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  • Velcome Vampire Floor Mat

    Velcome Vampire Floor Mat

    Vamp it upAre you wishing for a little Dracula in your decor? We get it! Transylvanian style features luxe velvet, gothic ceilings speckled with hanging bats, and arched windows with ancient stained glass panes that blow open whenever a vampire really wants to make an entrance. We’re working on coming up with a line of high-backed chairs and rustic prison chambers but in the meantime, we have the perfect “Velcome” mat to set the right tone as soon as Halloween visitors show up at your door.  Product DetailsWant to add a little color and plenty of giggles to your Halloween decor this year? This black mat is resplendent with bared fangs at the top and dripping text that says, “Velcome. Come in for a bite”. If that’s not an ominous greeting, we don’t know what is!Just Add BatsLooks like you’re on your way to creating a creepy abode! Want to finish this look off right? Swing on through the rest of our decoration catalog to find just the right details to delight your inner Drac. From lighting to grisly graveyard motifs, you’re sure to make your porch both eerie and elegant. And if all else fails, just add more bats!

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  • Motion Activated Screaming Doormat

    Motion Activated Screaming Doormat

    Season’s GreetingsHalloween has so much potential when you’re decorating that front porch. It’s funny that we think of the season as being so macabre but the thing is, the sky in autumn tends to be bluer than ever until that dark and stormy night rolls along. Unlike Christmas, you can make your decor totally silly, seriously spooky, or simply elegant. Our favorite Halloween style? A touch of spooky with a healthy dose of silly. People have taken this to extreme levels. We’ve seen a family of skeletons playing a game of croquet. We’ve seen huge eyes propped up in trees, giving the foliage an animalistic appearance. And then there’s the classic front yard graveyard with punny names like, “Al B. Bach”. But here’s the thing, when you’re coming up with your yard decorations you’ve got to consider the sound factor!Product DetailsNo one needs to know what they’re in for when they stroll up to your door this season. Place the battery-operated sound mat under your welcome mat and thunder, screaming, and spooky voices will sound when guests step on the mat. Your trick-or-treaters will never forget walking up to your door!The Delight of FrightNo matter how you decorate your front lawn, you’ll surely love the extra touch of this screaming doormat. Delight trick-or-treaters and festive visitors alike, they’ll know for sure that you give a boo!

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  • Haunted Door Bell

    Haunted Door Bell

    The Spooky Missing LinkHalloween night is coming in fast. And here’s the thing, it can be tricky to amp up the spook factor of those ghouls and goblins that come to your door on Halloween night. You know what’s trickier? Treading the scary and silly line to make the night exciting. You remember walking the blocks with your pumpkin pail, right? You’d walk along with glee, running up the jack-o-lantern lined sidewalks of neighbors. Then you’d come upon a truly scary lawn. Was that spooky dummy in the yard alive? Was he going to jump out at you when you passed, making you let loose with a shriek? Those particular lawns went too far. The missing element that will balance your Halloween decor? The sound effect factor!Product DetailsThis doorbell will take your existing doorbell and replace its happy everyday ring with scary sound effects. Or if you don’t have a doorbell, you can use the motion detector function so that it goes off when a trick-or-treater comes to your door. Now you’ll know when you’ve got a ghoul seeking treats at your door and they’ll get a thrill at the same time!Howling Good TimeThis doorbell is sure to make you seem like you’ve got some spooky guests inside your house. Maybe your neighborhood ghouls will even come back next year to see what spooks you have in store again! One important thing is certain, this bell will keep your household in creepy character this All Hallows Eve! 

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  • Frankenstein Porch Squatter

    Frankenstein Porch Squatter

    Frankie Needs a BreakHere’s the deal. Frankenstein is tired. He’s spent so many years tormenting his master and chasing him to the ends of the earth. He’s also spent a good portion of his time being the scourge of humanity. What little time he had left was spent running away from villagers wielding torches and pitchforks. He needs a little respite and your porch seems like the perfect place for him to take a breather from all that.Just think about it. He can rest up on your porch, scare a few trick or treaters, make a few grunting noises. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved! So, are you ready to help old Frankenstein out?Product DetailsThis Frankenstein Porch Squatter is a Halloween decoration that should give visitors a good spook! This freaky monster has blinking red eyes and makes some pretty terrifying sounds when you flip the on/off switch. Just set him on your porch (he also takes pretty well to patios, decks and garages) and watch him go to work scaring anyone who dares come near him!Harmless MonsterThe best part about this Frankenstein decoration is that he’s not nearly as murderous and angry as the classic monster from literature!

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  • Skeleton Restroom Door Cover

    Skeleton Restroom Door Cover

    Some people don’t even knock before entering. The jerks! That’s a dangerous habit to get into, especially since they never know what will be lurking on the other side‚Äîlike a skeleton using the can. There are a few things you could do to achieve this end. We vote in favor of you teaching them a good, ol’ fashioned lesson. Like tarring and feathering them in the streets. Or, if you’re feeling semi-merciful, take from Kevin McCallister’s Christmastime Defense playbook: stick a hot iron on the doorknob, set up a trigger-activated blowtorch at the entrance, or surreptitiously lay toy cars on the linoleum floor. That’ll show the jerks.Okay, okay, so tact and grace aren’t really our things. We concede that. And if you weren’t exactly with us on the aforementioned, this door cover is a good teaching tool for the lesson. Low light is key. Screams and soiled garments are evidence that our scheme was a success. High fives in advance!

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  • Animated Doorbell Eyeball

    Animated Doorbell Eyeball

    Polite society has several rules, sanctions that clearly define proper behavior in a civilized world. The list of rules are many and the specifics of many of them can be pretty confusing. There are classes that can go on for days all about which fork goes where and how many minutes are required to pass from the time the soup is served until you‚Äôre allowed to touch the second one! Phew! It is a lot to keep track of! How can anyone be expected to adhere to every step along the way!?Well, we‚Äôre happy to do what we can to help at least take some of the urgency off your plate. Or, at least your door! Everyone knows that when the bell rings, you should get to the door in a reasonable amount of time to greet your guests. But, when you‚Äôre so focused on which fork is the right one, sometimes it can take a few extra seconds. For that, we offer the Animated Doorbell Eyeball! Forget a doorman! Now your guests can be greeted by one large glowing green eyeball. When your guests press the button, the eyeball moves, lights up, and speaks. It really is an ‘eye-opening’ home decoration that will ensure you have those few spare moments to greet them yourself!

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  • White Eye Doorbell Prop

    White Eye Doorbell Prop

    Doorbells really haven’t changed since their invention. Sometimes people will have a slightly different combination of three notes, or maybe, if they’re really fancy, it will be an entire song. But that’s really about it. Whatever happened to the future when doorbells would talk to you? We’re a little frustrated at modern technology right now, so we’ve decided to take an alternative route.Don’t be fooled by the fact that this doorbell prop requires batteries. Once the batteries are in there, they activate the black magic our witches brewed up in the back. The eyeball stays closed when it’s not in use, but as soon as the button is pressed and the tone rings, it opens up and greets the guest with a spooky introduction to your home. It’s perfect for those people who live in the last, creepy house on the street, or if you just want to have a fun prop for your Halloween party.

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