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  • I Am Charlie Brown Mens Shirt

    I Am Charlie Brown Mens Shirt

    Do you have a crush on the little red-haired girl in class, but you just can’t figure out how to get her to notice you? Your baseball skills are okay, but they probably aren’t wowing anyone and drawing the kind of attention you’re looking for. You’re not a bad dancer, but you only know a couple moves and they can get a little repetitive. Trying to impress her by kicking a football is completely out of the question. You do have a pretty cool dog that could do the trick, but he’s such a showboat that he’ll probably just end up stealing your thunder. Oh, good grief! If you are identifying too much with Charlie Brown when it comes to girl problems, we suggest giving this I Am Charlie Brown Mens Shirt a try. The bright yellow color and the big zig-zag stripe across the middle are bound to make her notice you! Looking like Charlie Brown is a good idea too since he is a faithful friend and just an all around good guy, even though he can be a bit of a blockhead sometimes. So don this shirt with pride and declare “I Am Charlie Brown!” If this still doesn’t work and get the little red-haired girl to notice you, we hear that Joe Cool has a few suggestions for you!

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  • Adult Venkman Ghostbusters T-Shirt Costume

    Adult Venkman Ghostbusters T-Shirt Costume

    Yeah, okay, so the college wasn’t fond of the idea of paranormal testing and experiments at first. They thought it was all mumbo-jumbo and you were somehow pulling their legs with your Ph.D. in parapsychology. But who’s laughing now?Ghosts are oozing out of the woodwork in hotels, libraries, and apartments across New York. Household appliances are acting up. Things are levitating. And don’t even get us started on the ectoplasmic residue… The college was a fool not to take you seriously.Because now? Now that the paranormal slime has “hit the fan”? Who is everyone is running to? That’s right, they’re turning to you: Peter Venkman. You and your team of ghost-busting specialists are the only ones in the city capable of dealing with such paranormal activity. What started as skepticism and crank calls soon turned into round-the-clock spirit-stopping action.And where would the team be without a good logo and catchy name? Branding is everything these days and a crack team of phantom-chasers can be no different. There’s the busting-mobile, the name, and the catchy jingle. And of course, we’re not ones to forget a good outfit. Your full jumpsuits are good for specter-catching missions, but we’ve got a more casual alternative for you here: Venkman Ghostbusters T-Shirt Costume. It’s the same color as your jumpsuit with the Ghostbusters logo and “Venkman” printed on it. There may still be some residual slime (it glows a bit when the lights go out), but we’re pretty sure that’s your forte. Speaking of which, the vending machine has been making some strange noises if you wouldn’t mind taking a look…

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  • Assassins Creed: Connor Classic Adult Costume

    Assassins Creed: Connor Classic Adult Costume

    With Abstergo working hard to keep its amazing technology a secret from the rest of the world, it continues to push forward with its very likely wicked and domineering plans. For the most part, we here in the office don‚Äôt get too involved in the power-grabbing wheeling and dealing of mysterious world-wide secret organizations. (We generally just look forward to casual Fridays, actually.) And, while we haven‚Äôt officially teamed up with the Assassins, we have a solid interest in continuing to get the most accurate of views from period costuming. So, we‚Äôve put together our own sort of Animus to help dive into the genetic memories of the past. And, along the way, we can probably help to dismantle the efforts of a group dedicated to controlling the entire future!Perhaps you weren‚Äôt expecting to dive into the most accurate Revolutionary War reenactment, ever, but we‚Äôve got a pretty good surprise for you. You won‚Äôt be on team red or blue coat for this one. You‚Äôll be joining up with team white and step into the role of Connor Kenway, a man who had one foot in every field. Born of settler and native, of Templar and raised Assassin, Ratonhnhak√©:ton took the easier to pronounce name of Connor and made all sorts of unexpected twists for the Revolutionaries!And now you can, too, with this Assassin‚Äôs Creed: Connor Classic Adult costume. You‚Äôll look just like the Master Assassin of the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins. Now, if you want to honor that title and Connor’s memory and avoid desynchronizing, you’ll have to make sure you properly portray him, so feel free to let loose with your amazing fighting abilities when the time calls for it but remember his humble qualities, likely due to his pretty tragic past. You probably didn’t lose your mother in a village fire started by George Washington, so we‚Äôre sure it‚Äôll be fine if you crack a few jokes, but when it comes to battle you have to be as professional as they come. No worries, though, you‚Äôll certainly look the part, especially when you pull up your Assassin‚Äôs hood and acquire some extra tomahawk accessories to complete the look.

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  • Assassins Creed: Ezio Deluxe Adult Master Assassin Costume

    Assassins Creed: Ezio Deluxe Adult Master Assassin Costume

    We believe you when you say that you have the skills of an expert assassin! You certainly look like a professional when it comes to infiltration and espionage, and your free-running is unmatched! But even all that isn’t going to get you recognized as a prime candidate to join the Brotherhood of Assassins. Nope, sorry, but you need to impress them with your sense of fashion as well. Don’t think that all of your training has gone to waste just yet, though. We might have just what you need!Just take a look at this Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Deluxe Adult Costume! Look like a whole new version of the celebrated assassin Ezio when you throw on this black version of his traditional white assassin’s uniform. Heck, when you look this good you might get promoted right to the top of the Brotherhood! So you’ve got the talents of a world-class assassin and, once you grab this costume, you’ll have the style of one as well. Now, all you’ll need to do is get your hands on the perfect accessories to help you complete any mission the Brotherhood may send you on.Make sure to have dual Hidden Blades, as every assassin knows this weapon is, more often than not, one’s ace-in-the-hole to ensuring success on any mission. Grab a few firearms and a trusty sword to have around your waist and you are ready to take the Leap of Faith and become a full-fledged assassin in the Brotherhood!

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  • Snoopy Deluxe Adult Costume

    Snoopy Deluxe Adult Costume

    Do you have big dreams? Do you love staring up at the sky and looking for signs in the clouds of what you could become? No matter how old Snoopy became he never stopped dreaming. He never gave up on his dreams of becoming a pilot even as he was shot down by the Red Baron. Even though his work was never published he didn’t stop writing his adventure novels. When you dress as Snoopy, you’re not just going out as some general mutt. Snoopy was the spokesperson for the Apollo Program, he was the figurehead of insurance companies, and he even had an amusement park named after him. Many people’s favorite Peanut’s character, this influential hound has captured hearts and imaginations around the world. Makes you wonder, what can you do when you’re dressed as Snoopy but you get to ignore those pesky “No Dogs Allowed” signs? Maybe you could finally do the stand-up show you came up with on your typewriter. When Snoopy was only a dog he could never get into that club with the open mike night. When you ran the set past Woodstock he fell over laughing, so it should be good, let’s just hope Lucy isn’t there, she’s always been your worst critic. It’s time for Snoopy to come home for your next costumed event. You’ll be the life of the party, especially if you break out the classic Peanuts jig. At your next Halloween party just remember you’re cool because tonight you’re Joe Cool.

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  • Assassins Creed Connor Classic Women's Costume

    Assassins Creed Connor Classic Women’s Costume

    Do you ever wonder what your role would be if you had the chance to time travel to the past? Some people have the distinct impression that they’d be wearing finery and going to balls with the aristocracy. Others might imagine helping Leonardo Da Vinci with his inventions, maybe even ending up in one of his masterpieces. While that’s all well and good, there have to be more interesting options. After all, history is full of action packed adventure.Well, you know what your role would be if you got your hands on a time machine. Of course, you’d be an assassin. You wouldn’t have much of a choice other than becoming immersed in that action-packed time. Take the Iroquois born assassin, Connor, he didn’t expect to play such a role in history but after his people were attacked and he had a vision he ended up at the door of a former assassin, asking for training so he could effectively seek vengeance. It didn’t take long before he was running a crew on a ship and changing the course of the Revolutionary war.You don’t have to be a sea captain to get Connor’s adventurous look, whether you’re dressing up as your favorite assassin for Comic-Con or you’re taking on his look with a feminine twist for Halloween, you’ll feel powerful and dangerous in this ensemble. You’ll be ready to take on the Templar, or Washington’s army, whoever you’re after these days, in the white shirt with the classic hood and the navy blue and brown shorts, perfect for battling your adversaries. Well, you can’t quite time travel yet but with the video game and your assassin’s costume you can feel like you’re part of history whenever you want.

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  • Assassins Creed Edward Kenway Classic Women's Costume

    Assassins Creed Edward Kenway Classic Women’s Costume

    Here you are, living life in this millennium. You have a comfortable life: plenty to eat, a bed to sleep on, maybe you’ve got a cat to take care of, one that gives really nice snuggles. Every once in a while though, don’t you feel like doing something different? Are you sick of just living for yourself? You know what you need? A mission.That’s right, we’re a costume company and we’re doling out responsibilities. Well, we’re humble, we won’t be offended if you don’t choose to accept our mission. You’ll have a pretty interesting life as Edward Kenway, though, we promise. All you need is some complicated technology, some time, and a really great outfit. Good old Eddie, started out as a privateer for the British Navy but you know what that usually leads to, yep, piracy. Well, maybe your mission isn’t exactly the most noble. Just be the best pirate you can be, get in there with Captain Kidd, and see what happens. Honestly, if you’re the one reading this then you’re probably farther in the game then we are. Sea navigation is so much harder than running around on land.One thing about your mission is certain, you must have an awesome ensemble. Other than honor and legacy, what’s the point of becoming an assassin if you aren’t wearing the iconic hood and harness? You’ll look ready for land and sea when you put on the dress with blue skirt, pirate pin, and red scarf. Keep combat ready with the leather-look gauntlets and some tall boots. In this ensemble, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is a piece of cake–just watch out for those mercenaries.

    $44.99 Assassins Creed Costumes
  • Assassins Creed Ezio Classic Women's Master Assassin Costume

    Assassins Creed Ezio Classic Women’s Master Assassin Costume

    Do you sometimes wish you could go back in time, see what it really was like before cars and electricity? Do you enjoy having important responsibilities? Would you like to see the world?You don’t have to get your masters at a fancy university to learn about history. You don’t have to work in an office for years to get that important job. And you don’t have to empty your bank account to explore the Florence cityscape. You can dive into the middle of the Italian Renaissance by finding someone to hook you up to that fancy virtual reality contraption they’re calling the Animus.If you’re a fan of Italy and you have a noble heart than we suggest venturing out as Ezio, the Florentine assassin. There are a couple risks associated with this new-fangled tech, of course, you’re not time traveling exactly but you can really change up history. You’ll be going after the bad, big fish of history like the Borgias but as you’re finding a way to sneak into the Sistine Chapel you’ll have to be careful to avoid accidentally cause a roof tile to drop on Christopher Columbus’s head. One thoughtless move and the American continent might not be discovered for another couple hundred years.In this smart Ezio Auditore da Firenze ensemble you certainly won’t be under-dressed for your Italian getaway. To blend in with the Italian soldiers you’ll wear a similar black, white, and red tunic. You’ll remain hidden in the night as you climb city walls in the silken black cloak. Hey, if you’re headed to the Italian Renaissance soon give Leonardo Da Vinci a hug for us and tell him us millennials are still a fan of that Lisa painting he is going to paint in a couple years.

    $49.99 Assassins Creed Costumes
  • Women's Deluxe Lucy Costume

    Women’s Deluxe Lucy Costume

    We’ve always had the policy to be skeptical of psychiatric advice from children working out of wooden roadside stands, and that policy has done pretty well for us so far in life. The only exception? Lucy van Pelt. She gives the best advice we’ve ever found, and we would never turn it down. It’s just all the better that it only costs five cents. Best five cents we’ve ever spent!But you don’t want to get into the roadside psychatric business for the money. Maybe you just like to hear everyone’s opinions and problems, or maybe you just love to tell everyone else about your own opinions and problems. Whatever the reason, we’re sure that you’ll earn that five cents by the end of the day. It definitely helps if you have a good ol’ Charlie Brown in your life. He always seems to have some kind of existential crisis to report. The only way you’re going to be a success is if the Doctor is IN at your stand. For that, you’re going to need the look. That’s where this licensed Lucy costume comes in and saves the day. You’ll be ready to get that business started with this dress because it looks just like the one Lucy van Pelt herself wears, with a bright blue sheen fabric, scalloped neckline trim, and fun, cartoonish details on the chest. After that you’ll be all set to tell your friends all they need to know… as long as they’ve got five cents!  

    $59.99 Peanuts Costumes
  • Plus Size Burgundy Pirate Wench Costume

    Plus Size Burgundy Pirate Wench Costume

    Living like a pirate is tough work. But just because the grog is bad, the food is worse, and your shipmates are as likely make you walk the plank as they are to say hello, it doesn’t mean you have to dress like a scurvy-riddled sea urchin! Dress up in this Plus Size Burgundy Pirate Wench Costume, and you’ll have that sassy, chic buccaneer look you’ve been wanting for all of your pirating exploits!There are other reasons to don a stylish outfit while sailing the Seven Seas than just looking nice. Like in any job, you want to dress professionally when you go to work. So, wearing a fine quality dress while pillaging a merchant ship for its cargo will leave a much better impression than if you were wearing filthy, tattered rags. You might be surprised how quickly word travels on the open ocean, and if you’re wanting a reputation for being a fearsome, unstoppable pirate, wearing some dashingly recognizable attire will help make that happen. On top of that, this lacy dress breathes a lot better than the heavy leather and wool garb most other sea dogs are tromping around in, which will definitely come in handy if you decide to set sail in the balmy, humid tropics!Lace also helps you look like one saucy lass, and the burgundy skirt and intricately designed bodice give this ensemble a bold flair. The hat and sash complete this swashbuckling look, so you just need to add some fierce boots and a sword. Then, you’ll be ready for any pirating job that comes your way, no matter how tough it gets!

    $34.99 Adult Pirate Costumes
  • Women's Goofy Salem Sister Witch Costume

    Women’s Goofy Salem Sister Witch Costume

    Rise and Shine, Sinister Sister!Anyone who knows about witchcraft knows that you can’t keep a talented witch down for long! Sooner or later she’s gonna rise from her long-term dirt nap to seek her revenge! The town of Salem has been too relaxed for too long. They thought that their twentieth-century ways could shield them from the curses of the past. Well, it turns out, there’s a reason that Halloween has such a strong pull these days. It’s so that the mystical ladies of lore can have a chance to brush off their old broomsticks and have one more crack at spinning up some wicked spells! This colorful enchantress might seem a little goofy but she’s got a good nose for magic. While she’s got plenty of love for the sister’s in her coven, we’d keep the kiddo’s well clear. Her culinary cravings trend to whatever is fresh and innocent in the area. Product DescriptionThis dress is exactly the ragtag kind of garment that you’d expect a home-grown witch to wear. It has a red velvet bodice with a bright orange blouse with sheer sleeves attached. You’ll enjoy the layered skirt with metal loops along the waistline that would be perfect for hanging any spooky bags of potion ingredients that you might find with your spooky sense of smell. Top it all off with the wild purple twisted wig and your witchy look will be complete!Get the Last CackleIt’s time people learned that just because a lady practices the black arts doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to have fun! After all, what’s more of a blast then dancing in the light of a full moon? Sure, the morning light might turn this hag (we meen that in a good way, please don’t turn us into a cat!) to stone and you would never invite her over to take care of your kiddos but she definitely makes any Halloween costume party more fun! So, head out with two of your nearest and dearest coven sisters and maybe a zombified boyfriend as well and see what kind of trouble you can stir up this All Hallows Eve!

    $49.99 Witch Costumes
  • Peanuts Lucy Girls Costume

    Peanuts Lucy Girls Costume

    Oh, Brother! Quick! The school’s big Halloween party is just around the corner, and your girl has been anticipating it for months! The trouble is, her pop-up psychiatric booth on the playground has been so swamped lately, she hasn’t had time to figure out a costume. That’s a unique problem; we don’t hear of that one too much. But wait…a psych booth, you say? As in, a pop-up place for her friends to get advice and help? Hmmm…we may have an idea for her Halloween woes! Lucy van Pelt runs a similar operation in the Peanuts universe. She’s also smart, in charge, and sassy, like your girl! She loves a good prank, she thinks outside the box, and she doesn’t let anyone (but Snoopy) get the best of her. We think this Peanuts Girl’s Lucy Costume is the perfect fit for your girl’s costume party. The best part is, she can rally her friends and make it a Peanuts group theme, including a Charlie, Linus, Snoopy, and…we bet there’s someone she’d just love to see dressed up as Schroeder (wink, wink)! Product Details This costume is simple to throw together at the last minute because it includes everything she needs (besides the gang of friends and signature ‘tude). It comes with Lucy’s iconic black flipped locks (in wig form), her blue, puff-sleeve dress, and shoe covers that turn your kiddo’s kicks into Lucy’s signature saddle shoes. The dress’ silhouette and material give it fun, cartoonish flair. And she’ll look perfect behind her pop-up psychiatry stand—just like Lucy! Girl Boss in Training We love your girl’s entrepreneurial spirit and go-getter attitude (even if she did slip up on Halloween prep a bit). She seems like she has the personality to be a real leader and boss someday. And if anyone knows about being the boss, it’s Lucy!   

    $44.99 Peanuts Costumes
  • Girls Leopard Costume

    Girls Leopard Costume

    I’VE BEEN SPOTTED!Your munchkin is the kind of girl who likes her spots. And no one is going to convince her otherwise. And that is fantastic. More young women should be that brave, and unwilling to compromise the things that they love because of peer pressure.She is the kind of girl who likes to be spotted in a crowd. And she loves it when her animal prints do that for her. Leopard print is her favorite. She loves those huge cats. They have such silly expressions, and they are so lazy, but oddly enough incredibly strong, and active. She really wants one for a pet, but of course she can’t have a leopard for a pet.Because she can’t have one for a pet, she is determined to be one instead. So this Halloween get her this Girl’s Leopard Costume so she can live out her dreams of being a big cat. She will run around the house trying to jump like a leopard, and growling like a big cat. This costume wont stop her form wanting to have one for a pet, but it might stop her from asking for one for a while. She might want to wear the dress to school, and let her. You can’t change her spots after all. And why would you want to? She is a strong willed, fierce young woman. She will do great being spotted.

    $19.99 Leopard Costumes
  • Blue Seas Mermaid Deluxe Girls Costume

    Blue Seas Mermaid Deluxe Girls Costume

    The ocean is an amazing place with plenty of adventures to be had. Anything but monotonous, the life of a mermaid is endlessly fascinating for everyone young and old. On Monday a mermaid could explore ancient sunken ships with her fishy friends, discovering long forgotten Viking artifacts, uncovering chests full of gold and jewels. Tuesday she could hang out with a cohort of seals, discovering sea caves in the shallows, feasting on mussels and clams before diving back to the coral covered depths to sleep in her giant shell. There isn’t any wonder why your daughter loves the magic of the underwater creature culture. Mermaids combine adventure and elegance in a way that no other creature can. They get to jump with dolphins and dive with the puffins. They are naturally dressed up with their sparkly tails with their beautiful fins. In this ensemble’s aqua marine colors your daughter will love posing on rocks as if she’s sunbathing in the middle of the ocean. Your princess of Poseidon will be ready to meet the deep sea courtiers with the sparkly purple bodice, turquoise top, and starfish detail. Let’s not forget her fabulous tail, it has two different kinds of sequins for extra sparkle and layers of sparkly tulle that’ll add plenty of drama to this seafaring gown. Whether she’s the kind of mermaid who prefers singing on the seashore or exploring the depths of the ocean your daughter is sure to enjoy wearing this mermaid costume. She’ll probably want to play pretend in the dress once the trick-or-treating is done, understandable, once you get a taste of the mermaid lifestyle it’s hard to go back. This year make sure her Halloween goes swimmingly in this blue seas mermaid costume.

    $44.99 Little Mermaid Costumes
  • Charlie Brown Boys Costume

    Charlie Brown Boys Costume

    Never Give Up!No matter how much bad luck gets thrown his way, Charlie Brown never gives up. His baseball team can’t seem to get a win. Lucy constantly teases the poor guy. His dog, Snoopy, is far from normal and cause him plenty of grief and that red-headed girl that he’s got a crush on doesn’t seem to know that he even exists. And, we didn’t want to mention it, but the kid is already going bald at the tender age of 8. Despite all of that, he’s out there every day, doing his best, trying to be a stand-up kind of fellow. That’s why we think that the underdog Charlie Brown is a pretty good role model!When the good-natured kid becomes your child’s role model, he’ll learn to get up when he falls down (even when Lucy doesn’t play fair). He’ll learn how to keep his head up, even when things don’t go his way! And now, your child can actually become like the tenacious young Peanuts character. All he needs is a can do attitude and this officially licensed costume.Product DetailsThis Charlie Brown costume for boys is a quick and easy way for your child to assume the role of the Peanuts character. The costume comes with his signature yellow shirt that has a zig-zag stripe across the front and a small collar around the neck. It also comes with a pair of yellow and brown foot covers to match the top. The finishing touch to the outfit is the red ball cap, which looks just like the one worn by Charlie during his baseball games.You’re a Good Man, Charlie BrownOnce your child is all dressed up in this outfit, he’ll be ready to head out to the baseball field to lead his team to… well, probably not victory, but he’ll at least be able to give his team the support and encouragement that they need!

    $44.99 Peanuts Costumes
  • Child Navy Seal Costume

    Child Navy Seal Costume

    Whenever the US military goes into a tough situation that calls for nothing less than the best, they give the job to the Special Ops. And when the Special Ops needs to send in their very best, they send in the Navy SEALs. Your little trooper wants to fight with the best of the best? Then they’d better suit up in this Navy SEAL Costume, and they’ll look ready for action!The missions SEALs get sent on are definitely not for the timid. They know they could find themselves fighting on “SEa, Air, and Land”, which is where they get their awesome team name from (we don’t know why ‚Äúsea‚Äù gets two capitalized letters while the others get one, but since they’re in the Navy, we assume they really like the sea). There isn’t anything a highly trained SEAL can’t do, whether it’s parachute out of an airplane to get the drop on the bad guys, or scuba dive out of a submarine to sneak on them from below. And since these elite tough guys always work in teams, enemies can be sure that if they see one SEAL, there are a few more around that they can’t see, and then surrendering doesn’t sound like such a bad idea!Your little commando will have no trouble getting the jump on those baddies with this military themed costume and toy gear. The digital patterned camouflage jumpsuit looks just like the ones worn by real elite troopers, and looks very intimidating with the included balaclava-style hood and tactical vest. Any top secret missions they can imagine will be a real ‚Äúblast‚Äù when they’re geared up with this cool costume!

    $29.99 Military Costumes
  • Boys Assassins Creed Classic Jacob Frye Costume

    Boys Assassins Creed Classic Jacob Frye Costume

    Does your gamer kiddo love playing out the intricate stories of Assassins Creed? We get it, it’s fascinating to be able to step into another person’s point of view and travel back in time all at once. While we’re glad we haven’t had to get connected to the high tech Animus and we don’t really want to hang out in dirty and polluted Victorian London (that machine seems a little intimidating) we think it would be pretty exciting to time travel. For most of us, time traveling would consist of wandering around, staring at people in historical clothing, taking a joy ride in a buggy, and maybe taking a trip to the wig makers just to see what it would be like. When your crafty kid is running through the streets of Victorian London as Jacob Frye you can be sure he’s on a mission. Jacob Frye and his twin sister are constantly busy attending secret meetings, rescuing child workers from the factories of the industrial revolution, and generally doing good to protect the poor and downtrodden. Talk about philanthropic travel! And thanks to modern technology the only thing your child needs to worry about is getting hand cramps, forget scarlet fever. This Halloween your kiddo can take his digital London street smarts to the real twenty-first century streets. Your little Assassin will feel capable and mysterious in this dashing Jacob Frye ensemble. In a deep green waistcoat, long coat with an upturned collar, and dapper top hat, your kid will feel ready for whatever mission this modern world might throw at him! Whether that’s finding a corrupt factory owner or collecting all the candy while trick-or-treating!

    $44.99 Assassins Creed Costumes
  • Boys Assassins Creed Edward Kenway Costume

    Boys Assassins Creed Edward Kenway Costume

    Is your kid having trouble choosing a career path? Sure, being a physician might be a fiscally responsible choice, but it’s not exactly exciting hanging out in a doctor’s office all day. He could be an accountant, but typing numbers into a calculator may not be all that adventurous. He could work for the city, which is a great gig with plenty of health benefits… or maybe he could be a totally awesome pirate, who’s also a secret agent for the Assassin Order! Edward Kenway did it in the Assassin’s Creed series and now, through the power of costumes, your child can do it too.This officially licensed Assassin’s Creed child costume fully recreates Edward Kenway’s look from the video games. It’s one part pirate and one part Assassin’s Order garb, coming with a white and blue top. It also has a faux leather vest and faux leather harness across the chest. It also features a white hood, which your child can wear to make him feel like a deadly rogue!Now, despite giving him a superb look based on the game, this costume won’t give your child any ninja or pirate skills. You may actually need to start schooling him about all the subtle details of being a pirate and being a ninja. Be sure to teach him all about swordplay and sneaking around in dark shadows. You also might want to remind him that no one can jump from tall buildings into a bale of hay without injury!

    $44.99 Assassins Creed Costumes
  • Assassins Creed: Connor Classic Teen Costume

    Assassins Creed: Connor Classic Teen Costume

    What does an Assassin do if there aren’t any Templars around to pick fights with? When your teen adventurer is wearing this Connor Classic Costume, based on the outfit in Assassin’s Creed III, there’s no telling what kind of action he’ll get into! The characters in the Assassin’s Creed games use a combination of training and natural skill to pull off their incredible and often impossible-seeming missions. But, what if they just have to get something from the store? Do they still run through the woods, jumping from tree to tree while balancing grocery bags on their heads? Or, how do they do gardening? We imagine they can do some pretty fast pruning with their infamous wrist blades. Now that we think about it, it would probably be a really bad idea to invite an assassin to someone’s surprise party. Their reflexes might take over… Whatever an assassin may be up to, they always seem to be wearing their trademark hoods and white jackets (it’s kind of a huge giveaway, actually). While your warrior-in-training is dressed up in this outfit that’s designed after Connor’s uniform, they will have the perfect look for sneaking among the shadows and tracking through crowds. The lightweight white tunic looks like a jacket with attached belts and sashes, while the hood helps them stay incognito. Your teen will be ready for whatever mission he goes on, whether it’s fighting a company of fortress guards, or just sneaking to the fridge for late night snacks!

    $34.99 Assassins Creed Costumes
  • Assassins Creed Ezio Master Assassin Teen Costume

    Assassins Creed Ezio Master Assassin Teen Costume

    The Brotherhood of Assassins has a lifelong mission to protect the world from the crushing control of the Templars. The Creed is paramount and must be defended by the worthy few. And, we have seen the skills that have been miraculously passed down through the generations to your skilled kiddo. A master of infiltration and espionage and who could compete with those free-running skills!? It is time to don the mantle of the Assassins (and impress them with a fashion sense that would cow even the Italians).Just take a look at this Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Classic Teen Costume! Your youngling can look like a whole new variation of the celebrated assassin Ezio upon throwing on this black version of the traditional white Assassin’s garb. Heck, when an Initiate looks this good, you can expect to be running the Brotherhood in no time at all! Already possessing the talents of a world-classed Assassin, the style will be the last notch on the belt before having the style of one as well. All you need next is to get your hands on the perfect accessories to help complete any mission the Brotherhood may have!Get armed with dual Hidden Blades or a few firearms and, of course, a trusty blade to wrap around your waist and the fledgling Assassin will be ready to take the Leap of Faith to become the full -fledged Assassin of the Brotherhood! Next step‚Ķ identify the new incarnation of the Templars! Where might Abstergo Labs be hiding this season? Will your teenage Assassin be the one to stop them?

    $34.99 Assassins Creed Costumes
  • Mens Deluxe Vampire Costume

    Mens Deluxe Vampire Costume

    We hear there’s a new vampire on the block. We can only imagine (by the pale skin and long fangs) that the new vampire is you. Welcome to the neighborhood.But you should be warned. This block? Technically it’s Dracula’s domain. He’s got dibs on all the locals from this side of Transylvania to the mountains. So if you’re moving in… well, you might want to at least talk to the Lord of Vampires. We hear he can get a little upset if uninvited vampires show up in his turf. That’s right, just go talk to the guy. Let him know you’re visiting or in the area for a party or whatever… but for heaven’s sake, don’t go looking like that. Do you want Dracula to take you seriously or not?You see, Dracula is old school. No nice three-piece suit will do. He’s going to want something more in the classic Gothic style. You know. The one he established as typical vampire-wear.Yes, something like this Deluxe Vampire Costume would be perfect! It’s got the fancy satin shirt and pants, with velvet vest attached. There’s silver buttons (don’t worry, not actual silver, we’re not trying to kill you or anything!) and the iconic cape with tall collar and some red lining. Put this on and you’ll practically be welcomed into Dracula’s court as a fellow vampire lord. Now, isn’t that an idea you can just sink your teeth into?

    $39.99 Vampire Costumes
  • Boy Child Deluxe Vampire Costume

    Boy Child Deluxe Vampire Costume

    There are so many different monsters to dress up as for Halloween, but how could one ever decide? Well, we think that this amazing deluxe costume will help your kiddo lock in a decision. Once he lays his eyes on this stylish gothic outfit he will surely want to be nothing but a vicious vampire!Grab your youngster this Boy Child Deluxe Vampire Costume and watching him transform into one of the mightiest creatures of the night. Some would even consider the Vampire species the masters of the night. So easily do the prey on the warm-blooded wanderers in the night. Sure, they must stay in a dark abandoned castle while the sunlight curses the earth with its unbearable rays, but as soon as the moon is lord of the sky, none can go head to head with the vampire. Zombies are nothing more than laborers, werewolves are merely pets, and mankind is a buffet waiting to be feasted upon!Now then, this costume comes with just about everything your little one will need to join the ranks of the most elite vampires. Although a fine velvet vest, a high-collared cape, and some sleek black pants will only get your youngster so far. Look through the rest of our accessories to find the perfect additions to this costume. We would suggest a set of fangs to toss in his mouth as well as one of our vampire pendants. A quick makeover to get rid of the fleshy color the covers his face should complete this supernatural transformation. Before you know it, he’ll be leading his very own vamp nest into the night for some tasty treats and savory sweets!

    $24.99 Vampire Costumes
  • Boy's George Pig Costume

    Boy’s George Pig Costume

    Anyone who has ever had a brother or sister knows that being a sibling, though fun, often has its challenges. When your little brother only wants to play dinosaurs and doesn’t even seem to care about pretty flowers, you have to wonder how you two are so different. When you are in the bathroom, listening to music and he’s outside the door, knocking in panic, he might wonder how you got to be the way you are. In the end, though, you can always make each other laugh, or in the case of the Pig family, snort.Peppa Pig’s little brother, George, often irks her in new and unique ways but they always end up laughing over their differences. While George knows everything about dinosaurs, Peppa can’t get enough of her paint set. When your children dress as the Pig family they will have so much fun pretending to be their favorite cartoon characters and making snorting noises that they just might put aside their differences and embrace their piggy nature. Who knows, maybe Peppa will even teach George to share his T-Rex doll!Whether you’re having a Peppa Pig birthday bash or dressing up for Halloween this adorable costume is easy to put on. Just slip the George smock over your little piglet’s head and pop on his cap. Just like that. Now all you have to do it dress up Peppa, Mummy, and Daddy and your lovely pig family will have a ball!

    $24.99 Peppa Pig Costumes
  • Snoopy Super Deluxe Toddler Costume

    Snoopy Super Deluxe Toddler Costume

    Do you ever wonder if dogs are keeping all the secrets in the world between their soft, floppy ears? Snoopy makes us think that that must be true. He has a way of looking at the world through fresh puppy eyes. Take his doghouse, for instance, he spends more time lounging on top of it, contemplating day to day philosophy rather than huddled up inside!  Any child can only hope to have as many imaginative adventures as Snoopy. The most well-known character was the World War One Flying Ace. He had his paws full chasing down the Red Baron and inspiring his ground crew when neighborhood kids weren’t sneaking up and rudely interrupting him, that is. His imaginative adventures didn’t stop there. He was an attorney that defended Peter Rabbit for his carrot theft convictions, a famous writer, and a cool college kid named Joe Cool. Even his humble imaginings were full of grandeur, he was what he called a “world famous grocery check-out clerk”. We didn’t even know that those existed! With all of these alter-egos, your child has plenty of choices for variation in this adorable Snoopy costume.  This ensemble is perfect for finding and greeting the Great Pumpkin, after all, Halloween is one of Snoopy’s favorite holidays! It’s easy to transform with a black and white jumpsuit, a sculpted Snoopy headpiece that secures with hook-and-loop fastener, and a pair of slippers. So, now your kiddo better start practicing their Snoopy dance because the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch he thinks is most sincere! 

    $44.99 Peanuts Costumes