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  • Plus Size Prince Charming Costume

    Plus Size Prince Charming Costume

    Listen, we get it Рit’s a tough job always being charming. Sure, you’re nice, and you care about having good manners, and you always tip 25%, but sometimes, that “I’m a charming prince!” box you’ve built for yourself just gets a little tight, you know? It’s hard being a public persona straight out of a fairytale!Like, maybe sometimes you don’t always want to be nice to the bartender who took a century to make your cocktail, but you know that if you’re not, the word’s gonna get around. Or maybe you get a little hot under the collar when someone tries to merge their carriage right in front of yours and it takes everything not to flip them off and yell, “Plan ahead next time!” but you don’t do it, because you know that if you do, that’s gonna be a story everyone’s gonna hear sooner or later. It’s hard being a public persona straight out of a fairytale! And we won’t even get you started on the hassle it is to try to go to a party knowing that a zillion midnight and glass slipper puns are coming your way, but you gotta keep that megawatt smile shining bright just the same!But even though your always-charming life can sometimes get you down, at least you can look good while you’re acting like it doesn’t! And in this Plus Size Prince Charming Costume, featuring luxurious gold braid detail, black velvet epaulets, and sparkling gold fringe on the shoulders, you still get to look your regal best, even when you feel like being a real jerk!

    $134.99 Prince Costumes
  • Womens Day of the Dead Full Face Mask

    Womens Day of the Dead Full Face Mask

    Join the sugar skull craze in this Womens Day of the Dead Full Face Mask. As Day of the Dead reminds us, life is short, and no matter how good you look or how much you accumulate in life, you can’t take it with you––death is the great equalizer. Why not bring a little bit of that egalitarian spirit to the land of the living? Celebrate Día de Muertos in this cool, feminine Catrina mask.This mask is a fun addition to Day of the Dead activities like making papel picado, decorating candy skulls, or picking out a loved one’s favorite food and items for an ofrenda. It looks great with all of our Day of the Dead costumes, or makes for a unique Catrina-inspired Halloween character all its own. Think Corpse Bride.

    $9.99 Day of the Dead Costumes
  • Womens Day of the Dead Half Mask

    Womens Day of the Dead Half Mask

    Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos this year? It’s just like Halloween only it lasts all the way through November 1st! There’s twice as much time to party and dance the days away. You just need to make sure you have the right look to celebrate this Mexican holiday. Check out this Women’s Day of the Dead Half Mask, it will be perfect!Take a look through our collection of sugar skull costume and find the one that suits you best. Then once you add this lovely half mask you’ll be ready for a few nights of celebrating the dead! This mask has a lovely rose design right in the center of the forehead as well as an attached rose to the right side. It will add the perfect touch of mystery to your outfit and will entice everyone to join you out on the dance floor. If you want to kick things up a notch you can check out our makeup kits and give the rest of your face a ghoulish makeover as well! Enjoy your Day of the Dead when you do it right with the amazing half mask.

    $9.99 Day of the Dead Costumes
  • Adult Tan Pants

    Adult Tan Pants

    Once upon a time there was a buccaneer. He loved hygiene and being clean. Even after fighting he would check his clothing for dirt. He really liked to keep his favorite pair of tan pants spotless. Often time washing them multiple times a week. And, back in his time all the washing was done by hand, so he spent much of his life just in boxers scrubbing away. But, let’s face it. He always looked handsome. In his days fighting bad guys, he also swooned many princesses. No matter if you are an extra clean buccaneer, Robin Hood, a renaissance elf, or Link, these Adult Tan Pants will look great on you! They are 100 polyester interlock knit fabric and made to look good. The elastic waistband makes swashbuckling much easier than typical pants.

    $14.99 Zelda Costumes
  • Child Panda Costume

    Child Panda Costume

    What are the cutest, most irresistible things in the world?Pandas. It’s just…look at them. Their cute, but kind of…maybe not dumb, but silly faces. They look like the most cuddle-able animals on the planet. Maybe they are luring us into a false sense of security, with their clown faces. But, what would their end game be? We already feed them, house them, clean them. They are probably pretty content with the massive amounts of bamboo they eat a day.And children. Just…just look at them. Their cute, but kind of…maybe not evil, but adorable faces. They are so cuddle-able, until they get old enough to not want to cuddle with you all the time. We know they are luring us into a false sense of security. Those cute little people are (too) soon going to be teenagers. Oh, help us when that happens. We want them to stay this young, and adorable forever. We don’t even mind the constant questions.So, just imagine your adorable question machine, as a sweet panda. Their rosy cheeks, and bright eyes visible in the face of the cuddly black and white Child Panda Costume. It will be funny to see the most active panda on the planet. Never before has there been one that wanted to climb the monkey bars, and go down the slide. Never have you seen a panda do a cartwheel. Or, soar high on the swings. Your little cuddle bear will be firing off questions about what pandas eat, where do they sleep, what do they dream. Enjoy them this young. Enjoy the questions, and constant energy. Because soon, they’ll be teenagers.

    $39.99 Panda Costumes
  • Men's Plus Size Dreadful Vampire

    Men’s Plus Size Dreadful Vampire

    For all the glamor associated with the vamping lifestyle, you’d be surprised at how challenging and somewhat boring that existence can be. It’s not very fun to spend every hour of daylight in a dirty old coffin. There are only so many hours even the sleepiest vampire can dose. Things are looking up, though. Since the emergence of the handheld Gameboy, the afterlife has become a little more exciting. Ask any vamp who’s lived through the last thousand years and they’ll agree that it has been quite a turbulent time. Sure, first centuries were easy. With the black plague, the Huns invading Europe, and those fabulous crusades, no vampire went hungry. Soon enough though people started wising up, real doors were installed on huts around the world. Glass started to appear in windows. Soon, mirrors became standard in every household, giving the even those incognito vampires that passed as living visitors away. No longer could a charming incognito vampire get away with finagling their way into a ball to plan their next meal and arrange financial business with the unsuspecting living. With the additional onslaught of indoor lighting, times got lean. Luckily for vamps, they only had to wait a couple more centuries until the invention of the internet. Now they can make their fortune selling junk from their family vaults on Ebay. Vlad never dreamed that an old tea cup of his aunties will pay for a years’ worth of freshly donated blood and he doesn’t even need to leave his castle. Now, when the vamps do venture out it’s purely for pleasure, wearing their luxurious red velvet, they troll nightclubs and swanky parties. When people see their pale complexion these days they only see a fashionable man who’s not afraid to put on a little powder. You’ll blend in with the modern vamp crowd in this sophisticated ensemble, just make sure you silk cravat is straight and be ready with some tips on how to get to the next level on Super Mario, technology is still a challenge for those thousand-year-old vamps.

    $54.99 Vampire Costumes
  • Men's Dreadful Vampire Costume

    Men’s Dreadful Vampire Costume

    When you turned into a vampire, the condition was far from in vogue. That was way back, even before Dracula came on the market. Back then doorways were framed in garlic and peasants kept their wooden steaks handy. It’s been a long time since then and though you’ve seen the world change you’ve stuck with your fashion sense, which you’re pretty grateful for these days. Then the modern era came around and, weirdly enough, things became better for you. You’d think that when people became more aware of the presence of vampires they would be more careful but with the classic novels, debut vampires were seen as dapper and sophisticated you became quite popular in many circles. Thank goodness you had been holding on to your velvet long coat with its deep collar and red silk cravat. It’s perfect for those evenings when you’re stalking the streets looking ominous. You can’t be sure so but you’ve noticed your prey finds you quite fashionable. You’ve found a new lease on life, or whatever you’d like to call your existence, you love when your coat blows in the wind and when you wander under the street lamps and the light gleams on the red velvet of your jacket. It’s a great time to be a vampire, people think creatures like you sparkle for goodness sake! In a time like this, there’s nothing you should do but embrace the fad, it’s already lasted a couple years and will probably only last a couple hundred more before people catch on to your danger and start decorating with that annoying garlic again.

    $49.99 Vampire Costumes
  • Sweeney Todd Men's Costume

    Sweeney Todd Men’s Costume

    Going for a shave? Seems like a pretty innocent thing to do. But you never know what’s going to happen in the dark and gloomy streets of London. You never know if your hairdresser is unhinged or you pie maker is half baked. Our advice for a Londoner of the 1800’s? Stay home! We’d say an intact neck is worth the beard! We would stick to a vegetarian diet if it was between that or consuming one of Mrs. Lovett’s infamous pies, no matter how delicious they smell! We’ve had plenty of mysterious food in our day. If you’ve ever opened a can of SPAM you might have wondered what all went in that machine before that alien like substance was produced. Still, people don’t pause before slicing it up and putting it on some bread with mayo and a piece of lettuce. Then there are those packaged desserts, cake on the inside and a mysterious hardened frosting on the outside. The texture is a little like a cake and a little like a sponge but you’d have to have a Master’s in chemistry to interpret the ingredients list. The point is, we’re all guilty of eating that mystery food every once in a while so we should be grateful that we’ve never lived in the Sweeney’s neighborhood. After all, mysterious food is sometimes surprisingly delicious.  You don’t have to go into business to become the demon barber of Fleet Street, just don this exclusive costume. You’ll look like a truly unhinged Londoner in the full sleeves, leather textured vest, and cravat. With a holster to keep your sharp friends in you’ll be ready for when that judge finally stops in for a shave. Tell him to keep still, it’s going to be a close one!

    $59.99 Sweeney Todd Costumes
  • The Simpsons Mr. Plow Plus Size Jacket

    The Simpsons Mr. Plow Plus Size Jacket

    Call Mr. Plow. That’s my name. That name again is Mr. Plow. Checked the weather forecast lately? Well, it looks like there’s a storm on the horizon! So get stock up on canned soup, queue up your Netflix, and hey, you actually might want to consider making some money on old man winter. Got a truck? Got a plow? Are you licensed with the city? Whoops, forget we said that!In this Mr. Plow jacket, you can come to the rescue in the sleepy town of Springfield. If people want to avoid inevitable heart attacks that come from shoveling or they are sick of getting their hands chopped off by snow blowers than they will be happy to call you up. Who knows, they might even give you the key to the city!We’re sure that this new business will be a success, how could it fail when you’ve got such a great jingle? And if a heat wave happens and there’s no more snow? Well, you’ll always have your memories. . . and this sweet Mr. Plow jacket and hat.  

    $34.99 Simpsons Costumes
  • The Simpsons Mr. Plow Jacket

    The Simpsons Mr. Plow Jacket

    Call Mr. Plow, that’s my name, that name again is Mr. Plow.We come from the land of ice and snow also known as Minnesota, so we know the value of having a good snowplow driver at the ready.Even though we have no idea where it’s located, Springfield seems to have the same winter problems as us. When you need to get to Moe’s Tavern but all of Springfield is covered in ten inches of snow? That’s when it’s time to trade in your car and head to the used car lot and pick up a truck with a plow (the only logical choice for the situation, of course). But it’s not so easy to follow in the footsteps of Homer Simpson. Like him, you’ll need a catchy jingle, a well-made commercial and, last but not least, you’ll need an advertising jacket!Officially licensed from The Simpsons, this exclusive Mr. Plow jacket looks just like the one worn by Homer in the iconic episode “Mr. Plow.” It has a dark blue exterior with red accents at the pockets, the sleeves, and around the bottom. The collar also has a faux sheep-fleece material that is a matching red color. “Mr. Plow” is printed on the back to let everyone know that you’re here to plow some driveways! Or maybe just sing that amazing jingle. The jacket even comes with a matching hat so you’re all set for your big commercial debut.Just watch out for the Plow King while you’re out there! (He knows Linda Ronstadt. We’re not sure how to compete with that kind of star power, honestly…)

    $29.99 Simpsons Costumes
  • March Hare Women's Costume

    March Hare Women’s Costume

    Is it your birthday? No. Well, in that case, we’d love to wish you a very merry unbirthday. An unbirthday can be just as happy as a birthday, you know? It’s simply any day that isn’t your birthday, a pretty simple concept but its level of simplicity depends on who’s describing it. If a Mad Hatter and March Hare are describing it the explanation would take much longer.If you’re talented at talking in riddles and have no concept of time you’ll find that you fit in quite well as the March Hare at the mad tea party. It doesn’t matter if you’re into Earl Grey or if you prefer a nice herbal blend because with all the ruckus you’re unlikely to get a sip in any way. Hey, don’t get mad, you’re the one chopping tea cups in half. Your party with the Mad Hatter and the dormouse is hardly about the tea, it’s really about confusing anyone who happens to pass by.A Wonderland Tea party may be a little topsy-turvy but that’s no reason for it to be a less than a formal event. Whether you’re staging an unbirthday party or you’re going as the March Hare for Halloween you’ll meet the Hare’s standards in no time. The mustard yellow waistcoat is figure flattering with belled sleeves and includes both a bunny tail and coat tails. You’ll be ready for tea with the oversized blue bow tie and adorable pantaloons. Unless it’s your birthday, you’re sure to have a happy unbirthday in this cheerful ensemble.

    $44.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Fighting Viking Boys Costume

    Fighting Viking Boys Costume

    You toil away all day, sailing off to foreign lands raiding rival clans, pillaging unsuspecting villages to provide for your family and establishing yourself as a jarl to be respected. It’s tough work. You never know when a savage enemy will come charging at you with a battle axe. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little back up when you head out to wreak havoc? Well, perhaps it’s time to bring your child into the fold of your Viking raiding parties and it all starts with the right outfit.Yes, now, your child can also become your raiding companion when you gear him up in this exclusive fighting Viking costume for boys. It comes with a brown, faux leather tunic with cross hatch patterning. It also has faux fur accents around the shoulders and around the bottom. The costume also includes a belt, a pair of faux leather gauntlets and matching shin guards. It even comes with a molded helmet, so he’ll look quite fearsome as he charges into battle alongside you!Just remember, that if you want him to respect you as his mighty jarl, you may have to do a little work yourself! You’ll have to wear one of our adult Viking costumes and you may need to teach him the basics of being a Norse warrior. You’ll have to teach him how to wield a round shield, how to swing a sword and most importantly, you’ll have to show him how to braid his beard into one of those cool warrior beards!

    $39.99 Viking Costumes
  • Child Orange Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume

    Child Orange Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume

    We’re pretty sure that NASA doesn’t allow kids to go on space missions just yet, but there’s no reason that you can’t start training your kid to be the next person to walk on the moon! Yes, that means you can feed your kid freeze dried ice cream. You can take him to the park and start getting his body ready for zero gravity by pushing him on the swings. You can send him across the monkey bars to help develop his upper body strength and help maintain his bones. You can give him an ultra-important mission to the backyard to explore new terrain. But first, you’d better get him an outfit that will make him feel like a space explorer while he trains for a life of being an astronaut.That’s where this orange astronaut jumpsuit for kids comes in. The costume was designed by our designers, who also dreamed of becoming a space cadet when they were youngsters! The costume comes with a zip-up jumpsuit that has multiple pockets in the chest and pants. It also has plenty of detailed patched sewn into the chest, including a NASA patch, a shuttle patch and more. Just zip it up and it’s like a one-way ticket to trip to outer space. Just make sure to add a space helmet to your order, because your kid is going to want to be fully outfitted for his next mission!We’d also like to point out that we have plenty of astronaut costumes for adults, so you could become the first parent and child duo to travel into space!

    $39.99 Astronaut Costumes
  • Fighting Viking Boys Costume

    Fighting Viking Boys Costume

    You toil away all day, sailing off to foreign lands raiding rival clans, pillaging unsuspecting villages to provide for your family and establishing yourself as a jarl to be respected. It’s tough work. You never know when a savage enemy will come charging at you with a battle axe. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little back up when you head out to wreak havoc? Well, perhaps it’s time to bring your child into the fold of your Viking raiding parties and it all starts with the right outfit.Yes, now, your child can also become your raiding companion when you gear him up in this exclusive fighting Viking costume for boys. It comes with a brown, faux leather tunic with cross hatch patterning. It also has faux fur accents around the shoulders and around the bottom. The costume also includes a belt, a pair of faux leather gauntlets and matching shin guards. It even comes with a molded helmet, so he’ll look quite fearsome as he charges into battle alongside you!Just remember, that if you want him to respect you as his mighty jarl, you may have to do a little work yourself! You’ll have to wear one of our adult Viking costumes and you may need to teach him the basics of being a Norse warrior. You’ll have to teach him how to wield a round shield, how to swing a sword and most importantly, you’ll have to show him how to braid his beard into one of those cool warrior beards!

    $39.99 Viking Costumes
  • Gladiator Plus Size Women's Costume

    Gladiator Plus Size Women’s Costume

    Oderint dum metuant that is, “Let them hate as long as they fear” It takes many fights in the Colosseum to fight in a getup as put together as this. First, they told you that you would never make it through your first fight. Your form was too weak, how were you going to both hold your heavy iron sword and dodge blows? What they didn’t realize was that your strength lies in your mind. You have the most important ability a gladiator could have, the ability to think on your feet. Now, many fights later you’ve learned that haters are always gonna hate. You spend your days eating the best food and training for the next fight because now that you’ve gotten so far there’s no way you’re going back! If your opponents want to hate your intensity, let them, those emotions work wonders as a distraction.When you’re looking for that fierce ensemble for your next event this costume is sure to put you in touch with your fighting side. Are you looking for a unique ensemble for that toga party? Maybe you want to veer away from those sweet Halloween costumes the world seems to be favoring these days. This costume has a dignified take on the pleated gladiator kilt and a red cape that will assure your victory. The arm gauntlets will protect you as you duke it out and the headband will add to the glamour factor as you raise your sword in victory. So when you’re taking on the Colosseum you can easily say “Veni, Vidi, Vici” or “I came, I saw, I conquered!”

    $44.99 Gladiator Costumes
  • Gladiator Girls Costume

    Gladiator Girls Costume

    The world is a pretty tough place. It’s not all chocolate chip cookies and double rainbows, so it’s important for you to make sure that your kid is a little fighter! After all, you never know when she’s going to be attacked by a ravenous lion or an angry cyclops, so you’d better make sure she’s trained in the art of gladiatorial combat! Once you train her how to use a sword and shield, she’ll be ready to go toe to toe with any creature or villain in Colosseum. The first place to start is a fitting outfit for her foray into becoming a gladiator.This girl’s Gladiator costume helps your child slip into the role of a seasoned fighter from ancient Rome! The costume comes with a dress that has a brown top designed to look like a Roman gladiator cuirass. It has printed armor on the front and a dark red skirt. Faux leather strips go along the waist to further create an armored look. The costume also comes with a matching red cape that attaches around the shoulder and helps your child look ready to do battle with even the most fearsome of foes!Once your child has this outfit on, it’ll be up to you to teach them all the best gladiator moves, so be sure to study up on the tales of Spartacus! Also, be sure to equip her with one of our sword and shield combos to give her an advantage against the competition.

    $29.99 Gladiator Costumes
  • Gladiator Women's Costume

    Gladiator Women’s Costume

    You’ve been a fighter ever since day one. Not content with just sitting in your chair to do some finger painting, you were sizing up your foes and laughing in the face of conflict during kindergarten. During elementary school, you were practicing your fighting skills against imaginary bad guys in the backyard. In high school, you could have crushed anyone on the debate team with your top notch fighting skills. Yes, you’re no stranger to a battle, so maybe it’s about time that you embraced your destiny to become the gladiator that you’ve always known yourself to be!Have you ever thought about it? With your fighting prowess, there’s no foe that would be too mighty for you! You’ve already got the attitude and skillset to take you far in the Colosseum, so all you really need is the kind of outfit that will help you look like a warrior from ancient Rome! You need this exclusive gladiator costume for women!This Roman gladiator costume was designed by our expert costume designers to create a look that will have you feeling like a fierce warrior. It comes with a dress that has faux armor designed into the top. The skirt is dark red with metallic gold brocade ribbon trim. The costume even comes with a red cape. Once you have it on, you’ll feel ready to battle against any enemy they send at you, whether it’s a savage roaring lion, or a towering raging cyclops. They stand no chance!

    $39.99 Gladiator Costumes
  • Child Brown Bunny Costume

    Child Brown Bunny Costume

    What‚Äôs down that rabbit hole?Did you know that Beatrix Potter, the author of ‚ÄúPeter Rabbit‚Äù actually owned a real rabbit that she named Peter? He was a Belgian buck rabbit named Peter Piper. She also had a second rabbit that she kept as a pet named Benjamin Bouncer (man, she was great at rabbit names!), who was the inspiration for Benjamin Bunny. She was super fond of Peter Piper and would even take him on walks with a leash! She later described in a letter how he liked to lie in front of the fire ‚Äúlike a cat. He was clever at learning tricks, he used to jump through a hoop, and ring a bell, and play the tambourine.‚Äù While he was the original inspiration for the story of Peter Rabbit, the story actually came to be when she was writing a letter to entertain a child of a friend, who was ill. She wrote, ‚ÄúI don’t know what to write to you, so I shall tell you a story about four little rabbits whose names were‚ÄîFlopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter.‚Äù And boom! A childhood classic – and favorite of bunny lovers everywhere – was born!Which just goes to show that, when you fall in love with a bunny, it could take you anywhere! And you know some-bunny special, then this Child Brown Bunny Costume is perfect for them! Made of 100% polyester faux fur, this jumpsuit features a zipper in the back of the suit and comes with mittens attached! The mittens also have elastic bands around the mitten cuffs. The hood has a velcro strap under the chin, and the feet coverings have an ankle band. So give your little rascally rabbit the perfect thing to hop down the bunny trail in‚Ķeven better, get his besties together for a fun group or outfit your entire family as some delightful woodland critters!

    $39.99 Bunny Costumes
  • Adult Goddess Costume

    Adult Goddess Costume

    Remember when wicked villains are granted near unlimited power through the granted wishes of powerful genies or the acquisition of other mighty relics? Their ambitions are always to obtain the greatest amount of power possible with as few restrictions as they could imagine. It leads them to wishing to become powerful sultans, rulers of vast kingdoms. Some wish for mighty wizardry or, in the foolish choice of one Arabian Night’s court sorcerer / advisor, to become a genie, himself. Even after warned that genies have ultimate cosmic power that is severely limited both by rules of ‘geniedom’ and, of course, relatively tiny living space… even if rent is excellent.Their very wishes lead them to limitations that bring about their undoing. You’d think after planning for so many years that they would have come up with better options! Like… godhood. We’ve seen hundreds of wizards and witches and there are, presumably, just as many kings and even emperors… but how many gods do we still hear about these days? The Greeks, of course, have lasted long into the modern stories, probably because they always have the most scandalous stories… not to mention untouchable style!We think it is time to test the limitations of godhood and you look like you’d make the perfect deity. We can trust you with the power of the immortal and heavens-dwelling gods, right? … Either way, we’ve got you ready with your divine raiment, the Adult Goddess costume. As is appropriate of the mighty deities, your power shines through the elegant and simple sleeveless empire-waist dress. It is fully lined in a chiffon bodice and is trimmed in shimmering black and gold design that perfectly contrasts and accentuates the ivory white of the gown. Your heavenly crown is in the form of a golden leaved laurel headband. Bring the whole family to the divine realm with the Child Goddess outfit, too!

    $39.99 Goddess Costumes
  • Veronica Corningstone Costume

    Veronica Corningstone Costume

    Veronica Corningstone isn’t going to let any man stand in her way, and if that sounds like your kind of gal, you’ll love this authentic Anchorman costume. Sure, you’ll have to trample down some sexist attitudes and work on chipping away that glass ceiling, but it will all be worth it to get your share of the evening news. Team up with Ron Burgundy for an epic couples costume (since we’re sure your favorite guy will look great with a mustache) or the entire Channel 4 news team for a group theme. San Diego celebrity status will be all yours with this exclusive costume!

    $49.99 Anchorman Costumes
  • Toddler Deluxe Bumblebee Costume

    Toddler Deluxe Bumblebee Costume

    Their numbers are dwindling, threatening the future of the world as we know it. Make an environmental statement and dazzle ‘em at the same time in your bumble bee costume.If you want your child to wear a costume that’s as sweet as honey, or at least the little drones who toil away making it, get this Toddler Deluxe Bumblebee Costume! Adding a pair of big sunglasses will give the look of shiny bee eyes. Best of all, this can be worn over ordinary clothes if you have one of those kids that doesn’t understand why he shouldn’t wear his bumblebee costume on picture day.Maybe Cheerios are your little one’s favorite food. Think of how much more adorable he or she will look angrily hurling them from the pram in this getup! Some children get in a routine where they watch the same movie every day. For some of us here at, it was The Wizard of Oz or one of the early 90s Disney musicals. Maybe for your child it’s Jerry Seinfeld’s 2007 animated movie Bee Movie. Hey, stranger things have happened. We don’t know why you’re looking at a bee costume for your toddler. If that’s the case and your child has become enraptured with reliving the adventures of Barry B. Benson, (Get it? All Bs. Good stuff.) this costume is surely the best way to complete their immersion. Until the Bee Movie virtual reality experience comes out, anyway.

    $34.99 Bug Costumes
  • Boy's Funky Disco Costume

    Boy’s Funky Disco Costume

    Your child may not have had the chance to live through the age of disco, but that doesn’t mean you have to deny him the full 1970’s experience. You can get him a disco ball, slip a pair of platform shoes on his feet and queue up your favorite funky tunes to let his soul shine. You can even teach him all of the best 70’s slang, ya dig? Of course, the first place you need to start to have your kid feeling like a funkadelic dance-master is a groovy outfit and it just so happens, since we’re the number one experts on costumes on the web, we have the perfect outfit for your little one to shake his groove thing!This Boy’s Funky Disco Costume brings your kid some funky fresh style that he can take to any dance floor. The costume comes with a bright blue satin, button up shirt with high collars. The shining silver pants feature a stripe of red sequins down each pant leg and fit with a set of bright red suspenders. All your kid will need to top off the look is a rocking afro, some crazy cool moves (better teach him how to do the hustle).Be sure to add an afro wig and some platform shoes to get the full look seen in the picture

    $39.99 Disco Costumes
  • Child Dinosaur Hands & Feet

    Child Dinosaur Hands & Feet

    Twenty short years ago, you couldn’t order just a set of dinosaur hands and feet: you had to order a whole dino. Shipping costs alone made sales extremely rare. But genetic engineering has come a long way. Nowadays, making dinosaur hands and feet is just about as easy as making Tyrannosaurus-track sugar cookies with our handy dinosaur-foot cookie cutters.So if you need a dino foot, we can get you a dino foot. We’ll even throw in its mate and two dino hands, in case you’re trying to stitch together a sauropod (like the ones with the long necks). If you want to splice in cuttlefish DNA for camouflage, or dolphin DNA for playful superintelligence, or ant DNA for collective consciousness, or pit viper DNA for thermal sensitivity, it’s gonna cost you‚Äîand you’re going to have to sign a lot of paperwork. But for some standard dino hands and feet? We’ll cut you a deal.

    $12.99 Dinosaur Costumes
  • Womens Sweet Sailor Plus Size Costume Set

    Womens Sweet Sailor Plus Size Costume Set

    The life of a sailor is not for everybody. You have to get up at the crack of dawn, swab the deck, polish the mast, and commit to plenty of chores. The overall appearance of the ship rests on your shoulders and you want it to look tidy so people are prompted to step aboard. Needless to say, a sailor’s job is a taxing one! They can’t wait any time fussing over what to wear… So if you want an authentic costume that will make you look like a hard working sailor, then this costume set is exactly what you need. Packed with all the essentials needed to seem as authentic as possible, the womens sweet sailor set designed exclusively for plus size women comes with a white shirt with attached navy blue neck tie as well as a matching hat. Pair it with your favorite pair of jeans for a low maintence work or you can pair it with all white pants if you’re feeling daring!      

    $29.99 Sailor Costumes