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  • Toddler/Child Snow Leopard Costume

    Toddler/Child Snow Leopard Costume

    Is your little tyke as obsessed with cats as we are? With their cute little paws and long squirmy tails… don’t even get us started on the whiskers! Sure, cats can be a bit picky when it comes to playing nicely (we don’t think they like being put in strollers that much), but who doesn’t love those cuddly little fur-balls? There’s a certain sleek sassy side to every feline, and it’s hard not to appreciate their confidence.So we totally understand why your kids adore them. SO FLUFFY. Sorry. Getting side-tracked again. But beyond just simple house cats, there’s the raw power and majesty of the big cats… who are also super fluffy! Tigers, lions, panthers, leopards! We love them all too, even though we can’t have them for pets (something about them being giant killing machines) but whatever. We can appreciate from afar. That doesn’t mean we can’t show off our love! So can your little one with this Toddler/Child Snow Leopard Costume! This costume is a white dress with a leopard print and faux fur trim. The hood has ears, the strings have pompoms, and the dress has an attached tail. There’s also fuzzy white boot covers. That’s right! Your kid can be fluffy too! Just don’t be surprised if they start clawing up the furniture.

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  • Child Veterinarian Costume

    Child Veterinarian Costume

    We can‚Äôt even count the number of people around here who grew up thinking they‚Äôd become a veterinarian. And why wouldn‚Äôt kids want to grow up to be a vet? You get to be a doctor, you get to hang out with animals all day, and you get to bring joy to others. Seems like the perfect profession for anyone.Though most of us don‚Äôt grow up to be vets, we can at least let our little ones try it out for dress-up or Halloween. Who knows, they may be the next celebrity vet – caring for all of the pets in Hollywood. It could happen.Does your little girl love to take care of animals? Then she’ll love dressing up in this veterinarian costume. She’ll feel like she could save every animal when she wears this adorable set of scrubs this Halloween. This is perfect for the vet in training. This 100% polyester child veterinarian costume is both comfortable and adorable. The pink polyester shirt and matching pants are the perfect way to start off this costume. The elastic waist of the pants allows for a comfortable fit for all night wear. The pink top has two printed phrases on it ‚ÄúProperty of the Critter Clinic‚Äù and ‚ÄúDo Not Remove.‚Äù That way, everyone will know where her heart really lies – with the animals, of course! Add a stethoscope and other doctor accessories to complete the look.

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  • Child Fireman Costume

    Child Fireman Costume

    “So, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Remember being asked this by your first grade teacher, and remember the answers you and your classmates gave? You wanted to be a ballerina. Billy Martin wanted to be a doctor. Andrea Cooper wanted to be a zookeeper. It all seemed so simple back then. And of course, at least three people wanted to be firefighters!These days, things aren’t quiteas unfettered. “I want to be a venture capitalist!” Little Braxton says now. “I want to design apps at my own startup tech company,” sweet Talulah states. “I’m going to write a travel food blog that I craft in my designer co-work space,” tiny Dakota assures her teacher. Sigh. Yes, the world has become a complicated place in which to figure out the future. But not for your little guy! He knows the keys to happiness are simplicity, solid goals, and hard work, which is why he still answers: I want to be a firefighter! We need more kids like him around. Your little hero deserves a look that speaks to his bravery, and this Child Fireman Costume is just the thing to keep him grounded and going strong! This classic look includes a brown jumpsuit and with all the official-looking fixin’s and of course, a super-authentic Fire Chief hat. He may not want to be a fireman forever, but for now, encourage him to continue to revel in the simplicity of his youth. Just beware: the inevitable question that follows receiving this fantastic fireman costume is always, “So, can I get that Dalmatian puppy I’ve been asking for?”

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  • Star Wars: Rogue One Deluxe Shadow Trooper Boys Costume

    Star Wars: Rogue One Deluxe Shadow Trooper Boys Costume

    We know how much fun it is to be one of the good guys when playing Star Wars, but with so many awesome villains in the movies, it can also be fun pretending to be one of the baddies. Your little Star Wars fan will have a blast chasing after rebels as one of the coolest looking bad guys in the Empire with this official Deluxe Shadow Trooper Costume, from the Star Wars: Rogue One movie! So, what do these mysteriously menacing foot soldiers do when they go on a mission? We assume their name means that shadow troopers fight in the shadows, like spies or special ops soldiers, but their assignments are so secretive that it’s impossible to tell exactly what they are up to! They might be tasked with tracking down and capturing rebel spies, or conducting dangerous recon missions, or for all we know, a “shadow” trooper might be responsible for holding a high ranking Imperial officer’s umbrella on a sunny day. One thing we do know is that your kids will be prepared for any mission they get sent on in this deluxe costume. The bodysuit features stitched on foam armor plates, a foam belt and boot covers, so they’ll look just like the elite troopers do on screen. It also comes with a full face mask molded to look like the fearsome helmets they wear into battle, with a mesh covered viewing slot for them to see out of, and breathing holes for extra comfort while pretending to go on long covert missions at costume parties. The good guys will surrender in no time once your little trooper tracks them down!

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  • Child Ultimate Spider-Man Costume

    Child Ultimate Spider-Man Costume

    So your kid has been bitten by a radioactive spider. And, as if that weren‚Äôt bad enough, it appears that they‚Äôve also taken to scaling large buildings and jumping from rooftop to rooftop in their spare time. We understand your concern! It‚Äôs hard not to have a heart attack when they‚Äôre swinging through the air on a gossamer string, performing daredevil flips and spins in their quest to catch the bad guys.But at least they‚Äôre doing something constructive with all that energy, though, right? Sure, you probably would have preferred that they take up soccer or watercolor painting instead – you know, something on the ground and preferably stationary – but if there‚Äôs one thing we know about our kids, it‚Äôs that there‚Äôs just no holding them back when they finally figure out who – and what – they really wanna be!Thus, we’d like to suggest that you support them in their new-found agility by giving them this Child Ultimate Spider-Man Costume! Based on the Ultimate Marvel Spider-Man Comic book, it’ll help your little buddy look just like the real thing! Made from 100% polyester fabric & fiberfill stuffing, the jumpsuit fastens with Velcro at the center of the back, and the soft-sculpted fiberfill padding in chest and shoulders gives the costume a muscular look. The printed spiderweb design and spider on chest will ignite your little acrobat’s imagination, and the hood has mesh-covered eye openings to help them see when they’re scaling up those skyscrapers. So take a note from the book of Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben and Aunt Ben…give your spider kid permission to climb, and they’ll soar!

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  • Child Inflatable Sumo Costume

    Child Inflatable Sumo Costume

    Growing up is rough. We all know that from our own lives and watching our youngsters deal with the troubles of being a kid. The shows that we all have available aren’t helping, either. Pokémon heroes are off to change the world as early as 10 years old. Naruto ninja warriors are battling other classes at 12. Even the Lego squad are recruiting for the new waves and, meanwhile, we’re still waiting on our tragically delayed invitations to all the cool stuff.That won’t stop the kids from racing forward. And, if we let ourselves forget for even a second, they are sure to remind us! They’re racing to grow up faster than we’re prepared and they are intent to get there as fast as they can. What is a parent to do but try to find a compromise? How can we let the kid grow up and still be a kid!? And, let’s be honest, how can we relive some of our youth through them?The solution comes in the form of the Child Inflatable Sumo Costume! With the power of wind, you can transform your kiddo into a larger-than-life ninja wrestler, ready to take down all opponents and take on the persona (and size!) of an adult while you can still keep him or her at least at the same height for a little while longer. Make a game of inflating the suit with a small fan and continue the fun with a safe display of your new Sumo Wrestler’s “intimidating” stomps. May you both live the fantasy of adventure while you can, and this way do it together!

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  • Robin T-Shirt Costume

    Robin T-Shirt Costume

    When the Dark Knight needs a helping hand defending Gotham from crazies like The Joker and Harley Quinn, there is only one person he never hesitates to call (or signal for)! Here’s a hint: Laundry day in Gotham City doesn’t bother this boy wonder at all.Robin, verifiably the greatest sidekick ever, is always ready for a night of fighting crime. No evil or dirty laundry can stifle his ambition of making sure every supervillain is locked safely behind bars and the residents of Gotham can stroll the streets with peace of mind. When he isn’t joining forces with Batman or the Teen Titans for some grand goal, he patrols the streets on his own‚Äîsometimes in just a cotton tee, a cape, and jeans like this! In fact, when he has to have Alfred take care of his normal suit, he knows he always has his tee back-up ready to go. So villains beware! Robin will always be there to stop your evil ways, no matter the day of the week or the smell of his tights. When he isn’t saving Gotham, though, word on the street is that this boy wonder can be found going door-to-door asking for candy, and we actually encourage that. The dude deserves a bit of a break, don’t you think? Besides, we always thought the neighborhood kids could use a little extra assurance that their haul of sweet treats‚Äîbuckets, bags, pillowcases and all‚Äîwill make it back home without so much as a broken wrapper.

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  • Sexy Secret Wishes Ghostbuster Costume

    Sexy Secret Wishes Ghostbuster Costume

    An invisible man sleeping in your bed, who ya gonna call?As kids we looked up to Venkman, Stantz, Egon, and Winston. We wanted to hang out with them, like most of New York City in 1984. We wanted to get our hand on one of those Proton Packs, and go catch us some ghosts too.We all had our favorite. Venkman, the playboy. He would much rather be schmoozing it up with Dana than catching ghosts. Stantz, the heart of the Ghostbusters. He seems the most dedicated to the ghost capturing company. Egon, the scientist. Sure all of them (except Winston) are scientists, but Egon is clearly the nerdiest of the nerds. And Winston, the normal guy. Sometimes in a room full of people who know how smart they are you want someone who is a little more down to earth.So when you slip into this Sexy Secret Wishes Ghostbuster Costume, who are you going to be? The bad boy of science: Venkman. The workaholic: Stantz. The brains of the outfit: Egon. Or the oh so relatable Winston. Or do you just want to be the fifth Ghostbuster? You would get your own name tag, your own Proton Pack, and a spot in the Ecto-1. Just try to stay out of the way of projectile ectoplasm, the Slimer is kind of a jerk like that.Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

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  • Boys The Black Knight Costume

    Boys The Black Knight Costume

    Kids always think that they are invulnerable and that can make for a pretty intimidating life for those of us who are obliged to keep them from suffering any lasting harm. Now, many of us are alright with the idea that they’ll head out and scuff a knee or even get a bit of a black lip in the midst of their play. It builds up a bit of an immune system and also helps to teach them some practical lessons about personal safety while also letting them actually live out their lives. Still, there are limits to what we’re willing to let them expose themselves towards!So, when we noticed that there was a rather boisterous knight hanging around the neighborhood, offering to duel a bunch of the residents in order to gain passage down the sidewalk, alley, or once even to get inside the bagel shoppe, we had a few concerns. Fortunately, the knight wasn’t too much of a struggle to defeat… excepting that he just kept coming back and seemed to suffer no pause from any damage that he suffered. It immediately made us all realize that this guy was going to teach our tykes that they were truly immortal… even if it meant losing a couple limbs! Flesh wound, our butts!So, we are getting ahead of this fiasco by giving you the opportunity to educate your tykes on the amazing Black Knight yourselves. This costume is a complete and near historic armor set including a foam fronted shirt with a silver mesh collar and sleeves to imitate chain mail and a foam helmet that fastens by Velcro and covers the whole head. The foam armaments continue, including gauntlets, boot tops, knee guards, and the face grille can optionally cover the face or be left open. A bright red cape finishes off the look, though you can accessorize with a weapon and shield for the full package. With all this armor, your tyke will be truly protected, though we still recommend avoiding blocking the paths of certain kings.

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  • Adult Cutthroat Pirate Costume

    Adult Cutthroat Pirate Costume

    When you were five-years-old I bet ‚Äòpirate‚Äô was on the top of your list for what you wanted to be when you grew up. As you grew up chances are you realized that it probably wasn‚Äôt a great career choice given the high risk and whole ‚Äòillegal‚Äô aspect.But even if you can‚Äôt be a real pirate, the idea of it is still quite enchanting. Sailing on the high seas for weeks at a time, getting to see foreign lands, and meeting tons of new (albeit hostile) people. It‚Äôs the thing dreams are made of for some of us.This great Adult Cutthroat Pirate Costume will make you a welcome member of any pirate crew! This pirate costume comes with everything you need to make your friends walk the plank this Halloween! The top is styled to look like a black tunic over a white shirt ‚Äì but it‚Äôs all in one piece so less fuss! The shirt body is black with a faux leather placket and cord lacing. The cinch sleeves have black faux leather wrist cuffs with matching cord lacing. The matching bandana and red and black striped pants have an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit and they end just below the knees for a classic pirate look. The faux leather belt and boot covers complete the look. Practice your pirate swagger and add toy weapons such as a sword or replica flintlock pistol to complete your outfit. Check out our women’s and kids’ pirate costumes, for a family theme!

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  • Boys Master Chief Classic Muscle Costume

    Boys Master Chief Classic Muscle Costume

    Video games are a classic pastime of kids all over the world. One of the most popular games among kids in the past decade has been Halo, and kids look up to the main character of those games, Master Chief.Why wouldn‚Äôt they? He‚Äôs a powerful soldier who‚Äôs ready to take on a challenge of any size at a moment‚Äôs notice. He does what‚Äôs asked of him and follows orders of those handing them down. Now, if only your child would do the same, right? Maybe if they dress up as Master Chief for Halloween they‚Äôll start following the orders you hand down: you could get a clean room, finished homework, and who knows what else out of the deal!When someone asks your kid what he wants to do when he grows up, what is his answer? If it’s, “I want to go into outerspace to fight aliens with big guns,” then chances are your kid is a fan of Halo and he‚Äôs ready to take on the next enemy thrown his way! This Boy‚Äôs Master Chief Classic Muscle Costume lets him look like the hero from XBox video game series, so even though he may not be old enough fight the Covenant, he can still feel like the hero of humanity. The boys video game costume includes a 100% polyester jumpsuit with fiberfill stuffing to give the appearance of ripped muscles. The jumpsuit fastens with Velcro in the back for easy on and off and is printed with armor details. The padded chest is sculpted and the shoulders also have the fiberfill stuffing. A molded plastic mask completes this kids Halo costume.

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  • Child Red Sequin Shoes

    Child Red Sequin Shoes

    Children are a lot like tornadoes. They come out of nowhere, with little to no warning, and leave a trail of debris in their wake. While we do have storm chasers and Doppler radar to act as advanced warning systems for severe weather, nothing can you prepare you for the mess that children can create.If the storm has transported your child to another time and place, they may need a new pair of shoes before they go exploring. Whether traipsing down a street covered with yellow bricks or walking in the woods to visit her grandma, this red sequined shoes are sure to please.Now, close your eyes, tap your heels together three times, and transport them to your shopping cart. If only cleaning up after your kids was that easy!

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  • Toddler Mr. Postman Costume

    Toddler Mr. Postman Costume

    Let’s face it, kids often have a limited view of career possibilities. Policeman, doctor, nurse, teacher, fireman, ballet dancer, and the old standby, the postman. The people they encounter every day that they can actually identify what they’re doing. They’re not considering human resources representative, marketing executive or astrophysicist. This cheery costume is perfect for the idealized child of yore who just longs to live out their days as civil servant, collecting a pension, and attracting neighborhood dogs. Treats and/or mace to bribe and/or punish said dogs not included.If your child begins to exhibit signs of stress, paranoia, acrimony with their “co-workers,” or uncontrollable rage at being passed over for that cushy Main Street route, gently attempt to pry them away from their beloved mail bag and uniform and implement a program of relaxation and self-esteem.This Toddler Postman Uniform is an officially-licensed replica of an actual U.S. Postal Service uniform. Its elastic waist is sure to stay snug as your tyke walks off that baby weight, and the steel blue mail bag will fit every correspondence your child is entrusted with. (Note: does not recommend giving a toddler sole or any responsibility over delivering bills. You’ve been warned.) The molded white polyfoam hat resembles a pith helmet, for your little letter carrier who takes their “neither heat nor gloom of night” credo a little too seriously––it’s okay, the Dark Continent is outside of USPS delivery range.

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  • Boys The Black Knight Costume

    Boys The Black Knight Costume

    Kids always think that they are invulnerable and that can make for a pretty intimidating life for those of us who are obliged to keep them from suffering any lasting harm. Now, many of us are alright with the idea that they’ll head out and scuff a knee or even get a bit of a black lip in the midst of their play. It builds up a bit of an immune system and also helps to teach them some practical lessons about personal safety while also letting them actually live out their lives. Still, there are limits to what we’re willing to let them expose themselves towards!So, when we noticed that there was a rather boisterous knight hanging around the neighborhood, offering to duel a bunch of the residents in order to gain passage down the sidewalk, alley, or once even to get inside the bagel shoppe, we had a few concerns. Fortunately, the knight wasn’t too much of a struggle to defeat… excepting that he just kept coming back and seemed to suffer no pause from any damage that he suffered. It immediately made us all realize that this guy was going to teach our tykes that they were truly immortal… even if it meant losing a couple limbs! Flesh wound, our butts!So, we are getting ahead of this fiasco by giving you the opportunity to educate your tykes on the amazing Black Knight yourselves. This costume is a complete and near historic armor set including a foam fronted shirt with a silver mesh collar and sleeves to imitate chain mail and a foam helmet that fastens by Velcro and covers the whole head. The foam armaments continue, including gauntlets, boot tops, knee guards, and the face grille can optionally cover the face or be left open. A bright red cape finishes off the look, though you can accessorize with a weapon and shield for the full package. With all this armor, your tyke will be truly protected, though we still recommend avoiding blocking the paths of certain kings.

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  • White Bunny Tail

    White Bunny Tail

    Little Bunny Foo-Foo was hopping through the forest when he turned around to realize he’d lost his tail.How tragic is that? Every bunny needs its tail! If there’s no fluffy round tail, bunnies just aren’t bunnies! Even if they’re not real bunnies, but just kids or adults who dress up as bunnies, a tail is required to be taken seriously in Bunny-dom.So if your favorite bunny (or bunny suit) is lacking a tail, look no further than our White Bunny Tail! This is one plump fuzzy white tail, fitted with an elastic band to help attach itself wherever a tail might be lacking! If the Easter Bunny needs it, if a masquerade bunny needs it, this tail works for everbunny. So rest easy, because Little Bunny Foo-Foo will be back in business in no-time. The tail crisis has been averted.

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  • Toddler Doc McStuffins Deluxe Costume

    Toddler Doc McStuffins Deluxe Costume

    Some kids can end up a senior in college before they know what they want to do with their lives. Then there are kids like little Doc McStuffins here, who has always known what she wants to do when she grows up. Yep, you guessed it… she wants to be a world-renowned stuffed animal doctor! Stuffed animal insurance is a hot topic these days, and the cost of plush healthcare is through the roof. It’s a wise choice to secure her financial future, and she obviously has a passion for it. She may even be a prodigy; we hear she once stitched up a seam-burst lamb back under extreme pressure as her mother was calling her in for lunch time! Now that is one talented kid.

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  • Shopkins Lippy Lips Costume

    Shopkins Lippy Lips Costume

    Does your little girl have the attitude of a high-end fashion model, a little sassy as well as a bit on the bossy side? Is her favorite hobby shopping? If she had to choose one color to wear for the rest of her life, would it be pink? If you answered yes to any of these questions then we have the perfect costume for your little girl!Check out this amazing Shopkins Lippy Lip Costume. It will be perfect for your kiddo to transform into her favorite member of team Health and Beauty. Lippy Lip is one of the rarest of Shopkins in season one and now, your youngster can be a rare sight of beauty this Halloween. Normally, kids like to dress up as dreadful creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and zombies. Your little girl, however, will be the most charming, walking-talking cosmetic product. A stylish sleeveless dress starts this beautified transformation. The dress has a satin bodice with Lippy Lips’ face printed on it with her classic winky face. There are also ribbon bows on the shoulder straps of the dress. The skirt has a glittery knit mesh overlay that will bounce to and fro as your kiddo skips down the block to collect plenty of sweet treats. Finally to top off this lovely new look add the lipstick headband atop your little girl and she’ll be ready to go!Grab this officially licensed Shopkins Lippy Lips Costume and your little girl can start telling everyone to “Have a beautiful day!” She’ll be sure to leave her mark wherever she goes this Halloween.

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  • Elf on the Shelf Adult Costume

    Elf on the Shelf Adult Costume

    Become a scout for Santa in this Elf on the Shelf Adult Costume! Watch over everyone and report on who’s naughty and who’s nice. Start a whole new Christmas tradition.Who is Santa’s covert spy? Well, it’s hard to tell. At one point Santa did all his own spying on kids to make sure if they were naughty-or-nice, but he is far too busy for that. So, he deployed from the north pole a specific elf too make sure the kids are behaving. The elf mainly sits on the self and surveys the behavior around him. Santa’s helper does much more than just convey information to Mr. Claus. He told a group of seasoned reporters during a press conference, he even had to suppress a coup. The cat and dog of the house where planning on taking over Christmas dinner and knocking of the tree. During the evening as the cat climbed the tree the elf chased it down. Then that elf guarded the fridge and food from any further attacks. The humans of the house were non-the wiser. They woke up to see the elf sitting on the kitchen table and smiling. The dog and cat made Santa’s naughty list, and the elf was never fully recognized for all his hard work. However, he is forever greatly loved. So, we may have made up all the stuff about the pet Christmas takeover. You can be just like the ever watchful elf in the officially licensed Elf on the Shelf Adult Costume. The fleece pullover and pants are cozy just like a cuddly elf should be. Get ready to see who is naughty or nice as the Elf on the Shelf!

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  • Adult Holiday Elf Costume

    Adult Holiday Elf Costume

    You can’t have Christmas without three essential things: egg nog, cookies, and Santa Claus. But Santa couldn’t do his job without his helper elves working their magic! Dress up as one of the real heroes of the holidays in our exclusive Holiday Elf Costume, and enjoy the festivities in style!The life of a holiday elf has got to be cheerful and full of magic. They get to live in the North Pole, make toys, and their boss is a jolly old fella who drives a flying sleigh, for crying out loud! But we’d bet it’s also extremely hard work, especially when it gets close to Christmas, and the pressure of deadlines starts weighing on them. And it’s probably not like elves get to play with all of those toys they’ve been making (they are at work, after all), and as jolly as Santa seems to us, he probably gets a little grouchy when he’s trying to get those last minute preparations in order. But that doesn’t stop all the elves from throwing a huge party the day after Christmas to unwind before work for the next year starts, and we bet nobody parties as hard as an elf after the holidays!You can party as hard as an elf, too, in our fun and festive costume! It comes with everything you’ll need to look Christmasy at your holiday parties (or to confuse everyone at a Halloween party). We also make this in kids and toddler sizes, so your friends and family can spread some seasonal spirit together! And definitely don’t forget the cookies and egg nog…

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  • Teen Where's Waldo Costume

    Teen Where’s Waldo Costume

    The mind can take some crazy turns when it is forced to dwell in puzzles for hours at end and some of those just for kids and oh, this will be so fun kind of puzzle books are obviously insidious works of evil, explicitly designed to send any would-be participant straight off the mental cliffs and into insanity. Crosswords will occasionally give you “clues” for obscure references which are themselves obscure; how is anyone supposed to figure out they’re looking for The Power Team with a clue that says, “Not exactly Captain N,” anyway!?But, the most infamous of maddening puzzles is certainly the eye-and-mind riddling, hiding-in-plain-sight kind of optical camouflage that is Where’s Waldo. You are, no doubt, familiar with the torment of attempting to find this friendly-looking red-and-white clad, vision-impaired buddy while he’s mall-walking amidst an entire town of holiday-garbed shoppers who came for the best sales during Black Friday. What no one knew is that poor Waldo went near-sighted because he was so busy always trying to find himself!Of course, sometimes when you are a teenager, the idea of being so easily overlooked by the watchful eye of your folks is a pretty good thought. Steal the power of disguise with this Teen Where’s Waldo costume. Don the iconic red and white striped sweater and matching hat. In case you haven’t already impaired your own eyesight having previously looked for him, the kit comes with plastic glasses with basic lenses to add to its officially licensed authenticity. Be the friendliest chum in the whole town this year. Just don’t stand too near barber shop signs or candy canes as we’re not sure if it was ever Waldo’s fault that he went missing!

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  • Child Deluxe Sith Costume Robe

    Child Deluxe Sith Costume Robe

    The story of the most famous Sith Lord in the Star Wars universe is a long and winding road, with the young and innocent Anakin Skywalker being trained in the ways of the Jedi, only to find himself at war with his own emotions as he grows older as a promising Padawan. Eventually he gets overwhelmed by personal tragedy and inner turmoil and makes the leap from the Jedi to the Sith, finally becoming the fearsome figure we all know as Darth Vader.That’s a difficult and time-consuming path to the Dark Side. Maybe that worked long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, but kids in this day and galaxy have busy schedules. Who has the time for all the energy and angst it takes to become a tragic icon of intergalactic evil? Maybe it makes more sense to just cut out the middleman and embrace the darkness right from the start. In a world locked in a never-ending battle between good and evil that spans multiple generations and dozens of planets, you’ve got pretty good job security either way.And it’s not as if one side or the other has much of an edge when it comes to fashion. Young Jedi learn their mind tricks and martial arts maneuvers while wearing loose-fitting, neutral-colored robes. Young Sith hone their craft dressed in… well, pretty much the same thing, except maybe a few shades darker. Outfit your Darth in training with this polyester Sith robe, featuring a roomy design with a hemline that reaches the floor and baggy sleeves for maximum saber mobility. It’s a fast track to the Dark Side, which is way less stressful than taking the Anakin route.

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  • Infant / Toddler Skeleton Costume

    Infant / Toddler Skeleton Costume

    Look, we don‚Äôt want to alarm you, but‚Ķit looks like your toddler has somehow been able to shed their Epidermis. Is this a family thing? Because if it‚Äôs genetic, then whew! You probably already knew all about this crazy trick, and in fact, were expecting it. And if so, congratulations on having a crazy cool gene pool! Let‚Äôs definitely grab some coffee sometime so you can tell us all about your ancestry and how you came to possess this trait. Also, is the scientific community aware that you can do this? Not that we‚Äôd tell them, but‚Ķare they? Do they know? Do you need protection from the government? Because we might know some people‚Ķnod yes for yes, and shake your head no for – you probably guessed it! – no.But if you didn‚Äôt know, then‚Ķhey, it‚Äôs okay! Nowadays, there‚Äôs no telling what our kids can do that we can‚Äôt, right? For instance, our kids could take down our entire WIFI and cable network if they wanted to. We don‚Äôt even know how to restart that router thing that everyone‚Äôs always talking about! Kids, huh? Ours are tech genius, yours wears their skeleton on the outside of their body. What a crazy world we live in!But listen, just in case it gets cold out and you don’t wanna cramp your toddler’s style, take a look at this Infant / Toddler Skeleton Costume. The black fleece romper with a printed bone design will keep your little one warm while also letting them know that, hey, you accept them just the way you are! You’re not trying to change anything about the way their body was made! There’s also a cute hoodie headpiece with a skull design, and stretchable footies that cover your child’s shoes (quick question – does your child even wear shoes? Or is this where those weird-looking toe shoes come in really handy?). And it all fits with Velcro along the back, making it easy to put on and take off! It’s so comfortable, your kid will want to wear it everywhere (which could be really nice for those times when you don’t want to deal with pesky, over-curious questions like ours)!

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  • Toddler Caveman Costume

    Toddler Caveman Costume

    Let’s face it: sometimes your child runs around like an uncivilized savage, right? It’s as if the kid doesn’t just instinctually know not to throw food, or how to use a toilet. So you’re stuck changing diapers and picking up spaghetti from across the room every single day. Meanwhile, your kid is tearing through the house in every direction (seemingly at the same time!) picking up every possible object for use as a weapon (maybe not intentionally a weapon, but they’ll find a way regardless). And then it dawns on you: a child isn’t suddenly modern man with his civilized outlook on the world. Children didn’t invent the airplane! They didn’t defeat the Nazis or send a man to the moon. No, adults did all those things, and developed agriculture and urbanized culture, and penicillin! Through all our years of development as a human society, kids don’t get any of those benefits. Nope, they come into this world as cavemen: prehistoric neanderthals who can barely grasp stone tools or even hunting and gathering. Which is fine, because your kid is going to catch up to you in a matter of years. In a decade, your kid will probably be even more technologically advanced than you’ve ever been. That’s just the way of things for thousands of years. But for now, your kid is a caveman. So dress him up like one and let him revel in his basest instincts of wearing animal furs (faux furs, obviously), having unruly hair, and hitting things with clubs. Soon enough he’ll be too old for this kind of play, so let him live a little until he’s ready to join the modern age.

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  • Kid's Dinosaur Costume

    Kid’s Dinosaur Costume

    How to Pick a Favorite DinosaurEveryone has a favorite dinosaur, but there are so many different kinds that it can be hard to pick just one! Whether it’s the mighty tyrannosaurus rex, the enormous brachiosaurus, or the horned Triceratops, there is a type of dinosaur for every occasion. Did you also know that dinosaurs were quite cute and cuddly? They are always pictured as big and loud, and usually pretty scary. The thing is, outside of books and movies, they were pretty adorable. Just think about it. Those big green eyes with golden green scales peeking out from a dirt nest, crying out for its mom. Okay, our scientists may still be working on proving that particular image. But kiddo knows that dinosaurs can’t be all about teeth and claws, right? Product DescriptionAs a one-piece suit, this costume zips up in the front for easy on and off and there are little dino-paws attached to the wrists and ankles.The hood, back, and tail all have shiny gold spikes that give it added detail that any child will love. Your child has lots of time to decide what their favorite dinosaur is, and this costume will give them a chance to spend a little time as one. It will also give them a plenty of chances to practice their scary roar!Prehistoric WonderlandYour kid can have a blast with prehistoric play in this Kids Dinosaur Costume, no matter what they decide their favorite is! They can pretend to be scary, stalking around in the trees, looking for other dinosaurs to chase. They can roar and growl as they sway back and forth with the big spikes on their back! As much as they might try to be scary and growl, we adults happen to find those soft, sparkly spikes pretty adorable. Let’s all agree to not tell the darling dinosaur, though!

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  • Girls Cozy Bat Costume

    Girls Cozy Bat Costume

    Finally, you‚Äôve found a bat that you‚Äôll be glad to have inside the house! She’ll be the cutest bat on the block when she wears this cozy bat costume for girls. Take her out on the trick-or-treating rounds in your neighborhood or let her be the star at her little costume party. The whole world will be excited to see her smiling bat face!Bats may have a bad reputation ‚Äì after all, they are a little creepy. We mean, flying around only at night, living in your attic, and having teeth that too closely resemble a vampire‚Äôs ‚Äì it makes them kind of scary for most people. Whether you‚Äôve had your own terrifying encounter with a bat or you just hope to never run into them in person, we think this adorable bat costume for girls will change your mind when it comes to being afraid of getting too up close and personal with one of the nocturnal creatures.This bat costume for kids has a soft, fleece body and plush faux fur that will make you want to snuggle her tight ‚Äì not like the real thing that you‚Äôd rather chase out of your house with a tennis racket. The front has a zipper closure for easy on and off and the bat-wing flaps are sewn between the sleeves and side seams for a fun and easy look ‚Äì not to mention you won‚Äôt misplace the wings! The bat hood completes the look with fur-tipped ears. No one will yell ‚Äòduck‚Äô when this bat flies through your neighborhood this Halloween!

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  • Toddler Black Firefighter Costume

    Toddler Black Firefighter Costume

    Every child has a hero, and most kids want to be just like their heroes when they grow up. Just ask any tot what he wants to be when he grows up. Fireman is always one of the top answers, right next to superhero‚Ķand maybe even cartoon character. Whatever they choose, it always puts a smile on your face, because it‚Äôs a reflection on their character, interests, and sometimes their incredible sense of humor. As parents we always like to support our kids‚Äô dreams and aspirations. So, when they see the fire truck on its way down the street to extinguish a fire, there‚Äôs bound to be excitement and a whole lot of questions about what they do, and how they do it. Whether it‚Äôs responding to an auto accident, kitchen fire or natural disaster, our kids quickly catch on to the respect and admiration we have for the brave men and women who keep us protected.Aside from being able to drive massive red vehicles with aerial ladders, firefighters get to wear great uniforms, use a big hose and, of course, they get to play with the fire station Dalmatian while they’re on call. Before these ‚Äúfirst responders‚Äù use their incredible skill set to save lives, they first need to suit up in protective gear much like this Toddler Black Firefighter Costume. You might as well start your little one’s dream early, since this costume will have your child looking just like a classic firefighter!

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  • Child Deluxe Furry Brown Bear Costume

    Child Deluxe Furry Brown Bear Costume

    Are your kids always looking for honey to eat? Do they love to take long naps, as if they’re hibernating? Do they often make a lot of noise at night while out camping? Well, we have to break it to you… you’ve got a bear on your hands. They might not look it, but that’s going to change once they get ourChild Deluxe Furry Brown Bear Costume! It’s an exclusive look you won’t find anywhere else. Not Jellystone, not Yosemite, not the infamous Country Jamboree… nowhere but here. Now all they need is a delicious smackeral of honey, and they’ll be the gentle critter they’ve always wanted to be.

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  • Adult Chef Costume

    Adult Chef Costume

    When we were all young, pondering what we wanted to do with our lives when we reached adulthood, we had an endless list of options. We thought of everything and, likely, invented several more. Astronauts and doctors, explorers and inventors, a virtual cornucopia of options! As we actually got older, it became a little harder to make those dreams a reality. Doctors require dozens of years of education, plus several more as a peon resident, and the occupation isn’t nearly as fun as television makes us think. Astronauts rarely actually go into space and spend far more time sitting down doing math. Can you imagine!?In fact, the one thing that we probably didn’t think we’d want to be when we grew up is likely one of the things that we spend a good share of our time doing: cooking. We all need to eat and if you have people bring you food every day, you run out of that shining coin pretty quickly. Perhaps when we were all dreaming of what we wanted to do, we should have looked to the types of food we liked to eat and taken inspiration from that!Well, Halloween is the time for second chances and, now, you can try your hand at four-star restauranteering with this Adult Chef costume. This polyester jacket has a profound mandarin collar, black accent piping, and gray gingham cuffs to match the keen-looking pants. With two front buttons and a second decorative row, you’ll have a spiffy double-breasted look. And, of course, no chef is complete without the puffy poplin crown hat. Available in toddler and child sizes, you can be one step from your own restaurant and give your kids a taste at a possible future—one that involves free dinner for you!

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  • Child Mime Costume

    Child Mime Costume

    SilenceWe all try to find a way to get our kids to be quiet. Just for a minute. Heck, just for a few consecutive seconds. We try playing the quiet game. That doesn’t work. We try bribing them with fruit, hopefully, their mouths are too full for them to talk. No, they just talk around the food. Kids LOVE to make a whole of noise…It’s not that we don’t love what they have to say. But sometimes it can be inappropriate when they are talking. The best place to sing their favorite song isn’t in the middle of the movie theater. It doesn’t help that all the characters on TV are loud, and love to be loud all the time, and probably talk a lot, too. That’s why you’ve got to introduce role models that have the best values and attributes. That, of course, would be Mimes.Design & DetailsHave you heard that stripes are always in style? We tend to agree. And these stripes come with silence! They’ll love staying in character about as much as you will love them staying in character while they wear this authentic looking Mime costume. It’s got a striped shirt with lots of stretch, black pants with real pockets, and a cute little red bandana to tie around the neck. Of course, it’s topped off with a signature black beret!Mime TimeWe might have the perfect thing to keep your kid quiet, at least for a little bit! This Child Mime Costume will let them act out their thoughts, instead of blurting them out of their mouth. Hopefully, this will keep your little one from spewing out what at home would be hilarious, but in public is completely embarrassing. And when you put them in time out you can watch as they try to get out of the box that they are “stuck” in. Putting their hands up against an imaginary prison. It’s true what they say “Silence isn’t golden.” No, it’s black and white, and mime all over.

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  • Child Death Warrior Costume

    Child Death Warrior Costume

    Death is a pretty frightening concept and much of that comes from the fear of the unknown. So few know what death is going to look like. We’ve got several examples of concept art throughout the world that gives us a pretty solid idea of the appearance that death might take… and it generally isn’t overly welcoming. Of course, we’ve also been taught all our lives not to judge a book by its cover. Perhaps the floating haunt and skeletal face and casual ownership of a massive harvesting scythe and the dark, grim, black robes that seem to wither the wind is only Death at skeletal face value. Maybe we just need to get to know Death a little better before we start freaking out!Of course, that provokes an interesting question. What of the Deaths of other creatures? Is there a Dog Death? A little black lab in a floating shroud that carries an ancient rawhide in its mouth? Or, since we brought up a rather tragic concept, what about a Child Death? Surely such an entity would have a calmer appearance to handle such a delicate situation, right?Well, turns out that kids just aren’t afraid of that much! Your own kiddo can prove it by hopping into the very garb with this Child Death Warrior costume. This slipover tunic is decorated with tattered hemlines and a pretty intimidating polyurethane breast plate armor. The partial mask is one that will haunt adult memories for ages, especially when the tyke draws up the dark black hood. It is a good thing that kids aren’t that scared, because we can hardly handle it! Build up a resistance to the haunting spook the year and maybe join in your own Dark Death costume.

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