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  • Corset Lace Cat Mask

    Corset Lace Cat Mask

    In case you haven’t noticed (or been on the internet for the past couple decades), cats are totally in right now. People are posting pictures and videos of cuddly kitty cats lying under a bunch of pillows, hiding in silly places, or being bothered by other kitties, and it’s just a feline free-for-all out there! But did you know that not all cats are so cuddly? Some of them can be pretty devious, while others can be downright ferocious, which makes for some sassy costume ideas.There are as many types of cat costumes out there as there are types of cats, which is a lot. If your kitty themed outfit needs a little more allure, this Corset Cat Mask will make the “puurfect” addition. The hood-style mask is made of stitched faux leather, and can be adjusted with corset-style lacing in the back. It features matching cat ears on the top, to give your slinky costume a feline touch. Since cats are so popular right now, this mask is practically guaranteed to be a hit!

    $14.99 Catwoman Costumes
  • Black Knee High Stockings

    Black Knee High Stockings

    They’re knee high socks! They’re black! Perfect for Catholic schoolgirl costumes, naughty nuns, and a staple of every good goth fashionista’s sock drawer, these Black Knee High Stockings will give you a leg up on the competition.What’s a cake without frosting? If you’re the cake, these Black Knee High Stockings are like the frosting––they’ll just make you look even tastier. Yuck. Sorry. Sometimes you’re staring at a pair of legs in black stockings and something just slips out! We feel dirty now. How did something intended to keep girls modest become such a signifier for… well, naughtiness, and not the kind you get detention for? It must be the allure of the forbidden fruit––nothing like an association with purity to draw the mind in the other direction, or something. Make eyes and minds wander with these Black Knee High Stockings.

    $1.99 School Girl Costumes
  • Girls Red 50s Sweetheart Costume

    Girls Red 50s Sweetheart Costume

    The 50s always seem like a more wholesome, innocent time. It seems as though people were more connected and had more clean fun with their friends.Sock hop sweethearts aren’t as common as they once were, but we think your little girl can bring it back! Just have her show up to the dance wearing an adorable poodle skirt costume like this and the 50s might just start coming back. The 1950s, that is. The 1850s totally weren’t as cool as the 1950s.This cute retro girl’s costume comes with everything your little one needs to travel back in time this Halloween. The 100% polyester knit dress has a black bodice with red trim and white decorative buttons on the front. The attached red skirt has an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit and it also has a printed poodle design with a sequin leash to add a little modern bling to the look. Also included is a black petticoat with polka dot trim. The petticoat also has an elastic waistband. The details are what really set this costume apart from the other 50s costumes out there. The faux leather belt has a plastic buckle and an adjustable Velcro strap. The black scarf has white polka dots and a Velcro fastener to keep it in place all night long. Top it off with the white foam monogram letters with adhesive to give it a personal touch. Add a pair of bobby socks and saddle shoes for a complete look!

    $29.99 Kids 50's Costumes
  • Pink Eyelashes

    Pink Eyelashes

    Have you tried everything to make your eyes pop but have not been satisfied at all with the results? Maybe it’s time to take extreme measures. Like so extreme that would make your friends say “Holy goodness gracious dear! Where do you get those!?” But also not quite extreme enough to super glue anything onto your face or do plastic surgery to gain super eyelash follicles. So just a tad extreme. We aren’t too crazy. But our costumes can be! Rock these sweet Pink Eyelashes and you’ll have people be asking “Are those real or fake?” Okay everybody’s probably going to know that they aren’t quite your natural color but they will all be very drawn to your eyes when you put these on. This will go with a ton of costumes as long as those costumes are bold, bright, and colorful!

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  • Child Green Man Skin Suit

    Child Green Man Skin Suit

    Every Halloween, you know you’re going to see a cat, and a self-referencing play on words, and a politician, and a monster. You’re going to see whatever big trend was on the news, and whatever character stood out in the latest blockbuster. You’re going to see superheroes and supervillains, pirates and gangsters. You’re going to see the same costumes you’ve seen for years.You’re not going to let your little one contribute to this mundane mediocrity! By George, you’re going to come up with a spectacularly original costume, one that no one has ever seen before. Maybe you’ll create a painfully detailed, stunning accurate 16th-century Templar knight, complete with hand-crafted chainmail. Or a wolf-man costume covered in real yak hair, just like they used in the old movies. Or a mermaid with real scales. Or maybe, originality (and time and money) can be saved by simply shelling out for this Child Green Man Skin Suit. Now your child can successfully blend in with the lawn, or some bushes, or a grassy knoll—instead of blending in with other costumers!

    $24.99 Zentai Suits
  • Sexy Blue Tuxedo Costume

    Sexy Blue Tuxedo Costume

    We often have a sort of office wide contest to determine what might ‘win.’ Most offices do it, of course, though our office pots get a little more creative. Last month, the ambition was to find out what lipstick and nail polish combination worked the best for the abominable snow monster. Turns out, we had major points of contention on that one. Who knew that the yeti was sorta like the arctic hare and looked significantly different based on season environment!? It’s pink sometimes! (The answer was still turquoise blue, by the way, even when pink to the total surprise of those of us who voted turquoise.)This debate was all about forming the perfect costumes to appease the career ambitions of children, make for the best wedding tuxedo, and also be the ideal color for a yeti’s lipstick. Now, the intention was to make three separate costumes, but we can understand where things went awry. The good news is that we managed to combine all those traits into a costume that knocks the boots off our feet!So you can now benefit from this Sexy Blue Tuxedo costume. Inspired from the joyous aspiration of leading a big top circus and breaking all gender barriers, this lovely blue jacket has long back tails and a brilliant finish that will keep all eyes on you. The sleeveless shirt has buttons and ruffles in front and blends perfectly into the pleated skirt. The bowtie and top hat each match the color scheme and has adjustable straps for easy wear around your neck while the hat has simple loops to connect to your hair with bobby pins. Finish the costume with some shining blue gogo boots and a matching cane. Team up with a cohort in one of the other available tuxedo skirt colors and you’ll have an epic show in no time.

    $69.99 Tuxedo Costumes
  • Non Piercing Body Jewelry

    Non Piercing Body Jewelry

    Dressing as a punk rocker, biker chick/dude, or really anything that’s a little, well, outside of the ordinary? We guess it’s time to head off to the tattoo parlor and get some extra piercings then. You’ll need a few extra on your ears, at least one of those nostrils pierces, and probably an eyebrow or two as well. You ready to go? No? It’s just for Halloween so it’s not worth the money or pain? Well apparently you aren’t as dedicated as we though! Oh yeah we suppose we wouldn’t even go that all in for a single costume. (Most likely because we love changing to different costumes!) To make it a little easier on your body and your budget here is some sweet looking Non Piercing Jewelry. This is great for your next costume that requires just a little more of an edge than you already have.

    $3.99 Gothic Costumes
  • Adult Cutthroat Pirate Costume

    Adult Cutthroat Pirate Costume

    When you were five-years-old I bet ‚Äòpirate‚Äô was on the top of your list for what you wanted to be when you grew up. As you grew up chances are you realized that it probably wasn‚Äôt a great career choice given the high risk and whole ‚Äòillegal‚Äô aspect.But even if you can‚Äôt be a real pirate, the idea of it is still quite enchanting. Sailing on the high seas for weeks at a time, getting to see foreign lands, and meeting tons of new (albeit hostile) people. It‚Äôs the thing dreams are made of for some of us.This great Adult Cutthroat Pirate Costume will make you a welcome member of any pirate crew! This pirate costume comes with everything you need to make your friends walk the plank this Halloween! The top is styled to look like a black tunic over a white shirt ‚Äì but it‚Äôs all in one piece so less fuss! The shirt body is black with a faux leather placket and cord lacing. The cinch sleeves have black faux leather wrist cuffs with matching cord lacing. The matching bandana and red and black striped pants have an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit and they end just below the knees for a classic pirate look. The faux leather belt and boot covers complete the look. Practice your pirate swagger and add toy weapons such as a sword or replica flintlock pistol to complete your outfit. Check out our women’s and kids’ pirate costumes, for a family theme!

    $34.99 Adult Pirate Costumes
  • Kids Pink Poodle Skirt

    Kids Pink Poodle Skirt

    Don’t you remember how much fun it was as a kid to coordinate costumes with your best gal pals?Recall, if you will: the weeks leading up to Halloween were full of long phone calls to your BFF, discussing at length who likes who and, eventually, a decision about what your group should all dress up as for Halloween. Now, your little lady is likely group texting instead of conferencing calling with friends, but she’s still bound to love the thrill of finding a classic costume that’s just perfect for her and her squad! Who is in that squad may very well change a hundred times between now and Halloween, of course, so just focus on your gal’s needs, which, thanks to this timeless Kids Pink Poodle Skirt, are minimal! All little Betty needs are some bobby socks and saddle shoes and a high-tied, swinging ponytail and she’s ready for the school costume parade! As she wanders the halls solo during the day, she’ll look and feel stellar, but as she convenes with her friends at in the lunchroom, she’ll be practically giddy with glee when she’s sees her group getup come to fruition.The sequin leash of this poodle skirt’s appliqued pooch adds just a hint of glitz to this timeless piece, while ballet-pink fleecy fabric will keep your kiddo feeling easy-going and comfy. Just add a black belt, white top, and the requisite retro footwear, and she’s all set to go in a classic costume that will look totally neato in all the pics she snaps throughout the day!

    $14.99 Poodle Skirts
  • Marilyn Monroe Costume Dress

    Marilyn Monroe Costume Dress

    Even if you have never seen a movie in your life, you probably know who Marilyn Monroe is. And on top of that, we’d be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that if you have only ever seen one picture of this legendary Hollywood starlet, it’s the one of her in a white dress that’s being blown up by a passing subway train. It’s one of the most iconic images in movie history, otherwise we wouldn’t risk betting our precious doughnuts on it!However, you may not have known that this Marilyn Monroe Costume Dress makes one of the most iconic Halloween costumes of all time, too! It’s a simple yet stunning style that perfectly captures the essence of the Golden Age of Hollywood. It doesn’t just stop with looking like a world famous actress, either; there’s a certain magic that comes with dressing like Marilyn. This glamorous getup makes every car you step out of feel like a limousine, and every group photo and selfie you take seem like there are glittering flashbulbs going off all around you as you strut down the red carpet!Once you slip into this fabulous sleeveless halter dress, you’ll know exactly what we mean. You’ll definitely want to add a pair of sexy stiletto heels to help show off the new spring that will be in your step, and a glamorous blonde wig to complete this classic blonde bombshell look that will be remembered long after the party ends! Standing over subway grates or fans to make your skirt blow up is entirely optional, though.

    $19.99 Marilyn Monroe Costumes
  • Kids Medieval Knight Costume

    Kids Medieval Knight Costume

    Your kid just loves to use his imagination…a LOT. Before school, during school, after school. If he‚Äôs not coming up with a wild story in his head, then he‚Äôs busy acting it out in the backyard with his friends. All you have to do is look over at him and you can tell he‚Äôs traveled back in time to fight a ferocious dragon or scale a castle tower. Encourage his active imagination by letting him dress as his wildest fantasy this Halloween! This Kid‚Äôs Medieval Knight Costume can send your little guy back to the time of dragons, jousts, lords, and ladies–who knows, maybe he‚Äôll want to take the whole family along for the ride in coordinated costumes. Either way, you‚Äôll feel super safe having a bonafide medieval knight in the house (especially since your mote AND drawbridge are both being repaired) and he‚Äôll feel overjoyed at having a Halloween costume that‚Äôs even better than his best daydreams.Once your little guy puts on this red tunic he will feel like he can take on the fiercest of fire breathers or the bravest opponent. The arms and hood of this outfit are a silver mesh, which (trust us) is a LOT more comfortable than chain mail armor. Just be sure to pick up one of our sword accessories to complete his whole knight look this Halloween…on top of being safe from dragons, you‚Äôll also get to see him totally in his element.

    $19.99 Knight Costumes
  • Native American Warrior Wig

    Native American Warrior Wig

    Getting into costume can be a great way to learn about history and cultures, but outfits and accessories aren’t the only way you can look the part. When it comes to cool costumes inspired by Native American looks, you’ll want to make sure you have an equally cool hairstyle to match!Whatever style inspired by Native American clothes throughout history you’re dressing up in, adding this Native American Warrior Wig will give you a fearless hairdo to go with it! This synthetic headpiece allows you to have a “mohawk”-style look without actually altering your own hair, and it features red accents for extra detail. Don’t forget to add other Native American inspired accessories and props to your costume for even more detail!

    $15.99 Native American Accessories
  • Red Seamless Boyshorts

    Red Seamless Boyshorts

    There’s nothing worse than a prominent panty line. With a pair of Red Seamless Boyshorts, those pesky lines are a thing of the past. Well, they exist but they won’t be a problem for you because this handy accessory will act as perfect camouflage to make those panty lines basically invisible! These seamless boyshorts will be a great addition to a number of costumes for Halloween or even perfect for an outfit you plan to wear any day of the week.There are a lot of costumes out there that incorporate the beautiful color red so this accessory will help you complete the ravishing red costume you have in mind. Whether you want to dress up as a playful demon or a cute devil, these boyshorts are a must have. Even if you’re going for something more lighthearted, such as a dancing apple or party-loving superhero, a pair of these will be a perfect finishing touch!

    $7.99 Petticoats
  • Mini Black Top Hat

    Mini Black Top Hat

    When completing a costume, one must never forget one’s head adornment. This could be a wig, some braids and beads, a fancy up-do, or even a hat.But let’s face it. Sometimes hats (although frequently awesome and more accurate for some of the more historical costumes) are a bit overwhelming. They don’t sit right, or they’re the wrong size, and it just throws off the whole thing. Not to mention, if you have some glorious hair happening, a hat would cover those lustrous locks and your fancy do!But now? Now you get the stylish look of a hat and you can still have fancy hair. Our Mini Black Top Hat will let you achieve stylish head wear ad fancy hair with its miniature proportions! This Mini Black Top Hat clips straight into your hair and is only a dainty 2 3/4″ tall. It’s got a glittery finish, a faux red rose, and black feathers. This little number is perfect for Vampires, Victorians, Showgirls, Circus performers, or Sunday trips to the grocers. You know. For that added touch of suave.

    $11.99 Southern / Victorian Costumes
  • White Lace Petticoat

    White Lace Petticoat

    ROMEO: But soft! What light through yonder window breaks! It is the east, and White Lace Petticoats are the sun!Some people think that Shakespeare has no place in a modern online catalog of Halloween costumes and accessories, but we’re determined to prove them wrong. In the process, however, we’re contractually obligated to highlight the virtues of a fun and functional White Lace Petticoat, so friends, Romans, countrymen: lend us your ears, if you will.Because a White Lace Petticoat makes a really convenient and inexpensive addition to a skirt or short dress if the wearer would like to add a frilly touch to their outfit and ensure that they get to decide who is privy to a glimpse of their privates! It’s as simple as that. Now back to The Bard, brought to you by this versatile undergarment!Shall I compare thee to a White Lace Petticoat?Thou art more lovely and more temperate…

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  • Rasta Hat with Dreadlocks

    Rasta Hat with Dreadlocks

    In matters of the heart and of Halloween costumes, and we guess in general, we like to keep an open mind. But there’s a difference between keeping our minds open and actively expanding them. And when we hear about some of the things people do because they want to expand their minds, we get a little dizzy.It’s just that the human cranium is designed to contain a certain amount of gray matter. If you play around too much with the density of the stuff inside your head, there can be some seriously disorienting side effects. We think. We heard most of this from a guy in an alley in Jamaica, but that’s beside the point. He said that if we really want to free our minds, we need a set of dreadlocks like this. Like a seatbelt, he said, for your noodle. Whatever that means.

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  • Pink Crayola Eyelashes

    Pink Crayola Eyelashes

    Ah, pink. The color of love, budding flowers in the springtime, and deliciously salty ham. It’s a color that grabs your attention, no matter how hard you try to ignore it. What was once a color reserved for fancy gowns and little kid’s clothes can now be worn any time as a positive, compassionate, and fun-loving style. Pink is a good indicator of a fun time, and whenever you see a splash of this magical color at an otherwise drab party, you know things are about to pick up! Brighten the mood where ever you go by wearing these Pink Crayola Eyelashes with your costume. These pink eyelash accessories go on easily, and instantly add some extra positive energy to your vibe. They look fantastic as part of our pink crayon costumes, an anime costume, or any bright outfit that could use a boost in the color department!

    $5.99 Crayon Costumes
  • Child Native American Princess Costume

    Child Native American Princess Costume

    It’s been a long time since we were kids, playing a bunch of rampant chasing games in the back yard. Tag wasn’t ever enough. We needed to invent new rules and create some unique characters to make the game more exciting. We’d occasionally be slimy aliens hunting down fleeing citizens. Other times we’d play cops and robbers and our job would be to get to the tree to ‘rob’ it and then escape the officers sent to capture us and bring us back to jail. Why exactly the robbers followed the rules and stayed in jail until they were rescued by the other robbers, we’re not sure we ever understood. Why play by the rules at that point, after all!?The whole game inspired by Old Western movies where the two opposing forces rarely saw eye to eye. While both groups set themselves against each other, occasionally, we’d have the wise and courteous lass from either the Western Town or the Native Tribe who’d charm the hearts of the others and bring some peace… at least until love might prosper and then it was right back to kidnapping the princess or barmaid and time, once again, for war!Now you can relive some of those games you had growing up and share them with your youngster who might not have had a chance to play such games with the invasion of the iPad tablets! Transform your tyke with this Child Native American costume. This sleeveless pullover dress has self ties for size adjustment and a faux suede poncho style cape lined with fringe and brocade ribbon. Your kiddo’s hair can be decorated with felt barrettes that are decorated with feathers on top of a metal hair clip. Gather the entire squad with more of our Native and Western-inspired costumes and you could make your own movie!

    $34.99 Child Native American Costumes
  • Kids Native American Moccasins

    Kids Native American Moccasins

    When it comes to costumes, it’s important to have all the right accessories. A princess gown just isn’t complete without a sparkly tiara. A superhero needs his cape. A police officer needs a badge. Just think about how silly a half-dressed firefighter would look, if he had the suspenders but not the attached overalls to go with it. Or, how strange would a gangster look with only half of his suit?It’s the same with Native American inspired costumes. You can’t show off your costumed little one properly unless they’ve got the right footwear. So save yourself some frustration and scoop up a pair of these kids realistic Native American inspired moccasins. Made of faux suede leather, these brown moccasins come with brown fringe and an anti-slip sole to make sure your kid can run through the woods (or the hallways) without sliding. They’re just right for any Native American inspired costume. In fact, you could say they’re a real… “shoe in.”

    $5.99 Native American Accessories
  • Kids Native American Moccasins

    Kids Native American Moccasins

    When it comes to costumes, it’s important to have all the right accessories. A princess gown just isn’t complete without a sparkly tiara. A superhero needs his cape. A police officer needs a badge. Just think about how silly a half-dressed firefighter would look, if he had the suspenders but not the attached overalls to go with it. Or, how strange would a gangster look with only half of his suit?It’s the same with Native American inspired costumes. You can’t show off your costumed little one properly unless they’ve got the right footwear. So save yourself some frustration and scoop up a pair of these kids realistic Native American inspired moccasins. Made of faux suede leather, these brown moccasins come with brown fringe and an anti-slip sole to make sure your kid can run through the woods (or the hallways) without sliding. They’re just right for any Native American inspired costume. In fact, you could say they’re a real… “shoe in.”

    $5.99 Native American Accessories
  • Neon Pink Petticoat

    Neon Pink Petticoat

    What can you do with a Neon Pink Petticoat, you ask? Don‚Äôt you think that the better question is…what can you not do?We are actually banging our heads over here, trying pretty hard to think of any task that would not be more fun if you performed it wearing this bright layer. Taxes? Yep! Dinner prep? You betcha. Grocery shopping? Naturally! Of course, the MOST fun way to wear this two-tiered, hot pink tulle skirt is underneath any one of our fabulous costumes for a fabulous party on the most fabulous of holidays: Halloween. Try it under just about any short skirt and feel instantly more flirty and…well…fabulous. Haven‚Äôt you heard? Bright is in and white is out! Update your costume wardrobe with an accessory that makes everything more fun!

    $19.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Adult Bunny Costume

    Adult Bunny Costume

    Your best friend invites you to a Halloween party. ‚ÄúFunny costumes only!‚Äù she instructs. But you‚Äôre on your bluetooth driving through a bad cell spot. ‚ÄúBunny costumes only‚Äù is what you hear. And you have just the outfit for the occasion.Oops. But have no fear! This Adult Bunny Costume can be cute or funny, depending on how you choose to wear it. Besides, some of those overtly ‚Äúfunny‚Äù costumes are overdone anyway; you can make this fresh, original, and memorable! Create a humorous story for your bunny–maybe you‚Äôre a disgruntled rabbit who‚Äôs sick of being pulled out of a magician‚Äôs hat, so you‚Äôre on a cross-country road trip to ‚Äúfind yourself‚Äù–or play up the clown-like vest and tie of this costume and opt for slapstick comedy all night long. The point is that a classic bunny costume is welcome anywhere–even Easter parties–and you can make it as sweet or sassy as you like! The furry white jumpsuit has an attached bunny tail, matching white mittens and white spats. Pull up the hood with its pink-lined bunny ears and prepare to laugh your way through the night. And if any of your friends give you flack about misunderstanding the costume theme, practice your funny bunny puns and ask him, ‚ÄúHow would you like it if a drop you like a bad rabbit?‚Äù You can sling jokes, puns, and zingers all night in this festive and fun outfit!

    $69.99 Bunny Costumes
  • Mehron Witch Makeup Kit

    Mehron Witch Makeup Kit

    There’s only one day in which your oh-so supple skin will be universally frowned upon. Here’s a hint: it’s not your birthday and it’s definitely not your wedding night. That’s right, it’s Halloween!So if you really, really want to get into character when you wear the witch costume you slaved for hours over, you should take our advice (we know a thing or two about Halloween costumes): don’t allow your ensemble to be ruined by that perfect, smooth complexion of yours. Instead, try using this witch makeup kit to create the appearance of a putrid, rotten mug that will have your all your friends saying you look…erm, authentic! It includes everything you need to achieve an ugly, green complexion complete with an attachable, otherwise-unachievable mole‚Äîincluding paint, pencil, cotton swabs, and examples!

    $14.99 Witch Costumes
  • NFL Packers Uniform Costume

    NFL Packers Uniform Costume

    Go Pack Go!You might sometimes wonder where the Green Bay Packers are always so busy going, but as long as they beat those Bears, that’s all that really matters! As a die hard ‚Äúcheesehead‚Äù you gotta make sure you’re all geared up for Game Day, and donning this officially licensed NFL Packers Uniform Costume is just the look you’ll need to show off your team spirit!Everyone has got their own way of showing their support for the team they love most. Maybe you like to go to the actual stadium to watch the action in person from the stands, cheering the Pack on in your lucky cheese wedge shaped hat, and chowing down on concession stand hot dogs. If you really want to have a blast, fire up the grill and invite all your buddies over to watch. What better way to show off your big screen and surround sound system (and also your mad nacho making skills) than by throwing a Sunday afternoon shindig and watching the big game? Plus, you don’t have to deal with bathroom lines and traffic afterward, which is always a ‚Äúwin‚Äù in our book.You’ll also have plenty of good chances to show off your awesome Packers uniform before the game, as well as your passing skills whenever someone asks you to toss them a soda. This sleek ensemble comes in Green Bay’s trademark green and gold, and includes official Packers logos and details, just like the uniforms worn by the players on the gridiron. Team up with your friends in matching uniforms, or have a rivalry with any of them wearing Bears or Vikings costumes!

    $44.99 Football Costumes