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  • Women's Holiday Elf Costume

    Women’s Holiday Elf Costume

    Attention! The North Pole is hiring brand new elves to help out at Santa’s workshop this holiday season and they’re only taking the best of the best. It’s a competitive job so you’re going to want to be prepared for your interview with the man in red, Santa Claus. Plan on having to answer your Christmas tree trimming preferences and you must know all of the flying reindeer in order. Freshen up on all your holiday songs and you must know the naughty list off the top of your head. No one said that being an elf is easy but it’s definitely one of the best, most respected, most fun jobs out there! Also, you’ll want to dress for the job you’re interviewing for. Show up in this holiday elf costume and you’ll definitely impress Santa! This holiday elf costume for women comes with everything you need in order to be the best elf, well except holiday cheer. You’ll have to supply that! This short sleeve green dress is cinched together with a gold buckle belt. With a red collar, red detailing on the bottom of the dress, and peppermint buttons you’ll look as sweet as a sugar plum! The signature red and green elf hat is decorated with gold bells that will make you jingle all the way. Accessorize with the red and white striped tights and some black booties. Let us know if Santa offers you one of the prestigious elf positions at the North Pole, and of course make an extra special present just for us!

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  • Women's Scarecrow Costume Plus Size

    Women’s Scarecrow Costume Plus Size

    THE MYSTERY OF THE MAZEAutumn has a way of bringing us all out to enjoy and explore all sorts of festivities that we generally can’t any other time of the year. Obviously, our favorite is anything that has to do with Halloween, but we know that not everything about the fall is all about Halloween. (Apparently.) We’ve got petitions in to make sure Halloween is a constant, all-year event. They are all still pending. (Apparently.)Anyway. One of our favorite things to enjoy has to be exploring the mazes that folks build to test our ability to explore. They can get pretty daunting (even if you don’t think of scenes from certain wizarding or horror films). But, if you know a few tricks, you can discover the solution with great ease. First, you can try the ‘keep your right hand on the wall’ tactic. That’ll get you there, even if it might take a long time. A far better tactic is making friends with the denizens of the maze, though. They know all the secret passages and can be surprisingly conversational! DESIGN & DETAILSYour first step in solving all your maze problems is having the right, approachable look! This Scarecrow costume is just the way to show all autumnal spirits that you’re primed for friendship. Our design team put together bright colors and the very essence of fall to construct this Made by Us costume. It features a pair of green overalls with a Capri length and a rope belt that perfectly accents the tone. Your pullover plaid shirt with open shoulders and a pair of fingerless elastic gloves are comfortable and cool. But it is the floppy hat with the flower hair clip that really completes this festive look.CALLING ALL CROWSNormally, you’d think the job of a scarecrow is to get rid of the crows. But, when you’re a friend of the Mysterious Maze, those crows are actually pretty great for getting a bird’s eye view on the solution! With this Made by Us look, you can assure you’ll be on the right side of all your Fall Friends! 

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  • Avengers: Endgame Black Panther Vibranium Power FX

    Avengers: Endgame Black Panther Vibranium Power FX

    Shuri’s Newest TechWe always wanted our own Black Panther suit. Unfortunately, Shuri doesn’t just go around handing secret Wakandan tech out to just anyone. Currently, she only lets her brother, T’challa, herself, and a select few Wakandan elite fighters use her amazing tech. The good news is that even we can’t get our hands on real vibranium based tech, this Avengers: Endgame Black Panther Mask comes pretty close to recreating the mask from the movies!Product DetailsThis officially licensed Black Panther Vibrainium Power FX Mask comes with tons of great details that will make you feel like a real superhero. The mask is made out of molded plastic and fits with an elastic band around the back of the head. The lenses over the eyes can be flipped up or down, giving you multiple ways to wear the mask. With a simple press of a button, the mask lights up with brilliant blue lights, which simulates the look of Black Panther’s kinetic absorption powers that Shuri installed in his suit. It requires one AA battery to operate.Become Black PantherIf you plan on cosplaying as your favorite character from the Avengers, then you’re going to want this Black Panther mask!

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  • Jack Skellington Adult Kit

    Jack Skellington Adult Kit

    This is a Jack Skellington Adult Kit.

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  • Boy's Bumblebee Transformer Movie Muscle Costume

    Boy’s Bumblebee Transformer Movie Muscle Costume

    Every Autobot Does GreatYour child has a secret. You would never know it just to look at them, but deep down inside, your child is an Autobot. This is amazing news, we know, but it’s true. It’s just something that you’re going to have to come to terms with. The good news is that there’s something that you can do to support their newfound robotic nature. The best thing you can do to help your young one is to help teach them the proper way to be a Transformer so they can achieve their destiny of battling against the Decepticons.Of course, you’re going to need to train your child in the art of Transformers combat. You’ll need to show them how to effectively use red lasers, blue lasers, and maybe even green lasers. You must show them how to exploit Megatron’s weakness. But, most importantly, you need to gear your young one up like a real Transformer. You need this Bumblebee child costume.Product DetailsThis officially licensed Transformers costume comes from the Bumblebee movie, and let us tell you, it’s pretty spectacular! The costume comes with a jumpsuit that has printed details to recreate the look of Bumblebee from the movie. It even has muscle padding in the chest and arms to help give your child that buff robotic physique that every Autobot needs to do battle with Decepticons. The mask is made of molded plastic and is designed to look like Bumblebee’s face. It fits with an elastic band in backSend BackupSuit your child up in this Bumblebee costume and they’ll be ready to save the world from evil Transformers. Of course, even the best Autobot of them all needs some backup now and again. Perhaps you could come to your child’s aid by dressing up as the one and only Optimus Prime.

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  • Adult Big Bird Costume

    Adult Big Bird Costume

    Do you like to make a statement wherever you go? Well then we’ve got the perfect costume for you! Take a trip down memory lane and relive your childhood in our Adult Big Bird Costume, because the only things that’s better than spending your days watching Sesame Street all day is actually becoming one of the character!Whether you want to be the life of the party or maybe you just like to hang out and dress like Sesame Street characters, anything is possible in this bright yellow getup! A crazy costume has never been easier with our 100% polyester, faux fur long-sleeved Big Bird shirt. Just throw on your shirt and your faux fur headpiece with a soft-sculpted felt beak and eyes sand you are instantly transformed into an iconic character from the best years of your life! We hate to break it to you but, you will have to buy your own yellow pants, but hey if you’re a true Big Bird fan you’ve probably already got a pair laying around the house. Show everyone how to get to Sesame Street in this Adult Big Bird Costume! Keep your nest clean so you can welcome your friend, Mr. Snuffleupagus. Why not get the whole gang together while your at it and add our Elmo, Cookie Monster and the rest of our Sesame Street costumes!

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  • Toddler Knight Of The Dragon Costume

    Toddler Knight Of The Dragon Costume

    Scientists have theorized that it takes more than 10,000 hours of practice to become great at something. 10,000 hours! That means you have to start training your kid now if he ever wants to be the best knight he can be. If he wants to survive killing the dragon, and saving the princess.You’ll have to find the best swordsmen to teach him the craft. He will need to learn Bonetti’s Defense, the Capo Ferro attack, and the Thibault, and Aggripa swordsmanship styles. He will need to learn to ride a horse, and to joust. (You never know when jousting will come in handy.) And he will need to practice while wearing armor. This way he doesn’t get slowed down in a fight because he isn’t used to it.Well, we can’t really help with the swordsmanship, although we hear that Inigo Montoya is pretty handy with a sword. But we can help with some training armor. This Toddler Knight Of The Dragon Costume will help your son learn what it is like to fight with armor. He should wear it for 10,000 hours to get used to having it on. He should also train for that many hours too, just so he has an upper hand when he comes face to face with the terrible dragon who is keeping the princess locked up in the tower. We wish him luck on his quest!

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  • Descendants 3 Evie Girls Wig

    Descendants 3 Evie Girls Wig

    This is the Descendants 3 Girls Evie Wig.

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  • The Power Rangers Beast Morphers Kids Red Ranger Costume

    The Power Rangers Beast Morphers Kids Red Ranger Costume

    Go Red Ranger, go!Is your kiddo all about the Beast Morphers Rangers? Alright! That’s a great way to be. He or she is sure to love watching the intense action of the latest Power Rangers series, but we’re here to let your child know that there’s a new way for them to get involved in the fun. By suiting up in our Red Ranger Beast Morphers costume!With this officially licensed costume, your child can show off their Power Rangers style by going as their favorite character, the Beast Morphers’ Red Ranger. Devon Daniels wears the suit and has amazing powers like hyper speed and his Beast Racer Zord. You might still be catching up on the show to learn the ins-and-outs, but we’re here to let you know your kid is ready for the action. So, suit them up!Product DetailsPower Rangers and Hasbro officially licensed, this Power Rangers Beast Morphers Kids Red Ranger Classic comes with a super-detailed jumpsuit and mask. The fully printed jumpsuit has fiberfill padding for muscle effect, and extra touches like an attached belt and transporter on the shoulder. It secures with a simple hook and loop fastener in the back. The rigid mask completes the theme, with a red see-through visor and elastic band in the back it covers the front of the face. Suit them up in this costume, and while they might not be ready to pilot a zord, they will definitely be ready for trick-or-treating on Halloween night!Tired or WiredTired: Watching the Beast Morphers on TV.Wired: Suiting up as the Beast Morphers to save the day!Rest assured, the Rangers are most certainly not tired when it comes to the youngest fans. So, grab this Red Ranger Costume, and shop our entire selection of Power Rangers Costumes to outfit every member of your child’s team!

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  • Disney Incredibles 2 Classic Baby Costume

    Disney Incredibles 2 Classic Baby Costume

    This is a Disney Incredibles 2 Classic Baby Costume.

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  • Jack-O-Lantern Dolomite Bowl Circus

    Jack-O-Lantern Dolomite Bowl Circus

    This is a Circus Jack-O-Lantern Dolomite Bowl.

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  • Foam Halloween Berry Wreath 16.5"

    Foam Halloween Berry Wreath 16.5″

    Decor Made with NightshadeWe know what you’re thinking. How are berries spooky, right? Oh, you weren’t thinking that? Well, we were. And perhaps it’s because we read to many macabre internet articles while working for a Halloween company. Or maybe we were born with an interest in all things dark. It’s kind of a chicken or the egg question. But… we think berries are pretty spooky, as long as they’re the right berries. Take Belladonna berries for instance. They look as appetizing as blueberries but snack on a couple of them and that might be your last snack. And while this wreath is made with simple “Halloween berries” that are actually just sparkly foam balls, we welcome you to make up a story about the horror of unbridled berry picking for all the Halloween revelers that come through your door. We really think it might be a new trend!Product DetailsThis black and orange wreath will keep your entryway cheery while also adding a touch of seasonal spook. The spiraling sparkles will catch the eye of trick-or-treaters as well as friends and family and can easily be paired with all sorts of our gorgeous decor. At just under one and a half feet, this wreath will make your porch a sure stop for the ghouls and goblins on Halloween night!

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  • Light Up Wood Jack-O-Lantern Face Pumpkin Decor

    Light Up Wood Jack-O-Lantern Face Pumpkin Decor

    This is a Wood Light Up Jack-O-Lantern Face Pumpkin Decor.

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  • Jack-O-Lantern Circus Dolomite Jar

    Jack-O-Lantern Circus Dolomite Jar

    This is a Circus Jack-O-Lantern Dolomite Jar.

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  • Inflatable Snowman - Decoration

    Inflatable Snowman – Decoration

    This is an Inflatable Snowman Decoration

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  • Magic Genie Lamp with Mist Prop

    Magic Genie Lamp with Mist Prop

    Don’t Get Wishy-WashyEveryone has three wishes… well, more than three wishes in their back pocket. You’ve probably wished on birthday candles, wishbones, and Dandelion fluff. But what would you wish when things got serious and there was a fluffy blue fella waiting for your commands? Maybe you’d keep it light. Maybe you’d wish that ice cream was good for you. Or you’d wish for your favorite celebrity to decide you were the coolest and show up at all your little get-togethers even while filming the newest blockbuster. Or perhaps you’re the peace on earth and goodwill to men type. Either way, it’s good to keep those wishes ready, you don’t want to draw a blank when the next genie shows up. You’ve got to be ready to make a decision. Which is where this magic genie lamp comes in.Product DetailsThis intricate genie lamp looks like it came from a mysterious stall in an ancient Arabia but it’s far less expensive and much more child-friendly. It makes for great decor, letting loose with mysterious phrases and blue smoke when activated. It’s sure to cause plenty of giggles. You might even find out what the people around you would wish for. Pretty valuable information, if you ask us!

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  • Inflatable Pumpkin Decoration 5'

    Inflatable Pumpkin Decoration 5′

    This is a 5′ Inflatable Pumpkin Decoration.

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  • Realistic Plastic Skeleton

    Realistic Plastic Skeleton

    Some people may see a skeleton decoration and think that it is only good once a year at a Halloween party. Not so. This guy is ready to delight guests at a 40th birthday, or a Day of the Dead fiesta, or hide him in a closet any time of the year for a fun prank. Skeletons are very versatile!

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  • Animated Monster Hand in Bowl

    Animated Monster Hand in Bowl

    Ever since the Addams Family rose into exceptional fame, a number of likewise unusual folks have began to creep out of the wood work in an effort to make themselves known and see what sort of life they could pave for themselves. It has been generally good for everyone. The spread of diverse folks, even the admittedly creepy ones, has bolstered great stories and helped to foster some mutually beneficial relationships that might have never happened before. Now, of course, there are some that aren’t quite so convinced. There is that sense of intimidation or questionable fairness when an 8-foot tall distant cousin of Lurch decides to join the volleyball team… but a number of the others have branched out in some pretty inventive ways.In fact, we have some of Thing’s siblings who have been looking for a good source of employment and entertainment for a while. One, this Animated Monster Hand in Bowl, has developed the amazing ability to speak, in fact, and is looking to become your candy greeter for this epic season. We’re not sure how it talks (beyond the use of three AA batteries), but it is pretty delightful when it jumps up to grab any candy seekers while shouting out its seasonal greetings. Have a good little scream this year with Thing’s slightly greener brother and, perhaps, you’ll have some of the actual Addamses come to visit!

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  • Ghost LED Light Set 10 Light

    Ghost LED Light Set 10 Light

    This is a 10 Light Ghost LED Light Set.

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  • Halloween Colorful Bat Lantern

    Halloween Colorful Bat Lantern

    This is a Halloween Bat Lantern.

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  • Spooky Eyes Lantern

    Spooky Eyes Lantern

    Features of the NightWhat is it about October? It has an air of energy. Kids come home from school with rosy cheeks and excited voices. The days are either spooky and stormy or there is a bright blue sky that’s framed with orange, yellow, and red leaves. Bright pumpkins, colorful corn, and tart apples are piled on carts next to country roads, ready to go home and spread the autumn cheer.But here’s the thing, it’s not just the colors that make us love this month so much. We love the dark side too! October nights get chilly. The wind picks up, carrying the dry leaves across the cement, stirring our imagination. It might just be the wind or it could be Halloween creatures, getting ready to celebrate the spooky season. Product DetailsThis lightweight lantern is an easy way to add color and character to your Halloween decor! It features colorful eyes and has wire rods under the paper to keep it structured. Ready to switch the season? Take it down, fold it up, and store it away for next years festivities!Keeping it EerieIt’s easy to make a kid-friendly spooky setting when you choose decorations from our collection. Set the tone with safe candle alternatives like glowsticks and LED candles to make these lanterns really pop!

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  • Halloween: Light Up Eyeball Wreath

    Halloween: Light Up Eyeball Wreath

    An Eye for DetailMartha has a great flair for decorating. She keeps it classy with just a sparkle of a unique twist to make her home stand up and say hello. In the summer she knows how to trim her bushes and create gorgeous flower arrangements from the trimmings.  In the winter her Christmas tree shines with homemade ornaments and her whole house smells of pine and cinnamon from the lush bows of pine strung along the staircases’ banister. So when it came to the Halloween season, she wasn’t planning on letting anybody down. She combined lush red and black silk roses in a gorgeous wreath. Then she added what everyone in the neighborhood was so jealous off, her eye for detail!Product DetailsThis reusable seasonal wreath is sure to set the right tone for your Halloween visitors. Black and red flowers make up the base. Multi-colored eyes are inserted into the middle of many of the flowers to really drive home an eerie image! The wreath comes with a loop to make sure hanging this for the Halloween season is quick and easy.Dark Decorating MattersWant more decor that treads that dark and dignified line? Check out our glittering black LED candles, poseable skeletons, and our wide variety of pumpkins to tailor your Halloween display to your elevated tastes!

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  • Gothic Black Bridal Veil Accessory

    Gothic Black Bridal Veil Accessory

    Perilous PlaylistDid you ever hear of the tale of the vengeful bride? It’s tragic. It’s horrible. And it’s totally true. A young blushing bride was looking forward to her reception right after the ceremony. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. Everything was going well until she walked into the party. The dessert table was in the wrong place. The bar wasn’t serving the couple’s signature cocktails. She held herself together until the DJ started playing their first song. It wasn’t, At Last like they had requested. As the young bride and groom waited on the dance floor the DJ blasted Another One Bites the Dust. That was it. The blushing bride turned red and swirled into a blur of anger. She blasted right out of one of the stained glass windows. They say you can still see her on moonlit nights, looking to drag young wedding DJs into eternal torment with her.Product DetailsWhether you’re looking to become a ghostly bride or you want the perfect accessory for your October bachelorette party, this veil blends bridal beauty with dark and broody in just the right way. The plastic headband is crowned with gray and black flowers while a black veil falls down the head and shoulders. You’ll even have a couple of spiders intertwined in the design. Now that’s what we call shabby chic!

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  • Light Up Jack O Lantern Knit Pompom Beanie

    Light Up Jack O Lantern Knit Pompom Beanie

    Jack O’ One TradeThe best part about a jack o’ lantern? His glowing grin. The worst part about a jack o’ lantern? All he does is sit on the front step the whole season. There’s so much excitement when the pumpkins are bought and ready for the squishy, messy fun of carving a personality onto their faces. And whether you go terrifying or angelic, at the end of the carving session the general desire is to show off your masterpiece. As we’ve already covered though, your new jack o’ lantern is rather lazy and pictures just can’t do it justice. What solution could possibly exist?Product DescriptionHow about this Light Up Jack O’ Lantern Knit Cap? The spooky fun of your favorite Halloween decoration can come with you wherever you’re headed. Don’t tell the jack o’ lanterns back home, but the face on this festive cap lights up and flashes in different colors, making it even cooler than the others. Plus, if you’re worried about folks being frightened by someone wearing a jack o’ lantern on their head, the traditional smile and triangle eyes on this cap guarantee a calmer reception.Safe for TravelEven if this year’s jack o’ lantern had legs and could accompany you wherever you went, there’s a certain amount of danger for him. Pumpkin smashers are lurking everywhere for one. Secondly, what if he trips and becomes his own smasher? There’s too much risk. We recommend accessorizing with this knitted substitute instead (your exquisite jack o’ lantern is better left at home).

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  • Light Up Hanging Garland Spider

    Light Up Hanging Garland Spider

    This is a Light Up Spiders Garland. 

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  • Light Up Garland- White Ghost

    Light Up Garland- White Ghost

    This is a Light Up Garland Ghost.

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  • Light Up Creepy Spider

    Light Up Creepy Spider

    Get a Leg Up on the SeasonHow do you embrace all things creepy and crawly in this, the season of spook? Some people choose to decorate with ghosts and ghouls while others choose the witchy route. That’s all well and good but we think there’s only one true-blue way to give people the creeps. How’s that? Well, the good old-fashioned, eight-legged, many-eyed arachnid, of course! You probably knew this deep down inside. No haunted house is complete without clumps of ancient spider webs, after all. Get ahead of the grisly game when you get your paws on this giant, light-up spider this Halloween!Product DetailsSpur your family into fits of fright when you arrange this giant creature in your Halloween display this year. With raggedy wraps around its eight legs, it looks right at home in shabby shriek decor. Activate the light-up factor and it’ll stand out even after you turn down the lights for your very own monster mash. World Wide WebWant to work this spider into a display? We have the materials you need to create a giant spider web inside or outside. You could even invest in extra arachnids to make it look like your house is being overrun. Just use your imagination and the Halloween decor of your nightmares is only a couple clicks away!

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  • Light Up Spider Halloween Decor

    Light Up Spider Halloween Decor

    What’s Buggin’ You?Have you been wondering about your Halloween decor all year? We get it. You can get as creative as you want. There are no limits. Want to make your house look like the lair of a mad scientist. Easy. Beakers and a fog machine will make the residents of your home seem genius and unhinged. Make your place a haunted house, a dark vampire hideaway, or an olf dusty crypt. The thing is, every year might be different. That’s where this spider comes into play. With a generally creepy, hairy body, this spider can have a place in your Halloween decor from year to year. Keep things kid-friendly and cheery this year and in a few years, when the kids in your life want to ramp up the creep factor, this spider will still have a spot. That’s sure to give you a leg up in this season of spook. Product DetailsThis creepy spider stands out with furry, adjustable legs. Ready for day or night, this arachnid lights up to the delight of trick-or-treaters. You can use this decor accessory as a centerpiece or pair it with spreadable spider webs, you’re sure to use this spider year after year. 

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  • Velcome Vampire Floor Mat

    Velcome Vampire Floor Mat

    Vamp it upAre you wishing for a little Dracula in your decor? We get it! Transylvanian style features luxe velvet, gothic ceilings speckled with hanging bats, and arched windows with ancient stained glass panes that blow open whenever a vampire really wants to make an entrance. We’re working on coming up with a line of high-backed chairs and rustic prison chambers but in the meantime, we have the perfect “Velcome” mat to set the right tone as soon as Halloween visitors show up at your door.  Product DetailsWant to add a little color and plenty of giggles to your Halloween decor this year? This black mat is resplendent with bared fangs at the top and dripping text that says, “Velcome. Come in for a bite”. If that’s not an ominous greeting, we don’t know what is!Just Add BatsLooks like you’re on your way to creating a creepy abode! Want to finish this look off right? Swing on through the rest of our decoration catalog to find just the right details to delight your inner Drac. From lighting to grisly graveyard motifs, you’re sure to make your porch both eerie and elegant. And if all else fails, just add more bats!

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