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  • Adult Hippie Love Child Costume

    Adult Hippie Love Child Costume

    The Summer of Love didn’t really end in 1967, like they want you to believe it did. It’s still alive and well, but it just needs one far-out lady to really resurrect it. What better flower child to do that than you… and what better night to bring back the era of free love than the biggest party night of all… Halloween? But to truly be a representative of the decade everyone wishes they could have been a part of, you’ll need more than a laid-back, freewheelin’ attitude and an open mind. You’ll need the right getup. And there’s none better and more iconic than this Adult Hippie Love Child Costume!It’s got everything you need to immediately make the groovy impression you’re going for. That includes a fringe vest with tassel-like strips and multicolored beads; a billowy, long-sleeved shirt; bellbottoms with a truly psychedelic print; and a waist sash to tie the whole getup together. And the costume is versatile, too… bring along a protest sign (like, “No Nukes,” maybe?), peace symbols, or heck, even a pair of Birkenstocks, and you’ll be the very definition of “flower child.”So whether you’re going out for Halloween, or you’re recreating Woodstock in your back yard, the Adult Hippie Love Child Costume is the first step in a journey back to a much more exciting period of history. And it’s great for “group” costumes, so don’t forget to have a look around at our wide selection of retro accessories and costumes!

    $44.99 Hippie Costumes
  • Kids Batman Costume

    Kids Batman Costume

    When Gotham needs a hero, who will step up?Your son has always felt close to superheroes. He likes they way they save people. The awesome costumes they have. He feels for Bruce Wayne’s tortured past. He loves the cars, and the weapons. And holy crow, does he love Alfred Pennyworth.Sure, he likes the Marvel movies, and he thinks Iron Man’s red armor is awesome, but when you ask him who his favorite superhero is he still replies with, “Batman, duh”. Because Batman doesn‚Äôt need to be anything other than determined to stop crime. He has no super powers. (Unless you count being super rich a super power.) And he gets hurt all the time, but he still fights the good fight.This year get your kid this Batman Costume. Let all the other kids running around be the Hulk, and Superman. Let them shoot arrows at each other as they dress as Hawkeye. He will be trying to avoid the lime light, unlike Tony Stark. He just wants to fight crime, and not be stalked by the paparazzi while he does it. He wants to be the person who steps up to save Gotham, to save people, and stop villains all without the need of superpowers. And let’s be honest he is hoping that he gets an Alfred when he puts on the bat suit. Who knows, he may not get his very own butler, but he may get to drive the Batmobile someday.

    $34.99 Batman Costumes
  • Tween Miss Mad Hatter Costume

    Tween Miss Mad Hatter Costume

    Every Mad Hatter needs a Misses in their lives who is just a mad as they are! Throw on this Wonderland Miss Mad Hatter Costume and be the perfect counterpart to any insane hat maker. Everyone will want an invitation to your tea party this Halloween!When you’re running around the party in this colorful guise everyone will assume you’ve gone completely bonkers, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Ensure everybody you are on a descent into madness with a nervous maniacal laugh, an eye twitch here and there, and a smile that walks the fine line between sinister and sincere. Get all that down perfectly and you may even be locked up in an asylum for the mentally deranged! That’s when you know that you really knocked this act out of the park. Now, remember that you don’t have to be the only one who loses their mind this Halloween. Invite all of your friends over for a wild Wonderland themed tea party! Check out the rest of our Wonderland character costumes! You can have March Hare, Alice, Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit and the rest of those kooks join you for a relaxing cup of tea.Just be sure to remind everyone of proper tea-time etiquette. Elbows on the table, shouting is the best form of communication but singing is a respectable alternative, and the best butter is always kept in your pocket watch. This may not seem all that proper, but, in reality, it is as proper as one can get at a Mad Hatter tea party!

    $34.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Black Lace Petticoat

    Black Lace Petticoat

    Most people are pretty excited when they wake up on October 31 and remember that it’s the spookiest holiday of the year. But we’re equally disappointed every other day when we wake up and remember that it’s not Halloween. So when it finally comes time to put on our costumes, we’re ready to pull out all the stops! But sheer enthusiasm doesn’t always result in the smartest fashion choices.Gratuitous hats. Superfluous belts. One too many feather boas. These are the kinds of accessories that seem like a good idea when you’re in a Halloween frenzy, but come across as a little weird when you’re going back through the photos a few months later. A Black Lace Petticoat is the kind of thing that tends to work way better! It adds an undertone of class and intrigue to your costume without trying too hard. And it’s way easier to put on than two extra sets of false eyelashes!

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  • Light Pink Tulle Petticoat

    Light Pink Tulle Petticoat

    Have your costumes in the past fallen a little flat? Both literally and figuratively? Maybe it‚Äôs just missing that little something special to take it to the next level. We won‚Äôt go all ‚Äòinfomercial‚Äô on you, but we do think that a petticoat can be just the answer you‚Äôre looking for!If you want to put on your Light Pink Tulle Petticoat, play some classic music, and pretend you’re a ballet dancer, that’s totally fine with us. We won‚Äôt tell a soul, but we may tweet about it!Just kidding! We think a petticoat is a perfect complement to any Halloween costume or for your play or dance costume. This deluxe pink tulle petticoat is a great way to give a little volume to a skirt or dress and it can simultaneously provide some added coverage if your costume is a little short in the length department. At such an affordable price, it makes the perfect addition to any look!

    $19.99 Petticoats
  • Adult Blonde Alice Wig

    Adult Blonde Alice Wig

    She may have a penchant for being a little too adventurous at times (seriously, who sees a potion labeled “Drink Me”… and then drinks it?!) and getting lost in psychedelic underworlds, but Alice of “Wonderland” fame is an icon. In fact, she’s one of the most recognizable heroines in the world. Who wouldn’t want to be her? But you can’t just throw on any old costume if you want to become such a famous icon. You need to nail that Alice “look,” and it’ll be unmistakable when you pull on our adult blonde Alice wig!Styled to perfection (including Alice’s signature bangs), this bright blonde wig goes beautifully with any of our adult “Alice” costumes, and will you make look as if you just sprung off the pages of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” or its sequel “Through the Looking-Glass.” Made by us, the Alice Wig is the one you want to wear when you chase the rabbit down that hole!

    $14.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Plus Size Bavarian Guy Costume

    Plus Size Bavarian Guy Costume

    Prost!If you ever go to the famous annual celebration of Bavarian culture (known worldwide as Oktoberfest, maybe you’ve heard of it?), that’s one word German word you’ll definitely want to learn. You’ll be saying it often as you cheerfully raise your beer glass to toast with all of your new friends! It’ll also come in handy any other times you’re celebrating in this festive Plus Size Bavarian Guy Costume!Whether you’re strolling around a beer garden, sipping some deliciously malty nectar of the gods and eating pretzels and hot cheese with your buddies, or you’re at a less traditional celebration with costumes and sudsy beverages of its own, this outfit will have you looking ready for good times! In fact, you’ll quickly realize that it’s practically impossible to have a bad time while wearing lederhosen. Even the word ‚Äúlederhosen‚Äù itself is fun to say, in addition to being a fantastically festive style to party in. So, if you are wearing this costume and somehow manage to not have a great time, we suggest refilling your beer stein and seeing if that raises your spirits.You won’t have to worry about bad times, though, since this Bavarian-style outfit is the kind of traditional look that can keep celebrations like Oktoberfest going strong for weeks! The lace-up tunic, earth-toned lederhosen, and matching brimmed hat help give you a touch of old world Alpine style, which you can dance around in, or just feast, drink, and be merry. If you’re celebrating with a date, have your fraulein dress up in one of our Bavarian Girl costumes for a German couple costume. After all, shouting ‚ÄúProst!‚Äù is always more fun in groups!

    $59.99 German Costumes
  • Sexy White Lycra Hot Pants

    Sexy White Lycra Hot Pants

    Alright girls, you know how it goes when you wear a flirty costume. You look great, but that short skirt? Yikes! It makes you feel as if you can’t make the slightest move or you might reveal a little bit more than you had planned on. It happens to the best of us and we have figured out the perfect way to avoid the situation entirely. All you need is a pair of boy shorts! They’re a simple and affordable accessory to go with our sexier costumes or any outfit you plan on wearing for a night out on the town. Don’t be afraid of the mini skirt ever again!Planning on being a cute angel or a sassy superhero this Halloween? Add a pair of these white spandex to complete your costume. This accessory will also go perfectly with an adventurous sailor or playful nurse costume. No matter what you go out as, make sure that you don’t have to worry about any unwanted slips with a pair of these sexy white hot pants!

    $5.99 Sailor Moon Costumes
  • Deluxe Adult Elvis Costume

    Deluxe Adult Elvis Costume

    How many legends of Rock‚Äôn Roll can there be in a single life time? Well, frankly, it is a surprising number! Loads of people have gone by that honorific. Some we‚Äôve heard of and others we‚Äô think of in different avenues… Chuck Berry, Solomon Burke, Fats Domino, Alan Freed, Bill Haley, Little Richard‚Ķ and that doesn‚Äôt even count the Kings of Country, Pop, Blues, and all the rest. It makes a person really wonder how the King of Rock and Roll immediately conjures up the image of Elvis Presley, even for those of us who sadly missed his living days (unless, of course, Death Becomes Her wasn‚Äôt lying)‚ĶOf course, that isn‚Äôt so hard to answer, is it? Presley had a style so much his own and so memorable that we can find contests all about who can most closely impersonate the musical and film giant. There‚Äôs even categories. Look-alikes and Sound-alikes, Young Presleys, Jailhouse Rock Presleys, Too Many Peanut-Butter-and-Banana Sandwiches Presleys‚Ķ Perhaps the King isn‚Äôt truly dead so long as we continue to honor his memory with some fantastic impersonations while wearing some of his most famous costumes.And it is your turn, too, to awaken the King with this officially licensed Deluxe Adult Elvis costume. The white jumpsuit features the golden luster of stars and rhinestones and has a split along the legs to reveal the beautifully contrasting red at your ankles. Golden eagles and rhinestones decorate the white foam belt which features golden chains hanging down in wealthy accent. Couple this look with any of our Rock Legend wigs and you will be slicked back and ready to rock. Your fans won‚Äôt be able to help falling in love even long after you have left the building.

    $69.99 Elvis Costumes
  • NFL Packers Uniform Costume

    NFL Packers Uniform Costume

    Go Pack Go!You might sometimes wonder where the Green Bay Packers are always so busy going, but as long as they beat those Bears, that’s all that really matters! As a die hard ‚Äúcheesehead‚Äù you gotta make sure you’re all geared up for Game Day, and donning this officially licensed NFL Packers Uniform Costume is just the look you’ll need to show off your team spirit!Everyone has got their own way of showing their support for the team they love most. Maybe you like to go to the actual stadium to watch the action in person from the stands, cheering the Pack on in your lucky cheese wedge shaped hat, and chowing down on concession stand hot dogs. If you really want to have a blast, fire up the grill and invite all your buddies over to watch. What better way to show off your big screen and surround sound system (and also your mad nacho making skills) than by throwing a Sunday afternoon shindig and watching the big game? Plus, you don’t have to deal with bathroom lines and traffic afterward, which is always a ‚Äúwin‚Äù in our book.You’ll also have plenty of good chances to show off your awesome Packers uniform before the game, as well as your passing skills whenever someone asks you to toss them a soda. This sleek ensemble comes in Green Bay’s trademark green and gold, and includes official Packers logos and details, just like the uniforms worn by the players on the gridiron. Team up with your friends in matching uniforms, or have a rivalry with any of them wearing Bears or Vikings costumes!

    $44.99 Football Costumes
  • Kimono Handbag Purse

    Kimono Handbag Purse

    You might need something to carry around a few emergency items in a night out in costume. The only problem with that is many of the purses out there just don’t seem to match or blend in well with gorgeous kimonos costumes. It’s so much of a challenge even if they are successful and willing to pay top dollar for the perfect match.Lucky for them, Halloween people have been experts in matching bags with outfits for trick-or-treating since the beginning of time, or at least since the modern tradition began…which is still a pretty long time. This small handbag is big enough to fit a few nice essentials without overburdening you with a huge thing to carry around. The best part is you don’t have to sell your life’s savings for it.

    $6.99 Kimono Costumes
  • Mens Cheerleader Costume

    Mens Cheerleader Costume

    Talk about squad goals!Pep talk your best pals into this hilarious group costume, and we can almost guarantee you‚Äôll steal the show from everyone else at the big Friday night party! This Mens Cheerleader Costume is downright hysterical and you know what they say: the friends who dress like cheerleaders together, stay together. OK, so no one says that. But they should. We‚Äôve received countless letters from buddies who have touted this costume‚Äôs friendship-building power. ‚ÄúI liked my buddy, Jay,‚Äù wrote one satisfied customer, ‚Äúthen I saw him do a herkie in this hilarious outfit and I yelled out, ‚ÄòI freakin‚Äô love you, man!‚Äô‚Äù ‚ÄúI thought my Halloween party last year would be a bust, just another stupid costume party,‚Äù Dennis wrote to us, from Altoona, PA. ‚ÄúThen my best buds showed up in these cheerleader costumes and the party went viral!‚Äù As you can see, this costume‚Äôs midriff bearing shirt, pleated skirt, and…ahem…inflatable bosom will bond you indelibly to your whole squad. So grab your pom poms and warm up with a few high kicks and spirit tucks. Then go ahead and pick up a wig and get ready to represent Twin Peaks in style. Or at least in solidarity. Together now: two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate?

    $29.99 Adult Humor Costumes
  • Adult Priest Costume

    Adult Priest Costume

    Bless us, father, for we have the best costumes found on this earth. Yes sayeth us, the costume keepers. Now is the time of the costuming, when all those of the earth must submit their finest clothings and fabrics for judgment. Ye who wear these costumes are hereby the most righteous and holy among us. Only ye can lead us to our rightful costume salvation. Ye must walk the righteous path and resist temptation, for ye art thou holiest of all dudes, as it is written. Woe to all the uncostumed heathens who walkest among you, for theirs is the sinful and arrogant way that leads not to the cool parties, but to damnation and sitting at home like a bunch of schlubs, so sayeth we all. Carry your divine guidance to them, oh father, for they will see the light and be cured of their wickedness, or if not, you’ll have a wicked awesome story to tell your friends. For without a wicked awesome story, a party becomes boring, as it is written.Now you too can join the most prestigious holy order with this costume. Fit in to any church, or have anyone come to you for guidance. Get out of speeding tickets, or marry people with an extra fancy flair, all with this simple priest’s robes. The people turn to you, dear father. How will you guide your flock? Say a prayer for the most awesome parties and best friends to join you. May a blessing be upon you as you show up looking better than anyone, and holier too. It is your divine fate, faithful servant.

    $14.99 Priest Costumes
  • Mouse Nose

    Mouse Nose

    We sell costumes here, but we really consider ourselves life coaches above all else. We like helping people find their true calling in life, and helping them become who they really are on the inside. So we have a few questions: have you ever lived in an apartment that someone described as a “hole in the wall”? Do you have a taste for triangular wedges of Swiss cheese? Are you not a big fan of cats? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you just might be in need of a Mouse Nose this Halloween!This simple accessory makes for a clever and inexpensive costume idea, and it’s easy to use, too. Just strap it on with the elastic band, and voila! You’re a mouse. And who wouldn’t want to be? Mice are the “underdogs” of the rodent world, the heroes of every cartoon (“Tom & Jerry,” perhaps?), and most important of all, adorable!

    $2.99 Mouse Costumes
  • Police Officer Costume

    Police Officer Costume

    Here’s the thing: nobody ever seems to want our police costumes with oversize sleeves, but they never stop talking about the long arm of the law. And we aren’t ones to give up on a case, but we’re also not really police officers, detectives, or law enforcement of any kind. So we’re turning in our badges, so to speak, and we’re sticking with this traditional costume, which comes with a shirt that will only cover your biceps. Anything below the elbow is on you, rookie! And we don’t just mean that literally.Every inch of the other pieces stays true to the sleek, blue, all-business look associated with the men and women who serve and protect the American public. The pants are full-length, the hat has one of those super-cool visors, and the handcuffs are, well, plastic toy handcuffs. Frankly, it’s for the best. Because if this costume looked any more like the real thing, we couldn’t let you wear it until you’d graduated from the academy!All you’ll need to provide is footwear, because even though justice is blind and everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, each person still has a unique pair of feet. Plus, you may prefer the boots of a beat cop, whereas we’ll take any old pair of boogie shoes if it means we’ll get to spend more time patrolling the dance floor! And either way, there’s nothing wrong with adding a pair of aviators or a fake mustache.

    $39.99 Police Costumes
  • Sexy Blue Tuxedo Costume

    Sexy Blue Tuxedo Costume

    We often have a sort of office wide contest to determine what might ‘win.’ Most offices do it, of course, though our office pots get a little more creative. Last month, the ambition was to find out what lipstick and nail polish combination worked the best for the abominable snow monster. Turns out, we had major points of contention on that one. Who knew that the yeti was sorta like the arctic hare and looked significantly different based on season environment!? It’s pink sometimes! (The answer was still turquoise blue, by the way, even when pink to the total surprise of those of us who voted turquoise.)This debate was all about forming the perfect costumes to appease the career ambitions of children, make for the best wedding tuxedo, and also be the ideal color for a yeti’s lipstick. Now, the intention was to make three separate costumes, but we can understand where things went awry. The good news is that we managed to combine all those traits into a costume that knocks the boots off our feet!So you can now benefit from this Sexy Blue Tuxedo costume. Inspired from the joyous aspiration of leading a big top circus and breaking all gender barriers, this lovely blue jacket has long back tails and a brilliant finish that will keep all eyes on you. The sleeveless shirt has buttons and ruffles in front and blends perfectly into the pleated skirt. The bowtie and top hat each match the color scheme and has adjustable straps for easy wear around your neck while the hat has simple loops to connect to your hair with bobby pins. Finish the costume with some shining blue gogo boots and a matching cane. Team up with a cohort in one of the other available tuxedo skirt colors and you’ll have an epic show in no time.

    $69.99 Tuxedo Costumes
  • Marilyn Monroe Costume Dress

    Marilyn Monroe Costume Dress

    Even if you have never seen a movie in your life, you probably know who Marilyn Monroe is. And on top of that, we’d be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that if you have only ever seen one picture of this legendary Hollywood starlet, it’s the one of her in a white dress that’s being blown up by a passing subway train. It’s one of the most iconic images in movie history, otherwise we wouldn’t risk betting our precious doughnuts on it!However, you may not have known that this Marilyn Monroe Costume Dress makes one of the most iconic Halloween costumes of all time, too! It’s a simple yet stunning style that perfectly captures the essence of the Golden Age of Hollywood. It doesn’t just stop with looking like a world famous actress, either; there’s a certain magic that comes with dressing like Marilyn. This glamorous getup makes every car you step out of feel like a limousine, and every group photo and selfie you take seem like there are glittering flashbulbs going off all around you as you strut down the red carpet!Once you slip into this fabulous sleeveless halter dress, you’ll know exactly what we mean. You’ll definitely want to add a pair of sexy stiletto heels to help show off the new spring that will be in your step, and a glamorous blonde wig to complete this classic blonde bombshell look that will be remembered long after the party ends! Standing over subway grates or fans to make your skirt blow up is entirely optional, though.

    $19.99 Marilyn Monroe Costumes
  • Marilyn Monroe Costume Dress

    Marilyn Monroe Costume Dress

    Even if you have never seen a movie in your life, you probably know who Marilyn Monroe is. And on top of that, we’d be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that if you have only ever seen one picture of this legendary Hollywood starlet, it’s the one of her in a white dress that’s being blown up by a passing subway train. It’s one of the most iconic images in movie history, otherwise we wouldn’t risk betting our precious doughnuts on it!However, you may not have known that this Marilyn Monroe Costume Dress makes one of the most iconic Halloween costumes of all time, too! It’s a simple yet stunning style that perfectly captures the essence of the Golden Age of Hollywood. It doesn’t just stop with looking like a world famous actress, either; there’s a certain magic that comes with dressing like Marilyn. This glamorous getup makes every car you step out of feel like a limousine, and every group photo and selfie you take seem like there are glittering flashbulbs going off all around you as you strut down the red carpet!Once you slip into this fabulous sleeveless halter dress, you’ll know exactly what we mean. You’ll definitely want to add a pair of sexy stiletto heels to help show off the new spring that will be in your step, and a glamorous blonde wig to complete this classic blonde bombshell look that will be remembered long after the party ends! Standing over subway grates or fans to make your skirt blow up is entirely optional, though.

    $19.99 Marilyn Monroe Costumes
  • Feathered Native American Headdress

    Feathered Native American Headdress

    Need to complete your Native American with a little style and authenticity? Whether it’s for a costume party, a theatrical production, or a movie (and, if you are doing a movie, like… let us know which one, so we can totally watch it and try to spot you when it comes out!), you want something highly detailed and professional-looking to top off your wardrobe. That’s why this feathered Native American headdress is the accessory of choice for the consummate historical cosplayer!It’s got a lot of nuanced touches that make it the ideal finishing touch for your getup. That includes 14 feathers, two gold circles on either side of the headband, and embroidery that adds a touch of color to your costume… because it’s the little things people notice. Just pair the easy-to-wear feathered headdress with any of our costumes from the same historical period, and you’re good to go!

    $12.99 Native American Accessories
  • Medusa Wig

    Medusa Wig

    Nabbing a bunch of snakes to wear on your head might not be the wisest of ideas. We here at the offices understand that the materials to make an authentic costume or accessory aren’t always readily accessible. Right? I mean, if you have a dozen red-eyed snakes, a bunch of glue, and a cap to stick them onto, you can probably make this happen… But we won’t hold our breath. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t even if you do.No worries, though! We’ve got you covered with this Medusa Wig. The best part is you won’t have to worry about them biting! The second best thing? These synthetic red-and-black fibers, twisted into dreadlocks, are much more comfortable and much less slimy than the real thing. The third best thing? Everything else about it, of course.

    $19.99 Medusa Costumes
  • Adult Mr. Incredible Costume

    Adult Mr. Incredible Costume

    Mr. Incredible had to hang up the heroics due to some silly demand by the civilians and as a result decided to marry Elastigirl, start working at an insurance company, and have some little superhero children.But just like the saying that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink, you can ban a superhero from his duties and force him into a life of helping people dodge insurance obstacles, but you can’t make him stop trying to be a hero. His boss is a big jerk anyway and he’s just itching (even sneaking out) to get back into what he really loves. As soon as the opportunity comes he jumps right back into it and drags his family along with for the ride (some are a little more eager than others). Now he’s back in full action with his family there to help him! Hopefully this time they won’t run into any unintended consequences! With this Adult Mr. Incredible costume you can continue the legendary heroics of the great Pixar superhero and make it back just in time for dinner with the family and that track meet that Dash has on Saturday. The Mr. Incredible costume comes complete with muscle chest jumpsuit that has a Velcro closure in the back. Don‚Äôt forget about the black foam eye mask! Who will be the next foe you can take on? Will it be the Underminer? Maybe Syndrome will be back? Oh wait, he had a bit of a cape problem, didn’t he? Check out all the Incredibles costumes and pull together an entire superhero family this year and the neighborhood will be safe from all villainy! Always remember, though, NO CAPES!

    $59.99 Incredibles Costumes
  • DC Comics Wonder Woman Adult Costume

    DC Comics Wonder Woman Adult Costume

    With her cuffs of invincibility, her invisible plane, and her lasso of truth she’s the best crime-fighting woman in town. Wonder Woman, the great and glorious Amazon from Themiscyra, is the fearless and first female member of the Justice League.She’s taken on some of the toughest enemies on the planet and fought beside everyone from Batman to Superman. And not only does she have a long list of incredible superpowers, but she’s also a determined warrior and her years of training have made her a top-notch tactician and martial artist to boot. And have we even mentioned how fantastic her hair is no matter how many bad guys she’s beating up? Phew. This lady has really got it goin’ on. You can show off your own awesomeness and strength with this officially licensed Wonder Woman costume for women. When you’re rocking the iconic outfit, you’ll be the one in charge, and you’ll have the confidence and respect you deserve. We can’t help you with the superpowers‚Äîyet‚Äîbut we are currently exploring funding a search team to get to Themiscyra to get the lowdown. For now, we’ll just hook you up with the red, white, and blue dress that lets the villains and everyone else for that matter know that you’re the go-to superhero for any situation. We also have costumes for everyone else in the Justice League, too, so get a group of friends together for that for an epic group them. And may Hera guide you!

    $54.99 Wonder Woman Costumes
  • Auburn Supermodel Wig

    Auburn Supermodel Wig

    The glamorous lights. The exotic locations. The celebrity filled parties. The crippling exhaustion. That’s what we think of when we imagine what it’s like to be a supermodel. Seriously, after the strict diet and exercises they have to follow, the constant travel across the world, and the endless press coverage, we wouldn’t be surprised if it were easier to become an astronaut.Then again, that’s probably why we’ll never be supermodels (or astronauts) but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like a sexy queen of the fashion world by wearing this Auburn Supermodel Wig with your chicest costumes! This trendy, fiery hairdo is always ready to add supermodel style when you need it, whether you’re dressing up for the red carpet, or as a red hot secret agent or superhero. You can even wear it with a spacesuit costume to dress up as the first ever supermodel astronaut!

    $14.99 Wigs
  • Kids Pink Poodle Skirt

    Kids Pink Poodle Skirt

    Don’t you remember how much fun it was as a kid to coordinate costumes with your best gal pals?Recall, if you will: the weeks leading up to Halloween were full of long phone calls to your BFF, discussing at length who likes who and, eventually, a decision about what your group should all dress up as for Halloween. Now, your little lady is likely group texting instead of conferencing calling with friends, but she’s still bound to love the thrill of finding a classic costume that’s just perfect for her and her squad! Who is in that squad may very well change a hundred times between now and Halloween, of course, so just focus on your gal’s needs, which, thanks to this timeless Kids Pink Poodle Skirt, are minimal! All little Betty needs are some bobby socks and saddle shoes and a high-tied, swinging ponytail and she’s ready for the school costume parade! As she wanders the halls solo during the day, she’ll look and feel stellar, but as she convenes with her friends at in the lunchroom, she’ll be practically giddy with glee when she’s sees her group getup come to fruition.The sequin leash of this poodle skirt’s appliqued pooch adds just a hint of glitz to this timeless piece, while ballet-pink fleecy fabric will keep your kiddo feeling easy-going and comfy. Just add a black belt, white top, and the requisite retro footwear, and she’s all set to go in a classic costume that will look totally neato in all the pics she snaps throughout the day!

    $14.99 Poodle Skirts