jaws Bruce The Shark Mask to your next costume party. This latex mask is a faithful recreation of Bruce and his famous “jaws” in his final moments, even including his last meal of fishing boat captain and scuba tank. It’s a fitting tribute to this gentle giant, and a great way to spread awareness of the misunderstood lives and heritage of sharks.

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  • Dead Silence Adult Billy Puppet Mask

    Dead Silence Adult Billy Puppet Mask

    Think about all of the evil ventriloquist dummies you’ve seen in movies, TV shows, comic books, and cartoons. Probably quite a few of them, right? Now think about all of the pleasant, harmless ventriloquist dummies you’ve seen in those same formats. It’s a much shorter list, isn’t it? Unless you’re a major fan of live ventriloquism, the odds are that you have a lot more experience with creepy dummies than their harmless brothers. It makes sense, really. There’s something just plain freaky about a little wooden human whose whole act is coming to life on command and acting almost like a real human but just far enough off to make it weird.Billy, the killer dummy from the Dead Silence movies, definitely falls into the creepy category. Just look at those penetrating eyes, that spooky almost-smile, the cracks and scars all over his wooden face. There’s no question this dummy is up to no good.Ordinarily, putting words in the mouth of a ventriloquist’s dummy, evil or otherwise, takes years of practice, but we’re making it easy on you with this officially licensed Billy mask. The molded latex mask covers your entire head for a full-on creepy effect. Small slits above either eye socket allow you to see where you’re going, but you could probably just as easily follow the gasps of horror. People know to expect some spooky business when a ventriloquist dummy enters a room, especially if he’s not on anybody’s knee. When you look at it that way, you’re carrying on a proud tradition of creepy dummies.

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  • Freddy Krueger Glove

    Freddy Krueger Glove

    If you were to go to sleep in the town of Springwood, you may have someone jump into your dreams…and not in a good way. That someone, of course, is horror icon Freddy Krueger. Now, Freddy here has a twisted love of taking the dreams of children and teens and turning them into freakish and frightening nightmares, killing them from the inside. Now, we‚Äôre not advocating that you pick up any of Freddy‚Äôs hobbies or past times, but you can look just like the dream demon himself this Halloween with this great Freddy Krueger Glove accessory. Paired with a striped sweater and a burned face mask, it is sure to make all of your costume nightmares come true. While most days you may avoid strolling down your neighborhood’s own Elm Street, that may prove the perfect place to trick-or-treat in this demonic glove!

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  • Hannibal Lecter Plus Size Costume Suit

    Hannibal Lecter Plus Size Costume Suit

    Hannibal Helper: A Culinary Product Doomed to FailHannibal was used to living a high-society lifestyle but once he went to prison he wasn’t able to make much money. While he could live off his investments, when a pasta company came to him with a twisted product idea, he had to consider it. The boxed pasta included macaroni, seasoning, and dried fava beans. While they’d encourage everyone to use pork products with the meal, they were sure the pasta would be a hit with the crime fans that were following the killer’s case. Umm, yeah. Turns out that the pasta was both literally and figuratively in bad taste. A little on the nose, if you will. No one even wanted to buy it as a joke. While Hannibal brand pasta is doomed to fail, we are glad to announce that the Hannibal costume is doing much better! The dark suit allows you to embrace the dignified and scary side of this character without embracing his cannibalistic side. Design & DetailsThis dignified plaid suit serves to represent this smart yet scary psychiatrist perfectly. In fact, our design team has worked together to make a high-quality look that can be worn to all sorts of costumed events. The featured jacket buttons down the front and has a sewn-in pocket square at the chest. The blue shirt front ties at your back while the tie can be adjusted and tied to your liking. Polished off with the comfortable elastic waisted plaid pants, this costume will be instantly recognizable by fans of Hannibal.To Hunt a ThrillerAre you looking for the perfect costume for a murder mystery party? Perhaps you want to look dapper at a Halloween dinner party or a television themed soiree. No matter where you’re wearing this costume, you’re sure to love this high-quality look. You just might want to keep you’re snacking vegetarian for the night just to keep everyone at ease. 

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  • Hannibal Lecter Costume Suit

    Hannibal Lecter Costume Suit

    A Debonair DevilYou seem polite. Well put together, even. You’re traditional in a way, always disapproving of breaches in etiquette or outright bullying. Some might say you would make a great catch. You’ve got a real way with words. A Renaissance Man, no question. And your culinary skills are to die for, so they say. You might have some peculiar eating habits, but every good thing takes a bit to acquire the taste, right? (Nobody starts off liking caviar, after all.) In fact, when you recently had the Baltimore Orchestra’s Board of directors over you received only compliments on your cooking. No one could argue that you didn’t know how to turn a phrase or pick out a nice suit. Still, there’s just… something about you that seems a little… off. And, what is in this delightful dinner? Design & DetailsThis Halloween, don’t become the obvious villain. Who wants to hand out threats like candy at a parade. We’ve all learned over the years that evil can be refined and polite… and that’s the really spooky stuff! Try your hand at a gentleman killer with a particularly refined taste when you wear this officially licensed Hannibal Lecter costume. This checked suit is right out of Dr. Lector’s wardrobe, Made by Us in our in-house design studios and certainly earning the mark of approval from Hannibal’s sophisticated style. This dark-checkered suit does a great job of replicating the look from the Hannibal TV series and comes with the buttoned jacket, vest front, elastic trousers, and a traditional necktie. (What Dr. Lector would accept a clip-on!?) Patience for PatientsWhen you dress up in this Hannibal look, you might find yourself really getting into someone’s mind. That’s natural for a doctor of psychiatry… something is tickling our brain that you go a little further. Just remember: proper wine combinations are everything. 

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  • Women's Cozy Killer Doll Costume

    Women’s Cozy Killer Doll Costume

    So who’s up for a game of hide the soul? Any takers?One would assume that since she’s a doll, she probably has a line of children waiting to play with her. Um, that actually couldn’t be further from the truth. This doll is really hard up for playmates, like really desperate. None of the kids want anything to do with with this deadly plaything because she has a small problem: she has an obsession with voodoo and stealing the souls of children.We’re not trying to minimize her passion for soul-snatching; we are well aware that it’s a HUGE issue. Just the other day, we had to stop the toy from summoning the voodoo gods in an attempt to steal poor little Darla’s body and gain human form. Yikes, what a fiasco! It took two teacher’s aides and the school principal to pull the killer doll off the student!On the other hand, it’s also just a doll and an exciting doll at that. Most toys like this just wet their pants or make crying sounds, but this one-of-a-kind plaything will engage in interactive play. If you think your preschooler can fend off the demonic doll’s violent outbursts, this toy will make the perfect gift (just think of all the free time you’ll get.) However, if you want to play it safe, you can just dress in this cozy killer doll costume and YOU can be the one to play with your youngster. Sure, you’ll have less free time but you’ll be at ease knowing that your child’s soul is nice and safe!

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  • Pumpkinhead Adult Mask

    Pumpkinhead Adult Mask

    Classic horror movies always should include a few things, karmic twists, irresponsible teenagers, and of course a dope monster. A mean old witch doesn’t hurt either. How does Haggis, the witch, get that many wrinkles but stay fit enough to go around burying bodies willy-nilly? This classic horror is enough to put you off pumpkins for good, who knows if that delicious cinnamon and nutmeg flavored filling is tainted with some diabolical Pumpkinhead juices, yikes! So, if the look you’re going for this Halloween is knee shaking inducing vengeance seeker then we’ve got the mask for you. With whited out eyes, a gruesomely veiny, soft looking head, and some teeth that could do some decent bone crunching you’ll be the belle of the monster mash. Next time those darn kids would be more careful on their motorbikes. . . if only there was going to be a next time.

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  • Maximum Restraint Mask

    Maximum Restraint Mask

    How much do you love candy? Do you lose your mind whenever it’s around? It’s our secret weakness, and we aren’t ashamed to admit that. We get a tad bit dizzy, go a little wobbly in the knees, until it’s all gone. What we’re saying is that we could use a little restraint. A Maximum Restraint Mask, that is.This is pretty much the perfect mask for two types of people. First, anyone dressing as Dr. Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs. Add a straight jacket and maybe a padded furniture dolly and you’re good to go. But this is great for a second type of person, the secret candy eater. Because the square hole in this mask is the perfect size for candy!This is a plastic mask with elastic straps. Sure, it’s a mask made for maximum restraint but it’s actually pretty comfortable. Comfortable to eat candy in, that is!

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  • Deluxe The Creature from the Black Lagoon Mask

    Deluxe The Creature from the Black Lagoon Mask

    I can tell you something about this place. The boys around here call it The Black Lagoon.” Only they say nobody has ever come back alive to prove it.” They don’t make monster movies like they used to! The Gill-Man would have preferred to live a solitary and quiet life. But when the boat, Rita shows up, he has to get involved as the Black Lagoon belongs to him and him alone. Then again, he’s a bit like the little mermaid. He wants to be part of their world and connect with that smart lady who turns out to be a great swimmer. Now, you might not be able to be part of the silver screen golden era but you can become the Gill-man with this unforgettable mask. You are sure to love all of the small details that will make you look right at home on those classic movie posters. The mask covers the entire head and has fish like lips, a strange slitted nose, and eye holes that are easy to see through. You’ll be a hit with classic monster lovers. Just try not abduct any beautiful party-goers!

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  • Adult Krampus the Christmas Demon Costume

    Adult Krampus the Christmas Demon Costume

    Are you a fan of both Halloween and Christmas? Who isn’t? They’re both awesome holidays that are super fun to celebrate! Don’t you wish you had a costume that you could wear for both? Well, check out this Adult Krampus the Christmas Demon Costume!You can wear this demonic costume at Halloweens and be one of the most terrifying creatures on the dance floor. Then, once Christmas rolls around, you can toss this on to celebrate the festivities! Those Christmas sweaters are always so itchy and when you dress up as Santa all the sudden a line of children start sitting on your lap and telling you their wish list. However, this Krampus Costume allows you to enjoy your Christmas in peace and quiet! After all, with the disturbing details on the included half mask, no child is going to want to be anywhere near you. Whether you wear this costume for Halloween or Christmas or for both, you’ll sever as a constant reminder for people to be on their best behavior. Krampus, like Santa, has a list that he’s checking twice. Although, the unlucky soles that end up on his naughty list don’t have to deal with a lump of coal in their stocking… they’re just never heard from again. Oh boy, you can bet you pointy horns that everyone’s going to be extra nice around you!We know that you’re ready to have a horrific and festive look that you can get away with wearing on you two favorite holidays. So grab this Krampus the Christmas Demon Costume and let the celebrations begin!

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  • House of 1000 Corpses Adult Captain Spaulding Mask

    House of 1000 Corpses Adult Captain Spaulding Mask

    It’s no accident that most of the killers in Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses movies are named after characters from old Groucho Marx comedies. There’s a super dark streak of comedy running through Zombie’s movies, a glimmer of humor hidden underneath a heaping pile of uglines. Nobody’s a better illustration of that than Captain Spaulding, the foul-mouthed, creepy clown who runs a shady roadside house of horrors when he’s not out on a murder spree.Captain Spaulding is one of those horrifying characters you just can’t help but love, a sneering, sickening, slob who approaches every situation with a stained-toothed grin. Now you can slide into your favorite face of evil (or more specifically, the face of the legendary b-movie actor Sid Haig) in this officially licensed latex mask. Stroll into the party wearing Spaulding’s familiar clown makeup, scruffy beard, and cynical smirk and you’re sure to get a lot of love from anyone who’s seen the films. Not to mention some leery looks from anybody who hasn’t, but that’s just the way Captain Spaulding would want it.

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  • Adult Hellraiser Pinhead Mask

    Adult Hellraiser Pinhead Mask

    The thinning of the veil is here. Ghouls and ghasts will be bleeding their way into the world‚Ķ but those are the least of our concerns. Dwelling deeper in the darkness are the princes of true evil, the masters of malevolence and cruelty. Torturous beings who feed on the darkest of human fears and love to work to spread them further. If you really want to raise some hell this Halloween you’ll need to have the perfect costume planned out. When you look back at all the classic horror movies there are many iconic villains who seem to practically embody all that is evil‚Ķ but only one stands out as the Hell Priest who truly deserves the title: Pinhead. Don’t worry about painting your whole face white and covering it with nails. Not only would that be horrifying, but it might cause enough agony that you might actually break the veil and summon the real priest to the mortal plane. For now, let‚Äôs stick with a simpler alternative: throw on this Hellraiser Pinhead Mask and you’ll be half way to becoming this iconic antagonist. All you’ll need to do to complete your hellish transformation is slip into a daunting black leather robe and you’ll look just like the Cenobite leader. Now just wait for someone to complete the puzzle box known as the Lament Configuration then you and the rest of the Cenobites will be ready to feast upon the souls of mankind!

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  • Plus Size Miss Krueger Costume

    Plus Size Miss Krueger Costume

    AN EVER-CHANGING HORRORAfter nine movies in the franchise, it’s hard to not have your favorites. Clearly, the first Nightmare on Elm Street is the best. You just can’t beat Wes Craven’s cinematography and script. Plus the original is always the best, right? Ha, try again! Sequels might sometimes leave us wondering exactly what directors were thinking but they always have at least one little twist that leaves us really inspired, left in wonder, or maybe even exceptionally freaked out! But, what could possibly be told of everyone’s favorite nightmare at this point? Hasn’t Freddy really managed to do and be just about everything? What twists and surprises could the master of dreams have in store for the world anymore? Well, just when you think that you’ve seen everything and can predict whatever is coming up next, it is time for the genius of horror to pull out something truly unexpected and, this time, you get to play a major role on Nightmare’s team!PRODUCT DETAILSThis year take up the razor-sharp glove for yourself with this Miss Krueger costume. You will be the unlife of the party in this feminine twist on the classic red and green sweater of Freddy Krueger! The dress has a tattered neckline and slashes along the chest to perfectly capture the monstrous mania of the master of dreams. Of course, a reimagined dress isn’t enough to scare the life out of the party-goers, so you’ll have the brown fedora and Freddy Krueger glove to really make your point. TIME FOR A NEW KRUEGERFreddy had his chances to get his nightmarish revenge. And, while he’s definitely put a lasting mark on our psyche, it’s time for Miss Krueger to show everyone what a true master of nightmares can do! Get your quotes ready and you’ll even show the other famous slasher movie monsters a thing or two! 

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  • Adult Dracula Mask

    Adult Dracula Mask

    Vampires have all the fun! Wait, that’s not a common saying? Oh well, we think it’s true, even if we’ve never heard anyone actually say it.You may not have been born a vampire, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream of being a blood-sucking social elite! This Adult Dracula Mask changes your face into the classic Lord of Darkness himself, Count Dracula. With hideous facial features and a set of deathly fangs, it’s sure to creep out anyone who’s afraid of vampires.This deluxe mask is perfect for Halloween and is of high quality, so you can use it for years to come. The rubber latex mask has an elastic band around the back to hold it securely in place and will be comfortable to wear all night long. The mask also has eye holes and nose holes so you can see and breathe easily while wearing it. Adding to the comfort level even more. So what are you waiting for? An invitation? Well, if you are a vampire then you kind of have to wait for an invitation to enter a home, but that’s for another day…

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