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  • Child Rag Doll Costume

    Child Rag Doll Costume

    New toys are too fancy. Nowadays, kids have toys that light up, or toys that make noises, talk to you, or even walk around. Heck, kids even have toys that live inside the computer (would you believe a thing like that?). And don’t even get us started on kids and their phones, always right in front of their faces. Back in our day, toys were simple! You got a doll and that doll had a red mop of hair and an apron and you played with that doll and you were happy! We didn’t have all this mamby pamby talking electronic nonsense. And if you wanted your toy to light up, you know what you did? You set it on fire! That’s the only way our toys had lights. It was a simpler time. Our toys had meaning.So now you can relieve that simpler time too! How? By denying your children any light up toys or talking toys or newfangled robot toys taking jobs from hardworking wooden and cotton dolls! Instead, force them to wear this costume! Yes, this will communicate what it was really like “back in the day”. If your child wants to have fun, they’ll have to find that fun in a red wig and an apron. That will teach them to appreciate all the stuff you’ve given them, and their Snaptalk or whatever other “app” they’re using these days. This costume also has the benefit of making your kid look adorable, if you’re into that and not just teaching them a lesson, but it’s probably for teaching them a lesson first, right?

    $29.99 Raggedy Ann Costumes
  • Child Popeye Costume

    Child Popeye Costume

    It looks like someone has been religiously eating their spinach! Which is surprising given the way that most kids feel about spinach. But hey, we think it’s great! Who better to promote eating their veggies than the original strong, funny, tough sailor, Popeye?Even though Popeye often found himself in sticky situations, he always found a way out of it by using his brawn Рfueled by his love of spinach. Some may say that he wasn’t the sharpest sailor on the high seas, but we think that’s ok Рwe all have our strengths. Plus, Olive Oyl loved him all the same, even if he didn’t always have the right answers or proper manners. Regardless, he was way better than Bluto anyway!This Child Popeye Costume will give your child big muscles just like Popeye without having to waste all that time doing arm curls with weights (or eating spinach, though that would be an added bonus!). Steal back Olive Oyl from your nemesis Bluto in this officially licensed costume. The costume comes with blue polyester pants that have an elastic waist for a comfortable fit Рit can fit their ever-expanding muscles! The black short-sleeve polyester top comes with a red collar for added detail. Lest we forget about the most important part Рthe muscles! Рlet’s talk about the flesh colored foam muscles that have a black anchor tattoo for a look truly worthy of the seas. Top off the look with the yellow belt with a gold buckle and a white sailor cap.

    $29.99 Popeye Costumes
  • Child Santa Wig and Beard

    Child Santa Wig and Beard

    Kids, there are two ways to grow a long white beard like Santa‚Äôs. First, you have to eat nothing but milk and cookies for at least 50 years. This is the best part. Then you have to work in a factory year round (or better yet make elves do it), live in an arctic wasteland, and once a year you have to visit about three billion houses in fewer than 24 hours. Tell you what — if you‚Äôre going this route, start with the milk and cookies part and report back to us in a few months, tell us how it‚Äôs going.The second way, which is a little more convenient, is to get our Santa Wig and Beard. It‚Äôll be a lot more comfortable wearing our cozy, fitted wig and beard than chilling in the Arctic all year, right? And did we mention how bad reindeer smell?

    $11.99 Christmas Costumes
  • Child Rio Blu Costume

    Child Rio Blu Costume

    Blu is an underdog. He’s the proverbial fish out of water, living in a world that doesn’t match who he is, unable to fly or live out his identity as a tropical bird. He gets made fun of by other birds, almost get smuggled, and even learns how to fall in love, all while being soundtracked by bright and happy award-winning songs about tropical paradise and being true to yourself.Now maybe your child can relate to the hero of the movie Rio, Blu. Maybe they get made fun of by other kids, or feel like they can’t properly live out their identity as a young person in a big person’s world. Chances are if that’s the case, they probably really love Blu and his story. They might even love him so much that they want to become him for Halloween. This Child Rio Blu costume is the perfect answer. Your child will feel like they stepped off the big screen and into the beaches of South America in this costume…This costume is 100% polyester flannel, with faux fur and velour fabrics throughout. The shirt has a back zipper, wing-shaped sleeves with wrist slits and feather-shaped shoulder drapes. The flannel pants have an elastic waistband, the headpiece has a soft-sculpted beak, eyes, and feather tufts on top, the shoe covers have Velcro bands at the ankle, and elastic under foot. This costume also comes in toddler and adult sizes, so everyone can get in on the action!

    $49.99 Rio Costumes
  • Raggedy Ann Classic Child Costume

    Raggedy Ann Classic Child Costume

    She’s an imaginative one, your little lady! She is always playing dress up, always crafting new adventures, and always making up elaborate tales to accompany each and every one of her stuffed animals, toys, and of course, dolls! So, this year why not help her harness all that creative energy and share her gifts with the world by bringing her favorite friend to life? Right before her eyes, she’ll totally transform into a timeless kids’ favorite in this Raggedy Ann Classic Child Costume. She may not be as flashy as some of the other dolls out there these days; there aren’t stores dedicated to Ann where you can spend a million dollars on doll eye glasses, doll yoga mats, and doll hair salons. But maybe that is why everyone’s favorite rag doll has endured all these years. She’s a class act; simple, unfettered, requiring imagination and the love of a little one to come fully to life. Here’s what we suggest: read her one of the Raggedy Ann story books and then unveil her Halloween costume! Let her get all dressed up in the calico dress and apron (and of course, the red yarn wig!) and then keep reading while she acts out each page. By the time she’s ready to trick-or-treat, she’ll be well versed in all her favorite scenes!

    $39.99 Raggedy Ann Costumes
  • Child Briny Buccaneer Costume

    Child Briny Buccaneer Costume

    When we found out about Briny’s School for piracy gifted children, we were scrambling to enroll our kids. A school that gives them both a solid education and the savvy to rule the high sea? That’s a worth a whole chest of gold for tuition! You might think that a school for high sea pirates wouldn’t teach applicable skills for today’s modern society but you’d be surprised. Just wait until you see the syllabuses for some of these seafaring classes! Briny’s School made their physics course more interesting than ever before with a hands-on course in cannonball launching. Young scalley wags enjoy. Earth science credits transfer easily to oceanography and no one ever forgets the lessons taught by a rogue wave! There are economic classes in looting and looting investments and of course, geography lessons in finding hidden booty from professors that previous classes have overthrown and made walk the plank. Hey, that’s how you graduate from Briney’s School. The professors don’t like it but that’s why they are paid the big booty!If you’re ready to sign your kiddo up for this university then you’ll have to suit them up right. This ensemble has striped red and black pants, a cool black top with an included vest and billowy sleeves with a fitted faux leather cuff. You’ll also get boot covers and a red and black headband. Get your little guy ready for the first day of school with this Briny Buccaneer Costume. His winning look will have him at the top of the class in no time!

    $34.99 Child Pirate Costumes
  • California Blue Candy Girl Adult Wig

    California Blue Candy Girl Adult Wig

    These days, there are tons of ways to become the world’s next big superstar! You can film yourself doing something amazing and post it online, and maybe it’ll go viral and launch you to stardom. Or, you can audition on a network TV talent show, where you could showcase your singing/dancing/shadow puppetry abilities, and maybe make it that way. There’s also the classic tried-and-true approach of moving out to the sunny West Coast and waiting til you get discovered!It’s a big gamble, and you’ll need to take all the help you can to get noticed by the Hollywood bigwigs, so wearing this bright and cheery California Blue Candy Girl Wig could help you get your big break! This electric blue synthetic hairdo is the perfect look for your showbiz debut, and it makes whatever cute dress or costume you wear even cuter. It’s the kind of hairstyle all the kids will want once you’re a bigtime star!

    $24.99 Katy Perry Costumes
  • Women's Plus Size Tinkerbell Fairy Costume

    Women’s Plus Size Tinkerbell Fairy Costume

    Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. Dreams are forever.Remember what it was like to be a kid? Long days spent playing in the sun, imagining we were part of magical worlds‚Ķ.and what better magical world was there than Neverland? Think about it! It‚Äôs a magical world that exists within a star! And the whole place is full of adventures‚Ķpirates, natives, mountains and jungles and oceans‚Ķand the best part of all? It‚Äôs got fairies!So while our friends might‚Äôve been busy pretending to be Peter Pan or one of the Lost Boys, we were all about wanting to be Tinkerbell. Yeah, sure‚Ķshe had some attitude, but wouldn‚Äôt you? Your best pal invites these naive British kids into your secret world, and then all he does is pay attention to that wet blanket Wendy! Oh sure, everyone thought Wendy was just oh so sweet, but was she ever any actual fun? She even tried to get Peter to go back to her world with her to talk to her parents about marrying her! HELLO, it‚Äôs called Neverland for a reason, sister!Anyway, what we‚Äôre saying is: Even though everyone else thinks Wendy is so great, we‚Äôve always known that Tinkerbell is the real heroine of the story of Peter Pan and Neverland. And with this Women‚Äôs Plus Size Tinkerbell Fairy Costume, you can easily show everyone what side of the North Star you fly on. whose side you stand on! The green halter dress made of interlock knit and glitter organza fabrics will make you look positively magical (and the metallic gold braid and green satin ribbon trim won’t hurt, either). There’s ribbon ties on the skirt to allow for length adjustment, and the wings have clear elastic shoulder straps for maximum comfort. The costume also comes with a headband and a fairy dust pouch! Fairy dust is not included, however…but we’re pretty sure that, in this costume? You’ll have no trouble making some wishes come true all on your own! *wink*

    $44.99 Peter Pan Costumes
  • Child Native American Princess Costume

    Child Native American Princess Costume

    It’s been a long time since we were kids, playing a bunch of rampant chasing games in the back yard. Tag wasn’t ever enough. We needed to invent new rules and create some unique characters to make the game more exciting. We’d occasionally be slimy aliens hunting down fleeing citizens. Other times we’d play cops and robbers and our job would be to get to the tree to ‘rob’ it and then escape the officers sent to capture us and bring us back to jail. Why exactly the robbers followed the rules and stayed in jail until they were rescued by the other robbers, we’re not sure we ever understood. Why play by the rules at that point, after all!?The whole game inspired by Old Western movies where the two opposing forces rarely saw eye to eye. While both groups set themselves against each other, occasionally, we’d have the wise and courteous lass from either the Western Town or the Native Tribe who’d charm the hearts of the others and bring some peace… at least until love might prosper and then it was right back to kidnapping the princess or barmaid and time, once again, for war!Now you can relive some of those games you had growing up and share them with your youngster who might not have had a chance to play such games with the invasion of the iPad tablets! Transform your tyke with this Child Native American costume. This sleeveless pullover dress has self ties for size adjustment and a faux suede poncho style cape lined with fringe and brocade ribbon. Your kiddo’s hair can be decorated with felt barrettes that are decorated with feathers on top of a metal hair clip. Gather the entire squad with more of our Native and Western-inspired costumes and you could make your own movie!

    $34.99 Child Native American Costumes
  • Toddler Mouse Costume

    Toddler Mouse Costume

    The year of the mouse.Does your toddler love cheese? Doesn‚Äôt matter what kind of cheese. Cheddar? Yep. String? Check. Cottage? Absolutely. They will eat any kind of cheese. They even say they like stuff you don’t remember them ever trying. Really, when was the last time you even had gouda in the house? Maybe it was when you made bacon wrapped chicken breasts stuffed with gouda.Recently they have been obsessing over mouse everything. (That might actually explain their love of cheese.) They have been watching Mickey Mouse’s Club house, and somehow they got a copy of Fievel Goes West. Seriously, where do they find these things?!So, this year does seem to be the year of the mouse. For their costume birthday party, you can dress them up as this Toddler Mouse. They might like it so much that they ask to be a mouse for Halloween as well. And, they will have lots of fun running around as their favorite animal. Their little tail bouncing around after them. And your little mouse will be so much cuter than all the other kids running around in princess, and Iron Man costumes. Just don’t forget the cheese tray, or you might have one angry toddler on your hands.

    $34.99 Mouse Costumes
  • 20 Inch Silver Glittered Twig Spray

    20 Inch Silver Glittered Twig Spray

    Not sure how to decorate from Thanksgiving until Christmas? You’ve done the multi colored fall leaves. You’ve left the turkey figurines strewn about. Had the house undecorated. Watched all the needles fall off the Christmas tree you put up way too early.We know the struggle. We’ve done the same things. This year why not make it a little easier on yourself. With this 20 Inch Silver Glittered Twig Spray, you can set them up for Thanksgiving. Sting some yellow and orange leaf garland over it. Keep it up when the snow starts to fly. Leave it bare and sparkling, like the first morning snow. Then let the kids string baubles on it for Christmas. This is a versatile and easy decoration for the snowy months of the year. Don’t just leave the house undecorated between the holidays. Add some flair to your home this year.

    $9.99 Indoor and Home Decorations
  • Sullivan the Monster Costume

    Sullivan the Monster Costume

    Getting to the all-time scare record is no problem for this big, scary, yet lovable monster! He‚Äôs ready to scare any kid who comes his way, but he‚Äôs also ready to give them a big hug and make ‚Äòem laugh if he needs to!What could be better than a monster who likes to scare and hug equally? He‚Äôs the perfect mix for any kids who‚Äôs had a fascination with monsters. Not too scary, but not too fuzzy either – just the right blend of what every kid needs in their life (even if only in their imagination). This Halloween your little one will get to become their favorite blue monster with just a snap of their fingers!Ready for another chance to scare? Get ready to jump out of the closet and scream, “Boo!” in this Sullivan the Monster Costume. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck than the last guy. This costume comes with everything your child needs to get his scare on this Halloween. The furry blue jumpsuit is 100% polyester and has contrasting purple spots. The jumpsuit zips up the front for easy on and off all night long, while the attached mittens have openings at the wrists for comfortable and functional wear. The stuffed tail is attached at the back of the costume as are purple spikes. The attached stuffed feet have purple claws. Become everyone‚Äôs favorite monster from head-to-toe with the attached monster hood that has soft purple horns and stuff eyes and teeth!

    $64.99 Monsters Inc Costumes
  • Child Mouse Costume

    Child Mouse Costume

    Mice may be slightly terrifying for some people, but I‚Äôve always thought they were quite cute and cuddly and probably just in need of a good hug. If jumping clear out of your skin is a common occurrence when you see a mouse, perhaps this adorable kids costume will change your mind!Whether you’re getting this Child Mouse Costume for Halloween or for a Christmas production of The Nutcracker, you’ll have a super-cute outfit! It’s cozy and fun. Get cheese, cat, or other mouse costumes for siblings, friends, or the whole family to create a fun group. Say “Cheese” and get ready for some super cute Instagram shots when you set your child up with this look!This kid‚Äôs costume comes with everything you need for a fun and unique look this Halloween. The grey jumpsuit has a back zipper for easy on and off. The mock turtle neck style will keep your child warm and cozy. The attached mouse mitts can fold back to free up their hands so they can hold on to their play props or trick-or-treat basket easily. The attached tail is bendable and the included shoe covers have elastic and the ankles and under foot for a secure fit. No mouse is a mouse without his cute little ears and this hood has some adorable ones attached to each side along with a Velcro fastener under the chin for a comfortable fit. Now get out there and claim your cheese ‚Äì but be careful of those pesky mouse traps!

    $39.99 Mouse Costumes
  • Authentic Karate Kid Daniel San Costume

    Authentic Karate Kid Daniel San Costume

    Wax on. Wax off.We all want to be a karate kid. We want to get our black belt by mastering the Crane Kick. We want a sensei who knows how to kill a guy with a chop to the neck, but doesn‚Äôt. We want to spend our weekends learning to wax on, and wax off. We want to be the Karate Kid.You know you do too. You want to hang out with Mr. Miyagi. And beat Johnny in the All Valley Karate Tournament. And get the girl. You want 1984. The music, the fashion, the California sun. You want to dress up as a shower for Halloween. (We know we actually did as kids.) You want to be Daniel-san.So, if you have the big All Valley Karate Tournament coming up, or just need something to wear as you binge watch the greatest movie franchise ever, just slip on this Authentic Karate Kid Daniel San Costume. You will feel the power of the Karate Kid when you put it on. You will be able to catch a fly with chopsticks, and do the Crane Kick. In this costume you can win the tournament, and get the girl. We can’t really transport you back to 1984 though, or give you some California Sun. But you can still wax on, and wax off.

    $79.99 Karate Kid Costumes
  • Gargoyle with Eyes

    Gargoyle with Eyes

    Whenever you see a gargoyle, you may feel a little uneasy, like this grotesque, stone creature is watching you. You may take a bit of comfort in hearing that they are there to scare away evil spirits, but it must also freak out the good spirits that are just passing by and run into a menacing gargoyle looming over them! Actually, that might come in handy if you just wanted to keep everybody away from a certain place. When you are needing to scare off some evil spirits, or just keep the neighbor kids out of your tool shed, perch a Gargoyle with Eyes nearby, and watch everyone immediately start keeping their distance! We know what you’re thinking. “How can a half foot tall stone-looking monster possibly be so effective!?!” The secret is in its eyes, which eerily look like real eyeballs. And they see everything. They may even be keeping an eye on you, right now as you’re reading this…

    $9.99 Props
  • Child Blue and Purple Tutu

    Child Blue and Purple Tutu

    Sometimes monsters like to wear something other than their fur and some torn up pants. People just like to draw them only wearing that kind of stuff to scare everyone else into not wanting to be afraid of them. We think those people are pretty mean. Have you ever met a monster? Most of them are actually pretty nice out there. We have a few good friends who are monsters and actually work out here at the office. We think the tall ones are fun because sometimes we can’t reach the costumes on the top shelf to deliver them and if you’re real nice they’ll let you ride on their shoulders. And all of them love to wear blue and purple tutus around so it matches their fur and scales. This one in particular is designed to fit really little monsters or human kids just like you. It’s very sturdy for all sorts of activities like dancing or running around on the playground at school.

    $8.99 Fairy Costumes
  • Child Grease Pink Ladies Jacket

    Child Grease Pink Ladies Jacket

    In the PinkIt’s fun to have a crew, whether your little one’s cliche is on the top of the school hierarchy or they focus more on singing into hairbrushes behind closed doors. Flying solo just isn’t as much fun. When you’re solo, there’s no one to hear the juicy secrets your child might have about her summer in the sun. And while these days the secrets are limited to who cheated in the swimming races at summer camp and which neighbor girl she saw sneaking out of her window at night, gossip is gossip. Any cliche would be happy to have your child but not every cliche has the classy, coordinated look of the legendary Pink Ladies!Product Details and DesignIs your kiddo ready to join her very own crew? No problem! Now your little girl can cruise around in her very own Pink Ladies Jacket, made exclusively by us to look just like the style worn by Rizzo and the bunch in the classic film, Grease! It’s made out of shimmering pink satin polyester material and printed the group’s name on the back in big letters. Paired with sleek black pants and the included pink scarf your little one will look like she’s a (very) young Freshmen from Rydell High! And hey, if she’s not teaming up with a crew of her peers, we have sizes for the whole family so she’ll never have to go it alone!That Fifties FeelingSo, whether your little one is heading out with her crew for a decade themed night of trick-or-treating or your whole family is headed to a car show at your local drive-in, this costume will be one for the books. If you want everyone to be included in the fifties fun, dress up her brother as one of the Greasers. These kids look like they know how to rock and roll!

    $22.99 Grease Costumes
  • Girls Roman Princess Costume

    Girls Roman Princess Costume

    Is your kiddo fascinated by ancient civilizations, the Roman Empire in particular? Well, then we’ve got the perfect costume for your little girl this Halloween! Transform her into Roman royalty with this Roman Princess Kids Costume. She’ll be so grateful for the opportunity to live out her dream of ruling an ancient empire that she may even make you one of her most trusted advisors! Quite the step up for your day job, ay?This lovely costume comes with a majestic ivory pullover dress and the beautiful headpiece. The elegant blue/gold sash is attached at the left shoulder and right hip, so your little princess won’t have to worry about adjusting it all night. She can enjoy running around the dance floor with all her friends and her royal subjects. Enrich her experience with some fun accessories. Grab some gold bangles and a pair of roman sandals. Maybe even a gold laurel leaf crown! That would really let everyone know who’s in charge. You could also take this costume to the next level. Why be Roman Royalty when you can be a Roman Goddess? That status can easily be achieved once you grab one of our goddess wigs and a pair of golden sandals, and then BAM! You’ve got yourself a goddess.Help your kiddo rule over Ancient Rome as royalty or protect the empire as one of its many goddesses with this Girls Roman Princess Costume. Whichever path she decides to take, one thing will be for sure. She’ll have a most memorable Halloween experience in this beautiful ensemble!

    $29.99 Roman Costumes
  • Red Movie Star Wig

    Red Movie Star Wig

    Have you fantasized about what it would be like to be someone completly different for a day? How about a flame-haired siren? Give your reality a dash of fantasy with this Sultry Red Movie Star Wig. If you’re going to go as the kind of movie star who can get even a cartoon rabbit to fall head over heels for her, then there’s one thing you’ll definitely need: long, flowing, flame-red hair. There’s just no way around it. But if you weren’t blessed with that kind of hair, it’s all good––we have a movie star wig that will make you look good enough to be a cartoon babe.Perfect for Rita Hayworth (that’s popular with the kids, right?), Ariel, Black Widow, or a million other red-headed vixens who have graced the silver screen, this Sultry Red Movie Star Wig really is an all-purpose costume piece. You could wear a different costume centered around it every year! It could be, like, your thing! “Why doesn’t she just dye her hair red if she likes it so much?” they’ll wonder behind your back. But they don’t understand, because they don’t have Sultry Red Movie Star Wigs of their own. They’ll never understand.

    $19.99 Jessica Rabbit Costumes
  • Girls Princess Sea Pirate Costume

    Girls Princess Sea Pirate Costume

    Parents get to play with the coolest toys of all. Of course, we’re talking about our phones. They’re basically toys for working adults and we love to waste time on them. But if you look back on the greatest time in your life you probably weren’t tapping a bunch of apps on a tiny, magical (and expensive) tablet. No, you were a kid without a care in the world, running around in the back yard pretending you were the greatest pirate who ever lived. No in-app purchases on the horizon…. just adventure, daring, and a whole lot of glittering loot!Remember when you did this? We do. In fact, we sort of made our living out of it. Imagination takes all of us wherever we want to go. Our own creativity is the limit, and we can tell you that everyone’s creativity, when explored, is humongous. Gargantuan! We love encouraging kids and parents both to come up with swashbuckling stories of heroism, mystery, intrigue, and tons of carefully choreographed (toy) sword play.Yes, Halloween is one of the best times to encourage your child to dress up and explore their world with imagination. For instance, check out this awesome Sea Pirate costume for girls. She will be ready to relieve the neighbors of their delicious candy, and when she is all hopped up on candy for the next few days you can both build pirate ships out of those building bricks that shall not be named, and conduct (toy) sword fights on the brig of her trusty ship AKA as the couch in the living room. Finally, when you are both tuckered out from a days of playing together you can relax on the couch. She’ll be watching old pirate movies on TV, and you’ll be watching the wonderful memories from that day playing in your head once more as you enjoy a much deserved nap.

    $29.99 Child Pirate Costumes
  • Grey Old Lady Wig

    Grey Old Lady Wig

    But, Grandma, you look so young!Just the line that every lady wants to hear as they are getting up in age. Aging can be a rough ride for many of us. We tend to think how fun it might be to sit in the role of the old granny and smile, saying, “Oh, come a little closer deary, so I can see you better. And, pass me my cane, will ya?” But, stepping into the real role can be a tad more tiresome. If only we could get a test ride and enjoy some of the moments a little early. Perhaps be like those delightful old dancers who visit Bialystock and Bloom who still manage to pull off some crazy leg work that most of us would pray to do even in our youth!Now you can age decades in a matter of minutes. Look older and, indeed, wiser when you wear this Grey Old Lady Wig. You can decide if you want to be a sweet old grandma and bake cookies or a cranky one and yell at all the kids that wander on your yard. Either way, the synthetic fibers in their perfect low bun fashion will make for a delightful granny look. Now, though, you‚Äôll have to figure out what else to accessorize this gorgeous look with! Cane, broom, or walker!?

    $29.99 Old Man Costumes
  • Sassy Alice Costume

    Sassy Alice Costume

    The last several years have reported more and more attendance at the Mad Tea Parties in Wonderland and an even greater frequency of trouble taking place at the Royal croquet matches. The thing that is important to know about Wonderland is that the more isn’t necessarily the merrier. They’re all nuts! Two crazy people in a room make for an amusing series of mischief that is entertaining to watch. Three assures that you’ll get pulled into it once or twice and have an even better story when you get home. But… four? That is when things start breaking and precious heirlooms go missing. Five? That’s a mob. A mob of crazy people. And, nothing good ever came of a mob!Now, we’ve tried to tell the Wonderland crew to tone it down. “Think of the impression you’re making on your kids!” we cry, but that only gave them the idea to start having kids. Nutty kids. They can literally climb the walls. You cannot take anything with a grain of salt, here. (The salt can make you shrink! Did you know that!?)The point of this warning is that when you are heading into Wonderland, you need some attitude to deal with those folks! Of course, you’ll do fine with this Sassy Alice costume. The pale blue dress has short puffed sleeves and a bright blue bow on each side and the apron has attractive ruffled shoulder straps anchored with contrasting black buttons. The black headband with blue bow adds to the deceivingly cute and innocent look, but this getup is not for the faint-hearted. This Alice means business! And, boy does Wonderland need her!

    $54.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Deluxe Child Raphael Costume

    Deluxe Child Raphael Costume

    At long last, an educational costume! Enough of these superhero costumes, about guys with magic powers who can do ninja stuff, or about mutated turtle people. Finally, the costume kids need: Raphael Sanzio da Urbino! Or as you know him, Raphael. Obviously, this world-famous Italian painter needs no introduction. He painted a well-known fresco, The School of Athens. Beginning in 1509, Raphael- Hang on, why is this costume green? Raphael wasn’t green. This costume looks like a turtle- Oh man! It is a turtle! Of the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, to be more specific. Well, there goes four years of Art History for us. When we step back and think about it, we suppose it’s not surprising that there isn’t a costume for a centuries-old man who painted stuff. A mutated teenage turtle with ninja training is obviously much more appealing to the child demographic. And why not? Raphael is rumored to be “cool, but rude”, just like many children! And he uses sharp sais to kick Shredder’s butt along with all of the foot clan. Now that we think of it, when did art ever defend New York City from attack by an evil underground army? Ever? We’ll have to look into this. And is there anything more American than enjoying pizza? No. And there’s no record that Raphael the artist ever ate pizza. On the other hand, there’s plenty of evidence that Raphael the turtle loves pizza! So who’s a better role model, parents? The stuffy old man spending all his time in front of a canvas, or a spunky, funky mutant ninja turtle defending our cities and enjoying some pizza with his brothers? We think the evidence speaks for itself. Cowabunga, turtles!

    $39.99 Ninja Turtles Costumes
  • Boys Incredibles Costume TShirt

    Boys Incredibles Costume TShirt

    It’s cool to have the strength of ten athletes. It’s cool to have the speed to run circles around military jets. It’s definitely cool to have camouflage abilities that make chameleons turn green with envy. Unfortunately, this Incredibles tee for kids can’t do any of that. But what it can do is make you look super cool for Halloween or, you know, any other day at school.Remember when Frozone asked, “Where’s my Super Suit?” during the big robot battle in the movie? Well, you absolutely will never have to worry about finding yourself in such a dire set of circumstances. As long as you don’t go picking fights with robots and you keep this tee safely folded in your closet. Can you manage that, kiddo? Cool!

    $19.99 Incredibles Costumes