All things scary and spooky for Halloween and other costume holidays, from tens of thousands of costumes of every character and type imaginable. to the accessories such as wigs, masks, makeup and accoutrements needed to make the look complete.

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  • Foam Butt Accessory

    Foam Butt Accessory

    No butts about it, you’ll feel well-endowed when you don your brand spanking new rear end. Now you can feel free to shake what your mama didn’t give you unless your mama has a super strange sense of humor. This butt might be a little less pliable than your very own, however, you’ll find you have to power to put your soft-bootied days behind you. You’re going to have a great time as you’re dancing cheek to cheek in this plastic tuchus. Just don’t hold your breath ’till they play “Baby Got Back”, that’s a little on the nose, don’t you think? Enjoy yourself and the hilarious butt antics will come naturally. Now you can moon people without needing to expose your very own derriere. Sure, this might not be the most dignified costume accessory, but when you wear it your night out is sure to have a happy end(ing).

    $3.99 Doctor Costumes
  • Adult Pig Half-Mask

    Adult Pig Half-Mask

    Why are pig faces so often off-putting? Is it because they are so much like us with their pink skin and love of chocolate chip cookies? Is it because so many philosophies teach us to meet them with disgust? Or is it because they’re normally cute, making creepy versions of them that much more unsettling? Who knows!? But at least we’re certain they’re delicious.Our Pig Half-Mask makes a great foundation for a creepy pig or butcher costume, and it may also be worn alone to startle and scare the pants off of anyone you sneak up on. If you’re a lawyer, wear it to court and break the ice with a “Law and Snorter” joke! They’ll love it so the judge will let the defendant walk free! (Assuming you’re working for the prosecution.)

    $9.99 Pig Costumes
  • Adult Witch Half-Mask

    Adult Witch Half-Mask

    Want to have that classic wicked witch look this year for Halloween, but without having a clown’s worth of cosmetics on or a stuffy mask suffocating you? Well, before you go looking through the nearest spell book, drop your worries. We’ve got you covered. Check out this awesome Adult Witch Half-Mask! You can be the spookiest witch at any Halloween party this year with no worries of smearing your makeup or over-heating due to a poorly ventilated mask covering your entire head.Nope with this awesome half-mask you’ll look more wicked than ever and be able to enjoy all the tasty treats and drinks at the costume parties you attend. Complete your costume with a creepy pointy black hat, an enchanted broom, and a cute cocktail dress. The best part about this mask only covering half your face is you can let out the best cackles anyone has ever heard without being muffled in the least bit!

    $9.99 Witch Costumes
  • Demon w/ Teeth Adult Mask

    Demon w/ Teeth Adult Mask

    Every day at HalloweenCostumes is a new day full of well-crafted masks with fantastic colors and features. We see all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles: spooky, funny, cute, gruesome, wacky–you name it. But one thing we’ve noticed is that many of these masks don’t take into account the simple fact that human chompers are not all that intimidating. It’s kind of a shame.Sure, we’ve got those pointy canines. But they’re not quite big enough to be visible most of the time, unless you really go out of your way to show them off. That’s why this Demon W/ Teeth Adult Mask is such a great costume-topper. The blazing red skin, flared nostrils, and subtly curved ears and horns all work in concert to complement the extra-long high-contrast teeth, leaving your facial muscles free to relax underneath the latex. You’ll thank us the next morning, when your cheeks don’t feel all twitchy!

    $19.99 Devil Costumes
  • Adult Simple Skull Mask

    Adult Simple Skull Mask

    If you’re sick of people calling you a bonehead, then show them what one really looks like this Halloween. Add this Adult Skull Mask to your Skeleton or Grim Reaper costume and you’re sure to rattle some bones. Look as if a crazed witch doctor summoned you from the depths of your grave to walk the earth yet again and send chills down all of your friends’ and neighbors’ spines. Grab a black robe and with the grimace smile on this mask, everyone will just be praying that you’re not hanging around to later escort them to the afterlife.This simple mask is about as spooky and affordable as it gets. With the perfect amount of detail to keep people screaming, this mask is one of the best decisions you can make for Halloween! If you’re ready to look like a bone-afied killer then get your hands on this Simple Skull Mask and complete your ghoulish costume.

    $12.99 Masks
  • Edgar Allan Poe Mask

    Edgar Allan Poe Mask

    The Tell-Tale HitThere are so many reasons to love the classic “master of horror” Edgar Allan Poe. Where would we be without this author? Without the hit, “The Raven” that is read in grade schools throughout the world? That would be such a boring, cheerful world where Halloween readings are centered on orange pumpkins and silly skeletons. This poet has been influencing authors that have provided us with spine tingles for a healthy century now. From The Pit and the Pendulum to The Mask of the Red Death, Poe captured the dread that lies dormant in all of us that is waiting to escape. Better to vent that anxiety while reading a story than while you’re driving in morning traffic, right? So, this Halloween, it’s time to pay tribute to the godfather of gothic, the father of fear: our man, Edgar Allan Poe. Product DetailsWith thick, black locks molded from a flexible, movable material, this mask fits over your head, letting you instantly transform into the distinguished author. You won’t even need to write a classic to be recognized as the haunted genius of the macabre that everyone knows and loves. With a contemplative expression and a black and gray color theme, this mask has the look of the ghost of Mr. Poe, visiting our world for one last reading of The Raven. Something Worth “Raven” AboutThis costume is perfect for library events, Halloween parties, and even ghost tours. Want to make this a look no one will ever forget? Make your costume complete with a suit or dress vest, a raven on your shoulder, and maybe a book under your arm just in case you meet a fan that insists on an impromptu reading. A boring Halloween costume that fades into the ordinary? Nevermore. 

    $39.99 Masks
  • Spider Eyes

    Spider Eyes

    Here There Be MonstersThere are some crazy monsters out there. It’s hard to choose the creepiest one that is lurking throughout different cultures out there. We get creeped out when we think of the South American vampire reptiles called Chupacabras. Then there are the Australian drop bears, created by Australians to create fear in the heart of tourists. They are basically huge koalas with fangs that sup on tourists who just want to see a real life kangaroo. And let’s not forget the Banshee, an ethereal old woman who screams outside homes in Ireland when there’s about to be a death. Here’s the thing, there might be centuries monsters that have already been integrated into folklore but there are just as many waiting to be created out there. All you need is a little creativity, a combination of creepy animal aspects, and a good story and a monster has been made. Seems easy enough!Product DetailsWhy select a full-mask when you can make yourself completely unsettling through your forehead alone? This flexible mask piece simply sticks to your head, giving you the many-eyed look of an arachnid creature. What you pair this mask with is up to you. Throw on a spider costume or get creative and create a completely different look with the rest of our macabre costumes.A Wicked WebYou’ll love creating this monstrous look, it’s sure to get a second, startled glance from Halloween revelers. Perfect for both Halloween parties and horror houses, your look is sure to spread shock and awe. We thought it was about time that a new monster arrived on the scene!

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  • Adult Minotaurus Costume

    Adult Minotaurus Costume

    In Greek mythology the Minotaur was a creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man. He lived in a labyrinth, which has got to be frustrating when you’re just trying to find a bathroom. Then some jerk named Theseus showed up and killed him! It was probably justified, considering that the Minotaur was a half-bull, half-man monster, but maybe Theseus just got fed up when nobody could find the bathroom. So we should honor the Minotaur! Never has the combination of man and bull been so powerful and fearless as this beast. Until now, when this costume was created. Sorry, did we say costume? We meant the best freaking warrior armor and uniform ever devised! Come on, let’s drop the history lesson: this costume is just plain awesome. Look at that Minotaur head! Do you think anyone is going to give a mediocre reaction when you show up in this? Nope! If they aren’t running for the hills, they will be bowing down at the fact that you look freaking incredible!But this costume is no joke. Don’t even consider it if you’re not completely serious about rocking out. If this is a maybe, you’re not ready for it. Buying this costume means fulling committing to destroying all who oppose you. It means winning every costume contest and being drafted into a Greek mythological recreation of the Minotaur story. That’s how powerful this costume is. It is not to be trifled with. Much like an actual Minotaur. Free the beast inside you, place the great bull head upon your crown and roar with power!

    $189.99 World of Warcraft Costumes
  • Grey Alien Mask

    Grey Alien Mask

    Intergalactic TourismIf you met a little grey man on a sunny afternoon and that little guy wanted to see the highlights of earthling life, what would you show him? We know, it’s a hard question. There are so many factors! Has this alien been to earth before? Will people recognize him as extraterrestrial or is he going to wear a straw hat and large sunglasses? Does he have a sense of humor or is he concerned with taking valuable human data as part of his job? And most importantly, do you and your new cosmic pal have access to his lightning-fast UFO? If so you two could lunch on Poboys while listening to brass bands on the sunny cobblestone streets of New Orleans at one o’clock and be dancing in an underground club in Istanbul before midnight. While it’s unlikely that a little grey man will ask you to play tour guide to earth anytime soon, your chances are sure to go up when you’re dressed like his people!Product DetailsYou’ll look like you just landed on this green planet when you throw on this grey alien mask. Driving any vehicle, including unidentified flying objects, while wearing this mask is discouraged due to peering at the world through eye slits. However, the eyes under your human ones look like they could see in total darkness as they are glassy and oversized, just as we’d expect!Fresh Off the UFOThe ensemble you could put together with this mask is as varied as the activities you could do with a little grey man on a sunny afternoon! You could look like a businessman from outer space when wearing a suit or an intergalactic tourist learning to party like a human when wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Hey, you could even wear a silver bodysuit if you want to embrace a space-age kind of style! So, welcome to earth and buckle up, anything can happen here! 

    $12.99 Masks
  • Green Alien Mask

    Green Alien Mask

    Area 51There are a lot of secrets when it comes to alien encounters on planet earth. It’s getting harder to keep those secrets contained. The thing is, since aliens landed in the nineteen fifties, the government has been trying to keep the galaxy’s biggest nightclub under wraps after representatives from deep space landed and turned out to be quite entertaining. All the clips of UFO sightings and odd little creatures are, indeed real. They aren’t here to speak to our leader. They aren’t here to study our biology and slowly integrate into our culture to eventually take over. Nope, they’re just here to party. It isn’t simply a coincidence that they arrived after the dawn of rock and roll. The thing is, they heard early 50’s pop on our radio waves and they decided that it was about time they made a little pitstop on planet earth! Then they tried our food, learned a few dance moves, and never left again. Product DetailsYou’ll look like you just stepped off a UFO when you’re wearing this flexible green mask with its tiny chin and giant eyes. You’ll be able to see through the eyeholes that are disguised as eyebrows when you’re rocking this mask. It has an undersized nose and realistic markings around the mouth to give your alien expression a serious look. Out of the World EnsembleThis mask is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the extraterrestrial. It’s easy to make your mask perfect for a party at Area 51, pair it with anything from silver jumpsuits to a nice black suit. Want to head out with a group? We’ve got plenty of outer space-oriented costumes from astronaut suits to rocket ship costumes. You’re about to have a cosmically cool Halloween this year! 

    $12.99 Masks
  • Oscar the Grouch Sesame Street Faux Fur Costume Hoodie

    Oscar the Grouch Sesame Street Faux Fur Costume Hoodie

    This is an Oscar the Grouch Sesame Street Faux Fur Unisex Costume Hoodie.

    $29.99 Sesame Street Costumes
  • Adult Plus Size Goofy Gator Costume

    Adult Plus Size Goofy Gator Costume

    This is a Plus Size Goofy Gator Costume.

    $54.99 Alligator/Crocodile Costumes
  • Kids Dwarf Costume

    Kids Dwarf Costume

    In the classic family movie, there were seven dwarfs, and we all know about them. But did you know about the infamous extra dwarfs that never made it onto the big screen? There was Thrifty, who pinched his pennies hard enough to make Lincoln cry like a baby. Then there was Nutty, who loved to shout, “BUY WAR BONDS,” before running away giggling and hiding in a cave. Springy liked to jump; Flirty liked to talk; and Narcky liked to get all the other dwarfs in trouble when they’d been hitting the bottle a little too hard. And, of course, let’s not forget about Stinky. No description necessary. So which one of the forgotten dwarfs will your child dress up like this Halloween? Or maybe they’ll invent their own? With a get-up like our kids dwarf costume, the sky’s the limit…

    $39.99 Gnome Costumes
  • Adult Dwarf Costume

    Adult Dwarf Costume

    Heigh ho, Heigh ho it’s off to work we go!We bet you just LOVE going off to work almost as much as those dwarves do. When Monday morning rolls around, we know you just jump right out of bed before your alarm goes off, whistling, and greeting the day with a stretch, a shower, and a swell song of your own. Right? Oh. Well, that’s OK, we don’t either. In fact, we’d like to borrow a bit of that dwarf magic to invigorate our morning routines with a bit more melodious mojo. Who doesn’t want to whistle while they work? But wanting it and knowing how to do it are two very separate matters. And those dwarves walk the go-get’em walk, even down into a deep mine, where a million diamonds shine. Thus, it can be assumed that wearing this Adult Dwarf Costume may instill you with some kind of magical dwarfian work-centered positivity. That’s our theory, at least.If nothing else, this bearded costume will help you build your Snow White and the Seven Dwarves group theme look, and there’s nothing “dopey” about that. In fact, close social bonds have been scientifically proven to improve one’s mood and overall happiness. So maybe finding six other dwarves with whom to “dig-dig-dig-dig-dig the whole day through” would help put a little pep in your step come Monday mornings!

    $39.99 Snow White Costumes
  • Star Wars The Black Series Poe Dameron Electronic Helmet

    Star Wars The Black Series Poe Dameron Electronic Helmet

    Poe Dameron is the Resistance’s best pilot and, if you were to ask us, he’s got the best name in the whole galaxy. Poe! What a great name. You know what great pilots with awesome names also get? Really cool and stylish helmets. You’ve got to wear something when you’re off saving the galaxy, right?This amazing Poe Dameron helmet comes is officially licensed and in the popular Star Wars Black Series of collectibles. You can put this helmet on, and adjust it to be comfortable. The visor moves up and down, and it even makes classic Star Wars sound effects!Now you can hop in your X-Wing and head out into space and save the galaxy. Well, that is if you HAVE an X-Wing, which most of probably don’t. But we assure you you’ll look just as cool wearing this while mowing the lawn, or just running around the living room. Hey, Resistance heroes are versatile.

    $94.99 Star Wars Accessories
  • Disney Emperor's New Groove Kuzco Men's Costume

    Disney Emperor’s New Groove Kuzco Men’s Costume

    This is a Disney Emperor’s New Groove Kuzco Men’s Costume.

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  • Disney Emperor's New Groove Yzma Women's Costume

    Disney Emperor’s New Groove Yzma Women’s Costume

    Smash it With a Hammer!When it comes to villains, Yzma’s got it all! She’s got a knack for show business, fashion, and designing a lab combined with an amusement park. Why wouldn’t you want a woman like this running the empire? It would be non-stop amusement at all times. A woman this shrewd would never allow herself to be turned into a llama! She has a couple weaknesses, of course, she’s not the most efficient when it comes to plans. When you’re taking down an emperor you just don’t want to depend on the postal service. Though her original idea does let her use another of her magnificent talents. She wields a sledgehammer better than any villain we’ve met before! If she did things all over again, perhaps she would have utilized that talent more often instead of using so many vials of potions. This Halloween, give the empire take over one more chance with this lovely villainous look. Product DetailsYou’ll feel like you’re ready to rule the Kingdom in this sleek black dress with its sparkly ruffled collar and dramatic silky headdress that is structured with wire on the inside to make sure you always arrive in Avante-guard form. To make this look complete, make sure that your eyelashes are as dramatic as you can get them. Yzma wouldn’t have it any other way!Getting Into the GrooveWhen you’re wearing this licensed Empire’s New Groove Yzma costume, it’ll be easy to get into character. Want to take it one step further? Make it a group costume and invite Kronk and Pacha along. Hey, maybe you’ll even let Kuzco come along as long as he’s in llama form. You’ve got to maintain your position on the throne, after all!

    $49.99 Disney Villains Costumes
  • Disney Cinderella Fairy Godmother Women's Costume

    Disney Cinderella Fairy Godmother Women’s Costume

    This is a Disney Cinderella Fairy Godmother Women’s Costume.

    $69.99 Cinderella Costumes
  • Triceratops Dog Costume

    Triceratops Dog Costume

    Do you ever wish you could travel back in time to a prehistoric age and have a dinosaur as a pet pet? Sorry, bud, but we got some sore news for ya: Ya CAN’T! Even if time travel were possible, chances are, no dinosaurs would be cool with being treated like you own them. They were all about roaming free and killing each other and eating all the plants and bringing about their own extinction! They didn’t want to answer to a master!But you know who does love hanging around you and being your pet? That’s right, that adorable dog right there! So fulfill your dinosaur pet dreams by doing the next best thing to unrealistic and potentially dangerous-to-us-all time travel: Get this Triceratops Dog Costume, and turn that pup into your favorite dino! With a costume this cute, your puppy will be ready for a prehistoric rampage through the backyard!

    $9.99 Dinosaur Costumes
  • Boys Old Man Costume Kit

    Boys Old Man Costume Kit

    RESPECT YOUR ELDERSKids are told time and time again that wisdom needs to be listened to and that they should prize the folks who have walked the world longer than they.  Give the elders respect and adhere to the insight that they have to give.  Do what they say!  That’s a lot of almost oppressive obligation for a kid to listen to and many are going to resist the effort.  They might even try to come up with ways to turn the tables. Of course, a particularly clever tyke might just turn that entire thing up on its end and transform into your old folks in order to get away with all sorts of trouble.  It isn’t that we want to encourage such behavior or would delight in hearing the story of what happened, but… that’s definitely true!  And we’re pretty sure that your kiddo (and even you) will love the whole experience.PRODUCT DETAILSLet your tyke see just what it is like to be walking around on aching bones when you help them transform into a cranky old man with this Old Man Boy’s Costume Kit.  This set of wavy gray wig, old-fashioned bow tie, and clip suspenders will give your kiddo the beginnings of a quantum leap!  Before long, they’ll be looking for their walking cane, demanding their rocking chair, and offering you some Werther’s Originals while telling you tales from the old days back on the recess fields of elementary school! ALL WITHOUT A CURSED BODY-SWAPYou’ll be able to enjoy watching your kid hobble around and demand that all the “young kids” get off their lawn when they transform into a crotchety old man with this disguise kit.  How often can you give your kiddo the opportunity to see life from another person’s perspective without it involving a weird cursed object or misspoken wish that turns into a Freaky Friday kind of situation!?  Take this opportunity while it is available! 

    $19.99 Old Man Costumes
  • Girls Old Lady Costume Kit

    Girls Old Lady Costume Kit

    Time FliesAh…they grow up so fast these days. One day, you’re watching your girl frolic in the grass with her friends and the next…holy moly…what happened? Your gal must have aged 80 years overnight!Ohhhhhh, she’s just using this Girl’s Old Lady Costume Kit! That makes a lot more sense. Phew, we were nervous! It is a clever little tool to turn any tot into a grandma faster than you can say, “When I was your age…” Sadly, it can’t make her calmer, more fiscally responsible, or any more amenable to an early dinner and bedtime, but hey, what do you expect from a costume kit? Product Details This senility-inducing set is super-fun and a little bit wacky. It comes with a grey wig set in pink curlers, as well as a blue floral shawl, and a flower clip. She may want to add some specs, a cane, gloves, or a purse full of hard candies to complete the look. Or she may want to practice working in a midday nap!Lady in TrainingWell, we’re glad your girl isn’t growing up quite so fast, but still, time flies. Encourage her kooky costume with this transformative kit that may even give her a glimpse into her future. Just make sure she doesn’t cover your couch in plastic while she’s in character!

    $19.99 Accessory Kits
  • Viking Lord Shield & Sword

    Viking Lord Shield & Sword

    Your grandfather was the fiercest Viking the world had ever seen. He sailed from the Iceland, and helped conquer the Germanic people. Then he sailed to Scotland, he defeated the Picts. Boy did they put up a fight. Then he came home, told stories of his time sailing on the open sea. Not knowing if they would make it to land again. It was truly the time of his life.Now you are old enough to go on your own pillaging adventures. Don’t forget this Viking Lord Shield and Sword combo though. You don’t want to be caught on a raid without the use of your trusty sword, or a shield to protect yourself. You remember your grandfather telling you stories of his shield blocked an enemy ax, as he swung Leg-Biter (his sword) at his foe. You’ll have to face some enemy steel to figure out what to name your sword.

    $19.99 Viking Costumes
  • Girls Creepy Scarecrow Costume

    Girls Creepy Scarecrow Costume

    Scarecrows, why you gotta be so mean? There, we said it. We all know that scarecrows can be kind of creepy, what, with all standing out there in the middle of the field to keep the crows away and all, but that was before we heard about spooky scarecrows coming in to haunt the villagers at night. That’s totally not cool!Well, maybe it’s a little cool. At least as long as it’s your kid dressed up as the frightening villain. We’re sure that having your girl dress up in a scarecrow costume will all just be fun and games, some classic Halloween fun, and that there won’t be a single thing that’s twisted or evil about it. Right?She’ll be ready to become a terror with this detailed girl’s creepy scarecrow costume. The costume tunic has patchwork and straw details, and rope accents will have her looking like a homespun scarecrow. The hat completes the look, and all she’ll need is her own leggings and boots for the outfit. Complete her look with some spooky scarecrow makeup, and we’re sure she’ll be quite the terror!This costume ensemble is the perfect way to combine modern style with a classic costume theme. She can enjoy becoming a frightening terror on Halloween night, but let’s just remind her to not go about scaring folks after the trick-or-treating or costume party is over. With a look this creepy, this girl’s costume is going to be ready to scare away more than just the crows!

    $29.99 Scarecrow Costumes
  • Women's Plus Lady Guinevere Teal Costume

    Women’s Plus Lady Guinevere Teal Costume

    This is a Women’s Plus Lady Guinevere Teal Costume. 

    $39.99 Renaissance Costumes