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  • Pokemon Charmander Kids Costume Hoodie

    Pokemon Charmander Kids Costume Hoodie

    Pop quiz, hot shot! You’ve overslept a bit. Your mother is shouting at you to wake up and head to Professor Oak’s place or you won’t be able to get the starter Pokémon you need to begin your big adventure. You get there and you only have 3 options left: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Which do you choose?The one that shoots fire, duh! Charmander can belch fires at any other Pokémon that comes across your path. Eventually, he even transforms into a flying dragon that can shoot even more flames out of his mouth. There’s really no reason to choose any of the other Pokémon out there!Of course, in real life, you can’t just walk into any Professor’s lab to get yourself a free Pokémon. Why, you can’t even find them lurking in the tall grass like in the video games. The only way to get a Pokémon pal like Charmander in real life is to dress your child up as one. (Just trust us on this one.)This Charmander Pokémon costume hoodie instantly turns your child into the classic creature from the Nintendo series. It’s designed to look just like the fire-based Pokémon from the original game, since it has a yellow front and a printed tail with flame in the back. Even the hood is shaped to look like Charmander’s happy little face! And the best part about this hoodie is that when your child is done using it as a costume, he can add it to his everyday wear for school!

    $24.99 Pokemon Costumes
  • Pokemon Bulbasaur Kids Costume Hoodie

    Pokemon Bulbasaur Kids Costume Hoodie

    After watching a few episodes of the Pokémon anime series, some kids really want to become like Ash. They want to travel to new locations, meet every Nurse Joy in the world and catch ‘em all. They want to hang out with Brock, they want to defeat Gym Leaders and they want to make Professor Oak proud of them.Other kids just want to be like Bulbasaur so they can have a giant green onion on their back and shoot leaves at their enemies. It might be kind of a weird dream, but we think it’s great to encourage the creativity and passion of children at a young age, even if their dreams are a little left of the dial. That’s the very reason we carry this Bulbasaur Pokémon costume hoodie!The officially licensed costume hoodie has a zip-up style and is made of a soothing bluish-green poly-cotton blend fabric. The back has a fake pod on the back, which Bulbasaur is so well-known for (we’ve always thought that it looks a little like an onion). The hood is designed to look like the head of classic grass-type Pokémon. All your child has to do is flip the hood on and it turns into an instant costume for his next costume party. Flip the hood down and it becomes a normal hoodie that he can add to his everyday apparel.Who knows! Your child might even be feeling confident enough to take on some bug-type Pokémon when he wears this hoodie!

    $24.99 Pokemon Costumes
  • Cat Skull Adult Mask

    Cat Skull Adult Mask

    Oh man, we sure love cats! What other pet frantically runs around the house at 4 AM to let you know that they’re okay. You can also rely on them to knock over every water glass, helpfully reminding you to bring the glassware into the kitchen. Who else is going to climb under the covers while you’re trying to make the bed every morning? Plus, they’ll loyally sit by your side even at all times, even when you’re trying to use the bathroom!.If you’re a steadfast fan of the feline breed, then you’ll love to wear this cat skull mask. The full mask is crafted to look like bone and features mesh covering over the eyes and mouth so you can easily see and breath. Wear the mask and engage in strange behavior with your cat companion, like fitting inside of small spaces (get out your shoe boxes) and knocking over all the house plants!

    $14.99 Skeleton Costumes
  • Deluxe Adult Hulk

    Deluxe Adult Hulk

    You’ve probably had to say more than once, “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” And we don’t blame you. It’s a rad line. It’s even been used around our office a couple of times. But have you always felt like there’s not much backing it up? Like the people you use it on are expecting you to turn into a giant green rage monster… and you can’t deliver the goods? Dr. Bruce Banner sure could when he used his famous line. And now so can you with the Deluxe Adult Hulk costume!Just speak the magic words, run off for a quick change (or just rip off your “Bruce Banner” clothes if you’re wearing your Hulk costume underneath), and presto! You’re automatically the toughest member of the Avengers… and the most fearsome comic book superhero at the Halloween party. You could even give the boy in blue a run for his money (we know, we know–different comics. But still). We would say you’ll make the other partiers green with envy… but we know you don’t like lame puns, so we totally won’t.This awesome outfit comes with the whole “Hulk” package. it’s a one-piece polyester jumpsuit that gives you that signature look, green skin and shredded purple shorts included. Best of all, it comes with a padded chest that’ll give you Hulk’s famous muscles, and a wig tops the whole thing all off. In the Deluxe Adult Hulk costume, you’re sure to be someone people won’t want to make angry this Halloween!

    $49.99 Incredible Hulk Costumes
  • K-9 Police Car Dog Costume

    K-9 Police Car Dog Costume

    You have to right to remain petting me.Anything you say should be about how cute I am, anything else can be used against you in a court of lawYou have the right to give me treats. If you can not afford one, I will not play dead. It’s tough to have a dog with a career. When you brought Fido home as a puppy you thought he’d spend most of his time chewing bones and begging for walkies. How were you supposed to know that he had a calling? Well, it’s not all bad. When you walk past the donut shop he usually hooks you up with a free one. And you’re not sure if this happens with all dogs but the bank is always sending a couple treats through. Hmm, that might be because he’s such a good boy!This costume represents Fido’s love for the force. It’s easy to put on and the simple design won’t get in the way of all his important official business (we hear the dreaded mailman is at it again). The car shaped tunic straps on across the belly. It also comes with the realistic looking Police hat that straps on to the head with an elastic band. So if any criminals come around the house, they’ll back off when they see Fido sniffing around! So, strap Fido in and get out your remote control car. It’s time to have a car chase in your very own backyard!

    $24.99 Police Costumes
  • Doggie in a Basket Dog Costume

    Doggie in a Basket Dog Costume

    You know your pup would follow you to either side of the rainbow. With his loyal spirit, Toto was there to protect Dorothy from any nefarious encounters in both Kansas and Oz. He even pulled aside the screen that hid the wizard’s not so intimidating figure from visitors. So there’s a good reason to want to bring your dog with you everywhere you go, you never know what kind of truths your pup’s nose might unearth.Thank goodness that Dorothy had her basket along when she landed in Oz. Little Toto often needed to be reeled in so he wouldn’t frolic too far into the sleep inducing poppies or attack the angry apple trees. Also, what’s more endearing than a dog traveling in a basket? Nothing that we can think of.Your pooch would be just as helpful as Toto was if you two were whipped beyond the rainbow. When you’re dressing up this Halloween why not do a couple costume with your soulmate? You can find one of our great Dorothy costumes and your pooch can come along as Toto in his charming basket. We guarantee he’ll like it better than getting carried in a real basket.

    $24.99 Wizard of Oz Pet Costumes
  • K-9 Police Car Dog Costume

    K-9 Police Car Dog Costume

    You have to right to remain petting me.Anything you say should be about how cute I am, anything else can be used against you in a court of lawYou have the right to give me treats. If you can not afford one, I will not play dead. It’s tough to have a dog with a career. When you brought Fido home as a puppy you thought he’d spend most of his time chewing bones and begging for walkies. How were you supposed to know that he had a calling? Well, it’s not all bad. When you walk past the donut shop he usually hooks you up with a free one. And you’re not sure if this happens with all dogs but the bank is always sending a couple treats through. Hmm, that might be because he’s such a good boy!This costume represents Fido’s love for the force. It’s easy to put on and the simple design won’t get in the way of all his important official business (we hear the dreaded mailman is at it again). The car shaped tunic straps on across the belly. It also comes with the realistic looking Police hat that straps on to the head with an elastic band. So if any criminals come around the house, they’ll back off when they see Fido sniffing around! So, strap Fido in and get out your remote control car. It’s time to have a car chase in your very own backyard!

    $24.99 Police Costumes
  • The Joker Toddler Costume

    The Joker Toddler Costume

    Does it seem like your child is an agent of chaos sometimes? He’s often making messes for you to clean up. Maybe he’s laughing maniacally as he does something completely crazy, like drawing all over the living room wall (which you JUST painted). Maybe he decided to flush all of his crayons down the toilet afterward. Maybe he likes to track mud into the house after you just cleaned… is any of this sounding a little familiar? Then you might have an agent of chaos on your hands and you might just understand Batman’s constant struggle with The Joker.Yes, The Joker is notorious for creating messes for Batman to clean up. They might be much more serious in nature compared to the trouble your little one might make from time to time, but it certainly might make you feel a little like you’re battling against a supervillain mastermind sometimes. Now, you can dress your child in the true outfit of an agent of chaos when you get him this toddler Joker costume.This officially licensed Joker costume is an outfit that’s one part adorable and one part menacing. It comes with a purple suit that looks like the one seen in the Batman comics. It also comes with a green bowtie for good measure!Once your little one has it on, he may start plotting a huge crime spree in Gotham City, so you may want to get a superhero costume for yourself to make sure Gotham City stays safe from your child’s next villainous plot!

    $44.99 Joker Costumes
  • Wonderful Sweetheart Plus Size Women's Costume

    Wonderful Sweetheart Plus Size Women’s Costume

    While plenty of superheroes have an overstuffed ego and a secret identity, you’re different than other superheroes. You might be good with a sword and better with a lasso but you aren’t afraid of getting down to brass tax and looking beyond the label of villain. Once you’ve subdued the bad guy, you have a way of getting the truth from those nefarious characters.Maybe you keep the peace better than those other guys in spandex suits because of your superior fighting skills, you always seem to be a few steps or ten-foot leaps ahead of your opponents. Maybe it’s because of your communication skills, while other heroes chase their quarry around the city until someone crashes into a building or two and inevitably causes a giant dramatic explosion, you’re more likely to talk it out first, thinking it out before you go crashing around, putting people in harm’s way. After all, you know your duties are all about peace and less about boosting your ego by catching the bad guy at all costs. Even though your job isn’t about ego, you aren’t afraid to take credit for your work. When they’re taking your triumphant photo on the steps of City Hall you shouldn’t shy away from wearing something with a touch of glamor.When you’re surrounded by reporters asking you how you finally nabbed the uncatchable Venomous Shadow you’ll look fabulous is this sparkly dress. In a sequined bodice with gold trim no one will forget your photo on the cover of Time magazine. You’ll easily go from fighting crime to accepting the key of the city in the star-patterned, tiered skirt, golden arm gauntlets, and starred crown. Move aside spandex wearing, destruction causing superheroes, time to take down villains with a feminine touch.

    $74.99 Adult Superhero Costumes
  • Plus Size Sexy Werewolf Costume

    Plus Size Sexy Werewolf Costume

    We have been long supplying some excellent threads for the local werewolves, but we recently came upon a few messages from the collective clans of Garau that indicate you all aren’t exactly pleased with the old image that we have inadvertently held you to. They’ve stated in no uncertain terms that we needed to up the oomph… or else. “Our look has evolved,” they scrawled across a piece of birch bark, “so, please kindly get with the program!” Actually, the note was a little more … terrifying than we can print on a family website…But, the message has been received and we are more than happy to bring you lovely werewolves out of the middle ages and into the modern world. In fact, we think you’ll be pleased with our new updated look. Our team went and embedded themselves in werewolf culture for many full moons, all so that they could return with an accurate picture of the new hipster hounds and their preferred attire. And we must admit, we kind of nailed it with this Plus Size Sexy Werewolf Costume.All the werelasses we met were seen rocking these jagged hem dresses in a classic red plaid–think scary monster meets schoolgirl. These shabby-chic dresses seemed as popular to us at the full moon as shearling boots were in 2004—they were everywhere. We also added the red bows at the V-neckline and headband of this costume to mimic another popular werewolf trend: bows were big with the young pup population. Basically, you’re bound to howl at the haute nature of our newest were-costume. And if our efforts just happen to appease a group of the most fearsome creatures on the planet, well, then I guess we’d call that a win-win. Awooooooo!

    $69.99 Werewolf Costumes
  • Sexy Werewolf Costume

    Sexy Werewolf Costume

    Sometimes the feeling overtakes us all: the need to undergo a drastic change. Never forget, it is a woman’s fundamental right to change her mind. But if you look inward, you may discover you’re seeking a more total transformation than just a quick change of nail polish. Rather than lopping off your locks or confirming that tattoo appointment, how about you up your fur factor instead in a costume that will satisfy your craving for a wild new adventure. This Sexy Werewolf Costume meticulously melds a classic, chilling critter with your classy, sassy sensibility—just the alteration you had hoped and preyed for. You’ll love the way you feel like a different gal each and every time you wear it out into your urban jungle. After all, becoming a werewolf isn’t just a quick costume change, it’s a way of life—though you’ll retract your claws in between the full moons, we know you’re bound to start charting the lunar phases, eagerly awaiting your next opportunity to let your animal instincts howl.

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  • Game of Thrones Foam Jaime Lannister Sword With Box

    Game of Thrones Foam Jaime Lannister Sword With Box

    Have you ever wondered how well you would do in the dangerous drama that is the Game of Thrones? We’ve done our fair share of imagining, and while every once in a while we think about how we could pull off some sick moves in defense of our shield if we’re honest we think most our time in Westeros would be spent admiring ourselves in awesome Westerosi garb. Hey, what do you expect? We’re costume enthusiasts, after all!Anyway, while most fighters in the seven kingdoms are to be admired there are none who exude that knightly air, that royal confidence as much as Jaime Lannister. Sure, he’s been painted as a villain in the past, with even his own family getting on his case on the regular but there’s more to him than meets the eye. After all, a man that can handle a sword after having his hand replaced with a gold one has to be tougher than his golden haired looks hint at. You’ll find this light weight foam sword to your liking. Don’t be fooled by the intricately molded handle and aged Valyrian steel facade. It might look heavy but It’s comfortable enough that you can easily take on your foes one handed!

    $69.99 Game of Thrones Costumes
  • Police Megaphone

    Police Megaphone

    If there is anything that all kids are great at its announcing awkward facts about their parents in crowded settings. Just imagine how much fun they could have with a megaphone. Everyone is so distracted these days. We’re constantly checking our Twitter and listening to music. It’s a challenge to fully embarrass mom and dad in the all-encompassing ways of the old days. So, next time little Timmy or Tanya wants to announce harsh yet true commentary about the strangers behind them in grocery store line they can use this megaphone to be sure that no one misses a word.  Okay, okay. Maybe this megaphone ought to be used for Police business only. That’ll be better for all parties! The size is perfect for your kiddos whether they’re in full costume or plain clothes. The back has a rolling volume tab, a siren button, and the all-important on and off button. There is even a strap so your police-kid can keep this megaphone on hand while still being able to hold the candy bag nice and wide.  This Halloween have your child hold up the megaphone and confidently announce,  “It’s the Police. Trick-or-Treat!”  

    $9.99 Police Costumes
  • Monster Bride Infant Costume

    Monster Bride Infant Costume

    It was a stormy night. The wind was howling at the window pains and yet the rain hadn’t yet begun to fall. It wasn’t until the lightning began to streak the cloudy night sky that the rain began to pitter patter at you hospital window. One flash, two, and with the third the lights went out. Well, it wasn’t long after that Dr. Frankenstein delivered your little sweetie. She had ten fingers, ten toes, and a crazy white streak in her hair. She was perfect.  Well, looking back, you could have guessed that your birth experience was going to be a little different when you got a tour of the OB-GYN facilities. The building was separate from the rest of the hospital, on a winding gravel road on top of a hill. Instead of the hospitals clean tile floors and large sun filled windows these facilities had stone walls and shuttered windows. they had electricity, that’s for sure. It was sprouting out of various equipment in the lab. Come to think of it, why did they have a lab instead of a lobby? Oh well, it worked out in the end. And it turns out that Dr. Frankenstein actually has a fabulous bedside manner! Your little one will look the part of the bride of Frankenstein with this adorable bride monster costume. It features a onesie dress, a dramatic headpiece with the classics stripes of white in the black hair, and a pair of stitches tights. The dress has a large satiny heart and black stitches on the chest. The rest of the white dress has a layered skirt with tatters on the hem and subtle lace that is repeated on the sleeves. Whether you’re visiting your local mad scientist or simply trick-or-treating your little one is sure to be frighteningly adorable! 

    $49.99 Frankenstein Costumes
  • Jay and Silent Bob Adult Jay Costume

    Jay and Silent Bob Adult Jay Costume

    Jay really is a quite the unique guy. He has a best friend with every gadget known to man, a penchant for words your grandmother might not like and a style that’s completely unmatched by anyone else on the planet. Now, getting his style will be easy with this Jay Costume, licensed from Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The costume includes the yellow jacket, the shirt and pants combination, his signature hat. It also comes with a novelty comic cover print! Snootchie Bootchies, right? All you have to do is find a silent best friend with a grapnel gun!

    $59.99 Jay and Silent Bob Costumes
  • Child Demon Knight Costume

    Child Demon Knight Costume

    We’re a huge fan of tabletop RPGs, but something is just missing from them. Sure, you get to use your imagination to conjure up epic adventures battling dragons and exploring dungeons, but it’s all confined to your kitchen table. When you have a big imagination, you need to have a big space to let your imagination run free! And why restrict yourself to using tiny plastic miniatures to represent yourself, when you’ve got your own body to represent yourself? That’s the kind of thing us adults lose sight of, but your child? Well, we’re pretty sure he’s raring to go on an adventure across the land! He’s ready for some LARPing, which is why he’s going to love this Demon Knight Costume.This exclusive child’s knight costume brings an intimidating look that will the scare the pants off of any dragon (or at least any dragon that likes to wear pants, anyways). The costume comes with a full set of molded armor pieces that are made to resemble armor from various video games and films. The shoulders recreate the look of forged iron and a matching helmet uses a set of imposing horns on the side to create a fearsome look that no opponent will want to face! The tunic, gauntlets and boot tops are foam-backed black faux leather, and the tunic also has a printed silver starburst on the front. All you have to do is add a toy sword to your order and he’ll be ready to lurk around some Medieval dungeons looking for treasure.Once your young one is all geared up in this knight outfit, you may just feel the urge to leave table behind and head out into the world for some dangerous adventures of your own! You may even want to check out some of our adult Medieval and fantasy costumes so you can become an unstoppable questing party of two!

    $39.99 Knight Costumes
  • Adult Demon Knight Costume

    Adult Demon Knight Costume

    You never can tell what kind of crazy things are lurking in the darkness when you’re scouring every dungeon for gold, glory and epic treasures. There could be a nasty goblin just around the corner, or a giant spider, or quite possibly even a dreadful clown! That’s why it’s important to have the right equipment with you at all times. You need a set of armor that can strike fear into any foe you might encounter on your quest! You need something that looks like it was forged right in the middle of an evil wizard’s lair, which also happens to be in the middle of an active volcano. You need something with pointy, menacing horns (but ones that won’t hurt your friends during your next LARPing outing at the park). That’s where this Demon Knight costume comes in!This Demon Knight costume for adults manages to harness the style of various fantasy stories and games to create a look that turns any adult into a fearsome, evil (or maybe chaotic neutral) character. The costume comes with molded vinyl helmet with horns on each side. Since they’re made of vinyl, they won’t impale any of your friends the next time you head out to LARP. The matching shoulder armor adds an equally intimidating look, while the faux leather armor for the arms and legs allow for some mobility while looking armored up. Just make sure to master all of your weapon skills before putting this ensemble! Draugr won’t be spooked by this deadly look, so you’ll need to back it up with some expert level swordsmanship!

    $39.99 Knight Costumes
  • Toddler Siamese Cat

    Toddler Siamese Cat

    Does your toddler have a tendency to knock his sippy cup off the table as soon as your back is turned? Does your little girl love milk but hate taking showers? Sure, it can be frustrating to live with a toddler. They have peculiar habits but keep in mind that there are some people who choose to live with creatures that have these peculiar habits and will never grow out of them, no matter how many times you spritz them when they scratch the furniture. Maybe cats never got over those hundreds of years they were worshiped by the Egyptians. Maybe they just know they can get away with anything. If you think about it a few broken water glasses isn’t a huge price to pay for having wild, untrainable but oh so cute predators in our homes. When you dress your kid as a sassy Siamese cat, they’re bound to pick up some of that kitty confidence. They’ll learn to land on their feet (metaphorically) and they have a higher chance of becoming emphatic bird watchers. And to make their cat-like countenance even better than the real kitty, your kiddo kitty is naturally declawed! This adorable costume will be great for Halloween or just playing pretend around the house. The plush jumpsuit comes with kitty paw gloves, a cat hood, and boot covers. The hood gives your kitten a wide-eyed look and has soft pink ears that highlight the alert look of the Siamese cat. Even if you find your knitting yarn strewn all over the house how could you blame your kiddo cat? Everything that little nipper does is purr-fection.

    $34.99 Cat Costumes
  • Child Siamese Cat

    Child Siamese Cat

    A distinctly recognized breed of Asian cat, the Siamese are not your typically run of the mill cat. You won’t find this breed trolling around a farm or running around the dirty alleyways of your neighborhood because they’re sophisticated felines. Their unusual and unique appearance make them the perfect pet for fashionable animal lovers because Siamese cats always look like they’re going to attend an extravagant masquerade ball. Their pale colored coat and contrasting black ears, snout, and feet make them look like dapper creatures. Plus, those crystal colored eyes are to die for. These majestic creatures should be honored, instead of just taken care of. And how does one effectively honor something or someone they admire? They copy them, of course! Now little kids can be the true definition of a ‘copycat’ by wearing this Siamese cat child costume. The costume transforms youngsters into the beautiful cats who always look like they’re ready to show up to a masquerade. The ultra-soft jumpsuit will give little kitty lovers the classic Siamese appearance, complete with the cream colored under belly and contrasting dark colored paws. A long tail and attached shoe covers are attached to the plush suit. You’ll also receive a pair of matching gloves and a headpiece. The headpiece completes the kitty cat look and gives you the most coveted Siamese feature, the light blue eyes. The headpiece also features pointy pink ears and whiskers. It’s the purrrfect costume for little kids who take the term Siamese twins quite literally.          

    $39.99 Cat Costumes
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi Poe Dameron Nerf Glowstrike Blaster

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Poe Dameron Nerf Glowstrike Blaster

    You’re not thinking about going out on an intergalactic adventure without a blaster at your side, are you? Almost every big name hero from the Star Wars movies used a blaster at some point! Luke Skywalker used one on Bespin when he was still figuring out the whole lightsaber thing. Han Solo ALWAYS carries a blaster, since we know how he feels about hokey religions and ancient weapons. Leia has no problem blasting Stormtroopers who try to get in the way of justice. And Padme? Well, she’s rarely without her holdout blaster on those dangerous missions. Even Obi-Wan Kenobi used one to defeat General Grievous! So, why would you head into to danger without one!The good news is that this Poe Dameron Nerf Glowstrike comes straight from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and it will give you a trusty sidearm to take on any adventure. It shoots standard Nerf darts and should help you complete any mission for The Resistance!

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  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Electronic Lightsaber

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Electronic Lightsaber

    It’s a slippery slope that Dark Side. One second everything is hunky dory, you’re swinging around your cool red lightsaber. Then, your dad shows up with his Wookiee friend to tell you to stop being evil. One thing leads to another and Chewbacca is shooting you with a giant bowcaster and a desert salvager girl is trying to cut you down with a lightsaber of your own. Well, maybe there’s another way to go about it if you want to wield a red lightsaber—one that doesn’t involve an angry Chewbacca.Introducing this Kylo Ren Electronic Lightsaber from Star Wars: The Last Jedi! The flashy toy is based on Kylo’s signature weapon from the movie. It’s part of the Bladebuilders series of Star Wars toys, so it works with other toys of the series. It’s also much safer than a real lightsaber, so you won’t have to worry about hurting Han Solo with this awesome toy.

    $89.99 Kylo Ren Costumes
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi Stormtrooper Electronic Mask

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Stormtrooper Electronic Mask

    It seems like no matter where you go in the Star Wars galaxy–anywhere–there’s just a bunch of pesky party poopers who seem to get in the way. Yes, we’re talking about Stormtroopers. And it doesn’t matter if you’re holed up in a cantina at Mos Eisley or if you’re working as a scrapper on Jakku. Somehow, someway, Stormtroopers are gonna get up in your business and try to ruin your day!So, if you can’t beat ’em, you might as well just join ’em! And whether your kid has his sights set on working under the tutelage of Lord Darth Vader, or they prefer to mount an insurrection from the outer rim with the First Order, the most important part of becoming a Stormtrooper is getting the look just right. Starting, of course, with the helmet!This Star Wars: The Last Jedi Stormtrooper Electronic Mask will let your kid complete your Stormtrooper costume with signature style. It captures the updated style of Stormtroopers from The Last Jedi, and it’s enhanced with some sweet features. Voice amplification? Yes, please! And don’t worry, if you’d rather your kiddo wasn’t battling alongside Kylo Ren, they’ll always be able to defect and join the Resistance. It worked out great for Finn!

    $39.99 Masks
  • Plastic Jeweled King Goblet

    Plastic Jeweled King Goblet

    Are you trying to rule a kingdom without a goblet? For shame. You, sir, are just asking for an uprising from the peasants you lord over. You could try to rule your people without one, but we don’t recommend it. Everyone knows that the key to being a successful king is having a really extravagant cup to drink from! It need not be the largest goblet in all the land (no one is impressed by a drunk) but it must, surely, be the most exquisite chalice in all the kingdom. Drink ware that says, for one’s lips to taste the finest of wines from this glorious goblet, one must be born into royalty. Well, your highness, you are in luck because we have the perfect kingly cup for you to show your rank above anyone that should enter your kingdom. So, quickly, before your underlings begin to question your position of power and start a rebellion, keep your kingdom in check with this Plastic Jeweled King Goblet!

    $5.99 Renaissance Costumes
  • Authentic Karate Kid Cobra Kai Costume

    Authentic Karate Kid Cobra Kai Costume

    At the Cobra Kai dojo, you can learn all sorts of valuable life lessons. First on the list of things to learn is how to “sweep the leg.” After that, you graduate into the lesson “no mercy.” Finally, once you’ve mastered that, you begin to learn the art of “put him in a bodybag.”While the tactics may seem extreme, the Cobra Kai do what is necessary to win ‚Äì and that means anything goes. Whether you love this approach or hate it, you have to admit that it made for a compelling storyline in the Karate Kid movies. Not only were these fools in for a surprise, but they must have been quite embarrassed when things didn‚Äôt work out quite as they‚Äôd planned. But, to each his own ‚Äì and some people prefer the Cobra Kai way, which is fine by us.But, if you want to begin lessons in John Kreese’s dojo, you’ve got to start by donning this Authentic Karate Kid Cobra Kai Costume. It looks like the one worn by Johnny Lawrence from the 1984 movie. The high-quality costume includes everything you need to hit the mats this Halloween. The tunic top has a waist tie as well as a Velcro patch for a name badge and an embroidered Cobra Kai logo patch on the back. The costume also comes with interchangeable name badges so you can be your favorite character this Halloween. Choose from Tommy, Bobby, Johnny, and Dutch. The matching pants have a drawstring waist for the perfect fit and five embroidered patches on the right leg. The karate belt measures 2‚Äù wide and is 100‚Äù long so you get the authentic look. Top it off with the Cobra Kai headband and you‚Äôll be ready for anything!

    $99.99 Karate Kid Costumes