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  • Kids Friendly Ghost Costume

    Kids Friendly Ghost Costume

    Most ghosts will be howling with their ‚ÄúBoos‚Äù this Halloween, but your kiddo will be shouting ‚ÄúWoo!‚Äù when he’s wearing this Kids Friendly Ghost Costume! Look at the smile on this ghost’s face! Its so friendly that even Casper may have to pass the title of Friendly Ghost over to your little one.When your tiny tot is walking house to house with this ghost costume on, he’ll be having a ‘spooktacular’ time! He will get more compliments than any other kid that is just dressed up as another cliche monster. With the playful face on this costume, (and only two eye holes) you won’t have to worry about your little ghoul ending up like a certain cartoon and receiving rocks from your neighbors. The other kids in the neighborhood will all want to be friends with your cute little specter, and your kiddo is sure to have collected more than enough candy to share with all of his new friends. The smiling face on this ghost costume isn’t the only thing that will make your little one stand out. They say its our flaws that make each of us a unique individual, right? Well, your friendly little ghost has two little polka dot patches sewn onto his front side, giving the costume a cute clumsy look, that will have all your neighbors going, ‚ÄúAwe!‚ÄùGet your camera ready! This is one ghost that you’ll be delighted to see in your photo albums, years from now when you want to look back at the good old days. Seeing your kiddo wearing this smiling phantom’s face and knowing that the smile under the costume is even bigger will bring joy to your heart.

    $14.99 Ghost Costumes
  • Kids Phantom Costume

    Kids Phantom Costume

    Do you see those creepy red eyes peering at us from the bushes? Could it be…the phantom? This Kids Phantom Costume is a scary costume for kids that really lights up! Just pick up three AA batteries and the two red glowing circles will appear on the mask. Kids will love the cool special effects that this costume offers. Pick up a reaper sickle for the complete look. Death can be a friggen terrifying idea, but it all comes out of the fear of the unknown. Since nobody knows what death really looks like, none of us are quite sure what to expect. And, the drawings that we‚Äôve put together from various cultures throughout the world doesn‚Äôt make the idea any more inviting. Of course, we‚Äôve also been taught all our lives not to judge a book by its cover. Perhaps the floating haunt and skeletal face and casual ownership of a massive harvesting scythe and the dark, grim, black robes that seem to wither the wind is only Death at skeletal face value. Maybe we just need to get to know Death a little better before we start freaking out!Of course, that provokes an interesting question. What of the Deaths of other creatures? Is there a Dog Death? A little black lab in a floating shroud that carries an ancient rawhide in its mouth? Or, since we brought up a rather tragic concept, what about a Child Death? Surely such an entity would have a calmer appearance to handle such a delicate situation, right?Well, turns out that kids just aren‚Äôt afraid of that much and you can prove that with this Kid‚Äôs Phantom costume. Death takes an unexpected and horrific turn with this back-tied fabric robe with jagged hemline and cuffs. It cinches at the waist with a matching sash of dark black. The real marker is the padded hood and the mesh face covering that prevents (or helps) us from seeing the true face of death. Unfortunately, after a few AA batteries, we instead get to see Death‚Äôs glowing red eyes. Well, there goes any idea that a Death Phantom tyke might be a bit more approachable! Finish that idea off for good with any number of accessories, including a scythe or hourglass pendant and remind everyone that Death comes for all!

    $24.99 Grim Reaper Costumes
  • Kids Skeleton Zombie Costume

    Kids Skeleton Zombie Costume

    It’s all fun, and games until someone gets bitten.Your kid has always been a fan of anything even remotely scary. So, you knew when he discovered zombies you were going to be in for a fright. He loves to hide behind doors, and jump out at you. He loves putting fake spiders in weird places. So, you know he will want to be one of the dead who walk among us.He will get bitten by the zombie bug. He will study the way zombies walk. The slight drag of the left foot. Arms held out in front, reaching for the squishy pink brains of anyone nearby. He will practice the grunts, and moans of the undead creatures. Waiting for his turn to be one of them. His turn to taste gummy brains.This Halloween let him embrace his scary side. Give him this Kids Skeleton Zombie Costume so that he can join the legions of the undead. He will be impressed by the frightful decaying bones, ready to go scare all your neighbors into giving him chocolate. His candy bag held in one of his outstretched hands. Walking with the perfect limp, the one he practiced all month. And if you are feeling in the mood you can even make him a strawberry-kiwi JELL-O brain. A little treat for your zombie to sink his little teeth into.

    $39.99 Zombie Costumes
  • Kids Realistic Taco Costume

    Kids Realistic Taco Costume

    Mmmm. Taco time!You know it. We know it. Most people know it. The world runs on tacos. It’s a simple fact, but surprisingly it’s not really accepted by everyone quite yet. So the best remedy? Get all your friends and family to become taco-evangelists. And you might already have the best taco ambassadors right in your own home. Your kids!Get this Kid’s Realistic Taco Costume, and they’ll be ready to spread the message of tacos far and wide. This tunic costume features photo-realistic details that perfectly depict a taco. And with the signature shape, no one’s going to doubt that your kids have transformed into the most delicious food item to be found!Product DetailsThis costume consists of a tunic, and it’s fully printed in photorealistic detail. The shell is on the right side of the body, and the meat, toppings, and lettuce are featured on the left! The polyester tunic has a wide opening for the legs and an arm opening on each side. Made of foam-backed fabric, it’s a comfortable style that allows for a full range of motion. It looks particularly great with a black shirt and pants. (A sweatsuit or black skinsuit would work great!)Millions of fansThe top food choice of millions, we’re quite big fans of tacos ourselves which means we’re not pulling any stops when it comes to taco costumes. For the whole family! Get Taco costumes for Ma and Pa, and you’ll be one delicious family. Shop all of our food costumes for even more ideas and inspiration!

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  • Kids Skeleton Zombie Costume

    Kids Skeleton Zombie Costume

    It’s all fun, and games until someone gets bitten.Your kid has always been a fan of anything even remotely scary. So, you knew when he discovered zombies you were going to be in for a fright. He loves to hide behind doors, and jump out at you. He loves putting fake spiders in weird places. So, you know he will want to be one of the dead who walk among us.He will get bitten by the zombie bug. He will study the way zombies walk. The slight drag of the left foot. Arms held out in front, reaching for the squishy pink brains of anyone nearby. He will practice the grunts, and moans of the undead creatures. Waiting for his turn to be one of them. His turn to taste gummy brains.This Halloween let him embrace his scary side. Give him this Kids Skeleton Zombie Costume so that he can join the legions of the undead. He will be impressed by the frightful decaying bones, ready to go scare all your neighbors into giving him chocolate. His candy bag held in one of his outstretched hands. Walking with the perfect limp, the one he practiced all month. And if you are feeling in the mood you can even make him a strawberry-kiwi JELL-O brain. A little treat for your zombie to sink his little teeth into.

    $39.99 Zombie Costumes
  • Kids Bobble Eyes Pumpkin Costume

    Kids Bobble Eyes Pumpkin Costume

    Forget Jack the Ripper ‚Äì it‚Äôs time to make for Jack-O-Lantern the Ripper! This Halloween your child will be able to bring a little terror (all in fun, of course) to the neighborhood while still representing a Halloween classic that will never go out of style.Now, there‚Äôs nothing inherently creepy about a pumpkin. It‚Äôs an unassuming orange color, a relatively unintimidating round shape, and grows in ordinary gardens. But when Halloween rolls around, the seemingly innocent-looking pumpkins take a turn for the terrifying. From carvings that resemble something out of nightmares to pumpkin costumes made to look like they came straight from the Friday the 13th movie series, pumpkins are consistently creepy when it comes to haunting the streets on Halloween.With all of the history behind these petrifying gourds, this pumpkin costume makes for the perfect Halloween costume for your child. This pumpkin is definitely ready for haunting on Halloween! This Kids Bobble Eyes Pumpkin Costume is a creepy costume that kids will love because it’s not scary- just eerie! The bobble eyeballs really protrude from the lightweight foam mask and mesh covers the mouth of the pumpkin to give you a clear line of sight when your child is out trick-or-treating! Additionally, there is a foam padding along the interior of the mask that makes it comfortable enough to wear all night. Add a toy weapon such as an axe or bloody knife to make this costume more menacing! Just make sure to stay away from the pumpkin carver…

    $39.99 Pumpkin Costumes
  • Kids Scarecrow Costume

    Kids Scarecrow Costume

    A baby has brains, but it doesn’t know much. Experience is the only thing that brings knowledge, and the longer you are on earth the more experience you are sure to get. – The Wizard Your son has been feeling down lately. He got a poor grade on a math test, and has been going around saying that he will never get a good job. And that he doesn‚Äôt have a brain in his head. You try to tell him that he is very smart. He is incredibly intelligent. One grade does not make or break who he is.You scoured the world over for a role model for your son. You looked at cartoons, and songs. You looked at movies, and found The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. You found the Scarecrow, and you had your son watch it, then he asked to read the books. And he really got into the Scarecrow who had no brain. The Scarecrow who became King of Oz.This Kid’s Scarecrow Costume will just further prove to your son that he does not lack intelligence. Like the Scarecrow that he will become when he puts on this green shirt, and flannel hood, he is just too young to have vast amounts of knowledge. He can brandish his paper diploma around as proof of his smarts, and one day he will be heralded as one of the wisest people ever to live. Who knows your son might even become the King of Oz while wearing this costume.

    $29.99 Officially Licensed Wizard of Oz Costumes
  • Kids Wonder Woman Tutu Costume

    Kids Wonder Woman Tutu Costume

    If you’re girl is looking to become the newest member of the Justice League, then she’d better have a crime fighting outfit to wear! Based on the classic DC superhero, this kids Wonder Woman costume reimagines the costume in tutu costume for your little girl. It has her signature emblem on the front along with the heroic red, blue and gold colors from the comic books. The whole look is enough to make your little girl feel tough heroic enough to block some energy blasts with her gauntlets. Just make sure you begin training her in the ancient Amazonian arts of combat before you send her off to fight any super villains!

    $34.99 Wonder Woman Costumes
  • Kids Camo Trooper Costume

    Kids Camo Trooper Costume

    Move, Move, Move!A good soldier needs to be prepared for anything at the drop of a hat, which is a tough job even in the best situations. We freak out when our break room runs out of coffee and we don’t even have to sneak through an enemy-controlled bunker to get more! We can’t imagine checking our email only to be told to drop down and crawl because the enemy is lurking in the next cubicle. Product DetailsYour little soldier will always be prepared with this Camo Trooper Costume! It comes with everything they will need to stay on top of any situation, including a digital camo jumpsuit and woodland camo vest to quickly blend into different environments. The green foam helmet will help them blend in and green foam knee pads help them stay comfortable while doing all that crouching and kneeling during recon missions. When he puts on the scary black skull-printed bandana, it will show the bad guys he means business! It also comes with plenty of cool equipment (it’s just plastic though because the real equipment is heavy!) like toy binoculars and a walkie-talkie and other gear so your trooper will have any situation on lockdown when the bad guys show up!Small But MightyLuckily, your little soldier seems to be tougher than us, so they can complete their mission and watch their buddy’s back even without that second cup of joe in the morning. It sure helps a well-trained soldier to have plenty of gear to let them do their jobs effectively. We’re talking digital camouflage to help stay hidden when sneaking around, protective vests and helmets, radios to send and receive updates and call for backup, and all kinds of other hi-tech hardware to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. Looks like your kiddo is ready to get on the move!

    $29.99 Military Costumes
  • Kids Batgirl Tutu Costume

    Kids Batgirl Tutu Costume

    Super villains of Gotham City, your time has come! There’s a new hero in town and she won’t tolerate any sort of foul play in her city. And who’s this new superhero? It’s your little girl, of course! Based on the classic DC comic book character, this kids Batgirl costume combines her signature look with a tutu-style skirt for a look that’s ready for some crime fighting. It also comes with a set of gauntlets that look fierce enough to stop any bad guy in his tracks, so this costume is sure to have your girl feeling like the superhero that she is!

    $34.99 Batgirl Costumes
  • Five Nights at Freddy's Nightmare Bonnie Kids Costume

    Five Nights at Freddy’s Nightmare Bonnie Kids Costume

    Rabbits are supposed to be cute and fluffy. They’re supposed to go “hop, hop, hop” through your back yard, searching for some leaves to nibble on. They’re supposed be the protagonist of cute bedtime stories for children. They’re supposed to be cute little cartoon characters who make mischief and munch on carrots. So, why then, is Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy’s, look like a walking nightmare?Bonnie is an animatronic that really looks like something out of a twisted horror movie. Just don’t let that pleasant purple color fool you. He’s a mechanical scaring machine, designed to put a chill into unsuspecting victims who wander into a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza location late at night. If your child is looking to creep out his friends, then this Five Nights at Freddy’s costume is just the thing he needs.Based on the character from the video game series, this child Nightmare Bonnie costume brings you a truly terrifying look. It comes with a jumpsuit that’s crafted to look like Bonnie’s “Nightmare” especially horrific appearance in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. It has printed details, like mechanical metallic parts, as well as “rips” and “tears” to further the ragged appearance. A bright red bow rests on the neck and there is a pair of mitts for each hand. The mask is molded to look like Bonnie’s face, complete with wires popping out of the head, bunny ears and even some cold, mechanical looking eyes. To top it all off, the mask has gruesome pointy teeth jutting out of it. It’s certainly not the kind of thing you’d see in a cute, adorable cartoon show!

    $29.99 Five Nights at Freddy's Costumes
  • Kids Robin Costume

    Kids Robin Costume

    When Young Justice needed a leader they just needed to look to the dark knight’s sidekick. Robin has always been anxious to get out and become a hero in his own right and has found other teen heroes felt the same. Superboy, Miss Martian, and Kid Flash all have superheroes that have learned from and are looking to prove that they can save the day without their mentors. Now your child can lead a team of teens in this awesome Young Justice costume!

    $19.99 Robin Costumes
  • Kids Supergirl Costume

    Kids Supergirl Costume

    Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! No ,it’s a plane! No ,it’s Superman! Nope ,wrong again because it’s actually Supergirl! Aha! You thought we were going to say Superman ,didn’t you? No ,you probably didn’t because when you clicked this link it said “Supergirl” and you obviously know how to read (you made it this far!) so why on earth would you click here expecting Superman? You know what ,we’ve gotten a bit off track. Supergirl is here! Yes ,your little girl has always dreamed of kicking butt ,whether her big brother or some school playground punk who needs a lesson. But how can you encourage such violence? How can you help your daughter understand when it’s acceptable to use her super powers and when it’s preferable to talk things out? With Supergirl ,that’s how! Supergirl isn’t just about brawn ,about using Earth’s sun to gain heat vision or flying powers. No ,Supergirl is a girl who knows she’s different ,caught in a completely new environment ,and struggling to understand how to fit in. Sound familiar? Like every year of school ever? Right? This costume isn’t just some jazzy ,flashy “comic book” costume. This costume is about giving your little girl the power of confidence ,the power of knowing that it’s okay to stand out and be different ,and there is strength in that. Because your daughter isn’t going to bow down to some queen bee in her class ,she’s going to defend herself ,and her friends ,and say enough is enough. And maybe ,just maybe ,Supergirl isn’t teaching her ,but she’s teaching Supergirl. Think about it.

    $34.99 Supergirl Costumes
  • Kids Wonder Woman Costume

    Kids Wonder Woman Costume

    Put the neighborhood on alert…this is going to be the year of Wonder Woman! At least it will be in your house. Ever since your when your girl met Princess Diana of Themys…er…Diana Prince–your home has been turned into an Amazonian playground. Your girl spends every waking moment reading about, watching, and living her Wonder Woman fantasies. She beats up the bad guys after breakfast, saves the planet from peril before lunch, and lassos the truth from everyone she meets by the time supper rolls around. In this Kids Wonder Woman Costume, then, your little girl can bring her imaginative ideas to life and collect all the candy in one fell swoop before Halloween comes to a close. We trust she‚Äôll keep the peace in the neighborhood all night long! Wearing this shining symbol of superhero strength, she can finally experience the epitome of her fandom and become Wonder Woman herself. She can coordinate her with her friends for a fun DC comic theme, or fly solo. But, we‚Äôre warning you, before you show her the striped boot toppers, red cape, gold tiara, and bulletproof bracelets of this costume, you may want to ask yourself just how ready you are to live with Wonder Woman day in and day out. Because like her hero, your little girl is powerful and strong-willed, and thus you may encounter a bit of a struggle convincing her to change out of the red tank shirt and star-printed blue skirt once she‚Äôs got it on. Well, what you can you do? That‚Äôs the price you pay for crafting a goddess-like warrior right under your own roof.

    $34.99 Wonder Woman Costumes
  • Kids Cozy Cat Costume

    Kids Cozy Cat Costume

    Let’s face it. Humans only have so much time left as the dominant beings on this planet. Cats will be ruling the world in 10‚ 15 years time (maybe 20 if we can enact our great ball of yarn distraction plan that we’ve been working on). We think it’s best to prepare your child for the inevitable right now ,which is why we recommend teaching your child how to blend in with their soon to be feline overlords. You must teach them how to purr ,how to nap in sunbeams and how to chase after string. Of course ,your child is going to need a proper disguise ,which is where we come in!This Kids Cozy Cat Costume has an adorable look based on your favorite feline friend (overlord). With cute kitty ears attached to the hood and signature calico colors ,your little one will be meowing for joy in no time.

    $44.99 Cat Costumes
  • Kids White Tights

    Kids White Tights

    These Kids White Tights are an easy and comfortable way to accessorize a multitude of costumes. Little Alice in Wonderland’s outfit is always cute but without perfectly white tights the blue dress just wouldn’t be the same. We both know she’s going to need a sturdy pair of nylons as she falls down the rabbit hole. That’s not where it stops ,though. These will work wonderfully for a white little bunny costume she’s wearing for Easter or a sweet angel costume for this year’s Christmas recital. The tights have a comfortable elastic waistband and can easily be integrated into your little girl’s everyday wardrobe for extra coverage for shorter skirts and warmth in colder weather. Your little girl will look perfectly timeless in Mary Janes or costume shoes. So ,whether your child is dressing up as the rabbit ,Alice ,or even the White Queen she’ll look perfect in these white stockings.

    $5.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Kids Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

    Kids Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

    If you have kids who love Minecraft then they’re sure to understand what we stay up late at night worrying about. We’ve toiled for days, months, years even (well, in game time, at least) to make the perfect home, castle, or construct of some wonderful piece of our imagination.We finally wipe the sweat off our brow and brush the potato chip crumbs off the keyboard to take a step back and admire the fruits of our long and hard labor. Sure, you’re proud…but it didn’t last long. You turn around to a creeper! You don’t know what to do, you panic and go to kill it but you’re too late. It explodes and somehow manages to set off a chain reaction, destroying everything you worked for! Oh, no! Now your little one can scare their friends and bring back their own memories of fear and panic with this fantastic Kids Minecraft Creeper Hoodie. The zipper goes all the way up to the top of the hood so it’s even got a fantastic mask to really play the part of these Minecraft villains. It’s officially licensed and comes from Jinx Clothing, who are pretty big gaming geeks in their own right. Whether your child is a Minecraft prodigy or they’re just getting started, we’re sure they’ll love this fun sweatshirt. Just don’t let them spend too much time creeping around in this hoodie, we’re sure they have plenty of homework to do IRL.

    $39.99 Minecraft Costumes
  • Kids Grave Ghoul Costume

    Kids Grave Ghoul Costume

    Now your little guy can be a little ghoul with this Kids Grave Ghoul Costume! This is a spooky costume for kids that even comes with the creepy mask. Become Hell’s gatekeeper while you wear this costume. Pick up the lantern accessory for the complete look.

    $29.99 Skeleton Costumes
  • Deluxe Kids Snake Eyes Costume

    Deluxe Kids Snake Eyes Costume

    Does your little one LOVE to keep secrets? Is he mysterious and agile and brave and ,well ,a bit of an overachiever?You may have just discovered that you‚ re actually harboring one of the most legendary members of the G.I. Joe clan: Snake Eyes! Little is known about the true identity of this highly skilled warrior–so it‚ s entirely possible that he‚ s been living under your roof this whole time. There is only one way to find out for sure: put him in this Deluxe Kids Snake Eyes Costume and let‚ s see what he can do! If he instantly transforms into a fierce commander ,if he suddenly shows off his skills in at least dozen types of martial arts ,if he starts calling the family dog ,‚ÄúTimber,‚Äù or if he leans over you while you‚ re sleeping and whispers in your ear ,‚ÄúMove with the wind ,and you will never be heard,‚Äù then it sounds like a (kinda creepy ,to be honest) reality that you are ,in fact ,living with the Snake Eyes himself. Luckily ,this black jumpsuit provides padding in chest and shoulders that looks just like real muscles ,until he builds himself back up to form (he‚ s been hiding out as a civilian ,after all). And thanks to the design of this Balaclava hood that covers the entire head–not to mention the face mask–your little ninja’s identity can remain a secret as well. At least until he goes off to college.

    $34.99 GI Joe Costumes
  • Deluxe Kids Angelica Costume

    Deluxe Kids Angelica Costume

    Are you prepared for the adventure of a lifetime as Angelica? Then wear this Deluxe Kids Angelica Costume for Halloween! The ensemble includes pants, shirt/vest combo, “corset” cummerbund, belt, hat and boot covers–everything you need to sail the seven seas in style. To enliven this wild pirate look, add a sword!

    $54.99 Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Kids Robin Hood Costume

    Kids Robin Hood Costume

    Steal from the rich and give to the poor can be a useful lesson to teach your kids – though you may want to tweak it a bit so they aren’t actually stealing from anyone! Kids are already quite apt to live this mantra by nature – most kids are caring and can see inequities much better than their adult counterparts.But being Robin Hood isn’t all about work – he liked adventure just as much as the next person, probably much more, actually. Getting out and about in the forest and making new friends was something Robin Hood was quite skilled at as I’m sure you wish your kids were!Turn your child into the prince of thieves and the savior of Nottingham in this Kids Robin Hood Costume. This kids costume comes with an olive green hooded shirt and vest combo that has long sleeves and a front placket with brown cord for lacing. The brown suede vest panels fast at the front with three faux leather buckled straps. The details are what truly make this costume stand out: from the matching faux suede gauntlets with padded forearm guards (you know, for all of the arrow shooting), to the matching cuffed boot covers and the pouch that attaches to the black faux leather belt with Velcro. The details really bring this costume to life! Add a bow and arrow set for the legendary archer, and your little adventurer will be ready to lead his merry men against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham!

    $29.99 Robin Hood Costumes
  • Kids Gladiator Costume

    Kids Gladiator Costume

    Win the crowd. Win your freedom.Kids are odd little creatures. They like silly things like SpongeBob SquarePants. And Masha and the Bear, that Russian cartoon on Netflix. But then they also like kind of gross stuff. And we don’t just mean slugs, frogs, and mud pies. No, we mean the violent kind of gross stuff.Your kid seems to have a pretty high tolerance for anything gory. Heck, you remember being his age, and not getting squeamish during the original My Bloody Valentine, and Clash of the Titans. Now, he likes to watch stuff like that. He likes to pretend he is a gladiator fighting in the arena. Or one of King Leonidas’ brave Spartans. You wish he were into something a little safer than sword fighting. Like LEGOs.But you can’t stop him from being interested in the Gladiators. In fact, letting him dress up in this Kid’s Gladiator Costume might be just the thing to get it out of his system. Letting him fight his friends might help him move onto other interests. Either that, or he will become the best sword fighter on the block. Challenging all the kids to gladiatorial combat. Your back yard might become a miniature arena. Don’t forget to grab a Gladiator Sword and Shield when you order this costume. Every Gladiator worth his salt should have a good sword to win the crowd with. Then maybe he will go back to watching SpongeBob.

    $39.99 Roman Costumes
  • Kids Headless Horseman Costume

    Kids Headless Horseman Costume

    This Halloween season, your child can scare all of the villagers while bringing the legend of Sleepy Hollow to life in this Kids Headless Horseman Costume! The name Ichabod Crane is inextricably linked in literature with the Headless Horseman, and a few people who haven’t read Washington Irving’s actual story may mistakenly think that Crane WAS the Headless Horseman. He wasn’t. Ichabod was the schoolmaster in the fictional village of Sleepy Hollow, and he encountered the Headless Horseman, believed to be the ghost of a Hessian mercenary from the Revolutionary War, while riding late at night back to the village from a party at an outlying farm. He had made a proposal of marriage to the farmer’s daughter, and had been rejected.He was never seen in Sleepy Hollow again. The next morning his unsaddled horse was found wandering, the saddle trampled, and a smashed pumpkin lying alongside Crane’s hat beside the road.Wear this ensemble with your own black pants. And for a more realistic touch, carry one of our pumpkins as a prop. Everyone will want to escape this spooky creature whose head was blown off by a Revolutionary War cannonball!

    $29.99 Headless Horseman Costumes
  • Kids Sun Costume

    Kids Sun Costume

    The Sun has a pretty important job. That big yellow star spends every day making sure the whole Earth is warm enough to live and it also makes sure that it‚Äôs nice and bright outside, so we can see. On a more nerdy note, it also has to make sure it puts out enough gravity to keep all those rascally planets orbiting around it. We‚Äôre pretty sure that even the moon is totally jealous of the Sun.Your little one also has a pretty important job. Your child needs to brighten up your day and some happiness into each and every one of your mornings, so he’s quite a bit like the sun. Maybe that‚Äôs why this child Sun costume is going to look great on your child.This Sun costume is a great kid‚Äôs outfit based on our solar system‚Äôs star. The costume is a bright yellow top shaped into a circle. It has the pointed sides to look like the Sun‚Äôs rays and it‚Äôs a look that‚Äôs sure to brighten up any day. You can use the outfit as a means to teach your little one about the solar system, or you can just send your kid off into the back yard to spread his good vibes around the neighborhood. You can also use it for any class play that requires the backdrop of a nice sunny day, where becomes the instant star of the play with this colorful costume. Also, we‚Äôre pretty sure that the Moon is also pretty jealous of your child, but we totally can‚Äôt prove it.

    $24.99 Teletubbies Costumes