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  • Infant Lion Bunting

    Infant Lion Bunting

    Why does Toto always get to be the one Dorothy carries under her arm in all the “Wizard of Oz” group costumes? We think it’s about time for a change. Since your little guy has a roar that can wake up the whole animal kingdom, why not the lion? Because let’s face it, making a trip to the Emerald City dressed as a little terrier just isn’t his style. You know the king of Oz’s jungle suits him much better. So suit him up in this adorable Infant Lion Bunting and take your lion with you on the Yellow Brick Road this Halloween!The path to Oz is fraught with a little danger here and there, like the Wicked Witch of the West and her flying monkeys. So it’s a good thing that this costume will make your lion comfortable (and maybe just a little less cowardly, but if not, that’s okay too) when he faces them along the way. With its zipper running inconspicuously along the side, you can easily get your baby in and out of it. On top of that, the placement of the zipper makes it so the lion’s belly is seamless, because we wouldn’t want to throw off his cute quotient! And in case Halloween’s a little cold this year, no worries. Baby will be able to keep warm bundled up in the suit’s satin-lined yellow microfleece.There’s simply no cuter way to pull off a Wizard of Oz family costume. With a stuffed tail sewn to the back, and a hood with a fleece mane and lion ears, this Infant Lion Bunting is the key to a perfect first Halloween for your little guy!

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  • Moose Costume for Toddlers

    Moose Costume for Toddlers

    Does your kiddo seem to be growing like a weed? When your baby was born they were so tiny but it seems like they’re putting on a pound a week. Well, it could be with how hectic life is while raising an infant, time is slipping away from you. Or perhaps your baby is indeed gaining a pound a week and your kid is secretly a moose calf. If you think your child is a baby moose masquerading as a human child you shouldn’t panic, partially because moose can smell fear and partially because we have a couple questions to ask you to find out. First off, is your child more than a week old? If so, are they able to outrun you? If yes, then your child definitely could be a moose. Secondly, does your child love to eat twigs? Yes, some children love twigs, however, moose find tender little sticks especially appetizing. Lastly, if your child is gaining a pound a week, is covered in brown fur, and has four gangly legs then there’s a good chance that your child is a moose, how did you miss that until now? Anyway, if your little one is not a moose but you would like them to look like a one, we have a solution. This bubble costume will give them that bovine shape while the sculpted hood with antlers will make them look right at home in the northern woods. Maybe you have a woodland animal theme for this Halloween or maybe you’re just looking for a super cute photo op on that trip to the cabin this fall, either way, this costume will be one of your kid’s favorites. Who wouldn’t love lounging in a cushy bubble suit? We’re glad we could put you at ease about your kiddo’s species and with this costume, your child can explore their moose-like tendencies let made you wonder in the first place.

    $24.99 Moose Costumes
  • Toddler Rabbit Costume

    Toddler Rabbit Costume

    Who’s that hopping around the house?? At first glance, it may seem like a big cuddly bunny rabbit is bouncing about, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see it’s actually your little toddler playing in this adorable Rabbit Costume. That would explain why that bunny looks like it’s having so much fun!You never know when a situation may arise that would be made even better with a cute little bunny around, so this fuzzy costume could come in handy at any time! It could easily turn your little one’s outside playtime into an adorable summertime photo opportunity, especially if they are bouncing around near a garden full of flowers and veggies. Or, on a chilly night, they’ll probably want to cuddle up with you in this cozy outfit. They always like being your snuggle buddy, but being a little ‚Äúsnuggle bunny‚Äù is even better. And the best part about this costume is that it’s your little kiddo is under all that cute fur! The soft one piece tunic features elastic around the base, so it fits your little tyke comfortably, and there is plenty of fiberfill built into it to give them a plump bunny look. The matching floppy ear hood has eyes and a little nose sewn on it, and adorable bunny teeth to go with your toddler’s smile. Keep an eye on your carrots when this little rabbit is bouncing around, or they might eat them all up!

    $29.99 Bunny Costumes
  • Women's Furry Feline Costume

    Women’s Furry Feline Costume

    Are you looking to get your cat attack on? We don’t care if you’re looking to become a cat-burglar, a fierce feline of the dance floor, or just want to show off your claws at any and every opportunity. When you go in this Furry Feline costume, you’re going to steal the show!This costume features a furry hood attached to an exotic black catsuit. And that means you certainly aren’t going to be your typical run of the mill housecat with this look. (Rawr!) You can swing your fur tail from side to side and use your sultry style to own the room. Add a pair of black high heels, and you’ll have the high fashion look that’s going to mean all the top hot spots in town are going to have to start admitting cats!This all polyester jumpsuit has a zip up front so you can transform into your feline persona with ease. And when you flip up that furry hood, you know that you’re going be feeling fierce. Yup, your typical domestic housecat is definitely going to learn a thing or two when they see you struttin’ your stuff… who knows, maybe they’ll even make a motivational poster with you as the subject!

    $69.99 Cat Costumes
  • 7 Inch Champagne Glitter Pumpkin

    7 Inch Champagne Glitter Pumpkin

    Pumpkins are iconic for the fall season. But no one ever said your pumpkin had to be boring.You know what we mean. Those big, boring, orange gourds on every step and table come fall? Yeah, okay, so that’s the “classic” pumpkin look, and yeah, sure, they’re perfect for pies and jack-o-lanterns. But you can do better than just a plain pumpkin when it comes to decorating.For instance, you could have our 7 Inch Champagne Glitter Pumpkin gracing your table. This is a gold pumpkin covered in sparkles and sequins. It sits about 7″ high and 8″ in diameter and is sure to add a bit of flare and pizzazz to those same old boring pumpkins. Even better? It’ll store beautifully so you can use it again and again. No that’s the gourd we’re looking for.

    $14.99 Pumpkins
  • Plus Size Cobra Kai Costume

    Plus Size Cobra Kai Costume

    You just can’t make a good movie without good villains. Imagine trying to film the movie’s climactic fight without someone to fight. Or imagine if the film’s hero had just taken a whole hour and a half to never grow or have to fight against an antagonist. Most. Boring. Movie. Ever. That’s why, even though Cobra Kai were kind of a bunch of jerks to Daniel in Karate Kid, their existence was necessary. It would be totally boring to sweep the leg of someone who wasn’t trying to pick a fight. It would be an absolute snorefest to see someone just shake hands at the end and say “thanks pal, we’ll always be friends and never fight,” while the credits roll.That’s why, even though we don’t like them, bad guys are a necessity. And that’s why, even though you were probably totally pulling for Daniel-Sun in the Karate Kid movie, someone needs to dress up like Johnny from Cobra Kai this Halloween. Because what good does having a Daniel costume do without Johnny to taunt and challenge him? Don’t look any further for a good one, we’ve got the best Plus Size Cobra Kai Costume you can find…This one is officially licensed and exclusive, you won’t find it anywhere else. It’s 100% polyester poplin fabric. The tunic shirt has a self-fabric waist tie, gold edging, and an embroidered Cobra Kai logo. The pants have an elastic waist with 4 embroidered patches on the left leg. The twill belt is 2 inches wide, and the headband is 2 inches wide with an embroidered patch in the center.

    $69.99 Karate Kid Costumes
  • Karate Kid Cobra Kai Men's Costume

    Karate Kid Cobra Kai Men’s Costume

    Why learn karate from some old guy who’s just going to make you wax his cars, when you could be learning martial arts from John Kreese, instructor at the Cobra Kai dojo? He teaches you valuable moves, like how to sweep the leg and how to “put him in a bodybag.” All you need in order to begin the training is this Karate Kid Cobra Kai Costume, which looks like the ones worn by the students in the movie. Once you have it on, you just need to bring out your inner 1984 bully and you’ll be ready to kick some butt!

    $69.99 Karate Kid Costumes
  • Rugrats Reptar Sunglasses

    Rugrats Reptar Sunglasses

    Tommy Pickles and his crew of baby-besties idolize Reptar and it’s easy for us to understand it. Reptar is a big, green, ferocious T-Rex who had his own TV show, a full-length movie, ice show, and an amusement park. C’mon what kid didn’t want to chomp into a Reptar bar or at least play with a Reptar action figure? It would definitely beat playing with a Cynthia doll. Those were um, pretty gross and definitely not as awesome as Reptar. (Even the name, ‘Reptar” sounds epic!)If you loved Reptar and still have a mild obsession with the ferocious fictional dinosaur, then you’ll love sporting these officially licensed Reptar sunglasses. With the Rugrats logo on the side and shatter resistant lenses, this accessory is perfect for wearing on a sunny day or when you need a key component to complete your Reptar costume. Practice your best “roar” and you’ll have a trail of babies following you in no time!       

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  • Cat Noir Shades

    Cat Noir Shades

    Adrien Agreste is a way cooler teen than we ever were during middle school! He’s a popular kid at Collège Françoise Dupont in Paris, France. He always seems to know just what to say and Marinette totally has a crush on him. Oh, and did we mention that he’s also a superhero named Cat Noir with some crazy cat-like superpowers? Yeah, he’s got that going for him too!Well, maybe it’s too late for us adults to be like Cat Noir, but your kid still has a chance! These Cat Noir glasses are designed to look just like his mask from the show, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. They fit quite easily, like any normal pair of glasses, but wearing them will get your child one step closer to being a super smooth superhero! Your child might even feel confident enough to save the city from the evil Akuma!

    $9.99 Miraculous Ladybug Costumes
  • Miraculous Ladybug Shades

    Miraculous Ladybug Shades

    The miraculous Ladybug knows all about transforming in an instant. After all, she simply snaps her yo-yo and becomes a sweet polka-dotted superhero. Yeah, fighting crime is a lot to deal with when you’re a simple teenager living in France but someone’s got to take down criminals using a yo-yo, right? This Halloween you might be trying to maintain your everyday identity while hiding your crime-fighting side, if so we have the perfect glasses for you! Go about your day as normal. Design those chic outfits, secretly eye up the beautiful (strangely cat-like) Adrien, and keep an eye out for villains. Once you see trouble pop on these glasses. No, they won’t give you power but they’re sure to give you confidence! Who couldn’t be confident when wearing cat-eye glasses with spots and cool eyelashes? Alright Tiki, spots on! 

    $9.99 Miraculous Ladybug Costumes
  • Vegeta Shades

    Vegeta Shades

    Vegeta could really use a few lessons in anger management. It’s completely alright to be frustrated when your scouter reports that your enemy has a power level of over 9000. It is NOT alright to smash your scouter because you don’t like the number it tells you. Next time, count to ten, or maybe just calmly recite the phrase “serenity now”.Well, the good news is that you don’t have the same kind of anger problems as Vegeta, so you can wear these Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Shades and you probably won’t have to worry about crushing them with your fist while in a fit of rage. The glasses are molded to look like Vegeta’s face from the Frieza Saga and it even has a red scouter lens over one eye. Unfortunately, it won’t tell you the power levels of any of your enemies, but that’s just a safety measure to make sure you don’t become an internet meme after a single bad scouter reading.

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  • Goku Shades

    Goku Shades

    Goku has come a long way since his original days Of Dragon Ball. He was just scampering around the forest and using his tail to catch giant fish in the beginning. That little ragamuffin learned the Kamehameha Wave, grew up and then started going on intergalactic travels to save the universe from all sorts of deadly bad guys. Then, he started going Super Saiyan, got himself some golden hair and become the most powerful guy in all of Universe 7.Well, we like to think back to the good old days, when Goku cruised around on the Nimbus Cloud and carried around his trusty Power Pole! That was back when his hair was ALWAYS black. These Dragon Ball Z Goku Shades come straight from his old-school look! Why, you can put these on your face and just imagine the monkey tail coming out of your back. It’s a quick and easy look for anyone trying to cosplay as the one and only Goku.

    $9.99 Dragon Ball Z Costumes
  • Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Glasses

    Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Glasses

    Everyone knows that scars make guys look cooler. Just look at Harry Potter! Lord Voldemort gave him a lightning bolt shaped scar, because he’s one evil guy, but all it did is turn Harry into the toughest looking wizard in all of Hogwarts. Didn’t Voldemort realize that a lightning bolt shape is the best shape a scar could ever take? It’s no wonder Harry Potter gets the upper hand against the evil Dark Lord in the books.Of course, if you want a cool scar like JK Rowling’s character, then you don’t need to face off against any evil magic users. You just need these Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Glasses. They are inspired by the glasses worn by Harry and they even have a lightning bolt shaped scar designed into the lens. They might not get you into Hogwarts for some cool wizarding lessons from Dumbledore, but they will make you look a little more like a wizard.

    $8.99 Harry Potter Costumes
  • Bob's Burgers Louise Sunglasses

    Bob’s Burgers Louise Sunglasses

    What do you think Louise Belcher is going to be when she grows up? Maybe she’ll become a lawyer. She has a knack for arguing and a completely ruthless countenance not seen in the normal fourth grader. Maybe she’ll become a savvy black market dealer! Wait… she totally flubbed that ambergris deal, so she might not actually be cut out for that line of work. We got it! She’s definitely going to be a super-villain bent on total world domination!Well, when we grow up we want to be Louise Belcher. If you’re looking at wearing these Bob’s Burgers Louise Sunglasses, then the chances are pretty good that you’re interested in becoming the young mastermind too! These glasses are inspired by the cartoon series character and they even have a set of big pink bunny ears on top. Just toss them on and you might feel a little more… sinister!

    $9.99 Bob's Burgers Costumes
  • Authentic Grease Plus Size Pink Ladies Jacket

    Authentic Grease Plus Size Pink Ladies Jacket

    Show pride in your crew of friends! You can do that with this Authentic Grease Plus Size Pink Ladies jacket. This twill jacket is officially licensed from the classic film and it has a complete satin lining for ultimate comfort. Of course, the iconic Pink Ladies name is printed on the back. A Velcro patch on the left breast lets you pick your favorite of Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan, or Marty, and the chiffon scarf puts the finishing touch on your new rebellious look. Once you have it on, all you need to do is gather up a few of your friends to rule Rydell High School!

    $69.99 Grease Costumes
  • Child Authentic Pink Ladies Jacket

    Child Authentic Pink Ladies Jacket

    All a girl really needs to be a part of the famous Pink Ladies of Rydell High School is a sassy attitude and the signature pink jacket. If your girl has a sassy attitude, then she just needs this authentic Pink Ladies jacket to make it official.This licensed child Pink Ladies jacket is inspired by the iconic attire of Rizzo, Frenchy, Marty and Jan, from the classic film, Grease. The jacket is a zip-up style with buttons on the cuffs. “Pink Ladies” is printed on the back in black lettering, while the front has a place for the included 4 interchangeable nametags. A pink scarf comes with the jacket to top it all off! Your little girl will be rolling with the whole gang from Rydell High in no time!

    $54.99 Grease Costumes
  • Pokemon Squirtle Kids Costume Hoodie

    Pokemon Squirtle Kids Costume Hoodie

    Are you in need of a water-type Pokémon for your travels? Well, perhaps it’s about time for you to finally catch yourself a Squirtle. Just think of how useful it would be to have a Squirtle with you! Fire-type Pokémon would never stand a chance. Brock wouldn’t even be able to deal with you, since he only uses rock-type Pokémon. Lt. Surge would have your number, but hey, you can’t win ‘em all (even if you can catch ‘em all).Unfortunately, catching a one of those little guys is a lot harder than you might think. It’s not like the Squirtle Squad is just hanging out at the end of your block and crawling around in the tall grass usually just yields a bunch of Weedles. And where do you get actual Pokeballs anyways?Well, maybe there’s an easier way to catch a Squirtle. Maybe you could just turn your little one into a Pokémon with this Squirtle costume hoodie for kids! The costume hoodie has a yellow shell print in the front and a brown shell print in the back. It also has a character hood which is designed to look like a Squirtle’s face. It zips in front, making it an easy way for your little one to cosplay as their favorite critter! It also helps you catch ‘em all, since you’ll finally have a little Squirtle in your squad!

    $24.99 Pokemon Costumes
  • Happy Poop Costume

    Happy Poop Costume

    Let’s get real about poop for a hot second: poop is a real downer. While you’re standing in line with a cart full of groceries and your little bundle of joy decides to make a stinky in their diaper, well my friend, that stinks. When you leave your dog at home all afternoon only to come back to find a heaping pile of crap on your rug, well, that stinks too. Like you, we have experienced our fair share of poo-dilemmas which have left us feeling down in the dumps (ha, get it?). Then the poop emoji entered our lives and like a rainbow after a storm, our opinion on poop became much brighter.What a splendid take on a disgusting, but necessary, bodily function, we thought as we stared at the smiling poop emoji illuminating from our iPhone. It looks more like soft serve ice cream or a chocolate truffle than a rancid turd. We loved the idea of taking something so foul and transforming it into something so undeniably cute, thus our infatuation with the poop emoji began! We started collecting everything poop related- keychains, pens, shirts, mugs, pins, jewelry, slippers, and pillows. But as our obsession for poop novelty items grew, our satisfaction with these trinkets dwindled. We needed something more! Instead of merely acquiring poop knickknacks, we wanted to transform into the brown pile of dung with the wide eyes, so we got our hands on this happy poop costume and our lives have never been happier. This tunic style costume for adults features a surprised poop emoji face and appropriate holes for you head and arms. Wear it to announce that you’re (newly) down with the brown and you don’t care who knows it!   

    $39.99 Adult Humor Costumes
  • Deckhand Darling Women's Plus Size Costume

    Deckhand Darling Women’s Plus Size Costume

    There weren’t a lot of choices for ladies back in the day. If you were a high-class lady your days would consist of embroidering samplers and maybe learning to play the piano. If your aristocratic parents decided to educate you it would be language lessons and literature. No math or geography, that kind of thing might give a girl too many ideas. If you weren’t high class you’d get married, have babies, and work so hard that you wouldn’t have a moment to take a deep breath for the rest of your life.  There was, of course, another option. You could take to the seas, not through any legitimate shipping company, of course, women were seen as bad luck on board. There are cases of women leading crews of pirates around the world and even more of women simply working hand in hand with the rest of the crew. Sure, it wouldn’t be a perfect life. You’d be running from international Navies. You’d have to go through weeks in which you had nothing to eat but wormy hardtack and brackish water. You would definitely have to keep those pirate fellows in time on a regular basis, not a problem for a lady like you we’re guessing? Well then, you sound ready for the challenge! In this deckhand darling costume, you’ll be ready to take on the seven seas. The blouse has off the shoulder sleeves and is tucked into a jolly roger belt. Climbing up to the crow’s nest will be no problem at all in the straight leg red vertically-striped pants. So, climb aboard and get your scabbard ready, it’s time to see the world.

    $29.99 Adult Pirate Costumes
  • Deckhand Darling Women's Costume

    Deckhand Darling Women’s Costume

    Back in the day, they wouldn’t even let women be pirates. What kind of nonsense is that? An old fable about angering the sea gods or something like that kept women from being swashbuckling pirates for many centuries. Also, bananas were considered bad luck, so go figure! We think it’s high time you embraced your rebellious nature and laughed in the face of those old traditions. It’s time to grab a cutlass and dress up as the debonair pirate you’ve always known yourself to be. You’ll prove that the seas favor a skilled lass like yourself on the high seas. Of course, you’re going to need the right kind of outfit to start yourself off.This Deckhand Darling costume is a pirate outfit for women that will have you claiming the role of first mate on any ship. Heck, you could even shoot for captain with a look this stunning. It comes with an off-white shirt, which can be worn off the shoulder, along with red and white striped pants. It costume also comes with a red head scarf and a matching hip scarf, to give you a very complete style. Finally, the skull belt makes you look like one furious foe to any other buccaneers that you happen to bump into during your quest for treasure.We’re fairly certain that you won’t displease any sea gods when you step on board while wearing this ensemble. Just make sure you don’t bring any bananas on board. Those are totally bad luck.

    $29.99 Adult Pirate Costumes
  • Child Astronaut Space Helmet

    Child Astronaut Space Helmet

    Do your kids get mesmerized by the endless night sky? Do they devour every alien movie that you let them get their hands on? Do they fall asleep to stars and planets glowing on their bedroom ceiling? We get their fascination. Space is infinite. We’ll never know everything that exists out there. Who knows, maybe a green little alien kid is looking out from their planet, galaxies away, dreaming about who could be looking back at them through the stars.  This Halloween, your little ones can get in touch with that space explorer they long to be. Sure, they might not get to moon walk on. . . well, the moon. They might not have to eat freeze dried meals in a sterile space station. They might even drink Tang but once they put on their space suit and top it off with this gold, white, and silver Astronaut helmet and their imagination will launch into orbit. It’s amazing how far kids can go when they haven’t even left the house!

    $12.99 Astronaut Costumes
  • Astronaut Adult Helmet

    Astronaut Adult Helmet

    It’s beautiful out here, among the stars. It feels so awesome to float around here, as long as the cord connecting to the space ship holds. Yikes, that’s not a thought you want to have as you float in the endless abyss of space! Our bad, sorry. Anyway, let’s hope NASA didn’t skimp on connecting cord costs just so they could send more of that delicious astronaut ice cream with you! Sheesh, there we go again. Well, thank goodness you’re floating around in a primo, exclusively designed helmet. That baby is sure to hold out until you scramble/float to safety. This helmet is soft enough for those impromptu space naps you know you’ll want to take. We hear zero gravity is exhausting. It’s also fashionable enough for your sweet homecoming photos to be passed down for generations to come, those photos almost make your space travel worthwhile! We might not be rocket scientists but we think that makes this helmet (yeah, you guessed it) out of this world!

    $14.99 Astronaut Costumes
  • Toddler Brown Coat Pirate Costume

    Toddler Brown Coat Pirate Costume

    Some girls have that twinkle of adventure in their eyes! They don’t want to sit around while the world passes them by‚Äîthey want to set sail on the high seas to find treasure and thrilling adventures! Now, your little girl will be ready to be your sidekick on your next swashbuckling escapade. This Toddler Brown Coat Pirate Costume brings the style of a buccaneer in a size that will fit your little one, so she jump into the fun of being a pirate. She may even be ready to take on the role of captain once you have her all geared up in her new pirate outfit!

    $39.99 Child Pirate Costumes
  • Girl's Brown Coat Pirate Costume

    Girl’s Brown Coat Pirate Costume

    What will you be when you grow up is the question asked to every young lad and lass and the variety of answers are as many as there are children asked. Your kiddo has had a number of answers over the years. Lawyer, doctor, astronaut, deep-sea diver, foreign spy, housewife, alien bounty hunter… each occupation more dangerous and adventuresome than the previous one given. You’ve attempted to temper her ambitions with calm encouragement, but who can ever prepare for when their young lady says that she is ready to set sail to the vast seas and conquer the lands under her skull and crossbone flag? Indeed, your girl is ready to add her names to the dangerous list of ship-sailing buccaneers in her effort to become the greatest pirate captain in history! Could you be more proud!?Of course, the seven seas are a dangerous place, but what the Black Pearl Orientation doesn’t tell you is just how cold it can get in the late nights when the sea sprites get really active and douse the whole environment with a mist that makes everything near frigid! It’s no doubt time to help your girl write her name into the pages of history and riches, but maybe we should be sure that she’s fully geared up. You can take the first step with this Girl’s Brown Coat Pirate costume. This stylish costume riffs on classic pirate themes, and creates a look that any little lady would be proud to wear to sea. The brown faux suede dress with bodice insert gives the perfect period look while also keeping those cold nights at bay. The lacy and ivory layers keeps the look feminine while the matching brown top skirt reminds the crew that this lady is serious and has her eye keenly on her share of the treasure—and maybe some of theirs! Faux suede boot tops with a classic pirate styling flaps over the ankles and the matching belt comes in a variety of sizes to ensure optimal style and comfort. Finish the look with the maroon head scarf with pirate flag design and she’s ready to tackle every threat on the seas.

    $39.99 Child Pirate Costumes