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  • Adult Miss Private Eye Costume

    Adult Miss Private Eye Costume

    Have you been sleuthing around town? Maybe it’s time to take your amateur detective status to official by upgrading your look. And you know our suggestion is going to be by going in this Miss Private Eye costume! When you make this deluxe look a part of your sleuthing routine, you can rent yourself an office and start establishing yourself as a go-to investigator. We’re sure when word of mouth of your skills start to get around, you’re going to be cracking all kinds of cases and rolling in the dough!Even if you don’t aspire to become an actual detective, you can just pretend to be one with this detailed costume. It’s a exclusive, and it’s made by us, so you can rest assured that it has the quality materials and attention to details that our costume line is known for. Featuring a classic trench coat and skirt combination, it comes with the skirt, tie, and hat to complete the look. Add some detective accessories (sold separately) and you can become a member of your local police force or set up shop as a private eye. Whatever kind of adventure you uncover with this costume, we’re sure it’s going to end up being a story worth writing about!

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  • Gladiator General Maximus Helmet

    Gladiator General Maximus Helmet

    Some people put on a polo shirt and a name tag when they go to work. Other guys like Maximus Decimus Meridius, well, they put on a frightening armor and grab a sword. Yes, his line of work involves fighting against hordes of enemies in the ring and a polo shirt with a laminated name tag just doesn’t strike fear into blood-crazed foes. A mask that looks like iron death does though!Introducing this fully licensed General Maximus Helmet from the Ridley Scott film, Gladiator! The molded latex mask full recreates the one worn by Russell Crowe, complete with intimidating spikes on the top and pronounced facial features. It might not turn you into a master of arms, or a combat specialist, but it does make you look tough enough to take on a lion with your bare hands. You can pair it with any of our Gladiator costumes to get the best of your opponent inside the Colosseum.

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  • Girls Rodeo Cowgirl Costume

    Girls Rodeo Cowgirl Costume

    Is the Western life-style calling out to your little girl? Is she more interested in honing her target shooting skills with her rifle than she is playing video games on the computer? Is she more interested in learning how to rope and wrangle cattle than she is in texting on her smart phone? Does your girl look absolutely adorable in plaid? Well then, you may just have a little cowgirl on your hands and if that’s the case, then you’re going to need an outfit to match your little girl’s attitude!Well, being the costume experts that we are, we decided to make the perfect outfit for aspiring young cowgirls! This Rodeo Cowgirl costume has a country-western vibe that your girl is going to love! The costume comes with a gingham style shirt that makes her look ready to hop on a horse for a ride through the canyon. The faux suede skirt has fringe along the bottom, since no cowgirl outfit would be complete with a splash of fringe. A decorative foam belt fits around the race and omits the need to rush out an buy a belt buckle. The finishing touch to this look is the white cowgirl hat. With a curved brim, it’s just the thing your girl needs to keep the midday sun out of her eyes while she does some practice shooting.Now that’s she got the look, all you need to do is teach her how to shoot a rifle and how to ride a horse. Oh, and did we mention that we have some great adult horse costumes, so you can turn those games of bucking bronco into legit training for a real rodeo show? We’re just saying…

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  • Toddler Grey Bunny Costume

    Toddler Grey Bunny Costume

    Hop hop hop! There goes the bunny! You do have a li’l bunny in your posse, right? Whether it’s Halloween night or Easter morning, there’s no better animal to have around than a cute fluffy rabbit, so make sure you have one in your family by getting your toddler this exclusive grey bunny costume!This costume is made and designed right here at And let us tell ya, we know a thing or two about wasckly wabbits! A plush faux fur jumpsuit will transform any little one into a carrot munching hippity hopper. The polyester fleece fur will have them ready to snuggle up with, and the headpiece features large rabbit ears and it secures around the neck with a Velcro attachment. You can bet that when you see those ears perk up, that they’re going to be ready to go on the hunt for candy and eggs with this adorable costume to help!In sizes 2T and 4T, we have the fit that will turn your little one into a famed rabbit. Just suit your toddler up in this exclusive costume to have them play the part of the slick grey bunny, and give them a prop carrot to complete their character look. Now, whether they want to hunt after candy or just get into mischief, well, that will be up to them!

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  • Ghost Fighting Boots

    Ghost Fighting Boots

    When you’re out on the streets of New York City fighting ghosts, you need to be prepared for any situation. One minute you might be battling a ghost on top of a theater, and the next you’re trudging through ectoplasm in the subway station. So it’s safe to say that you’re going to need the right footwear!So, naturally we recommend upgrading your ghost fighting gear with this Ghost Fighting boot set. With firefighter style snap up sides, you can wear them buttoned up for on the clock ghost punching, or roll them down for a cool casual look. When you team up with your friends to save the city, you just know that you are going to want to look your best while you’re at it. (Because we’re pretty sure sure those clips are going to end up on YouTube!)These exclusive costume boots are made and designed by us right here at WIth a signature orange safety stripe and snap button sides, these boots are sure to be the perfect complement to your subway worker coveralls. Pair them together, maybe grab a little bit of high tech ghost fighting gear, and team up with your best gal-pals to hit the streets. We’re positive that you’ll be making sure those ghosts aren’t going to be ruining anyone’s day in your city!

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  • Men's Plus Size 70s Costume

    Men’s Plus Size 70s Costume

    Are you ready to bust out of the basement and start living that 70s life? We can get you a leg up on some of the hottest fashion of the day when you wear this exclusive men’s 70s costume. With a gaudy sweater vest, wide collared mustard shirt, and bell bottoms that really stand out, you’re going to have the style that appeals to all of the ladies (or at least the redhead across the street). Whether you’re on the prowl or hangin’ with the gang, with this look we’re sure you’ll be ready to load up your station wagon and cruise to some of your favorite songs!Stand out and make yourself a part of that legendary hang crew when you wear this exclusive look. Just imagine some of the fun adventures that will await you in this look. Climbing to the top of the water tower. Baking special brownies. Throwing a party at an abandoned house. You might even say that it’s the same old thing, that you did last week! Whatever kind of adventure you have, you’re going to feel like time travel is possible in this throwback look. Because this men’s Plus Size 70’s costume is sure to make you feel like you’ve arrived in another era!

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  • Plus Size Knee Length Red Riding Hood Costume

    Plus Size Knee Length Red Riding Hood Costume

    Are you ready for Red Riding Hood Con? It might not have the prestige of some comic conventions or gaming expos, but let us assure you, Red Riding Hood enthusiasts take their passion very seriously. And we do too, so that’s why we designed this plus size Red Riding Hood costume for women. It has the classic style that will let you become the fairy tale character, and the attention to detail that will have you looking like a world class costumer!We’re sure the big bad wolves will appreciate the old world style of the dress ensemble when you show up on the con floor. If you’ve got a basket full of baked goods for grandma you can stroll around and talk some trash to those wolves. This exclusive costume is made right here at, and in sizes 1X to 4X, we’re sure to have just the right fit for you.This dress costume brings classic style of the fairytale into the real world with a touch of extra flair. The elegant dress looks like a 3 piece ensemble, and has all of the touches to turn you into storybook character. The dress top has a white off the shoulder blouse appearance, accented with red trim and an attached black tie strap corset. The gorgeous red gingham skirt is accented with an eyelet hem and black ribbons. Finish the look with the attached satin hooded red cape, and you’ll be ready to hit the floor or take a stroll through the woods. When you’ve got this fantastic plus size look, we’re sure you’ll feel confident in letting those naughty wolves know that you mean business. Let’s put on a new spin on a classic tale by getting you in this costume for your next event!

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  • Child Halo Red Spartan Muscle Chest Costume

    Child Halo Red Spartan Muscle Chest Costume

    We may have defeated all of the Halo rings, and Master Chief even took down the Forerunners, but there is still danger out there in the vast universe. There is still darkness lurking in the far reaches of outer space that we humans have only been able to fathom until now.It’s time to see the return of the Spartans. A new age of young men and women moving out to take on the monsters, intelligent or lacking, who threaten to wipe us off the slate of this dimension. We need more heroes as powerful as the likes of John 117. The only problem with that is you can’t just jump right into that 800 pound suit. John started his training when he was barely in school and that’s what his entire life was. He would train all day, every day and then sleep whenever he’s not. There isn’t too much time for actually being a kid, and for us adults, it’s a little too late to become as powerful as any spartan.This might be a little more difficult than we anticipated… We might have a bit of a solution.We could send out great videos of the old Spartans beating the tar out of everyone in his path so that everyone across the universe are scared out of their alien pants of anybody resembling a Spartan. Then we dress up our children in these sweet red muscle chest costumes. Aliens will assume that all we do with our children is train them to be incredible armored warriors. They’ll then quickly realize we’re not worth the fight, then immediately turn their ship around. You’re welcome for our simple, but effective solution.

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  • Womens Voodoo Seductress Costume

    Womens Voodoo Seductress Costume

    Have you been talking that voodoo? We don’t care if you want to come to the big party as a high witch of the bayou, but if you start casting curses on the partygoers, there might just be some blowback. Let’s dial things down a notch and just get you a premium Voodoo look by outfitting you with this signature costume. With a costume this good, you won’t even need all the dangerous spells backing you up!Featuring a wild and exotic themed print, this jumpsuit costume will transform you into a voodoo practitioner who knows a thing or two about indulging her wild side. An elaborate waist cincher has a wild leopard and zebra print motif, and has an attached raffia straw apron for an exotic touch. The flesh toned jumpsuit features a motif that looks like body paint. Just top the look off with the soft sculpted bone, feather, and raffia headpiece, and you’ll be ready to rule the party scene.You can team up with one of our Voodoo doll costumes for a wicked couple’s combination, or just prey on the unsuspecting at your big Halloween get-together. However you envision your night of fun, with this fantastic look, you’ll be able to reign over your next costume party as the bringer of good and evil with this women’s Voodoo Seductress costume.

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  • Child Deluxe Wicket/Ewok Costume

    Child Deluxe Wicket/Ewok Costume

    We have a little saying around the office. WWWD for short, it’s kind of a mantra for life, but it’s also a problem solving solution for all of life’s difficult situations. Simply put, when a question is posed to you and you don’t have an immediate answer, just ask yourself—what would Wicket do?Sure, 9 times out of 10 the answer is to build a swinging log trap, but AT-ST attacks aside, we think the famed Ewok from Star Wars really had his stuff together. He just had a zen approach to life… and that can really translate to daily lessons for success right here on earth. Just think about what a sweet lifestyle he had—hanging out in his Ewok Tree Village chilling with his family and friends, all the livelong day. We’re totally sure things were pretty boss on the Forest Moon of Endor before the Empire showed up and made a mess of everything.So, if you’re searching for the perfect Star Wars costume for your little one, just think about what Wicket would do. Obviously, he’d want you to choose this deluxe Ewok costume styled after his signature look! It’s officially licensed, and made of soft polyester faux fur. It’s easy to put on and take off, and secures with a Velcro closure in the back. Simply put the faux suede hood on to complete the Endor look, and your little guy or gal will instantly feel like they’ve been transported to a galaxy far, far away. And we’re sure that’s exactly what Wicket W. Warrick would want you to do! 

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  • Authentic Supreme Edition Chewbacca Mask

    Authentic Supreme Edition Chewbacca Mask

    There are plenty of ways to show off your Star Wars fandom. You can make all your friends and coworkers refer to you as “Red Leader” whenever they talk to you. Or, maybe you could start speaking exclusively in Jawa, and spend your days collecting and selling scrap parts. But if you’re really hardcore, you’ve gotta break out the costumes. Dressing up as your favorite character can be a tricky prospect, though, if Chewbacca is your character of choice. Walking around in a full bodysuit of long, warm fur doesn’t always set things up for a great time (especially when you have to brush and shampoo it). Luckily, Chewie fans can simply wear this Supreme Edition Chewbacca Mask, and you can comfortably look like your favorite charming Wookie copilot. It features all the fur and teeth you’d expect from this big fuzzball, and has adjustable padding on the inside for better fitting. There are also large eye openings to see through, but if you’re a true Chewie fan, you should also be able to replace a negative power coupling, blindfolded!

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  • Horror Teady Bear Costume

    Horror Teady Bear Costume

    Are you looking for the scariest playtime experience that you’ll ever have? Well kiddo, what you’re searching for isn’t in your toy chest…Usually when you’re scared, you grab your teddy bear because the soft plush toy is comforting and sweet…usually. This teddy bear is not your typical stuffed animal, in fact it’s very different. He doesn’t want your hugs, your kisses, or any affection whatsoever. This bizarre bear wants to scare people and he’s hoping that you’ll be his partner in crime. What kind of activities will you and your evil bear buddy get into? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see! Better yet, dress up in this horror teddy bear costume and let the nefarious shenanigans ensue…we bet it will be the stuff that nightmares are made of.Little ones who prefer the paranormal over playing with plush toys will love dressing in this horror teddy bear costume. It’s a unique costume which consists of a soft jumpsuit which has a metal skeleton design on front. The plush headpiece is what really sets this costume a part from regular teddy bear costumes. The soft mask features a bowtie and a top hat making him appear like a dapper evil plaything. There are holes in the mask so kids can see out easily.You’ll love watching your child trying to be scary when he’s dressed as a horrifying teddy bear!

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  • Adult Dark Nun Costume

    Adult Dark Nun Costume

    Well, go ahead and tell this nun all your sins. She loves to hear about evil things!You know the nuns at church who lead you in prayer and give you communion every Sunday? Yeah, this nun is a little different from the ones that you’re familiar with. She’s a Sister of Satan, so she’s more partial to committing evil acts than being a religious member of the community. She denounced taking vows of obedience and instead, she swore to live a life of pure decadence, hence why she’s wearing a latex outfit and a gas mask. In fact, this sinful Sister has her own way of making you beg for mercy. We’ll give you a hint; it has to do with horrifying you until you promise to live a blasphemous life, filled with ungodly actions and sacrilegious behavior. She’ll turn you into a daughter of darkness so you will become a haunting religious leader very shortly. Don’t worry, we’ll pray for you.This dark nun costume will transform you into a demonic nun that will easily strike fear into the hearts of many. The knee-length dress is stylized like a nun’s habit, complete with a rosary belt and a cross on the chest, except the wet-look of the garment gives it a spooky vibe that sets it a part from other religious costumes. The veil matches the dress and the gas mask is the final frightening touch to complete this sinister sister costume. After everyone sees you as an evil nun, they will start praying that you don’t torment their dreams forever!

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  • Adult Cowgirl Chaps Plus Size Costume

    Adult Cowgirl Chaps Plus Size Costume

    Git along little dogies! Are you ready to rule the ranch? You’ve got your ticket out west, and sure, you could just hop off that train and hitch a ride to the corral in the hopes that they’ll have all the cowgirl gear you need to get started as a cowpoke. Or you could come prepared and show in up in the western garb that will have you feeling like the experienced ranch hand who knows a thing or two about wrangling. Yeah, we’d recommend showing up prepared and rarin’ to go!If you’re planning a trip to the ranch (or just a Halloween saunter with a six shooter and a lasso at your side) you’d be wise if you were inclined to choose this Cowgirl Chaps plus size costume as your ensemble. A Western style shirt has brown piping accents and looks perfect under the cowhide patterned vest. Faux leather fringed chaps fit over your favorite pair of jeans, and costume belt and buckle make you look ready to grab your favorite horse and get to work. Wear the bandana as desired, and top off the look with the felt hat, and you’ll feel ready to be the best darn wrangler this side of the Rockies!The best part of this exclusive look is that it’s made and designed right here by our costume crafters at So it has the attention to detail that matters and you’re only going to find it right here! Whether you’ve got a Western theme group or have just always been looking to live out your wild west fantasy, this detailed costume will give you the cred to become a top cowgirl. In sizes 2X and 3X, we’re sure to have a plus size fit that will get you to work. Just remember to bring that lasso along!

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  • Grease Gym Danny Costume

    Grease Gym Danny Costume

    Our exclusive Grease costume is a great way for men to be an unconventional version of Danny Zuko. Usually, Danny Zuko costumes consist of a leather jacket and a pair of tight jeans, but this particular look depicts Danny when he’s attempting to be preppy. The red t-shirt reads “Rydell High School” on front in white ink while the elastic waistband shorts have a red stripe down the side. This is very much a classic vintage gym uniform from the 1950s, but once you put on the bobby socks and the wig (both not included) then you’ll look and feel athletic and hopefully you’ll win the affection of your sweetheart, Sandy. Who knows, maybe, just maybe, she’ll even say “yes” to going to the prom with you!

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  • Adult Sweet Santa Costume

    Adult Sweet Santa Costume

    Face it, Christmastime is in a rut. And it’s time to shake things up. So this year let’s ditch the tried and true ol’ Saint Nick in favor of some gender equity. Because it’s the 21st century, and out is the rotund white bearded gentleman, and in is a Santa with curves. Are you ready to become the first female Santa Claus?We don’t think it will be all that hard to step into Santa’s shoes. You’re just going to make sure you have the right look, and this Sweet Santa costume is sure to be just the right style. With a cut tailored for women, all you’ll have to do is book a ticket to the North Pole and learn how to mush some reindeer!This exclusive costume is styled and designed right here at And you can rest assured that we’re not just experts on all things Halloween… we’re also all about the Season with a Reason! This classic costume features the jacket and pants combination that we all know so well. Polyester crushed velvet is accented with white faux fur trim, and will have you feeling like you’re wearing a North Pole look that is elf bespoke. Accent the look with the included traditional vinyl belt and boot tops, and classic puff ball long cap. With this ensemble, you’re sure to be welcome at any seasonal get-together, and whether you have a sack full of presents or are just showing up with a smile in search of cookies and milk… we’re sure that you’ll be able to put a modern spin on Kris Kringle!

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  • Adult Sweet Santa Costume

    Adult Sweet Santa Costume

    Face it, Christmastime is in a rut. And it’s time to shake things up. So this year let’s ditch the tried and true ol’ Saint Nick in favor of some gender equity. Because it’s the 21st century, and out is the rotund white bearded gentleman, and in is a Santa with curves. Are you ready to become the first female Santa Claus?We don’t think it will be all that hard to step into Santa’s shoes. You’re just going to make sure you have the right look, and this Sweet Santa costume is sure to be just the right style. With a cut tailored for women, all you’ll have to do is book a ticket to the North Pole and learn how to mush some reindeer!This exclusive costume is styled and designed right here at And you can rest assured that we’re not just experts on all things Halloween… we’re also all about the Season with a Reason! This classic costume features the jacket and pants combination that we all know so well. Polyester crushed velvet is accented with white faux fur trim, and will have you feeling like you’re wearing a North Pole look that is elf bespoke. Accent the look with the included traditional vinyl belt and boot tops, and classic puff ball long cap. With this ensemble, you’re sure to be welcome at any seasonal get-together, and whether you have a sack full of presents or are just showing up with a smile in search of cookies and milk… we’re sure that you’ll be able to put a modern spin on Kris Kringle!

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  • Women's Plus Size Dark Viking Dress Costume

    Women’s Plus Size Dark Viking Dress Costume

    Are you ready to rule the night with your horde of Vikings? A night raid is a surefire way to make sure that your reiving is successful, so make sure that you are equipped to lead your warriors with this exclusive Viking dress. When you head into battle, we’re sure that your brothers and sisters of the north will capture all of the spoils of war under your leadership. And that’s going to make life so luxurious for you that all you’ll have to do is kick back and enjoy that good Viking life!This costume has all of the gorgeous details that we would expect to find in a Viking queen’s daily wear. The elegant velvet gown features brocade trim that accents the hemline, neck, and forms an authentic looking wrap down the contrasting sleeves. Intricately detailed necklaces are included to provide a touch of royal elegance. A stunning red sash ties as desired to complement the deep black body of the dress, and a faux fur shawl to top it all off firmly establishes your place at the top of the Norse hierarchy. With this stunning ensemble, you too can become a dark warrior queen of the night. Made and designed by us, this plus size costume comes in sizes 1X-3X, so you can find a fit that will let you lead your group. Just pick up this exclusive look, and be ready to lead your party on one heckuva exciting voyage!

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  • Women's Dark Viking Dress Costume

    Women’s Dark Viking Dress Costume

    Are you ready to rule the Viking horde? The men have had the run of things for long enough, so we think it’s time for a shieldmaiden to break the ranks, challenge the king, and finally grab the top spot in the Viking hierarchy. There’s no saying what could happen when you’re in charge, but first things first… we’re going to have to upgrade your look! Since your battle garb isn’t quite going to cut it when you’re challenging for the throne, let us suggest trying out this Dark Viking Dress for your future reign!This elegant full length dress will have you standing out whether you’re running the kingdom or setting sail across the sea to plunder and raid. The fur shawl is sure to let everyone know that you still know how to kick butt, but with elegant brocade trim, nordic inspired jewelry, and a stunning red sash to finish off the ensemble, we won’t blame you if you just want to sit back in the lap of luxury and let the berserkers and shieldmaidens do all of the dirty work for you.This exclusive dress is made and designed right here by us, and if we may say so, it’s a pretty good way to fulfill any Viking dreams you may have. Whether you’re planning a historical reenactment or just want to be one of your favorite historical characters, this costume will have you ready to rule the great hall… with a huge party!

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  • Ninjago Lego Hands

    Ninjago Lego Hands

    Have you ever looked at your own hand? It’s a really complex appendage with 27 bones and muscles and all sorts of anatomical stuff that we’ll never even begin to understand. Sometimes, we just wish we could have Lego hands. Remember? Those little horseshoe shaped hands that could grab on to all sorts of Lego tools, like pirate swords, knight swords and well, mostly our Lego figures were holding swords, but we hear that you could put other stuff in their hands. We thought that dream might never be a reality…until now.These Ninjago Lego Hands comes straight from the Masters of Spinjitzu series (which is totally about ninjas), so they give you that perfect Lego hand style that allows you to pick up giant Lego accessories with ease. Pair it with one of our licensed Ninjago costumes and you’ll be ready to study under Sensei Wu to unlock your true potential.

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  • Kids Magic Wizard Costume

    Kids Magic Wizard Costume

    So, your little one has decided they want to be a wizard when they grow up, have they? It’s not an easy life, but it’s never boring! They’ll definitely need to get their hands on one of these stellar looking Magic Wizard Costumes to get into the magical mood. Don’t get us wrong, your little wizard-in training is going to need tons of practice to sharpen their wizardly skills. But looking like a real wizard is just as important, and everyone knows that some of the best wizards wear sparkly robes, with moon and star symbols covering them to help focus their mystical powers, and to help them look really cool! They also need to wear their robes while practicing so they know how to cast spells properly in long, flapping sleeves, since style and flourish is half of magic. The other half is a closely guarded secret (we hope it has something to do with eating a big, delicious breakfast), but we bet your little spell-caster will crack the code in no time. The best part of this wizard costume is that it’ll give them a fun, magical look whether they’re practicing their spells, putting on a showcase for their friends and family, or going on a fantastic adventure. The roomy, mystically colored robe and matching cone shaped hat feature sparkly edges and satin accents, which makes them look like quite the powerful wizard as they practice their incantations. Before you know it, they’ll be conjuring hexes, charms, and spells like a seasoned magical pro!

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  • Women's Plus Size Day of the Dead Costume

    Women’s Plus Size Day of the Dead Costume

    If you’re trying to look both classy and scary this Halloween there are a few routes you can go. You could go with the popular seductive vampiress costumes or the less popular zombie princess… even with a tiara and a shiny dress, rotting skin and bits of brain stuck between teeth is quite terrifying. However, we would suggest you get your hands on this Women’s Day of the Dead Costume!This blood-red faux suede and satin dress has more class than most know what to do with! Worry not, though, we’re positive you’re up for the challenge! With a sugar skull makeover, this costume is just as frightening as it is formal, the perfect combination of spooky and sweet. You’ll look like a menacing messenger from a supernatural realm that is walking the earth solely to pass the messages of the dead onto the living. The decorative roses placed at the neckline, along the pannier, and on each sleeve accent the shades of red on the dress and make for a hauntingly beautiful nightmare! However, it is the majestic headpiece that makes this Day of the Dead Costume complete. The crown of roses and the black lace veil adds a hint of mystery that will grab everyone’s attention. This sinister and charming look will make you the life of any party, whether you celebrate Halloween for a night or take part in the three-day celebration of Dia de Los Muertos.For however long you decide to commemorate the dead with this costume make sure to uphold the traditions of the Mexican holiday. Focus on the friends and the family you have in your life and those that have moved on to their spiritual journey. Honor the dead by living life to the fullest this Halloween with this Day of the Dead Costume!

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  • Women's Day of the Dead Costume

    Women’s Day of the Dead Costume

    When your friends and family are thinking about you, do you want them to feel all gloomy and bummed out? We didn’t think so! The same goes for ghosts, who want us to be happy and have fun when we celebrate them. You’ll be the life of the party when you show up in our exclusive Women’s Day of the Dead Costume! Every year when November rolls around, Latin American communities kick off Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, to honor the spirits of the deceased by living life to the fullest. There is food, drink, music, and enough loudly colored decorations and costumes to wake the dead, which is the whole point! And since the guests of honor are the spirits themselves, there are deathly motifs worked into all of the decorations. Skulls and bones can be found everywhere, from the macabre makeup and outfits, to the dazzlingly delicious sugar skulls. And when it’s all over, the souls go back to resting until it’s time to do it all again the next November. Of course, those of us who are still living don’t get to sleep for a year after the party ends like the dead do (someone’s gotta pay those bills, after all), but you can still have tons of spooky fun dressing like them! We’ve designed this glamorously gothic dress to look both elegant and haunting, and the matching lacy headpiece matches the rose and lace accents on the gown. Add your own skull makeup for a truly otherworldly look, and pair up with someone wearing our Men’s Day of the Dead costume to celebrate in style!

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  • Paw Patrol Everest Costume

    Paw Patrol Everest Costume

    Ruff ruff! Is your girl ready to join the Paw Patrol team? We can get her a prime spot in the top doggie rescue crew when she has this Everest dress costume! With this look, she’ll be able to transform into the super cool Siberian Husky who’s ready to help the Paw Patrol team. With your girl ready to clear mountaintop roads from snow and chip in with her handy grappling hook, the Nickelodeon team will be ready to save the day!This officially licensed costume is based on the hit television cartoon, and this costume brings character Everest’s on-screen look into the real world. Her signature teal vest with fur trim will look perfect on your little one, and the elegant mesh skirt matches the grey-lavender fur of this famous pup. Complete with a fur trimmed hat with husky ears, and an action pack that will make her feel like she’s a real member of the team, this costume look is sure to inspire some amazing play time with a whole bunch of pretend belly-bogganing! Coordinate her costume with her friends or siblings by choosing from our selection of Nickelodeon costumes, and you’ll be able to assemble the entire Paw Patrol team right in your home!

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  • Ace Ventura Costume with Wig

    Ace Ventura Costume with Wig

    What do laces on a football, a dolphin, a Super Bowl ring, and a crazy pet detective all have in common? Ace Ventura – that‚Äôs what! This kooky pet detective is an iconic character that you‚Äôd have a hard time forgetting, no matter how hard you try!All-righty then! This Ace Ventura Costume with Wig is pretty eccentric, so you better have the wacky personality to back it up. Start rehearsing your Jim Carrey facial expressions in the mirror because contorting your face is going to take major practice. Plus, you don’t want to look like a ‘loo-hoo-ser-her” at the party so let the Jim Carrey rehearsals begin. Chances are, there’s not a kidnapped Bottlenose Dolphin to be found, but there’s always a neighborhood dog missing! Find Fido…pronto!This costumes contains everything you need to get the party started as this iconic character. The Ace Ventura look starts with the eccentric button down shirt. The shirt also has a pocket on the front left side. The pants have an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit, but it also has three belt loops to house the faux leather belt with gold buckle. You won‚Äôt have to go to a hair stylist this Halloween because this costume comes with a synthetic brown wig that‚Äôs styled just like Ace Ventura‚Äôs hair in the hilarious movie. Add a fun toy parrot and you‚Äôll be ready for a night on the town and crime solving – just beware of any ex-football players who may be out to get you!

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  • Adult White Furry Boot Covers

    Adult White Furry Boot Covers

    Add a bit of white fur to any costume with this Adult White Furry Boot Covers. They work wonders for a sexy polar bear or sultry unicorn costume. That’s a thing, right? If we’ve learned one thing at, it’s that if someone wants a costume of something, someone else wants a skimpy version. These Women’s White Furry Boot Covers are perfect for an ice queen, princess, or witch, a polar go-go dancer, or a blonde who hasn’t shaved her legs in many moons. Okay, maybe they run more to the albino side than blonde. Dress to impress with a pair of furry leg warmers!Some people use boot covers to keep their dirty boots from tracking anything inside, but with openings at the bottom, these Women’s White Furry Boot Covers have no such practical applications. They’re purely fashionable!

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  • Men's King Slayer Wig

    Men’s King Slayer Wig

    Haters are gonna hate, and kings? Well, kings are probably going to be haters. It’s not enough that they get to rule… the power usually goes to their heads, and well, once your monarch stops acting in the best interest of the people, it might just be time to get rid of him outright.And that’s why we recommend using this exclusive wig to turn yourself into a legendary King Slayer. Complete your costume look with one of our detailed medieval costumes and be sure to pick up a trusty sword. Then you’ll be able to properly dispose of any ruler who has gone mad, gotten drunk with power, or just wants to burn his castle to the ground. We’re sure that after you do your deed, you’ll be able to install a king who will finally act in the best interest of the people… or at least you’ll be able to get someone from your own bloodline onto the throne. Yeah, we’re sure everything is going to work out just fine and dandy when you wear this men’s King Slayer wig as a part of your renaissance themed costume!

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  • Blades of Glory Jimmy Wig

    Blades of Glory Jimmy Wig

    He is a child of privilege. A classic skater definedby elegance, precisionand an ability to endure great pain.Are you ready to take the pairs figure skating world by storm? You might have been permanently banned from singles competition, but there’s not a darn thing stopping you from teaming up with your one-time enemy to compete in the World Winter Sports Games. Well, unless you don’t have your signature Jimmy curl anymore…Any male figure skater worth his blade sharpener is sure to have long locks of hair, because when you’re wearing a spandex figure skating suit, it just wouldn’t look quite right without perfectly groomed man-locks. So, if your own hair isn’t quite long enough or the right color to get the Jimmy curl, don’t fret when you go as Jimmy MacElroy. Just add this Blades of Glory wig to your authentic costume! It’s officially licensed, and has the signature styling of the skating wunderkind. And you’re only going to find it right here at!

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  • Kids Neon Dreadlock Wig

    Kids Neon Dreadlock Wig

    The undead usually don’t take the time to perfect their style before they rise to take over the earth. Because when they get reanimated, they’re usually all about finding some fresh brains, and taking the time to have a signature style isn’t necessarily at the top of their list.But fortunately, your child isn’t just set on becoming an undead ghoul, she also wants to have a funky look for her big costume party. Cause priorities, yo! She knows that she wants to party first, and that there will always be time later to terrorize the living and to try and find some brains to eat later. Fortunately, this Neon Dreadlock wig for kids will give any girl the fresh style to complement her costume!Designed to complete our Purple and Green Skelton Girl costume, this vibrant wig also works with a variety of other party looks or your own DIY costume creation. With purple and green dreadlocks in pigtails, it’s a fun way to add some bold style to her costume without any of the muss and fuss of temporary hair coloring. This wig is a exclusive, and it’s ready to turn any child’s costume into a unique creation!

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  • Child Flapper Wig

    Child Flapper Wig

    So, you’ve finally decided on the perfect flapper costume for your little girl, but what are you planning to do for hairstyles? We did a study and it turns out that 9 out of 10 little girls are a ball of energy and don’t want to stand still for longer than they have to, which makes styling their hair into that perfect bob cut nearly impossible. No worries. It’s a problem we’ve tackled with many a times, which is why we decided to make a nice little shortcut to that process, this flapper wig for kids!This exclusive Child Flapper Wig is made of synthetic black hair styled into a classic, ’20s style bob cut. It fits with an elastic mesh cap that slips on and off with immense ease! Just pair it with any of our girls’ flapper costumes and she’ll be ready to join your retro party with classy hair from the era.

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