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  • Rey Lightsaber Star Wars

    Rey Lightsaber Star Wars

    Ahh, the Skywalker lightsaber. It’s had quite the journey, hasn’t it?Anakin Skywalker had to make that lightsaber after he lost his first one on Geonosis (not sure why Anakin kept losing his lightsabers, but that wasn’t the first). Of course, that lightsaber was later passed on to Luke when he was old enough. He immediately pointed the elegant weapon at his face, showing that maybe Luke wasn’t quite ready to be a Jedi. Later, Luke lost that same lightsaber on Bespin after his legendary fight with Darth Vader. Now, that’s where all of us fans thought it remained, but apparently, Maz Kanata got ahold of it and was able to give it to Rey!So, that’s how this particular saber of long and interesting history has become known as Rey’s lightsaber. This particular toy is modeled after her saber as seen in The Force Awakens and the Last Jedi. Wield it, and become a true Jedi. After all, you’re part of its history now, too.

    $12.99 Rey Costumes
  • Green Christmas Tree Men's Suitmeister Suit

    Green Christmas Tree Men’s Suitmeister Suit

    Well, it’s that time again. Mistletoe, Yuletide carols and fruitcake that’s too weird to live and too rare to die. You’ve dreaded it for a while now. Sure, the presents are great and the family dinner is second to none, but there’s just one thing that you can’t seem to escape. You will inevitably be dragged to some kind of ugly Christmas sweater contest, where they’ll try to force you to give up your suit. Those uncouth savages will try to feed you eggnog and cookies as some sort of consolation for forcing you to hang up your suit for the evening. They might even tell you that it’s okay to not wear a suit sometimes. Madness.You know that suits are life. We know that suits are life. Only the unworthy truly think that wearing anything other than a suit is acceptable. Suitmeister understands. They’ve created a suit that will help you fill those suit-less fools with so much holiday cheer, they might just explode!The Christmas Tree Suitmeister comes with a jacket top and pant set. The fabric has a festive pattern that features faux Christmas lights, ornaments and even bells. It also comes with a matching tie, so all you need to do is pair it with a white dress shirt and a pair of your best wingtip shoes to fully embrace the Christmas spirit. And the best part is that you’ll still be wearing a suit, so you don’t have to forsake your suit wearing ways.

    $59.99 Suitmeister
  • Game of Thrones Foam Ned Stark Ice Sword With Collector Box

    Game of Thrones Foam Ned Stark Ice Sword With Collector Box

    After seeing the beginning of Game of Thrones, we wanted nothing more than to be the valorous Ned Stark. Such an honorable and stoic character! He even gets to wield the legendary sword Ice. Of course, the end of the first season came and… well, no spoilers, but he goes through a pretty rough spot of luck by the end of that season. We don’t really want to be Ned anymore, but we’d still like a chance to wield his awesome sword.The good news is that we found out about this Game of Thrones Ice Foam Sword Replica. It looks just like the one wielded by Ned Stark and it even comes with a collector’s box. It might not be able to slice a White Walker in two, since it’s made out of foam and not Valyrian steel, but it does feel pretty satisfying holding this bad mamma jamma.

    $104.99 Game of Thrones Costumes
  • Plus Size Enchanting Princess Costume

    Plus Size Enchanting Princess Costume

    A royal ball and you have nothing to wear?! This will not do! Oh pish-posh. We’re sure you could easily pop down to the mall and find some sequined/glittered ensemble that will suffice. What? Not good enough? Well you could try for something a bit grander, that’s for sure. After all, a ball… well you’ll want to make a good impression, so yeah, probably avoid the sequins if you can (and the glitter, it just gets everywhere)!Alright so something grander then. Let us guess, you want to feel like a princess? How did we know? Well because everyone wants their princess moment, that’s why. But not everyone gets one. We think it’s because those that get their princess moment vehemently hunt it down. So stop moping around! It’s not like some magical being is just going to float in and solve your problems. Do something about it! Besides, who says a magical fairy would have any taste, anyway?Ooh, yes! This is a good option! A plus size enchanting princess costume! Perfect for balls, dances, masquerades or parties!The full length gown has off-the-shoulder sleeves and it’s made of satin and brocade with a hoop skirt underneath to boot, creating the classic princess look! It even comes with its own accessories: Gloves, a ribbon choker, and a sequined tiara… we’re sure the sequins are okay in this case.

    $199.99 Cinderella Costumes
  • Plus Size Adult Queen of Hearts Costume

    Plus Size Adult Queen of Hearts Costume

    It’s time to set up the court for a game of croquet! We all know your royal highness will win, but it’s still fun to watch. If you’re a little rusty, that’s okay too. I don’t think many people will be able to take their eyes off your beautiful gown. And if they do, then off with their head!

    $194.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Boy's Zombie Hunter Costume

    Boy’s Zombie Hunter Costume

    So, your kiddo wants to be a zombie hunter? Hmm, it’s a dirty job but someone needs to do it otherwise those biters will be swarming in no time. Yeah, that peaceful volleyball tournament you guys are organizing is gonna be a real mess. The most important part of becoming a zombie hunter? Know the rules!The first rule, as we all know, is to keep up with that cardio. Encourage him to join track of field (hey, those javelin skills could come in handy, too!). Another important rule: be careful when it comes to bathroom time. This means no zoning out to Youtube videos, kids! Get in and out as fast as possible, it’s an actual life or death matter. Hmm, maybe no you won’t have to wait a long time to used the bathroom. See, everything has it’s upside. Now, this last rule you might already harp your kid about all the time. Snap the seatbelt on, every time! Yessiree, even the toughest zombie hunters use this simple safety device. When the walking dead are wandering around, why take chances on basic safety?As long as your child follows the rules and gets set up in this professional zombie hunter uniform, we’re sure they will make a great zombie hunter. The ensemble includes the tank with graphics, a faux leather vest, and a faux bullet belt. Your kiddo will even get a zombie mask just in case everything goes desperately wrong! Now, we’re not looking forward to the inevitable zombie apocalypse but we do feel better knowing that toughies like yours are already patrolling the street. Those zombies won’t stand a chance!

    $29.99 Zombie Costumes
  • Astronaut Tot Infant Costume

    Astronaut Tot Infant Costume

    Since the beginning, which incidentally wasn’t that long ago, you’ve had major dreams for your infant traveling the world. The thing is, you didn’t think that travel bug would take hold quite so early or so come in in such an extreme way.Then NASA called, you aren’t sure how they got your number but they did and you can’t deny your little adventurer a trip to space. As soon as they started to moon walk you knew life might pan out a bit differently for this kid. Then maps of the stars drawn in crayon starting showing up on your walls. When space beckons to your baby it’s an impossible call to ignore. Who knows how the baby monitor didn’t pick up those midnight interviews with the space program recruiter, as far as you knew your kid wasn’t even talking yet! Now your youngster is spending time a lot of time in that anti-gravity chamber, which you hear is a lot like the womb so it’s pretty familiar setting to your baby. It won’t be long until the rocket is ready to launch and you’re getting a little nervous. At least your infant looks completely adorable in that little spacesuit! With a soft fabric and printed on tech, NASA was able to make those heavy spacesuits child friendly. Even the helmet is comfy with soft foam so your child can easily nap after take-off. You should see if you can tag along for the journey, lucky for you adult sizes in spacesuits can be found on our site so you can supervise baby’s first orbit. Just don’t forget your kid’s favorite blanket or Houston is really going to have a problem.

    $24.99 Astronaut Costumes
  • Wee Wrangler Cowboy Costume

    Wee Wrangler Cowboy Costume

    The nursery is a wild place, filled with all sorts of devious little buggars that are constantly looking to take over the other toys and subjugate them to their will. It’s a darn shame, since most of those folks residing in the toy chest are made of cuddly stuffing, not courage and lawfulness! So, when villainy rises, all we can do is look for a hero!We’ve seen a number of different heroes who are willing to answer the call, of course. There was Captain Cuddles, an adorable stuffed rabbit with big arms and a Velcro patches on the hands. But, while its hugging powers were uncontested, the Vecro started to fade after years of profound bunny squeezes and, soon, his days of heroics were just a memory. (Fear not. Captain Cuddles still receives plenty of hugs.) But, that leaves the toy chest in another round of threat and we need someone who can stand up to the baddies!… Or at least sit in an adorable posture! It might sound like a far-fetched idea, but we think that your little tyke might be just the buckaroo to clean up the toy room. We’re happy to help with this Wee Wrangler Cowboy costume. This polyester interlock knit flannel with felt and suede makes for a comfortable and adorable blue jumpsuit printed with a cowhide pattern for a vest. The soft blue jean pants have cowboy booties and convenient snaps for when your little hero needs a change and the tan felt cowboy hat finishes off the look and will have your kiddo cheering and looking for a pony. (We recommend a cuddly stuffed one at least until your tyke is ready for the romping years!)

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  • Traditional German Costume

    Traditional German Costume

    Ah, it’s finally October. You can dust off your favorite beer stein and head into the village for Octoberfest! Grab your beer stein and your stock up on the darkest bock beer you can find – you‚Äôre going to need it this October when you get ready for Octoberfest!And what‚Äôs better than stein after stein of delicious M√§rzen Bier? All of the Bavarian girls who have come to the festival! You’re going to be busy talking with all of them because there’s a lot of dancing to do at any Octoberfest and you’re going to have to line up quite a few Fr√§uleins to dance with. And, you can thank this dapper costume for your full dance card – it‚Äôs sure to grab the attention of all the right people at Octoberfest or this Halloween!Experience the Old World tradition with this great costume! The 100% polyester costume comes with a cream wing-collared shirt that has a laced V-placket for extra detail. The real crowning jewel of this costume, however, is the detailed lederhosen. The lederhosen has an elastic wait for a comfortable fit and is made of brown poplin with tan edging. The pants have attached suspenders and a bib. The bib has a printed traditional coat of arms with lion and flower details. Finish off your look with the included white knee-high socks and matching brown poplin Alpine hat. Become the envy of everyone in Germany (or your local German town) this Halloween with this traditional lederhosen costume!

    $49.99 German Costumes
  • Men's Native American Brave Costume

    Men’s Native American Brave Costume

    How cool are beads, right? Who doesn’t love taking a trip down to the bead store and figuring out a sweet necklace you can put together? Oh, not you? Well guess what, bub, you’re missing out! Beads can be anything, they can form anything, they’re basically nature’s Legos (Okay, actually technically they aren’t nature’s since we humans are the ones turning things into beads, but they are still awesome!). And you’re probably picturing a small plastic donut that you can put on a string, but beads aren’t so limited as that! Open your mind to the possibility of beads being so much more! Did you find some beautiful shells on your most recent trip to the beach? Drill a hole in those and boom: beads! And now you’ve got a beautiful necklace. Pick up a pretty stone in the spot you experienced your first kiss? Boom: bead them.We’re getting ahead of ourselves, but beads are versatile, wearable art, and this costume comes with a beautifully beaded chest plate to proudly display not just your passion for beadwork but also your incredible fashion sense. Besides, nothing’s going to make those beads really shine like that tan tunic underneath. It’s perfect. Don’t even get us started on the tassels on this costume. You put beads and tassels together, you got yourself a party that can’t be stopped!

    $99.99 Adult Native American Costumes
  • Toddler Garfield Costume

    Toddler Garfield Costume

    It’s not only a fact, but it’s a bit of an understatement to say that toddlers have a lot of energy. They’ll be running around, bouncing off the walls and you just can’t get them to sit down. If only there were a way to get them to calm down.Well, the good thing is that children like to pretend. They’ll use their imaginations to play as their favorite characters or animals. If they’re good enough at it, they’ll actually act like the thing they’re pretending to be. Maybe you could get your kid to pretend to be Garfield, a lazy cat who enjoys sleep, hates Mondays and is hopelessly addicted to lasagna. Why not go the extra mile in helping them with their imaginary play? That’s where this toddler Garfield costume comes into play.Sure, you can get them to imagine being Garfield, but put them in costume and they’ll practically turn into the character. This costume includes a polyester jumpsuit that resembles our favorite comic cat. It Velcros on the back and has plenty of features that help your child look like the cartoon cat (Garfield is always carrying a few extra pounds.). There is also a Garfield mask that has his adorable lasagna-loving face designed into it. If you’re looking to bring down the energy levels of your hyperactive toddler, put them in this Garfield costume and hopefully they’ll begin to act like the lazy feline. Just make sure you have fresh pan or two of lasagna on hand.

    $29.99 Garfield Costumes
  • Plus Size Garfield Costume

    Plus Size Garfield Costume

    “If I ignore the world maybe it will go away…except for lasagna!”We all love pasta. If we could we would eat nothing but the delicious cheese-y, saucy, noodle-y goodness. But we can’t. Our doctors have informed us that eating a diet of only pasta is not very good for us. Turns out a diet of pasta and pizza is just as bad.But that doesn’t stop the fluffy orange Garfield. He is going to eat what he wants (lasagna), when he wants (all the time), even if Jon disagrees. But then, Garfield can do pretty much whatever he wants with little very little that Jon can do to stop him. He bullies Odie, and takes over the TV whenever he wants. Man, we wish we could be Garfield.You wish you could too? Well, you are in luck, with this Plus Size Garfield Costume you can become your favorite lasagna eating feline. You won’t even have to put on a few pounds to make this costume look Garfield perfect, it comes with a faux lasagna padded stomach. We can’t guarantee that everyone will let you get away with all the crazy antics that Jon lets Garfield get away with, but you can be sure to have a comfortable night in chowing on some delicious pasta (and pizza, just don’t tell you doctor we gave you the idea), and watching a little TV.

    $64.99 Garfield Costumes
  • Child Garfield Costume

    Child Garfield Costume

    Sorry, kid, but there have to be a few rules. One, you can’t go out on Halloween night if you’re going to continue being mean to Odie. Two…Okay. Maybe we’re not in a position to declare rules and issue degrees. But we’re not sure how much your kiddo might like this whole trick-or-treating thing. Most (we hope all) people give out candy to trick-or-treaters, not lasagna. Like, we’re cool with that idea, but it’s just not what happens. It sounds delicious to be sure, but expensive and more than a little messy. But perhaps licking the sauce off bite-size candy wrappers (before the inevitable dessert) would stifle a little of all that energy. It’s not only a fact, but it’s a bit of an understatement to say that children have a lot of energy. Maybe you could get your kid to pretend to be Garfield, a lazy cat who enjoys sleep, hates Mondays and is hopelessly addicted to lasagna. Why not go the extra mile? Give them a little inspiration and get their imaginative juices flowing like sweet, sweet bolognese. That’s where this toddler Garfield costume comes into play.This costume includes a polyester costume that resembles our favorite comic-strip feline. The costume comes with plenty of details made to make your child look just like the cat from the Sunday funnies. If you’re looking to bring down the energy levels of your hyperactive toddler, put them in this Garfield costume and, hopefully, they’ll begin to act like the lazy feline. Again, lasagna helps.

    $34.99 Garfield Costumes
  • Adult Garfield Costume

    Adult Garfield Costume

    Garfield might not be your average cat, but he’s certainly the kind of cat that anyone can relate to. He loves lasagna, despite what it might do to his figure (who doesn’t love lasagna?). He doesn’t always have patience for his dimwitted friend Odie. And, of course, he HATES Mondays. Most people aren’t a fan of Mondays. We sort of wish Monday would take a vacation and let Sunday take his place for an extra day.The good news is that Garfield is always fighting the good fight by filling the world with witty comebacks to level the playing field against Monday. He’s got a boatload of pranks to give us a good laugh at Odie’s expense. He also won’t let packing a few extra pounds stop him from enjoying his favorite meal of all time. Now, you can be just like him with our licensed Garfield costume.Based on the lovable cat from the Sunday funnies, this adult Garfield costume comes with plenty of features to make you look like Jon Arbuckle’s cantankerous kitty cat. It has a headpiece designed to look like Garfield’s head and it will most likely make you a little bit hungry for a heaping helping of lasagna. It even comes with an attached tail to really make you look like the famous cat. Just make sure you don’t get too into character, otherwise you may find yourself trying to ship Nermal to Abu Dhabi and that’s probably not a good idea (even if Nermal is being annoying).

    $59.99 Garfield Costumes
  • Sweetheart Sailor Girls Costume

    Sweetheart Sailor Girls Costume

    While you sometimes wish that your little girl would stay in a safe harbor her whole life, it’s hard to complete the journey of life without first lifting anchor. We’ve all been there, none wants their kid to be tossed about by wild seas! Beneath that shining blue surface, there are epic Krakens and giant squids, you know how scary the high seas can be. The thing is, we all need our own adventures, there’s just so much out there for a little adventurer to see! The days of steam ships and grand oceanic adventure on wind-powered ships might be over but some amazing journeys have happened on the ocean, why close the book now? After all, people are still discovering things in the vast deep. Just recently the earth’s largest volcano was found in the depths of the Pacific, one of the largest in our universe. It’s hard to fathom how giant the landscape in under the waves of the ocean and we still get to explore the surface. Long story short, it’s no wonder that we’re still so caught up in the nautical life. If your daughter is caught up in everything ocean related this ensemble might become one of her favorites! Your girl will be ready to man the main sail and batten down the hatches in foul or fair weather in these cute navy blue shorts with anchor detail. The striped shirt is stunning and sea ready, paired with the jaunty cap she’ll be part of a ship-shape crew. Turns out, with your daughter’s imagination she doesn’t even need to leave dry land to have a true adventure!

    $24.99 Sailor Costumes
  • Cotton Candy Clown Girls Costume

    Cotton Candy Clown Girls Costume

    Yeah, she’s a real sweet treat, ain’t she? A delectable delight of sugary goodness. Well, we think it’s about time to get her an occupation that’s worthy of her disposition. And no, it doesn’t have to be a career, but if she can find a way to properly utilize her talents, we think the world would be better off. For our money, the world can always use another clown. And if it’s another sweet clown? All the better! (Scary clowns can hit the road, cause we don’t want none of that!) Yes, a super sweet clown is the right calling for your girl, and let’s face it, there ain’t nothing sweeter than cotton candy.Nope, no sir, you can’t match the sugary sweetness of a big bundle of cotton candy, and if we had the look to match, it’d be this girl’s Cotton Candy Clown costume. Yippee! This bright and colorful costume will give any girl the proper style needed to shill delicious treats, or to entertain the world as a super famous clown. The bright dress has a contrasting skirt and top piece, with brilliant bright pink and a multicolored diamond print, it’s clown-stylish too! A brilliant sash and tulle collar go over the dress, and this set includes a hat, hair bows, and gloves too! This girl’s costume style is made and designed by us, so it’s ready for Halloween or party fun, guaranteed! With sizes for girls ages 4 to 14, we’re sure she’ll be ready to leave her mark on the clown world with this costume. And she’ll be able to do it with cotton candy sweetness!

    $39.99 Clown Costumes
  • Toddler Fleece Police Costume

    Toddler Fleece Police Costume

    You probably thought you knew everything there was to know about the police department. After all, you watch enough crime procedurals that you’ve seen just about every scenario go down on TV. But, we’d like to let you know that there’s a division in law enforcement that you’ve probably never even heard of. An elite squad of cops who do whatever it takes to save the day. We’re talking, of course, about the Fleece Police!Yes, they are young and brash, but they’re also comfy and cozy. And that’s because, true to their name, they patrol in fleece! They put their crime-solving skills to use in 100 percent polyester, because if you’re busy trying to crack the case, you might as well be totally comfortable while you’re working so hard! And now, your kids can join their squad when you outfit them with this sweet cop costume.Yes, it’s true, your child can be a Fleece Police trooper in this stylish kid’s costume. As a zip-up jumpsuit and hat, this set is equally suited for patrol as it is for napping, and as suited for playtime as it is for costume fun! With an attached belt and police uniform details, he’s going to be a real super member of the squad. For any toddler who’s ready to patrol, get it to have them join up!

    $29.99 Police Costumes
  • Super Mario Rosalina Girls Deluxe Costume

    Super Mario Rosalina Girls Deluxe Costume

    Aren’t Lumas cute? They’re little pudgy star creatures that look like happy little huggable balls of fun! They can transform into a whole galaxy, but even these powerful little critters need some guidance from time to time. That’s where Princess Rosalina comes in, from the Super Mario Galaxy games. She hangs out with the Lumas all day long and she even tells them stories when they’re feeling restless. She gets to play with them when they need some fun time and she even gets to take them on cool adventures!We previously thought that it was impossible to hang out with Lumas, but that was before we came up with our masterplan! First, you need a girl who’s just as sweet and caring as Rosalina. Then you need to dress her up just the turquoise video games. Then, all you have to do is wait for Mario and Luigi to come pick her up on the Starship Mario! Alright, so maybe our plan isn’t quite foolproof, but your little girl will be looking like quite the princess when she wears this adorable costume based on the video game character.If your girl thinks that hanging out with Lumas would be great, then maybe it’s time she jumped into a Mario-style adventure with this girls Rosalina costume licensed from Nintendo! This costume has a bright turquoise dress that matches her style in the various video games. It also comes with the crown, so your little girl can truly become the princess of the Lumas.

    $39.99 Super Mario Bros Costumes
  • Boys Lightning McQueen Classic Toddler Costume

    Boys Lightning McQueen Classic Toddler Costume

    Does your little one love running around the yard? No wait, he doesn’t just like to run he wants to prove how fast he is. Is he always calling out, “Hey, watch this” as he tears around the grass? The hobby might seem like a bit of a handful sometimes but for now, you might just want to be grateful that it’ll be a while before he’s behind the wheel of his first car! If your kiddo is a little speedster then he’s probably a huge fan of Lightening McQueen. This is the red, confident star of the Cars series that can’t seem to lose, he’s got four piston belts stowed away in his truck, after all! McQueen is the character that your kid channels as he soars his toy car from the arm of the sofa over to the coffee table and down to the floor. From the very beginning, Lightning had two things on his mind: speed and glory. That is until he learned the power of friendship. Now he knows that no matter how fast he goes he’ll always circle the track back to his friends. If you’re looking for a costume that’s great for Halloween and everyday play, you’ll love this red and black jumpsuit. The subtly checked suit closes with a tough strip at the back. Your child can sprint around the yard with ease in the flexible material and with padded shoulders and sponsors on his chest he’ll be faster than ever. Top it off with the red hat and he’ll be ready to roll. Hey, who’s gunning for a fifth piston belt?

    $24.99 Cars Costumes
  • Maggie Simpson Costume

    Maggie Simpson Costume

    ‚ÄúMaggie talk! Maggie talk! … No one listen? Maggie never talk again.‚Äù?MaggieMargaret Evelyn “Maggie” Simpson might be the least seen and heard in the Simpson family, but she‚Äôs arguably the most mature member of the clan, and perhaps the wisest. The fact that she rarely talks doesn‚Äôt mean she can‚Äôt – sometimes, she just has better things to do. Like, for instance, showing up in Bart‚Äôs nightmares, dominating Lisa at fencing, saving her father‚Äôs life (twice! First from drowning and again from a mad tow truck driver), planning a Great-Escape style breakout from a daycare center just to get her pacifier back, and twice attempting to shoot Mr. Burns (once when he tried to steal candy from her, and another time just because she saw her chance and decided to take it).Which is all to say – don‚Äôt even think about trying to pull a fast one on Maggie, or you‚Äôll get the fast one pulled on you. In fact, we suspect that Maggie only keeps her intelligence a secret just so she can continue to get babied by Marge. Which, we gotta admit, is pretty smart!So if you suspect that your own little rugrat knows a lot more than she’s letting on, dress her up in this officially licensed Maggie Simpson Costume! The fleece dress will make it impossible not to baby her, but the yellow fleece headpiece with a blue bow attached will remind you that she’s taking in every single one of your family’s shenanigans. Just don’t forget to add a pacifier, or you’re likely to have a full-fledged guerilla-style revolt on your hands!

    $24.99 Simpsons Costumes
  • Creepy Clown Adult Mask

    Creepy Clown Adult Mask

    We have very strict rules here at HalloweenCostumes about the number of times we can repeat a certain letter when we use onomatopoeia. But we almost broke them when this Creepy Clown Adult Mask made us go “Aaaaaaaah!” And from there it only got worse. Because the one thing scarier than the spooky-sloppy makeup job that most evil clowns have is this clown’s red eye shadow, which looks to have come from a deep gash through his left brow. And we petitioned to be given a few extra vowels just so we could express how badly the scraggly, sharpened teeth freaked us out, but we were met with nothing but silence. And then, from right behind us, we heard muffled, deranged laughter.It turned out that somebody had just been watching an especially funny video in the back of the room, but it was a real eye-opener about the awesome scare power of this mask! It’s not for dimly-lit rooms or the faint of heart.

    $39.99 Evil Clown Costumes
  • Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume

    Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume

    If you’re looking for something entertaining to do on a night out in a cartoon world, keep in mind your options are pretty similar to anywhere else, just more cartoony.You can go out to dinner where the maitre’d may be a penguin and your silverware tells you about the desert specials. You may want to go dancing, but keep an eye on your partner because they may actually have two left feet (or more)! If you’re looking for the best show in town though, you’ll want to stop by the club and catch the local singer perform her set. It will be just what you need to set the mood for your night on the town!If you think you’ve got the singing chops to make it on stage, you’ll also need this Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume to really win over the crowd. Being a singer is as much about image and performance as it is about talent if you want to hit the big time, and this getup will make sure people are still talking about you long after the show ends. The strapless sequined dress will fit like a glove and light up the lounge while you’re working your magic and the slit up of the right side will keep it classy as well as keep everyone’s attention. The included purple knit gloves make a great accompaniment, as will any sexy heels and glamorous hairstyles or wigs you want to add. Jaws will be dropping before you even breath a note the second you step out onto the stage in this costume!

    $89.99 Jessica Rabbit Costumes
  • Soft-Sculpted Caveman Club

    Soft-Sculpted Caveman Club

    Ooga Booga. Nothing says blast from the past like showing up as a caveman. And if you’ve got a caveman costume all ready to go, there’s no way you’re going to want to go to the party without the right gear. You know, a saber-tooth tiger necklace, a ratty wig, and of course, your club!That’s right, no self respecting Neanderthal or Denisovan would be caught at a get-together without a club in tow, because you just never know when you’re going to have to bash one of your fellow cavepeople over the head. Not to mention the fact that there’s always the threat of a Woolly Mammoth attack. It’s basically a forgone conclusion that you’re going to need to get yourself a club!Add this soft-sculpted Caveman club to your prehistoric costume, and you’ll be ready for whatever ancient history can throw at you. This prop accessory is made by us, so get it to make sure all your “Ooga’s” and “Booga’s” have a little extra effect!

    $4.99 Caveman Costumes
  • 1920s Socialite Women's Costume

    1920s Socialite Women’s Costume

    Achieving socialite status is difficult, if not impossible. Generally, socialites are born into wealthy families, sky-rocketing them to the upper echelon of society. And if you’re not one of the lucky elites well then, better luck next lifetime bud, because breaking into the tight-knit circle of bluebloods is nearly impossible. Well, it was nearly impossible until now. With this 1920’s socialite costume, you’ll be schmoozing with members of the upper crust before you can say, “pass the foie gras.”You’ll look hoity-toity and feel akin to royalty once you’re draped in the silky floor length gown, faux fur stole, and floral headband. In fact, those descended from nobility will accept you with open arms, no questions asked. Your name will suddenly appear on fancy guest lists from here all the way to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, so you’d better brush up on your knowledge of designer brands and your table manners. And once the other socialites and aristocrats actually get the pleasure to speak to you? Well, you’ll certainly clinch your status among the crème de la crème of the world. Pretty soon, everyone from the Rockefellers to the Vanderbilts will want to make small talk with the new It girl who’s taking the socialite scene by storm.So, in honor of solidifying your ascension into the privileged class, we raise our glass of Cristal Champagne to you in commemoration. Brava, brava, but please do us a favor; bring us as your +1 to at least one upcoming high society event. Pretty please?                    

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