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  • Red Seamless Boyshorts

    Red Seamless Boyshorts

    There’s nothing worse than a prominent panty line. With a pair of Red Seamless Boyshorts, those pesky lines are a thing of the past. Well, they exist but they won’t be a problem for you because this handy accessory will act as perfect camouflage to make those panty lines basically invisible! These seamless boyshorts will be a great addition to a number of costumes for Halloween or even perfect for an outfit you plan to wear any day of the week.There are a lot of costumes out there that incorporate the beautiful color red so this accessory will help you complete the ravishing red costume you have in mind. Whether you want to dress up as a playful demon or a cute devil, these boyshorts are a must have. Even if you’re going for something more lighthearted, such as a dancing apple or party-loving superhero, a pair of these will be a perfect finishing touch!

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  • Kids Red and White Striped Tights

    Kids Red and White Striped Tights

    You may be asking yourself, “Why on earth might my little girl need pair of Red White Striped Tights?”, but you can lay that question to rest. These fun vibrant tights will be perfect for giving your kiddo a jumpstart of Christmas spirit! The holiday season is always right around the corner and now your little one can be the most festive child on the block. Her little legs will look exactly like a precious pair of candy canes!Of course, that is not the only function of these awesome tights. These can also go with a number of costumes for Halloween this year. Whether your youngster wants to be a rag doll or some sort of goofy clown, these colorful tights will make an excellent edition to her outfit.Grab a pair of these Red White Striped Tights for your kiddo and she’ll be ready for a fun-filled Halloween and an extra festive Christmas in no time!

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  • Kids White Petticoat

    Kids White Petticoat

    Dressing up for costume parties and for Halloween is great. You get to become a totally different person than who you are in real life. But one of other reasons why dressing up is great, is because you can include costumes and articles of clothing that is no longer fashionable to use. Baggy pants? No problem. Bell bottoms? Sure, why not. Corsets or flapper dresses or petticoats? Yeah, bring ’em on.And this is great for you, because it means you’re no longer confined to popular culture when you assemble a wardrobe. You can feel free to gather your costume from humanity’s long and diverse clothing palette. The clothes of ancient cultures are available, the same as threads from fifteen years ago. That’s why little items like this Kids White Petticoat are so great when it comes to assembling a costume… It can be used for all sorts of different ideas spanning different timelines and settings.This is a 100% polyester white petticoat, the same sort of thing that you’d expect to see on a graceful ballerina, a tender and loving angel, or an icy queen from another world. You can pair this up with a modern day casual t-shirt and tights, or an otherworldly outfit that comes from your imagination. The ideas don’t just stop for at Halloween, either. Use this petticoat for lots of fun Christmas program ideas, or as a winter festival costume builder. Whatever you use it for, enjoy the freedom of making a costume with any fashions you want!

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  • Kids Clown Shoes

    Kids Clown Shoes

    Does your little clown make you laugh not just on a daily basis, but an hourly one? Do they love to perform hilarious tricks and jokes for everyone and anyone, from relatives and friends to perfect strangers in the grocery store? Are they obsessed with turning balloons into whimsical animals and hilarious shapes?If so, then help your little laugh riot turn into a clown with this pair of Kids Clown Shoes! These hilariously big Kids Clown Shoes are made of red plastic and come with green shoelaces. They’re so big, you won’t be able to stop yourself from laughing when you see your little buddy clomping around in these this Halloween! Pair it with one of our colorful, fun kids clown costumes and any of our great clown accessories and watch them turn wacky! Even better, get a clown costume of your own and put on a double-act! It’ll be one amazing show!

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  • The Adult Jelly Jar Costume

    The Adult Jelly Jar Costume

    Pump Up the JamAre you ready? Yeah! For a snacky? Yeeeah? Are you ready? Jammy snacks, alright! Jammy snacks tonight!Nostalgia is tasty no matter how you frame it. Stepping onto a plush carpet that’s warmed by the afternoon sun with bare feet might bring you back to summers at your grandma’s house. Pop songs from the nineties and early 2000s will bring you back to riding in the back seat of your parent’s car. Smelling cut grass on a bright new morning will bring you back to summer days when you sleep in late, waking up to your neighbor mowing their lawn. But there’s no doubt that taste brings us back more than anyone else. Bite into a piece of toast with your eyes closed and you’ll be able to see the kitchen of your childhood, just the way it was. The snacks from our childhood will bring you back immediately. Want to rep your childhood snack? Slip into this Jelly tunic and you’ll do the snack justice with this juicy look!Product DetailsSlipping into this jelly jar suit is as easy as can be! The tunic simply slips over the head. It has a strap that goes around the back of the neck to make sure your look stays in place. Bright color and a classic red plaid pattern create a look that can be spotted from far off!Sugar RushAre you ready to get sweet and sour at the same time? This costume is sure to stir up any costume party. Pair this costume with our peanut butter costume or an assortment of food costumes. This classic jelly jar will have everyone craving toast and jam as soon as they see you. So you’d better bring treats if you’re planning on showing up before lunch. Your jelly really packs a punch!

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  • Pirate Skull and Crossbones Eyepatch

    Pirate Skull and Crossbones Eyepatch

    Eye on the HorizonOversea voyages can be a tough journey. You’ve got to figure out how to keep your water fresh, how many hard tack biscuits you’re going to need, and how to keep all the pirates busy enough so that they’re not going to pick on each other. Of course, it’s all worth it due to the views. What’s better than an endless horizon with dolphins jumping in front of the bow while the sun sets? Or watching a storm roll in while your fellow sailors batten down the hatches? But here’s the thing, while you’re checking out all these views, your vision might get into a little trouble with all that sun bouncing off the water. You’re going to want a high-quality eye patch to protect your good eye while you’re not looking through your personal telescope. Product DetailsIf you’ve ever worn a cheap plastic pirate eye patch then you’ll understand why it’s so nice to have a soft, cloth patch instead. Not only does it look a hundred times better but it’s a lot more comfortable to wear if you plan on moving, sweating, or smiling. The printed jolly roger and gold trim will match with all sorts of pirate costumes while a flexible elastic band will keep it in place while you swing from the rigging with ease!

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  • Child Dinosaur Costume

    Child Dinosaur Costume

    Boy, oh boy! It sure can be inconvenient when your day is ruined by an unexpected leap back in time. Do you ever fear waking up with your family in a prehistoric jungle that is just full of hungry dinosaurs? Well if you want to ensure your kiddo’s safety, you’ll want to grab him this Child Dinosaur Costume. That way he’ll blend in with the large, scaly predators and maybe even eventually be accepted as one of their own!Alright… maybe randomly being transported back in time isn’t something that you worry about on a constant basis. Maybe instead you’re hoping to find an awesome and fun costume for your youngster to run around in this Halloween. Well, there is no need to look any further. This Dinosaur Costume is as fun and awesome as one can get! It has menacing white chompers made from felt, as well as pointy purple spikes that go up the head and down the tail. You won’t know whether to describe your kiddo as adorable or ferocious once he’s stomping around town in this primeval costume. Give your little one a truly Jurassic experience this Halloween when you surprise him with this dino jumpsuit. Take a look at the rest of our dinosaur and caveman-themed costumes and then have the whole family walk around the neighborhood to give everyone a blast to the past.So whether you need costume ideas for the up-coming Halloween or a backup plan in case one of those unexpected quantum leaps occurs, this Child Dinosaur Costume is a great place to start for your little one!

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  • Kids Magic Wizard Costume

    Kids Magic Wizard Costume

    So, your little one has decided they want to be a wizard when they grow up, have they? It’s not an easy life, but it’s never boring! They’ll definitely need to get their hands on one of these stellar looking Magic Wizard Costumes to get into the magical mood. Don’t get us wrong, your little wizard-in training is going to need tons of practice to sharpen their wizardly skills. But looking like a real wizard is just as important, and everyone knows that some of the best wizards wear sparkly robes, with moon and star symbols covering them to help focus their mystical powers, and to help them look really cool! They also need to wear their robes while practicing so they know how to cast spells properly in long, flapping sleeves, since style and flourish is half of magic. The other half is a closely guarded secret (we hope it has something to do with eating a big, delicious breakfast), but we bet your little spell-caster will crack the code in no time. The best part of this wizard costume is that it’ll give them a fun, magical look whether they’re practicing their spells, putting on a showcase for their friends and family, or going on a fantastic adventure. The roomy, mystically colored robe and matching cone shaped hat feature sparkly edges and satin accents, which makes them look like quite the powerful wizard as they practice their incantations. Before you know it, they’ll be conjuring hexes, charms, and spells like a seasoned magical pro!

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  • Witch King Mask

    Witch King Mask

    You’ll feel the pull of the One Ring in this licensed Witch King mask from the Lord of the Rings. The mask is designed to completely conceal your face so that you can step into the role of this truly fearsome character, instantly transforming you into the Black Captain. Lord of the Rings fans will be completely jealous of just how authentic you look, compared to their close enough costumes, yours will look almost exactly like the one from the cinema.Even if those you encounter throughout the night have never seen The Lord of the Rings and aren’t quite sure how the Witch King of Angmar is that ok! You will still look killer in this, it is still quite the creepy design. Silver distressed detailing will make it look as if you just stepped off the battlefield, fighting against all that try to cross you.

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  • Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

    Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

    Maybe it’s game-day and you are the ref. Or, perhaps you are an 80s pop-star in need of a cool accessory. And, what if you are a tough motorcyclist? This Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves are perfect for your costumes.Let’s face it these gloves fulfill all sorts of costume needs. The black stretchy material looks good no matter what you are doing. There is a Velcro closure at the top of the wrist to make sure the gloves stay on tight. To polish the gloves and make you look good there is a faux button at the wrist. Polish your referee costume to make calls without any drama. Or, bop around to 80s beats while looking the part. Maybe, dress up that cool biker costume with some cute gloves to make you look kick-butt. No matter what, you’ll be looking good.

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  • Sequin Devil Horns Headband

    Sequin Devil Horns Headband

    Hellacious and BodaciousRocking the devil horns isn’t something to be taken lightly. By sliding these onto your head, you’re promising yourself that you won’t slide into your natural nice habits. When you’re dressed like a devil, you have to be strong. No saying yes to working late with a smile. No apologizing to people who run into you on the subway (why should apologize when you ran into them?) And anyone who steals your lunch at work better have a stockpile of holy water available because they’re about to see some crazy fire and brimstone action. Product DetailsThese sequined horns are dramatic with a plush, stuffed three-dimensional look. They’re mounted on a black headband, easily blending in with your hair. With sequins and plush horns, these horns are sure to stand out where ever you’re wearing them!Minions in ModeIt’s more fashionable than ever to get in touch with your dark side. It doesn’t mean you’re bad. You’re just into being honest about your shadowy self. Wear it with your work clothes for an easy daytime costume or choose one of our awesome devil costumes to put together an awesome evening look. Who knew that being bad could look so rad?

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  • White / Red Striped Tights

    White / Red Striped Tights

    Want to have a leg up on everybody’s costumes this coming Halloween? Well, then step your leg game up with this White/Red Striped Tights! Be the Waldo that everyone is willing to search for till the ends of the earth. You could look like the sassiest elf in Santa’s workshop or the cutest clown dancing around the party when you slip your legs into this playful pair of pantyhose.No matter what outfit you add these striped tights too, you’ll look as animated as the zany characters of Dr. Seuss’s world and as tasty as a candy cane. Planning to wear a fun tutu or devilish skirt, along with a sensual pair of high heels or go-go boots this year? Well, once you add these tights to your getup, you’ll be one step closer to having the best legs strutting around town this Halloween! With millions of options to dress up as this coming holiday, just make sure you chose one that you can pair these titillating tights too and you’ll be the talk of the party.

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  • Keyhole Fingerless Lace Gloves

    Keyhole Fingerless Lace Gloves

    Fancy hands!What do you call hands that are all decked out in lavish black lace? We don’t know about you, but we like to them fancy hands. Now your flesh-colored hands can be decked out in edgy black mesh. You can make these fingerless gloves trendy and stylish by pairing them with some fashionable clothing. Of course, they also look great with lots of different costumes. We recommend pairing these lace gloves with a witch costume, 80’s costume, or a dark angel costume!If you want to have fancy hands, these keyhole fingerless lace gloves are the accessory you’ll need. These Leg Avenue gloves fasten with a plastic snap on the back of the hand. The keyhole on the front is a sophisticated detail that will add some chicness to your overall look. You can accessorize them with some black patent heels, a little black dress, and some gold jewelry!

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  • Adult Cozy Sloth Costume

    Adult Cozy Sloth Costume

    Slothtastic!These days, life goes by fast. One day you’re celebrating your 11th birthday and the next you’re making retirement plans. (Scary, right?) In a world dedicated to going as fast as humanly possible, slowing down every now and then is recommended. Recommended by who, you ask? Sloths. Sloths are slowly putting a clawed foot down and stopping our world from spinning too fast. Thanks to sloths and our talented design team, you can get help on slowing way down to smell the roses. Or the tulips. Or the orchids. Or whichever flower you feel like smelling. We say smell ’em all! No one will question why you’re driving 20 miles under the speed limit or walking in the grocery store at a snail’s pace while you’re dressed as a gigantic sloth. It will be completely normal. Just wave (slowly, of course) to all the haters and go about your business, as leisurely as possible and watch how your day unfolds. We have a feeling you’ll love the new, unhurried tempo so much so you’ll decide to make the cozy sloth costume an everyday thing. Your boss may not be jazzed about it but maybe he just needs the cozy sloth costume in his life…Product DetailsThe adult Cozy Sloth costume is a Made by Us disguise meaning it’s crafted from high-quality materials and designed to last. The furry jumpsuit features a full zipper for easy wear and removal. A pair of mitts and shoe covers complete the head-to-toe disguise while the cute, character headpiece tops off the look. Wearers can sort of see out through the mesh fabric eyes.Lollygag Like a BossThis sloth costume is going to start a movement! Assemble a sloth squad using all our sloth costumes. We have different types of sloth disguises for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults!

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  • Care Bears Adult Classic Bed Time Bear Costume

    Care Bears Adult Classic Bed Time Bear Costume

    Nap time!When it comes to the Care Bears, there’s one particular character that we really connect with. Bedtime Bear! After all, doesn’t a nap sound pretty sweet? After a long day at work… after a delicious and filling meal… sometimes even after a nap. Snuggling up in those blankets is heaven. Of course, the best nap happens after we take care of all the partying! So, when you’re headed to the costume party, make sure you’re decked out in a true 80s classic!Design & DetailsA licensed original straight from our Team HalloweenCostumes design studios, this cozy jumpsuit is ready for naps and more! This costume features an attached hood and attached mittens. It also comes with shoe covers that secure under the foot with an elastic band, or you can leave them aside and just show off your sneakers. The suit is made of 100% polyester, and the exterior features a super-soft long pile-fur. The tummy section is white fleece with an appliqued moon symbol. The mitts feature appliqued hearts on the palm. And the back side has the Care Bears heart logo right next to the tail! Flip up the hood to reveal Bed Time Bear’s face. The hood feature his eyes, ears, and a nose on top!Still thinking about that nap?Bedtime Bear knows how you feel. And that you’re thinking about that nap right now! We’d have to say that he’s pretty much the coziest bear in Care-a-lot, and that’s saying a lot since all the Care Bears are pretty darned cozy! If you’re all set with this Bedtime costume, be sure to shop our entire selection of exclusive Care Bears costumes. They’re available in sizes to fit both kids and adults, so that you can assemble your own most excellent group theme. We think your family is going to have a lot of hugs to give out this Halloween!

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  • Nacho Libre Leisure Costume Adult

    Nacho Libre Leisure Costume Adult

    PUT ON YOUR DISGUISEYou’ve heard of that Superdude who came from the planet Krouton or something, right? He’s amazing. Full of crazy super powers and constantly using them to save the day—not just the whole world from awful doom, but even the little guy who’s just having things real rough lately. Well, the point is that unlike most superheroes, this guy doesn’t put on a costume to become the hero; he puts one on to become a normal guy.You’re thinking, ‘Wait, did I load up a Superhero costume?’ because you’re looking at Ignácio, a totally normal guy from Nacho Libre. But, that’s the point! Deep down, Ignácio is truly the hero who uses his mighty(?) powers to reveal his true identity, Nacho, and work to keep the orphanage up and running. He truly is Nacho. That leisure-wear that he runs around in otherwise? That’s the real disguise!  DESIGN & DETAILSSneak your way through a mundane life with our officially licensed Ignácio Leisure costume from Nacho Libre. This look includes a pair of off-white pants with an elastic waist and a straight cut. You might gasp in concern about white pants after Labor Day, but that’s just shoes. (But, we recommend the white shoes, too. We’re talking about a hero! Some rules need to be ignored.) Anyway, the combination shirt will draw all the attention. It has a white turtleneck inset in a blue jersey shirt with ribbed sleeves and a hemline that makes the shirt, itself, disguised as a sweater! All this glory comes from our in-house design team that specializes in superhero costumes and their blend-in-with-the-crowd daily wear! THE TRUE IDENTITYDid you know the secret of Nacho goes even deeper? The whole tale is based on the true life of Rev. Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez who became Friar Storm to save his orphanage! Live out this life of mystery heroics with this seemingly simple disguise!

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  • Ravishing Ringmaster Women's Costume

    Ravishing Ringmaster Women’s Costume

    Crack the WhipDo you run the show? Maybe your career doesn’t take place in the circus but your life is still entertaining! Everyone in your life has their own talent. Your sister in law has a balancing act with three kids who all have different interests from ballet to soccer to ceramics, you can see her walking on a tightrope throwing flaming clubs into the air. Then there’s your partner, they’re always pulling faces and making you laugh as they go through their morning routine with a slapstick quality. They’d be a clown for sure. Your younger sister shirks responsibility so well that she’d be an escape artist without any doubt! If you’re the type of person that keeps everyone on the right track and encourages folks to perform well, then you’ll feel right at home when you’re dressing up in this ringmaster costume.Product DetailsYou’ll be ready to start the show in this awesome costume. The fitted red jacket has golden tassels on the shoulders and the dashing striped cuffs studded with gold buttons. Layered under the jacket is a vest with a scrolling pattern, silver buttons, and ruffles around the collar. You’ll love the way the tawny pants pair with knee-high boots, looking timeless with the rest of the ensemble. A small top hat and a black bowtie makes this costume complete. Polish off this look with a whip prop to make sure everyone knows to respect your reign!Big Ideas Under the Big TopMaybe you’re heading out on Halloween solo or maybe you want to pair up with the rest of the circus act. Heading out with the bearded lady, the strongman, and maybe even a clown. You might just be dressing up for Halloween but with costumes this good, you guys could probably sell a few tickets!

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  • Ravishing Ringmaster Girls Costume

    Ravishing Ringmaster Girls Costume

    The One to WatchYou didn’t raise your girl to be just another act. Nope. You brought her up to be the one everyone is watching! And as it turns out, she is a total boss! Head of her cheerleading squad, captain of the soccer team, honor roll student, the lead in the school play, and now, class president—we’re starting to wonder if there is anything your child can’t do! So, let her Halloween costume reflect her natural leadership and showmanship skills. This Girl’s Ravishing Ringmaster Costume perfectly highlights her strengths in life and sets her up as the one to watch! Sure, she won’t be your little girl forever, but this year you can enjoy watching her turn Halloween into a fabulous show, with her as its star. Leave those lesser costumes for the clowns. She should be proud of her accomplishments, but maybe none more than finding this, the perfect Halloween costume!Design & DetailsGather round! Gather round! Step right up to witness an amazing feat! Our costume studio created a look that you’ll need to see with your very eyes to believe! This carefully crafted getup includes golden britches; a tailored tail coat with circus-inspired accents, like stripes and gold epaulets; a bow-tie choker; and a tasteful, coordinating top hat. She’ll need to add her own lace-up boots and any accessories she may want, such as gloves, a whip, or a tamed lion, but then she’ll be ready to steal the show! Act of ShowmanshipHandling all of her commitments can be a bit of a balancing act. It’s a good thing your girl has you in her corner, advising her and helping her shine! Luckily, she’s a natural performer who takes pride in her moments to show the world what she can do—like rock a cool Ringmaster costume all Halloween long! 

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  • Ravishing Ringmaster Womens Plus Size Costume

    Ravishing Ringmaster Womens Plus Size Costume

    A recruitment offerDid you catch that all-important email? Scroll down your inbox just a touch, and look for a very special note. Because when you click open, you will see that you’ve got a fantastic opportunity from one of the world’s most premiere circuses. That’s right, they want you to be their next Ringmaster. Are you up for it?You might be rather surprised they’d give you a shot, since you’re seemingly short on the qualifications, but we’re sure you’ve got that special something that they’re really looking for. Style, panache, and the ability to crack a whip, too! Even if you’re still working on that whip handling, don’t sweat it. Just fake it till you make it!Of course, you’re going to want to prepare before you hop out on a flight to meet your traveling crew, so we suggest suiting up with a style that will have you ready for the glamorous life under the big top. And we would most certainly suggest this Ravishing Ringmaster costume. It’s elite, it’s stylish, and it’s ready to help you run the show!Design & DetailsThis Ravishing Ringmaster costume in plus sizes is made and designed right here at And that means it’s a Made by Us exclusive! We put extra attention into our costume designs, and this style most certainly delivers. It comes with the hat, bowtie, vest, jacket, and pants. All with exquisite detail! All you’ll need to complete the style is costume boots and maybe, just maybe, that whip. We have both available as costume accessories if you don’t have them at home!the big showWe’re all about getting as close to the real deal as possible. And while you (probably) won’t be suiting up for a circus assignment any time soon, it’s a fun and unique costume style for your next party. So, go in this Ravishing Ringmaster costume, and get ready for the big show!

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  • The Big Lebowski The Dude Men's Sweater Costume

    The Big Lebowski The Dude Men’s Sweater Costume

    Dudism. It’s not just a random collection of ideas from a cult classic 90s film. It’s, like, totally a way of life, man! Whether you’re all about studying the ways of the Dude or you’ve been just spending all your time biding the day until you get to become an eminently chill man, we have got the ensemble that’s going to transform you into His Dudeness himself, Jeffrey Lebowski!This authentic costume is made and designed by us right here at The zip up sweater has that just-right knit pattern, and the shawl collar will look perfect with the purple V-neck t-shirt. Delightfully ‚Äúugly‚Äù lounge pants with pattern print copy the character’s look for the perfect touch of authenticity. Complete the look with your own pair of jelly sandals, and you’ll have the replica style that will have you ready to run to the store for some more Kalhua.The Big Lebowski is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLC. All Rights Reserved. A Note to Parents: The Big Lebowski is rated R. Consult for further information

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  • Plus Size George Washington Costume

    Plus Size George Washington Costume

    Who’s ready for a trip to Mount Vernon? When you outfit yourself with this exclusive Plus Size George Washington costume, you won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting to get there. You won’t have to cross the Delaware river. You won’t have to battle any British soldiers. And you won’t even have to spend a night at Valley Forge! Yup, all you’ll have to do is slip on this detailed costume, and you’ll be ready to defeat the British and make your way to becoming the first President of the United States of America.This costume replicates a late 18th century historical look that ol’ George is commonly depicted as wearing. The vest and jacket are trimmed with an elegant gold floral pattern, and it looks more likely to be worn for a night of high society partying than for a night out on the battlefield. With golden tasseled epaulets on the shoulders, the jacket commands respect, and gives anyone the confidence to lead as a general or president. Just put on the hat and complete your look with a white wig (sold separately) and you’ll be ready to become the historic figure himself. Because when you outfit yourself with this detailed look, you’ll be ready to help get the nation started… the right way!

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  • Adult Horse Jockey Costume

    Adult Horse Jockey Costume

    Race day already? You’d better start getting ready… it takes years of excruciating work, training day in, day out for thousands of hours and, most importantly, you have to know how to ride a horse. You’ve sort of waited until the last minute on this thing, we hope you’re ready to be in the Kentucky Derby, it’s kind of a big deal. People bust out those huge hats for this! While we can’t help you with the horse riding skills, we can totally get this Horse Jockey Costume to you so you at least LOOK the part. If you happen to win the race, don’t forget to have a mint julep and say a toast and thank for helping you absurdly win the biggest equestrian event in the world!

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  • Toddler's Realistic Tiger Costume

    Toddler’s Realistic Tiger Costume

    Never a Dull RoarTigers and young children are more alike than you’d think. If you know there’s a tiger in the vicinity but you can’t see or hear it, you know you’re in trouble. The same goes for kids. If it’s eerily quiet in the house than there’s a good chance that trouble is brewing. The type of trouble depends on the kid. There’s could be new artwork drawn on the living room walls or a peanut butter experiment going awry in the laundry room. Silence is dangerous.Still, you gotta respect the nature of both parties. Tigers have to stalk their prey. Kids have to express themselves. If only there was a way for kiddos to channel their creative energy in less chore-inducing ways. . . you know where we’re headed. Combine the two silent terrors for some truly terrific playtime! This realistic tiger costume will have your child stalking their teddy bears instead of rustling up human kid trouble. That’s bad news for teddy but good news for mom and dad!Details & DesignOur Made by Us realistic tiger stands apart from other tiger costumes with ease! Our graphic artists and in-house designers worked together to combine a beautiful tiger print and a realistic face with a jumpsuit that’s topped with a sculpted tiger head hood. The tiger has a long tail, clawed shoe covers, and ferocious mitts to ready the big cat for the hunt. Pumped for the PounceCreative kids will have no problem getting into character when they’re rocking this brightly striped costume. Whether their tiger likes to stalk the jungle river banks or prefers to lounge in a tree until some prey comes along, you can be sure this costume will get plenty of playtime action long after the Halloween candy is gone. You’d just better warn Mr. Teddy Bear, it’s going to be a rough year for him!

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  • Small Vampire Teeth

    Small Vampire Teeth

    We don’t want to oversell this Small Vampire Teeth kit like the picture on the package. Because if you weren’t born with a butane lighter behind your teeth, we don’t know of a single dental prosthesis that’s going to let you spit literal tongues of flame. But we can say that the polished look of these pint-sized pearly whites will help you turn up the heat of your sultry vampire outfit! Come to think of it, the makers probably assumed the photograph would speak for itself. But we’re so committed to great-looking costumes that it can be hard to tell how much fire is too much! And it’s also worth mentioning that this kit includes everything you need to mold these reusable fanglets to the contours of your real teeth. That means that the one-time customization process is all it takes to make them a permanent fixture in your Halloween cosmetics kit!

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  • Infant Lil' Unicorn Costume

    Infant Lil’ Unicorn Costume

    The newest member of the familyThere’s just no saying exactly what’s going to happen when you add a new member to your family. One minute you think you’re getting a little baby girl, and the next thing you know you’ve got a magical unicorn rip-roaring through your living room. Think that’s a stretch of the imagination? Naw, we can totally make it a reality. All you’re going to need is this Lil Unicorn Costume for Infants, and you’ll have your own unicorn lickety split!Product DetailsThis Lil’ Unicorn Infant Costume is sure to make your little one a cute Halloween treat! It’ stylish, 100% unicorn-y, and ready to make Halloween extra special for an amazing little girl or boy. The pink and lavender jumpsuit is super cozy and the plush headpiece adds the delightful details of a Unicorn head. It’s got the snout, eyes, a glitter tulle mane, and most importantly, a plush horn! Its available in infant sizes extra small to large, please consult our size chart for specific measurements.Magical StoriesWhen you’ve got a tot in your home, your probably inclined to read them magical stories about far-away lands, princes, princesses, gold, fairies, unicorns, and… well you get the picture here. Fantasy is fun! Your kiddo’s not too young to start the fun, either, when you suit them up in this costume. Be sure to shop our entire selection of items to make this Halloween the greatest ever. From accessories to costumes for Ma and Pa, we’re your one-stop Halloween shop!

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  • Heavenly Angel Costume

    Heavenly Angel Costume

    Look as if you just descended from Heaven in our Heavenly Angel Costume. You will be a beautiful sight in white, looking truly angelic in this costume. We may be biased but we do think it’s one of the most beautiful costumes out there. I mean, just look at it, you can’t really disagree. What could be more beautiful than an heavenly angel?You’ll become a visionary while you don our floor length gorgeous angel white dress with gold accents. Looking just as angels do in the movies, you will have a beautiful, classical look that includes both the large white organza, gold laced wings and a gold tinsel covered wire halo. These largely wonderful wings slide right into slots in the back of your dress to look as if you are the real deal. You will look truly heavenly when you wear this Heavenly Angel Costume! This costume can be worn for a variety of occasions, wear it for a Christmas program or even for Halloween. Whatever the case, you are sure to be the star of the show. You can even leave the wings and halo at home and the dress could become a renaissance or ancient goddess costume. The possibilities are endless! You will be turning heads everywhere no matter which route you decide to take with how ravishing you will look in this Heavenly Angel Costume.

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  • Haunting Beauty Costume

    Haunting Beauty Costume

    With All Hallows Eve fast approaching, or even just the periodic strong full moon, spiritual energy is at a high. Ghosts, ghouls, and a handful of specters come out of the woodwork, pull a few pranks, and do their best to feel that connection with the living world for a while. Some are problematic, of course, and some people get overly frightened. Eventually, you know exactly who they’re going to call. Ugh, that annoying siren and those ridiculous costumes. One little moan and suddenly there are proton packs and laser beams being fired everywhere!The thing is, not all ghosts are here to cause a nasty ruckus. What about those who are kindly, sweet, and just want to hover around and remind the world that we were here and still are!? We need a diplomat… someone who can go and speak on all ghostly soul’s accounts and let the ‘Busters know that not all haunted sheets are cut from the same cloth. Perhaps with the right words and a kindly smile, we might have a brand new world where the living and the dead can walk hand in hand.Our best bet is you in this Haunting Beauty costume. This lovely silver gown has white mesh attached to a wrap-like bodice that has the look of a loving mommy… er, we meant mummy. The sleeves have tattered ends, understandable after all these years of death, but still have an innocence and serenity about them that will surely help make your point. A sheer white sash can be worn about the waist or as a headscarf depending on precisely how sweet you’d like to look. In no time, they’ll be eating out of your hands. And, if not, then you can just rip out their souls and we’ll try that peaceful option again next year!

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  • Toddler Pig Costume

    Toddler Pig Costume

    Does your little one sometimes act like he was raised in a barn? Is he also almost too adorable to stay mad at? Well, then we’ve got the perfect costume for him to run around in this Halloween. Grab this Toddler Pig Costume and let your kiddo run around the neighborhood yelling wee-wee-wee all the way home.This pink jumpsuit will make your youngster the cutest piglet in town. He’ll be sure to get plenty of goodies with some heartfelt ‘oinks’. Just make sure you keep an eye out for mud piles, everybody knows how much pigs love rolling around in the mud! Also, what a lot of people don’t know, pigs are very smart animals. So don’t be too down on yourself if your little one outsmarts ya once or twice in this costume. Another fun fact about pigs, that should be no surprise, is that they have an excellent sense of smell. Once you strap the piggy headpiece on your toddler’s head, he’ll have no problem sniffing out the tastiest treats around the block. Oh and probably at home too… so make sure to keep those snacks in high places! Just because your little one is going to look cuter than the average piggy doesn’t mean he has to weigh more than the average piggy too.Take a look at the rest of our pig costumes and the whole family can storm the streets as the cutest sounder of swine anyone has ever seen. Just make sure your little piglet practices his oinking and squealing!

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  • Cobra Kai Women's Costume

    Cobra Kai Women’s Costume

    Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?NO, SENSEI!Have no fear of the unknown, especially when it comes to your costume life. If you like to draw on the 80s for inspiration, we’re sure that you know full well about the magic of the classic flick The Karate Kid. And if you’ve ever thought about being one of the bad guys in the classic flick, well, here’s your opportunity. This Cobra Kai costume for women!Pain does not exist in this dojo, does it?NO, SENSEI!Don’t feel the pain of a cheap, knockoff costume. Because that’s not what we’re all about! This signature women’s Cobra Kai costume is made right here in our studios, and we’ve partnered with Columbia Pictures to get the details just right. That means this costume is officially licensed, and it’s got the movie inspired look to let you become one of Sensei Kreese’s top karate champs.Defeat does not exist in this dojo, does it? NO, SENSEI!That’s right, failure is not an option. But you won’t have any doubt that you’ll be ready for the All Valley Karate Championships when you have these elite threads. With authentic looking patches, a headband, and a form friendly women’s cut, you’ll be able to take on Karate Kid cosplay in a whole new way. Team up with your partner as Daniel LaRusso for a fun couples costume, or assemble your group of friends to form your own Cobra Kai dojo. YES, SENSEI!!!

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  • Avocuddles Costume Infant

    Avocuddles Costume Infant

    First of Shared FavoritesAt this age, your baby’s interests are limited. Their tastes are expanding, of course. When they were really tiny their main hobbies were cuddling, crying, sipping on milk, and ceiling fan gazing. It’s safe to say that life has gotten a lot more interesting ever since soft food was introduced. First, it was all about the apple sauce. A week later, your kiddo got to try sweet potatoes, that went over well. But when your kiddo tried avocado for the first time and loved it, your heart soared. You were finally sharing a favorite food! You love your guac, avocado toast, and every avocado product in between. And when your little one kept asking for more of your favorite green fruit, you couldn’t help but think of the shared interests to come. From Sunday bike rides to your favorite music, there’s so much to share with this kid. We think avocados make a pretty great beginning!Product DetailsNot only is this avocado a fresh take on Halloween costumes but it’s also easy to put on your baby! A snap-up crotch will make diaper changes accessible. The front is structured with a fresh green fabric. A cute little nut center will make your kid’s new superfood disguise obvious to everyone around. This costume looks fine without the included headpiece for the benefit of those anti-hat babies, but for more tolerant kids, the adorable headpiece secures with a simple hook and loop fastener under the chin. Soft and adorable, your little cutie is sure to be a fresh addition to any costume party!Make it a MealAre you looking for ideas for a whole family of foodies? Flaunt your families appetite by exploring the rest of our food costumes! Crunchy tacos, fresh veggies, and even a sushi roll or two will help bring your family’s unique tastes to any event. Who knew looking at costumes could make you feel so hungry!

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